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Live podcast interviews with developers, actors & composers to define the Survival Horror genre, including exclusive in-character readings of Resident Evil files by the official actors.

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Join the Crimson Head Elder podcast team for our Resident Evil 3 remake interview with star guest, the actor for Jill Valentine, Nicole Tompkins! Hosted by Joe Whyte, Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Remake, Nicole answers your fan questions with Joe, Sonny Bauer, TheOracleDragon & George Trevor. We're then joined by guest reviewer, YouTube content creator, Suzi The Sphere Hunter, for our review of Resident Evil 3 remake.

Our long-awaited, exclusive interview with Andrew Santos, the Director of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, has landed! This most controversial of Resident Evil games, provokes contentious debate across the survival horror community, and now Crimson Head Elder lifts the lid on the fascinating and fractured development process that every gamer will find explosive! Compiled into three fascinating hours, George Trevor, USS Command & BSAArklay spend two 4 hour sessions with a visonary developer determined to set the record straight on where his vision for a survival horror online multiplayer and Capcom's coincided, changed, and greatly differed...

Catherine Disher, voice actress for Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3, exclusively gives a comprehensive, personal insight into her performance, the challenges she had to overcome during intense recording sessions, and behind-the-scenes experiences in the professional life of a voice actress for one of Capcom's most iconic, beloved series defining characters.

Christopher Mychael Watson has chosen to visit the Crimson Head Elder mansion for his first Resident Evil 2 interview! Portraying an unforgetable character, much beloved by fans, over two decades that Resident Evil 2 has remained in our hearts, Christopher performed both motion-capture and dialogue for Marvin Branagh, in this extended role, for the heroic RPD officer, in the spectaular remake of Resident Evil 2!

Part 1 of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast #20, welcomes industry legend, hugely talented Karen Strassman, voice of Annette Birkin & Alexia Ashford! With a tremendous body of anime & video game credits, and a superb horror series to be announced, we couldn't squeeze our experience with Karen into one podcast... so look out for Part 2 coming soon!

Promoting her Voice Acting for Anime Workshop, Karen gives an intimate insight into techniques essential for aspiring voice actors. We also discuss in detail with Karen, her portrayal of Annette Birkin, and the character's development, motivation, and emotions.

Ticket application for Karen Strassman's Anime Workshop

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Another exclusive, in our series of developer interviews, we weclome Eric Bailey to the Crimson Head Elder Podcast #19. With a superb list of video game credits, including Game Designer for survival horror classics Resident Evil 4 (Ada Wong scenario  'Separate Ways'), and Siren: Blood Curse, Game Writer for Siren: Blood Curse, and Localisation & Script Writer for Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 4, and Siren: Blood Curse.

Eric discusses survival horror video game design, and how localisation has significantly chaned at Capcom over recent years, with TheOracleDragon, BSAArklay & George Trevor asking the questions posted by our residents, at the interview discussison thread.

The spectacular remake of Resident Evil 2 commands an overwhelmingly positive critical response, with fan engagement the series has not seen for over a decade! And residents of Crimson Head Elder enjoy an evening with Jolene Andersen, actor and motion-capture for Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2, and motion-capture for the iconic spy, in Resident Evil Damnation. George Trevor & TheOracleDragon ask the great questions that were posted by our residents, at the interview discussion thread.

Halloween season, and Crimson Head Elder Podcast #17 brings very special star guest Xander Berkeley, 'Gregory' on AMC's 'The Walking Dead', into our mansion!

An outstanding actor, famous for his iconic, and eclectic roles across major Hollywood films, including Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Candy Man, Apollo 13, Air Force One, Kick-Ass, Transcendence, and for main cast roles in Emmy awarded television series, including political thriller 24, crime drama The Mentalist, action thriller Nikita, mystery drama the Booth at the End, supernatural horror Being Human, supernatural horror Salem, and post-apocalyptic drama Jericho.

Xander was on top form, his candid answers regarding Gregory's character arc, or lack-there-of, his scenes leading up to & including the fight with Maggie, and ultimate death, made headlines with the grubby tabloids. Xander's response was in-character with the man; quiet, dignified, and he made a point publicly, to praise our community site here at CHE, without any regret.

Xander Berkeley official site / Instagram / twitter

The Maestro film starring Xander Berkeley

Halloween 2018 season treats our listeners to the most prolific Albert Wesker actor, across three main titles, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, and DVD 'Wesker's Report', as the entertaining and erudite Richard Waugh is the special guest on the Crimson Head Elder Podcast #16. As a special Halloween treat, Richard Waugh reprises his role, as the genre's most iconic antagonist, to record in-character as Albert Wesker, from a classic Resident Evil file!

Crimson Head Elder Podcast #15 with star guest Paul Haddad, actor for Leon S. Kennedy, in one of the biggest selling, and arguably most iconic video games of all time. His first live interview and exclusive role reprisal, to record in-character, as Leon, from a classic Resident Evil 2 file! Also includes our comprehensive analysis & review of the Resident Evil 2 remake demo.

The Director of BIOHAZARD 3, Kazuhiro Aoyama, is our star guest on File #14 of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast, for an exclusive interview, live from Tokyo!

Aoyama-san was the Event Director for Resident Evil, System Planner for Resident Evil 2 where he created bonus game 'The 4th Survivor' and the series most iconic B.O.W. 'Licker', and the Director for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

This Crimson Head Elder exclusive, offered our residents the opportunity to submit questions to a legend of the Survival Horror genre. On location in Tokyo, Japanese speaking translator CVFreak met with Aoyama-san, for a live interview, with this Capcom visionary, and forerunner in the pantheon of video games' greatest developers.

Halloween 2017, Crimson Head Elder goes trick-or-treat with Resident Evil's creepiest kid Eveline E-001, as we interview Paula Rhodes, the wonderfully bright & talented actress from critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and from The Evil Within 2, as the tragic Myra Hanson! We put your questions, from the survival horror community, on this Halloween night! 
Halloween 2017 at the Crimson Head Elder mansion, celebrating Survival Horror classic Resident Evil Code: Veronica, with special guests Alyson Court, seminal heroine Claire Redfield and Leila Johnson, legendary antagonist Alexia Ashford. Both responsible for two of the most iconic characters in video game history, they join our podcast for a live double interview. LOOK OUT for surprise star guest, a ghost from the past...

Heidi Anderson-Swan starred as a protagonist icon, in the genre defining remake of Resident Evil, and is our star guest, on this Halloween special of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast. With our English language world première publication of the sound drama The Machova Village Tragedy, released the same night, Heidi will reprise her role, to exclusively perform in-character as Jill, the opening & closing monologues of this Capcom official Resident Evil audio play.

Heidi Anderson-Swan  will be live in our mansion to answer your questions submitted at our Survival Horror community forum, and for a detailed analysis of her & her character's role in seminal Survival Horror classic Resident Evil remake/remaster. During this, Heidi's first time interviewed about her work with Capcom, she also candidly discusses the book she authored, A Night in Jail, and the film she wrote, by the same name.

Star guest Katie O'Hagan, actor for the force of nature Mia Winters, in Resident Evil 7, reprises her role she so magnificently played, exclusively for our podcast, to record in-character, her Resident Evil 7 file 'Mia's Letter to the Bakers'. We are graced with a live interview as Katie O'Hagan joins our group panel, to discuss survival horror and her role as both protagonist & antagonist for Resident Evil 7. Plus extensive Resident Evil worldwide news review & debate.

Katie O'Hagan
live group interview, answering questions submitted at our community forum, from her fans across the globe!

Katie O'Hagan reprised her role as Mia Winters,  to record in-character, from the Resident Evil 7 file 'Mia's Letter to the Bakers'.

Resident Evil worldwide news review & debate with our panel of residents from the Crimson Head Elder survival horror website.
Sara Coates, star of Z Nation, actor for Marguerite Baker, live interview! Sara performs exclusively, in-character readings from the hard hitting Resident Evil 7 files 'Marguerite's Notebook & 'Marguerite's Warning'. Plus extensive Resident Evil 7 review & debate with a panel of residents from our survival horror community forum feat. Yoke, Albert Wesker 187, CC, The Loving Zombie, Ray Redfield, Jill Sandwich, CrimsonElder & George Trevor:

Sara Coates live group interview, answering the questions our residents submitted.

Sara Coates reads in-character as Marguerite Baker from the Resident Evil 7 files 'Marguerite's Notebook' & 'Marguerite's Warning'.

Resident Evil 7 review & debate with our panel of residents from the CHE Forum.

Halloween special with star guests Sally Cahill (Ada Wong), Leila Johnson (Alexia Ashford) & Gary Krawford (Brain Irons). 'Villains' episode featuring live interviews with the erudite actors for these iconic antagonists! Presenting 3 exclusive recordings of Resident Evil files, read in-character by one of our star guests!

Exclusive interview with Alexia Ashford actress Leila Johnson

Exclusive interview with Brian Irons & Robert Kendo actor Gary Krawford

Gary Krawford reads in-character as Brian Irons & Robert Kendo from Resident Evil file Chief's Diary (RE2), Brian Irons letter (Inserted Evil), Robert's Note (RE2)

Exclusive interview with Ada Wong actress Sally Cahill

Exclusive double interview, as Crimson Head Elder hosts a very special Resident Evil 2 reunion, welcoming Alyson Court & Lisa Jai, the actresses for Claire Redfield & Sherry Birkin, to our live podcast! We put your questions to our special star guests, as submitted at our  Survival Horror Community Forum.

Celebrating 15 years as Claire Redfield, Alyson Court speaks with electric frankness about her work on Resident Evil 2, Outbreak, Outbreak File #2, Code Veronica, Degeneration & Darkside Chronicles. Talking exclusively to Crimson Head Elder, Alyson reveals how she was approached for role of Claire in the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2!

Lisa Jai, youngest actress to have worked with Capcom brings a very personal focus on the plight & aspirations of artists with disabilities, talking candidly about her struggle as an actress with disability. Lisa highlights the sublime touch she brought to the role of Sherry, drawing on her own childhood parental relationship for this emotionally adult a role.

Survival Horror edition with very special star guest Michael McConnohie, industry figurehead, actor for Barry Burton. Live group interview with Michael McConnohie, also reading in-character from the files of Resident Evil Revelations 2, exclusively for the Crimson Head Elder Podcast. Plus Resident Evil 7 demo review and debate.

Michael McConnohie interview and industry debate with George Trevor, Albert Wesker 187, and Mr.Spencer.

Exclusive file readings from Resident Evil Revelations 2, by Michael McConnohie, in character as Barry Burton: E-Mail to Chris and Town Resident's Note.

Resident Evil 7 demo review & debate with Rombie, George Trevor, Mr.Spencer, CC, and CrimsonElder.

Exclusive interview with Riva Di Paola, actress for Rebecca Chambers, joining our panel for a Resident Evil 0 Remaster review, discussing her role as Rebecca. Riva exclusively reads in-character as Rebecca Chambers from the Resident Evil 2 Ex-File 'Rebecca's Report' and from the official Resident Evil 0 strategy guide file 'Rebecca's Diary'.

Resident Evil News covering Umbrella Corps, Biohazard Heavenly Island,  Resident Evil 0 Remaster press reviews, and Resident Evil 2 & 7 statements from series producer Kawata.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster panel debate and review including a retrospective look back covering N64 beta, GameCube build & Wii port. We play the game live the night of release, comparing PS4 & XBOXONE versions, with  Neptune, CrimsonElder, USS Command, George Trevor, TheOracleDragon.

Rebecca Chambers character analysis including news of her appearances in 3rd Resident Evil CGI feature, theatre production Biohazard The Stage, & S.D. Perry novels.

Riva Di Paola exclusive interview and panel debate covering her role as Rebecca Chambers & Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster discussion.

Rebecca's Report and Rebecca's Diary audio recordings by Riva Di Paola, in-character as Rebecca Chambers, exclusive to the Crimson Head Elder Podcast!

THE actors for Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield & Barry Burton celebrate our 4th anniversary, as Peter Jessop, Joe Whyte & Ed Smaron exclusively feature! Commencing in the mansion bar, Joe Whyte discusses his on loaction E3 2015 report live from Capcom's Resident Evil 0 booth, with an exclusive statement from Rebecca Chambers actress Riva Di Paola, before heading to the mansion dining room to join Peter & Ed for a 3-way panel discussion. Drawing the night to a close, a special edition of our Resident Evil quiz, with these leading actors from Resident Evil! Look out for some exclusive in-character dialogue recorded by our star guests for this evening's celebration... 

Resident Evil Zero at E3 2015, on location report, with Joe Whyte, featuring statement from Rebecca Chambers actress Riva Di Paola.

Panel discussion interview with Peter Jessop, Joe Whyte & Ed Smaron.

Celebrity edition Resident Evil quiz 'The Right to be a God'!

Resident Evil HD Remaster review with star guest, Chris Redfield actor Joe Whyte, joining our panel to discuss the state of survival horror, video game industry, and his role as Chris Redfield. Joe reads in-character recordings as Chris Redfield, iconic Resident Evil 2 files 'Chris's Diary' & 'Chris's Report'. Arriving from Japan Universal Studios, TheSelfishGene brings a hands-on review of Biohazard The Real 2. Concludes with our exclusive Ed Smaron interview & exclusive in-character reading as Barry Burton from the  'Researcher's Will'.

Joe Whyte live panel discussion and interview.

Chris's Diary & Chris's Report file readings by Joe Whyte, in character as Chris Redfield.

Resident Evil HD REMASTER panel review with George Trevor, Shimegee, AlbertWesker187, TheSelfishGene, Crimson Head Elder & TheOracleDragon

Researcher's Will file reading by Ed Smaron, in character as Barry Burton.

TheSelfishGene's hands-on review of BIOHAZARD THE REAL 2.

Ed Smaron exclusive interview.

HALLOWEEN PODCAST hosted from the Overlook Hotel, premiering the unreleased original theme for Resident Evil Dead Aim, written & performed by Resident Evil composer & voice actor for Bruce McGivern, Raj Ramayya, who joins our panel for this official début. Speaking exclusively, Angus Waycott, actor for Morpheus D. Duvall also joins us, and Jill Valentine actress, Michelle Ruff returns with an in-character reading of Resident Evil 3 file 'Jill's Diary'. Look out for further Halloween treats in the form of site exclusives, in-character file readings from Dead Aim by Raj Ramayya & Angus Waycott, and our man in Japan, at Universal Studios, reviewing scream-park attraction Biohazard The Real 2.

Angus Waycott interview & character reading of 'Thoughts On My Kingdom'.

Raj Ramayya live panel discussion & debut official release of 'Heroes Never Die'.

Michelle Ruff character reading of 'Jill's Diary'.

On location review, live in Japan, by TheSelfishGene, of Biohazard The Real 2.

Special star guest Michelle Ruff, actress for Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Revelations, exclusively joins us to celebrate the first Crimson Head Elder Podcast, with a panel of residents from our Survival Horror community forum, George Trevor, Neptune, TheBatman, TheOracleDragon, USS Command, Albert Wesker187, and Crimson Elder.

Resident Evil/Biohazard global news.

Resident Evil at The Tokyo Game Show.

Michelle Ruff Interview.

Resident Evil Revelations debate & review.

Crimson Head Elder residents call-ins & questions.

Resident Evil quiz 'The Right To Be A God'.