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Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge ALBERT.W.MODEL 01 is an enhanced  Marui M9, with silver metal guide rod, open three dot sights in metal, metal take down lever, metal safety, metal trigger & hammer. The main body of the gun is that of  former STARS captain Albert Wesker's customised  Samurai Edge, additionally  equipped with a new 'Albert.W. System Unit'.

The enclosed pamphlet contains a significant body of canon information regarding Chris Redfield.


"Ethan! Use it!!"
A voice was heard clearly even amid the roaring rotors of the helicopter flying in the sky.
The voice belonged to Chris Redfield.

A man embodying an invincible hero undaunted by any foe, and through many crises has stuck to "justice" under any situation.
He's a savior always coming to the rescue of those in grave danger.

He pointed to "it", the beyond lethal steel buddy that's been with Chris through a great number of ordeals, forever its master's fangs, the Samurai Edge.
A light adapter module and hexagon silencer have been attached to its configuration and it's more than a mere handgun. The base has a familiar form...
but something's definitely different...

Since Ethan was in a critical condition desperately clinging to life, he had no room to think about it. The chunky handgun showed extraordinary potential, giving Ethan the prize of "living", standing against all odds in his desire to hang on.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Chris Redfield leaned forward and watched from the helicopter above, the body glistening with a "blue Umbrella logo."
He was staring at Ethan who'd successfully "lived", as if reflecting his own younger days.

June 1998. If that damned "Mansion Incident" hadn't occurred, what would my life be like now?
Would I still be with Alpha Team of Raccoon City's special S.T.A.R.S., division; perhaps earnestly protecting Raccoon City 24/7?
Perhaps there would've been a future where I died when seriously injured in the Republic of Edonia...
Or worse, might I have lived the life of an amnesiac alcoholic if I hadn't met the late Piers?

He was possessed by sentiment in a silence lasting only a few seconds.
Only someone involved could understand the pain and sorrow. He cut off such sentiments and accomplished his mission again.

In his hand is his steel buddy, the Samurai Edge...


A large conglomerate with a pharmaceutical company as the parent organization. Although it was a corporation better known as a pharmaceutical company with a proven track record in genome analysis and antiviral drugs, it also conducted Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) research and development for use in battle. The origin of its name is the company's motto "protecting the health of the people." The Raccoon City Incident occurred due to the t-Virus and its underlying demeanor, developed as a means of creating immortal soldiers, a well-known fact from many reports.
Afterwards, it was held responsible for the Raccoon City Incident-- its stock prices plummeted, sinking into a chronic budget deficit. Furthermore its illegal biological weapons development was exposed to the world through physical evidence and survivor testimonies. As a result, all the chief executives were accused of bearing responsibility for the incident and it began going under, entering bankruptcy in 2003.

Following that, it was rehabilitated via application of Chapter 11 reorganization, but the new management has been charged with responsibility for redeeming its dark legacy.
Since the company's trademark was changed following rehabilitation, "Red Umbrella" commonly refers to pre-rehabilitation and "Blue Umbrella" refers to post-rehabilitation.


The man named Albert Wesker is now widely known as an ever-cunning schemer.
From his sharp powers of observation and insight as well as his extremely composed cool, he prioritized an abstract way of thinking over emotions with no qualms using or betraying anyone for the sake of his own objectives and profit.

As a result, he even considered his own body a tool and didn't hestitate transforming it either. He clung to an ambition of "standing at the top surpassing humanity" and his encounter with the t-Virus led him to believe he could realize his ideals.

While adoring the t-Virus' prominent bioenhancements, he envisioned situations involving "facing t-Virus equipped enemies" and explored countermeasures, embodying the nature of a schemer. As many research findings were confiscated from his personal effects after his death, among them the study of many "physical weapons", it became clear once more that he was a schemer.

So what were his anti t-Virus thoughts?
Imagine the development of high-powered weapons, armaments and viruses surpassing the t-Virus-- this way of thinking is merely a cyclical arms race and it seems he chose not to sit around waiting for the malaise in present society, though that's our speculation. His research findings hold an abundance of sublime countermeasure tactics against a variety of viral weapons, defining an imperative total neutralization. Then he considered not only neutralizing one side's viral weapons, but also situations where each of their viral weapons were neutralized. The essence of his seemingly contradictory research on physical weapons and total neutralization was to prepare effective countermeasure weapons under any circumstances-- in other words his goal was to mitigate the "contradiction."

We can vaguely imagine Albert Wesker emphasizing the development of physical weapons and arms for the reasons above. It's officially assumed he would've always been thinking of anti-B.O.W. weapons for his own profit rather than for the profit of his ascribed company.
It might've been the ultimate egotist's idea that only he hold the countermeasures.


Although we've written about the special customs incorporating the strong passions of each of the four individuals tested prior to the standard issue adoption of the Samurai Edge in S.T.A.R.S., only Albert Wesker produced a concrete plan and sent it to Joe Kendo. In those days he had another face while positioned as acting Captain and was also acquainted with the members' commitment to their guns. He knew each had requested a custom from Joe and, always assuming being either the attacker or the attacked, perhaps he shallowly and superficially thought he was obligated to superior countermeasures.

He mentally envisioned everything including arms, tactics and strategy, things he conjured as if they were his own thoughts, so finally it's safe to assume he always held the upper hand. An overlooked point is his way of thinking shining through when he asked for a silencer, able to kill secretly. It seems he told Joe the silencer was essential in principle as he had many secret operations.
He ordered the frame of a 20mm rail build to equip a light module and such, having envisioned things to direct his own areas of speciality-- the matters of killing, containment and jujutsu in enclosed spaces or darkness etc-- in a battle the other side could never win. Can't help but be surprised at foreseeing the arrival of the standard Picatinny rail at the time.

Despite digressing, he was cunning by placing himself within the police, I think he got the safest hideout. A malignant tumor, it seems it was only an elaborate provision for him to hide his ambition.
I think the inordinately detailed research vis-a-vis each of his squad is telling; that even his own men made him uneasy rather than hostiles. His elaborate scrutiny was futile and his squadsman Chris, absolute justice made flesh, ended up being a big miscalculation.

A lot of products and experimental data left by Albert Wesker were once again inspected in-house by the rehabilitated Umbrella Co. and were extremely effective in redeeming most of the old Umbrella Corp.'s dark legacy.

The anti-B.O.W. research results in particular mesmerized the researchers. You could call the fruits of that research the ultimate handheld weapons.
The results of basic research into renouncing biodiversity are included within, but we've excluded them in this document.

Part of the research envisioned combat in an unaffected state; alongside much conceptualizing of practical use by skilled combatants not equipped with weapons of mass destruction like viruses.
In a paper among his personal effects, he argues that weapons of mass destruction don't necessarily lead to improving the situation.

Unbound to the old regime, the "Blue" researchers have summed up those research results and are conducting development based on mass-production; to be supplied for testing to anti-biohazard units such as the B.S.A.A.



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