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バイオハザード ~マコバヴィレッジの惨劇

Crimson Head Elder translation by cvxfreak

Released December 1997, by Sony Records, lasting 57 minutes, The Machova Village Tragedy sound drama, is an audio play, written by Sadayuki Murai. The narrative dates prior to events of the mansion incident, with protagonist Jill Valentine in the lead role.

Exclusive translation by and illustrated with never before published concept art from the original Resident Evil by the game's designer Isao Ōishi.

Plot: Machova Village is located in the American Midwest, approximately forty kilometres north-west of Raccoon City, at the northern most point of the Arklay Mountains. It is quite a small village, consisting of a population of approximately fifty civilians, living amongst a dozen houses. The village is particularly isolated from the rest of the United States, its houses being in a considerably dilapidated condition.

The recent murders that have occurred in the Arklay Mountains, now force S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine to report back early for duty, during the middle of her vacation. On her return back, she is suddenly involved in a collision with a runaway car, that is soon discovered to be carrying the corpse of its driver. On closer inspection he appears to have been mauled by some animal...

Illustration: The first concept design by Isao Ōishi of his 'Jill Morrison' character, later renamed Jill Valentine, conceived with a biography, bestowed instead on Rebecca Chambers, as Oishi developed his SWAT concepts into the finalised STARS cast of characters; hence the reference to Bravo Team medic, (notice the correction from alpha to beta). This original concept sketch has never been publicly published, and comes presented with our exclusive translation by native Japanese site translator Yuki:

Jill MorrisonName : Jill / Sex : Female / Age : 21 / Blood Type : O / Height : 168cm Weight : 51.3kg / Speciality : infiltration / Hobby : Horse riding, Piano, Ninjutsu

First officer of SWAT A Team.

An intelligent female who graduated from Princeton University at the age of 17.

She joined the squad for her knowledge in bio-chemistry which she was researching.

With her beautiful appearance & impressive education, she may give-off an  unapproachable air, that she is not aware of.

She is competitive but has a caring reputation at the station,  like an angel, when others are  injured.

Sound Drama Contents:
The First Night: The Arklay Mountains - North
The Second Night: At the Village Funeral
The Third Night: The Villagers
The Fourth Night: Reverend Simmons’s Church
The Fifth Night: The Underground Dungeon of Corpses
The Sixth Night: Father
The Seventh Night: The Ceremony of Saint Havaojes
The Eighth Night: The Escape… And Yet Again
The First Night – The Arklay Mountains - North

A barbershop door opens as the doorbell rings.

(Male) Barber: Welcome.

(Male) Customer: Shorten the bangs.

Barber gets ready to cut Customer’s hair.

Customer: The kid in Wallace’s place… I hear he is sick.

Barber: Ah.

Barber begins cutting hair. Barbershop backroom door suddenly opens.

Barber: Hmm?

Barber goes to investigate. He hears shuffling toward the back.

Barber: What’s going on?

A zombie can be heard gasping.

Barber: Ah!

The zombie devours the Barber, who screams in horror.

Barber: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

The barber collapses. The theme song plays.

Dogs can be heard barking in the woods. A woman is heard running, breathing deeply, away from a zombie. Gunshots are heard. The zombie then falls. The woman then reaches a safe room. She begins typing on a typewriter.
The Machova Village Tragedy
Heidi Anderson-Swan (The Machova Village Tragedy)
Jill: My name is Jill Valentine. I am a member of Raccoon City Police Department S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. A few days ago, Bravo Team went missing, and we're searching for them in Raccoon Forest. Experiencing deep shock at the hands of these mysterious monsters we took refuge in a mansion. There were three of us: Captain Albert Wesker, Barry Burton & myself. We’re searching this mansion separately; there seem to be countless monsters. I’m leaving this memo as record in case I'm unable to make it back alive. Chris… Before I begin there is one thing I need to report. An incident took place in a remote village a few days before this mission. I did not think these two incidents were related until I arrived in this mansion. But given the current situation, it seems we cannot now rule that out. To ensure my report is not lost to the shadows, I’ll write out the entirety of that incident one more time.

Illustration: Revised concept design by Isao Ōishi of his 'Jill Morrison' character, now renamed Jill Valentine, and bestowed an amended biography more befitting a strong female lead. This original concept sketch has never been publicly published, and comes presented with our exclusive translation by native Japanese site translator Yuki:

Jill Valentine / Position: Rear Security / Hobby: Horse riding, playing piano
Responsible for disposing of explosives in A-Team. Mixed race of French father and Japanese mother. The reason she gives for joining the team is that she 'could not forgive those criminals who threaten citizens', but the truth is much closer to she 'wanted experiences that would give her a true feeling of being alive'. She possesses excellent skills in handling explosive, although it is unknown how she acquired this training. Along with her odd trick of unlocking doors with wire, she makes quite a contribution to the team. She is very competitive, but never comes across as harsh. Rather, her competitiveness has actually become part of her charm.

Jill: I was in the middle of a vacation in Los Angeles when Captain Wesker asked me to return to Raccoon City because of the incident that would occur. I made it back to a place just 40 kilometres outside of the city. Suddenly, a truck reckless flew from nowhere and crashed into my vehicle.

A vehicle honks its horn as it speeds down the highway, eventually crashing. It erupts into flames.

Jill: Huh!

Jill runs towards the wreckage.

Jill: Are you okay?

Driver: Machova Village is… [unintelligible]… Don’t go!

Jill: What?

Driver: Cursed…

Jill: He’s dead… Oh no! These injuries… they’re bite marks, seemingly from a large animal. Machova Village…?

Jill: With my vehicle now lost, I consequently had to walk for over thirty minutes, to the nearest village,  so that once there I could call for some assistance. I soon encountered a small village, on the northern edge of the Arklay Mountains. There was one stone bridge separating this village from the national freeway. As I began to cross over, I soon noticed a strange location that seemed lost to time. Griminess, intermixed with a collection of desolate ruins…

Illustration: Concept art for proposed outbuildings on the Spencer Estate

A crow squawks. Footsteps can be heard in the streets.

Jill: Is there no one here?

Jill sees a child who tries to hide.

Jill: Huh? Wait! Please… come out. You’re a good child.

The child comes to Jill.

Jill: Good boy. I want you to tell me, is there a place where I can borrow a phone?

Boy: Are you… a friend?

A girl calls out to the boy.
Girl: Toby!

Toby: Sister!

The girl runs to Toby.

Sister: Don’t talk to strangers!

Jill: Wait, I’m just trying to…

Jill: The older sister was glaring at me sharply. They were the first two humans I saw at Machova Village.

The Second Night – At the Village Funeral

Reverend: Our Father, who art in heaven... Jonathan Peasley. Arthur Manlo. George Bennett. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Man: Oh… Oh no!

Reverend: Mr. Regan. We are in the middle of a funeral.

Regan: I know, Reverend. An unfamiliar young woman has arrived at the village.

Illustration: Original sketch for the Spencer estate graveyard

Reverend: What are you talking about, Regan?!

Regan: One unknown person has appeared in this village, Chief.

Villager 1: Why now?

Village 2: No way! We need to investigate!

The villagers are speaking amongst themselves in shock.

Regan: Chief, what do we do?

The villagers are still chatting among themselves regarding the situation. Creepy music plays. The scene shifts back over to Jill, Toby and his sister.

Jill: Hey, don’t make a scared face like that. All I want to do is ask a few questions.

Toby: Sister…

Sister: No, Toby.

A door opens.

Mother: Lorraine, Toby, come inside! Toby, get in!

The kids begin to run back towards their house.

Jill: Wait! *sigh* Why won’t anyone talk to me?

Church bells ring and footsteps can be heard approaching Jill.

Man 1: You… who are you?

Jill: I’m not a suspicious person. I’m Jill Valentine from Raccoon City. On the road, I…

Man 2: A police officer…

Man 1: Officer… what brings you here?

Jill: I’m not here to investigate. I got into an accident on the freeway, so I wanted to borrow a phone. That, and the driver who died in the accident was probably from this village. Can someone confirm…?

Man 2: If it’s a phone you need, then there’s one in the police box just up ahead. It’s to your left.

Jill: A police box? Thanks.

The men suddenly begin to walk away.

Jill: Hey, wait! Hmm. Well, whatever.

Jill begins to walk away as she hears crows cawing.

Jill: What terrible voices.

Jill continues to walk when she runs into the police box.

Jill: Here?

She knocks on the door.

Jill: Uh… Uh, I’d like to borrow the telephone. May I?

She sees someone in the distance. The person makes ruffling noises.

Jill: Hey! Are you an officer too? Hey! I’d like to ask you something. Can you come over here?

The person does not respond.

Jill: Ugh, fine. I’ll just use it myself.

She finds the phone.

Jill: A rotary-dial phone? I shouldn’t be surprised.

Jill dials the phone. The number rings and someone answers.

Jill: Hello! This is Jill. Get me in touch with Captain Wesker, please. Hello? Huh! What?! This thing just bit off the telephone line!

The zombie moans and Jill screams.

Jill: What is this thing? It’s not just its face. Its whole body is decomposing.

Jill tries to shoot the zombie three times.

Jill: It’s not working!

She shoots it once more, and it falls to the ground. Jill is panting.

Jill: What was that thing? What kind of bad joke is this? Calm down, Jill Valentine. Calm down. Remember the basics. First, understand the situation. I should investigate!

Jill investigates the body and finds an ID card.

Jill: Mr. Robert Blakerson. 34 years old. Worked at Machova Village for 8 years. No dependents. Are there any other hints here?

Jill continues her search. She hears the zombie rise again, screams and then readies her gun.

Jill: Won’t this thing die?!

The zombie bites Jill. She is almost killed, but the zombie is then shot again by another man.

Man: Relax. It’s okay now.

Jill: Who are you?

Man: Relax. Relax!

Creepy music plays.

Illustration: The very first design for the iconic Resident Evil zombie, by Isao Ōishi

Title/Villan character data/Zombie
What remains of the researchers who were exposed to the mutant form of Virus type Clay ɛ(Epsilon), accidently leaked into the residence.
Humans exposed to the ɛ mutant form suffer a form of brain death, with their healthy cerebrum cortex being necrotised, limiting their cognative ability to a mere survival instinct. Also, while their bodies grow larger due to abnormal production of growth hormones, on the other hand, the body's metabolic abilities significantly drops, as the result, their appearance becomes that of a decomposed corpse.
Zombies wandering around the residence are merely existing from being driven by extreme hunger, however there are some Zombies that can use (open/close) doors from the remnants of a memory from when they were alive.

The Third Night – The Villagers

Glass is heard shattering. The man screams and then leaves the room.

Woman: Hey you! Wait!

The woman goes after the angry man, leaving Toby and Lorraine alone.

Toby: Sister…

Lorraine: We’ll be okay, Toby.

Toby: Father is acting weird. He’s scary.

Lorraine: He’s just irritated. Father will be back to his old self soon.

Toby: Really?

Lorraine: Yeah… I’m sure.
The scene shifts. A large wooden door is heard opening, and someone walks inside.

Man: Are you hurt?

Jill: Where are we?

Man: The church. I’m Reverend Harvey Simmons.

Jill suddenly winces in great pain from her injuries.

Illustration: Concept for a church scenario for Resident Evil

Simmons: It’s better not to exert yourself too much. I’ve managed to stop it using medicine for now.

Jill: What time is it now?

Simmons: Ah, just after 7 in the evening.

Jill: I must get in contact with my team. What was that monster?

Simmons: It’s okay. I killed it.

Jill: So… Are you the one who helped me that time?

Simmons: That thing was no longer one of us. God… he will forgive me.

Jill: Wait… that… before I came here, the driver of an out of control truck told me not to go to Machova Village. It’s cursed, he said. Is that what he was referring to?

Someone is knocking on the door.

Man: Edward Derby is drunk. He’s always spouting off nonsense.

Simmons: Wilson. Ah… this is Wilson, a resident who helps the church out with tasks.

Wilson: Ed’s body has been placed in the mortuary. Tomorrow, Chief would like to do his funeral together with the police officer’s. I wonder if there are others who've died.

Jill: That’s right. I have to make a phone call!

Wilson: Telephone? *laughs awkwardly*

Jill: Huh?

Simmons: Hmm. There’s no phone inside this church.

Jill: What?

Simmons: That… and you should just forget about what you saw earlier.

Jill: Huh…

Wilson: You’re so slow, Reverend! The village knows that this woman has already witnessed that thing. 

Jill: What are you talking about?

Simmons: That is all I can say to you for now. Now that you’ve seen that thing, you must not be allowed to leave this village.

Jill: What in the world?

Scene shifts. A door is heard opening.

Lorraine: Mother! How is father doing?

Mother: Lorraine! Toby! I’m sorry, you two. I’m always so cowardly.

Toby: It’s okay, mother.

Lorraine: God will surely help us in this situation.

Mother: God?!
Lorraine: Yes. It’s as father always said. The Saint Havaojes, the Great God shall…

Mother slaps Lorraine before she can finish speaking.

Mother: That name is not to be uttered from your mouth.

Lorraine: Mother!

Mother: I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?

Lorraine: No. It’s fine, mother.

Toby: Mother…

A wolf is heard howling outside. The scene shifts.

Wilson: It’s no use, lady. We said you wouldn’t be allowed to escape from this village.

Jill: Can’t escape?

Simmons: Don’t be hasty. I’ll try to speak with the villagers. Leave it to me.
The three can be heard walking through the village past a bridge.

Jill: The bridge…

Simmons: What happened? The bridge has been destroyed!

Wilson: All the villagers are certainly keeping you trapped in here.

Illustration: Concept sketch for a conceived sequel to Resident Evil, 'Biohazard Dash', to be developed for Sega Saturn.

Jill: They’d go to those lengths just to keep me here?

A piano plays. The scene continues and Jill continues walking with Simmons and Wilson.

Jill: There must be a hidden passage somewhere! That bridge can’t be the only way out of here.

Wilson: Or... perhaps the go through the Arklay Mountains and into Raccoon Forest. *laughs maniacally*

Jill: Are you two allied the villagers as well?

Wilson: Hmm… *laughs*

Simmons: I…

Jill: Reverend, please tell me. You know the secrets of this village, right?

Simmons: I do. However, I can’t tell you what that is right now. For your sake.

Jill: Really?

Simmons: To find out the truth, I’ve been living here, almost as if I were trapped in this village.

Jill: Huh…

Village Chief: You must not be allowed to leave the village. At least until the Festival of Saint Havaojes has taken place without any problems.

Jill: Huh? Festival of Saint Havaojes?

Simmons: Chief, she doesn’t know anything about it yet. Why don’t you leave this to me?

Village Chief: That’s not an option, Reverend Simmons. This is something the entire village must think about… to avoid repeating the failure of 70 years ago.

Simmons: So, in that case…

Villagers ready their firearms.

Village Chief: Now. Come over here.

Simmons: *whispers to Jill* It’s better not to disobey them.

Jill: *whispers back to Harvey* But…

Village Chief: Now!

Jill: Understood.

Village Chief: Now then.

Suddenly, a zombie moan can be heard, and the villagers begin panicking.

Villager 1: Oh no! Regan’s turned!

Gunshots can be heard. Someone is heard getting bitten by the zombie.

Villager 2: Oh no! Not Lorenzo too!

Panic can be heard in the village. Gunshots are fired.

Villager 2: What the hell!

Jill: Oh no!

More gunshots heard. A zombie lunges towards Jill, and she is heard screaming. Scene shifts.

The Fourth Night - Reverend Simmons’s Church

Gunshots are heard in the village. Zombies are heard moaning. A zombie bites Jill.

Simmons: Over here!

Curtis: Wait!

Footsteps are heard.

Simmons: To the church!

More footsteps can be heard.

Simmons: Okay, everyone inside! Hurry!

Zombies are heard moaning. Wolves can be heard howling. They eventually make it inside.

Jill: People are still outside. We’ve got to help them!

Wilson: Sorry, but if you want to die, then be my guest! It’s impossible with that many of them.

Jill: Simmons!

Simmons: Jill… It’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped.

Village Chief: How many of us made it here?

Simmons: Chief, Wilson, Curtis, and then Jill and myself, which makes five of us. All we have is Curtis’ shotgun.

Curtis: It’s out of ammo.

Jill: I only have a small number of magazines for my Beretta.

Simmons: First, let’s split up and block the entrance. After that, let’s find objects that can be used as weapons.

Jill: Okay. There’s a map of the church.

Simmons: Ah, here.

Jill begins looking at the map for spots to investigate.

Jill: Okay, Wilson and Chief, you investigate here and there. Curtis, you look over here. Simmons, please cover this area. And I’ll cover this area. Alright, let’s get moving. Be quick!

Village Chief: Okay.

Curtis: Understood.

Wilson: Hmm.

Simmons: Jill… just as I expected. You can move very quickly.

Jill: You’re joking?

Simmons: Not joking.

Jill: Thanks.

Simmons: Be careful.

Jill begins exploring one part of the church and talks to herself.

Jill: The basics of investigation. Stay calm and understand the situation.

Jill runs around the church, opening doors. A clock is heard in the background. She eventually reaches her destination.

Illustration: Original first set of sketches for the Spencer Mansion

Jill: Okay. A newspaper scrap? An article about this village!

A complete look at a scandalous ceremony. In this village, located on the northern edge of the Arklay Mountains, there have been rumors of strange occurrences. The village was recently penetrated and investigated. Upon a careful examination of the situation, the existence of a religious cult group became evident, according to a report by Professor Simmons of Raccoon University. Inside the village, a ceremony known as the 'Festival of Saint Havaojes' takes place every four years.

Jill: Saint Havaojes? That’s what the Chief was talking about. Hmm… what’s up with this shelf?

Jill investigates a shelf in the room. She moves it to unveil a secret ladder beneath it.

Jill: A ladder! There’s a room underneath!

Jill climbs down a ladder.

Jill: Wh… What is this place?

The scene shifts over to Lorraine and Toby.

Toby: Sister…

Lorraine: Did they get Father, too?

Their mother enters the room.

Mother: The situation has gotten worse! Come over here!

Lorraine: Mother! Where’s Father?

Mother: I don’t know! Come here first!

Mother opens a closet door.

Mother: Hide in this closet. No matter what happens, do not open the door.

Lorraine: Okay…

Mother: Even if Father comes…

Lorraine: Even if…

Mother: DO AS I SAY!

Mother shuts the closet door. A zombie breaks through the windows and attacks her.

Lorraine: Mother!

The Fifth Night – The Underground Dungeon of Corpses

Jill: What is this? It’s like a medieval torture chamber… What’s up with this village?

Jill explores the room and sees gruesome sights.

Jill: Where am I?

A door opens, startling Jill.

Simmons: Jill.

Jill: Simmons!

IllustrationOriginal first set of sketches for the Spencer Mansion

Simmons: Jill, that file…

Jill: I found it upstairs. There was an article about what happened 70 yrs ago.

Simmons: So… You’ve read it.

Jill: Simmons, please tell me. What’s going on in this village?

The zombies can be heard advancing into the room.

Jill: It’s those things! They’ve broken into here!

Simmons: No. Those are… Jill, come here.

Simmons leads Jill to another room.

Jill: What is that?

Simmons locks the door.

Simmons: It’s fine. Even those zombies won’t be able to break it down.

Jill: What happened here?

Simmons: A terrible event occurred here just a few days ago. First, it was the farmer’s bishop. Then it was Osborne from the grocery store transformed into one of them.

Jill: What is causing this?

Simmons: That is our legacy. We’re faced with a troubling situation. They aren't always zombies. They can return to being normal human beings. That’s why we couldn't kill them and decided to leave them in here. However, as time passes, the length of the cycle in which they can become human again becomes shorter and shorter. In the end, they’ll transform permanently. And now, the Chief has decided that it is okay to dispose of those who have transformed at this place.

Jill: But why are you trying to hide that? We must investigate immediately!

Simmons: About that…

Jill: It has something to do with this article, right?

Simmons starts walking away.

Jill: Wait!

The scene shifts to another part of the village.

Jill: Are we behind the village? I can hear a stream.

Simmons: Thanks to that cliff, those things can’t get to here. Nothing can get in from the outside, either.

Jill: If I can get to the other side of the cliff…

Simmons: If you read the file, then you should have noticed.

Jill: About this village? A religious cult. Probably…

Simmons: It’s precisely as you say. This is a heretical village that worships the devil.

Jill: I’m shocked! Those kinds of places still exist?

Simmons: I too was shocked when I first came to this village. The religious cult that my great-grandfather documented in the article seventy years ago still existed.

Jill: So… that means the Professor Simmons of Raccoon University from the article is…

Simmons: I became interested in that article and came to this village five years ago. I had recently become a Reverend and if such a village did indeed exist, I felt it was my duty to guide them to the correct path to God. Even I didn’t that such a deep-rooted religion could still exist.

Jill: But the heretic religion is indeed still alive…

Simmons: They managed to cleverly sever communications between me and the outside world. I’ve been virtually trapped and have lived here ever since. The reason I did not try to escape was because I held onto the hope that someday I could lead them to salvation.

Jill: I see. The reason the villagers are trying to keep this incident a secret is because they are afraid that a team will come to investigate this village and rediscover the existence of the devil worship.

Simmons: Saint Havaojes. Do you understand?

Jill: Yes.

Simmons: The name of a real god. It’s a pronunciation of the name Jehovah spelled backwards. The true name of the devil.

The scene shifts over to Mother, Lorraine and Toby. Mother is heard screaming as a zombie attacks her.

Mother: Oh shit! Oh shit!

An object falls to the floor. Mother begins talking to Lorraine and Toby after the zombie goes away.

Mother: Lorraine. Toby. If I die, seize the opportunity and get out of this village. You know where the boat is hidden in the backyard, right?

Toby: I know, but… you can’t die!

Mother: I’m sorry, you two… hurry… get out of the village.

Toby: But…

Mother: I didn’t leave the village because I love your father. I think your father loved us all. Please… *sniffle* believe that.

Toby: Mother!

Mother dies. The scene shifts back to Jill and Simmons. A door is heard opening.

Simmons: Okay. The Village Chief and I will be in the chapel. You should get some rest here.

Jill: Simmons! Thanks for everything.

Simmons: No. I feel sorry for what has happened to you. I’ve been powerless this whole time.

Jill: Mmm. Take care!

Simmons: Mmm.

Jill takes a deep breath and falls asleep.

The Sixth Night – Father

A few hours later, Jill awakes from her sleep.

Jill: I was asleep. What time is it? 2:00 in the middle of the night. Three hours.
Jill Valentine suddenly stands up, and opens the door so that she can continue her exploration. She soon enters another room, immediately noticing a large antique clock, ominously ticking loudly in the background. She continues to explore the church, and goes through yet another door.

Jill: Where is everyone? …Simmons?!

Illustration: Original first sketch of the Spencer Mansion Dinning Room

Jill continues exploring, and hears the calls of someone’s voice. The person sounds like he’s dying.

Jill: Curtis! Curtis, hang on! What happened? Huh… bite marks. You’ve been bitten! Is the perpetrator in here? Where is everyone else? I need to find Simmons.

The scene shifts to Toby and Lorraine, who are still hiding in the closet. They hear a woman’s voice outside, faintly. 

Woman: *panting* Phew. The back door is secure now.

The woman disappears again. Toby & Lorraine continue to hide in the closet.

Toby: Sister, what’s happening to everyone in the village? 

Lorraine: I don’t know. But God will… Saint Havaojes will help us. 

Toby: Mother told us not to say that name. 

Lorraine: Mother is a person from the city. It’s as Father was always saying: Saint Havaojes is the controller of the universe… Shhh!

Footsteps can be heard. The woman from earlier wanders into the room, where she sees a figure. 

Woman: You… you’re okay! …wait, why is your face…?

The person turns out to be a zombie and attacks the woman. 

Toby: Hu-

Lorraine: Shhh!

The woman is bitten and killed. The zombie then goes away. The kids are still in the closet, scared.

The scene then shifts. Jill is still exploring the church. 

Jill: Chief! 

Village Chief: In this village, there are those who turn, and those who do not turn. I finally understand… what the difference is.

Jill: What do you mean?

Village Chief: Exactly one month before the Festival of Saint Havaojes, 24 villagers climbed the mountain to perform a certain ceremony.

Jill: A certain ceremony?

Village Chief: *laughs maniacally* Right. That’s right! That’s…

Jill: What’s wrong? What happened on the mountain? 

Village Chief: Not me! I don’t want to become one of them!

The Village Chief gets his gun ready.

Jill: Chief!

Village Chief: I don’t have any desire to become one of them! I…

The Village Chief shoots himself.

The Seventh Night: The Ceremony of Saint Havaojes

Jill: Chief!

The Chief falls to the floor, dead. 

Jill: What just happened? Have those things not broken into here yet?

The door opens.

Jill: Simmons!

Simmons: Jill! I just heard a gunshot! *gasp* Chief!

Jill: He killed himself.

Simmons: Chief… why?

Jill: Tell me first… Wilson. What happened in the chapel?

Simmons: I don’t know, either. When I returned to the chapel, no one was there. I went to search for them, but when I came back, I saw that Curtis was killed. Wilson and the Chief weren’t there, either. 

Jill: That means the inside of the church isn’t safe, either. 

Simmons: Yeah… but…

Jill: I thought about it, and instead of our current plan of action, I think we better fight back against them.

Simmons: Fight back against them from here?

Jill: There’s tractor gasoline behind here, right? Let’s lead those things into the chapel and then light them on fire.

Simmons: However, how do we ignite it?

Jill: If we have a timed ignition device, we can make one quickly. If we connect it an extension, we can escape into the basement. We don’t have much ammo. This is our only chance to defeat them. 

Simmons: Understood. Let’s try it.

Jill: I’ll get the gasoline. Check the entrance and exit one more time. We have to find Wilson!

Simmons: Okay.

The scene shifts. Jill gets the gasoline outside.

Jill: Got it. 

Jill walks back towards the chapel. She returns inside. She sees a room and looks inside.

Jill: This room… This… they’re dead.

She investigates the room.

Jill: It’s my lucky day! Shotgun ammo!

Illustration: Original first set of sketches for the Spencer Mansion

She hears a noise, is startled and goes to investigate. She opens a closet door to find Toby and Lorraine.

Jill: Toby! Lorraine!

The two kids are crying.

Jill: Are you okay? It’s okay.

The two kids begin crying.

Lorraine: Father! He…

The scene shifts to Jill, Lorraine and Toby trying to escape. They heard the zombies nearby behind a door.

Jill: Those things are trying to get in here. I wonder how long the door will hold. Preparations complete. Open the door! The machine will detonate in one minute!

Lorraine: It’s as Father told us. Saint Havaojes will protect us! But, it was as Mother said. All those people who went to the mountain that day transformed.

Jill: In that case… your father was also part of that ceremony for Saint Havaojes?

Lorraine: After that, Father’s appearance began to change. He became very cruel to Mother and us. *cries*

Toby: Mother told us to get out of the village.

Jill: But… how? The bridge has collapsed.

Lorraine: In the back garden, there’s a secret elevator. There’s a boat there.

Jill: Of course. He was securing an escape route for the villagers. But… that’s strange. Simmons never said anything about that.

A strange sound can he heard outside.

Jill: Wait… That sound.

The door opens, startling the kids. Wilson walks into the room.

Jill: Wilson! Where were you?

Wilson: *laughs maniacally* Those things! I figured it out. Why they transformed! It’s too late for me, too. We’re going be saved! *laughs*

Jill: Wait! Are you one of the people who climbed the mountain? Tell me! What happened on that mountain?

Wilson: We’re being used by the devil! We’re now one with him!

Jill: Huh?

Wilson: Exactly one month before the Festival of Saint Havaojes, the 24 people chosen by this village went to the mountain, where they signed a deal with the devil. In other words, our bodies were directly cursed by the breath of Havaojes.

Jill: The breath of Havaojes?

Wilson: The snake.

Jill: Snake?
Wilson: The snake was a tool of Havaojes. We travelled to the mountain where we encountered those poisonous snakes! Three days later, we made it through the Arklay Mountains, and into the Raccoon Forest. We were there to gather herbs required for the ceremony. We discovered a snake, that we had never before seen! We went crazy and captured it! It was meant to be, that we harness the power of the snake!

Illustration: Original first concept art for Yawn

Jill: Wait… that sound? You brought that snake here?

Wilson: *laughs* Yes. The entire world is going to transform! *laughs maniacally*

Wilson runs away.

Jill: Wilson! You two wait here!

Lorraine: Okay.

Someone can be heard screaming.

Jill: Wilson!

Wilson talks into the room.

Jill: Wilson! Oh no!

Simmons: Jill. Thank you. You did a good job finding those kids.

Jill: Simmons… What are you saying?

Lorraine and Toby: Father!

Jill: You’re… their children?

The Eighth Night – The Escape… And Yet Again

Jill: Simmons… why are you…?

Simmons: Five years ago, the devil worship as documented in my great-grandfather’s report. When I heard that it remained in this village, I was elated. As someone who had doubts about faith in God, I felt that this place validated my beliefs.

Jill: What?

Simmons: I brought my wife and children here. We cut off communication with the outside world. And then, I educated Toby and Lorraine about the faith of this place.

Jill: Your wife and kids were the ones trapped here?

Simmons: Based on my great-grandfather’s research, I managed to reenact the old ceremony. The villagers were happy to make me into a priest that supported the ceremony of the devil. *laughs*

Jill: *gasp* That means you ended up drinking the blood of the snake! So… the one who killed Curtis was…

Simmons: Ah. I was surprised, too. It granted me power. I didn’t realize it would feel that good to transform into one of them. I realized this when I transformed myself. This is physical strength given to our bodies by Havaojes!

Jill: You’ve gone insane!

Simmons: The Village Chief was a fool, as well. He saw how I changed and should have been enlightened. Instead, he died rejecting it.

Lorraine: Father!

Simmons: Now… Lorraine, Toby, come here.

Lorraine and Toby shriek. Simmons attempts to take them, but begins to mutate.

Simmons: You two will take the blood of the snake, as well!

The kids begin to scream as Simmons moves toward them.

Simmons: Now…

Jill points her gun at Simmons.

Jill: Don’t get any closer!

Simmons: That gun won’t have any effect on me!

Simmons continues mutating.

Lorraine: Father!!! *screams*

Jill shoots Simmons multiple times, but she runs out of ammo. Simmons continues his assault on the children, who continue to scream.

Toby: Sister!

Lorraine: Toby!!! STOP!!!

Simmons grabs Toby.

Lorraine: *shrieks* Let him go!!!

Jill begins shooting Simmons with the Shotgun before he finally falls.

Simmons: Curtis’ Shotgun… it was supposed to be out of ammo.

Jill: I found ammo in your room.

Simmons: Sarah had been keeping it… Well then…

Toby and Lorraine: Father!

Simmons dies, but the rest of the zombies finally break through then door.

Jill: Don’t wait up! Run!

Lorraine: But…

The zombies break in, causing Lorraine to scream.

Jill: Hurry!

They start running passed some zombies and through a door.

Jill: Show me where the boat is!

The children are too upset to respond.

Jill: Lorraine! Keep it together!!! Remain calm… understand the situation… make the best judgement and then act. Those are the basics. No matter what situation.

Toby: Sister…

Jill: Please lead me to it.

Lorraine: Okay.

Jill: Alright. Good girl.

They run towards a ladder leading to the boat.

Lorraine: Here.

They climb down the ladder and explore an underground area. They get on the boat and begin to ride away. Jill looks at her watch.

Jill: It’s time.

An explosion is heard in the distance. Zombie moans can be heard amidst the fire.

Jill: Okay. We’re safe now. Let’s ride the boat downstream until we get back to town. Get some sleep now.

Toby: Sister… during his final moments, Father… he was calling Mother’s name.

The scene shifts. Jill is still recording the events at Machova Village in the safe room of the Spencer Mansion.

The Machova Village Tragedy
Heidi Anderson-Swan (The Machova Village Tragedy)
Jill: That morning, we rode the river downstream and made it back to town, where we were rescued. Several hours after that, the village was blockaded by the military. The details of the incident have been kept classified. The mystery has been sealed off. Regarding this incident, I’ve heard rumors that there was pressure coming from a certain large corporation, but the discussion around this is not clear. Lorraine and Toby are in a police hospital and are being examined carefully. The doctor says that they both need mental treatment. However, I believe in them. I know they’ll be okay. It is now believed that the key to solving every mystery lies in Raccoon Forest. Us members of Alpha Team have come to Raccoon Forest in search of Bravo Team, who have disappeared. It’s been three days since that incident.

Jill finishes on the typewriter.

Jill: Time to continue my investigation!

She opens the door, encounters a zombie and begins shooting...


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