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Resident Evil: Shane’s Story (Book 2) by TheOracleDragon

Chapter 7

Sounds flooded the darkness as the doctor wheeled Shane down the dimly lit hallway, the monotonous, rythmic clicking of the gurney wheels against the tiled floor, mixed with the sharp clacking rhythm of shoes matching the beat of Shane’s heart. The vital organ healed sufficiently began beating in Shane’s chest; the virus inside had once again revived him from certain death. With the renewed beating came a weak pulse that gradually increased, causing his unhealed wounds to weep. Shane’s right hand dripped fresh blood that fell from his fingers that lay over the gurney edge. On the floor, the spotty red trail attracted no notice except for the hungry infected animals, excitedly drawn to its bloody odour.

Slowly Shane opened his good eye as he saw the lights passing him overhead. For a second he felt panic grip him thinking he was still a boy back in the asylum and everything that had happened was some drug-induced dream but then as quickly as the feelings and thought hit him it faded. Suddenly he heard a voice above him, “Time for you to rest, this will end soon.”

Upon hearing those words Shane blinked trying to adjust to the lights when he was suddenly pushed through two doors and a brighter light was soon blasting him in the face. The harsh halogen lights forced him to close his eye as he tried to block it out with his left arm but found it was somehow stuck. Leaning his head up a little to look down at his arm he saw it was strapped down, blinking he looked at his other arm seeing the same thing as he soon noticed straps across his legs and his torso.

Shane growled in anger pulling hard with his left arm snapping right through the leather strap startling the doctor that was in the room with him. Arm free, Shane shaded his face from the light that was shining down on his face. Blinking the after images of bulbs from his vision he noticed the light fixture had a camera attached to it. Shane was puzzled but he quickly pushed his curiosity aside, he was fatigued but not so worn out that he’d stay strapped down and put up with this.

Getting his bearings Shane knew he was in an operation room and saw surgical tools and medical supplies of some sort on a small table close by. Gripping the leather strap on his torso with his free hand Shane easily ripped it off before sitting up and ripping his other arm free as he saw the doctor sprinting out of the room. As soon as the doors shut behind the fleeing doctor Shane heard a sickening roar that reminded him of the lions he had seen as a child only it had a stranger gravelly strain to it.

The roar drew Shane’s attention toward the glass windows on either side of the large double doors he had been wheeled through moments earlier. The doctor continued running looking around nervously when suddenly a massive gray form jumped down out of the ceiling in front of him. The man screamed and skidded to a stop before scrambling back towards Shane.

The doctor had almost reached the doors when the bounding gray thing pounced on his back sending him headlong into the glass smashing his head into the thick pane leaving a spider web of cracks. The man screamed as a massive set of fangs closed in around either side of his head crushing it. His hands flailed as his skull crackled like a giant walnut being crushed in a nutcracker sending an explosion of blood, bone, and brains against the glass.
The man’s body spasmed and slid down the gore covered glass. Shane blinked and saw the glowing yellowish eyes through the smeared away blood before the dark cat-like shape moved back away from the glass into the dark slowly dragging the dead doctor’s corpse with it.

Shane took a deep breath and waited for minutes watching the windows for any movement. When he was sure nothing was out there he looked around the dusty and cobweb-covered room, he didn’t see much of anything out of place of a normal hospital beyond the fact it hadn’t been in use for ages by Umbrella. Gripping the restraint across his ankles and tore it off before holding his arm and checked on the gunshot wound he’d gotten earlier. The wound had stopped bleeding thanks to his virus-induced healing factor.

Shane smiled slightly as he rubbed his sore face. Sighing he got down off the gurney with a little stumble. He still felt lightheaded and decided to kneel down to get his bearings.

Meanwhile in Dunkelwald, Germany

Steve rested on his new bed before brushing the sheets gently while trying to settle down, it was a long day for him as well as Sherry who was tending to her plants in the laboratory hidden in the woods, so long abandoned now was alive again with their presence as well as a few guards and lab techs going about their work in the mansion. Sherry hummed gently looking at a dying flower she had transported here, it wasn’t her favorite flower but she loved her plants. The pot was broken, the soil was dry causing the plant to start withering, as she frowned holding the flower, before maneurvering the broken pot in her other hand, just as it slipped, cutting on the sharp edges and causing a rush of blood. She had gasped and Steve had heard, but he stayed quietly still, knowing that Sherry would be fine.

Sighing he closed his eyes to sleep for the rest of the early night/morning hours, his mind and body soon fell into the waves of sleep, in his dreams Steve found himself naked and underwater. Suspended in the warm water his eyes moved about carefully at the strange dream as he heard crying, turning slowly he soon saw a woman, her soft face, her blue eyes, her dark red hair, all greeted him as he knew her. It was her, it was the angel and inside his chest, it tore at him seeing her crying, she was reaching to touch his face but she vanished in a burst of bubbles in the endless water around him. Pressure built on his chest as he felt numb and paralyzed, the surface was just above him and he could not get to it as the pressure in his lungs built greater and greater, begging him to inhale the ocean water.

But it all changed suddenly as he felt himself collapsing onto the metal grated floor, he gasped for breath while coughing all the more, to expel the water he had taken in from the ocean but it was gone, replaced with a pure bright white room. Looking upon the floor he coughing to spew forth turquoise fluids from his mouth and lungs, the air was frigid and painful to inhale at the given moment. Shaking he saw a pair of black boots close by, his emerald eyes followed up the legs as he soon saw a man he knew who was giving him a sinister smile. Albert Wesker.

Startled awake from the sleep, Steve looked around the room before fixing his eyes on the clock as he then looked at his clawed hands gripping the bed and pillow so tightly it had torn the materials. His body was racked in sweat as he got up looking around before looking back at the bed seeing he had spat up some fluids from drowning. With speed, he moved to the bathroom and flipped on the light to look at his self in the mirror seeing his green veins and spikes on his shoulders starting to come out from the horrid nightmare… but she was there.

“…Angel…” He whispered softly before closing his eyes remembering her face as a small smile slid over his terrified face, he had her face in his mind, he knew her face but he couldn’t say her name no matter how hard he tried to think of it. “I know your face…” He said softly as he smiled touching his own. “…I know I will find you again my angel…” He told feeling relaxed but then his mind moved to Wesker looking down at him which made the man groan and look around still spooked. “I…I should check on Sherry...” He said to himself leaving his quarters as he moved to the room next to his across the bleak hallway, upon seeing her resting on the bed in the half-finished room, he sighed moving to the bed as he saw her bandaged hand. “Oh...” He whispered realizing now why she had gasped earlier, taking a breath he climbed into bed with her as he lay down snuggled against her back to try and ease away the night terror. It wasn’t going to go away…

Back at the hospital

Shane managed to recover from his dizzy spell as he rose to his feet while his hands were clenched tightly upon the gurney of which he had been laid upon. Looking at the bed he felt his stomach turn remembering the asylum and it made him snort before looking around the room again trying to collect what happened before everything went dark on his mind. The last thing he recalled was yelling at the female tyrant, after that there was nothing…but he swore he heard a voice saying ‘You need to wake up.’ Part of him wanted to believe it was his father from the great beyond telling him to wake up, another told him it was Sherry wanting him to hurry back home to her.

Moving toward one of the counters he found a clipboard with some medical notes, he blinked a few times seeing it was about him, he cursed mentally as he read it…

‘Subject: Shane has increased in height and muscle. Reported death in March was false and he is alive. Examination of the subject shows no scarring and health attributes. Virus given by Albert Wesker is a full success; subject recovered and gain the same strengths. Weaknesses are unknown at this time. The new updated look of the subject is eyes, they are no longer blue but crimson and gold colored, unlike normal pupils they are slits.’

Shane fixed his gaze on the human image they were provided with this and saw some scribbles and arrows pointing to key spots on his person that would give him away with ease, his key factor at the moment was his eyes. Blinking, he soon saw a number on the bottom of the page ‘9830’ which made him wonder if it was a key code. Taking the paper he checked the rest of the counter finding nothing of use besides an old can of first aid spray and handgun ammo which wasn’t going to help him since he had no pistol. Not taking any chances he pocketed the ammo as well before moving to the bloodied window, there was nothing out there except for a large mess of blood and a blood trail. “Come on Shane, you’re a weapon, your body is a weapon.” He told himself mentally as he moved to the doors, opening them slowly he gazed at the floor seeing torn flesh and clothing with the blood and God he wasn’t getting any more used to the smell of it. “Pull yourself together Shane, you’ve survived Raccoon City, you’ve smelled worse.” He told himself as it was true.

Wrinkling his nose he looked at the hallway seeing nothing, taking a breath he moved forward keeping his wits about him as his boots clanked against the tiled flooring. Staying close to the wall he wanted to avoid stepping in the blood in case more of those cats were about and he soon found a door on his side of the hallway, he slowly entered seeing it was a lab filled with two types of cages, large and small ones. They lined the one side of the place and he gagged covering his nose smelling something horrid.

The lab seemed decent except for cobwebs, dust and the smell, it left him wondering what they had done here. The cages from what he was able to see were for rats and cats; he even saw bits of fur inside them. Moving toward a computer console against the wall he stopped seeing one of those large rats laying on the floor around the testing counter. It was missing its legs and tail with its entrails missing from its cavity. “At least it’s dead.” He said softly looking at the computer screen before flipping it on, the Umbrella logo melded onto the screen before showing the desktop and files on the left side, he crouched down and took the mouse in hand as he moved it over opening one of the files marked ‘WISP’.

The file opened showing photos of those rats Shane had seen and the one that was dead close to him, the file spoke about them but the date seemed…strange. 2009. Looking more closely he seen another date, 1970.

‘Experiments with T have turned out effects or reviving dead tissue, but the effects do not revive the host. Testing with the rats has given us the same results…’ The data seemed corrupted as he scanned his best to read what he could but there was nothing else besides the new part mentioning how T mutated and was now classified by Nikolai as ‘T-M’, T-Mutant virus. Shane found this interesting, a new virus and Nikolai was here to steal it, but apparently, his expendable lab techs failed in keeping this file hidden. Reaching for his phone Shane soon realized that it was taken from him as he cursed and clenched a fist. “Damn it.” He said bitterly as he printed the file off before he pocketed it, once he was able to find his gear, which happened to be with Nikolai and inside the backpack, he was going to keep a file of this information before burning this place down…or at least blow it up without being trapped inside because of Nikolai.

Gazing at the dead rat, classified as Wisp, Shane smirked being all the wiser. Nikolai was going to having troubles with these vermin in the hospital, even if he too was dealing with them. But Shane was faster and stronger than the old Russian. Taking a breath, the son of Albert Wesker moved around the lab in hopes of finding something useful for him when he would find that bastard again. His eyes glowed a little bit brighter thinking of Nikolai, he was going to pay dearly for all of this, and he was going to strangle the Russian to death; to watch the life fade from the man’s eyes.

“Perfect.” He finally said collecting an old flashlight that rested in a drawer, flipping the switch it didn’t come to life but after a few gentle taps, it flickered to life allowing a sigh of relief to pass from Shane’s lips. He knew this would come in handy in sections that might be dark, holding the flashlight in a decent grip he left the lab after checking the rest of the drawers, his findings he pocketed were: 9mm ammo, mixed green herbs, and a single blue herb. “Hard to believe these herbs are here, I remember growing them when in Raccoon.” He said softly walking down the hallway as he listened carefully before turning the flashlight on when he saw the elevator and stairs leading up, it was semi-dark but he certainly wasn't taking any chances of ambush.

Shane looked around once he reached the top of the stairs before listening carefully for anything. Silence, he sighed as he saw a map before him and approached it seeing how big this hospital was and the various floors and rooms. He was on the first floor, nodding he pulled the map off the wall and freed it from the glass casing it was in. Pocketing it he turned left and moved down the hallway checking the doors as he went before stopping hearing something, skittering. “Those rats again.” He thought as he cursed not having a weapon, but he was one. Taking a breath he continued down the hallway checking the doors till one opened, he slipped inside and closed it gently just before the rats entered the hallway and scurried past. “Wisps are annoying.” He thought while examining the examination room he was in. It was old but still looked a little good with all things considered, but he hated how it made his stomach churn. Checking around through the years of dust and plaster he found more ammo and a knife making him grin before sticking it into his boot for safe keeping.

Clearing the room he moved to the door and listened, it was clear once again as he stepped out and continued on till he found a registration booth and smiled pushing the door in. He saw a lot of broken glass on the floor and tables, the computers still had some power but when he tried to turn the screen on it soon shot leaving him with nothing, cursing lowly he saw an old typewriter and ran his fingers over the keys, he remembers seeing a few at Raccoon City. Checking around again he soon got down onto his hands and knees checking under the counters as a big grin appeared on his face as he saw a gun still in the secret holster, pulling it out, he blew the dust off and checked it. “A Beretta.” He said checking it over, it was loaded but he was worried that as old as it was in this place, it might jam or even be rusted. “The chamber slides back, the magazine slides out and in perfect, loading is a breeze.” He said before standing up. “I just need to test fire it on something.” No sooner than he had said that did he saw a hole appear in the wall near where the bathrooms were and out popped a gnarly head of a Wisp making him glare at it and take aim.

The gunshot echoed in the building drawing Nikolai’s attention from the third floor of which he and his men, as well as Afanasii, were residing. The old Russian listened carefully as Afanasii was locked on the corridor of which they were standing in, there wasn’t another sound after that and Nikolai knew. “He’s awake.” He said coolly before looking back into the room where his men were in collecting samples from a restrained Wisp. The thick glass separated him and Afanasii from them so to be on the safe side. “He’s in for a surprise.” He said watching the Wisp struggling against the restraints it was in before a silenced gun was used to silence it permanently as Nikolai checked his watch.

Downstairs Shane poked the dead Wisp with the knife and sighed, it was dead and the gun worked smoothly. A direct headshot to it killed it but he was curious about it but shrugged it off before straightening up hearing footsteps, he turned his head toward the sound before hearing a radio crackle. Clenching a fist tightly he moved in the direction while holding the gun ready as he soon felt something against his leg, by the time he realized what it was he felt great pain wash over his legs and chest as a loud explosion deafened his ears as he was on the ground. It took a moment as Shane groaned sitting up slowly as he shook his head and held his chest with an arm, he had set off a claymore. Getting up he cursed at not having noticed it as he picked the handgun up and moved forward with a slight limp, he couldn’t believe how he didn’t see it, Albert Wesker taught him to keep an eye out for such things.

Upstairs, Nikolai had seen this unfold from a monitor and chuckled lightly, the boy didn’t notice the trap at all and he knew it was only a matter of time till he was too weak to continue and the capture would be easy once again. He was drawn from the monitor as he looked over at Gennedy who was nodding to him that they had the samples from the Wisp and were ready to collect it from the Grimalkin. “Colonel, Team 1 is on the move to lure out the feline BOWs but I need to voice something.” He said as Nikolai raised a brow as Gennedy pointed to a nearby monitor as the old Russian saw the camera footage flickering. “At the state of our stay, I have been keeping track of the monitors as well as radio contact. I have noticed that the cameras have been half working for us and often times I have lost radio contact with the teams.”

“Doesn’t surprise me,” Nikolai said before looking at his second-in-command. “I have seen similar things in other Umbrella labs; time does not do well with it.” He told as he looked at the monitors again as he crossed his arms. “We need not worry about them as long as the radios work, Shane will be setting off my traps which will alert us where his current position is.” He told as Gennedy nodded and saluted before heading for the door. “Gennedy.” Nikolai said as the man turn looking back at him. “Be swift in collecting the next subject, I’ll need your assistance once we capture the boy again.”

“Yes, Colonel.” He said saluting once more as he left the monitor room and motioned for a few to follow him as they headed down the hallway to the elevator, once inside they proceeded down to the first floor, the wall opened up revealing the hidden elevator in the main lobby hallway as they five stepped out. “Move.” He said drawing his pistol and proceeded forward briskly, besides searching for the elusive Grimalkin, Gennedy thought it would be good to push the boy into moving quickly, the push the prey into more traps but as soon as that thought came to him, the man pushed it aside as they entered the garden outside and stopped seeing a Grimalkin pawing the ground before it perked looking at them.

The Grimalkin are essentially hunter class BOWs and around the size of a tiger, Gennedy knew the risks of fighting one alone. The virus within the feline caused its fur to fall off and their skin is a mottled rotten gray, its yellow and red eyes locked onto the group as it soon bared more of its teeth while growling lowly at them. Those wicked fangs reminded many of the men of extinct Saber Tooth Tigers. From the observations and little reports, the Grimalkin were all excellent night hunters and they will actually prey on the Wisps if they are within proximity of them. Gennedy watched the ‘gray cat’ carefully once again as he moved forward as one of his men tried to stop him, the middle age Russian wasn’t going to let the target BOW escaped and it snarled at him, he knew this was foolish but the last time they found one; it had fled.

Figuring how territorial these cats were, he would challenge it into trying to attack him, it was a huge risk. Taking a breath he gave a growl back as the Grimalkin hissed instantly and moved forward, he motioned to the men behind him to get into position as the snow fell around them and the cat, the night sky didn’t help them and they were relying mostly on the dim outside lights, for all they knew there was possibly a pack in the garden with them.

Gennedy watched the cat carefully as he backed away from it slowly. He knew his experience with BOWs was going to help him with the killing of this one. Unlike most BOWs these mutated cats were fickle and miscalculating an attack on it would be a fatal mistake. “Come on старая карга.” He whispered harshly which coincided with the Grimalkin charging at him. Gennedy dodged its snapping powerful jaws, its jagged teeth nearly snagging his military attire as he spun around and punched it on the side of its rancid head sending it off balance. The big cat skidded to the left as Gennedy jumped to the right as his men opened fire upon the feline.

The Grimalkin snarled and screeched loudly as the bullets shot through its body. It attempted to turn and strike at the source of the bullets but only managed to make it halfway around, letting out high pitch guttural roar moments before collapsing into the snow. A pool of sickly dark blood begins to stain the snow around its limp body as Gennedy signaled his men to stop firing.

Gennedy studied the limp form for a moment as some of his men reloaded their guns while others kept theirs aimed at the BOW. The blood stain spread out in scarlet blossom around the still form of the giant cat. Satisfied that it was dead, Gennedy nodded toward two men that it and took a slow, deep breath as the two of the men started collecting blood samples as well as tissue samples. Once completed the samples were stored in a small specimen pouch before they left with Gennedy back into the hospital.

As the men made their way into the hospital through a long glass hallway Gennedy gave the halt and made signals with his hand which stopped the entire group. Gennedy pointed to the laser trigger for a flashbang in the next hallway. Before he could signal for one of his men to disarm the flashbang Gennedy heard the sound of boots approaching from the far end of the hallway.

Shane walked into the glass hallway Gennedy and his men were in. Shane reacted instantly aiming his pistol at the group. Gennedy smiled and touched the pistol on his hip while his men aimed their rifles at the young Wesker. Gennedy gave the hand signal to hold fire before he said in his thick Russian accent, “Well, it seems we just ran into each other but we do not need to fight.” Shane didn’t reply and kept his gun trained on Gennedy who continued to speak, “As you can see we are in a how you say, a… “Tight” situation and you fighting us would only jeopardize all of our chances of survival. As you may have noticed you are also outnumbered and outgunned.”

Shane frowned, “Tight situation or not it’s all the same to me Ruskie. Where’s your comrade Nikolai?” Shane’s aim didn’t waver as he kept Gennedy in his sights. No matter how desperate the situation was Shane doubted Gennedy would betray his commander’s location but he needed to stall for time considering he was outgunned and only had limited ammo. Even with his powers, he couldn’t survive a hailstorm of bullets in a narrow hallway.

Gennedy smiled in a relaxed, friendly manner and shook his head as if amused by something silly a child would say and said, “You simply don’t understand how delicate this place is, do you?” The Russian nodded at the glass lining the hallway. Shane looked away for a second and saw the dull glowing eyes moving around in the darkness. It seemed that the Grimalkin was on the hunt and Shane, being in the better-lit part of the hallway was in their clear line of vision unlike Gennedy and his group at the shadowed end.

When Shane looked back at Gennedy and then in the direction one of the pairs of eyes that were rapidly bobbing and getting closer. The heavy cat lunged sending its bulk smashing through the glass of the hallway. Shane jumped backward out of their way while opening fire on the cat as it skidded across the dirty tile floor bashing into the other glass wall making a spider web of cracks blossom out from the impact point. The Grimalkin shook its head and snarled viciously at Shane as he cursed having not been prepared for fighting something like this. Sure he had the ammo and medical supplies but he just wasn’t ready to fight these cats. Looking where Gennedy and the others were, Shane saw the men had retreated leaving an empty hallway behind. Shane felt like his anger rise when he realized his distracting the Grimalkin helped Gennedy escape.

Shane cursed under his breath as he ran at the Grimalkin. One of the felines swiped its huge clawed paw at him as he blocked it instinctively before kicking it hard in its side knocking it back and shattering more of the glass wall. The cold air rushed in through the more causing Shane to become chilled greatly by it having no coat on himself.

Looking at the end of the hall where Gennedy once stood Shane ran toward it before the wounded cat got up and the others becoming the wiser and following him. What he failed to notice was the trap as the flashbang soon went off as he triggered it. The loud explosion and blinding light caused him to shout before he fumbled to the floor covering his ears and had his eyes closed tightly as they began to tear up. The Grimalkin snarled at that and moved onto the down man but soon scattered when a flare landed before them and snarled at the strange object as they heard shouting as Alex soon came into view waving a pipe and shouted more at them to back away. It didn’t make them leave but the flare kept them at bay as he got Shane up and moved with him to the metal doors leading into the activities room. He closed the doors just before the cats could get at them and stuffed the pipe into the handles so nothing could come in.

It was by this time Shane was slowly recovering from the effects of the flashbang, but the ringing and after image delayed him from doing too much. “I heard the explosion sir, are you alright?” Alex asked hurrying over to Shane seeing him having found a place to sit on an old wooden chair as he checked Shane over before taking off the pack he had on him. Opening it he pulled out a black coat as he wrapped it around Shane’s shoulders to keep him warm while checking Shane’s eyes over carefully, he wasn‘t surprised by what he saw. “You’ll be alright; it must have been a flashbang.” He reported to him as Shane looked at him painfully before rubbing his eyes.

“I thought you were killed,” Shane admitted. “I didn’t hear you or anything.” That made Alex laugh and he moved back to observe the room they had entered while he left the young man get the coat on himself.

“Nah, Alex Key is not easily killed. When those rats were chasing me, I found a tree that had fallen against the stone wall and climbed it, I heard gunshots and knew that you might need help but there are Russians here.” Alex said walking over to an old wheelchair before looking at an old typewriter and noticed an old large chest nearby. “This has to be the activities room, the nurse would sit here to watch the patients while typing on the typewriter or putting things into the chest.” He said allowing Shane to recover from the flash bag while opening the chest to see what was inside. He chuckled before closing it having seen ammo and a first aid spray in it. “I can’t understand why these Russians are here, in fact, I never met one till now and I must say they do not seem to like having either of us here. But why are they here?” He asked curiously as his gaze rested on Shane sighing before pinching the bridge of his nose, showing he was annoyed as hell. “Where’s the backpack?”

The young Wesker had to pause for a moment to think, the last thing he remembered seeing the backpack was against the building before Nikolai and that tyrant, Afanasii, attacked him. But it wouldn’t be there now considering how he was taken inside, but a thought did cross his mind, however. Why didn’t Nikolai kill him, let alone not restrain him properly? “I don’t know.” Came to his response about the backpack but he knew the possible reason for them being here. To collect samples. “Let’s rest up for a moment before daring going back out there again.” He said rubbing his face before getting up as Alex leaned against the wall checking his pockets as Shane checked the room over to see if there was anything to use but he took advantage of the item box and looked at the typewriter as he smiled, just like the ones he saw in Raccoon City so many years ago.

Chapter 8
The rest in the wing wasn’t long for Shane while he was moving around to get his bearings while examining the map he had collected, he pointed to where they were currently before his strong gaze went out the windows at the dark night sky and falling snow. That’s when his eyes saw the helicopter in the distance. The landing lights on the pad still shone brightly in the haze of the snowfall revealing a helicopter of some sort.
That was Nikolai’s escape and Shane knew he needed to get there once he got his gear back, hell, he needed his phone to collect the data but the samples would be an issue. He had no way to guarantee their safe transport considering the trouble he had been having as of late. Going over his agenda in his mind, Shane knew he needed to find his gear, get the data and blow the place, which he hoped would kill Nikolai but if not he had to escape. It seemed like that old Russian had a way to escape or even cheat death, it annoyed the hell of out Shane but he kept it to himself as he looked over at Alex as he said, “Are you going to be fine by yourself again?” As the Canadian looked at him and gave a "thumbs up" gesture. “I still have things to do,” Shane added as Alex nodded.
“I won’t be leaving this room for a while; I’m trying to get my bearings.” The guide told while he looked back outside the windows. “I don’t want to die in this place, that’s for sure. Once I find a way back out without being mauled, I’m gone.”
“I don’t blame you,” Shane said walking to the other double doors in the room before opening them as he entered a medium sized hallway that was connected to a large room at the end, next to him was a flight of stairs leading up to the second floor. With the doors closed behind him, the young Wesker sighed before looking back at them wondering if they both would be able to escape.
Putting his thoughts aside he checked the pistol he had again before deciding to take the stairs, reaching the second floor he found a few of the hallways and rooms blocked so he went up the stairs once again to the third floor and then the fourth followed by the fifth where he heard voices from a hallway leading to another building. Pressing himself against the wall, Shane peeked into the dark red and brown window lined long corridor with boxes place here and there as there was a black door at the end, it was hard to determine if there was more than just that door there as he saw about six men moving a few of the said boxes and Nikolai was there giving out orders from the look of it. It was impossible to Shane to know what they were talking about since they were speaking Russian.
This was his chance, moving from his position he aimed the gun at Nikolai and moved forward to enter the hall as he felt something pressing against his leg followed by a flash and a loud bang, it drew all of their attention to Shane who staggered to his left as Nikolai smirked and the men aimed their pistols and rifles, when Shane recovered the old Russian laughed and said, “So we meet again.” Nikolai aimed and shot his pistol in a flash of movement. Shane dodged the bullet as the old Russian fell back around the left side of the corridor revealing that there was a hallway behind him.
Shane growled from the wound he felt leaking blood and moved forward opening fire at the men in front him before dodging and ducking behind cover. He cursed to himself as he reloaded before standing up again opening fire nailing one as the man fell backward. Dodging and avoiding the bullets, Shane reached one soldier and kicked him hard against the wall as the man’s ribcage collapsed from the force of the blow. The young Wesker darted forward grabbing two soldiers by the neck and smacked their heads together with a sickening crack. They slumped to the floor leaving two soldiers left.

A small metal ping was heard and then a canister skidded near his feet. Shane once again jumped backward and ducked behind an old pile of boxes where she shut his eyes and covered his ears with his hands as the flash-bang grenade exploded. The last two soldiers moved in ready to take their shot only to find no one behind the boxes. Shane popped up behind them and snapped the one soldier’s neck before he even had a chance to react and smashed his dying body into the other soldier smashing him face first into the wall.
As the bodies slumped to the floor Shane caught his breath and moved toward where Nikolai was hiding and aimed his gun only for a powerful, inhumanly large gloved hand to shoot out of the darkness and grab him around the neck. Trying to aim at his attacker Afanasii grabbed his pistol with her free hand and whipped it off a wall smashing it to pieces. Shane struggled as she effortlessly picked him up off the ground and held him there. Nikolai stepped out from the darkness behind her, chuckling insidiously, as he watched Shane's futile attempts  to free himself.
Nikolai shook his head as he said, “Did you really think I would come inside this… hellhole of a place unprepared for you? You’re just as foolish as Albert was. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh boy? ” Shane could only look at Nikolai with hatred and rage as he gasped for air in the grip of the female tyrant.
Nikolai spoke to Afanasii, “Get rid of him.” Afanasii threw Shane backward as his body broke through a glass window as he impacted and skidded across the roof of the hospital. Snow scattered as he coughed and groaned seeing the Tyrant moving to the window as the wind blew harshly making her dark black hair sway gently. Her pale skin matched the white of the snow making her appear to be some kind of vengeful ghost haunting the old hospital. The tyrant stepped through the broken window pane not noticing the broken glass that scraped and snapped off against her head and leather-jacketed arms.
Shane coughed rubbing his sore neck while getting up as he could hear the wood groaning under his feet as he looked at the window once again seeing the Tyrant leaping down towards him causing him to leap aside as she landed where he had been lying. The roofing groaned under their weight as he looked around for a way back inside and off the roofs so he didn’t have to fight her in such a dangerous place. He needed to think fast on how to fight her without falling off, let alone inside.

Taking up his guard as she stood up Shane focused on her and rushed at her hitting her hard on the chest causing her to stagger back a bit as she grunted and shook it off while Shane moved back holding up his fists, two tyrant class beings fighting each other and Nikolai watched from the window enjoying the show as he seen Shane taking a few hard blows to the face, splitting open his right cheek and once again causing blood to fall from his nose when she hit him there as well. The boy already had a bruised left cheek and his left eye was red from it, if he did survive the beating, Nikolai would enjoy putting him under control.
The roof groaned and threatened to collapse as Shane took notice as each step Afanasii made toward him as he smirked, he could get rid of her just by making her collapse the roof. Fixing his gaze on her he jerked back avoiding a punch and ducked to avoid a grab as he kicked her hard on her legs as it pushed him back as he rolled and got up before hopping over to another more stable stone roof with an old weathered storage shed for maintenance that stood the test of time being on the roof. The lock was rusted as Shane jerked it off and went inside fast to find an alternative weapon to use since his pistol was gone and had overly limited ammo to begin with, which was 44 rounds total.

The contents of the shed weren’t much of pleasure as he searched quickly grabbing the first two items that stood out, metal pipes, just as Afanasii bashed the shed apart causing Shane to get out fast while moving from the shed as she tore it open like a piece of fruit as he glared at her. The shed was still in her way as he readied the pipes before watching her as she said his name which sent an annoying chill inside his body as she tore more of the shed off before throwing it hard at him but he was able to easily avoid it before looking at where she was but found her gone.

“Oh, shit...” He whispered standing his ground while searching around before hearing the wind against the material as he looked up seeing her as she came down hard nearly bashing him into the room but the force was enough to knock Shane down as she stood back up while Shane recovered.
That’s when a gunshot sounded out and pain shot through Shane’s leg as he saw the gunshot wound as he fixed his gaze to the window seeing Nikolai and his sniper rifle, the old Russian was hell-bent on bringing Shane down but he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Striking Afanasii when she got close did little to no effect on the female tyrant as Shane was losing room on the roof as he jumped over to a neighboring roof once again as it moaned and groaned before moving to another to keep himself away from the tyrant but the roof he was on was threatening to give way as he smirked seeing the Tyrant jumping again into the air.

“Idiot.” Shane said as he moved to avoid her as he moved along she hit the roof hard as it could not handle her weight as it broke under the force which caused the entire roof to collapse upon itself taking Afanasii and Shane with it as Nikolai watched as the two vanished as he muttered, “Damn.”

The two fell sixty feel down into the therapy pool that was filled with fetid disgusting water that had been sitting there for many years, to some it would have looked like foul swamp water.
The impact with the water caused an intense rush through Shane’s body as he coughed trying to surface, but Afanasii’s massive impact with the bottom of the pool from her jump caused an impact fissue; she fell through while Shane tried to get to any side of the pool as it started to drain down the hole but he failed to reach it, looking back with widen his eyes, as he struggled to get away but it sucked him down into the hallway it was draining down into as he coughed and grunted. The current was flushing him and anything else in the way toward the end of the hallway which was an open elevator shaft as Wisps and zombies were caught up by the tidal wave as Shane tried to grab hold of anything to stop himself. He watched as a zombie vanished in the elevator shaft while a few small Wisps were killed from the impact with the back of it, Shane grew desperate as he clawed the floor but it was pointless as the water flushed him into the shaft as he saw the elevator cable and grabbed hold of it tightly as water rushed over him leaving him hanging there till it was all gone.

Body shaking he coughed a few times looking at the massive drop, panting he looked at the open doors as he tried reaching but he was too far away, moving back and forth he started to move the heavy duty cable to swing and just when he was able to grab the ledge the cable was tugged onto hard by Afanasii at the bottom of the shaft who was banged up and bleeding purple ichor as she soon grabbed it with both hands and she yanked down on it hard causing Shane to look up as the cable groaned and snapped instantly.
Dropping a good few feet did Shane reach out taking hold of the emergency ladder as he nearly slipped off having wet hands as he grabbed hold with his numbing legs while his teeth chattered from being so cold, his movements were slow from the cold as the cable fell to the bottom causing the foul Afanasii to growl a bit seeing her target still high up in the shaft making her move inside and leaped up grabbing onto the ladder as it shook from the sudden weight making Shane look down at the Tyrant climbing up after him as he moved a little bit faster finding a closed elevator door.

Climbing onto the ledge he pressed his hands against them as they started to pry open just enough for him to slip inside and run, rubbing his arms he continued running seeing crates, boxes, cages, and many other large bulky items about him and he figured he must be in the storage part of the hospital as he ducked through a door going down a few steps leading to the maintenance halls which lead to the generator room but he stop at the incendiary room seeing a familiar bag next to a dead scientist who was killed by a Wisp judging by the many bite wounds.

The roaring fire made Shane smile as he closed the door and move to it to get warm as he got out of the wet and smelly clothes as he got his bag and opened it finding only very little of his original supplies, mostly his scarf and coat he wore on the way in, the coat was still coated with his blood and the hole made him huff seeing it as the fire shined through. A heart shot and it was dead on too, Nikolai wasn’t a messy shooter after all and that made Shane cautious now.
Staying close to the fire he left himself get warm and partly dry as he had taken off his boots and socks to prevent himself for getting sore feet, it didn’t take long for either to dry from this roaring fire as he smiled putting them back on. Healing steadily, unlike his father who healed instantly, Shane got his coat back on and scarf, grabbing the gloves he fixed his hair before listening carefully as he swore he heard something like metal being scrapped. Moving around the room once again he found an old typewriter and an item box, much like he had seen before, running his fingers over the old metal keys he checked the item box for anything useful and found a red herb and a key.

Upon examining the key he saw it was marked 'Freight Elevator' which made Shane look at his map to where he was at previously, he hadn’t seen the elevator on his move but he marked it as his next location to go to. “Might be a way out of here or it could take me to where more of the samples are.” He thought to himself wondering now if it’ll also take him to the control room but he shook his head as he remembered the key code he got: 9830. Was that for a locked room?
Shane tensed instantly hearing that scrapping sound again as he looked in the direction, at the door he came through, growling a bit at himself for showing fear he moved over to where he saw a few pipes on the wall. Carefully feeling them for warmth which showed none, did he pull them free to use as weapons as he steeled himself and exited the room.

The area was thankfully clear as Shane snuck down the hallway before hearing a faint, muffled sound. Inching down the hall quickly Shane found himself at the door with the words Boiler Room etched on its rusty placard.

Now that he was next to the door he heard the muffled sound of movement more clearly now, something or someone was inside. Cautiously he slowly turned the knob and inched the old heavy door slowly open as his heart beat quicker tensing for what might be waiting for him.

As he slowly slipped into the dimly lit room he quietly shut the door behind him in case something decided to sneak up behind him. Shane didn’t see anything out of the ordinary once he got inside the boiler room.

Rusty pipes and valves attached to the old boilers, water heaters, and steam heating system sat there rotting. The sound of sporadically dripping water could be heard coming from another side of the room. Old wooden skids with corroded barrels of grease and machine parts were shoved into a corner near a workbench filled with scattered tools and old rags. Along the wall next to the bench were cracked and fogged over gauges connected to a control panel thick with dust and grime.

Across from the boilers, metal stairs lead up to catwalks giving access to the myriad pipes and valves that lined the ceiling that once fed the hospital heat and hot water. The floor was thick metal plating with long stretches of grates set between them.

Shane didn’t see a thing in the dank gloomy room as he scanned around it carefully, never noticing the cameras that blended into the ceiling and walls in different spots observing him and every movement he made from several different angles. He was unaware that he was being watched by Nikolai and Afanasii who were safe in the security control room far from him.

The boiler room was musty, damp and cold and Shane was already starting to feel a chill run up his spine. At first, he thought it was simply the temperature of the place but suddenly he realized his senses telling him there was something dangerous in the room with him.

Shane froze when he heard that sound again only this time without the thick walls and doors muffling it, the sound was a wet crackling crunch, like a giant stalk of fresh celery being snapped in half. Shane’s eyes widened when he saw the decapitated head of a wisp tumble down the metal stairs. It landed with a heavy metallic thud on the grated floor. Its thick neck bone had been snapped in half and ragged bloody claw marks gouged its head. Scanning up in the darkness above the steps where it came from Shane suddenly realized it wasn’t rusty water that had been dripping down from the pipes ahead, it was blood.
He could hear munching noises then suddenly he saw two yellowish eyes glinting up and down behind what looked like a giant burlap sack. Shane blinked his eyes into focus and was horrified to see it was actually a giant Grimalkin far bigger than of the others he had seen thus far tucking into the carcass of the decapitated wisp, its thick claws actually came through the dead animal’s body making scraping noises on the metal floor, which made the giant feline’s ratty ears flicker.

The monster had been so engrossed in its fresh kill that it hadn’t noticed Shane at the far side of the room below it. Taking steps backward softly, Shane knew it would be foolish to stick around let alone deal with this thing considering what he encountered earlier, but this one… it was a giant compared to the others. If the Grimalkin were put into classes this one would be right at the top in the King category.

Shane still hadn’t noticed the cameras in the room nor had he noticed the electronic deadbolt on the inside of the door he had used to gain access to the boiler room. Nikolai stood smugly in the security operations room and a smile crept upon his scarred face. As Shane reached his hand behind him to grab the door a loud metallic screech of metal was heard followed by a loud clanking thump as the deadbolt locked the door shut.
The King Grimalkin’s attention was roused as Shane turned quickly trying to wrench the thick door open but the old rusty handle wrenched off in his hand. Suddenly the power and machinery in the room ground to life as valves issued steam rattling all the pipes as it clanked and banged pressure through the protesting metal.

Shane whirled around and saw between the billows of steam that the King Grimalkin had spotting him. The heat and moisture in the room escalated but it wasn’t the only thing causing Shane to break out in a sweat, which he was sure the cat could smell.

As it jumped down the sharp thick claws of its paws ground against the floor leaving deep grooves in the metal as the vicious feline snarled at its new prey. Shane grabbed two lengths of unattached pipes from a rack next to the door and stood his ground, keeping his hands so tight around them they actually crumpled inwards making a solid grip for him to grasp as he watched the feline sway its tattered tail and growl.

The large sharp yellowish teeth glistened with fresh blood and saliva in the light of the room as the gold and crimson eyes locked onto Shane. Its eyes mirrored his and his father’s eyes more closely than anything he had seen up till now. Shane scowled a bit wondering if this thing was made from a strain of the same virus that made him and his father what they were. He quickly snapped the thought aside and watched as the predator’s eyes met his and slowly started to circle around him as he started to circle around it neither ever taking their eyes off the other.

The King Grimalkin edged closer and took a swipe at Shane with its powerful arm but he dodged and swung one of the pipes hitting it on the shoulder with a thud as it growled swiping at him again trying to wound him but missed as Shane again crashed a pipe into its side. Several times the big cat attempted this and each time met with the business end of a rusty pipe.

Shane kept moving and dodging its attacks until he hit his back against the wall. He ducked as the cat’s giant clawed paw missed his face by inches, the sharp deadly points scrapped against the wall as he zipped to his left out of harm’s way. The Grimalkin snarled viciously at its prey not used to being denied its kill for this long.

Shane circled around the King Grimalkin and seeing how deep the claw marks were on the wall it gave Shane an idea. He hurried toward the exit but was cut off mid-step as the giant cat jumped in front of him blocking his escape. Skidding on the floor Shane fell on his back and slid under the Grimalkin whacking both of its front legs with the pipes. The enraged animal roared in pain unable to move its forelegs properly to pin Shane down.

The Grimalkin tried biting Shane’s head off with its mouth open wide but Shane crossed both pipes together in front of him and jammed both of them upward into its maw snapping off one of its giant tusk-like fangs. The Grimalkin tried but couldn’t gnaw its way through the pipes as it growled, snarled and dripped bloody drool from its maw onto the pipes and Shane.

Jerking its head violently from side to side, the Grimalkin King made Shane almost lose his grip on the pipes as he was thrashed around. Knowing he couldn’t hold on for long Shane kicked the giant in the stomach repeatedly. It bucked and Shane slid out from under it and in desperation, he head-butted the feline hard enough to make himself and the animal see stars momentarily. Shane cursed at himself, “Idiot! That’s not what dad meant when he said use your head in a fight!”

The Grimalkin snarled making a guttural sound like a jaguar in pain and closed its blazing eyes, shaking its head violently making Shane lose his grip on the pipes.

Shane pushed himself further under the feline and managed to get his legs behind the hind legs of the beast allowing himself to move a bit before forcing his knees and then feet up into the stomach and groin of the animal repeatedly making the Grimalkin snarl loudly as it flipped it’s head back in agony causing it to catapult the pipes from its mouth as the wind was knocked out of it.

The King Grimalkin weakly attempted to claw at Shane with its hind legs but the pain proved too much allowing Shane to rabbit punch the rib cage of the feline several times before pushing up hard with both hands, which threw the massive beast off of him slamming it against a wall of pipes that ruptured and burst scalding its back with steam causing it to roar like a lion in pain.

Shane rolled onto his feet, his hands stinging from the rabbit punches. He had to get to the door to get out. The pipes were out of his reach and without some sort of weapons to use against this beast he knew fighting it unarmed, even in its injured state, would be difficult.

The Grimalkin recovered from its steam bath quickly though it was showing signs of its injuries in its shaky stance and labored breathing. Shane smirked as the big cat lunged at him, its reflexes dulled from its beating so far and he easily dodged its leap which ended with it smashing the exit door with its thick, blunt skull.

Shane smiled when he saw the deep dent in the metal door. He knew if he could trick this thing into doing that once or twice more it would blow that door into the hallway and hopefully kill itself in the process. Shane didn’t have the time to pat himself on the back for is plan since he was once again fighting for his life. He was no immortal that was for sure.

Moving away from the stunned animal Shane grabbed the pipes from where they had fallen and turned just in time to see the massive feline bounding at him and once again he moved out of the way just as it lunged sending it into slamming into the side of a large boiler. It screeched as the hot steel of the boiler scalded the skin off its scalp.

Shane couldn’t help but think of how much this thing reminded him so much of the zombified lionesses he had to deal with when he was a boy trapped in Raccoon City. That thought made him flush with anger and adrenaline when he thought about what he had been through. But just as quickly his anger was replaced with excitement since he finally had the power to fight back. What he wouldn’t have given to have these powers in Raccoon City…

Moving like lightning Shane struck the Grimalkin on the back and hindquarters making it forget the searing pain on its head and snarl at him in and swipe in reaction to the sudden attack but Shane dodged and repeatedly did the same attack bopping it on the ass and back and then dodging its attacks.

Shane did this until he led the animal into position once again. Standing there in front of the dented door Shane taunted it by smacking the pipes together and yelling at it to attack him.

The Grimalkin King took the bait and took two steps before leaping at Shane but as he moved the cat twisted in mid-leap and fell short of hitting the door. Surprised by his miscalculation Shane leapt away but the King mustered the energy to leap and snagged his billowing coat in its jaws making him shout, “Aw fuck!” before it whipped its head from side to side violently, ripping the jacket in its fangs as it threw Shane like a frightened mouse against the dented door repeatedly before the material on his jacket ripped off in the beast’s mouth. Shane still held onto the pipes and clanked both against the Grimalkin’s skull bending and denting them from the force which made the big cat scamper away from him.

Shane glanced quickly at the door noticing his battering against it caused even more damage to it. Shane laughed which turned into coughing he spat out hot coppery blood from his mouth. The Grimalkin stood by mewling already tensing to charge now that it had the smell of his blood fueling its hunger. Drool began to drip from its fangs as it once again started to stalk towards Shane.

Shane smiled and gritted his teeth, “Playing with me huh? Well, come on fucker dinners ready!” Shane took a fighter stance with both pipes at the gripped in his hands. The Grimalkin King roared in answer, he started running full tilt at Shane who stood his ground waving the dented rusty pipes in front of him.

The Grimalkin King lunged at Shane but instead of dodging left or right he crouched and jumped straight up over its head and as its body passed below him he stabbed both pipes through its neck bones, splintering them as its momentum carried it into the steel door breaking its neck and the door in one violent move.

Shane landed on the metal floor with a heavy thud and crouched slightly using the pipes to prop himself up. He felt weak from exhaustion and the pain he felt inside him wasn’t helping. They weren’t broken but his ribs were definitely bruised and he ached in spots he never knew could feel this sort of pain.

Turning towards the Grimalkin King Shane was relieved to see his plan had worked. The King lay dead crumpled atop the broken steel door with its head crooked at a violent upturned angle with its jaw wide open, frozen in a silent roar.

Shane sighed and stepped over the carcass back into the hall, looking and listening for any movement he waited for a minute before continuing his trek through the bowels of the hospital.

In the Security room, Nikolai frowned as he saw Shane emerge into the hallway on one of the monitors. Then he noticed the slight limp in his walk and the pained expression on Shane’s face as he walked slowly down an access hallway.

Smiling a broad grin Nikolai walked over to the door and opening it pointing towards Afanasii, “Find Shane and kill him!”

Without a glance at her master or a hint of emotion Afanasii turned and walked out of the monitor room door in even purposeful strides as Nikolai shut it behind her. Taking his stance back at the monitors Nikolai stared at Shane as he limped along the hall and smashed a zombie’s skull in with one of the pipes he was holding. Shane looked pained by the effort but still, he trudged on.

Nikolai smirked and thought, “The boy is a stubborn defiant ass like his father. And like him, he’ll meet a painful violent end… that much I can promise.”

Chapter 9

The slightly limping strides Shane made through the halls did little to hinder his progress or wreck his mood. He inhaled deeply and smiling to himself he thought, "If I could survive Grimalkin King and all the other horrors in this dump, I can defeat that freak Afanasii and kill that bastard, Nikolai.”

 Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a packet of mixed herbs and hungrily chewed the leafy concoction which was supposed to help boost his healing factor and act as a painkiller. Shane was amused when minutes later the herbs kicked in and suddenly his leg stopped hurting and he felt a boost in his vitality.

Shane’s pace quickened from a quick stride to a jog as he moved to the stairs as he started going back upstairs, there was nothing in this section of the hospital for him, he didn’t have all his gear and only had what he managed to stuff in his pockets which were a first aid spray can, some pistol ammo and a blue herbal packet.

If he was going to beat Nikolai he was going to need to find better weapons. As fun as it would be to beat that smug bastard to death with some rusty pipes Shane knew it wasn’t a practical choice. When he reached the first floor he scanned the dimly lit area seeing a large ominous hole in the wall further up the hallway to his left.

There he spotted a blood-splattered AK-47 on the floor lying in a large pool of congealed blood with shredded clothing material. He blinked seeing that even the wall had blood and bullet holes splattered and scattered all over it.

 Shane shook his head and thought, "Whatever happened here wasn’t good… but damn it I need that weapon.” Holding the pipes firmly in his hands he focused on the gun as he ran towards it and in a single fluid movement dropped the bent up rusty pipes from his hands and snatched the sticky slick gun out of the puddle of gore before the pipes hit the ground.

Shane’s feet lost traction as he ran through the blood and started to fall forward. Using his momentum Shane kicked off the slick floor launching him over the rest of the puddle in a flip and landed on his feet near the far end of the room.

Shane spun on one heel and brought the rifle up aiming it at the hole. Shane held his breath waiting for some sign of movement from the hole but nothing stirred. He smirked satisfied he was safe for now and started checking the ammo clip on the gun. He was surprised to see there was still a good amount of ammo left in it. Finding an old table covered in a dust cloth Shane took the ratty old sheet and wiped most of the blood off. Once he checked the gun and made sure it was clean felt the metal and the wood of the weapon. Even as a kid he had found AK’s to be a unique and awesome weapon and he always wanted to have one of his own.

Suddenly Shane felt a rush of fear shiver through his body as a guttural whispery voice hissed, “Sssshane.” Turning with his weapon raised Shane saw Afanasii’s huge leather jacketed frame blocking the door as her pale blue eyes locked onto him.

Shane felt his heart nearly stop seeing her again but he couldn’t let his fright make him sloppy. Forcing the feeling that he needed to run deep down he aimed the rifle at the female tyrant as she started moving toward him in powerful booming footsteps. He started backing up slowly, uncertain of his course of direction as Afanasii stomped through the puddle of blood when suddenly a pair of huge glowing red eyes flashed to life inside the darkness of the hole as a huge Wisp the size of a compact car lunged out of the giant hole in the wall snagging Afanasii on her left arm tearing into it. Slowly the tyrant turned her head towards the threat and with a grunt slammed her right fist hard onto its giant bony head.

 The Wisp King barely reacted to the blow and all Afanasii knew was the creature was interfering with her mission and needed to be eliminated. The Wisp King thrashed its head and scratched at the tyrant’s legs but she didn’t react to the pain and kept raining slow, steady punches against the beast as it refused to let its grip on her arm loose.

Shane grinned and backed away with his weapon trained on them. The Wisp King didn’t even notice him but Afanasii stared at him and grimaced trying to rip loose from the giant zombie rat to no avail. Shane smiled wider and said, “Sorry darling, looks like the big lug is stuck on you.”  As he waved bye to her he retreated to another side of the room and to another flight of stairs leading up where he could hear gunfire, orders being yelled and the inhuman squeals of giant rodents.

When Shane reached the top he saw on the other side of a long hallway a group of Nicolai’s men firing on a Wisp swarm, unnoticed he went up another flight of stairs to the third floor where he had to stop midway and vault over a claymore tripwire.

 As Shane made it to the top he saw Nikolai at the end of the hallway standing with his arms folded behind his back waiting as nonchalantly as someone waiting at a bus stop. Shane glared at him as Nikolai stared back at him icily, showing no signs of concern.

Shane snarled, aimed the rifle and opened fire as he moved down the hallway but Nikolai stood his ground as the bullets smacked into the clear barrier of thick bulletproof glass in front of him. Shane stopped firing as Nikolai stood behind the glass laughing and said, “Did you really think I would give you this clear a shot at me? Yabloko ot yabloni nedaleko padayet. It seems that stupidity and overconfidence run in your family, eh?”

Shane growled, “It might be bullet proof but I bet it does not shatterproof!” Shane slung the rifle around his shoulder and ran full speed toward the glass with his right fist cocked back ready to punch the glass. Shane caught a glimpse of Nikolai smirking just as the flash of a claymore exploding next to Shane blasted him sideways toward an open elevator shaft. Shane screamed as he slammed into the far wall of the shaft and tumbled down, the fire from his jacket the only thing lighting the darkness as he plummeted.

Nikolai shook his head amused, “Your rage and thirst for revenge are going to get you killed the same way it killed your idiotic father.” Nikolai talked into his head mic, “He’s on his way to the warehouse. Give him a warm welcome.” With that, Nikolai laughed letting it echo through the hallway.

Shane’s ears were ringing and all he saw were stars in his vision when he tried to open them as he fell. Shane shook his head until his vision cleared enough for him to see he was seconds from the bottom. Shane crashed into a pile of soft, mushy debris at the bottom with a loud thump and he felt something soft and brittle give way beneath his weight with wet snaps. His jacket was suddenly wet extinguishing the flames.

It was then that the sulfur, rotten meat and bile smells hit him. Blinking his eyes until they adjusted he realized he had landed on a pile of rotten corpses. The smell was overwhelming and he had to choke back vomit as he scrambled out of the wet pile of bloated bodies towards the closed elevator gate.  

Shane heaved and lifted the rusted gate up partially before he rolled out under it and let it slam back down behind him. Standing up he walked a few steps away from the gate trying to get some distance between the stench of the body pile and him.

Shane looked around the withered and partly dark warehouse. Shelving units were all over the place, stacked with boxes upon boxes of canned good and various other supplies scattered all over the place.

 Pallets of goods, materials, and supplies were stacked neatly in some spots while other looked like they had given way and collapsed in others.  Shane turned to look at the elevator shaft and shook his head and thought, “No way to get back up that way, even if I wanted to try.”

Shane turned around and decided he needed to check his weapon again to make sure it wasn’t damaged. He looked at the AK he held seeing it did take some superficial damage from the blast. It was scorched and the stock had some pock marks but other than that it was functional.

Shane then checked himself.  His scarf had been lost in the fall and was probably tangled up on some corpse for all he knew while his jacket was tattered, scorched and covered in gore. Stripping it off all he had left was his tattered and charred black sweater and his gore stained jeans. Shane already felt a little colder and thought to himself, “…better find a way out of here.”

Shane listened again for any movement but all he heard and felt was wind and the sound of running water in the distance. Suddenly it hit him, “If there’s wind breezing through here, there must be a way out of here...” He thought as he pulled out the map he had tucked in his jeans. Shane checked the warehouse and traced the wrinkled and stained map with his finger as he thought to himself, “Okay, here’s where they bring in their supplies…” Shane’s finger suddenly stopped pointing at the elevator marked on the map. “…Jeez, this place is so big…” He huffed an irritated sigh of breath folding the crumpled map and stuffing it back in his pants pocket.
Shane turned around noticing a desk with a typewriter and another one of those large chests that seemed to be placed haphazardly around the building. Upon the desk were piles of old yellowed and weathered paperwork, some old style ink ribbons next to an antique typewriter, a can of cobwebbed pencils were there some bearing marks of being chewed on, two old fountain pens and amazingly a still functioning desk lamp that had seen better days.

Touching the dusty old typewriter, Shane noticed it still had a document in its rollers. Manually turning the knob on the side he gently pulled the paper halfway out and read the text on the page of official Umbrella stationary:

Memo to: John Beckwith / From: Tony Tolliver

Regarding: Supplies


Management wants another order of vials for the shipment of “T” coming in this week. The test animals (felines and rodents) will be arriving later the same day.

Since the test subjects are strays it is important that the supply of rabies shots arrive before they do. Since the incident with Miguel Espinosa last month the medical staff now requires these shots to be stocked in the warehouse safe, the drug supply room as well as the hospital & lab infirmary. The warehouse safe code is 1920. It's the same model year as Miguel’s roadster, God rest his soul.


Shane thought, “huh… a safe?” Backing up he looked around and then under the desk before finding it hidden on the other side of the old padlocked chest. Shane crouched down wiping the dust caked dial before carefully spinning it left, right, left and right again to enter the code. A small click broke the silence.

Smirking, Shane grabbed the handle and pulled the heavy door open making his smirk widened into a full grin as he whispered, “Oh wow, come to papa.” He said pulling out a Colt Python .357 magnum with one case of ammo. “Jeez, thanks, Tony.” He thought as he checked the weapon over. Satisfied it was till in working order he stuffed it into the side of his belt as he pocketed the ammo. “This will certainly stop that bitch.” He thought. Shane looked inside the safe and saw a few small vials of a brownish liquid and a wrapped syringe. Moving them aside he spotted a note which read:


Finding nothing else of use Shane shut the safe and thought, “Well Tony, I guess you didn’t make it or you didn’t have time to get this... either way I’ll put this baby to good use.”

Shane heard a strange noise and turned around quickly aiming the AK-47 rifle he had slung over his shoulder only a second ago. He listened carefully for a minute or two for the noise again but he only heard the wind howling and water dripping in the warehouse. He slowly slung the rifle back on his shoulder and sighed, shaking his head and then his arms to loosen himself up. He mentally repeated, “Stay focused, find a way to get out of here, kill Nikolai and get the hell out of Dodge.”

Focused on his plans Shane started moving along the only path that was open to him. The warehouse was a mass of loaded shelves and heavy objects like crates, barrels, and pallets. It was massive and seemed to take up most of the basement of the hospital. Shane’s walk became a jog as he searched around the place for where the wind could possibly be coming from.

In the dim light, Shane didn’t see the puddle of water until he splashed into it, lost his footing and fell backward just as the pile of heavy crates and masonry were blasted away from the wall he was just about to pass in front of making him cover his head out of reflex. Moving his arms away from his face Shane was shocked to see Afanasii step through the dust clouds surrounding the hole where the wall used to be. The female tyrant looked at him darkly, her eyes narrowed in focus on him as she rasped, “Sssshane!”

Shane scrambled to his feet and ran past Afanasii as her powerful right arm swung down where Shane was a second ago and shattered the concrete floor into a bowling ball sized crater. Shane cursed as he ran, “That stupid fucking overgrown mouse! All it damaged was her goddamn jacket!”

Shane could hear her thunderous boot steps pounding down the corridor behind him. She was fast but nowhere near as fast as he was. Rounding a corner fast Shane ran right around a corner shelves filled with old wooden boxes on them. Close behind him Afanasii’s right shoulder bashed right through the shelving and crates without a care barely hindering her progress.

Shane cursed, “Fuck off!” as he started shooting behind himself while running. He couldn’t aim properly with the AK-47 but he still managed to hit her a few times before turning and jumping over a pile of pallets. On the ceiling ahead of him in glowing red letter a sign read EXIT. Shane chuckled with glee, and sped toward the open door, a stiff breeze of fresh winter air blasting him in the face. Suddenly a wooden crate sailed past his shoulder missing his head by inches and shattered against another rack of shelves on his left.

Shane laughed and shouted, “Bitch, you have poor aim!” As he reached the open exit door he felt the crisp winter air stinging his face and watched it blow snowflakes inside from the darkness. Shane was so excited to be finally free of this place that he didn’t notice the racks of emergency flood lights surrounding the door until they and every light in the warehouse suddenly snapped on causing him to cover his face instantly from the blinding light that was stabbing his eyes.

Temporarily blinded Shane knew this was part of Nicolai’s ploy to stop him from escaping Afanasii whose footsteps were coming ever closer. Blinking and shielding his eyes Shane saw a pallet still attached to an old manual forklift jack with red barrels on it with the label, “WARNING FLAMMABLE” emblazoned on each of them. Clutching the handle of the jack Shane shoved it with all his strength sending the pallet careening towards Afanasii. Firing a hail of bullets from the AK-47 at the barrels the entire pallet exploded into flames blasting Afanasii with hot flaming liquid and shrapnel sending her flying backward off her feet down the corridor crashing into another wall of shelves behind her.

The tyrant screamed in rage, “SSSHANE!” from behind the wall of fire that began spreading to the other shelves causing the chemicals and other materials to either feed the flames or cause smaller explosions. Afanasii screamed Shane’s name again this time darkly and full of bitterness. She was like a demon, determined to get his soul and drag him down to hell. Shane screamed back at her in defiance, “Back off you freak! Go back to hell where you belong!”

Shane turned and started to run again for the open exit door near the loading bay. The flood lights were still functioning so he had to shield his eyes with his forearm. When he was a few feet from the exit Shane was greeted by bullets pelting the concrete around him causing him to dodge and duck for cover behind an old yellow rusty forklift. Shane tried to peek around the machine but couldn’t see who was firing at him because of the blinding lights.

Shane heard explosions go off further up the warehouse corridor which was now engulfed in flames. He couldn’t see Afanasii in the billowing smoke and flames but he hoped whatever was blowing up would take that bitch with it though if he didn’t get the hell out of there the flames and whatever was in that warehouse might take him out as well.

Shane heard a thick Russian accent asking in a cocky shout, “Still alive, boy?” Shane recognized the voice as the man from the other corridor before, the one called Gennady. The Russian was one of the main soldiers firing at Shane with his M16. “In my country, a child learns never to run blindly into the woods in winter! You never know when you’ll run across a pack of hungry wolves!” He was stalling Shane so Afanasii could get to him.

Shane shouted back, “Fuck off, flat top!” as he still tried but couldn’t see through the blinding lights as he stayed behind the forklift. “You’re just part of my ever growing list of assholes I’m going to kill!”

Gennedy laughed, “Do not measure the wolf’s tail till he is dead, boy!” and fired more rounds into the doorway towards Shane. Shane looked on the wall and he could see the laser beams from the sniper scopes flickering through the dust and smoke.

Shane, “Wait and see, asshole, you’ll wish you and Nikolai never messed with me or my father!”

Gun fire exploded around the forklift, ricocheting off of the concrete and steel or pock marking it making Shane duck down farther to avoid the gun fire. When the firing stopped Gennedy shouted, “Your father was a fool… just another failed experiment of Umbrella! Now you follow in his footsteps repeating the same mistakes! You’re only worth will come from dissecting you test tube baby!"

Shane shouted back, “Ha! What about you? You follow a cold war relic and a lunatic! Have you read his files? I have! He’ll kill you like he’s killed everyone else he’s ever commanded! You put your faith in a traitor! Now, who’s the idiot?!”

 Shane looked back at the raging fire in the corridor and noticed it was creeping closer towards him. Afanasii was gone but there was no way to tell if she was dead or just finding another way to get at him. If she didn’t then Gennedy or the fire would eventually. Shane thought of his father. He had been in situations like this. What would he do?

Gennedy laughed, “Like you, Americans say it takes one to know one! It’s better to be known as a sinner than a hypocrite comrade!”

Shane cursed out loud, “Shit...” He knew he only had one option: he had to get past Gennedy and his snipers.

Shane looked around and saw a door to his right that he hadn’t noticed sandwiched between two shelf units. Shane breathed out, crouched tucking his legs up underneath himself and then sprang into a full tilt run as gunfire erupted around him. A bullet nicked his back as he turned and shoulder rammed the door open. Once he was inside the tiny room he slammed the metal door shut and locked it as bullets dented it from the other side.

Inside the room was an old steel top desk, office chair, old metal file cabinets and a dead rotten plant in cracked plastic pot sat atop a cabinet in the corner. The desk was a mess of papers, an old lamp and curiously a huge steel bucket filled with thick steel rivets mounted on top of the metal base. Its inscription read, “The same hammer that breaks the glass forges the steel.”.

There were stains on the wall that looked like dried blood near an old black and white photograph of a chubby unpleasant looking man in a steel hardhat a cracked wooden frame. An ornate coat rack still had a musty decade out of style brown suit hanging on it along with two thick black leather belts and a dusty brown fedora. It was easy to tell that whoever owned the suit was overweight.

Shane ransacked the desk as the gun fire pinged the door like angry bees. Inside a drawer, he found a box of pistol ammo but no gun to go with it. He fished another herb packet out of his pants pocket and ate it as he tore open some of the cabinets but most of them just had musty files and documents. Nothing he could use.

 The gun fire stopped and he could hear the muffled taunts of Gennedy outside but couldn’t make out what the son of a bitch was saying. Shane looked at the desk, knocked on it and realized it was really solid and thick. Smiling he remembered once when he was a kid Kevin Ryman showing him some of the riot gear the police had at the station among which were heavy duty metal riot shields. Shane smirked excitedly, “This might work…” as he tore off the thick table top off the metal desk.

Grabbing the leather belts off the rack and the bucket of rivets off the desk Shane used his inhuman strength to punch the rivets through the belts into the desk top. It took effort but he managed to punch them through and bend them so they wouldn’t slip out. Shane slipped his left arm into the straps and hefted it up with his arm. It was cumbersome and heavy but this was his only shot at getting out of this shooting gallery.   

Without sunglasses to help him filter out the light from the outside, he knew he’d have to move fast and hope the sudden sting of the daylight wouldn’t blind him totally.

Gripping his rifle in his right hand and carrying the makeshift shield on his left arm Shane stood in front of the office door, took a deep breath and kicked it open. Running Shane felt the bullets hitting the steel desk top. It was a strain to hold it up with the bullet ricochets and ringing in his ears and the vibration of the cumbersome heavy metal sheet jerking his arm as he ran past the forklift and down the truck ramp towards the lights.

Shane dropped down to one knee holding the desktop in place in front of him. He could see the metal denting inwards more and more with each new bullet. It killed his eyes to peek but he took aim with the AK-47 from behind his steel barrier nailing the first light stand, destroying it.

Shane could see the shadow of someone run to a new position under another bright light making him smirk. Shane fired where the shadow was and was rewarded with the scream of a man dying and crumpling to the floor. He heard the men screaming in Russian and could hear them trying to change position again but Shane fired and got another one who stumbled into the light stand knocking it over shattering the bulbs.

Shane’s eyes were adjusting to the brightness better now but not as much as they should have. The metal desk top was starting to fatigue as he proceeded to shoot at the lights and any shadows blocking them. He heard Gennedy yell something in Russian from outside the door and the remaining two soldiers ran for the exit. Shane shot at them but missed so he instead concentrated on dousing the lights including the halogen ones overhead which only left the orange glow of the fire in the warehouse behind him lighting the corridor and the loading dock.

Shane checked his AK-47 and it was empty. Cursing he knew he couldn’t afford to waste his Magnum on these idiots if that bitch Afanasii was still alive. The two surviving snipers were about to take position outside the exit door with another soldier when Shane came charging out into the snowstorm and hurled the now twisted metal desktop at the pair of soldiers to his left as hard as he could crushing them against a stone wall.

Still running forward Shane dodged the third soldier’s gunfire and gripping his empty AK-47 by the barrel he swung it hard at the soldier’s head cracking his skull open with the butt of the rifle. The man flipped sideways and landed face down in the snow, his blood and brains staining it crimson.

Quickly Shane snatched up the dead man’s gun before more bullets started impacting the snow around him. Shane pulled his head back just as a bullet passed by. He looked down at the base of the snowy loading bay ramp seeing Afanasii again. Her body was smoldering from the heat she had endured and her remaining jacket sleeve was still on fire.

Gennedy stood by her with a smug grin as she casually grabbed her burning sleeve and ripped it off. Shane stood his ground aimed the sniper rifle at Gennedy and shot at his smug face only for Afanasii to raise her arm taking and letting the bullet embed itself in her forearm.

Shane went to shoot again but was greeted with a hollow click. Frustrated he threw the rifle down and said, “Well? What are you waiting for?! Let’s do this, fuckers!”

Afanasii took a step but Gennedy said, “Halt.” making her stop. Gennedy pulled out a large black and gray combat knife, tossed it in the air and then caught it in a fighter’s grip. Gennedy smiled and said, “Whether the knife falls on the melon or the melon on the knife, the melon suffers” He then walked calmly toward Shane with the knife ready to strike.

Shane got into a fighting stance and the two men circled one another as the snow fell around them.  Shane glared into the Gennedy’s eyes and snarled, “Close combat isn’t a good idea flat top.” Gennedy’s face was stone, his expression never changing even as he made a quick jab with the knife that Shane easily avoided.

Shane smirked as Gennedy tried, again and again, to slice Shane only to be greeted with as the two men circled one another like wary predators. After a few minutes, Shane got annoyed and grabbed Gennedy’s arm to break it only for Gennedy to thumb a trigger on the knife firing the ballistic blade into Shane’s shoulder making him yelp and release his grip.

In the second it took Shane to recover from the surprise attack Afanasii was suddenly behind him, her powerful fist slamming him in the back sending him flying past Gennedy face first into a snow pile at the edge of the loading area.

Afanasii ran after him and Shane scrambled and dodged another blow that shattered the snow covered pavement where he had landed. Shane got to his feet and yanked the knife blade from his shoulder and tossed it angrily at Afanasii but the blade weakly bounced off her right breast and fell to the ground. As Afanasii charged Shane, Gennedy calmly walked over to the blade, picked it up and looked over at Shane who was again dodging another roundhouse punch from the tyrant. Gennedy smiled, “If you survive this we’ll have to pick up where we left off comrade.” Shane yelled to Gennedy without taking his eyes off Afanasii, “Count on it fucker!” Gennedy nodded and pointed the blade at Shane before turning around and disappearing into the darkness and falling snow as the young man glared at Afanasii who hissed his name darkly.

Shane grunted, “You are really starting to piss me off.” The tyrant said nothing as she raised her thick fist and started to charge him again. Shane backed up trying to reach for the magnum in his belt only to feel nothing there. Shane dodged Afanasii’s fist by inches, the thick layer of snow on the ground hindering his movements but it wasn’t doing much to slow his attacker down.

Searching for something to slow the tyrant down or even see where he dropped his magnum Shane glanced where the soldiers he crushed against the wall were laying and spotted a semi-automatic pistol. Shane ran through the heavy snow towards the weapon as the tyrant gave chase. Shane grabbed the gun and jumped aside as Afanasii’s momentum prevented her from stopping as she slammed hard into the stone wall cracking the weather worn masonry. Growling the tyrant turned towards Shane who was already running away from her.

Shane ran towards and a long abandoned truck trailer that was rusting in front of one of the loading bay doors. Ducking beneath the rusting hulk Shane quickly checked the gun and saw that it was fully loaded. Looking up he saw Afanasii walking steadily towards his hiding spot. Shane moved farther under the trailer and scanned the ground behind the tyrant hoping to see where he dropped his magnum.

Afanasii stopped in front of the trailer and gripped her powerful hands on the rusty undercarriage of the trailer; her black fingernails scrapped the metal as she lifted the groaning metal frame as she started to force it up off the ground. Shane was sure she was either going to flip the trailer over to get at him or drop it on him or crush him. Either way, he wasn’t going to stick around and find out.

Shane sprinted out from under the trailer but again the snow hindered his speed giving Afanasii enough time to drop the trailer and grab him by his baggy sweater. Shane screamed as the powerful arm threw him she threw across the loading bay area into the cold wire fencing surrounding the outside generator shack for the hospital.

Shane groaned, “You must really love tossing me around like a toy.” As he coughed Shane got up but despite the pain and numbing cold, he was smiling. Afanasii threw him farther than she expected and uphill from the ramp. Even with her stride the terrain and distance were working against her now.  Shane looked around seeing a door to his right with a flickering light above it sporadically illuminating the darkness around it.

Shane sprinted through the falling snow toward the door as Afanasii yelled his name and thundered up the incline after him. Shane shouted back at her, “Catch me if you can loser!”

Chuckling Shane ran full speed into the door ramming it in. He then slammed the door shut behind him and ran down the musty hallway he now found himself in. The hallway was dimly lit and had doors connecting to patient rooms as far as he could see up the hall before it ended in another door with a hallway on either side of it.  

Shane stopped in front of a door halfway up the hall he was in, ripped a part of his tattered sweater off and threw it up the hallway away from himself. He then gripped the knob on the door and forced his way inside with a quick shoulder ram. Quickly shutting the door behind him Shane saw he was in a patient room with two old style hospital beds still covered in their sheets and winter blankets. It looked like this room hadn’t been touched in ages.

Shane ran and slid behind the bed next to the curtained windows and ducked down as he heard Afanasii ramming the door in the hallway so hard that it and part of the wall came crashing into the hallway outside the room. Her heavy boots crushed the broken masonry beneath their thick heels as she slowly walked into the hallway. Shane was freezing and forced himself to stop shivering as he listened to her slowly move down the hallway. When he heard the boots thud outside the room he was in he caught his breath and took quiet slow breaths as she moved slowly by.

Shane’s nose was running and he was breathing in musty dust filled air which only seemed to make it worse. He wiped his nose on his sleeve and then held his sleeve up to his nose to stifle a sneeze he felt a tingling in his nose. Shane closed his eyes and tried not thinking about it as he heard the tyrant walking further down the hall away from the room when she suddenly stopped. Shane pressed his nose harder into his sleeve rubbing it and breathing through his mouth. From down the hall, he heard Afanasii’s say his name and then the sound of her stomping down another hall until she was in, footsteps gradually faded away.

Shane finally allowed himself to relax knowing his bait tricked her into searching the rest of the hospital for him. Searching the room quietly Shane came across a flashlight in the end table between the two beds along with a bible and an unopened box of tissues. Shane stuffed two balled up pieces of tissue up his nostrils and went over to the closet. Stepping inside he shut the door and turned the flashlight on. This way the light wouldn’t give him away if someone happened to glance at the windows or under the door.

Inside the closet Shane saw two empty wire hangers pushed to the far side of the rack, a dark blue and black pinstriped suit jacket with a matching pair of dark blue and black slacks folded neatly on the shelf above it along with some old towels and a dark blue fedora with a black band.

Next to the suit was an old hospital gown, a scuffed green suitcase and a pair of blue plaid slippers. Shane fished into his pocked checked the map he had of the hospital. According to the map he was in the old people’s ward of the hospital.

Squatting down with the flashlight gripped in his teeth Shane quietly unbuckled the clasps on the old green suitcase and opened it. Inside were three neatly folded white buttons down shirts, a black silk vest, a black, and blue striped silk tie, an empty silver whiskey flask and a silver Zippo lighter with a fire-breathing dragon etched into it.

Shane looked at what was left of his outfit and realized he needed a change of clothes desperately and the clothing in here looked to be about his size. Shane stripped down inside the closet and started getting dressed. All he thought of when he was down to his underwear and socks was, “Oh God, please don’t let that goddamn monster find me like this.”
After he was dressed Shane put the fedora on his head and pulled his boots back on. Shane looked himself over in the full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door and smiled tipping the fedora back on his head slightly with one finger. Sure it was a bit baggy and he looked like he was a refugee from a 1930s gangster movie but it was a shitload better than freezing his ass off with what was left of his disgusting blood caked clothes. And he had to admit he did look good in these colors.

Shane snapped out of admiring himself and got back to business. He took the dragon lighter and flask in case he came across some water he could fill it with. He then took the things he needed from his tattered stained jeans and stuffed them in his suit jacket, vest, and slacks.

Scanning the map once again he saw that he was a little ways from the stairs. He thought of and then immediately dismissed trying the elevator that was closer to where he was. So far he hadn’t been having the best of luck with them and he wasn’t going to risk falling into another body pile or being trapped in a space that small with an angry tyrant or lord knows what else that might be out there in the hospital looking to make a meal out of him.

Shane knew he had to take the stairwell, there was really no choice. He thought, “I really hate this job...” as he sighed, shook moved his head to side cracking his stiff neck and shut the flashlight off. In the mirror, all he could see was the faint red glow of his eyes. Shane pinched the bridge of his nose and thought to himself, “Come on man, you can do this! You have to get upstairs, you have to stop Nikolai and you have to get your equipment. You have to get your phone…” He thought while opening his eyes again while nodding to himself. “Let’s show these assholes what a Wesker is made of.”

Chapter 10

Nikolai scanned the monitors as his highly trained eyes scanned them for the slightest movement as he looked to the ones on his right seeing his men moving out as they had collected their samples and research that this forgotten building had collected. Closing his eyes, the old Russian found himself remembering the past, to that of 1998 when he went to the Raccoon City University and continued to do what he needed to do with U.B.C.S. and his duty for Umbrella who seemed to ignore him about his various warnings of betrayal and outbreaks, but that was ancient history as he looked at the monitors while his mind was still drifting a bit as he soon fixed his gaze to the monitor to his upper left seeing something odd.

He didn’t know what he was seeing from the grainy footage but it looked like a gangster from the 1930’s was walking the halls but the footage made the man vanish causing the Russian to shake his head thinking he was seeing things when in truth, it was Shane moving back upstairs once again.

Tiredness loomed around Nikolai as a yawn managed to escape him by accident as he shook his head at that before checking the time, “Almost time.” He said in his thick accent before pressing a single button on the vastness of buttons and gauges that littered before him in which controlled all of the monitors, this lonely button was to power down the entire building in a matter of a few minutes which would allow him to lock Shane inside, sadly the Russian felt he shouldn’t but the boy was becoming a pest to him and those samples he wanted to collect will be destroyed unless Afanasii managed to catch Shane, either alive or dead so he could have the samples he needed.

The boy had a rare blood type, he knew that well since Shane was the son of Albert Wesker and Alexia Ashford, he chuckled at that before fixing his gloves as his eyes looked down at the phone on the controls as he had tried getting the data from it but alas, some woman was on there telling him that he did not have access or was part of the Wesker line. This intrigued him greatly as to what Wesker had up his sleeve before he died, did he manage to keep his organization going through the use of an advanced A.I.? Or was that all of Shane’s work since he inherited all of what Wesker had before his passing? “One day.” Was all he said turning his attention to the window as he saw a sole figure in the hallway as the lights were flickering from the powering down of the hospital as the Russian was not fazed with that as he looked smug from Shane’s point of view at the end of the hallway.

Moving slowly, the young Wesker glared darkly as his eyes slowly started to glow more as Nicolai’s men soon appeared at the end of the hallway as Gennedy was there as well, all their laser sightings locked on the oncoming man as they saw the now blazing eyes moving toward them, a simple chuckle was heard from Nikolai as the men opened fire instantly onto the hallway as the Russian made his leave from the room as he headed to the stairs leading up to the roof where his helicopter was waiting.

Gennedy called for a cease-fire as everyone reloaded yet Shane seemed unfazed as their flashlights soon came to life with flickering bulbs lacking decent lighting, their flashlights revealed a startling sight as Shane was holding a bulletproof glass fragment, the size of himself as he was smirking behind it, “Bet you all didn’t expect this.” He said, he was fortunate, earlier with all that rushing water from before managed to flood various areas on the floors in which he found this floating in a pile of disgusting trash and clothing, apparently discarded from the glass behind them as he soon moved forward like a charging bull making Gennedy grunt as he jumped out of the way just as he saw two of his comrades flatten into mush against the force of both glass on the wall and Shane’s makeshift shield.

There was nothing to recognize them as Shane turned toward the down Russian who opened fire on him in which he easily avoided till he heard nothing but a clicking of the gun has run out of ammo, the others were getting up firing at him as they had to deal with the Wesker who was so swift and so agile as one was kicked out of a window and another kicked hard as he crashed into Gennedy who was getting up.

Afanasii was coming down the hallway now as Shane could hear her, adjusting his hat he turned towards the hallway opening as his eyes soon saw a trap that hadn’t been fully set making him smirk seeing it was a claymore, breaking the neck of one of Gennedy’s men trying to stab him; Shane used the body and grabbed the claymore as he stabbed it onto the body as he hurled it toward Afanasii who bashed it against the wall which was a foolish mistake as it exploded in fire and smoke as it caused her to tumble back as she collapsed to a knee while purple ichor fell to the ground. Shane fixed his suit as he said, “Shouldn’t play catch dearie.” He said tipping his hat as he moved to the security control room door as he saw the key panel before smiling as he knew the code from before, grabbing the notes he had collected from waking up he saw the numbers and entered to code: 9830.

This was the only place in the building he had seen a code panel as the green light flickered to life unlocking the room as he moved inside swiftly seeing his kukris making him smile grabbing them before snagging his phone from the control panel as he soon saw on one of the monitors Nikolai getting onto his chopper outside! That made Shane curse as he turned toward the glass as Afanasii rammed right through it making him jump in his skin as his arms covered his face in protection, the tyrant was bleeding all over the place now as he moved around her while he hurried out. Around the room as there was only one set of stairs leading up now as he hurried up and out onto the roof while he was attaching the kukris to his belt as his eyes locked on the chopper taking off.

“Shit!” Shane snapped hurrying as he ran now to the edge of the roof and jumped as hard as he could through the air as his hands extended outward snagging onto the left landing skid causing the helicopter to jerk downward in his direction nearly causing him to lose his grip on the skid as he held on tightly realizing this was the dumbest thing he was doing! He was over a hundred feet from the ground, going over treetops!

There were two other helicopters around the one Nikolai was in as he opened the door looking down at Shane holding on tightly as he shook his head, “So, you want to give yourself up?” He asked as Shane looked at him bitterly as Nikolai smirked devilishly as he spoke to the pilot in Russian as Shane felt the tops of the trees hitting against his legs now as a few tore at him while his hat flew off into the darkness from the speed of their flight as he looked forward seeing what they were doing making him hang on as tightly as possible, “You can surrender.” Nikolai said to him loudly. “I can use you.”

“Forget it!” Shane shouted before hearing a loud explosion as he turned his head back toward the hospital seeing flames rising upward into the snowy sky, lighting it up with reds and orange colors as it had exploded much like many other facilities belonging to Umbrella, but what Nikolai didn’t count on was that a few parts of the hospital managed to remain in contact. Attention from the blaze was adverted as the helicopter stared tactical movements to make Shane let go but he held on tightly till he heard a gun click making him looked up at Nikolai seeing a pistol aimed at him followed by a bang as he was shot causing him to lose his grip as another hard jerk of the helicopter caused Shane to fall.

The wind howled as pain encased Shane’s body once again as each branch of the trees tore at his clothes and flesh as his body fell like a stone through them. Sickening sounds of body colliding at such speeds against the firm and frail branches, he plummeted toward the snowy ground below as it was heard with a loud thump. The world seemed silent afterward as things were still on the snowy forest floor before painful coughing was heard followed by a groan. Shane slowly pushed himself onto hands and knees as he slowly sat back holding his neck as he grunted feeling the bullet being pushed out as it popped into his hand with wetness behind it.

“I fucking hate being shot...” He said as his vision pulsed from his head hurting, like a hammer had been hitting him for the past few minutes, fire blazing so far away but it could still be seen from the forest floor, but he wasn’t aware of the still danger he was in as Afanasii, who was still at the hospital, managed to survive the explosion.

The female tyrant, whose name meant ‘Immortal’, made her freedom from the rubble with strong pushes and stomps over the burning rubble as her chest was heaving hard inward and out as she was catching her breath before yelling loudly as her body was rushed hotly with power. Parts of her jacket was missing from the explosion and fire as she held her arms while her blood seeped swiftly from her injuries as they started to heal while her jacket sleeves were soon growing tighter against her growing arms caused by her first mutation.

In pain, her fingers crinkled like wicked witches as claws tore through her fingers as they glistened in the blazing fire around her as she looked like a new forged demon of Hell. Eyes were changing in color as they were turning redder by the second as the tearing of her jacket sleeves occurred as her once thing strong arms were now huge and muscular, panting and shouting out while her skin started to darken into a deep gray that certainly made her look more monster than human now as her mutation finally finish, her shouts and screams echoed in the forest causing her target to look in her direction as he was two miles from her but she still made him afraid.

Red eyes locked onto the three helicopters flying over the forest with brightly shining spotlights while encircling the forest allowed her to know the direction needed to get her target, she had not lost her sense to follow orders. Grunting as she shook off the tattered remains of her jacket sleeves, she moved toward the forest with her new mutated arms, ready to grab and rend Shane apart while she hissed his name over and over again.

Further up the path, Shane was still recovering from the fall but his regeneration factor could not aid him since he was suffering from exhaustion but he still couldn’t believe he survived the fall without getting killed or impaled, he did break a few ribs on the fall, he was glad for his gift Wesker injected him with. “Thanks, Dad.” He whispered before seeing the spotlights getting too close to where he was as he got up with a stagger. His body ached badly, he could see why Wesker avoided physical conflict most of the time and wasn’t as reckless like this. Sure Shane had his own way of dealing with things, hell; he was steadfast in making the world safer. “Stay with it, Shane.” He said to himself, trying desperately to stay focused with the situation instead of his own plans.

Limping he stayed close to any thick tree within range to stay hidden from the brightly shining lights, at times like this, he wished he had a sniper rifle. Leaning back against a tree while holding his right arm, he breathed painfully as his eyes closed, he had dislocated his shoulder in the fall and he didn’t notice it till he was walking.

“Fuck.” He growled snapping his eyes open instantly as he heard his name being hissed loudly causing his blood to run cold. “Oh, God...” He peeked around the tree, left and then right as he soon saw her in the weaving light as she looked like a demon coming toward him and nothing was going to stop her. His heart skipped a beat as he tried to get his body to feel the world as a light soon locked onto him blinding him which forced him to cover his face to look towards the helicopter, quickly he returned his attention to the female tyrant charging at him causing him to jump out of the way as her thick clawed fist destroyed the tree he had been leaning against sending splinters and large fragments flying through the air followed by snowfall but in Shane’s eyes he saw how pissed she was at him. “Fuck you!” He snapped at her before running from her as fast as possible in his current state, with the light on him made it harder for him to see what was coming in front of him since his eyes were adjusted to the bright light now.

It was like a nightmare that didn’t seem to end, endless darkness before him as a blood-hungry monster was following him, much like the nightmares he used to have when he was a kid. Tripping hard over a root, the young man landed face first into the snow as he coughed and cursed, yelping instantly he felt a tight hand around his legs making him kick wildly as his hands clawed the snow and ground. The world moved so fast as the ground soon greeted him again as well as flying snow as he tumbled over and over upon the cold snow covered ground till his back collided with a tree, dizziness, and pain flooded his body. Vision pulsing, fading in and out of the darkness and light, he saw her coming.

In the helicopter above, Nikolai watched his girl walking toward Shane; hands into fists as he smirked knowing Shane would die now but Gennedy asked him once before ‘Why kill him? He could be of use for you, sir.’ his mind went back to that moment back at the hospital when he and Gennedy talked just moments before Shane arrived. Shane had antibodies, the perfect genetics of two dead geniuses, he held Umbrella’s secrets to human perfection, and he held the mysterious virus that Wesker himself had inside his body. The young man was a great potential and a great weapon if brainwashed properly. “I want him alive.” He said on the radio to Afanasii as she stopped only for a moment to listen to her master. “Knock him out, do not kill him.” He ordered as she started moving toward Shane who was trying to get up.

He knew he had to move before she got hold of him again but things were hard as he was suffering greatly from her throwing him and that of falling from the helicopter, he never got much luck on these missions alone. He felt her one hand grip his shoulder tightly as her claws penetrated his flesh causing him to shout in pain which mad Nikolai smirk watching as his girl threw Shane aside hard causing the helpless man to tumble over and over through the snow as there as a flurry of it being thrown up when he finally landed nearly getting buried in the snow.

He could not call out for help, for he was alone here and had nothing to help defend himself. Sure he had his kukris but he was too weak and too slow to even stand up let alone fight her in this condition unless he managed to find a way to catch this Tyrant off guard.

Afanasii moved toward him again as she flexed her thick muscular arms as her glowing red demon-like eyes stayed locked on the young man struggling to get up onto his feet, he looked at her panting a bit as he grunted forcing himself to stand and no hint of anger in those eyes at all, only pain as he breathed hard and trying to heal his ribs that threaten more and more to cause him to bleed internally from puncturing a lung.

The snow clouds were slowly starting to show lighter in color more and more as the sun was rising, morning was coming fast as he had to think before limping to his right to get some distance from her as he used the trees to provide cover but she kept coming and soon she started moving quickly when she heard the sound of snow crunching at a faster pace and then and there she saw him running, he couldn’t move as fast but he was using his strength to keep going giving her a chance to give chase as he looked back cursing seeing her coming.

Turning his attention forward he shouted hitting a tree on his left hand causing it to break from the force as it started falling behind him leaving Afanasii to catch the tree as it was heading at her in turn, Nikolai grunted seeing that and kept the helicopter moving after Shane as their spotlights did not lose track of the fleeing man who ran with what strength he had. “Keep moving.” Shane panted as he groaned feeling the nearness of his body ready to collapse but he moved forward till he heard something cracking and groaning as his right foot sunk down into the snow suddenly he fell forward hitting the ground, the sound grew louder as he felt nothing under his right foot causing panic to race through his body and the more he struggled to get free the louder it became till he was clawing the snow as he fell down the hole into the darkness below, screaming all the way.

Afanasii reached the hole and eyed it carefully while peering down inside seeing nothing within, it was an old mine shaft, Nikolai got a pair of binoculars to look and saw the hole from where he was at way above and shook his head. “The poor boy fell to his death, a pity.” He announced on the radio. “Gennedy, collect Afanasii and return to base.” He ordered closing the door and sat down as they started to leave, mine shafts were unpredictable and most of the time they were fatal.

But that was not the case for Shane who hit the curves of the shaft and rocks as he fell from the hole landing into a roughly flowing river that had flooded the abandoned mine as he struggled to find a way out of the darkness and water, unable to see he hit countless rocks along the way till it finally spat him out into the cold wilderness of Canada.

Chapter 11

Snow falling, slowly and gracefully from the light gray clouds that moved above in the sky. The sun shining beyond them giving the world light of the morning but it did not stop the snowing. Slowly sounds of birds of winter started to sound in the cold Canadian forest; there was no wind now as the crunching of snow under pressure was heard. A lone figure walked through the snow, it was a hunter.

He was a tall man with deep brown eyes as was his skin, he had a gut on himself but one would not tell from looking at him from the front. Upon him he had a full gray beard, his deep blue flannel shirt kept him warm in this cold as it was under a blackish gray jacket which had once seen better days as did his blue jeans. On his head he wore an orange toboggan and brown mountain boots; he had a belt on his jeans to keep them up and grayish green gloves on his hands. Carrying with him was a Savage Model 110; he was hunting for anything in this coldness and early morning hours.

He did not know what had happened in the forest a long distance away nor did he care, for he only cared about his hunting. Crouching down he examined a few fresh deer tracks in the snow, he said nothing standing up as he moved onward following next to the river that drained from an old mine. The water wasn’t too terrible and thankfully he had another source of water if he couldn’t use this one. Exhaling he rubbed his arms while listening to the sounds around him, silence but that of the flowing water.

Following along the river did he move at a slow pace, keeping his trained eyes out for movement but his attention was focused on something along the shore, caught up by a fallen tree’s thick branch. It looked like garbage but it was out of place hence why he moved toward it to investigate. “Some damn fool trying to get rid of their garbage.” He grumbled in his deep voice before stopping when he saw a hand and matted iced blonde hair. Nearly dropping his rifle the hunter moved back before looking around, it was a body.

Moving toward the body he moved into the water only a bit to grab hold onto the torn and tattered coat, pulling the man ashore he was astonished finding it was a young man, setting down his rifle he checked for a pulse only to find a very weak one and slowly fading, it was Shane, he was freezing to death. Collecting his thoughts, the hunter looked around one more time before pulling Shane up and over his shoulder before collecting his rifle, “I’m getting too old for this.” The hunter said as he moved along slowly back through the forest, scaring a few deer and a large elk in the process, did he ever curse this timing.
It took him twenty minutes to reach his cabin that rested partly on a hill, it was designed to be on stilts in case the river flooded; many would say it was like a swamp shack for the North. Climbing up the stairs made of old logs and soon onto the porch did he kick off the snow on his boots and entered into the warmth and safety of his home. Upon the walls were stuffing’s of fish and some game animals but also photos of looked like him and his family. Moving from the entrance away he went to the couch near the fireplace laying Shane down. He started to strip Shane of his weapons and clothing, the clothing looked simple to fix so the hunter placed them aside before leaving Shane’s side to get warmer from a drawer in the kitchen, wrapping it up in a dish towel that had a chicken on it, he hurried back to Shane’s side and laid it on his chest before covering him up with his thick blankets.

There wasn’t much he could do besides keep him warm, the nearest hospital was too far away and would take hours to even get through this kind of snow where he was at; his truck had seen better days too. The hunter returned to what he could do and that was keeping Shane warm as best as he could, his medical training was of military standards but this was the first he ever found someone this far into hypothermia. Stuffing the fireplace again, he quickly got changed out of his coat and hat, boots removed as he hurried with some warm, dry clothing he had spare. There was enough but most were patch-worked, that didn’t matter of course, he had no underwear to fit Shane!

It took longer than he wanted as he dressed Shane in the clothing, sighing he placed a hand against his head had completely forgot he had hot water bottles and got up to fill them up, from memory he knew he needed to keep Shane’s chest warm and to not cause the cold blood to go back into his chest till he was heated up again. “John, you need to keep him warm.” He said to himself before looking at the water bottle he was filling up with warm water. “First person I’ve seen out here in five years.” He told shutting the water off and carried it back to Shane. “You’re lucky I found you, boy.” He said lifting the blanket up, sealing the bottle he laid it on Shane’s groin before covering him up again to fill the last water bottle he had in his home. He never thought he would use them but they were now saving a life.

The final touch he did for Shane was dry his head and hair before slipping on a rabbit fur hat, John smiled knowing all this would help. If the man died he would still have to get to town or put the body in the snow till he’s able to leave, that however would draw a lot of attention that he did not need. Checking him over, John left Shane to rest as he went back into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich, where he would look over Shane’s clothes. He found the items in the pockets, not in bad condition, the herbs were soggy but he would use them in a warm brew he would have Shane drink later.

The weapons that he took made him think of Vietnam, he served in the medical department during the war and had seen many things that even he wished at times he didn’t remember. How many young men he could not save, so many crying out for their mothers. Those made him think of his son who was serving in the Marine Corp back in the States. They kept in contact with a few letters a year, but recently he hadn’t gotten any. The chair he slowly sat on creaked as he sighed, so many years put into the lumber mill he worked at for thirty years, life was overly good till his wife died.

Slowly his rich eyes fell onto an old photo hanging on the wall in the kitchen of a young African-American girl looking at him while holding a handful of roses. He smiled remembering that day he asked her out, he took that very photo on their first date, he never expected her in saying she wanted to marry him. He missed her, that was clear but he continued to live on in their dream home here in the woods of Canada. Their son didn’t like the idea since it was in such a remote area if something happened; only a few people at the post office would notice it.

Rocking gently in the rocking chair that he sat on, he watched Shane resting away while having small shakes now and then. John ate his sandwich slowly while the chair creaked lightly and the fire continued to its dance in the fireplace; the warm light shimmering on the young man’s face as he continued to warm up while his savior watched over him. The man was John Joneson, an African-American who served during Vietnam and survived its horrors and married the girl he fell in love with. At times he found himself drifting back into his memories of the terrors he saw then; back in the jungles of Vietnam.

Crackling the fireplace going, his eyes watching it as he gently rocked in his old worn rocking chair, enjoying the warmth but didn’t acknowledge it since his mind was somewhere else. The plate was empty and so was his glass of water that rested near an old green water pitcher on the small coffee table between him and the couch upon which the young man he had saved was resting, warming up slowly from his hypothermia. John couldn’t get to town with the weather being like this, his truck wouldn’t be able to get out of the spot it was currently located anyway.

The medical experience was being put to the test as the veteran rocked; morning crept along slowly like the fire that burned in the fireplace. He was only drawn out of his thoughts when his old grandfather clock chimed lowly at the hour. 9 AM. John hadn’t realized how long he had been sitting there lost in his memories, rising from his chair he moved to the wood rack next to the fireplace and grabbed a log, tossing it into the fireplace he turned around to look at Shane sleeping away. “Poor kid could be in a coma for all I know.” He grumbled rubbing his beard and soon he removed the blanket, too the hot water bottles, drained, refilled and returned.

There was color returning slowly to the young man’s face and that was a good sign, but he knew it would take time till anything truly positive would happen. A hot bath would help but John didn’t want to risk it now since Shane was starting to warm up again, he couldn’t leave him here alone either and that scrapped his day of hunting. “You’re lucky today.” He said moving to a window looking outside was the frozen forest and falling snow from the gray snow clouds.

“I could take a nap...” He mumbled moving from the fireplace and across the room to another door that was near his office desk that held mail and a few books, there was paper and pencils too for him to write. Smiling for a moment, he looked at the old yellow toy duck doll on the upper part of the desk, it belonged to his son when he was a baby and grew up loving that till he felt too old for it. “Kid loved that toy.” He whispered turning off the desk light, checking the tack board next to the desk for his list of things to do, he retired through the door into the bedroom where he laid down on the queen size bed and there he took a nap.

Hours passed when the old man woke up again, he yawned loudly before looking at the alarm clock on the dresser seeing it was a quarter past noon making him grumble getting up from his soft bed to check on the young man. Still there on the couch, still alive and breathing, more color in the skin, looking warmer too. That was a relief for him tossing another log into the fire, there wasn’t much he could do here so he left the room to his workshop outside.

The snow crunched under his feet as the world was of silence and stillness, he enjoyed that but there were at times he missed his wife, she loved winter. Walking past his old beat-up truck he reached the shed, it didn’t have much heating in it, even though it did have a heat vent from the house leading to it. Unlocking the door he went inside and closed the metal door behind himself, walking to the ceiling light that had a cord hanging from it, he pulled it as the room lit up a bit more for him to see.

The old workbench was littered with tools and scrap metal he had been using to fix his truck with, next to it was the tool cabinet of which he opened up and rummaged through till he found a hammer and chisel. John did a lot of repairs himself instead of going to a garage, better yet he even made his own furniture as the old war vet turned toward the other workstation he had that held a half-finished handcrafted wooden chair and a terrible rough sketch of what it would look like when he was done.

Working away he did, he had worked a good two weeks on this chair and he needed to finish it. He couldn’t leave the house though, he had to make sure the young man would survive, even if he had no idea what the kid’s name was. So he would work and tend to the boy, he would do this for the next few days and hopefully soon, he wouldn’t have to clean after Shane.

Chapter 12

A week later... Germany.

It had been a week since Shane left for Canada and the last time Black Queen heard from him as well, Sherry was getting worried and so was Steve. They weren’t able to get hold of him, let alone find him on the satellite, they feared the worse yet Sherry told Steve they would carry on and keep doing what they were doing. Living and working on cures. Sure Shane wanted to carry out Wesker’s legacy but there were things needed to be done too and one of them was having cures in case some fool caused another viral outbreak.

Back in Canada.

John rocked on his old rocking chair stringing a few chords on his guitar; he had to smile as he hummed softly listening to the music he was making. He always fancied guitars since he was in the service, one of his war buddies had one and would play it when they weren’t on duty or being shot at by the VC. So many good times he had during the war too with his fellows back in his platoon, he always called his bud ‘Ole Rick Harris’, it was a nickname that stuck to that medic till he died of cancer caused by agent orange that was used.

The vet sighed now, he remembered tending to the funeral, his old war buddy had lived a good life teaching kids and teens, even adults how to play the guitar. For John, he was learning in memory of his close friend. He needed to practice since he had been tending Shane and working in his shed, he wanted to at least be able to finish playing one song sheet before doing anything else but that was short lived when he heard Shane groan. The first sign of active life in a week!

Setting the guitar against the coffee table, John rose from his chair and moved to the young man that was barely conscious now, eyes were partly open but he wasn’t fully there. He couldn’t speak and John gave him a drink of water to help him, that’s what he wanted and the vet went to work checking him over. The eyes startled him but he did raise a brow at how strange they were and the thought of contacts flew out of the window when those silted pupils reacted to light. “Such strange times these are.” He mumbled before asking, “Can you try talking?” as he watched the young man try to voice himself only to slip back into darkness again. “Rest son, you’ve been through a lot.”

This improvement relaxed John greatly, Shane was coming to life even if his body was in a poor state and his mind lost in the shadows of darkness and hypothermia. Feeding Shane was a hard time but liquid food like tomato soup did help since he was able to get Shane to swallow for him. In time he would get to know this young stranger recovering on his couch.

Heading into the kitchen, John found himself looking at the photo of his late wife and sigh, “I hope I can save him.” He whispered before going to work washing the dishes before doing anything else since going to town wouldn’t be possible till there was a break in this weather. Drying his hands he moved to the window looking outside at the falling snow and rubbed his arms a bit, so cold and so still it was out there yet what was the young man doing out there? That question pounded his mind for many hours yet he could get no answer and he had his own theory that Shane was dumped.

Grabbing his coat and toboggan he checked on Shane one more time before heading outside to his workshop to continue with his work, only a small few hours passed when he returned and removed his coat and boots, hanging up his toboggan he coughed. A hot bath sounded perfect but he would have to take a shower instead since Shane needed tended to and he looked over at him when he heard a cough and a shaky inhale which made him hurry over to check on him.

John’s voice broke Shane’s musings when he said concerned, “Son, can you hear me?” as he watched Shane carefully and soon leaned in to hear a faint raspy voice. “Cold…yeah, I hear you.” He said smiling, the word Shane rasped was ‘cold’, and the first word he heard since finding him and he was relieved. “You’ll be fine son, once you’ve recovered enough you will open your eyes and see me.”

Leaving Shane, John went to his room getting some fresh clothes and his dirty ones to wash, heading to the bathroom he started the laundry and soon was in the shower unaware of Shane opening his eyes weakly before groaning a bit, “…so cold…” He whispered before coughing, he felt like a train hit him head-on and he survived it.

Coughing again he could hear the crackling of the burning wood and that of the washing machine running over the sounds of a hot shower being in use. “Where am I?” He slowly sat up but to lay down again feeling so stiff, the last thing he could recall was falling down that mineshaft. “Still alive...” He said yawning now instead of coughing but a cough did escape. Managing to sit up he looked around before finally putting his feet onto the floor as he noticed his clothing was different and his feet resting on a deerskin rug.

“How long have I been out cold?” Shane wondered before he stood up wrapping himself up in the blanket watching the fire. Shane’s eyes moved about the room and then outside as he saw it the sky was getting dark as the sunset. This forced Shane to move towards the window and look out at the falling snow and a chill ran up his spine. “Nikolai could still be out there.” The thought hit him with a jolt. “That bitch too….” Turning his head he saw a calendar and moved to it briskly and seeing the date he was dumbfounded as he stammered,” No… no way… It’s been a week since that day? What happened?”

Shane tried to figure that out as his mind retraced to that dangerous chase and then the ground giving out that lead to total darkness. “Thank you, Dad.” He whispered now raising his head and closed his eyes, if it hadn’t been for Albert Wesker giving him the same virus, Shane would have died twice in one year. Exploring this large room he saw many things of the occupant that lived here, each item described the man since there were very little of a woman being seen here.

Hearing a door open, Shane turned his head quickly as freshly clothed John came out of the bathroom and the two made eye contact. The war vet just stared at him and Shane of he, both didn’t move an inch before John spoke, “Glad to see you on your feet, son.” Shane didn’t know how to respond so he nodded to him quickly. John asked concerned but half-joking, “Are you able to talk boy or is your tongue still frozen?”

Shane smiled weakly, “Sorry sir.” Shane took a breath to keep his cool and said calmly, “Thank you.  Did you find me?” He asked seeing John nodding before moving to him to check him over again. “Thank you… I honestly don’t remember too much, I fell down a mineshaft and I must have gotten swept away at the bottom.”

John spoke as he checked a bruise on Shane’s head, “The mine shaft entrance is about a mile from here, you are a lucky son of a gun that I was out hunting and happened to spot you out there.” John looked him in the eyes. “You were already sufferin’ from hypothermia and early frostbite. If I came minutes later I would have never seen you and you would have been frozen solid.”

Shane said, “You saved my life; I thank you for that sir.”, while he rubbed the spot where John was examining him so intently only to flinch from the pain. Though he didn’t remember much after the fall, he knew he would be all right. “I owe you for this; I’ll give you anything you want.” He said only see and hear John chuckle at that and with a simple headshake, the man was all right with Shane just being alive.

After a while, Shane was given a towel and fresh clothing to change into when he was done with his shower. Though it was generous, he was uncomfortable with the thought of wearing someone else’s underwear but he had no choice in the matter considering he was still in the wash. Thanking John again did he whisk away to the bathroom and listened to the washer running before collecting himself.

He was still in Canada, where exactly was unknown until he was able to escape this winter wonderland and get to town, from there find a way to get to an airport, he had to get to Germany before Nikolai did anything with t-M. The thoughts of those blasted creatures plagued Shane’s mind, how many could still be out there now since the hospital exploded….and that tyrant? Mutated, she had mutated and came after him like a demon out of hell; goose bumps crept quickly up his body sending terrible chills through him while his mind reflected on the memory of her.

He failed to get any samples and his phone was missing, fingers were crossed that Black Queen made a copy. Calming down as he took a few deep relaxing breaths did he finally face himself in the mirror that showed how terrible he looked. Shaggy and messy, his eyes a bit stained by stress and that of the endless void that nearly claimed him.

This was the second time he faced death, the first was when his father killed him to be reborn. But the thing was Shane could hardly remember what it was like in the afterlife. He knew he saw his mother, Sofia, there. He still saw her as his mother, not Alexia Ashford for many reasons he would not call her mother and one of them was because he did not know her. She was an interesting woman, a child genius like he was and she was the creator of the Veronica virus, the images provided of her made him feel that he wished she wasn’t dead. There were so many questions he could have asked her if he had known her, and with the death year date on her was 1998, he wouldn’t have ever met her anyway.

So many things couldn’t be changed if by some miracle that a time-machine was invented in his lifetime, he would gladly use it and see those he never got to meet. He met Spencer once before when he was a little kid, he never realized who the old man was till he asked Sophia who he was when he was older. “...can’t change the past.” He whispered accepting the things for what they were while getting himself sorted out as he finally got into the shower feeling the hot water rushing over him in great easing waves of heat to ease his body through the stress plaguing his entire mind and body.
This man, John, saved him and for that much, he owed him his life and from what he saw, this man was alone. Either a widow or divorced but he had a feeling John was a widow; poor guy was a great man who did his own thing and was alone out here in the forest and land of snow. There was so much Shane could learn while being trapped out here, tips and tricks that John could show him and how to be a better leader.



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