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Resident Evil: Shane’s Story (Book 2) by TheOracleDragon

Chapter 19

“Don’t lose sight of it!” Heinz called up to Chris while maneuvering around stationary boxcars and a signal light, it was difficult to turn around with two trains working in vigilance to get undamaged goods away from the fighting and fires. Chris was wiping his brow seeing Vitaly heading off towards what looked like the train workshop near the fueling station.  Chris wasn’t sure how much longer that BOW could handle the onslaught he and Heinz were doing, for all he knew, the monster was going to mutate into a more dangerous form. “Damn monster…” Chris said holding onto the turret, it was going to take them a while to get after the monster, giving Shane plenty of time to track Vitaly down.

He was able to get around without issue from the infected, most of them had been wiped out earlier and he collected a green herb from his belt pouch to chew on it to gain healing and stamina. The news chopper was still flying overhead, giving assistance in tracking down Vitaly. “At least they’re useful for the time being.” He admitted to himself, they weren’t damaged at all since Vitaly showed his ugly face to the world. Realization flooded his core; Nikolai was certainly watching this from the feed the helicopter was obtaining for their viewers. Mentally he was cursing while climbing over a coupling. He lost his one kukri when Vitaly grabbed him, thankfully his still had another left and his dual .45s.

On the other sides of the train, he could see the bloody trail that Vitaly had left behind in his retreat to get away from everyone. “You are injured, about time.” He praised and hurried following the blood, moving around boxcars and easily running pass the freight train returning to get more cars away from the fires. The building before Shane was the workshop, the news chopper flying overhead, trying to get a better view. The building was certainly large and would serve as a challenge for the fight to happen inside. Plans were spreading through his mind while he dashed to the entrance, going undetected by the cameras.

The entrance for the trains to be transported inside was sealed shut; he saw the claw marks and blood on the edged. Vitaly had sealed them shut behind him in order to gain a moment to recover; this BOW wasn’t dumb at all. Using the side entrance, Shane looked around the office and then moved to a window. He ducked to the side instantly catching sight of Vitaly perched on a train, the monster was holding its bleeding side and snarled pulling out a piece of shrapnel, throwing it to the ground in disgust. Two of his four back appendages were twitching and hung slightly. Shane was taking mental notes, the damage was there, Vitaly wouldn’t be able to handle much more.

Shane looked around the room seeing the power was out, the fuse to the box was gone and a note was left next to it indicating that the spares were in the supply locker. Looking out the window again, he started to shut the blinds so Vitaly wouldn’t notice him while he was savaging supplies. He was doing his damnedest to keep as silent as possible. Checking the medical cabinet, he found something that was unexpected - a bottle of Safsprin. He hadn’t seen this since he was a child in Raccoon City, one of the many products Umbrella had made before it was revealed what they were doing with viruses. Collecting the bottle, he was curious and shook it hearing there were still tablets inside of it. Shane pondered about this and stuck it back, he didn’t need that. Finding nothing useful, he shut it and checked the desks and found a small map of the building layout.

Collecting it up, he looked at it quickly spotting where the supply room was and he cursed. It was on the other side of the building and he would have to get around Vitaly without being detected. Vitaly was still on the train, tending to his wounds, Shane peeked through the blinds watching another shard of metal being thrown to the floor in a sounding clatter. Those wounds were healing over, and still, Vitaly was picky away in removing the metal and anything else lodged in his flesh. The burn wounds bubbled and flattened out as if they were popped, his body regenerating at a steady pace. “At least he isn’t quick like I am,” Shane said to himself softly moving away from the window to the ajar door. Beyond it was boxes and barrels, nothing much more apart from a forklift or two. He was already planning to take the pits to reach one point in the place, use whatever he could find for cover.

There were two trains in the workshop and a crane above the one which had obvious signs of repair work. According to the one document he found, the train Vitaly sat upon was fully repaired and was ready to be used. “If I am able to move the crane to get Vitaly, I could use the train and shove him outside…no, it wouldn’t work.” He thought while moving to get to the storage room. Power to the workshop was a key to operating everything in this place. Vitaly snarled again causing Shane to freeze for a moment and then he kept moving, reaching the end of the pit, he climbed out and was behind Vitaly. The monster continued picking and removing the metal from his body, buying Shane plenty of time to reach the room.

There were many boxes and lockers here, approaching the boxes, they didn’t have any indicators that the fuses would be there and he resorted to checking the lockers. One was jammed, “Great.” He whispered harshly to himself, he knew Vitaly would hear him break into it. The other two lockers didn’t offer too much apart from a lever. Returning to the jammed locker, Shane looked around for a place to hide and settled on hiding behind one of the desks that rested in the corner. Gripping the metal, the sound alerted Vitaly instantly. Standing up, he growled leaping from his perch and ran to the door where the sound reverberated. Ripping the door off, he leaned inside, the four appendages slammed into the concrete wall around the door, his red eyes darted around searching for the intruder and found nothing. Sniffing the air, he did catch the scent of blood. Leaning inside more, he looked at the floor and saw dribbles of blood. He was going to investigate till his side brushed against the doorway, reminding him of the painful shards still in his side. Snorting, he moved away and stalked back to the train, returning to his area of solitude.

Shane sighed faintly peeking out from his cover, Vitaly almost found him out because of a simple mistake on Shane’s part. He hadn’t noticed he was still bleeding from a minor wound on his leg from when he was thrown. Plucking the glass from his leg, he shook his head, “Didn’t feel it and you nearly cost me.” He growled at the glass in a soft tone. Standing up, he returned to the locker seeing the fuses he needed. Collecting one, he looked at the lever. He wasn’t sure what this was for and his mind believed it to be part of the crane stationed above. The layout of this operation was starting to reveal that he needed assistance in taking the course of killing Vitaly off.

Planting himself close to the doorway, he looked out to ensure Vitaly wasn’t paying attention. Sure enough, the monster was observing the large doors to ensure that no intruders came inside to disturb him. “He will be healed up if I don’t hurry this up.” Crouching down, he moved carefully back to the pit. Moving along, he could hear something approaching from outside. Vitaly noticed it as well and was shifting from his position to fully face the doors. The appendages relaxed behind him, ready to swing out and slice into any fool daring to enter this place.

Shane was pleased with the distraction and darted towards the office, once inside he moved to the fuse box. Putting in the fuse and pulling the switch, power returned to the building with a loud hum. Sparks jumped from the box unexpectedly, and Shane found himself being shocked by the switch. Reeling backward, he panted shaking his right hand to remove the numbness. However, it was all short-lived when Vitaly smashed the windows and part of the wall with his spiked appendages and his face wrinkled in fury seeing the culprit making the noise. His eyes were once again filled with rage, he was certain this one was disposed of earlier. Reaching inside, he snagged Shane, yanking the man from the office and snarled right in his face.

Squirming, Shane struggled to get free from the tightening grip while Vitaly moved back allowing his appendages to release the mist. Grunting, Shane closed his eyes working hard to free himself from the death grip. Vitaly was about to rip him apart when he saw two figures barge through the office door, coming in with haste from the outside. It was the two from the vehicle that inflicted burns and jagged pain. Chris and Heinz were surprised to see the monster looking right at them in the face, furthermore, the man that was thought to have been killed when thrown through the air. With haste, the two aimed their shotguns at Vitaly and opened fire, forcing him to turn his back to them swinging his four appendages. Breaking the concrete wall with simple ease and forcing them to duck down to avoid impalement. Once again, he threw Shane away, hurling him back to the broken train. Smashing against the metal frame, his body streaked for a temporary moment till he was on the ground.

During which the hallucinogenic mist took hold of Chris and Heinz, they weren’t aware of the things they were going to see in their eyes, the trickery of Vitaly. “Move!” Chris barked as they were moving to get out of the office, avoiding Vitaly’s attacks upon it, collapsing the room. The two captains rolled and dashed away to gain space from the raging BOW. Reloading their weapons, Chris ducked behind a forklift and Heinz was taking cover by a pallet of crates. Their eyes starting to turn bloodshot, irritation followed afterward causing them to water. Heinz wiped his eyes and cursed lowly, his vision became hazy because of it.  “Cover me.” He told Chris while hurrying through his medical pouch to collect medicine for his eyes. Chris peeked around seeing no monster there but Claire, she looked frightened.

“Claire?” He whispered seeing her looking around and he hurried to rub his irritated eyes. This wasn’t right and he knew it, Claire was back with Heinz’s unit in the safe zone. “This isn’t Claire at all…” He told himself and looked again seeing her coming towards him quickly. Heinz drew his attention and caught the bottle of liquid first aid. Heinz gestured for Chris to pour it in his eyes a second before the Hauptman took off in a strafing run, shooting at Vitaly with his Glock 19C, distracting Vitaly away from Chris. Snarling, Vitaly dashed forward, smashing anything in his path to the side, he missed Heinz when he rolled into one of the pits. Retreating away, Vitaly took the bait and Chris was able to clear up his eyes to see his sister’s image fade away into the monster’s form. “That explains a lot,” Chris growled tossing the empty plastic bottle aside.

Reloading his shotgun, Chris watched Vitaly swiping at Heinz and his appendages whipping downward in failed attempts to impale the German officer. Heinz was holding himself well in keeping his distance and having objects provide him cover. Chris needed to think fast and checked the forklift, the keys dangled from the ignition. Scouting the floor, he found a wooden board. Snatching the wooden board, he started the forklift and lodged the board down onto the gas pedal. Releasing the break, he watched it lurch forward with a small bounce. The noise alerted Vitaly and he turned around, snagging the metal mast in his powerful hands, he was able to stop its approach. Heinz took this chance to fall back and climbed out of the pit, watching Vitaly snarl at the machine and threw it to the side, the machine banged into boxes and settled against the base of the moving crane.

Shane was recovering at this point, shaking his head swearing he was hearing voices, closing his eyes tightly he rose up to his feet. Sirens were blaring in the distance followed by gunfire nearby. Opening them once more, he looked over seeing Chris shooting at Wesker. “It’s not real,” He reminded himself hearing metal groaning nearby. He saw the forklift next to a broken ladder of the crane above him, the lever was heavy in his pocket; a reminder he could use it to help deal with Vitaly. Seeing Chris and his partner was busy avoiding Vitaly’s attacks, using everything around them for cover. Nodding, Shane jumped onto the broken train and easily leaped to the crane. Grunting, he was feeling his body reminding him of his injuries that needed him to rest. Growling at himself, he moved to the controls and saw they were in working order, pulling out the lever from his belt, he lodged it in place and hit the power button. The hum of power greeted his ears, looking around he directed the claw to move in the direction to where Vitaly was at currently.

Heinz was the first to notice what was going on, he realized the one up there was trying to help them and he shoved Chris out of the way from Vitaly’s attacks. Dodging backward, Heinz holstered his pistol and quickly drew his shotgun firing at Vitaly’s side, forcing the monster to stagger to the side where Chris reacted in grabbing a crowbar. Slamming the strong metal into Vitaly’s other side, slamming the metal fragments deeper into his body. The pain reeled Vitaly backward, flailing his appendages in dire attempt to hit anyone. Falling back, he was right under the crane claw. Shane lowered it down and closed it, managing to snag one of the appendages. Alerted by this, Vitaly turned to look up seeing this and Shane taunted him by giving a wave while smirking.

Chris decided to take this chance to unload his Ithaca 37 into the monster, Heinz reloaded his Hydra quickly. They needed to kill Vitaly before he was able to get free, already he was swinging his other appendages to hit the framework of the crane, Shane knew the thing couldn’t move forward at all from the damages from the forklift and the only options were to go back or move the claw side to side. “There has to be something I can use,” Shane said to himself, scanning the area over and noticed something at the far back of the workshop he hadn’t noticed before. There was a shunter stationed for operation, hidden away behind a metal container. This was a good chance to take Vitaly down a notch, the crane started to groan in agony from Vitaly’s struggles. Moving back, Shane jumped down onto the broken train and moved quickly to jump off to get to the shunter. There was a part of him hoping he knew how to get the thing started; Chris and Heinz were keeping Vitaly distracted.

However, Heinz was watching him, keeping Shane in his view while reloading his Hydra once again, he saw the speed of the other, he moved back to avoid an attack of acid spit. He saw Shane reaching the metal container and lifted it without issue, widening the German’s eyes. Who or what was this man with inhuman strength, was he another walking tyrant? An unknown breed of BOW? Returning his attention to Vitaly, he avoided another attack of acidic spit and looked to Chris reloading his shotgun. They were starting to run low on ammo already and he had more back at the Dingo, the problem was they were trapped within the building. Vitaly grew even angrier at the two, jerking his body around to get free, feeling bone and flesh starting to rip from his back; already he managed to hook one of his free appendages to the crane, relieving the pain for the time being.

Spitting at Chris and then Heinz, he turned his attention to the claw that held his limb in place. Hacking up more acidic spit, he collected into a clawed hand and started rubbing it against the metal, desperate to escape. All the while, Shane was in the shunter, he saw all the controls before him. He wasn’t all too familiar with trains and thankfully he understood which one indicated what he needed to do to start it up. The engine started up and rumbled to life, leaning out of the left side, Shane made sure that the bastard was in front of an already was starting to get free. Ducking back in, Shane looked over the controls, piecing together which one he needed to use next. Chris heard the shunter’s motor accelerate, the machine started moving backward triggering the doors in the back to swing open.

The breeze carried inside the scents of diesel fuel and smoke, Vitaly snarled smelling this from his point. His eyes catching the sight of the outside world; fueling his desperation to get free from the crane, the two BSAA agents saw the heavy crane starting to bow due to the damage Vitaly inflicted upon it, Heinz knew it would be a matter of moments before the creature was free. Chris knew that as well, his eyes were darting for something to help them in killing the monster and he saw two propane tanks nearby for propane fuel.

“Heinz, give me a hand!” He shouted to him while gesturing to where he was going. The Hauptman nodded in agreement. Heinz moved back when Vitaly lashed at him and then jumped down into the pit, easily making it over to Chris to help him move the canisters. “We’re going to burn him to hell,” Chris said helping Heinz pull the heavy container down into the pit. Opening the valves they let it roll down to where Vitaly was. Already he smelled the fumes and snarled at the two seeing them rolling another container downward, the two containers clinked together.

There wasn’t need for words; Chris already pulled the incendiary grenade from his belt pouch, tossing it down towards the canisters. Viltay’s eyes widen watching the dancing flames below him start to rise upwards. The men moved away quickly from their spot, keeping a great distance from the now burning BOW. They would leave once they knew Vitaly was dead, they didn’t want to risk the chance of him escaping to infect more innocent people in the process.

Vitaly continued to thrash and turned his head hearing something loud approaching, Shane was giving it all that the shunter full throttle. Chris and Heinz were both moving further away from watching Vitaly painfully turn to face the approaching shunter. On impact, Vitaly impaled the machine with the three appendages and held on, he screamed out feeling his pinned limb being ripped into - the flesh being torn away from the force. The entire crane began to collapse from the force; Chris and Heinz were able to escape the building after Shane plowed Vitaly through the doors. The shunter was on a one-way course set by the tracks, the rails directing them to the fueling area instead of the active train yard. Vitaly had to hang onto the roaring machine with his clawed hands and the appendages impaling the engine to keep a firm hold. The heated metal burned his exposed flesh, Vitaly shouted out in fury and Shane could smell it mixed with the fumes of the engine. Leaning out the side, Shane saw the emergency barrier coming up fast.

The barrier was an energy-absorbing buffer stop, reinforced into a concrete wall that was part of the fueling station. It was going to fail from the force of flesh and metal, the shunter would keep pressing forward on the rails. Sparks danced already from the rails and the wheels of the train, Vitaly desperately trying to stop the machine and was failing poorly in his attempts, Shane, on the other hand, made sure it kept going at full power, he wanted to crush Vitaly into mush. The impact would certainly damage Vitaly to the point where he would die from; Shane hoped the impact would kill the monster upon impact.

Looking at the controls, he ensured they were at the max and disabled the emergency brake system; the last thing he needed was it to engage seconds before they would hit the buffer stop. Leaning out the side, he saw the buffer stop ahead, they would make one more turn before arriving at the zone where they fueled the trains. Chris and Heinz were running in the direction the shunter would end up, “What is he doing?” Chris asked in their run, watching the train nearing the buffer stop. Heinz panted in their run; he wasn’t sure either and was already on the radio to one of his men that was coming to the area in a helicopter.

“Andreas, update.” He said into the radio, the news chopper was soon not the only one in the sky, the BSAA helicopter flew overhead of them, moving into strategical positions above.

“We’re currently overhead; we’re able to see you and Captain Redfield.” He heard through his earpiece, Andreas said while taking in the railyard, his passengers were two others of the unit. “Delroy and Ronald are at the hospital helping those hurt, the outbreak has been contained. What is going on down there?” He asked and mumbled at the news chopper nearby, “They need to land, Günther, get their frequency and tell them the BSAA order them to land.” He snapped back to what was going on down below, seeing the shunter coming close to the fueling yard.

Heinz was already making plans on what to do with the news crew and the footage they had been recording. They would have to confiscate it in order to see what they had caught so his unit and the rest of the BSAA would be more prepared for events like these. The Hauptman was soon snapped to attention seeing the impact of the shunter with the buffer stop. Everything seemed to be in slow motion; Shane was leaping from the shunter a second before impact. Vitaly’s shout echoed with that of the sounds of bones breaking and flesh tearing. The shunter broke the concrete wall which reinforced the buffer stop.  Tumbling across the ground, Shane was able to stop himself long enough to see it as well, and yet Vitaly was still alive.

The B.O.W. could no longer move; his entire lower body was crushed into a sickly mush. Panting, Shane was annoyed seeing this, “Seriously….?” He groaned and looked around, spotting the fueling nose hanging from the hook near the fueling tanker. Shuffling over, Shane collected the hose and turned the valve to start the flow. He dragged it along till he was near the wreckage, there was no time for snarky remarks and he left the hose shoot out the pressured fuel onto Vitaly, causing him to snarl and weakly try to claw him, the appendages were dead weight against the hot engine that was still rumbling, the wheels still scraping against the rails. Vitaly was soaked by the petrol and he snarled at Shane once again, a mixture of pain and rage were the sounds he emitted towards the exhausted man. Closing the nozzle, Shane felt through his pockets and collected his lighter, with the hose tossed aside, he lit the fuel trail.

Both captains and those in the helicopters watched fire erupt and surround the trapped B.O.W., engulfing it. The stench of burning flesh, hair and meat was floating through the air with his wails of agony. Gathering his breath, Shane knew that Vitaly would die from this since he was pinned there. Chris and Heinz caught his attention, he told himself mentally he needed to go and with that, he jogged off to get out of their view before dashing through the parking lot and into the streets. “Andreas, moving target, track the man leaving the area,” Heinz ordered through the radio while Chris was slowly approaching the still grinding shunter and watched Vitaly’s struggling efforts begin to cease, finally giving into his wounds and flame.

They couldn’t get close to the shunter for fear of the fire spreading and possibly being harmed by it if it were to throw itself from the tracks. They would have to wait till it either ran out of fuel, or technicians had a way to turn the machine off without being harmed. “Let’s move, Chris. A unit is coming here.” Heinz said while gesturing to the Dingo, Chris understood the reasoning behind this. They possibly had a lead with the man that ran off, the man with inhuman strength and speed. The helicopter flew overhead and was moving at a steady pace, the camera focused on the target moving through the streets. Shane was clearly exhausted from all this, his body felt like he was literally hit by a train.

After while he found himself walking through the empty streets, checking the cars along the way until he found one that was running, door hanging open. The owner clearly has abandoned it in haste, “Just borrowing this,” He said closing the door, scanning the interior, he spotted a food bag on the passenger seat and quickly checked it to find three bratwursts, a local beverage and a slice of rye bread. Huffing, he started to drive off hearing a loud explosion in the distance. He wasn’t sure what that was from, he would later, however. For the time being, he grabbed one of the bratwursts and started eating it; a few times he snatched out the bread to eat as well. The beverage was different to his taste buds, sweet and bitter mixture that was smooth as well.

Driving around the dead and debris from the outbreak, Shane started chugging down the drink. Setting the empty container aside, he saw smoke rising in the distance where his facility should be. The closer he came to it, the more the rain pelted against the cold world. Following the road, he nearly broke the steering wheel seeing everything burning. Parking in the ruin lot, he hurried to the flames calling out for Sherry, for Steve. Moving to the fire, he saw that it was a total loss, there was no way anyone inside could have survived. His mind was reeling all over the place, he couldn’t believe this was happening and he felt his rage and sadness rising, closing his eyes, he tried to resist the emotions that plagued his mind. Tormenting his senses, reminding him of the emotional break he had inside from dealing with loss.

All of this was snapped away when a bright light shone from above, lighting him up for everyone to see. His eyes glowed in great annoyance realizing it was a helicopter. His mind started to calm and he allowed his rage to go away for a moment hearing vehicles approaching, the BSAA tracked him in order to detain him for the town’s chaos. The vehicles pulled to a stop and the agents were getting out, aiming their firearms at him. He barely could hear those barking orders for him to get down on his knees and hands in the air – he was already taking that action before the commands were barked. There was no point in resisting; no point in fighting them, his body was exhausted from everything that happened not too long ago.

The BSAA moved in slowly, one of the agents spoke into the radio while steadying his rifle at the man, “We have him in custody, moving to the base, ETA twenty minutes.”

Chapter 20

Everything went quickly when the BSAA moved in; they had handcuffs around his wrists and a black bag slipped over his head to keep him from being aware of where they were taking him. The cold wind from the helicopter landing nearby allowed him a sense to know they trusted each other in keeping him in a docile state. He wondered how many had shotguns pointed at him while they pulled him up onto his feet and lead him to where the helicopter was waiting.

Sherry and Steve were lost to him, all their research and work was destroyed in that blast. Whoever done it, gained access to the place and set up enough explosives to destroy it fully, leaving no traces behind. A skilled operation that happened during the events of the outbreak in the town, and Shane had to admit to himself it was cleverly thought out. Outbreak to distract the BSAA in the area and himself, followed by alerting the BSAA and himself afterward in order for him to be detained by said BSAA. Nikolai was a man who thought things through with several backup plans in case the first failed his cause.

The helicopter was moving once they had him strapped in and placed ear protection on his covered head; he chuckled mentally feeling them shackling his feet to the floor, ensuring he would dare escape their helicopter. If the helicopter were to crash, they wanted to be sure he would be killed since he was a monster. Perhaps they would study him, already he was reflecting on a few things of his life where he was treated like a lab rat. In the end, he was thinking of what he would learn at the facility they were hauling him off to. A base that he could certainly use to his advantage to find out where Nikolai and his men are hiding, the BSAA would have had their eyes on the town and observed every moment of it.

He cracked his neck for a moment, listening to the humming from the motor, he wondered what the agents inside were saying and where he was going. Recollecting what was said earlier, the base was twenty minutes away by helicopter, the base would be close to fifty miles away. Shane stayed in his mind thinking carefully of the map he had of the land but he didn’t recall seeing a military base unless he had overlooked it. This is what he agreed with himself.

The flight felt as if it took several hours from him, being blind and slightly deaf made it torture in not seeing what was going on outside. Feeling the shifts from the helicopter, he understood it was now landing and he would soon be taken inside. Muffled voices sounded around him, all these voices spoke in German and he knew that he would be figuring them out and understand how to leave this place, playing the dumb American role would be simple for him. Many people didn’t like Americans, finding them as rude visitors or trying to get involved with their politics or community.

Feeling the movement of the bindings he was attached to, a tug followed afterward on his left arm. They lead him to the helicopter door and helped him down. A firm pressure was felt against the middle of his back. The ear protection was removed from his covered head; the noises around him were of constant activity of machinery and orders being barked about. He could smell smoke and fumes of the machinery at use. The business of the base clearly showed they were ready for battle if a major outbreak were to occur within Germany. Mentally, he counted each step he took from the helicopter, mental notes on everything in the area that hit his senses. The mental map based only on sound didn’t give much help to him in what items would be around him. A sudden stop jarred him from his mind, a door was being opened and once more he was pushed through.

The sounds within were different, voice over the intercom spoke of incoming and outgoing planes and helicopters while mentioning the weather. He did take note that he knew a few of the locations that were mentioned, giving him a sense of his current location. Clattering nearby made him turn his head toward it, the sound fading away afterward told him he passed a room with equipment of sorts. Listening again, he heard the gear of the BSAA men around him. The fabric of their clothing rubbing together, the anxious toying with the safety on their rifles, and their boots against the concrete revealed they were moving at a relaxed but firm pace to somewhere.

They turned him down another corridor; he heard the heavy door open on metal hinges. This was a chamber of interrogation, he could tell easily when they stopped him and told him to not try anything. The gun against his back was a constant reminder to him to not resist, he gave them the delight of removing his garments and gear, the hood removed allowed him to take in the fresh air. His eyes darted around the room; it appeared to be a biohazard room, although he did question the heavy doors. A second later he realized it was in case someone had returned to the base infected; he gave them points in preparation for that. The door was sealed with mechanical locks, ensuring that only those at the control station controlled who went in and went out, ensuring that if someone turned into a zombie or mutated within the room, they had no way of escaping to cause havoc in the base.

This room seemed to be useful for Shane, the other door at the end of it was the same, decontamination room for this one was to strip down fully and proceed to be washed down in the next. For the men dealing with him were in hazmat suits. His gear placed in bins for disposal or even collecting samples. For he saw a piece of his flesh still sticking on his utility vest when it was placed into one of the bins, the rebar certainly did a great deal of damage to him when Vitaly threw him across the trainyard.

Returning his attention to the men, he was being escorted to the next chamber, hearing the heavy door opening for them; he chuckled softly wondering if they were going to take him to an interrogation room where Chris would be waiting for him. What would he say to the famous Redfield? Feeling the spray of water on himself startled his entire body and he held still, allowing the men to work in scrubbing him down from head to toe, the cameras keeping locked on him. Men outside of the chamber ready to storm in to take him down if he were to dare attack the cleaning pair. Once fully washed down and rinsed, he was being dried off by the fans.

They redressed him in simple clothing, a white, and orange scrub bottoms; these were clearly temporary for the next room he would be escorted to. Shackles were tightened once more while he was hustled out of the room. It was fifty feet away he found the room marked with a sign which read ‘Interrogation’, already he was smiling seeing the lonely chair in the middle of the room shining brightly from the light above it. Mentally, he was saying this was a classic vibe to spy movies he saw as a kid.

Sitting down, he watched the men use the cold metal cuffs around his ankles, then his wrists, tightening down onto a chain connected to the table. They were ensuring he wasn’t going anywhere from this reinforced chair. When the men left, he felt a change in the air, a coldness making him uncomfortable with the little clothing he had one. Seeing his breath, he had to nod and smile slightly, a cold torture to get him to speak. Blowing outward, he watched his breath dissipate in the air. Chris would surely be coming into the room to question him, would the BSAA agent lose his anger? Would he give in to the rage?

Taking a breath, he exhaled to try and pass the time he was waiting. He was starting to feel the chill in his body, a good tool to get information from someone.

Shane sat there in the interrogation room with his wrists handcuffed and chained to the stainless steel table bolted to the floor. The door to the room opened Chris Redfield and his new partner came in behind him. Shane kept his eyes on Redfield’s tense frame, already sensing that he’d take up the majority of the time they’d spend here together. The partner with the facial scars seemed a little too… eh, “calm” wasn’t the right word, but if this was gonna be “good cop/bad cop” this guy definitely seemed like the “good” one.

Chris sat down in a sturdy metal chair and shimmied it to the stainless steel table, placing a file down before him. Shane could tell he was fighting to stick to his script since it was obviously clear there wasn’t a file on him in BSAA records. Chris wasn’t exactly the kind of guy who appreciated surprises, regardless if they helped him take out B.O.W.S. or not.

Shane jiggled the chain attached to his cuffs and said, “You guys treat everyone like this, or is this how you pay back someone who saves your ass?”

Chris’ eyes shot up and already Shane could see a little spark of anger start to bloom in them as he stated, “The actions you displayed against that Tyrant suggest you aren’t an average civilian,”

The other man spoke up in a thick German accent. “Once we’ve cleared that you aren’t a threat to yourself or others, you’ll be free to go.”

Shane smirked, “A threat wouldn’t have bothered helping you boys out and believe me you needed it. Although if you mean “threat” as in virus carrier….  Do you see any bite marks?” Shane moved his head around nervously as if scanning his body for wounds.

Chris frowned, “Knock it off! Being infected isn’t restricted to bite marks but it seems to me someone like you would know that.”

 Shane could hear the tension in his voice. One point for him. Chris took a heartbeat and asked, “What’s your name?”

Shane smiled and simply said, “Shane,”

Chris raised an eyebrow, “Is that a first name or surname?”

Shane cocked his head defiantly, “Until you treat me like I’m not Jack the Ripper, it’s just gonna be “Shane”.

Chris’ voice was a low growl when he asked, “You think your attitude is gonna get you anywhere?”

Shane looked at his hands as If studying his fingernails feigning disinterest, “It’s kept me alive through a multitude of bad situations like this so I’d say that’s a big yes.”

The scarred man in the corner spoke up, “We’re not here to pick a fight, we’re simply trying to understand where you fit into all this.”

Shane knew the scarred man was clearly trying to diffuse the tension in the room but Shane knew with Redfield’s temper it wouldn’t take much more prodding.

Still, Shane liked this German guy; he wore his scars proudly, almost defiantly to show he had survived some horrible situations himself. Shane could relate to that and maybe that’s why Shane decided to throw him a bone when he said, “Fine… I don’t want those flesh-eating sons-of-bitches around any more than you do.” Shane looked back at Chris and winked, “… If I had, I’d have let them eat you.”

Chris frowned and clenched his jaw slightly and started to speak in a slow tense voice, “Your abilities…”

Shane interrupted, “…don't fall under the category of “human” and believe me, I’ve heard it over and over and over.”

Chris’ voice was sharper now. Still restrained, but barely. “So where did you get them?”

 Shane smiled at Chris, “They seem pretty familiar to you… don’t they? How about me, Chris, anything about me remind you of someone? I bet it’s the eyes, they say I have my father’s eyes.”

Before anyone could react Chris stood and lunged over the table at Shane grabbing him by his lapel in a death grip and yanked him out of his chair as he spat out the name “Wesker!”

Shane smiled with glee, “DING, DING, DING! We have a winner!”

Heinz was already trying to pull back Chris when Redfield left loose a right hook that connected squarely with the left side of Shane’s jaw with an audible crack. Heinz cursed in German and then raised his voice to a deep bellow, “Get a hold of yourself, Chris!”

Shane licked a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth with his tongue; one of his teeth had cut his cheek open with the impact. Shane knew if he had he been anyone else his jaw would have been broken. Being a monster had its advantages. Still, it was going to leave a hell of a bruise. This guy’s fists hit like a rock crusher.

Chris shook free of Heinz’s grip and snapped,” I’m fine, let go! …it’s cool, it’s cool. I’m sorry.” Chris picked up his chair that had spun to the ground from his lunge, set it down in front of the table and stood behind it gripping the back of it as he said to Shane, “You think this is a game? You think this shit is funny?! “

Shane smirked, “I think you know by my actions earlier that I’m not my father’s son... well not in that sense anyway. But no I don’t find any of this funny, Chris.” Shane got serious as he met Chris’ rage fueled stare, “Would dear old dad have tried to rescue your team or save civilians? Would he have risked his life to save yours? My last name may be Wesker but the sins of the father do not transfer to the son.”

Heinz stood by coolly but still prepared to grab Chris if he lost it again. Chris was breathing heavy more from anger than anything else while Shane sat back down calmly still meeting Chris’ intense gaze. For what seemed like an eternity the room was silent until Shane sighed and said, “Well now that you know my full name and how I inherited these powers what else would you like to know?”

Shane grinned. “You know… considering all you’ve seen and experienced it’s kinda funny what a close-minded dipshit you are.
Chris made for Shane again, but Heinz pushed him back and firmly said, “Calm down Captain!”
Shane looked at Heinz and Chris amused, “You know, Chris may be the only person in the world who hates my shitheel excuse of a father as much as I do.”
Chris shrugged Heinz’s hands off his shoulders while still staring at Shane and growled, “And you think that makes you our ally?”
Shane laughed. “Oh hell, Chris, I usually couldn’t give a damn what you think, but trust me on this my friend, if  I could have had ringside seats for when you killed my old man I would have cheered the loudest. Believe it.” Shane paused with his eyes locked on Chris and leaned forward as much as he could and said, “If I want anything, Chris old buddy it would be a way out of this.”
Chris leaned back, “There is no way out of this Shane. Not for you.”
Shane gestured to his handcuffs, “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” Shane shook his head and let out a short mirthless laugh, “So despite my renouncing my father, despite helping you stop an outbreak and literally save you guys that’s still not proof enough?”

Shane leaned back, “Listen, guys, this world ain’t perfect. It might even be going to hell in a hand basket but you saw first hand what my father was like, Chris, you saw the horrors he had planned for this planet. Without getting all weepy over humanity, I’d say a good chunk of them don’t deserve what my dad had wanted to do to them.”
Chris smirked, “So you expect me to believe you go out of your way to play the hero?”
Shane rolled his eyes, “Do I look like Captain America to you? As hard as this may be for you to believe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong goddamn time. It started when I was born in Raccoon City and it hasn’t changed since.”

Chris’s brow furrowed, “You were born in Raccoon City?”

Shane looked at him wearily, “Born, raised and almost died there thanks to dear old dad. He abandoned us and thanks to him my mother died, my friends died and my hometown was wiped from the fucking map.”
Chris and Heinz were silent as Shane paused for a second looked down and then exhaled a long deep sigh, “Listen, Chris, I know how this goes. Every time you look at me, you see my dad, you see your worst enemy.”

Shane then looked up, “So how do you think I feel every time I look in the mirror and see his eyes staring back at me? I wasn’t given a choice with who my father was and I wasn’t given a choice with these weird ass powers he forced upon me. I’m not asking for pity and I’m sure as shit not asking for forgiveness.”

Shane swallowed as his voice hitched slightly, “You see me as a monster and maybe I am, maybe I deserve to be seen that way and maybe I should be locked up. If that’s what the powers that be decide I’ll do it without a fight. But no matter how or look or what you may think of me I will never be my father. Believe that.”
Chris studied Shane’s expression. If the kid was acting he deserved an Oscar but Chris knew he wasn’t. The pain, conviction, and remorse in Shane’s voice is something only another survivor could understand.  

Shane sniffed and then sighed straightening out in his chair, “So… now that we got all that out of the way can I get a lawyer?”
Chris paused for a beat and looked at Heinz who nodded and then looked back at Shane, “Okay we will provide you with legal counsel and because of your request this will conclude our interview.”

Shane smiled, “I know the law probably isn’t in my favor, but maybe they can get me an air-conditioned cell.”

Chris stood up picking up his notes and folder and as he got to the door Shane cleared his throat and said, “Chris?”

Chris turned back around and looked at Shane who said matter of fact, “Don’t worry I won’t tell them about your lapse in cool during the questioning. Believe me, I understood it.”

Chris stood for a second and looked almost embarrassed by how he treated Shane then nodded and quietly said, “Thanks.”

With that Chris walked out of the heavy steel door which slid shut and locked behind him. Shane leaned back, opened his mouth and moved his jaw around until it audibly clicked making him wince.

Shane smiled, “…hell of a punch Chris, hell of a punch.”

After a handful of minutes, Shane was escorted out of the room to the medical room that neighbored in the adjacent corridor that Chris and Heinz left through earlier. In the room, Heinz was watching his medic, Delroy Jackson, tending to their prisoner while three others of his group maintain their guard. All for one is that of Ronald Oloo. The solider was a field scientist of chemical, biological and radiological warfare and was highly fascinated in Shane before him being patched up and examined.

The samples he collected would be studied after they ensured the prisoner would be secured in his cell. Elif Kühn adjusted her shoulders slightly, her eyes staying locked onto Shane’s face, ready to use her shotgun if the dared try anything. Her fellow soldier, Karla Matuzek, had her gun ready to use on Shane from behind.

“You don’t need to worry, Captain Redfield. My team will ensure we get him to his cell so we can figure out on what to do with him.” He whispered to Chris, watching him wash over a mixture of thoughts. The expressions ranging from concern, positivity, and that of anger about what they had learned from Shane.

“I do have doubts, my friend. He could be lying about everything he said, or it could be the truth. However, I’ve seen something like this before back in Africa. Sheva and I had come across a man injected with Uroboros and his eyes changed…” He gestured to Shane, “Just like his, the same eyes, much like Wesker’s.” He clenched a fist. “This man could be a survivor of Raccoon City but escaped with infection, instead of turning into a BOW or a zombie, he became something else. This bothers me with how many could still be out there.” Returning to his gaze to Heinz, he was stern with this, “How many could be like this out there, keeping themselves hidden from prying eyes? We barely have a foothold on those dealing with the black market.”

“It’ll never end, even when we grow old. Our children and children’s children could be at this. Many new viruses are going to be discovered and exposed, altered and tested on civilians.” Heinz shook his head; his eyes looked over at Shane watching them. Another patch on his face being placed to stop the bleeding. “One thing I wonder is if he has an operation going on, we might be facing either one making viruses or the…” He cleared his voice, “Cure to them.”

That was something Chris had to think about, he did know they made cures back at their laboratories and had samples of the viruses they’ve collected thus far. However, he knew at times they didn’t have much in supply and then they would from suppliers.  “All done, sir,” Delroy said, taking off his medical gloves to place in the trash can. With a nod, Elif and Karla stood their ground watching Shane get up from the chair and Delroy got the straight jacket onto their prisoner. The chains around Shane’s ankles rattled. He was very calm about this and casual, pleased with what was going on and admired the process the BSAA were taking. The three cameras in the room stayed locked onto him, the rest of Heinz’s unit waiting outside of the room.

Out in the corridor, laughter broke out from one of Heinz’s men; the man in the blue hat that was worn backward. He snickered a few times before nudging his companion, “Günther, you must admit that it was hilarious. It must be the most outrageous thing that could ever happen.” The other was shaking his head in response; honestly, he wanted to stay focus on their job of protection detail. The room they were next to held a dangerous man who could easily tear them in half without a second thought.

“For now, my friend, we must stay focused on the task at hand and joke about things later. I would rather finish this before we do anything else.” Nodding, he looked at his friend, “Andreas, drinks will be offered after we are done here, I’m sure Elif will share the cookies she was given the other day.” The highlight for the unit was when Elif collected parcels from her aunt which contained cookies called Gribochky. The treat was always sent to Elif when her aunt went to Russia for a holiday trip, maybe even while there had learned how to make those wonderful cookies.

The two straightened out hearing the doors opening, Heinz exited first with a simple confirming nod to them and Chris followed out. Both held their shotguns to their chests, the sound that followed afterward was a dolly carrying Shane. Delroy smirked at his companions to get moving along to the elevator. Shane’s cell was on the highest security level their base had, B4.

The escort allowed Shane to think, Chris, to his left, clearly was pondering on the things he revealed about himself and his relationship with Wesker. There were times he did hate his old man and at times he was glad he had a chance to know what little he did. His mother killed in another town by either Umbrella or the rivals of them. That day still haunted him, seeing his mother on the floor…her eyes still open. Inhaling deeply, he returned to his current situation watching the BSAA soldiers in the hallways, many of them resting their hands on the holsters of their firearms. While others were keeping silent to allow the unit through to the elevator for they desired not to interfere with this dangerous transfer.

The heavy metal doors opened for the unit, Shane was wheeled in by Delroy, the others stood behind them apart from Heinz and Chris keeping to the front. Shane looked at the Hydra in Heinz’s hands; he admired the power of that shotgun and was curious how often the captain used it in the heat of BOW combat or even against a fellow human. Personally, Shane didn’t see Heinz as a man who killed other humans and yet he could be wrong reading those strong German features. Chris, however, he was an open book to the careful eye. Unable to contain his anger towards anyone that wasn’t ‘right’ in his eyes; these lead him to be unstable in certain situations.

The events in Africa, he was only maintained by the will of his partner. How those two even managed to survive the extreme volcanic heat was fascinating. Reaching the floor, the doors opened revealing the underground corridor which was highly reinforced to handle BOWs and beings like him. Judging from the metal, Shane figured it would take him some time to rip through them in order to escape. Inhaling the cool air, Shane could smell faintly that of other things down here apart from him and the BSAA.

It was of death, something dead and rotting away. Giving a faint chuckle, he looked at Chris with a raised brow, “I take it that the BSAA has torture rooms down here or are you ‘experimenting’ on infected? For that would be so cruel.” He mocked seeing that Heinz gave him a slight side-eye look, understanding what Shane implying. The prisoner smirked looking ahead spotting a few high tech security cameras and then that of the heavy armored guards. Such an amusing sight for him to observe here in this place for only the hum of machinery gave him slight comfort.

Silence would certainly bother him, especially chambers of pure silence in which only the heartbeat within one’s chest can be heard. Returning back to surroundings, he watched heavy metal doors slide into the walls revealing a glassed cell he would be placed into till they figured out what to do with him. Holes in the glass to allow him to breathe like a caged animal, however, he noticed the walls were brick and he pondered about the original levels of this place before they reinforced. Delroy guided him into the chamber, this moment caused the memories to flood Shane’s mind. The asylum he was in for nine years, the ordeal he went through and the abuse.
His expression showing he was in deep thought while the door closed, sealing him within. Chris watched him from the other side. A brief silence was there when Shane looked at him, eyes glowing behind the glass, “Just a fair warning, Chris, I won’t be here for too long.” Chris raised a brow hearing that and took in how many BSAA soldiers were here, how many floors Shane would have to fight through in order to escape, and finally that of the security measures they were taking here against any form of BOW. There wasn’t a way Shane would get out of this alive, no matter how many attempts he would dare take.

Chapter 21

“What will we do with him after all the reports are filed and data sent to headquarters?” Ronald asked two of his companions, Elif and Delroy, seeking their honest opinions on having such a dangerous prisoner within their base. The dangers were high with him and his inhuman strength, it wouldn’t be too long till the man would have his strength return and threaten them all. The three looked at the glass cell in which Shane was imprisoned, he was looking at them and the other agents till a yawn escaped him and his eyes closed. Clearly, he was exhausted and tried to find a way to gain comfort in his awkward position.

“For the time being, the officers will decide what to do with their reports. I trust that Hauptman Redfield will have the best solution to deal with the prisoner.” Elif offered her thoughts watching Heinz and Chris leaving the room to head to Heinz’s office to talk in private. Three watched them before their gazes returned to their prisoner trying to sleep, they pondered on their next action of duties.

For the time being the three rejoined the rest of their unit in the mess hall a few floors up after they had deposited Shane in the cell. Already they could hear Andreas joking around with Karla and Günther over how they caught a highly dangerous person and now had he had a story to tell the ladies when he had a chance to take R&R in Berlin. Swinging the story of how he captured a bio-terrorist kingpin. “Are you starting up another wives tale about your exports in being in the agency?” Elif asked seeing Andreas smirk turning to look at her.

“As long as the women enjoy the tales, I will keep telling them. In all honesty, Elif…” He leaned forward on the table, “I’m surprised you haven’t been wooed by my tales into giving me those lovely Gribochky cookies, I know you got a tin full of them from your aunt the other day.” Elif smiled at him and chuckled.

“In honesty, if you stopped telling wives tales, I’ll give you a handful.” She stated to him and moved to collect food to eat with the others. All the work they did in Dunkelwald, they needed to rest and file their reports to their captain.

In the meantime, Chris held a mushroom-shaped cookie between his fingers. Studying the little white markings on the red top and the chocolate on the bottom of the cookie made it look really appealing. Heinz was already munching on one while he poured for them two glasses of ice cold water. “Elif obtains these cookies from her aunt when she visited Russia.” Setting the glasses down onto the coasters, “They will be sending me their reports as well as the other agents in a few hours. We best have ours ready to send to HQ.” He said with Chris nodding in agreement. The lab would have results for them in a week or so.

In the meantime, they would have to ensure their prisoner didn’t escape his containment as they would have to use him to reveal more information and find out who his business partners were. If he was indeed the son of Albert Wesker, Chris would have to play his cards carefully in taking him down and reimprisoned.  Even in this base of hundreds of BSAA agents, it would prove difficult for Shane to even considering escaping. He had four lower levels to go through each with strict security measures.

If he ever got outside, they had heavy weapons, APCs, tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets for high case emergencies. Returning from his thoughts, Chris sat down to sip the water. Part of him couldn’t stop thinking of Albert having children. He couldn’t see how that was possible when he knew the man wouldn’t have time and his selfish personality wouldn’t let him grow to attach to anyone long enough to have a healthy relationship. It was there that his mind instantly sent a haunting chill through his entire body, causing him to appear slightly pale.

The Umbrella Corporation could have had possibly had their hands in this, in the creating of this Shane person. Looking away from the desk, his expression revealed he realized something terrible. Heinz raised a brow and cleared his throat, “Chris, are you betrübt?” He asked and watched the man turn to look at him, what revelation did Chris come to realize? “Is it about the Häftling?”

“When you’ve been doing this stuff as long as I have, you start to realize a few things.” Chris stated, “Are you able to bring up the security feed from the cell we have him locked in?” He wanted to be sure about his gut instincts. Heinz turned to his computer and started typing upon the keys, followed up by a few clicks of the mouse. Rotating the monitor to Chris, he was leaning forward watching Shane snoozing uncomfortably against the dolly. Was it possible this man was created in a lab like the rest of the creatures they encountered, like how the Tyrants were created? He recalled photos taken from various operations of capsules containing various organs, tissues, and God knows what else growing within.

They had no information on Shane, he didn’t recall off hand any files or records that were collected from various Umbrella facilities. Was it possible the data on him was deleted from all records or taken away by any of the former Umbrella employees that managed to survive? Chris inhaled deeply to calm himself down, the only other explanation he had was this man was part of one of the experiments that escaped Africa or this man got infected elsewhere and happened to be in Dunkelwald the same time the BSAA was. “We have to figure this guy out and about that facility that was destroyed at Dunkelwald.”

“Agents there have reported that the structure was formerly a vet clinic, so it had a lab. If it was converted into another lab type, no one in the town would have even noticed. Still,” Heinz said leaning back thinking, “if there was a lab underground, it would have been ausgesetzt.” Chris looked at him curiously, “Exposed.” Heinz quickly translated for the American. “Yet, the reports are null on any underground complex, perhaps an entrance was elsewhere as discovered in other facilities.” Sighing he leaned back to eat another cookie, pondering on Chris’ worries and found himself growing weary as well thinking of the complex that blew up. If their prisoner did that as a distraction, what purpose did he gain in returning to it?

Furthermore, if it was sabotaged by another group, it seemed the BSAA were up against another organization. “A question from the sideline, the complex that blew up near Dunkelwald, what are your thoughts on that? The men are still filing reports and those that we do have don’t reveal too much for our investigation.”

“This is a hard question to answer; we have to wait till Shane is willing to give us that information. He would be the only one to know who or what happened there.” Chris stated wondering how long till their prisoner would awaken. Those that were still investigating the destruction wouldn’t return for some time and those that were cleaning up Dunkelwald would be done as soon as possible as well. The destruction of many buildings and the trainyard would take time in repairs, plus with the media involved meant Heinz would have to give an official statement unless they manage to keep it down till they had a decent report to give on the event that transpired.

The monster that attacked them at the workshop, it was sent on the train and the virus was spread from within the train. They couldn’t investigate the train due to evidence would have burned up in the train yard with the rest of the buildings and damaged various freight containers as well as equipment. The burned carcass would be collected from the area and try to study him in hopes to have any viable samples to study in the labs. For the time being, they had to wait for all units to return from the field. The wait was going to nag Chris for the next several hours.

Being offered another cookie, he collected it with a smile, “So, what happened that the lab you raided that gave you the scars?” He finally asked, knowing a little to what Heinz had told him before. “Which BOW managed to snag you?” Taking a bite of the cookie, he could see Heinz lean back to reflect on that day.

“It’s a long story of the ordeal we went through at the complex in France. So, to enlighten you, I’ll tell you the parts that won’t drag on for hours.” Chuckling, Heinz smiled at Chris and nodded, “We were nearing the labs in the lower levels of the complex; it was when we moved in groups of two in order to check the rooms out fully.” Chris nodded understanding that well himself. “The labs were large and filled with various tubes; most of their…subjects were already dead when we arrived. My partner went to one room, and I headed to the computer room. While I worked on the computers to collect their data onto our HDD, is the moment when I heard glass shattering.”

Inhaling he leaned back remembering the adrenaline rushing through his body, hearing his partner shouting in pain from being attacked. “The Hunter had been playing dead and broke free, it wounded by partner and before I could shoot, it attacked me. Its claws destroyed my rifle in the attack, and I fought back against it.” This caused Chris to lean forward to listen to the story; Heinz was weaponless. Continuing on, he explained the only thing he could use to fight back was a steel desk chair next to one of the counters in the lab. The assault was enough to daze the monster and force it back, however, the dazed moment was short lived for the scent of blood-fueled the crazed monster to kill anything within range – including the Hauptman.  “I realized what it was about to do, I had to react, however…”

“That’s the moment it struck with its claws,” Chris said and Heinz nodded to him, the attack was a swift one that Heinz barely remembered. The double attack happened when the monster roared at him, its first attack came from the left in a swiping upwards momentum taking the chair with it, sending it flying into the tube it had escaped from moments ago.

“The second attack caught me off guard. When it took the chair out of my hands I had ended up staggering backward with my right arm still partly in the air. My partner by this time was on his feet holding his rifle…this is when my vision was taken from me and the pain erupted in response. It tore my face and sliced deeply into my arm. I heard gunfire and the Hunter shrieking…I don’t remember much after that. Delroy told me after I finally woke up in the hospital that the Hunter had fallen on top of me and I fell unconscious.”

Smiling softly, he looked at Chris, “My former partner is now working a desk job at HQ, saying he’s done with the field for a while.” The two chuckled for a little bit. However, Heinz recalled the months it took for him to recover and the therapy he endured to strengthen his right arm. That day was a day that left a mark in the BSAA, a rumor that became real and a legend of how Heinz took out a Hunter with his bare hands and survived – when in reality he had knocked it stupid with an office chair.

Reflecting on past experiences, Chris started to share his own with Heinz in order to pass the time. “Back in Raccoon City, this scar…” He said rolling up the sleeve on his left forearm; he revealed a long ragged scar, “This happened when my buddies, Joseph, Forest, and I ended up in a bar fight. We were wild guys and ended up fighting a few drunks.  Afterward, we were arrested by another officer who arrived to get a drink himself.” Chuckling he sighed thinking about his friends, “Miss those guys.” Those two killed in the Spencer Mansion Incident, he could remember hearing Joseph screaming as the dogs mauled him to death and discovering Forest’s body having been pecked to death by crows. The others were suffering cruel fates as well that night. “Don’t feel like it’s been that long ago.” Heinz understood him well in the matter.

“As long as you remember those that have died, they will always be remembered by others. Some believe if you keep remembering those that passed away, they will continue to live on inside you.”

After a few hours had passed, the two left the office to check on things within the base before taking their retirement to the bunks. The day had been taxing on all of them and the fresh agents would continue the world of the agents needing the rest. The bunk Chris was resting on was shared with another agent who slept on the top bunk. Everyone was resting in the area and Chris was checking his phone to ensure his sister was doing well in the safe zone they had set up for the town to evacuate to. Sighing softly he sniffled from the chill in the air, Claire was safe and doing fine. Yet she was telling him about some guy that looked like Steve Burnside, the kid that she met when trapped on Rockfort Island.

Chris had a feeling it was just a look alike, it would be impossible if it was the Steve that Claire met. It pained him remembering her crying on the other side of the door. The wails of someone who fell in love and had it all taken away from them – it was the same cry he remembered from her when they heard about the death of their parents. Claire was distraught for a long time when the news hit the two, he had to ensure she stayed strong and knew that he would never leave her if she needed him. He promised her to never let her be alone and he would go through hell to save her if she needed him. Sighing heavily, Chris shook his head trying to push away the pain they’ve been through but he knew she would never stop feeling the pain of the loss of family and love. In all honesty, he hoped she would fall in love again and not have the pain come to her again. Settling down for the night, he finally drifted off into sleep.

When he awoke, he felt someone nudging him to raise, “Captain Redfield.” The woman said, his eyes looked towards the agent and he recognized her from being part of Heinz’s unit. Red hair and freckles, green eyes…if I recall right, this is Karl… Karla Mat...uzek? Matuzek, yeah.

“Captain Redfield, I’m waking you up for Hauptmann Schmidtstein has requested you to join him in his office. There will be food brought there for you to eat.” She said moving back to allow him a chance to rise up from the bed. She didn’t have anything else to tell him and with that, she dismissed herself and headed out of the bunk room.Chris stretched out and yawned loudly knowing he was alone. Part of him desired to rest before heading out to see Heinz, the events that transpired the day before lingered on his thoughts. The citizens of the town fighting against their own that were turned into zombies, then the Tyrant class BOW at the trainyard, and then having to deal with that man named Shane. The feeling of anger still boiled in his veins and there was still a small thought that Shane was just caught up in events and the wrong people. All the things he said could have been lies in order to distract Chris and yet he didn’t believe that.

Collecting himself, he prepared himself for the day and ensured that he had his gear at the ready. Finishing up with lacing his left boot, he rose from the bunk and headed out of the room to head for the office. A few mundane announcements were on the PA system followed by patrols for the day, he did hear a mention of someone needing to be in Hanger 2 for maintenance for the EC665 Tiger. Chris had only seen that kind of helicopter on the TV and to hear there was one here on the base made him want to see it after the meeting with Heinz. Passing this floors security, Chris reached Heinz's office seeing the man looking over the reports on his tablet, coffee sat on the table still steaming hot. Upon further observation he could see marshmallows in it, he soon smelled chocolate. Did Heinz like the mixture of coffee and hot chocolate together?

“Did you have a good rest, my friend?” Heinz asked lifting his gaze to Chris, watching him take a seat. “I hope the bunks weren’t too uncomfortable for you, we try to ensure we have good bedding here for the agents.” He said setting down the tablet to look at the security feed on one of his monitors, showing their prisoner was still sleeping uncomfortably. Heinz knew their prisoner will eventually tell them more information that they needed and would request better housing if he was to endure his time here.

“It was a fine rest, so don’t worry about it. What are the reports from your men telling about Dunkelwald and the residence that was blown up?” He inquired and Heinz returned his attention to the tablet to let Chris observe the reports and video footage provided by those that were equipped with cameras. The town wasn’t too severely damaged and the trainyard would be closed for massive repairs due to the Tyrant that attacked. He could remember the workers doing their best to protect as many cars as possible from the fires and destruction.

Selecting the reports from the former vet clinic that was destroyed, he saw there wasn’t much for them to work with on having evidence against Shane. Clicking another video he was seeing camera footage from the trainyard security cameras. Heinz watched him for a moment while sipping on his beverage, “Did you manage to get the video footage from the news helicopter that was flying around?”

“We have sent the request for the footage and currently waiting for confirmation,” Heinz said and licked his lips clean of the beverage. “The response will be some time today, they were in the air when this happened so their recording will certainly help us in figuring out how all of this started. We know this was triggered at the train yard when the train wrecked, so far we know where the train came from and are waiting for them to send us that. It takes time but once we have it, we can piece together the events that transpired and get answers.”

They would have an accurate line of events before them and if Shanecoroperates with them, they would have full investigation underway. Once the man woke up, they would return to questioning him and so far he didn’t try to escape since being put into his cell. Setting the tablet down, Chris moved to get a few things to eat from the tray of food sitting on a filing cabinet next to the door. He had only noticed it a second ago when observing Heinz’s office once again, grabbing a peach he returned to the desk to continue his conversation with Heinz.

In the control tower, four officers were checking the airspace and one looked at the radar picking up incoming helicopters, “Odd,” He said softly grabbing the clipboard to check the schedule of any aircraft that was to arrive at the base. Not seeing anything upon the clipboard, he rolled to the computer to check on there for any updates and discovered none, “Do you see this?” Turning his chair around, he gestured to the radar showing six blips. One of the men collected the binoculars to check the skies himself but due to the snow and hazy morning hours, it was difficult to see anything in the distance.

“Scheiße, it’s impossible to see them.  Try and hail them.” He turned around as the first nodded and rolled to the radio. One of the men watched the others trying to find out who was coming toward the base, behind the desk he was attaching a suppressor onto his Glock 18C. When the hailing wasn’t working, the officer with the binoculars moved to grab the phone to alert security, before he could pick it up was shot down. His body staggered against the chair alerting the other two who were hastening to collect their pistols before being shot down as well.

The traitor moved around the desk to approach the radio, a few changes and he opened up a coded signal to the choppers moving towards the base.

“Operation Hamartia is a go.” He spoke into the radio before looking at the radar; they would be here before long. Turning he looked at the stairs leading up to the room and fired off his firearm the moment he saw two BSAA agents come up to see what was going on. Once they were eliminated he moved from the control room.



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