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An old sepia photograph is all that now evidences the love of a family; Father, mother, daughter now expired. A curious occurrence would see aristocratic man of Science Oswald E. Spencer elevate architect George Trevor to the privilaged commission of designing the façade for Spencer’s insidious viral research, the Spencer Mansion. Hidden deep in the Arklay forest, on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with bestoke design to Spencer’s strict specification. Little did Trevor know that in accepting this grand opportunity, he would consequently seal the fate of his beloved family.

Autumn, 1967. It is the first week of November, and the fiercely ambitious Oswell E. Spencer settles into his new mansion, agitated by an on-setting ennui, provoked by the excruciatingly slow pace of any significant viral breakthrough, four years on from the creation of his odious pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Incorporated. Having evolved an RNA virus, originating in Africa, into his infamous ‘mother’ virus base, the Progenitor, Spencer formed this company, with two other men of science. All three were in pursuit of the power such a brutal discovery could bring, not just to its creators, but pertinently to its ultimate controller. With a multitude of potential uses for the virus, and in the absence of a common agreement for its development, these differing, opposing opportunities would overwhelm these great men, as rivalry consumed their relationship. Their conflicting motives, and plans for Progenitor would cause this fractured relationship to self-destruct into violence.

Initially working in proactive tandem, are fellow European nobleman Edward Ashford, and the highly educated, yet not so austere James Marcus. With additional, but significantly, independent research being conducted on Progenitor, by Marcus & Ashford, Spencer determines it is now imperative to expedite his own development of that mother virus. Any viral breakthrough, that would raise his profile, and power above his two talented peers, could only be elicited from lifting the taboo of human test subjects. Withdrawing that unnecessary moral barrier, Spencer relishes the advantage he will gain over Ashford & Marcus, with use of human guinea pigs, an ponders on who will fill that fateful virgin role, incarcerated within the depths of his new mansion….

Hidden, and intertwined like a labyrinth, within the technical designs of Spencer’s mansion, were many secrets, and confidences, known only to two men - Spencer, and the talented architect, commissioned to design the entire estate, George Trevor. Quite conveniently, Spencer had been looking for a means to silence his architect, so as to nullify the potential risk of public discovery, to insidious secrets that pervade his new estate. Notwithstanding that evil necessity, Spencer also required, that these measures, constructed into the mansion’s technical designs, and for incarcerating his prisoners without escape, were fully tested. With these spiteful motives in mind, Spencer moves to kill two birds with one stone, and takes to writing a letter, inviting George, and his family to visit him, with the ruse that they may together bask in the glory of his design.

October 9th 1967. Written Invitation

My dear friend,
George Trevor,

Only by your sincerity & effort, can this beautiful mansion be built.
It's been 3 months since I moved here, and this place is so magnificent.
Along with the hurly of hunters, I greet the arrival of dawn; Along with the roar of wolves, I greet the fall of night.
However, still there is something we haven't got here.
So, I want you do me a favour, my friend.Would you like to come to this mansion? Of course, bring your family together.
You can look at this as meeting an old friend, and come here light-hearted.
I'll prepare a splendid banquet & wait for your presence, I'm sure you'll like it.

Best Regards,
Ozwell E. Spencer

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版

November 3rd 1967. Letter of thanks

Dear Sir Spencer,

It's a pleasure to receive the invitation to me and my family to visit the new mansion; I can't thank you enough for this.
Actually, I have been meaning to pay a visit to that mansion again. I accept your invitation.
In the beautiful courtyard with many wonderful water features, there are two fountains with names.
If you want to see this fountain, I must tell you something you must remember. Please take the 'Red Book' & 'Blue Book' with you.
Sorry, I still have some unfinished business to do, so I'll let my wife and daughter go there first.
Please take care of them.
Many thanks,

George Trevor

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版

November 8th 1967

The Trevor family fatefully accept Spencer’s request. George in particular is full of enthusiasm, and anticipation, at the prospect of viewing the spectacular realisation of his life’s work, starkly invading the nature of the surrounding forest. He is not the first, or last to  suffer the  curiosity of why Spencer ordered the mansion be constructed, within such an unusual  environment, for a beast of this Gothic nature. Located as it was, so serenely, yet alien to the habitat of the surrounding location, being so rich in its flora & fauna. Notwithstanding his impatience to experience this, George is delayed, due to the prolonged conclusion of unexpected business, local to his office back in New York City. He thus arranges for Jessica, and their daughter to go on ahead, with George to follow just a few days later. His wife, Jessica, is about to make her earlier, fateful departure for the mansion, and lovingly, with devotion, leaves a note for her husband. She will never see him again.


Happy 18th anniversary.

Lisa and I will miss you at the mansion.

It’s exquisite George, a masterpiece.

Once you arrive, we’ll celebrate our 18 years and this great achievement.

Love always,


Resident Evil Genesis: Jessica’s Anniversary Card

November 10th 1967

Jessica and Lisa Trevor arrive at the Spencer Mansion that evening. George, away on business, is due to arrive in three days time. Lisa & Jessica Trevor’s fate were sealed upon their arrival at the Spencer mansion, irrespective of her George’s late arrival. They initially enjoy Spencer’s grand hospitality. Lisa entertains her mother, and Spencer by playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, on the newly delivered grand piano, in the smoking lounge. However, later that night both mother & daughter are incarcerated within the mansion’s underground research facility, and immediately become the victims of the scientists insidious experiments with viruses. That first fateful evening the two woman are immediately injected with Progenitor. Lisa Trevor becomes Spencer’s instrument to herald his venture into the development of biological organic weaponry.

Resident Evil Remake: Family Picture & Notes

November 12th 1967. Letter from Trevor's Wife

In this happy vacation, bad news has come to us. I'm saddened because our dear aunt Emma is ill.

Aunt Emma seems to be living near this mansion, so Lisa and I just decided to visit her.
That's really a pity; it's been such a long time since we took a holiday together.
But don't worry; we'll return in two or three days.

Your wife,

Jessica Trevor

November 12th, 1967

Due to Lord Spencer's great kindness, we're allowed to play the piano in the mansion. Our Lisa was very happy, she told me she wanted to play Beethoven.
But our daughter couldn't remember where she put her important music book...
Where is it exactly...?

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版

November 13th 1967

Designing the plans for my most prestigious project has been my proudest moment. From the day I first showed the model to Spencer, until the project‘s completion, 5 years came and went, without notice or concern. Spencer's orders were extraordinarily technical, almost convoluted, and I had to call upon all of my energy & ingenuity to realize them. At first sight no one would suspect anything to be out of the ordinary.

Looking up from the sparse plate that his servants had prepared for him, Lord Spencer shakes the long white hairs that drape like a mane towards his shoulders. For a man of his senior years, he has an impressive stature,  and at immediate glance, one can feel his high level of self-confidence piercing through you. He quite casually informs me that my wife Jessica and my daughter Lisa, broke this invitation to visit their aunt Emma, who has been taken poorly. Yet he shows little concern for their  return,  encouraging me to lift our glasses and toast the success of his future ventures. We are the only ones to know about the numerous, insidious secrets contained within this building. Forgetting my family, I become satisfied with this complicity, wistfully supping wine.

The dining room is a magnificence that can only be truly appreciated by the beholder. It is both exquisitely beautiful, and ominously imposing. There is an incredible variety of food laid out in a decorative fashion, sprawled across the enormous mahogany dining table. If the invited diner was to raise their eyes, they would see a statue of a goddess, seemingly observing us with an unholy desire. But despite all this splendor, the banquet is only enjoyed by just two guests, Spencer and I. Our clandestine meal becomes silent, and we  hear only the slight clicking noise of the grandfather clock, as it stands balefully against the dining room wall.

My heart berates those materialistic desires, that caress Spencer’s magnificent art, and my attentions turn back to my true love; I realise if only Jessica & Lisa were here. According to Spencer, they arrived three days before me, and were taken most proud with my achievement. Lisa in particular benefited from Spencer's kindness, and he allowed her to use the grand piano in the smoking lounge. Of course she  played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, her specialty, and my favorite. If only I could  have been there, to have seen & heard my princess playing, in the evening’s full moon. I am sure that her melody would have even surpassed that beautiful white satellite, floating above the forest which surrounds the house. My pride grows as my heart also aches….

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD. George Trevor's Notes


As George Trevor toasts his work, he is ignorant to the terrible fate, that has befallen his family, down in the confinement of Spencer’s secret laboratory. Three days have past since his loved ones were forcefully administered Progenitor. Jessica reacted negatively, her body rejecting the virus. Lisa however showed unique promise, as the virus fused with her body, and physical symptoms evident. Failed guinea pig Jessica Trevor has been left in a cell to rot, her body of no further use to Umbrella. She writes a stricken letter to her daughter, planning an escape.

My Beloved Lisa,

Day by day I can feel my consciousness drifting further away. The shots given to me by men in white coats made some of mommy’s itching go away. Today they gave me another shot saying it was ‘nutrition’. When they give me the shots Mommy can think straight, but Mommy’s shocked & sad because Mommy is unable to think of you all the time. Mommy’s afraid. Afraid of forgetting everything, especially the memories of you & Daddy…What your faces look like, how we used to be together…They’re all starting to disappear into somewhere dark in my mind. Oh Lisa, I wish I could touch your face & hold you in my arms right now, so  I can hold onto the wonderful memories of you and Daddy. Lisa we can’t stay here any longer. We have to escape! Listen to me Lisa, our chance to escape is the next time when we go to that lab together. We’ll both pretend we are unconscious & when that man in white clothes is off guard that will be our chance. When we’re on the outside, let’s look for daddy together. Okay sweetie? Be strong, Lisa. 


Resident Evil Remake: Family picture & notes

November 14th 1967

Today, Mr. Spencer said he will show me around his mansion. He opened every door for me, and those amazing rooms came to my eyes one after another. This building seems to be luxury, but in the mean time it's also a crystal of wisdom and great ideas. In my opinion, only a successful entrepreneur like him deserves a mansion like this.

In one of the rooms, there are many stuffed animals, their eyes looks strange, giving off mysterious light from them. In another room, I saw some armored knights from Middle Ages, and the commander is one step forward from the line. They are standing quietly aside the room, and seem to being protecting something.....

"Isn't it fantastic?" Mr. Spencer went on proudly.
"Several years ago, I started to build another building in this area, as the maintenance and training facility of the company. Since that time, I had the idea to use this mansion together with the facility. In a short time, not only for the employees of my company, this mansion also can receive any guests from any place!"

I imagined the scene, this mansion full of visitors. People are walking around in the building, like me, they are surprised by its unbelievable beauty and elegance. And I think I should be proud this time for doing my bit to this fantastic building.

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 2
Meanwhile, in the bowels underneath the mansion, Lisa writes in her journal that she is still feeling dizzy from the shot the men gave her. She can’t find her mother, and wonders where the scientists have taken her. Just the day before, she had promised that they would escape together, and Lisa becomes paranoid that Jessica has escaped alone, and left her behind.

“I feel dizzy after that shot they gave me. I don't see Mom. Where did they take her? She promised that we would escape together. Did she escape alone and leave me behind?”
Resident Evil  Remake: Lisa's Journal
Four days after she is violently exposed to the progenitor virus, Lisa makes this first journal entry. She has been forcefully separated from her parents, and deprived of her loving family life, fated only with the long wait of over thirty years, until she will finally,  depressingly discover Jessica’s skeletal corpse. Already, a symptom of this four day separation, the paranoia of isolation creeps in, and she frantically imagines her mother escaping alone. That she mentions an attempted co-operative escape strongly suggests that they had already formulated a plan, after their initial capture, but prior to this day.

November 15th 1967

My family didn't come back.
It's about time and they should have come back here.
Did aunt get worse?
Without other choices, I went to a room deep in the right area of first floor and started to read books to kill some time.
Some mysterious things of this mansion are recorded in the books, but I can't figure it out at all.

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 3

Unbeknownst to the tragic architect, his daughter is in the clutches of a viral nightmare.

I found Mom. We ate together. I was very happy. But she was a fake. Not my real Mom. Same face but different inside. Have to find Mom. Have to give face back to mother. I got Mom's face back. Nobody can have my Mom except me. I attach her face to me so she doesn't go away. Because Mom sad when I meet her without her face.

Resident Evil  Remake: Lisa's Journal

Five days from their initial incarceration, and daughter has murdered mother, in confused, violent frenzy. Notwithstanding Lisa’s likelihood for mistaken identity, this female not being Jessica, she has certainly committed her first kill, with a horrific characteristic. This savage, signature assault would come to illustrate Lisa’s increasing mental instability, generated by forceful removal from her mother, and institutionalised isolation, coupled with the devastation caused to her cognitive abilities, at the hands of Spencer’s new virus. From this day onwards, and for years to come, Lisa will mournfully carry the hideously detached faces, of those whom she seek to be her mother, with determination, and devotion for their reunion.

Her mind now catastrophically destroyed, as Progenitor wreaks its havoc, she becomes pitifully enslaved to the delusion of returning her mothers detached facial flesh to an alive & well Jessica. Here lies the origin of this psychologically motivated assault, that was to become a characteristic attack. It stems from Lisa’s reaction to the grim discovery that her mother’s mind has been lost to Spencer’s viral experimentation. From the initial elation that she has at last found her beloved mother, to the grave, and deep devastation upon the discovery that Jessica’s mind had been destroyed to an unrecognisable extent.

As a consequence of Lisa’s diminishing intellect, the possibility exists that this tragic victim was not Jessica; Lisa’s first kill being in fact a case of mistaken identity. Jessica’s unfamiliarity {‘But she was a fake….same face but different inside’ } a symptom of the havoc wrought by Progenitor, confusing the mind of her daughter to the extent that Lisa mistook a female scientist as her mother, rather than mental retardation within the true mother being the cause of the anomaly that Lisa perceives. Those unfortunate Umbrella staff, charged with the grim task of conducting research on this lab rat, would fall victim to this savage assault, birthed in fury upon Lisa’s devastated realisation that she has wrongly presumed these woman to be her devoted mother.

Lisa had become delirious from the five days of servitude to Spencer’s ‘mother’ virus. Just one day after her father’s latter arrival, George enjoying the supposed hospitality of their captor, she apparently finds Jessica, in her underground cell. Two days have past since mother penned a tragic letter to daughter, with assurance of their escape to liberty, but her physical, and mental condition have since plummeted, to the point of near death. Lisa, for her part, after five days of incarceration, shows greater resistance to the life threatening properties of Progenitor. To date, the degree with which she has been exposed to Spencer’s virus, is such that Lisa’s intellectual abilities were not sufficiently deteriorated to the point that she would mistake a complete stranger for her own mother. Moreover, her senses were sufficiently capable, two days later, to allow Lisa the ability to recognise her mother’s scent, within Jessica’s entombed corpse; so presumably the same skill would have been utilised two days previous, during that fateful meal, and daughter’s initial identification of mother was correct. The anonymous female that Lisa eats with is most likely her mother, as a pose to a female Umbrella scientist.

Tragically Jessica is now almost brain dead, following the negative effects of the Progenitor virus on her cognitive system, and Lisa refuses to believe that this catatonic misery is her mother. With violent confusion, she rips the face of her mother from its skull, instantly causing death. Now in a bloodied mess, she places the skin of Jessica’s face over her own, intending to give it back to the rightful owner, once she finds the real Jessica, whom she pitifully presumes to be alive, and well, but without her own face. This fruitless, mournful search will continue, without success for the next three decades.

November 17th 1967

At midnight, I heard people were talking about something when I passed by Lord Spencer's study room. I went close to the door and just opened a crack, and I saw three men in white coats whispering with Lord Spencer.

"....a large market... high commodity... basic research stage... still simple life... because... many years are inevitable..." I heard them talking like this.

Driven by my curiosity, I carelessly stepped a little forward to the door and pushed it. A small sound piped up and one of those men noticed and walked toward me. That man, a man with red hair; he saw me, and in that moment he looked very shocked. However, he immediately averted his sight elsewhere, as if nothing had ever happened.
BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 3
Just one week after Spencer’s terrible betrayal, Lisa Trevor finds a crypt, deep below the mansion her father designed, housing her mother’s tomb. Despite her inability to remove the stone lid of the coffin, she can recognise Jessica’s scent, but any realisation of her mother’s demise is clouded by further cognitive deterioration.

“from inside box, scent of mommy. maybe true mother there. stone box hard. It hurt. steel rope in the way. can't see mother becuz 4 stones.”

Resident Evil  Remake: Lisa's Journal

While Lisa was able to recognize the scent of her biological mother, she was unable to open the stone coffin and finally reunite with her. Despite continued failure in her mournful search, Lisa Trevor has already become terminally obsessed with finding her true mother. To merely, finally see her mother, is the only element Lisa craves for this reunion. She will return to this scene, and her wish will be granted, but not in the manner that she would have desperately desired, during all those years of isolation & loneliness. Shortly after the t-virus outbreak, initiated by James Marcus, in the autumn of 1998, some considerable 30 years after this first discovery, Lisa will revisit the tomb housing her mother‘s corpse.

November 18th 1967 

My family still hasn't returned. My consciousness feels a slight twitch of unease; Could aunt Emma have been taken that poorly, so as to delay my beloved this long? Unusual for a residence of this size that the telephone is not yet installed. I curse the unfamiliar, yet increasing inability to contact my loved ones.

That night I went out to the second floor terrace to clear my mind. The deep black crows, their cruel  eyes  piercing  my soul,  causing the moonlit view across  the veranda to be of  no comfort on this night. These crows are not  the only ones with a dark, and odious intuition. I continuously have an uneasy,  agitated impression of being covertly observed. However that unease was strikingly interrupted by an unexpected site. I saw an astonishing thing, in the small courtyard. A ladder leading down to an underpass, masked suspiciously by a waterfall. This was never in my original plan, and is most certainly not of my design. When was this work undertaken?

Whilst I furiously questioned this ruse, three men uniformed in white overcoats appeared abruptly, and announced without a hint of recognition to my status "Who are you? You should not be walking around freely". They disrespectfully hurried me along,  away from my original destination, which was to further explore this new architectural feature. I will return again, when these researchers have gone about their subservient business. My apprehension grows ever more. What was Spencer’s intention, with this clandestine construction, and what dark secrets lead from the archway?

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD: George Trevor's Notes

The lighter! I lost my lighter! It's the birthday gift my wife gave to me and one of the most precious things of mine.

For many years I've never left my lighter from me.....

I have bad feelings....

When I stopped for a rest at the L-shaped corridor where a glass case is set, I'm sure it's still with me.

Though it's easy to find another lighter, this one is too special to me and I can't just give it up.

I'm gonna go there and try to look for it tomorrow.

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 3

November 19th 1967

daddy atached first

momm atached scond

iNside reD and sLimy

whiTe and haRd

not true moM wheRe

dunno dadd

found mum again

whne atachd mommy

she move no more

she screaming


Jst want to b with her



I mis yuo

Resident Evil  Remake: Lisa's Journal

A further two days, from the grim discovery of her mother’s crypt, the short lived elation felt from a potential reunion with her parents, would have been refreshing, if not limited release from Lisa’s hellish nightmare. But this was to be no happy family reunion. Lisa has already killed her mother in confused anguish, so the ‘mother’ she identifies in this journal entry cannot be Jessica.

We know that the ‘dad’ referred to, who also falls victim to her now characteristic, fatal assault cannot be George, for we have diary entries in his journal with dates proceeding November 19th. These victims, now adding 2 further trophies to Lisa’s grim, and growing collection cannot be her parents. Lisa harrowing attempts to identify the murdered couple with a personal autopsy. Again she is left disappointed and lost, unable to identify her parents scent amongst the victims intestines. The true identities of these poor souls, faces viciously torn off whilst alive, and now adorning Lisa’s grotesquely mutating body, belong to Spencer’s researchers.

In order to pacify the uncontrollable Lisa, her behaviour increasingly unpredictable as Progenitor wreaks havoc within her body, a male & female researcher, may have been disguised as her parents, for appeasing interaction. This technique would be but a vain, counter-productive attempt to provide any sense of security, or to illicit calm behaviour, because her face-ripping, signature attack, perversely represents a deep desire to be reunited with her parents, rather than a violent rejection of Spencer’s mimics. To resemble George or Jessica Trevor, in the presence of their daughter, mind now ravished by Progenitor, would have been a known folly, of life threatening proportion. It is far more likely that victims two, and three, faces sliced, and serving as gory ornaments, now adorning their assailant, do belong to said research team, but were murdered as a consequence of Lisa’s cognitive crippling condition, as they conduct their mandatory observations of her, and not due to a purposeful ruse to impersonate her parents. To serve in Spencer’s employment is a dangerous profession, and there will be further casualties amongst the research team assigned to this tragic experiment. They too will fall victim to this horrendous fate, assisting Lisa with her gory collection!

November 21st 1967

My luggage is gathered hurriedly together, and yet another white robed, worker drone leads me somewhat unexpectedly into a large, angular room, suspiciously without openings, on the first floor, and apparently reserved for receptions. Awaiting Spencer’s formal farewell, I try to mask my increasing anxiety by observing the paintings, all the while isolated from these rich surroundings, by the cold stare of Spencer’s men. He could have been one of the three unknown scientists on the courtyard before, they all seem to look the same. The theme represented by this art was life is rich & short. Amongst the plethora of paintings, which almost fully carpeted the walls, a series represented time itself, through the life of a man, from his birth, until the finality of his death. "Your family have died now", laughed the man, while he looked at me slyly. Time seemed to stop. What was he talking about? At that same moment I felt a terrible pain at the bottom of my neck, and I collapsed on the cold marble floor.

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD. George Trevor's Notes

November 20th 1967

A large room lined with portraits on the first floor, where I was casually looking over paintings when suddenly a red-haired man in a white coat approached me.

What could it be? The odor of disinfectant faintly drifted from his body.

"There's something I want to ask you...," he said. "What exactly do you know about your family?"

"My family? Do you know something!?"

The man saw my expression and muttered with authority. "You really don't know anything... Such a small child..."

I shook the man, raised my voice, and demanded to know where they were.

But at that moment, I heard something squirm behind me.

"Something is here..."

The red-haired man would not say another word about it no matter how much I asked.

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 4

November 23rd 1967

Servants hurriedly washed the floor on the way to the first floor early this morning. The only room in this mansion where I put nothing…

I didn't have any doubt at first. Until I passed that room and went on to the next living room… Nothing. There was no sign of the shotgun on the wall!

"What happened to the shotgun that was here?"

"Oh, that one. That was destroyed. Like it was stepped on by an elephant, you know. It has still kept its original shape to a degree, different from an animal. Oh well, I keep a spare which can replace it." Spencer, who was nearby answered.

I returned to the previous room as quickly as possible. Some kind of black stain on the floor. And red hair. I couldn't stop trembling...

That shotgun was moved, surely...

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 5

November 24th 1967

They have transferred me to the basement of the mansion. Now a guard brings me my food and I'm confined to these few rooms. At least that's what the guard thinks. Every time he's on a break,  I have been exploring,  and further with each occasion. I found an entrance way to a series of catacombs behind the fireplace. Maybe in there I can find a way out.

Resident Evil Genesis ~ George Trevor's Diary

How could Sir Spencer have become this kind of a man? What has been happening here? And what is the true objective of this company called Umbrella? Whilst I am imprisoned in this room, as time passes painfully slow, these are questions that I can never find true answers for.

"The real objective is to keep all this as a secret, and since you are an unknown…" Some non-descript researcher sneers, as he brings the revolting, unrecognisable food.

What secret is more important than a human life? Sir Spencer and I are the only two to know the secrets of this mansion, and if I die, he will be the only holder of this fateful knowledge. Is it for that reason I have sworn to have seen unrecognisable creatures prowling around the estate, stealthily, and in increasing numbers with each night? I cannot remain here and be devoured, or maybe even worse. It is imperative that I escape from here.

The twist of cruel irony, since the beginning, I may have simply built my own prison.  I will not succumb to that sardonic fate.  How  fortunate then,  that during  my later designs for this mansion, and in accordance with Sir Spencer's strange fascination for enigmas, I conceived a way to escape for whoever found themselves imprisoned here. It would seem that Sir Spencer wants to test this method on me. This terrible realisation, is suddenly exhumed, as one of the countless arachnid like creatures which infest the floor & ceiling, falls from above, onto my body. My presence itself seems to be forcefully attracting them. I jump instinctively backwards, and run without known destination, trampling a great number of them in my wake. What are these creatures?

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD. George Trevor's Notes

Eleven days have now past since arriving on this estate. How did I end up like this? Another of my captor’s unquestioning, white coated lab rats arrives with a plate of skimpy meal, announcing without further explanation "Sorry to put you through this, but it's for security reasons."

I ignore him, and think back to my earlier anxious thoughts,  and the realisation is even more terrifying.  It all makes sense now. There are only two people that know the secret of this mansion, Sir Spencer and myself. If they kill me, Sir Spencer will be the only person that knows this secret. But for what purpose? It doesn't matter now. It's too dangerous here.

I think once more of my family, and their well being. I will not allow this to happen, not now, not here. I close my eyes, and a renewed determination fills me, allowing the dread to just temporarily subside. I  have to make  my determined move before it is all too late. So I  have  decided to escape, and to find my loved ones, no matter what it takes. Jessica, Lisa, I pray that you are safe.

Resident Evil Remake: Trevor's Diary

Ignorant to the fate that has befallen his family, the hope George displays is all that he has left. His tragically tortured daughter makes he last diary entry/ It is barely legible.



I mis you

Resident Evil Remake: Family Picture & Notes

The deterioration in both handwriting & language, is caused by her cognitive deterioration, at the hands of the invading viral onslaught, now into its fourteenth day. 

November 26th 1967

My god. Words cannot describe the horrors I have seen in those dark, endless passageways. Ghastly, mutated creatures; mindless & aggressive. The strangest part being that each one is tagged like a lab rat, as though they aren't just monsters, but purposeful peculiar experiments. I can't bear to think of the terrible exploration ahead and the horrors that await me, but it's my only hope…

Resident Evil Genesis: George Trevor's Diary


As if to extinguish any remnants of hope that may just remain, a chill nakedness cuts through Trevor’s soul, as he desperately grasps at his torso, like a rabid dog were upon him. Frantically he searches every orifice of his clothing.

How could I be so careless? I lost my favourite lighter, the one Jessica gave me for my birthday. Now it's going to be that much harder to get out this dark place. November 13, the date when my fate was sealed. My aunt was hospitalized just three days before that. Jessica and Lisa said that they were going to visit her. I wish I could be there with them. But wait, even as I'm writing my memory is coming back to me more vividly. Just before I passed out, I remember the men in the lab coats said something like, ‘Most likely your family is already…’  I pray for their safety.

Resident Evil Remake: Trevor’s Diary

I'm trapped. It has already been 3 days.

I tried to escape from this mansion the day I saw the scene in the empty room, and left with the utmost confidence that my family should be safe at our aunts'.

But it was too late.

As I left the mansion, I was subdued by a group of men in white coats and severely beaten.

And I lost consciousness for a while.

"Pity for you, but it's a matter of security."

"Those men are evil. Trying to use the designer of this mansion of all people... But I'm useful for data collection in the future."

What matter of security? For designing this mansion?

I lay in an underground room when I noticed it.

A dimly-lit room, and my whole body feels strangely itchy.

It almost feels like I’m being tickled by human fingers.

I lift myself up.

Drip, drip, then something fell from my body.

It‘s... moving!

Spiders! There were hundreds of spiders on me, and wriggling on the floor.

Spiders about the size of my palm in this cold room...

I stepped back and away, reflectively trampling on several of them. Just then, all those spiders attacked me.

I ran to the door, but it was locked.

The spiders came shuffling up to me one after another.

I remembered the structure of the door and somehow got out.

After that, I roamed around the underground of this mansion until today.

There were irregularly-shaped insects and many animals. However, their movements were slow and simple, and somehow I managed to survive.

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 6

Jessica, Lisa..

Why! Why! I don't want to die in a dismal place like this...

Was it my fault that I designed this mansion at his special orders?

Or is this God's punishment for trying to escape, not knowing if I had left them behind.

Makes no difference.

This is extraordinary.

The smell of disinfectant fills the basement and it seems a new machine was brought in...

What the hell is the secret?

Is this place actually still used as a recreation facility?!

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版. Trevor's Note 7

November 27th 1967

Some mild success. In the caverns I encountered a man in another white lab coat, and attacked him without hesitation or conscience. I cracked his head in with a rock and stole a key-card of some kind. I still don't know what it's used for. To think, me attacking an innocent man, what have I become? But I must ignore those wasteful thoughts of morality, focus on what has to be done, and the fate only of myself. To that end I finally escaped from that initial insidious room, but I must still keep track of the many traps, and fatal devices that await the ignorant wanderer. This is made all the more onerous as I don’t  have time for stealth. Getting out from this mansion will not be so easy. I still have to get past all these terrible artefacts, booby-traps & ruses. Tiger eyes, Gold Emblem. I have to try and remember, not just for my own sake, but also for my beloved ones, Jessica & Lisa.

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD

Resident Evil Remake

Resident Evil Genesis

November 28th 1967

“I cannot find the words to describe it. Some terrible abomination, plant-like, of absurdly  gigantic  proportions.  It  fills  a  whole  room, and it of  a species I have never witnessed before. God could not have created such a thing.”


The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD. George Trevor's Notes


Trevor desperately concludes this horticultural atrocity to be the fruits of Spencer‘s insidious, genetic engineering. His anxiety grows with every horrendously, dire discovery. However, none are quite as contentious as this, appearing as it does, to resemble the later, t-virus generated, Plant-42. It will be another decade before Spencer’s other partner in criminal virology,  James Marcus, develops the catalyst for Plant-42, the t-virus.

Consequently, the shocking sight, that now befalls George Trevor, cannot be this perversion of evolution; created not within the early days of t-virus discovery, but a further decade on, upon accidental exposure during the mansion incident. Exploring deeper within the mansion’s entombed laboratories, George Trevor stumbles upon the sinister location from which Spencer has been cultivating his horrendous export from Africa, the legendary, highly toxic plant of the Ndipaya tribe, the ‘stairway to the sun’ flower. Procured by head researcher Brandon Bailey, and brought back from its closely guarded, secretive location in Africa, to Spencer’s equally secretive location, in the Arklay forest, nine months prior to George’s arrival here. Spencer had attempted to cultivate this flower, in order to mass-produce the Progenitor virus, from which this toxic plant was an invaluably unique source. Spencer, and his research team were initially unsuccessful in procuring an effective progenitor virus from the clones harvested from their exported mother plant, and sought to alter the plants horticultural environment to expedite the desired result; a home-grown stairway to the sun flower, producing the progenitor virus with effective DNA-altering characteristics.

Nine months on from the first exports of their insidious flower, and it grows ferociously, within the confines of the Spencer mansion. It is this horticultural abomination that Trevor has unwittingly stumbled upon, and not the cannon destroying Plant-42. To date {November 28th 1967} Spencer & Bailey were still fruitlessly attempting to mass produce an effective progenitor virus on home soil, and there is no doubt that their program for this virology would be conducted within the Arklay mansion.


Resident Evil 5

November 29th 1967

I can't get out. I have tried every possible way to escape but only to be faced with the reality that I'm trapped. I've been everywhere. The laboratory  with the large glass tubes, filled with formaldehyde, and those dark, wet and eerie caves. What can I do? At first I didn't want to believe my eyes. But that familiar high-heeled shoe in the corridor. It was like reflex. One name came to my mind, and then the memory behind it filled me with deep sadness; Oh Jessica. But I must stay strong for them, my beloved. I don't want to believe they share the same fate as me. No! I can't give up hope. I have to hope they're alive. I think they have caught wind of my little adventures in these caves, and installed an extra security feature on the fireplace. There is now a small keypad where you can enter a password. Fortunately, I overheard how to program the unit. As a pass-code I entered our anniversary. Time to resume exploring… 

Resident Evil Remake: Trevor's Diary

Resident Evil Genesis: George Trevor's Diary

November 30th 1967

Lost, and alone in the dark, George Trevor now seriously contemplates the undeniable & horrendous realisation, that he is doomed to the fate Spencer has dictated for him. The futility of his attempted escapes, highlighted by indifference Spencer’s men show them.

I haven't had anything to eat or drink for days, and I am losing my mind. Why is this happening to me? Why do I have to die like this? I was too obsessed with designing this ghastly mansion. I should have known better.


Resident Evil Remake: Trevor's Diary

However, we see a more optimistic, determined outlook with the following:

Yesterday they added more security to the fireplace.  You now need some object to enable the keypad.  I'm trapped.  Why have I been so careless?  Today a man in a lab coat approached me and said that tomorrow I would visit the doctor.  Something tells me they have something else in mind.  I won't become one of their experiments.


Resident Evil Genesis: George Trevor's Diary

November 31st 1967

Here's where everything ends.  Forgive me Jessica, I didn't want it to come to this.  I'll die before I let them turn me into one of those...things.  With my last breath, I will pray that you and Lisa are safe.  Farewell...

George Trevor

Resident Evil Genesis: George Trevor's Diary

December 5th 1967

My throat is dehydrated. I have not eaten for many days, and I don't know for how much time I can really resist. I am desperately losing my mind, as my entire existence is enveloped by the life of a caged rat, hopelessly trying to escape from a laboratory labyrinth. Was my dedication & persistent fascination for the unrivaled magnificence of this mansion, really so reprehensible? Am I to blame for the wickedness of the man who had me design this death-trap dungeon?

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD. George Trevor's Notes

December 7th 1967

My world has become a dark & damp underground tunnel, never ending. But even in the constant darkness something caught my eye. Carefully, I lit my last match, I had to see what it was. A grave! But deeply engraved into the stone was my name! ‘George Trevor’. At that instant, it all became terribly clear to me. Spencer, and those bastards knew, and calculated right from the very beginning, that I would die here, and I fell right into their trap. My perilous predicament, and pre-prepared tomb, condemns me to this fate. It is just too late now. I have spent days, wandering aimlessly in circles. I can feel my senses slipping away. Jessica…Lisa... forgive me. Because of my ego, I got both of you involved in this whole damn conspiracy. Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety….I will soon join you both in paradise

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD. George Trevor's Notes


I failed. How could he, Spencer, know about it?

A behemoth it approaches, and to come…

Though it should be a secret device which only I know…

On the contrary, myself and…

My consciousness is fading.

I forgot. Not just one... but another very similar tool is needed.

Ah, a bit longer, just a bit longer and I could have reached the fountain with 2 names...

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版


Nothing's changed. I never thought that this room I designed as an experiment would pay off like this. I can hide here safely for a while, because nobody knows about the secret behind this painting. Not even Sir Spencer. Painting of a mansion... In the back of the art room.

Resident Evil Remake

George Trevor, the 5th Survivor?

The Trevor family tragedy, the deaths of two loving parents, and their beloved daughter. Murdered at the hands of the tyrannical Spencer E. Oswell, through his pursuit of insidious viral, biological invention. The evidence of Lisa Trevor's demise will literally stare us in the face, and possibly rip it off! Her final release from Umbrella's servitude undeniably, unequivocally finalised upon the mansions explosive destruction, as she lay incapacitated, under the fallen grand hallway's chandelier (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles).

The demise of a treasured wife, Jessica, is evidenced by Lisa's discovery of her mother's skeletal remains, and consequent body identification, corroborated in harrowing detail by her wailing, mournful scream "muuuutheeeer...". Their fate, and questionably that of their tragic father, is most clearly, poignantly detailed in the following file:

Nov. 10, 1967 – Progenitor Virus administered


Administered virus: Type–A

Plasmolyzing of tissue during cell activation

Virus fusion: Negative

Action: Disposed


Administered virus: Type–B

Plasmolyzing of tissue during cell activation

Virus fusion:

Positive but delayed fusion.

Body modification:

Observed constant results.


Continue protective observation.


action: Terminated (Nov. 30, 1967)

Resident Evil Remake: Family Picture & Notes

Is there any significance to be found in the differing terminology employed by Umbrella in defining the relative fates of husband and wife ? Jessica’s body is ‘disposed’ of, whilst George is afflicted with the term ‘terminated’, as his corresponding action. This may allude merely to differing times, and methods of death; Jessica executed, or more likely left to starve in her cell, whilst Trevor placed like a pawn, at Spencer’s command, to be tortured to death, by an inescapable labyrinth, within the mansion of his own design. However, I suggest, there is a more contentious question at the heart of this query.

Did George Trevor survive the mansion incident? Does the question even warrant asking? Some would say no, notwithstanding the lack of a discovered corpse by S.T.A.R.S. members upon their infiltration of the estate; Particularly surrounding the area of George's prematurely prepared grave. Had his demise occurred at this fateful location, with Umbrella staff collecting the body, then surely the action would be defined as disposed, rather than terminated. The argument that this term would not have yet been relevant, as George was still, at Spencer's whim, wondering the mansion, {as a pose to Jessica's immediate disposal}, is relevant, but weakened by the lack of a follow up, rider to this note, updating the defined action, upon Umbrella's graveside retrieval of George's body.

With no evidence of his corpse, or remains, the possibility of George Trevor‘s continued survival, post gravestone discovery, is much dependant on the weight of evidence lent to Resident Evil Genesis. If this mobile game can be considered canon, then the significance of the grim discovery of skeletal remains, alluded to as being the remains of George Trevor, must be determined, and identified. During Genesis, the clearest evidence that the skeleton found by Jill in the mansion’s basement belongs to George, is the fact that it lay decomposed in the corner of a cell, identified as his, corroborated with the discovery of his diary in that same location. That other prisoners were kept here, and hold identity to those remains is a strong possibility; the diary likely dropped, long ago, by a hastily escaping Trevor. 

The last entry in the Genesis version of Trevor’s diary suggests a final release for George, a more dignified end, at his own hand:

Nov 31, 1967. Resident Evil Genesis 

Here's where everything ends.  Forgive me Jessica, I didn't want it to come to this.  I'll die before I let them turn me into one of those...things.  With my last breathe, I will pray that you and Lisa are safe. Farewell.….George Trevor

There is a similar tone in the Remake version of Trevor‘s diary. At first glance, as with the Genesis journal, the 31st November entry in is an ominous day, with George alluding to pitiful failure, with an additional, horrific discovery:

Nov. 31, 1967. Resident Evil Remake

It was a dark & damp underground tunnel. And another dead end. But even in the darkness something caught my eye. Carefully, I lit the last match, I had to see what it was. A grave! But deeply engraved into the stone was my name! ‘George Trevor‘. At that instant, it all became clear to me. Those bastards knew from the beginning that I'd die here & I fell right into their trap. But it's too late now. I'm losing it. Everything is becoming so far away. Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me. Because of my ego, I got both of you involved in this whole damn conspiracy. Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety. George Trevor 

I do not believe that with these last, fateful dated entries, George purposefully sealed himself into his cell, leaving starvation as his only escape, or perished besides his pre-prepared grave. There were neither the means in his cell, nor the energies within him to do this. No, I propose, that this was a purposeful ruse, to lead his pursuers into believing that he had given up all hope; allow his diary to be found with this red hearing diarised within it, thus throwing Umbrella off his scent. He may have even planted a body in this cell, {later to be found as skeletal remains ~ Resident Evil Genesis}, an unidentifiable corpse, not hard to find in the Spencer mansion, that autumn of 1967. George Trevor evaded the incarceration here, and further he strove onwards, alluding capture.

Furthermore, one need not just rely on our imaginations to flesh out the details of George’s continued sanctuary. The success or otherwise of Georges survival during this later period may also be documented without the use of further conjecture. This precious time may have been documented for an additional seven days, if we hold the dates in George Trevor’s Notes, as compiled in The True Story Behind Biohazard, canon.

The journal continues, from the last dated diary entry within Resident Evil Genesis, of the 31st November, and onwards, to the 7th December, with a weeks worth of additional composition. However, the source only, merely puts forward the date of George Trevor’s inevitable discovery of his pre-named gravestone, being as it is, an effective replica of the concluding Remake entry of November 31st. It does not suggest a further, significantly differing path, as we are lead to the same tragic end; George Trevor’s prepared burial site. But that does not condemn the actual existence of further sanctuary, because the source for those arguably contentious days, may exist elsewhere, even if undated.

George Trevor’s continued survival, that he did not perish in his cell, or at his pre-prepared headstone (irrespective of that day being Nov 31st or Dec 7th) could be alluded to by an undated letter. Whether languishing within a cell {Genesis diary}, or standing fatefully over his pre-prepared gravestone {Remake diary & George Trevor's Notes}, Trevor continued to fight for his family’s survival, potentially evidenced by an un-dated, poignant discovery at the mock headstone. This undated letter, certainly alludes to the existence of further sanctuary, following the days of those last diarised entries:

There's something handwritten. It's not dated 

Nothing's changed. I never thought that this room I designed as an experiment would pay off like this. I can hide here safely for a while, because nobody knows about the secret behind this painting. Not even Sir Spencer. Painting of a mansion... In the back of the art room. (Resident Evil Remake)

So Spencer was not the all seeing lord of his manor, not the all knowing god of his world. A mere designer, an artisan from New York, had knowledge that not even the great & glorious Oswell E. Spencer possessed. In the back of the art room, hidden within the mansion that he solely designed, George Trevor enjoyed further, rare sanctuary.  Having already thrown the pursuers off his path, by purposefully dropping a contrived diary, alerting Spencer’s men to a rouse contained therein, falsehoods detailing he was resigned to dignified death, sealed by his own hand, within his cell, he heads for the art room. Now George lays incognito, off-radar, within this unique hiding place, that he alone knew of. His continued absence leading Spencer’s men to the false belief that he had already perished, and from this position he survived another day.

When contemplating the possibility of days following onwards from that position, one must ultimately have consideration for the last dated journal/letter entry; the very last date diarised for George’s survival ? As we have seen, his last letter, dated December 7th, in  The True Story Behind Biohazard,  is effectively  a copy of the  Resident Evil Remake diary entry of  November 31st;  upon which day George Trevor discovered  his gruesome headstone.  However, irrespective of the date of that terrible discovery, our architect may have continued his bitter search, to an end that only he knows of. This argument solely relies  on  the  fact  that  this undated  note was written after George’s last known dated composition, and there is no date to suggest that his art room secret, harbouring retreat, came prior to the headstone discovery. If one accepts this note as the very last composition in existence, authored by George Trevor, then any fate that followed this potentially life saving, latter sanctuary, is to this day, still unknown….


Resident Evil Remake {Trevor’s Diary & Undated Note}
2. Resident Evil Genesis (Trevor’s Diary)
3. The True Story Behind Biohazard (Trevor’s Letters)
4. Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles (Jessica’s letter & Lisa’s Journal)
5. Biohazard PC & PS1 demos  (Invitation file & Letter of Thanks)

Resident Evil Genesis {George Trevor’s Diary}
3. The True Story Behind Biohazard (Trevor’s Letters)
4. Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles (Jessica’s letter & Lisa’s Journal)
5. Biohazard PC & PS1 demos  (Invitation file & Letter of Thanks)

The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD {George Trevor’s Notes}
4. Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles (Jessica’s letter & Lisa’s Journal)
5. Biohazard PC & PS1 demos  (Invitation file & Letter of Thanks)

Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles {Jessica’s letter & Lisa’s Journal}
5. Biohazard PC & PS1 demos  (Invitation file & Letter of Thanks)

BIO HAZARD Taiken Ban  バイオハザード 体験版
Mark Grass {Extraction}
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