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Research article by George Trevor, with exclusive full translation of (now off-line) Biohazard Heroes Never Die site, including scenario narrative, character bios, and commentary from enemy design programmer Takeshi Katayama.

Biohazard Heroes Never Die / Resident Evil Dead Aim, takes place in the latter part of 2002, with Umbrella Corporation on its financial knees. Following the Raccoon City incident, at the end of 1998, the corporation was on the brink of oblivion, with the loss of their B.O.W production line, and their vital North American research facilities. Moreover, in early 1999, following the United States government's nuclear sterilization of the doomed city, their legislative house passed a decree, placing a trade prohibition on the company. Umbrella was suspended from all U.S operations, and its share price plummeted. Hit by a trade embargo upon its biggest market, Umbrella would have to look outside the U.S, for pooling their resources, for any future success, and if they were to salvage anything. It would take a determined C.E.O , of obsessive ambition, to prevent the ship that was Umbrella, from sinking without trace. Spencer's empire was under attack from all angles, and if he was to steer the Umbrella ship safely through these choppy waters, a fresh approach was essential.

His attackers were numerous, varied, and persistent; some government controlled agencies (such as STRATCOM's Anti-Umbrella Pursuit & Investigation Team), some independent, driven by rival pursuits (such as the G.P.C.s anti-biohazard unit), clandestine organizations, other biological weapon combat groups, and from vengeful enemies within his own corporation. Facilities that were the life blood for his biological research had been destroyed, vital markets for Umbrella's product cut-off, and no immediate route to a financial life-line was on the horizon. If Spencer was to plant the seeds of Umbrella's comeback, he would have to look further afield than the usual locations, even if only to tread water, until his finances were such to fund the resurgence. His choice of destination was inspired; it would be mobile, constantly capable of changing location, and it would allow the on-site Umbrella employees to work outside the law of those countries that were hot on Spencer's pursuit. He turned to the high seas, far beyond the clutches of International waters. 

Together with the strategic placement of any new facility flung to the furthest reaches of the globe, upon remote & inaccessible islands, Umbrella would also look to a fleet of ships, to sponsor its resurgence. These cruise liners would be the company's new floating facilities, able to evade the ever watchful eyes of rival organizations, and the various anti-Umbrella groups, whilst covertly conducting Spencer's viral research outside international law. Not all would give shelter to the insidious virologists working under Spenser's obstinate direction. Another would provide outlet, for the companies essential, vital financial recovery.The life blood for any restitution of former Umbrella glory was financial, and prospective clients would have to be sourced directly to the product. Presentation facilities were housed upon these floating auction houses, and the Spencer Rain was at the forefront of this business plan. It was upon this nautical Umbrella asset, for the new decade, that yet another enemy of the corporation wrought viral havoc, consumed with a bitter vengeance, toward his former employer.

Morpheus Duvall, a likely scapegoat & an unlikely antagonist...

Morpheus Duvall was the mid-level Umbrella employee, promoted beyond his minimal ability, caught up in his own egocentric web, and thus destined for professional & personal loathing. Long before blind revenge hauled him to the brink of insanity, and a blind massacre of his own followers, Morpheus was fated to personal decline, and professional downfall, slave as he was to a catastrophic mix of egocentrism, and narcissism. A truly vehement narcissist, Morpheus would need an outlet for his beauty obsesses doctrine. He would express this motive with a tyrannical strategy, that would realise his dream of a kingdom ruled by beauty.


The symbol of power is in Africa...

The symbol of knowledge is here in the Bio-Sphere...  

The symbol of beauty is mine...

The beauty controls everything and I shall dominate it...

Establishing a kingdom where beauty has absolute authority is the dream, which I must make a reality.

This was not just a passion for the attractive, nor a penchant for physical perfection; there is complete tunnel vision behind these words, highlighted by the ultimate value Morpheus attributes to the virtue of beauty. Morpheus's life mission, as detailed in the above mantra, and significantly, the methods he employs to realise that goal, strongly suggests an affliction to a specific personality disorder, with narcissism as the route cause. Many of the symptoms associated with this narcissistic disorder are on display, as Morpheus resorts to escalating levels of extreme behaviour ~ the pursuit of purely selfish and unrealistic goals, two symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder expressed through Morpheus's personal mantra; the exploitation of others to reach one's goal, a symptom evidenced when Morpheus takes advantage of Umbrella and its staff to further the construction of his missile silo; exaggeration of personal importance, a symptom clearly evident by the extraordinarily vain conclusion that he is a messiah, chosen to establish a revolutionary world-order of beauty; complete lack of empathy, a symptom initially evidenced by Morpheus's total disregard for staff safety at the hand of his distraction from supervision, and then horrendously displayed in the massacre of his own followers.

Bound by his narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), Morpheus would be slave to an extremely perverted value system; one that would drive him to realise his dream for perfection, by severely questionable means. Doomed by his NPD, Morpheus’s consciousness would have little time for anything else outside this ideal, being excessively preoccupied by this disorder's fatal mix of personal adequacy, power, prestige, and vanity. 

The individual causes of NPD are unknown, but various theories have been proposed by research psychologists. One suggested cause I believe relates directly to Morpheus; that being the manifestation of a defence mechanism. A theory developed further from this principle, that NPD relates to a defence mechanism against intense feelings of shame, is exemplified by the ultimate lengths that Morpheus resorts to, in countering his self-loathing. The victim of intense shame, Morpheus exacts the ultimate defence mechanism, physically manifested with extreme plastic surgery ~

In the images above, we see Morpheus's admiration for the female form, a preference born from a deep self-loathing for his own original physique. That he would look to such dramatically permanent mutilation is telling; it is this extremity, an expression of Morpheus's defence mechanism to counter intolerable personal shame, that evidences his own source for a NPD.

Narcissists like Morpheus Duvall have such an elevated sense of self-worth, that they value themselves as inherently superior to all others. Yet, they have a fragile self-esteem, and cannot handle criticism, often trying to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling, or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. This comparable dim view for his peers, will fuel Morpheus's pursuit of human physical perfection, a desire articulated by his mantra on beauty. In expressing, and attempts to fulfil this personal mantra, born of narcissism, Morpheus would devise a tyrannical goal, blinded by this fervent obsession with beauty.

Such a passionate vision would require a powerful sponsor, and Morpheus knew just the corporation with the resources to realise his perverted plan. Such was the motivation that lead Morpheus to target Umbrella; this was a plan already formulated, rather than developed at a later date, from a rage caused by his dismissal. With the ethically barren laboratories, and morally free science of Umbrella, Morpheus had an employer that could provide him with the vicious tools required. Appropriating ballistic missiles, that he then weaponised with a strain of the t-virus, and his judgement distorted with an insanity enthused by his NPD, Morpheus blackmails the U.S. and Chinese governments. Threatening to engage his biological weapons, Morpheus will demand the moneys to fund his narcissistic paradise in Africa.

He was never to establish his African paradise, and Morpheus's stock was at its highest in the earlier stages of that pursuit, when appointed director of the Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility. This was a development section of the corporations R&D Department, located on a remote island, in the Atlantic Ocean. The island was owned by Umbrella Corporation?s European Division, a clandestine facility for the disposal, and occasional observance of failed B.O.W.s. Opened from at least mid-1996, this remote asset consisted of two parts; a disposal Facility built directly on the island, and a seabed-level biosphere, housing a laboratory used for viral experimentation. Whether it was the scientists, employed here, premier experiment, is an unknown, but the first reference we have for any program conducted at the facility, is for the test subject Alpha:

Sep 26th 1996: Today we will begin the experiment. The subject is a condemned criminal called '?'. It has been one month since the subject was transported to this facility. He is not exactly aware of what is going to happen to him. However, he seems to be very frightened...

Day 1: Commence Experiment: We hammered a metal rod into the subject's frontal lobe in order to alleviate some of the pain. This was done only for humanitarian reasons.

Day 4: Removal of Eyeballs: We have removed the eyeballs in order to observe its reactions to external stimulation.

Day 14: Dose of Muscle Booster: After administering the muscle booster, we confirmed the unusual development of the muscles. It gained a drastic amount of weight before the treatment.  In the future we will consider using hampering items...

Day 36: Sharpened Hearing: An effect of the eyeball removal procedure has been an enhanced sense of hearing.  It recognizes precisely where a sound originates and its distance from that sound.

Day 41: Experiment Suspended: The experiment has been suspended due to the fact that the subject has escaped.  Even without its vision, the subject is quite dangerous. We should use extreme care not to make sounds when we try to capture it.

It is unlikely that Morpheus had a hands-on role in the above insidious program, but he held the prestigious title of Head Supervisor, with jurisdiction over the entire ground facility, and underwater biotechnology laboratory; and as such, a successful career with the pharmaceutical giant beckoned, had he not had other uses for this invaluable career.

Umbrella recruitment policy often leaves a lot to be desired, and with Morpheus's appointment there was no exception. Preoccupied obsessively with issues manifested by his NPD; those of personal adequacy, power, prestige, and vanity, under this lackluster attention, and supervision, the operations of the island, and adjacent facilities became slovenly.

Morpheus's slapdash approach towards many of the plant's operational procedures, made him a liability, and it was only a matter of time before staff safety became endangered by his ineptitude. This professionally suicidal lack of attention was reported with disdain by the disgruntled 'Operator' in the summer of 1997, who authors in a notebook an 'accident', that inevitably leads to his paralyses, and ultimate death. Yet, this was not the first hazardous incident to occur on the island, under Morpheus's tenure. Almost a year earlier, the Experimental Log file records the suspension of a major research project, due to the escape of its mutilated test subject. Whether it was Morpheus's errant style of management, and supervision, being directly responsible for that potential biohazard is debatable, but he was certainly responsible for the accident that lead to the Operator's fate; and more damningly, for both catastrophes, in the eyes of his employer. The lackadaisical Morpheus Duvall was fast catching the attention of his insidious employer, but certainly not for further promotion. When the timing was right, he would prove to be a vital scapegoat, for the treacherous corporation, who would look to those two incidents to circumvent their own failings.

Why exactly Morpheus was allowed to continue in his post for almost two years after the accidents at Benthic, is not entirely clear, but he was arguably a dead man walking for some time previous. This fate was sealed when the perfect opportunity for his inevitable dismissal presented itself to an increasingly desperate Umbrella. Thirteen weeks since the initial t-virus outbreak in the Arklay underground laboratory, and the incidents of infectants had gone from those quite easily contained within a clandestine facility, to the catastrophically public discovery of corpses in the foothills of the Arklay mountains, and sightings of monsters all over the city. Umbrella executives would have been intensely feeling the heat, overwhelmed by the ever increasing disastrous, public repercussions of the May outbreak. On August 20th, Umbrella's fear their guilt was on the verge of exposure reached a crescendo, with investigation by both the local media & police, impending just the following day. If Umbrella were to go public, in an attempt to control the story, the exposure of which was gathering pace, they would do well to come prepared. A cover story would need contriving, with a face to fit this deceit; Umbrella required a scapegoat if they were to absolve themselves from any responsibility, for the viral catastrophe sweeping Raccoon City.

Umbrella Corporation had a considerable roster of unfortunate employees, just prime to be incriminated by their vile employer, so why Morpheus Duvall; and more pertinently, why an employee with no immediate links to the Arklay facility, hidden away on an inaccessible, remote island, thousands of miles away ? That Umbrella had the foresight to keep Morpheus in their pocket, a pre-prepared fall guy for any impending industrial damage, is highly debatable, to the point of spurious, but having done so in the story canon, on whose word the finger of blame was pointed, needs identifying. By logically considering which individuals within the corporation had the most to loose professionally by the ticking time-bomb that was the mansion incident, coupled with who possessed the most convenient reasons to connect Morpheus, the deceitful individual that fingered Morpheus is clearly apparent. Spurred on by his own failings during the t-virus outbreak, and a guilty secret involving the botched assassination of one of Umbrella's founding members, Dr. William Birkin was most conveniently positioned, and had most to gain, from making this career saving accusation. With Morpheus's appalling professional record disabling any attempt to reasonably advocate innocence, he was hung out to dry:

Date: August 20, 1998
To: R&D Division
ATTN: Mr. Morpheus D. Duvall
Upon investigation, we have concluded that you are responsible for the incident in Raccoon City on May 11, 1998. Your services with this company are hereby terminated.
However, your nondisclosure agreement shall remain in effect. Finally, your final paycheck will be fulfilled in accordance with the "Dismissal Procedure" portion of your agreement.
Umbrella Corporation.
Personnel Division

The desperately pursued corporation was looking for a scapegoat, and Birkin, to side-step his own downfall, duly obliged, identifying the poor soul to take up that mantle. Of course, the deceitful doctor knew well the true identity of the offender responsible for that devastating outbreak on May 11th. He had been caught in the eye of the storm that raged through Umbrella's Training Facility, as the true source of the attack on the corporation made dramatic revelation. From the relative safety of the Monitor room, with his sinister partner in crime, Albert Wesker, Birkin witnesses the newly resurrected James Marcus wreaking viral havoc throughout the Training Facility. Spencer's two rising stars had been charged with the vital operation to suppress this outbreak, salvage what sections of the facility were still operational, and neutralise the source of the bio-terrorism. The figure now belligerently displayed on their monitor would throw down the gauntlet to his observers, with a goal to jeopardise all that these two men had been ordered to achieve.

With growing disbelief at the identity of this terrorist, and increasing anxiety toward his purpose, Birkin continues to observe a re-animated James Marcus, the megalomaniac he now knows to be responsible for releasing the t-virus. However, his concerns for the consequences of Marcus's actions, upon his own agenda within the corporation, are not shared by his unflappable partner. Wesker nonchalantly turns his back on Birkin, taking the service elevator on his journey to puppeteer the approaching S.T.A.R.S members, as he lures them into a counterfeit investigation.

Birkin, begins to panic, exasperated that Wesker does not share his devastation toward this ghost from their past, or concerns for the repercussions this would inevitably have for exposing their now apparent botched assassination. If this phoenix from the flames were to be discovered by Umbrella, then his incompetent role in the conspiracy which lead him to conveniently take over Marcus's research, would be exposed. With that abject attempt to supersede his former mentor, ten years previous, directly causing the highly damaging Arklay outbreak, which consequently condemned Umbrella's commercial future, Birkin had committed career suicide. He could thus kiss goodbye to his career with the corporation, with the inevitability he'd be found responsible, due to the fiasco surrounding Marcus's temporary death. He would have to find a suitable replacement to carry the responsibility for this disaster. With his characteristic look, and distinctive style, there was only one Umbrella employee that could suitably fit this bill; it was an inspired choice that would shift the responsibility for the May 11th outbreak, away from the bungling Birkin, and onto the shoulders of a conveniently long haired, and robbed Morpheus Duvall.

The footage taken in the monitor room (as seen in Resident Evil 0), of Marcus carving a destructive path through the facility, could prove to be damning evidence against Birkin's cause, making it essential that the chosen scapegoat sufficiently resemble the young Marcus adequately. Youthful looks, long, swept-back hair, a confident, robbed figure.....his replacement could only have been one man. It would have been unlikely Birkin knew of Morpheus's incompetent past, which conveniently lent weight to his accusation, but irrespective of this, his choice was perfection; Morpheus's past, lackadaisical misdemeanours condemned any protestations of his innocence to complete redundancy. Significantly, this deceitful argument would find favour from a vital source, and Birkin's career saving argument, was enthusiastically endorsed, by an equally relieved Spencer, the clandestine antagonist who had sponsored Wesker, and Birkin's wicked mission. The returning, and vengeful James Marcus, was an even greater liability for Spencer, who professionally, had even further to fall, if responsibility for the assassination debacle anally traced its way back the instigator of that mission. 

You want revenge on Umbrella? Get in the queue...

Morpheus Duvall was not the type of 'man' to take criticism lying down; moreover, the unjust termination of his employment would inevitably lead to catastrophe. But whether such a catastrophe was already in the making, or a direct result of the termination of his contract is debatable. A vehemently disgruntled Duvall, with an over-inflated perception of himself, would no doubt be fiercely insulted by such rejection. Umbrella's insulting dismissal was completely inconsistent with the particular high regard that Morpheus held himself in, and presumably, all Morpheus had to do, was establish what form his revenge would take. But was his sacking the catalyst for his catastrophic plan, or did it simply further assist a mission already in the making ? That he would passionately seek revenge, could not have held much surprise for the corporation, yet whilst it may have looked to Umbrella like his dismissal lead directly to the raid on the Paris lab, and Spencer Rain, these two attacks may have already been in the planning. There is significant evidence to suggest Morpheus's mission was already in vengeful motion; the seed of his spite sowed by an earlier cause, and his termination, with its financially generous redundancy package, simply accelerated this treacherous motive.  

Morpheus's intercontinental ballistic missile base, was an architectural triumph, carved as it was, deep into the Atlantic seabed. Had this underground launch facility been a concrete symbol of Morpheus's revenge, its considerable construction would not have been commissioned until at least after his dismissal; yet there is compelling evidence to suggest, and even insist, that it may have been built long before this event, it's purpose not born from Morpheus's vengeful parting with Umbrella. 

An ordinary silo would have taken considerable time, with considerable man-power, and this was quite an extraordinarily silo, constructed covertly under the Atlantic Ocean. It's construction, at such depth, was a feat of almost unprecedented ingenuity, and technical craft, which would dictate the requirement of a tremendous team of highly qualified, specialist silo designers, architects, mechanical engineers, and missile technicians. 

Furthermore, to finance such a construction, would require considerable wealth. Morpheus may have had a generous redundancy, but this would have barely scratched the surface for providing wages, let alone actual construction costs. Had this astonishing facility been built with the bricks of revenge, then it would have been commissioned by a un-employed Morpheus, with limited funds, surrounded by unqualified mercenaries, without a technical team under his direction, and impractically close to the date in 2002, that we have for its completion.

Considering the mammoth technical feat required to install such a launch facility underground, and moreover, under the seabed, with the additional obstacles that would demand, one has to question the decision to commit to such monumental task. Highly ambitious, requiring considerable resources, and technical manpower, Morpheus still choose this course of action, because the fruits of this enterprise would be comparably monumental to its design.

The advantages offered by the construction of such a silo beneath ground level relate to protection from assault, and discovery, while such benefits are heightened further by utilising a seabed location. As far back as over 30 years ago, the benefits of such clandestine marine facilities were being discussed with much alarm, by Tony Hodges, executive director of Life of the Land, a Hawaii-based environmental, and community action group.

We know of Morpheus's band of mercenary sycophants, worshipping him with blind faith, but were these the types of individuals with the skill sets to construct such an enormous marine facility ? Quite obviously not. Morpheus would have had to have access to a dedicated, loyal team of highly talented professionals, and there was only one period in Morpheus's life, when he could rely upon such manpower, utilise such resource, and only one time in his life when he could finance such plan; when he was very much a high level employee for Umbrella Corporation. What better than to use a conveniently placed team of subordinate technicians, and architects already under his direction as Head Supervisor, and better still, on another payee's payroll ? Why finance a phenomenally costly mission, when Umbrella could pay for their own downfall, and so satisfyingly for the arrogant Morpheus, by the hand of their own employees at the Benthic facility ? Consequently I propose that the initial architectural designs, and procurement of materials were well into production when Morpheus was served his unexpected dismissal. Unexpected, yes; revenge inducing to the point of madness, no, as evidenced in 'Thoughts on my kingdom': Establishing a kingdom where beauty has absolute authority is the dream, which I must make a reality. I was disappointed by Umbrella's betrayal, but that's fine, I'll just use them in return. If I secure enough funds, I will materialize the construction of my kingdom deep in Africa.

Morpheus Duvall's fascist philosophy, and corresponding personal ambition entrenched in such a passionate held belief system, does not strike me as the type of persuasion one suddenly adopts upon losing employment. This ideal of beauty, and the ultimate value it should command, was a passion brought to Benthic, by virtue of an already NPD afflicted Morpheus. It is almost certainly the driving force behind his desire to take up employment with the corporation, exploiting its considerable supply of scientific invention existing outside the law; just perfect for drawing together all the resources one would need to initiate, and fulfil his narcissistic revolution. He would have targeted that director's position, to further his fascist philosophy, exploiting the manpower conveniently on Umbrella's payroll. This ulterior motive, being a main priority, would deflect Morpheus's attention, away from his contractual duties, and day-to-day supervision of the facility, leading to the fatal biological outbreaks suffered at Benthic.

Morpheus was 'disappointed' by Umbrella's termination of his contract, rather than induced with a revenge that consumes him, and calmly utilises this unfortunate development to his advantage ~ 'I'll just use them in return'. He consoles himself with this conclusion, presumably relating to a new found liberation, free from those constraints that day-to-day supervision of the facility demanded, and a reference to his non-disclosure agreement, which he must have used for financial leverage, when negotiating an impromptu rise in his final pay-off. The brief time that Morpheus had been in the employment of a corporation with Umbrella's mission statement, would have inevitably provided him with much dirt to dish, if an adequate sweetener was not forthcoming.

And so a healthily paid-up Morpheus takes his leave from the facility, he so poorly supervises, charged with responsibility for the Raccoon City outbreak, but with the clear intention to return, and conclude completion of his clandestine silo. Any building work that may have been under way prior to this dismissal could quite easily be undertaken without the knowledge of Umbrella, yet presented to its architects, and construction workers as being commissioned with the corporation's approval. It is debatable when the missile silo was first constructed, but it's design was certainly commenced whilst Morpheus was still on site. He would have scoured the Benthic workforce for the most suitable & technically gifted individuals to develop his plan. That his focus was firmly fixed on this treacherous goal, was surely responsible for the appalling supervision of his facility. As Morpheus devised his plan, his attention would be diverted from the responsibilities of Benthic, and switched to the demands of constructing a marine based missile silo. He may even have been engrossed in the silo designs as early as June 1997, when a recently posted employee reports the consequences of such lackadaisical supervision:

June 16th, 1997: One month has passed since I was dispatched here. I am astounded at the sloppy supervision of this Umbrella waste disposal facility. It's not surprising that this accident happened.

I know that if I must die, I want to die as a human...

June 24th, 1997 : The supervisor here called Morpheus is so annoying. He drives me nuts. He must pay more attention to worker health management and biological weapons than anyone I have ever met. This facility belongs to Umbrella, but he obviously doesn't think so...

So as early as June '97, over a year prior to his dismissal, and the ambitious Morpheus appears to already neglect the facility he is supposed to be supervising. Lacklustre management alone may not be quite sufficient to categorically evidence an alternative focus of silo construction, but when coupled with the more intriguing observation by the Operator, that alternative diversion may be proven without doubt. The Operator's complaint makes telling reference to an agenda Morpheus had above, and beyond the duties he was already contracted by Umbrella to perform; 'worker health management' ~ an odd curriculum for the head supervisor of a facility charged with waste disposal. It is all well, and good having a subservient work force at your command, but when the job in hand dictates the construction of a considerable missile launch facility, built deep below sea-level, their relative technical ability, and qualifications take on massive significance, for such a marvellous of technical ingenuity. How would Morpheus select those employees with the talents to fulfil his mission ? There is only one method that would adequately head-hunt, and identify those duly qualified ~ individual interviews would be conducted, under the guise of health-checks, for to make the true purpose of this interview process public, would be to draw the unwanted attention of Morpheus's employer, to this irregular diversion from duty. Under this clandestine ruse, Morpheus would draft his hand-picked, qualified work force. This recruitment drive alone would be sufficiently time-consuming, and attention diverting, to fuel Morpheus's deserved reputation for slovenly direction.

Without Capcom affording us the common courtesy of dated files, it is impossible to exactly ascertain the silo's stage of completion, upon Morpheus's sacking, but I contend from the above evidence that he had completed the designs, and collated his chosen workforce, at the very least, by that time. The occurrence of his dismissal, and resulting financial redundancy, coupled with the consequent closure of the facility, ironically assisted Morpheus's mission beyond measure. He would return to the location of his deceit, coffers filled courtesy of the corporation's generous pay-off, fortunately liberated from the watchful eyes of Umbrella.

Morpheus is duly relieved of his duties, appointed scapegoat for the Raccoon City outbreak, and operations return to normality, as Benthic continues is his absence. Supervision under the auspices of a conscientious executive, was a privilege not afforded this Umbrella facility, and shorty after Morpheus's removal, it's decommissioned, in the wake of Raccoon's outbreak. With Umbrella engrossed by their role, and responsibilities in that disaster, the Benthic facility becomes increasingly inconsequential, and irrelevant, and is either officially condemned to closure, or, as I would contend, simply abandoned.This drastic course of action was a direct result of the similarly drastic disasters engulfing Raccoon City, and the consequent criminal investigations fast approaching Umbrella. That there had been at least one dangerous outbreak {Experiment (Alpha) Log}, and potentially two {Operator's Notebook}, had no significant baring on Umbrella's decision to abandon the facility, which, by its very design, was capable of containing such liberated B.O.Ws. These escaped monsters were actually afforded a level of 'freedom', permitted as they were to inhabit certain designated sections of the facility, ideal for the observation of these more irregular B.O.Ws and secondary infectants. The AWOL Alpha may have decamped without his captors permission, but there exists two Biological Reports, highlighting some B.O.Ws departing as part of an authorised process. The Benthic facility was unique in conducting an advanced, and potentially beneficial type of 'disposal':

BIOLOGICAL REPORT 2: This is a survey report on the changes to the B.O.Ws which have been considered failures and have been disposed of in this facility.

May 18th: Today I will relocate the observation area to be underground. This area is low on power and so most areas are very dark. I assume creatures fond of dark places must inhabit this area.

May 19th: We saw red shining objects. They look like the eyes of some creature but we have not confirmed the entity yet. It moves extremely quickly and runs away as soon as we approach. I named this creature 'Glimmer', for its glimmering eyes.

May 20th: In order to collect samples, I had some workers go and try to capture a 'Glimmer'. However the plan did not work out and instead, the target attacked them and two people are now dead. 

Researchers at Benthic were quite complicit in developing the unknown benefits that may potentially exist amongst those B.O.Ws that were initially deemed failures, and to further that goal, initial defects were 'disposed', rather than destroyed. Upon disposal within the furthest confines of the facility, these failed experiments received further observation. A second layer of scientific observation existed for these outcasts, as a fail-safe, should the scientists have been premature in classifying them abortions. This was a facility designed, and able to contain such wandering liabilities, and as such, the occurrences reported by the Operator, and the Alpha project scientists, whilst being terminal for other less specialised facilities, would not have such fatal repercussions for Benthic. That Umbrella finally close the facility, during the Raccoon outbreak, lends itself more to an abandonment, rather than an organised decommission. 

I do not believe it reasonable that at the height of the disaster sweeping through Raccoon City, or in its aftermath, Umbrella would have had the resources, or focus to commit to an expensive facility-wide decommission. It would actually have been less of a financial burden to simply abandon their responsibility to pay-up every employee contract, and dispense every redundancy pay-out; much more cost effective to just walk away. The deserted, and now unemployed Benthic workforce would be considerably relieved, when a returning Morpheus offered them renewed financial stability, and career hope, with Umbrella in no position to match such provision. I would reasonably date this triumphant return during the height of Umbrella's preoccupation with the Raccoon City disaster, in late September 1998, a mere five weeks after Morpheus's dismissal notice. His life's most cherished work in significant motion, a mere month previous, Morpheus would be extraordinarily anxious to say the least, for a return to the location that would be a catalyst for that mission's completion. With the eyes of Umbrella firmly fixed on the horrors engulfing a mid-western city in the U.S. Morpheus was free to covertly re-enter Benthic with consummate ease:

ORDERS FROM MORPHEUS: I have arrived and begun the plan. I need you to make sure all the instrument panels work properly.

Immediately upon his return to Benthic, Morpheus makes reference to his plan, with a staggering lack of detail, which can only lead to the presumption that the full details of his mission were common knowledge, by those that this file suggests are already at the facility, and awaiting further order. From this apparent previous instruction, is logical to presume that those whom he had head-hunted, would have already made significant preparations, prior to this return; upon his direction, pre-dismissal, Morpheus's dream team workforce would have made significant progress. This sequence of events allows sufficient time for the completion of a technically demanding marine silo, in time for September 21st 2002, the date Morpheus boards the Spencer Rain. That this hijacking had commenced, signals the fruition of an active, completed launch facility:


Sep. 20th (Fri) 2002: It will be four months tomorrow since the Spencer Rain left port. I'm proud that we have been having a safe voyage so far. A representative from Umbrella, the owner of the cruiser, spoke words of appreciation to me.

Sep. 21st (Sat) 2002: Something is strange. Although the crew have reported 'Nothing special", I am concerned that 'the ones' may be breaking free. I will make sure to always have my Magnum pistol with me. 

Sep. 22nd (Sun) 2002: I can't send a signal for rescue. What should I do? The passengers and crew are all dead now...

All I can do is accept what has been happening on my ship as my destiny.

On the Friday all is well aboard the Spencer Rain, but the following day, that safety is compromised, when Morpheus's hijacking logically commences with the release of B.O.Ws present for auction. Furthermore, this time-line is reiterated by the date of the 'emergency fax from the Paris branch', and the corresponding reference to content therein, contained in 'Regular Report No.1162'. The aforementioned fax warns of possible revenge attacks by Morpheus, reasoned from a herein reported theft of ' 3 t-virus samples' from Umbrella's laboratory, in their Paris headquarters. That burglary report, dated September 18th, is consequently referred to again:


TO: HQ Int'l Investigation Dept. ATTN: O'Neal

This will be my final report on Morpheus for a while since it appears that he is starting to suspect something. Until further notice from me, please refrain from contacting me, so that I can devote myself to doing my regular job as his aid. After robbing the lab in Paris, Morpheus appears to be preparing to board the cruiser to auction the items.

Thereby we know Morpheus had not yet initiated his forced entry aboard  the cruiser, prior to the date of his Paris heist, on September 18th, yet a mere four days later, the entire crew, and passengers aboard the hijacked ship are deceased, as a consequence of Morpheus's botched occupation. The author of this report, and its relevance to whether Morpheus's Spencer Rain mission was to prove a success, will be discussed after the following two paragraphs.

Whilst the above report, and emergency fax assist in determining the date of missile silo was completion, their existence gives rise to further inquiry. For what reason did Morpheus target the Paris lab, intent on theft, despite risks that could potentially scupper his mission? If the theft of those virus samples was to biologically weaponise his missiles back on Benthic, then why not return to that facility immediately, rather than take the unnecessary detour aboard the Spencer Rain? On the reasonable basis that 3 t-virus samples would be clearly insufficient for an effective biological addition, to the number of missiles required to destroy the major cities of the U.S and China, as Morpheus's plan dictated, and additionally, that he would already have sufficient samples of said virus, at the facility he now re-occupied, it is a logical conclusion the Paris heist had no connection to his ultimate plan. I would contend that this precarious t-virus appropriation was a simple finance provider, for a project that would have decimated even the most generous of redundancy payments, and even the most healthy of bank accounts.

Prior to his dismissal Morpheus was able to exploit a workforce bankrolled by Umbrella, but now his silo staff, and mercenary followers would want paying. Morpheus was after all attempting the development of a facility usually financed by major governments, and further still, to house such a mega engineering accomplishment under the sea. It is highly likely, and logical that Morpheus would have sufficient virus compounds on Benthic to cover his range of ballistic missiles, yet would still require further assets to fund his financially astronomical mission.

The particular details of Morpheus's Paris raid are unpublished, but it would not have been an operation directed, and completed to Morpheus's complete satisfaction; Umbrella facility security would have had something to offer the equation, and I strongly contend that Morpheus came away with those 3 t-virus samples due to circumstances that prevented a larger haul. To have forced-entry access to this facility, and intentionally remove such a minute number of samples when so many would have been tantalisingly available, is illogical; this trespass was brought to a swift end by Umbrella security, and with their meagre swag the thieves would have made good their escape with haste. With considerably less loot to offer as lots, the auction awaiting Morpheus aboard the Spencer Rain, would now consequently generate less profit than had been originally planned for. However, that misfortune would have be a god-send, compared to the reality that awaited the budding biological salesman, aboard his next destination. Umbrella operatives, disguised as passengers, and crew were awaiting Morpheus's arrival, due to an unexpected tip-off from within his own camp.

We know that such a biding war never took place, as all aboard the cruiser are decimated, before such a sale can take place. I suggest this unexpected mayhem, and murder was caused when this financing project, so utterly vital to the success of his goal, was rendered redundant, by an addition not factored in to the equation by Morpheus. Blinded by his egocentricity, the tunnel vision tyrant failed to notice a non-believer amongst his sycophantic followers. From the content authored by the mysterious P.T. in Regular Report NO.1162, we learn that Morpheus is initially oblivious to a spy in his midst


Headquarters International Investigation Division

Mr. O'Neill: This will be my final report for a while into the long-term investigation of Morpheus' behaviour. It appears he's beginning to become suspicious of me, somehow. Therefore, this report will be my last for a while so I can fulfil my role as his aide in order to avoid endangering my life. I'd like you to refrain from contacting me as much as possible. Now, after carrying out the robbery of the "t-Virus" from the French branch, Morpheus plans to board "that cruise ship." Well, he may already have boarded by the time this report reaches you.

Over the past few months, his behaviour has become erratic. For a long time, his obsession with "so-called beauty" has been increasing more and more. Recently, he's undergone cosmetic surgery to maintain his youthful appearance. His speech and behaviour are questionable. "I'll eliminate all that is ugly in the world and create a kingdom filled with beauty" is a recent saying. The longer this man is left unchecked, the greater risk there will be of him causing a worse accident than before.

Concerning his most recent behaviour, he's approached several foreign countries, including the United States. If something happens, it could be as difficult to handle as the disaster in Raccoon City. Headquarters, I request that you deal with this matter appropriately, before it's too late.

Despite the suggestion, there is no clear evidence to suggests that Morpheus suspects such treachery; furthermore, Morpheus's reliance on an Umbrella owned facility raid, and an Umbrella owned cruiser hijacking, must be testament to this fact that he was oblivious to P.T's double-cross. The discovery of such a mole, would sabotage any covert plan by Morpheus, that specifically targeted said operative's employer, and would have surely lead to different tactics being employed by Morpheus, than perilously involving the very client that had instructed P.T. and with whom that spy had a direct line of contact. That he continued a destination towards Umbrella's sea-bound facility, is testament to Morpheus being oblivious to his 'aide's' covert agenda. Hence, an ignorant Morpheus heads to the corporation's floating auction house, that is to be his financial guarantee, oblivious to the knowledge that his impending date with the Spencer Rain has been exposed in advance, by this whistle-blower in his camp.

It has been suggested that Morpheus was indeed aware of this spy, and with such foresight would have ensured P.T was oblivious to his plans against Umbrella, evidenced by the corporation negating to neutralise the rogue Morpheus. However, I argue that Umbrella did take such action, quite logically upon the receipt of Report 1162, which implored for their immediate response to an extreme threat; why instruct this spy, if not to act upon the serious impending nature of his observation, that a t-virus wielding, vengeful ex-employee was about to forcibly board one of your most valuable remaining assets? I contend that heeded by this advance warning, Umbrella initiated disguised operatives, to engage Morpheus's upon boarding the vessel, assuring no auction took place, and an alternative destiny for the 3 t-virus samples. The operatives that were activated to engage this trespass, were met with more than they had bargained for; not just a lone, feminine Morpheus, but a considerably large faction of fiercely loyal African mercenaries. Mayhem ensued, and the viruses, and resulting on-board brochured B.O.Ws wrought havoc.

A former employee of Umbrella, Morpheus would be well equipped with the knowledge of where to acquire the product suitable for financing his mission, and significantly, where one would showcase such product, to facilitate the highest price achievable. Not exclusively driven by revenge, but still his judgement fuelled with spite for Umbrella, Morpheus utilised his contacts, and professional know-how, gained from a career with Umbrella, to first appropriate from them a suitable finance provider, and secondly rely on the corporation's own auction house to realise such wealthy reward. Cue Paris laboratory break-in, and Spencer Rain hijack. I completely dispute the spurious suggestion that the raid in Paris, and consequent Spencer Rain hijacking, were in some way, a dramatic gesture, designed to attract the attention of those governments he wished to engage in murderous blackmail. These were significant necessities for financing to completion this terrorist cause, and not some mission-jeopardizing side-show. With his mission fund raiser obliterated, by the presence of awaiting Umbrella agents, the functionality of Morpheus's equipment would be compromised.  

That Morpheus's weapons system was incomplete, without further attempted investment, is evidenced by the catastrophic, and unexplained destruction of the entire Benthic facility, as a triumphant Bruce & Fongling escape the island, having slain a gigantically mutated Morpheus. Had Morpheus's attempt to further finance his weaponry to completion, with a successful auctioning of his stolen virus samples, achieved success, then the launch silo on Benthic would have been fully functional, free from the types of fault that would cause facility meltdown.

A match made in financial heaven...

The integral viral development that pervades Dead Aim, and gives rise to its unique, and formidable B.O.W.s is the new t+G virus. The introduction of a new virus to the world of Biohazard, is normally reserved for a series main title, and arguably this still holds true with Dead Aim. This new development from the insidious laboratories of Umbrella Inc. is referred to as the 'tG' virus for PAL & NTSC release. However this identification is a Western localisation error; as written in Biohazard : Gun Survivor 4, the correct moniker is 't+G'. The chemistry of this new virus, showcased with spectacular electrical properties, is erroneously detailed in the English localised translation of the in-game file RESEARCH REPORT #220329, as simply the direct combination of t+G: We have succeeded in fusing the "t-virus" and the "G-virus" so that it has electrical properties.

The above text found in the PAL & NTSC releases of Resident Evil Dead Aim is a mistranslation of the legitimate Japanese original version, which adds a significant element to the chemistry involved with t+G:

RESEARCH REPORT #220329 (Japanese original)


RESEARCH REPORT #220329 (Crimson Head Elder translation)

(Top Secret )
Viewing of this file is strictly forbidden to anyone except General Researchers & the Superior.
By fusing the 't-virus" and its anti-body the 'G-virus' at the genetic level, we have succeeded in producing electrical properties. However, after observing the progress of our prototype '091', it still is imperfect in many ways. With the newly developed v.0.9.2, our original purpose of generating high voltage current has finally been achieved. Test subjects injected with this version are expected to build an electromagnetic barrier with the ability to repel physical attacks. For complete confirmation, it has been decided to carry out experiments on humans as soon as subjects fitting the necessary criteria are found.

There may have been other motive behind Umbrella's desire to introduce these two viral agents together, aside from the invulnerability that an electromagnetic barrier would bring. To expose Umbrella's full intentions behind this experimental virus coupling, one must recognise the significance of t-virus antibody inclusion into the marriage with G; as a pose to the inclusion of t only, without its antibodies.

The fusion of Umbrella's two infamous viruses, one in pure form, one in antibody, and both significantly with a common ancestor - Progenitor, would hopefully prove to be an unprecedented commercial success. This success for the corporation would follow from the ground breaking prevention of unwanted mutations.

Whilst Umbrella had finally realised its ambition of obtaining Dr.William Birkin's life work, so treasured, and coveted as it was, the resulting financial success that followed the ill fated operation to expedite G from its creator, was greatly limited; The G-virus was not a money spinner for Umbrella. G's failing was its extremely unstable behaviour, on a mutagen level; Upon administering the virus, numerous, spontaneous mutagen stages would follow. These multiple mutations proved uncontrollable, and as such the design, and consequent effectiveness of the resulting B.O.W. became unpredictable. Fortunately the Umbrella scientists, being expert virologists, knew of a process to counter these disastrous mutations. I will argue in the proceeding paragraph, that by introducing the t-virus as the apparent antibody for G, the scientists were able to constrain the unpredictability of G's continual development, shackle the spontaneity of its mutagens, and thereby create a new G based virus, now commercially viable.

This process is known as neutralisation, and will be further discussed below. The electrically weaponised creatures to be developed from the new t+G virus would now hopefully remain completely stable, in their predetermined designed form, the effectiveness of which would not be compromised by unstable final form mutations, whilst afforded the additional protection of an electromagnetic defence. 

a t-virus straightjacket for G forever in electric dream...

Whilst our exclusive translation, with its correct additional inclusion into the research of anti-bodies, identifies G as the antibody for t, an appreciation of G's failings, and an understanding of the biological process employed here by Umbrella's scientists, strongly suggests a less literal reading of the original Japanese text would provide a more accurate translation; so that the file reads as t being the antibody for G. The Umbrella scientists that sought to develop a commercially viable product, derived from the originally unstable G virus, were employing a process known in Virology as 'neutralisation'. It was no coincidence that they pursued this route. Virus neutralisation by the introduction of antibodies, is an effective process by which virus infection is blocked. The scientists were hoping to block G's catastrophic mutations, that rendered it a commercial failure. Hence, it was that science which lead those Umbrella scientists, striving to combat the undesirable effects of an ingredient within G, to employ the antibodies of another virus; one which significantly, (it will later be discussed), had a shared ancestry - a common parent of origin.

William Birkin may have called it “sheer perfection”, but just a brief look at the G-virus in action, in the field of battle, evidences mutation development too unstable, with a final form mutation physically too ineffective, to legitimately constitute  bio-weaponry perfection. One feature Birkin would have been lauding in proclaiming such perfection is G's capacity to produce a physically substantial, almost indestructible soldier, with just one administration of the virus; in stark contrast to the particularly cumbersome, time consuming research and considerable resources required in the production of Tyrant soldiers. Be that as it may, G's instability and the resulting redundant final form would provoke Umbrella scientists to look for the introduction into G of a prohibiter; a means to constrict G's youthful rashness into a calmer, more stable mutation, without prohibiting its development of superior physical form.

G's instability causes the development of its mutation to produce limb asymmetry. G-virus infection will result in the subject experiencing limb growth of varying speed and development. In Resident Evil's two cases of G virus infection William Birkin (Resident Evil 2) & Curtis Miller (Degeneration), their right arm grows at a far superior rate than the left, prohibiting the extent and effectiveness of their attack, as such disproportion in the two limbs causes imbalance & weapon usage restriction. Why do subjects administered G experience this disproportionate developmental growth of mutation?

In their PROJECT UMBRELLA research essay, The Biology of Evil (Part 3), Hieronymus, The Doctor, and T-A.L.O.S put forward the contention that this type of limb asymmetry, evidenced with Birkin & Miller, has precedence in our animal kingdom. An example being Crustaceans, that develop one claw significantly larger than the other; however this process of asymmetry is dependent on usage, rather genetics. The dominant claw is used by the creature far more, and as a consequence its muscle mass builds disproportionately larger than the less frequently used claw. A similar process occurs in humans, albeit on a much less noticeable scale. Our dominant arm is fractionally longer than the other, due to greater use over an entire lifetime, and with greater tissue mass, the limb secretes more growth factor, which allows it to grow slightly faster than the other. It will also secrete more inhibitory pro-hormone, reducing the growth of the other arm. This lead the authors of the aforementioned essay to conclude this process acts as partial explanation for the significant limb size anomaly seen in early stage G infection - as the right arm keeps growing larger, it will  secrete more growth hormone for itself whilst also secreting more inhibitory hormone for the inferior arm. The left arm being comparatively smaller than the right, will not be capable of generating sufficient quantities of either hormone to keep up. Although asymmetry levels out by Stage 3 infection, with the left and right limbs both being of considerable equal size, those earlier stages afflicted with such disproportion, hold the soldier at a significant disadvantage in the field of battle, than would be the case, had it enjoyed equality of largeness in both arms. An additional inhibitory ingredient would be necessary to impose such uniformity, if G was to be improved upon.

During the final stage of G infection, the mutated William Birkin transforms into a large globulos mass of flesh, bone and muscle, devoid of any anatomical symmetry, purpose, or evolved usefulness. Although many limbs remain, the G monster's gigantic mass renders any effective movement of attack physically impossible. In The Biology Of Evil (Part 3) it is proposed that this redundant evolution results from tissue growth accelerated to such a degree, and with abnormally large populations of stem cells in all tissues, the infected cells in Birkin’s body behave like tumour cells. Furthermore, the perversion of an organisms developmental biology, by the introduction of such a ferociously disruptive mutagen, is G's downfall. Physical development depends on chemical gradients across the developing organism directing stem cells when, and in which direction to grow, and significantly when to stop growing. With a G infectant these organizing signals again become important because of the degree of tissue growth occurring, but their expression has been disrupted considerably. Disruption of this delicate balance leads to a loss of organisational control, causing sporadic, erroneous growth, as seen with Birkin's final form.

An understanding of G's superiority over t, but particularly, as discussed above,  it's downfall in the later stages of mutation, and its potential if perfected through neutralisation, leads me to contend that in the process of 'genetic level fusion' of t with G (this 'fusion' catalyst for neutralisation), it is instead t that takes on the role of antibody for G, rather than G being the antibody for t. If a G infectant's physical superiority and indestructibility were to be fully realised to their maximum potential, through the elimination of disruptively unstable mutation, then the virus would need a straitjacket. Thus lead to the first deliberate modification of G, by the introduction of t, as its apparent antibody.  Those random, uncontrollable mutations which reduce the effectiveness of G as a biological weapon had to be curtailed, and no equivalent (similar or otherwise) condition exists for the contention that t is of justifiable need for an antibody's treatment. A less literal reading of the Japanese meaning may be more appropriate in this context, and furthermore, an additional translation, by Project Umbrella, puts G firmly as the antibody:


We fused the 'G-Virus' and its antibody the 't-Virus' at the gene level and succeeded in adding electrical properties. However, progress on the "091" prototype has many imperfect features and could be improved.

Consequently, as the t-virus antibody fused with G, potential unwanted mutations were targeted by the neutralization process, thereby preventing the newly developed virus from possessing any disadvantageous side-effects for its corresponding B.O.W.s. This resulting viral product, hopefully free from the curse of generating those commercially suicidal mutations, was the t+G. In real science, antibodies can neutralize viral ineffectiveness in many ways; by interfering with virion binding to receptors, blocking uptake into cells, preventing uncoating of the genomes in endosomes, or causing aggregation of virus particles. The above image illustrates human antibodies neutralizing the flu virus H1N1.

Experimenting with antibodies in this way, Umbrella scientists heading up the research were utilizing a formidable process; it could also be employed to counter the infection from even hardier, enveloped viruses. These armoured types come equipped with an extra outer wrapping, or 'envelope', procured from the host cell membrane, and thus enjoy extended survival rates, and cell infection capabilities. (Pictured right is the RNA enveloped virus Influenza). This process of neutralization, when employed with the right choice of corresponding antibodies, can prove to be a very effective strategy for combating these advanced viral forms, of which the G virus can well be considered one. Experimentation with this process will result in these enveloped virus suffering too from the fate of disintegration, when antiviral antibodies are introduced to the infected cell's membrane. 

The biology behind this research however, is strictly dependent on the laws of Biohazard, and not those of science! Antibodies are large, Y-shaped proteins (pictured right) able to identify and remove foreign antigens, and whilst such foreign bodies do indeed include viruses, the mechanics of the interplay between antibody and antigen do not match that of dual virus fusion at a genetic level. Far from it, as discussed above, antibodies are produced by the immune system upon the presence of an antigen, such as a virus, they circulate in the blood stream and upon contact with the target antigen (virus), they will bind to it (pictured left). Depending on the antigen, the binding may impede the biological process causing the disease or may recruit macrophages to destroy the foreign substance; results that could not be the consequence of two viruses being introduced, at genetic, or any other level.

The science behind the t+G research is stretched even further with the contention that the antibody here is of the same biology as the antigen, i.e. both are viral agents. Antibodies are secreted proteins that do not contain DNA of their own, making it  impossible to combine them with anything at a genetic level. Had the Umbrella research team somehow managed to transgress this scientific boundary, the result would be no more than to slow metamorphosis times between each mutation form, rather than curtail the actual mutations themselves. Similarly, antibiotics, which are prescribed for bacterial infections, will not work against viruses, as antibiotics are designed to interfere with biochemical reactions bacteria need to survive and viruses lack these same biochemical reactions. However, as will be discussed below, the two t+G subjects covered by Heroes Never Die, one a B.O.W. produced from the original t+G strain 0.9.1 (Tyrant T091), the other a secondary infectant of the advanced strain 0.9.2 (Morpheus Duvall) evidence that Umbrella were in fact successful in severely curtailing the rate of host transformation, and eliminating extreme mutations that provide little effective offensive advantage. For this was the researchers motivation in combining the two viruses - to promote both the superior physical advantage gained from t and the rejuvenation properties of G, without the catastrophic unstable transformations seen in the final stages of G mutation.

The two t+G subjects covered by Heroes Never Die, one a B.O.W. produced from the original t+G strain 0.9.1 (Tyrant T091), and the other a secondary infectant of the advanced strain 0.9.2 (Morpheus Duvall) evidence Umbrella's success in severely curtailing the rate of host transformation, and eliminating extreme mutations that provide little effective offensive advantage. T091 does not physically transgress the generic t-virus inspired Tyrant form, its physics being particularly similar to those Tyrants that came before & after it; evidencing that the t+G research team were able to keep G's mutations considerably in check. Considerably, not completely however; for T091 possesses two uniquely G type qualities, as compared to it's t based Tyrant counterparts. Tentacles protrude from its hands, rather than claws.

This difference is easy to explain; as we've described above, G Types seem to have some internal tentacles which extend into their limbs. In this case, the tentacles just extend a bit further, a condition perhaps exacerbated in that the more temperate mutations induced by the T+G Virus result in a creature that lacks gigantic claws. The other major difference is that T 091 has a bizarre, pulsating organ on the back of its neck which appears to be important to its survival. This trait is harder to explain, but we believe it is connected to Umbrella's attempts to create a Tyrant with electromagnetic properties. By all appearances, this organ seems to be a heart, it has what looks like chambers; it's asymmetrical; it pumps; and when you shoot it, the creature dies. An animal's heart is peculiar in that it generates its own electrical current in an area of tissue known as the sinoatrial node. This tissue, and this electrical current, are what cause the heart to pump. If Umbrella wanted to make a creature that could generate its own electrical current, they might do so by experimenting with the genes which regulate the formation of the heart and the sinoatrial node genes Nodal, Cerberus, and Dickkopf. Moreover, they're experimenting with these genes using a form of the G Virus which has a scientifically proven ability to mutate limbs & eyes randomly.

Umbrella may have wanted to create sinoatrial nodes throughout the body; instead, they put a heart on the back of a creature's neck. Morpheus displays a more complicated (and irritating) set of mutations. Upon injecting himself with T+G strain 0.9.2, Morpheus develops into a feminine appearance Tyrant with full human intelligence and the ability to generate electricity. According to Umbrella's research, they wanted to create a Tyrant which could produce an electrical field of sufficient charge that it would repel bullets. Technically this is impossible unless the bullets were positively charged (and typically, they're not); if anything, the bullets might actually be attracted to the subject due to the principles of electrostatic induction. However in-game mechanics sees this process as successful.

I've detailed how Umbrella could make a creature electrogenic by turning its body into one single sinoatrial node, but there are other processes. We know that Umbrella had researched with electricity before, when creating the Albinoids; it's not outside of the realm of possibility that they used some of the same transgenes in T+G. Alternately, the fact that both viruses increase expression of muscle tissue can be used to increase expression of proteins found in the neuromuscular junction the connection between nerve cells and muscles. It is precisely these sorts of proteins that electric eels use to build electroplaques, the structures which they use to generate electricity. The virus may also tweak expression of ion channels in nerves; the function of electroplaques depends on maintaining an ionic gradient across the cell membrane, just like the action potential in a nerve cell. There is also the matter of intelligence. Most Progenitor family viruses tend to damage the brains of all but a select group of individuals; Morpheus retains at least enough intelligence to speak and order a missile launch. We hypothesize that T+G expresses certain small interfering RNA molecules driven by promoters exclusive to brain tissue these RNA molecules would inhibit viral activity in the brain, hopefully preserving at least some cognitive capability. Finally, perhaps the most frustrating aspect of T+G 0.9.2, worse even than the fact that it's a nonsensical lightning virus, is the fact that it induces a wholly unexplained sex change in its host. Former Project Umbrella member El Bastardo wrote a report proposing that Morpheus had already had some of the surgeries involved in gender reassignment in particular, breast implants. This wouldn't, however, explain the widened, feminine hips.

The answer may lie in a gene called Dmrt1, which is expressed constitutively in the gonads of males. Shutting this gene down turns testicular cells into ovary cells. If T+G were to express siRNA molecules to interfere with this gene, and others like it expressed throughout the body, then Morpheus's body might take on a more feminine shape as the virus restructured his skeleton and musculature in ways described elsewhere. Why would Umbrella put this sort of thing into T+G? Maybe Morpheus put it there himself after he obtained the virus. Maybe Umbrella was just trying new things in a misguided attempt to break in to the Tyrant- fetishist market.

One must separate the ultimate goal of the Umbrella scientists who first introduced these 2 viruses (that individually became a commercial disaster), from the possibly co-incidental/unknown  electrical results of such combination. The main characteristic of the only known B.O.W.s to be exposed to t+G was an electrical charge, and this ability was very much prevalent in the minds of the researchers conducting the experiment, according to the Research Report no. 2203209:

With the newly developed v.0.9.2, our original purpose of generating high voltage current has finally been achieved. Test subjects injected with this version are expected to build an electromagnetic barrier with the ability to repel physical attacks. (Crimson Head Elder translation)

Therefore, t+G  was a viral fusion with the pre-determined purpose of eliciting an electrical field, thus bestowing a protective electromagnetic barrier & a weaponised positive charge upon the designed B.O.W. Whether this was Umbrella scientists sole, or primary objective is debatable, considering the presence in the chemistry involved of antibodies (be they G or t antibodies), coupled with the instability of G's final form mutations, which suggest that the curtailing of unstable mutation development was an additional goal for Umbrella's scientists.

The right diagram displays antibodies surrounding a virus, and binding to it. As discussed above, this prevents the virus from reproducing, or being transported throughout the host body. This is the process of neutralization that Umbrella scientists employed, to similarly prevent the commercially damaging mutations associated with G. The success of t+G's viral combination heritage can be attributed to this process of neutralisation, in conjunction with their one common denominator. Both t & G viruses enjoy a shared ancestry - the mother virus, Progenitor. A prestigious heritage, but significantly for the pursuit of financial gain, this common parentage allowed the t-virus antibody, with its Progenitor ingredient, to hone in on the corresponding Progenitor ingredient within G; thereby curtailing any disadvantageous mutation, normally driven by this addition of Progenitor into the equation.When they developed t+G, the Umbrella scientists use of t-virus antibodies to neutralize the disastrous mutation development of G, whilst relying on the honing effect of a mutual, Progenitor ingredient, to expedite this neutralisation process, was inspired.


A biological experiment victim, providing results comparable with real life scientific theory that simulated blindness can lead to recovery of lost hearing. Similar research has lead neuroscientists to discover that by limiting eyesight, for even short periods of time, the brain's ability to process hearing can significantly improve.

Associate professor of neuroscience & researcher at the Mind/Brain Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Hey-Kyoung Lee, together with biologist Patrick Kanold at the University of Maryland, College Park, examined this relationship between vision and hearing in the brain. They were able to prove that simulating blindness over a relatively short period of just seven days, leads directly to improvement, to a detectable level, in hearing.  With experiments using mice, Lee's & Kanold's research team  uncovered how the neural connections in the area of the brain that manages vision and hearing work together to support each sense.

To simulate blindness, the researchers placed mice in a darkened environment for the week period, and monitored their response to certain sound stimuli, with their brain activity compared to those of a second group of mice placed in a lit environment.  For the mice that experienced simulated blindness, the research team discovered a change in brain circuitry, specifically in the area of the brain that processes sound, known as the primary auditory cortex, which allows conscious perception of pitch and loudness. These 'blind' mice had physically undergone a circuitry change in the primary auditory cortex of their brain, thus resulting in an improvement to their conscious perception of pitch & volume.

"Our result would say that not having vision allows you to hear softer sounds and better discriminate pitch,” concluded Hey-Kyoung Lee, who continued, "In my opinion, the coolest aspect of our work is that the loss of one sense - vision - can augment the processing of the remaining sense, in this case, hearing, by altering the brain circuit, which is not easily done in adults. By temporarily preventing vision, we may be able to engage the adult brain to now change the circuit to better process sound, which can be helpful for recovering sound perception in patients with cochlear implants, for example."

Continued research in this area lead the neuroscientists to further conclude that a certain set of connectors in the primary sensory areas of the brain, called thalamocortical inputs, that are less flexible later in life, can be reactivated to support the sense that is lagging, when another sense is also impaired.



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