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George Trevor the 5th Survivor : Crimson Head Elder architect

Architect of Crimson Head Elder, and the Spencer Mansion, he was inspired to build the former after a tragic loss. From his clandestine art room sanctuary, behind the painting of a mansion, he supplies Crimson Head Elder with exclusive Biohazard translations & interviews, Capcom press media, rare scans, and research articles.

BSAArklay : Crimson Head Elder content creator & Forum moderator

Resident Evil, horror and comic collector. Passionate follower of a range of media, with a focus on horror & video games. Introduced to the series in 1997. Joined the online community in 2006. Favourite parts of the series are narrative, characters, locations & history. Prefers old school era but also fond of selective recent games. Favourite Resident Evil games are Remake, 3 & 5. Also fan of Uncharted, Until Dawn & The Last Of Us.
TheOracleDragon : Crimson Head Elder content creator & Forum moderator
One of the finest authors of Resident Evil literature in the community, Crimson Head Elder is privileged to publish her work in the Fan Fiction thread at our community Forum. A staunch supporter of the site since its consecration, she monitors our community Forum with fair vigilance. Look out for more original literary work, authored by our talented staff resident.
USS Command : Crimson Head Elder content creator & Forum moderator
Resident Evil's d├ębut on the Nintendo 64, being the port of a sequel, not only inspired our site's architect to seek further the origins of Resident Evil, but also our latest resident staff member. His eclectic selection of Resident Evil favourites expresses a broad appreciation for the series, with Dead Aim as his survival horror pinnacle, followed by Outbreak, RE5 , Survivor, and ORC
Albert Wesker 187 : Crimson Head Elder Forum moderator

Discovered the series from its origins in 1996 and his love for the series grew stronger with each instalment; the GameCube remake being favourite. An enthusiast of both the survival horror & action styles, due to an appetite for frequent change, as expressed by his resident motto 'Change is the law of life. For those who live in the past or the present are certain to miss the future.

fletcherc Crimson Head Elder content creator, translator & Forum moderator

One of Crimson Head Elder's oldest residents, having accepted George Trevor's invitation within days of the sites consecration. This dedicated community member has contributed translations, whilst moderating our community Forum. A fine collector, watch her Resident Evil collection quickly grow, as she also aids the expansion of our Translation Section.

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