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Crimson Head Elder translation of the official Biohazard site, hosting full scenario, biographies, weapon list, concept art, and a developer commentary. This offline canon source is now exclusively available to our residents, fully translated for the first time.

Enemy design and programmer, Takeshi Katayama, provided a game-play commentary, detailing advice for conquering the varied, challenging enemies. Published at the (now off-line) official website, this comprehensive developer's personal insight, never before translated accurately, is now presented exclusively for Crimson Head Elder residents.

"How do you do?! Thank you very much for your purchase of Gun Survivor 4. (Obviously you have all bought it, right?) My name is Takeshi, and I was in charge of programming design for several creatures in the scenario, and also some game narrative. I would like to present the best strategy for attacking enemies, with additional thoughts from a developer point of view, detailed in four parts. Thank you."             


Hunters have strangely fish-like facial features, but they're a challenge in the early stage of the game with agile flying & jumping and highly powerful attack technique. First, the basic strategy is try to dodge attacks by using 'emergency avoidance', while avoiding attacks by multiple Hunters at the same time. Most of Hunters attacks are exaggerated so they can be easily dodged even after they're in motion. (No need to repeat finger-tiring A, B button pressing). It is important to master this 'emergency avoidance' as it's an essential technique, needed throughout the game! Also the inside of their mouth is the critical area, so you should be able to defeat even the extreme Hunters with just 10 handgun shots.
By the way, they will limp like zombies if you shoot them in the foot - please try it next time you play. Personally I like this enemy design, and the way that they die with such an over-the-top style, crying "I'm done", and reaching out with one arm in the throes of death, they are anything but menacing. (Hunter extracted by George Trevor from Resident Evil Dead Aim PS2 disc)


TYRANT 091 :

Tyrant 091, with its enormous mouth and bad teeth stands out just so much. It uses varied, powerful attacks, but I think since its motions are very exaggerated, if you can master the 'emergency avoidance' technique, it won't be especially difficult to defeat, just like the Hunter. Move behind it, and attack the exposed organs on its back, between its attacks. Also there is the opportunity to dish out great damage when it's down on one knee. For those players who run out of time due to the Extreme mode, you can save some time with the repeat strategy of keeping your distance to provoke its big jump attack move, then run behind it to attack its back. That is a little tip but the face is also designed to easily sustain damage. (Tyrant 091 extracted by George Trevor from Resident Evil Dead Aim PS2 disc)          

GLIMMER (aka. Nanny Frog) :

The lumps on its back are not eggs but eyes. They are very irritating as they spit their fluid at you when trying to avoid them, and if you attempt to shoot at them, they're difficult to hit. The strategy is to keep your distance to avoid their spitting, as they will spit if you get too close (within around 5 meters), and hit them with at least one shot causing them to writhe - then both avoidance and continuing attacks will be much easier. If you wish to cause further damage, first make certain that they are back up, and then you can employ a fatal finishing attack with a Magnum, or something like the shotgun, at point-blank range. Be careful as they are invincible whilst writhing on the ground. Also be careful when they're motionless with their eyes shinning red, because it's a sign that they are about to attack. I guess there are many people struggling at the point in Extreme mode where 8 Glimmers appear simultaneously, but just keep shooting with the grenade launcher. Having said that, I just keep running.          

Despite having many nicknames such as Chubby, Meatball, and Fatty, it actually has an official name; it's called Pluto. As written in a file, Pluto is blind and relies solely on sound to attack. Always take quiet steps, and keep a distance from Pluto of at least 8 meters, and do not move or launch an attack when he's restlessly looking around searching. Stick to these rules and always target the top of his head with the silencer, which will allow you to defeat it with fewer bullets. The problem starts if you make any sound/noise and 'you're spotted!', as he will rush at you with speed, so all you can do is just run! *laughs*
If you keep running away Pluto will eventually trip over, and then it's a good idea to target the head, or just escape back to your hiding place. If you have enough Magnum, Grenade, or shotgun ammo, you can defeat it head on.
As an aside, Pluto does not see the player as an enemy, but a mere play-thing, as if he's thinking "Oh that's just a kitten over there! Yay I'm gonna catch it!" When the player's health drops below one quater, Pluto will start cuddling you, as if nursing a baby. So if that's the sort of thing you're into, then why not let yourself get spoiled by Pluto! You might even have sweet dreams.


I would now like to explain how to beat the First Form Morpheus, who as a result of the mysterious power of the virus, has become a sexy monster in high-heels. Those who are suffering from the nasty continuous claw attacks, disgusted by the sight of his shaking butt, or just beating him cunningly by restricting him with the pillar, please read on, and learn the correct way to fight.
Firstly, the continuous claw attacks after the player goes down, that are causing many players to suffer, can be easily avoided by watching the enemy's attacks carefully, and using the emergency avoidance technique. The secret is to press the emergence avoidance buttons at the moment Morpheus turns his back.
Secondly, with the air killing (jump) attack, such as the sequence of back-flips & forward spinning, it's best not to dodge it, but to keep attacking head-on. Morpheus will definitely go down if he sustains damage during his aerial attack, so be brave & aim true as this is the ideal chance to cause extra damage.
And it won't be difficult to beat him without sustaining damage, if you calmly hide behind the pillars, during his electrical attacks.
Lastly, as an aside, Morpheus transformed into this as the result of a staff member of the design development team commented "Wouldn't it be rather refreshing if we had a female tyrant for the final boss?", then the scenario writer added "Shall we make him gay instead!", but honestly, I am a bit scared of the players reactions.


During the development stage we had conversations like "This is a gun game, so playing something simple like Whac-A-Mole would be fun after all." And this is what transpired for some reason. The strategy is just to 'aim for the head', and use one of three weapons - the Assault Rifle, Magnum or Automatic Handgun. If you're in danger from him getting too close, switch to the Shotgun or Magnum, then he backs off with just one shot. Grenades won't be of much use. Stick to all these points, and all the rest will simply depend on luck! Personally, I like the scene where he crushes Bruce like he's just swatting a fly. If you haven't seen it yet, go and get yourself massively crushed to relieve some stress! (There are three ways of getting crushed)

Well, that was short, but this is the final part in my introduction to the strategy of defeating the creatures. It was truly my pleasure to be of help! Now please continue to enjoy Gun Survivor 4!
That's all from Takeshi!


MV-01 Opening:

1. Still Picture

Bruce : "Raccoon City in the Mid-West of America has been destroyed by an outbreak of the t-virus, developed by the international company, Umbrella Pharmaceutical Corporation."
MV-02H Opening

2. The Atlantic Ocean

A luxury cruise ship cuts through the waves.


4. Roof Deck (night)

Bruce McGivern (27) moves through the darkness where zombies are roaming.
Bruce : (unseen) "3 days ago, a large amount of t-virus was stolen from the Paris branch of the Umbrella Development Research Centre. Then yesterday, a luxury cruise ship owned by Umbrella was sea-jacked and the t-virus was released across the ship."

When he gets to the deck, a beautifully decorated gun is pointed at his nose. It is Morpheus D Duval (32). His face is cool & handsome, but his physique is disproportionately sturdy &  masculine.

Morpheus : (smiling) "Why do American spies want to use clunky guns..."

He suddenly gives Bruce a turning kick.
Bruce is struck. His gun falls out of his hand and he's thrown to the floor.

Bruce : "Morpheus….."

Bruce : “You son of a bitch, what are you going to do with the t-virus you stole?"

Morpheus : "If you want to know, watch it from the hell!"

Then there is a glimpse of a silhouette in the dark. There is a tattoo of dragon on its shoulder. Morpheus prepares to pull the trigger of the gun now pointing at Bruce’s forehead… At that moment, the shadow pulls the pin of a grenade & tosses it at them. Bruce turns quickly and rolls across the floor. Morpheus however, has been hit, he falls into a hole on deck created by the blast, holding his stomach,then disappears. Bruce gets up and turns around, but there is no one there.

Opening movie ends / game starts…..      
ST-1A Cruise Ship, 1st  Floor Front -> Spiral Staircase Room:

Picking up his gun, Bruce jumps off from the deck to chase Duval. The search begins.
He moves forward while parrying zombie attacks.
He obtains a file on the way. It sates ~

(1) Having been fired from Umbrella, Morpheus now bears an intense hatred towards them.
(2) Morpheus has an abnormal obsession with beauty. He holds a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things and to become physically more beautiful.
MV-03H  Encounter:

The sound of a radio in the dark. Fading in.

Bruce : "5 billon dollars!"

Voice of his superior officer : "The deadline to reply is the end of tomorrow. We must retrieve the t-virus from Morpheus by then at any cost…."

Suddenly a shadow appears from behind and attacks with kung-fu. It is a very beautiful Chinese girl, Fongling (25). The radio falls from Bruce’s hand and smashes, broken on the floor. Bruce notices the dragon tattoo on Fongling’s shoulder.

Bruce : "Stop it! It was you who saved me earlier. I can see you work for Chinese Safety from the tattoo."

She kicks him in the chin, and he falls to the ground. Fongling points a gun at his nose.

Fongling : "A spy has no friend. Don’t let your guard down, Bruce McGivern."

Bruce : "You’ve checked on me. That means the Chinese government has been…threatened by Morpheus too!"

Bruce sweeps Fongling’s foot away, bringing her down. This time Bruce holds her down.

Bruce : "Collaboration may not be possible, but I cannot be delayed any further."

Instantly Fongling grabs Bruce’s hand and this time, throws him over her shoulder. She takes His gun, and raises it.

Fongling : "Fongling, is my name. I will take care of Morpheus, so you can go home."

She throws the gun back to Bruce smiling, and leaves.

Bruce : (watching her leave) "There may be a love growing across this border"      

ST-1B Cruise Ship, 1st Floor, Spiral Staircase Room -> Rear part:

Bruce starts the search again.

ST-2A Cruise Ship Ground Floor:

Passing the accommodation facilities, he arrives at the Storage area.
MV-04M Character Change1:

7. Storage
As Bruce enters, he finds a valve handle and tries to reach it. Suddenly the wall behind him collapses with a bang, then strange shaped hands start coming out. Bruce is knocked down, his foot getting caught in the fallen shelves. The valve handle rolls onto the floor from the impact. A hand appears, picking up the valve handle. It's Fongling.

Fongling : "You haven’t gone home yet? Thank you very much, I will take this."

Bruce : (unable to move with his foot stuck) "No way. Fongling!"



ST-2B Cruise Ship Grd Fl Storage -> Swimming Pool, Fongling, Zombie attack:
The character changes to Fongling and leaves the storage area. The pursuit begins.

MV-05M Morpheus’ Attack:

8. Swimming Pool
Fongling comes in, sets the valve handle, then tries to turn it.

Event 3 / Starts ….

Bruce runs toward her.
Bruce : "Geez, a shrewd bitch."

Fongling : (turning the valve) "Just being smart unlike you."

9. Ship-Monitor Room
On the monitor, a scene of fresh blood dripping down onto the control panel, with the sound of groaning. It is Morpheus.
Morpheus :
(pressing a button) (groaning) "Dirty rats, die!"

10. Ship-Monitor Room
At the same time, one of the shutters raises and a Hunter emerges.
Bruce : "Quick, Fongling"

ST-2C Cruise Ship Swimming Pool, Hunter:

The characters changes to Bruce.
He must engage the Hunter until Fongling opens the door with the valve.
MV-06M Morpheus Transformation:

Fongling opens the door,
Fongling :
(jumping into the other side of the door) "Bye."

Bruce : (chasing her) "Leaving me behind again!"

11. Ship-Monitor Room
Morpheus bangs the control panel in great anger. The bleeding from his stomach is worsening, he groans & falls to his knees.

Morpheus : "No way I’m gonna die…."

He takes a syringe from his inside pocket & injects it into his arm. Rolling on the floor in agony, his appearance begins to transform.

ST-3A Cruise Ship, Lower 2nd Floor Basement, Boiler Room -> Presentation Room:

Bruce continues his search. He obtains a file on his way. It states ~

(1) The Development department of Umbrella has created a new biological weapon by mixing the t-virus & G-virus. The biological weapon has an enormous attacking power & ability to manipulate a high-voltage current generated from its body. It is inpenatrable to attack by standard bullets. Moreover, it is noted, unlike the creatures up to now, its appearance is not so grotesque.

MV-07M T-Lady Entry:

13. Presentation Room
Bruce comes in.
(the sound of heels approaching) 'Tap, tap, tap….'
Bruce :
(looking back to the door) "?"
Long, slender legs in heels, are walking down the corridor.  'Bang', the door opens and a glamorous woman, approx. 2 meters in height (t-Lady) appears. It is the transformed Morpheus, electrically
charged, with currents running across various parts of the body surface. The next moment t-Lady's arm suddenly swells, claws growing wildly. It thrusts towards Bruce. Claws collide with Bruce. He is thrown, back thrust against the wall. Strangling his neck, t-Lady lifts him up from the floor.

t-Lady : "Still using a clunky gun, Bruce?"

Bruce : "!? Morpheus…."

Bruce pulls the trigger, shooting a bullet into t-Lady’s stomach while still being held in the air. An electric discharge appears just before the bullet reaches t-lady's stomach, smashing the bullet into pieces. There is no wound.

t-Lady : "Guns don’t work on me. Ha ha ha!" She throws Bruce on the floor & starts attacking.

ST-3B Cruise, 1st Fl Basement, Presentation Room -> Front of Engine Room:

Bullets do not work on t-Lady. there is no choice, but to run away.
Shaking off t-Lady, he starts attacking from outside the Presentation room.

MV-08M Character Change 2:

14. Inside of Ship / Engine Room / Front (evening)

On reaching this area, t-Lady appears again & pursues. But Engine Room door A is locked from the inside, and will not open. Eventually t-Lady appears on the other side of the corridor. Bruce promptly closes the nearest Door B.

'Bang bang', t-Lady punches Door B, trying to smash it. Fongling runs up there.

Fongling : "What the hell?!"

Bruce : "No time to explain. Go into the room from that air vent & unlock the door from the inside!"

Fongling climbs up on Bruce’s shoulders.
Bruce : (frowning)….. Fongling goes inside via the air vent.

ST-3C Cruise Ship 1st Floor Basement, Engine Room, Fongling:

Fongling enters, landing on the floor. Character changes to Fongling. It's Attack time. To open the door, the item key must be found. There is a diamond in a corner of the room, but if you pick it up a Hunter will emerge to attack. If you don’t defeat it and open Door A in the allotted time, it's Game Over as t-Lady will break Door B, attacking Bruce outside. If you are
able to open Door A….

MV-09M Near Escape:

15. Engine Room (inside)

Bruce has a narrow escape, jumping into the room as t-Lady smashes the door, trying to capture him. They close the door swiftly together. t-Lady bangs the door violently but after a while she gives up and the noise stops. Opening the door gently, Bruce and Fongling exit through the door.

Fongling : "I Wonder how many times I've saved you so far..?"

Bruce : "You fancy me don’t you?"

Fongling : "Don-gua" (useless man). "Shhh!"

Bruce : "Seems she’s given up."

Bruce : "Hang on, what the hell does 'Don-gua' mean?"

Fongling : (thinking for a moment) "It means hunk." (running away) She smiles and runs away…

ST-3D Cruise Ship Basement 1, Engine Room ->Monitor Room:

Bruce starts his search. He obtains items & files in the crew cabins.
ST-4A Cruise Ship 1st Floor Basement, Monitor Room -> Control Room:

Bruce ascends stairs. He approaches the front of the Control Room. When he tries to open the door…
MV-10M Escape:

16. Control Room

Suddenly a warning buzzer goes off.
Bruce : "!?"

He jumps into the room, finding Fongling there.
Bruce : "The alarm, what's going on?!?"

Fongling : (pointing outside of the window) "That's it!"

A precipitous cliff has appeared in sight, and the ship is heading straight towards it.

Bruce : "Seriously!" Bruce tries to steer the wheel, but it doesn’t move.
Bruce : "Shit!" Bruce curses.

The cliff is fast approaching.

Fongling : "Let’s get out!" Fongling tries to rush out onto the deck, but incoming zombies are blocking the way.

Bruce : "Go first!"

Fongling jumps out to the deck. Bruce tries to follow her, but a hoarde of zombies block his way.

ST-4B Cruise Ship 3rd Floor, Control Room:

Bruce battles against zombies. He leaves the Control Room….

MV-11M Boss’ Entry:

17. The Deck
Bruce jumps out of the Room. Uncompleted Tyrant is getting closer to Fongling. From its deformed hands, it's the uncompleted Tyrant that attacked Bruce in the Storage area. The precipitous cliff is now only just a short distance.

Bruce : "While I draw its attention, go and chase Morpheus!"

Fongling : "OK"

Bruce : "Come on! I’m gonna make you pay for attacking me earlier…"      
ST-4C Cruise Ship 3rd Floor, Roof Deck, Tyrant O:

A battle with the Tyrant. Timed Attack. If you don’t defeat the tyrant within xx minutes, the ship crashes into the cliff and it's Game Over. If you defeat the Tyrant after a fierce battle…
MV-12H The Ship Sinks:

18. On The Atlantic Ocean (night)
Bruce jumps out onto the deck. His eyes are directly looking at the island. There is a building that appears to be Umbrella’s (water plant). He jumps into the sea. Immediately the ship crashes into the cliff, bursting into flames.

19. The Island (night)
Bruce ends up reaching the water tower seen earlier. There are claw marks from t-Lady on the ground.
Bruce :
(muttering) "Morpheus…."      
ST-5A Underground Passage A:

Bruce starts the search. He enters. He learns, from staff notes & files in the facility that it was once a waste disposal site, where Morpheus was once in charge. Due to their sloppy management, the t-virus leaked about a month ago. It killed many of the staff and the survivors escaped in a panic.
MV-13M Order from America:

21. Communication Room
Bruce enters. The communication facility is still running. Bruce contacts his superior over the radio.

Voice of Superior : "Morpheus has made contact saying he will launch his missiles equipped with the t-virus into American main cities, if we don’t accept his demand. The Chinese government who have also been threatened by Morpheus has given in and agreed to pay 5 billion dollars."

Bruce : "!? Then, what about Fongling…."

Voice of Superior : "Bruce, have you been in contact with Fongling?"

Bruce : (murmuring to himself) "Yes. …but if China has given in to Morpheus’ threat…."

Voice of Superior : "Anyway we shan’t surrender to the threat. Everything depends on you. we are counting on you."

He turns the radio off,  deeply absorbed in thought.
Bruce :
(muttering) "Fongling…."

22. Waterway
Fongling is holding her breath. Pluto listens, looking around carefully, but walks away without noticing her. She glances at Pluto.
ST-5B Underground Passage B, Fongling:

The character changes to Fongling. The pursuit starts.
MV-14H Satellite Laser

23. Heliport (night)
Streaks of light come in from overhead, shining on Fongling as she appears. Gradually, the lights become stronger & converge. Bruce comes running in and turns, holding Fongling by the arm.

Fongling : "Bruce!"

In a flash, the laser comes flying from overhead & lands by their feet. The laser persistently pursues and attacks them. They roll into the Control Room.

24. Space
Laser is emitted toward the Earth from a military satellite with the Chinese National flag.

25. The Island, some other location (night)
Night Sky.

26. The Island, Central Control Room (night)

The two are hiding, shielded where the laser cannot reach. The next moment Bruce pushes Fongling to the floor and pulls out a knife. He attempts to cut into the tattoo on her shoulder.

Fongling : "What are you doing!?"

Pushing and struggling Fongling down, he pierces the knife into her shoulder. "Ugh!" She distorts her face in pain. Bruce scoops out a small, bloody transmitter. Fongling stares at it in surprise. Bruce throws the transmitter on the floor, smashing it under his foot. The laser attack stops simultaneously.

Bruce : (pointing at the transmitter) "Your boss was constantly checking on your whereabouts with that ." He ties a handkerchief around the wound on her shoulder…
Bruce : "After all, a spy is just a sacrifice for the country. What are you going to do from now on?"

Fongling : "I will continue my mission."

Bruce : "!?"

Fongling : "There is no guarantee that Morpheus will not launch the missile even after the payment of 5 billion. If that so, the lives of Chinese people will be…" (turning around) "Oh, yes. It is I who has been saved this time. Thanks anyway."

Bruce : "Don’t bother. I am 'Don-gua' as you say." Bruce walks down stairs to the basement.
Fongling thinks to correct him, but leaves it.
ST-6A Underground Passage C, Pluto:

The character changes to Bruce. Chasing Fongling, he jumps off the stairs and starts the search. Soon he obtains a file. It states ~
(1) There is an Umbrella biosphere, 10 meter depth in the water, off the coast of the island, where the missile silo has also been spotted.
(2) Morpheus’ plan has been revealed too. After getting $10 billion, he would gather all the mercenaries around the world to build a garrison state in the hinterland of Africa. With that power and the t-virus he was planning to destroy Umbrella, pose a threat to the world, and act secretly from behind the scenes an an influential fixer.
MV-15M Pluto Appears:

27. Elevator, In Front
Bruce appears. Then Pluto emerges and starts attacking.
ST-6B Elevator Hall, Boss Pluto:
If you defeat it,…..      
MV-16M Elevator:

Fongling runs up to him.
Bruce :
(looking at his watch) "The missiles are under here. We’ve only got a little time until the time limit. Let’s hurry!" The doors of the elevator open and they enter.

28. Inside of the Elevator (night)
The elevator starts to descend. The biosphere has been lit up in the sea. (CG insert)
After a while, the elevator suddenly stops and the interior light goes off. In the next instant, a crack runs across the ceiling, then t-Lady crashes through it.

Bruce : "Morpheus!"

They shoot at the ceiling, but t-Lady approaches the wires of the elevator unharmed.

t-Lady : "You both are gonna die here!"

They keep shooting desperately but it's not working. t-Lady swiftly cuts the wires with her claws. Parts of the wires are torn into strips, not being able to bear the weight, the wires start breaking up one after another and the elevator starts falling rapidly. t-Lady jumps off quickly and flees. The sound of t-Lady’s voice echoes in the elevator shaft. The elevator falls. Bruce tries to break the emergency brake button on the panel, but being affected by the intense motion he cannot press it. Finally he succeeds in pressing the button and the emergency brake activates, stopping them just in time. Bruce and Fongling desperately manage to open the door. The elevator has stopped below the 3rd floor.

Bruce : "Get out, Fongling!" He pushes her up and out. As Fongling gets up on the 3rd floor, the elevator suddenly sways and sharply descends.

Fongling : (reaching her hand desperately) "Hurry up, Bruce!" But it is too late. The elevator is falling into an abyss with Bruce still in it.
Fongling : "Bruce!" The elevator crashes, generating a massive noise from far down below.
Fongling : "Bruce!"      
ST-7A Bioshpere 3rd Floor -> 1st Floor, Fongling:

The character changes to Fongling. The search begins from the Biosphere 3rd floor to the 1st floor.

MV-17M Missile Launch Preparation:

29. Control Room
Fongling enters. A warning buzzer suddenly goes off.

Announcement : (repeat) "The missile launcher has been activated. Please leave the silo."

She gets to the nearest monitor where the image of the missile silo is shown with the missile emerging.
Fongling : "!" Then a black shadow creeps up from behind her... The silhouette of t-Lady covers over the camera.
Fongling : "Eeeeek!" Fongling’s scream echoes…..

30. Abyss, Inside the Crushed Elevator
Bruce regains consciousness. He gets up with unsteady feet,
Bruce : "Fongling….." He opens the elevator door to the hall and exits.
The character changes to Bruce. The pursuit begins. Bruce heads to Morpheus’ room.
He obtains a file on the way. It states ~
(1) A weapon has been developed which can be the ultimate weapon by causing fatal damage to a biological weapon developed from the t-virus & G-virus, and that it is stored somewhere in the sphere.
Getting a clue from this Bruce searches for the ultimate weapon and finds it. The storage lid raises and the ultimate weapon comes out with a dull glow. He starts the search again and reaches Morpheus’ room, but there is no one there.

MV-18M Fongling Abducted:

31. Morpheus’ Room

Bruce enters through the door.
Voice of t-Lady : "Still alive, Bruce. You are persistent."

Quickly he looks at the monitor showing the scene of a huge warehouse with t-Lady and an unconscious Fongling.
Bruce : "Fongling! You, son of a…."

Alarm goes off.
Announcement : "The Missile launch preparation has reached the final stage."

t-Lady : "Hehehehehe!"

Bruce : "I'm coming to save you right now, Fongling!" The image disappears. Bruce gets the ultimate weapon prepared.

ST-8A Missile Silo:

Bruce heads to the huge warehouse.

MV-19M Last Battle:

32. Huge Warehouse
Bruce enters. t-Lady confronts Bruce, facing him. Fongling is out of reach, unconscious. t-Lady : "Bruce, you will be fired from being a spy just to save a sacrificial pawn."

Bruce : "Maybe…."

ST-8B Huge Warehouse, t-lady battle:

A battle with t-Lady. After a fierce fight, t-Lady is defeated. She screams and collapses.

MV-20M t-Lady killed

33. Inside of Elevator (night)
Bruce runs up to Fongling, lying on the floor of the Monitor room.
Bruce : "Fongling!" He takes her up in his arms.

Fongling : "Why did you come here?  I told you to go to the missile."

Bruce : "A Don-gua doesn’t abandon a girl."

Then the announcement starts again.
Announcement :
(repeat) "10 minutes to the missile launch."

Bruce : "Damn! Hurry!"

Bruce : (looking at the control board) "It’s a complicated passage to get to the missile silo."

Fongling : "I will navigate you with this monitor."

Bruce : "OK. I'll Leave it to you then." Bruce goes back to the huge warehouse and rushes down the passage, towards the missile silo. After he’s gone, the collapsed t-Lady begins a transformation and crawls in the direction where Bruce’s disappeared.

ST-8C Maze, Fongling Navigation:

With the radio navigation by Fongling, Bruce heads up to the missile silo in time.

Time attack.

If he goes backwards the second form will attack, so he has to hurry.
MV-22M Last Battle 2:

Claws that appear to be Morpheus’ emerge in front of Bruce.
Bruce : "You, son of a….., trying to get in the way till the end!"      
ST-8D Missile Silo, Boss, t-Lady 2nd Form

A battle with the 2nd form. If Bruce wins..

MV-23H Ending:

The 2nd form convulses violently in pain, and a massive electric shock runs through body.
Bruce : "You really are persistent. Go to hell with the missile!" Bruce fires at the 2nd form. During the image of a massive explosion, the image of Bruce and Fongling appears. Screen brightness increases... then…

Check out the game to reveal what follows next!


Crimson Head Elder translation by Yuki.
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English translation and all design rights reserved by George Trevor.
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