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Resident Evil: Shane’s Story by TheOracleDragon

Chapter 16

Two hours later…

Shane fumbled to the entrance groaning soon leaning against his legs, resting his hands above his knees while Wesker walked over holding his broken sunglasses in one hand and looked at Shane with a mild expression of irritation.

“Ouch, shitty fuck,” Shane said rubbing his butt. “Why the hell did you have to get so rough with me, I won’t be able to sit for days!” He growled glaring at Wesker who glared back at him.

Wesker smirked, “Maybe next time you’ll be more respectful of other people’s property.” He said as he looked at the broken sunglasses in his hand before looking back at Shane, “Also you should be more mindful of your surroundings. It shouldn’t have been that easy for me to sneak up on you,” Shane grumbled and Wesker ignored it and kept speaking, “Don’t worry though, with my help you’ll not be taken unawares again… at least not as easily.”

Shane shook his head, “How would you like it if I attacked you from behind?” Shane inhaled through his nose deeply and then spit a wad of phlegm at Wesker’s feet before rubbing his bottom again. “Hurts like hell.”

Wesker looked down at the blob of spit that missed his boot and then looked up at Shane in disgust, “Your constant complaining is becoming highly tiresome, boy.” Wesker tossed his broken sunglasses into a nearby trash bin and his eyes flashed red for a second before he closed them tight to pinch his thumb and forefinger on the bridge of his nose. Without open his eyes Wesker continued speaking, “Do you honestly expect me to believe that a smack on your bottom is that painful considering all the other things you’ve been through? Really Shane, your childish attempts at sympathy and attention are laughable at this point.” Wesker opened his eyes to see Shane whipping the middle finger at him. Wesker’s eyes glowed red for a second startling Shane, making him back up startled before his anger returned.

He just glared at Wesker bitterly before looking away as he found a bench and sat down carefully, he wasn’t expecting to be kicked in the ass. He and Wesker had even laid down padding on the floor so neither of them would get hurt trying to flip the other in arm locks, course, Shane lost. He was good with wrestling since he done it a lot in high school cause of the bullies and even the orderlies, but Wesker had him in positions he swore would kill. A few times it almost felt like his spine would snap in half or his leg would break, but it was with a swift move that he was able to break Wesker’s sunglasses, but that resulted in a firm boot kick right up on his ass.

“I think for your sake I’ll conclude your training for today. You’re not in the proper mindset to learn and I would hate to see you get hurt again because of your lack of discipline.” Wesker turned around walking toward his coat when he heard Shane’s feet padding towards him swiftly. Wesker let Shane tackle him to the floor mats. He knew the boy needed to learn patience and the ability to control his anger and maybe this was the only way he would learn. Still, Shane was hurt and he still felt the need to prove himself and Wesker took small comfort in that.

With ease, Wesker elbowed Shane’s side making his rib cage flex causing a sharp grunt of pain to escape his mouth before Wesker hit him again in the same spot making Shane gasp for air from the pain. Before he could react Wesker flipped Shane off his back and slammed him flat onto the mats. Shane tried to breathe but Wesker’s full weight was on top of his stomach as he squatted with his knee pressing into Shane’s gut. Wesker was angry and was pointing his finger an inch from Shane’s wide eyes which made all the anger in him quickly turn to fear.

Wesker spoke with a coldness that sent a shiver up Shane’s spine, “I want you to understand something boy. When I say the something is over, it… is… OVER! If you want to act like a petulant child I will treat you like one and have you sent back to the asylum. Then you can spend all day and night whining to the lunatics, doctors, and guards about how unfair your life is and cries about every little ache and pain.” Shane was silent as Wesker stared at him a second before standing up again, grabbed his jacket and slipped it on as he said, “You have a choice to make Shane. Grow up and be the man I know you can be or remain an ignorant child locked in a cage of your own making.”

Wesker left the room leaving Shane alone with his thoughts. It hurt to admit it but Wesker was right. He had been overreacting to things more and more and it was time for him to stop acting out and get a better hold on his emotions.

Day 34 - St. Jeremy’s Hospital - 2 Years after Raccoon City

It was silent in the open room; Shane could only sit there on the padding and think. The amount of time he had to be in there annoyed him but it was the only time he can actually do anything. Normally he would sit and think or run around, but this time he was aiming for new heights. The catwalk, the balcony that was around the room. He had to think hard but he knew it would be impossible to reach it but that didn’t mean he couldn’t try.

He stood at a good height for himself, of five feet and ten inches and still growing, if he was fast enough and timed it just right, he just might be able to slightly run up the wall and jump to the catwalk. Slowly he stood up and moved to the back of the room, the guard watched him closely shifting the rifle he had carefully knowing Shane was going to do something but he didn’t know what until he watched Shane run as fast as he could to the other end trying to run up the wall only to slip and fall onto his back hard onto the padding making the guard laughed at the boy’s feeble attempt.

Shane cursed rolling onto his side before slowly getting up, he knew that was the dumbest thing he had ever done, he never tried running up anything before and now had a new objective. Learning how to do it. The many times he saw boys and men doing it for fun, he knew he should have started it when he was younger but he was too occupied with Track and Field to even think of doing it. But now, it was all gone.

“Keep practicing.” He told himself brushing himself off hearing the guard chuckling making him run to the other end to try again and this time he crashing into the padding knocking him down hard onto his back. “Shut up!” He snapped hearing the guard laughing loudly now as Shane got up and ran again to the other end managing to get up the all two steps before dropping down.

He was never able to reach it before they came back; he kept away from them managing to knock one down till a sharp pain flared on his back causing him to drop instantly holding where the bag was shot at him. It stung a thousand times worse than a big sting and he was fighting hard against the pain but he could not stop his shoulder from becoming numb. The orderlies were on him in a flash, one applying pressure to where he was hit making him struggle in vain to get away but it was pointless, he cursed and gave up. This was a failure and he wasn’t going to do anything as they pulled him out and into the hallway.

It was a few minutes till Shane was ordered to strip down to shower, he hated this and did what he was told standing in the shower looking at the other patients before shaking his head. Once his pants went down he caught sight of the orderlies raising brows and a few shaking their heads as Shane thought, “...Fucking assholes.” Shane grumbled thinking of those that tormented him. “I’m going to hurt them so much.” He continued taking his shirt off snatching his soap bar and walked over to the showerhead allowing the hot water to rush over him, but he gasped feeling it wasn’t hot but cold. Shane screamed, “Jackasses!” and he then covered his mouth as an orderly approached making him back up under the water instantly.

No talking was allowed in the shower, he learned that last week after yelling at an orderly that was hitting another patient, in the process, he was smack hard across the face and then hit on the back by a nightstick. He sighed as the warm water finally fell onto his skin allowing him to wash up; planning was all he could do now.

Present. Two days later…

Wesker sighed and checked his watch while sitting in the passenger seat of the Humvee. It had been two days of missed training for Shane but Wesker’s plans came first. He looked out of the window up at the sky and was glad the storm had died out yesterday and the ground seemed to already be parched and baked from the blazing sun once again.

Despite his strength and enhanced stamina, Wesker was weary from the constant running around he had to do lately and he just wanted to stay on base today and relax for a while before resuming Shane’s training.

Thanks to his slave Jill he didn’t need to keep tabs on the next few shipments coming in. Excella was proving to be an excellent handler for Jill and she actually seemed to take pleasure in ordering around someone she didn’t have to pay to work for her. As the truck approached the base Wesker smiled tightly and thought of Shane again. He was still surprised he could feel this sort of bond with another human being considering he despised most everyone else he came into contact with.

After entering the front gate, Wesker could see everything was still in perfect working order.  As they passed the motor pool Wesker saw Craig still trying to get the broken Humvee to work properly. The vehicle was already halfway out of the garage. The Humvee rumbled to life for a split second before black smoke started billowing out of the engine block. Wesker frowned as he watched Craig punch the steering wheel setting off the airbag in the truck. Two men came running to Craig’s aid as Wesker’s Humvee slowly rolled by.

Turning his head forward Wesker spotted Shane running out from the far left corner of the building covered in sweat from exercising. Shane ran towards a tree near the edge of the building and sat down under the shade of the leafy branches.

Shane panted and wiped his forehead before taking a deep breath through his nose and grabbed the water bottle in his pocket. He sighed as he opened the bottle. After taking a quick drink he saw a few vehicles coming in as he listened to the music pumping through his earphones. The iPod strapped to Shane’s bicep was something of a gift from Craig who got him the tiny player with music already uploaded to it.

Shane watched the vehicles come to a stop near the motor pool but didn’t see who got out since sweat dripped into his eyes making them sting. He cursed wiping the sweat from his eyes and off his head just as he noticed the doctor coming out of the main building. A small smile appeared on Shane’s face when he hurried over to get his pills and the shot. The fact he now looked forward to his meds now made Shane chuckle inside considering how much he fought against them in the past.

Once he was medicated, Shane felt better and his energy was back within minutes. Thanking the doctor, Shane started to jog again with a smile on his face while listening to the hard rock song coming through his headphones. The sunshine hitting his skin felt amazing and every time he would come out from under a tree, the sunglasses enabled him to adjust immediately to the harsh light. Somehow they seemed to automatically tint and adjust to the light no matter how bright or dim.

The female vendor waved and called his name as Shane jogged towards her. She smiled and held up a full bottle waving for him to take it as he ran. Shane had become friends with her easily since he did good business with her but the verbal block was still there but he didn’t care. He snatched the bottle as he ran by quickly, like the marathon runners he had seen on TV. The vendor chuckled as he jogged backward and waved at her before stuffing the bottle into a leg pocket, turned around and continued his jog. As much as he hated to admit it, he was starting to like it here, he was getting used to the guards he saw all the time and was planning something fun for them.

Shane slowed to a walk as he passed the fighting ring and waved at JJ who was inside the ring, back in action again. When JJ waved back his opponent, a guard Shane had seen around the compound, tried to land a cheap shot on JJ as he was momentarily distracted. JJ dodged and with a quick one-two combination knocked the cocky guard to the mat.

Shane chuckle and went back into a full jog before running as fast as he could and jumped up grabbing a hanging wall pipe and swung around quickly before letting go and started jogging again. Shane let out a laugh and clapped his hands together to wipe the dust from the pipe from his hands.

Shane was jogging for a few more minutes before something in his peripheral vision made him turn and suddenly Wesker was jogging next to him. He was still wearing his trademark sunglasses but he was also wearing a black tank top, black shorts and black sneakers with gray socks. Shane had a small smile creep across his face seeing Wesker dressed like a normal human being rather than the ever-present leather jumpsuit and trench coat he always seemed to sport no matter how unbearably hot it got.

Shane was still slightly angry at Wesker but pushed those feelings aside, he knew better than to dwell on them. Wesker kept pace easily with Shane as they jogged. Shane felt a little cocky and picked his pace up and Wesker kept up with him easily until Shane took off in a full run grinning with Wesker running after him. Wesker smiled inwardly and let Shane run ahead of him. Obviously, the boy wanted to outdo the old man and was showing off.

Excella was walking across the compound when she stopped at the garage, she felt better than she did a few days ago and she felt she was ready for another round with Shane if they could sneak it in. Excella smiled adjusting her sunglasses as she noticed Shane and Wesker jogging together. She leaned against the building and admired the two men as they ran. The similarities between Wesker and Shane were striking sometimes and she had to admit to herself she had fantasized what it might be like to be with both of them at the same time but she knew better than to even attempt to try and make that happen.

Still, she had to smile watching Wesker let the young man run ahead of him. It was good for Shane to feel more confident and she knew that this was the best thing for Wesker as well. He had been running his ass off making sure everything was in order after the last botched shipment and it was nice seeing Wesker relax for a change. It really was the best thing for him, even if he was in charge, he still needed time to himself to catch up on things at the base, rest and relax for a while before the operation went into full swing.

Excella giggled slightly as she watched Shane turn around jogging backward to taunt Wesker who simply smirked at him and continued his steady pace.

She could see the two were becoming closer and it made her happy to see Wesker take on the father role Shane seemed to desperately need and the two were bonding better every day. It was through this growing bond that Shane had found hope again and even Wesker’s grim demeanor had given way slightly to something lighter. More akin to pride and perhaps hope when he saw that Shane was the next generation and he would have a bright future and perhaps a long-lasting legacy if everything went according to plan.

It was going to be a brave new world and Wesker and his son would stand side by side to usher humanity into it whether they wanted to go or not. Excella got goosebumps when she thought of all the power and glory that awaited her…

Excella was broken out of her fantasy by a loud clanging sound and Craig screaming an obscenity in German. When she looked over he had his dirty finger in his mouth while his other hand fanned the smoke billowing out of the engine of the ever broken Humvee.

 Moving her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose she spoke with little concern in her voice, “Are you having some trouble?” Craig looked at her with a look of genuine frustration etched on his face as he pulled his finger out and spoke.

“Besides digging out an arm and a leg, this Humvee should have been running smoothly but something keeps stalling it when the engine starts to run....” He said looking at the smoldering engine block. At first, Excella thought Craig was using a euphemism and not being literal until she spotted the severed limbs half wrapped in bloody, oily rags on the ground near the toolbox.

Excella pushed her glasses back up her nose making a sour face at the grisly remnants and looked back at Shane and Wesker who was still jogging.

Craig finally noticed what Excella was looking at and smiled, “Shane has been doing pretty well since he was allowed outside. I think the fresh air is good for the boy.” Excella seemed to not hear Craig and kept watching the duo jog towards the far end of the compound. Craig shrugged and went back to examining the engine while Excella pulled her phone out of her purse and began watching the security feed on the cameras where Shane and Wesker jogged.

She smiled and laughed when Shane playfully tried to squirt Wesker with water from his bottle and Albert easily dodged the liquid and grabbed Shane in a headlock and ruffled his hair with a playful noogie. She had never seen this side of Albert before and she had to admit it was nice seeing him not act like a hard ass and be human for once.

Excella smiled at seeing the two getting along like father and son and was happy to see Wesker’s defenses against the boy weakening. Still, she knew if she brought it up he would deny it and make it seem like it was all part of some grand plan. But Excella knew it was bullshit. This was a stage in Wesker's life that gave him a chance to see the future of the human race become even more stronger with his own flesh and blood at his side following his orders.

Wesker held Shane in a headlock and was giving him a playful noogie when he said, “If you don’t behave yourself I won’t take you on my run outside the compound today.”

Shane stopped struggling and said, “Are you serious?” Wesker left him go and simply gestured that they continue their jog around the compound. Wesker didn’t wait for a response and simply jogged and Shane put his dangling earphones inside the iPod armband he was wearing and followed as they took a path between two of the buildings and headed towards a guarded gateway near the rear of the compound.

Wesker talked with ease while he jogged, not even sounding out of breath, “I noticed you jogging when I came in from my… business trip. You look like you might be going a little stir crazy so I think it’s time you saw something other than the same four walls of the compound.” Shane was excited and he kept pace with Wesker and he continued to speak, “I think you’ll find the scenery to be quite relaxing.” Wesker nodded at the guards and they opened the gate quickly not interrupting Wesker’s steady pace whileShane followed alongside him. The guards closed the gate once the duo made their way on an old dirt road. High brush and wild grass waved in a slight breeze as they got farther away from the compound. Wesker broke the silence, “I saw how you were leaping about the place during your jog. I take it your ankle is feeling better?”

Shane smiled, “Yeah it feels pretty good. I’ve been practicing these past two days leaping off of catwalks and vaulting over the handrails.” Shane state once they passed under a tree. “Almost twisted my ankle jumping over the one railing, I didn’t realize how far the drop was.” He chuckled getting a drink of water from the half-empty bottle he had in his hand.

Wesker was sweating but he kept jogging and didn’t slack in his pace as he spoke, “You need to be more mindful of your surroundings Shane. If you had landed wrong and snapped your ankle it would have put a serious delay on your training. I want you to stop taking foolish risks like that. Your training is entering a much more advanced stage soon and you will need all the strength you have to do it.”

Shane was curious what kind of training Wesker had in mind was but then he noticed they were coming up to another large tree and Wesker jogged off the dirt road and stopped beneath the shady tree. Wesker fixed his hair with his hands, feeling the sweat coming down his face as he leaned with his back against the gnarled wooden trunk. Shane jogged up next to him and stopped noticing Wesker looked tired and for the life of him, he had never seen him look so… weary. Shane offered him his water but Wesker waved it away with his hand, “No, I’m fine. Just didn’t realize how… tired I was.”

Shane smiled and patted Wesker lightly on the shoulder noticing the man tensed up slightly when he was touched, “Hey, it’s okay man. I mean you just got back from a long trip, if you’re really that tired we should head back. We can come out here again tomorrow.”

Wesker looked at Shane and noticed the boy was actually showing concern and not being a wise ass. Wesker smiled tightly and nodded, “Perhaps you’re right. It has been a trying week, to say the least. Let’s head back.”

Shane smiled as he took another swig of water and looked up into the sky, “Besides, the way I figure it we have just enough daylight left for a game of baseball.”

Wesker raised a brow hearing that. “…Baseball?” Shane smiled and started jogging away and despite his lack of energy Wesker caught up with him fairly quickly, “What do you mean baseball?” He asked as Shane jogged and spoke.

“Well ,you know that big empty spot on the northern corner of the compound? It’s the only section not paved so it would be pretty easy to get a game of baseball going there.”

Wesker realized what Shane meant, “That’s the helicopter landing zone.”

Shane smiled, “That’s right, it’s large enough for the baseball game I have in mind, besides, it’ll give the guards something to do. Plus it’ll keep them in shape.” He chuckled wiping his forehead on their way towards the compound in a slow jog.

Wesker was silent until they were in sight of the rear gate which started to open upon their approached. “Fine, you can play your game. Consider it an exercise in hand/eye coordination.”

Shane laughed, “I have no issue with that. Besides, I’ve been doing practice fighting remember?” He asked chuckling. “Oh, I saw JJ and you were totally right about his arm.” Shane and Wesker stopped for a minute inside the compound before Shane clapped his hands together and said, “Let’s get the game started, Captain.” He said sprinting away to gather the men for the game.

Wesker watched him leave and flashed back for a second to his former life as the Captain of the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. team. He hadn’t been called that for years and the memories of that accursed team and how they, especially Chris Redfield, had ruined everything. Wesker’s eyes flashed red as he clenched his fists. The anger seemed to renew his energy as he stalked towards the landing field in the compound.

A few minutes later…

“That’s as easy as baseball gets,” Shane said tossing a ball up and down as Craig nodded looking at the men that were off shift and explained it to them, however many already knew about the game and how to play it. Shane fixed his gaze on JJ; he was going to be the umpire. Shane nodded at JJ and tossed him the ball and yelled, “This should be pretty fun so let’s get this game rolling before the sun goes down.”

Craig smiled, “Don’t worry if we go long the field is well lit at night.” He said chuckling while stroking his goatee before telling the guards to get ready. “Whose team is going first?” He asked looking at Shane who shrugged.

“I don’t know, my team, maybe?” He asked as Wesker nodded his head. “Cool,” Shane said tossing him the baseball. “Don’t pitch too hard, okay?” Wesker nodded again even though he didn’t like the idea but he was doing it for Shane. “Okay, time get to bat!” He said running over to the bats and Wesker headed out to the mark stood in for the pitching mound and waited. First at bat was one of the guard’s that worked at the gate. “Hit a good one!” Shane shouted and JJ called the game to start.

Craig was enjoying watching the game, so far Shane’s team was winning by one point and Wesker was growling at his team to get them hitting and scoring more points while Shane was having a blast with his team encouraging them to keep going. Two different leaders with two different methods. The past and the future. Father and son.

“Craig!” Shane shouted drawing him out of thought. “Heads up!” He shouted making Craig grab a shield, the last few times Shane went up to bat the ball almost hit him and he was at the scoreboard they had set up and next thing he knew the ball hit the shield, another home run for the kid. “Whoo!” Shane cheered running the bases before sliding into home plate. Shane wanted to rub it in Wesker’s face that he won but he was so happy he couldn’t think of anything better to say but, “Yeah! In your face!" Before he could continue cheering a giant cooler of ice cold water was suddenly poured over him making him gasp and go stiff, Wesker chuckled nodding to the men.

“Enjoy your little victory celebration?” Wesker said walking over hearing the boy gasp and hurried to wipe the ice water out of his eyes.

Shane shivered but gave a smile, “It was worth it.” Wesker smirked and walked past Shane and grabbed a towel off Craig and flung it at Shane, “I expect a rematch, boy.”

Shane laughed, “You got it, old man.”

Chapter 17

Day 167 - St. Jeremy’s Hospital - 2 Years after Raccoon City

“I feel like I’m going insane…” Shane said to himself in a whisper looking at the ceiling rubbing his chest as he kept thinking of Heather before the events of Raccoon City, how they would hang out and make out. The sweet tasting strawberry gloss on her lips, her soft skin on her body against his. He soon moaned before looking at the camera, he needed to be alone but he couldn’t with them watching. “Always watching..” He grumbled getting off the bed and slid under it, he managed to tuck a few toilet sheets under the bed frame for such an occasion. Slipping his pants down slightly Shane began to work himself.

He knew too well about what happened last time he was caught under the bed and knew he had to hurry with his need, the last time they caught him under there he was hit so hard he couldn’t breathe right for the longest time. He had to be quick and worked himself fast counting the seconds and imagining Heather working her magic on him. “Heather…oh, I loved you so much.” He whispered thinking about her and soon lost track of time. He gasped hearing the glass door open and he quickly pulled his pants up just as someone grabbed his arm. “Shit! Stop! I didn’t do anything!” His shouts were ignored when the nightstick was slammed into his gut causing him to crumble instantly, his face flushed red feeling all the air expelled from his lungs, the fight to breathe was on. A firm kick to his back forced him to cry out in pain, the precious air leaving his strained lungs once more. The nurse came over in a rush snapping at the orderlies after they left Shane crippled on the floor. She placed his medicine on his bed and tended to him, but he didn’t care and wanted to smack her but he was hurting too much.

He wanted to die.


“I hate that place…” Shane said sitting on the end of the bed shaking his head. “Always abused…always tormented…” He lowered his head feeling Wesker patting him on the shoulder. He was sitting on the end of the bed with him still in his jogging attire. “But that room…God…that was the worst of it all.”

“That is why we’re trying to help you remember what happened there, so we can stop these men from harming you again,” Wesker said as Shane looked at him. “If you are able to remember, these men will pay dearly for what they did to you.” He said as Shane nodded. “Lie down and relax, it will be painful to remember but it’s the only way, Shane.” He told as Shane took a breath and scooted back before laying down on his bed closing his eyes. “Listen to my voice….” Wesker said standing up looking at him. “You will breath slow and deeply…” He said as Shane did so. “…try and not think of anything and listen to my voice, think on my voice,” Wesker said moving while gesturing to Excella in the mirror room who turned the subliminal audio on.

Day Unknown - St. Jeremy’s Hospital - Before Wesker’s Visit

Shane stretched out on his bed and yawned before scratching his chest, he felt so sleepy and loved it that he was. It meant he was going to be able to sleep in more so the doctors could leave him alone. These small blessings, Shane always took them and chuckled before covering his face with his arm. A small sigh escaped him and before he could sleep a sharp tap on the glass door awoke him from his light dozing which sent a shock through his body as he removed his arm seeing the glass sliding into the wall. There were two orderlies, both a bit buffed and different from what he remembered of those he was used to.

“Get up.” One said in a thick Russian accent making Shane sit up slightly rubbing his face before yawning again trying to understand what was going on. “Get up now!” The man snapped making Shane get up instantly before being grabbed harshly and pinned against the wall, he struggled slightly and cursed lowly as the one gripped his left arm firmly making the healing cuts ache. “Hold still.” The Russian growled as Shane looked at him seeing the tattoo, the tattoo that would never leave his mind as he felt the needle stuck into his arm. “He’s sedated.” The man said as Shane felt his body slipping into the darkness.

Shane awoke slowly as his ears filled with the sounds of squeaky gurney wheels and that of the cries and screams of those he was housed with. His eyes fixed on the passing ceiling tiles and then the dimming lights as he saw someone to his right, that man with the tattoo.

“He’s waking up.” Said the other which drew Shane’s weak attention to his left seeing the other wearing a surgeons mask. “Should we sedate him again?”

“No, he’ll pass out shortly.” Said the Russian as Shane looked forward seeing his body was strapped down on the gurney, they were wheeling him down a long half-lit corridor, he could only see a few doors and a blinking red sphere on the one wall before darkness took his sight once again causing his body to fall limp.

A door on the left slowly opened with a hum as the two-wheeled Shane inside, they left him lay there for a long while taking tissue samples from his left arm while the other arm was having blood sucked out into three vials.

“Hard to think this is his kid.” Said the one with the mask as he looked at his Russian comrade for a moment who only grunted. “How did Nikolai know?”

“He has access to strict files.” The Russian replied looking at Shane before grabbing the file on a rolling table and opened it looking at Shane’s photo, he looked depressed in the photo and the Russian chuckled before looking at Shane again as he laid the file down. “Dementia, schizophrenia, PTSD…” 

“So many mental issues, but how and why he developed them.” The second said looking at Shane breathing slowly. “He’s the perfect human being, the utopian, a god, but he has these issues.”

“They did this to him to keep him under control.” The Russian said taking off the straps on Shane’s body. “We need to get him prepped, Nikolai will be coming shortly.” He said pulling Shane’s pants down carefully so to not snag the boy’s boxer shorts.

“How sure are we that he doesn’t know?” The other asked taking Shane’s shirt off gently keeping a firm hand under Shane’s head. “How do we know that Mathers is keeping his word to keep this under wraps?”

“Pfft, Mathers is the best hacker we have.” The Russian said looking at the other as he started to strap Shane back down. “Wesker is a fool, he won’t see it happening. By the time he figures any of this out, it’ll already be too late, he’ll be dead or we have the samples, hell, even both.” He said chuckling. “And the only way to get close is to use flesh and blood.”

“But after that is done with, what becomes of the boy if he survives?”

The Russian shrugged, “I don’t know, he’ll possibly use him as a new Tyrant or something. He can control the plaga so no worries.” He said looking Shane over before chuckling. “I can’t wait for this to come full bloom.”


“Mathers….Nikolai…” Shane whispered as he twitched, Wesker watched carefully while standing close to a vent that sent a cool breeze up his body keeping him cool since he was still sweating from the run. He could only watch Shane listening to what the boy remembered, a new name. Mathers. He needed to look for this man and get him to talk.

Excella leaned back on the plush chair in the mirror room as Shane twitched more, she hated seeing him hurting and wanted to stop the audio but Wesker would have her neck if she did and once again Shane screamed and Wesker was by his side instantly holding him down as he thrashed against the bed before finally calming down.

“Breathe Shane,” Wesker said looking at him. “Breathe, slow your breathing.” He ordered as Shane took a few deep breaths to try and relax. “You’re not in that room, it's in your head, you’re safe, calm down.” He said as Shane started shaking before sitting up hugging Wesker as Wesker patted him on the back before hugging him rubbing his back. “Trust me, Shane, you’re fine, it’s in your mind. I know it’s painful..”

“What they did…it will never leave me,” Shane said softly shaking. “I can still feel it like it’s still inside me.” He said as Wesker pulled back as Shane looked at him.

“It’s not, it’s dead.” He said tapping Shane’s chest. “We killed it, all that left is the memories in your mind, if we can’t find out who they all are, I will have to help you forget that room.” He said as Shane perked at that. “You want that don’t you?” He asked as Shane nodded. “I can take them away from you with some…treatments…but it will be painful to do so.”

“I don’t care, I don’t want them in my head anymore, constantly hounding me. It’s driving me insane!” Shane said shaking his head. “Once they are gone I can finally keep focused.”

Wesker knew that was true, whenever Shane was in a stressful situation his mind would drift to painful memories, if he managed to block them for the boy, he would be passing another test leading him to become a better leader. He told Shane that he’ll fix the problem and to go to sleep, Shane nodded as Wesker walked toward the door and left the room, Excella was standing there as he looked at her as she made a gesture of zipped lips.

Next day…

Shane stretched out in his new jogging outfit: a red tank top with a black Chinese dragon on it, khaki cargo shorts with wrinkled gray gym socks and white and red low top running sneakers. Shane jogged in place for a moment as his shark tooth necklace bounced about before he looked at Craig standing under the shade of a nearby tree, as early as it was, it was already hot and sweltering making the German fan himself before yawning as Shane soon joined him under the tree as Craig sighed.

“Still didn’t the Humvee to work did you?” Shane asked sitting down fixing his shoes as Craig grunted before spitting at the ground before picking his teeth with a knife. “I guess that’s a no,” Shane said tucking the strings into his shoes before rising as Wesker finally came over with Excella who was talking to him. “Looks like she’s taking over again.” Shane chuckled as Craig did the same.

“Don’t worry darling, everything is under control, you need this time to rest and well spent with Shane.” She said as Wesker fixed his sunglasses as his eyes locked onto Shane who was fixing his own. He chuckled faintly as Excella continued to talk about what she would be doing for him but he only held up his hand having her fall silent as Shane walked over greeting them.

“Morning, you ready for the run old man?” Shane asked smiling having Wesker nod in response, Shane looked at Wesker‘s outfit, he was wearing a skin-tight black cross training shirt and shorts, which were all black, with white socks and black running shoes. Shane liked it and took notice of something about it, there was a faded and cracked S.T.A.R.S. symbol is on the left side of his chest, when Wesker walked by him for a moment, he saw a cracked one on his back that had a faded cracked lettering that read: S.T.A.R.S. Special Tactics & Rescue Service. This made Shane scratch his head before moving ahead of Wesker, he was going to ask him later about S.T.A.R.S. again and hopefully get more answers.

Wesker smiled lightly looking at Shane, he had changed so much since he first talked to him, he was more friendly and more social now, the subliminal audio and his help had changed Shane so much the past few weeks. Shane was also showing he was becoming a leader, even if it was taking time to do so, Wesker was smiling inside proud with their progress. “Great, I’m all set so let’s go,” Shane said drawing Wesker out of his thoughts as they walked to the rear gate at it opened for them. “So how far are we jogging?”

“It’s a surprise,” Wesker said as they started to jog down the dirt road making Shane look back waving as Excella returned it before he jogged up to Wesker. “So everything good with your plans and such?” Shane asked as they passed the tall tree they stopped under yesterday as he soon looked at the tall dry grass that swayed gently around them, flowing like the waves of the ocean making him smile soon seeing a few birds flying through the air as Wesker talked to him that things were going in order and such making Shane smile.

The dirt road made turns here and there along the fields of grass, tall old trees giving them shade and only one time did they had to slow their pace as a few zebras were crossing the road making Shane watch them intently for never seen a wild one up close before and chuckled wiping his brow smiling at Wesker telling him about the time at the zoo how he fed one in Raccoon City. Wesker told him about how he visited the zoo a few times to investigate things, Shane found these stories interesting and made him think of Kevin and how he would do a few chases and try to help solve cases about the city.

A bead of salty sweat glided down his brow, running smoothly down his nose dripping off forcing him to wipe after Wesker started to pull ahead of him. Once more they started up a hill making Shane grunt trying to keep jogging up it, he knees started to protest with the hill and his running but he kept going so to not lose sight of Wesker who looked back at him.

“Come on, Shane.” He said and Shane waved him off causing the older man to chuckle, Shane was regretting calling him an old man but he still was one no matter what.

The jog was long and Shane was sweating madly from the heat of the sun, the wind dancing across his sweat-soaked skin cooling him lightly as he sighed looking at Wesker not bothered at all by the intense heat making Shane shake his head in disbelief as his body was growing tired and he needed to take a break but he kept jogging knowing Wesker wanting him to push the limits course what made Shane curious was where they were going considering they passed a few old huts, wild animals, a set of train tracks and soon were now running through what felt like a desert but the path they were on was obviously a road since there were signs here and there marking it. A strong gust of wind hit the two making Shane breath deep smelling it and it puzzled him.

It smelled salty.

Wesker pulled ahead of him again making him pant slowing down slightly feeling his legs starting to become numb and weak from the running and soon he smiled seeing Wesker had stopped at the next hill making him hurry to catch up to fumble slightly resting his hands on his legs looking at the ground panting like mad, swallowing hard while watching his sweat dripping to the dry earth before looking up and just stared at the sight before him as Wesker stood tall looking out at the ocean as Shane closed his eyes taking his sunglasses off to wipe his face before quickly putting them back on to look at the blue waves foaming as they crashed against the shore making him speechless at the beautiful view, this was Wesker’s surprise for him. To see the ocean for the first time.

“Wow…” Shane finally said in awe as Wesker looked at him smiling lightly to the boy’s reaction.

“I knew you would like it.” He said returning his gaze to the water before looking to his left and then to his right past Shane seeing a cropping of large rocks near the edge of the cliff and smiled walking toward them tapping Shane on the shoulder who looked and soon followed after him fanning himself to keep cool. The large rocks were promising as they approached and Wesker sat down on them sighing feeling they were still cool and Shane sat down with him on the other end smiling before wiping his face off of sweat again. “Did you have fun?” Wesker asked breaking the moment’s silence as Shane chuckled.

“Yes.” He said leaning forward on his left arm while Wesker did the same but leaned on his right while reaching into his pockets handing Shane a bottle of water, he grabbed it and nodded to Wesker opening it up taking a long drink from the bottle; it wasn’t full but it was better than nothing. The sweet cool water felt so inviting to his mouth and his body, just like the breeze from the cool ocean making him sigh after finishing the bottle watching the waves and surf. “Maybe we should take a quick dip.” He said out of the blue.

Wesker chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, “Maybe we will.” He said as Shane looked at him before looking at the ocean again seeing the sun was getting closer to setting over the waves, Shane handed the empty bottle back before looking around to see how to get down there soon spotting a path, well not much of a path but he knew he could easily climb down. Shane chuckled standing up stretching before looking down the cliff observing before looking at Wesker who was looking at him now.

“I can tell what you want.” He said pushing off the rocks as Shane chuckled pointing to the rugged path as Wesker nodded to it as they walked over to it, Wesker watched how Shane was observing the path carefully before making the descent down jumping onto a few rocks and caught his balance nearly falling off one.

“Careful now,” Wesker said as Shane gave him a thumbs up before jumping down onto the white sand. A smile crossed his face before he could even look back to say something to Wesker he was already down there with him. “Something wrong Shane?” He asked standing next to him as the boy shook his head and looked out at the water coming and going before them.

“What are you waiting for? Go on.” Wesker said nudging Shane forward who was a bit hesitant before hopping on one foot pulling his sneakers and socks off dropping them to the ground before doing the same with the other foot before hurrying to the water stopping at the outlined edge of where it came to shore, slowly he moved forward burying his toes in the wet sand just as the cool waters rushed against his legs and feet making him chuckle before looking at the lowering sun on the surf as the cool breeze brushed against his skin, dancing with his dirty blonde hair before he moved forward toward the water smiling as it rushed him once again soaking his lower half making him laugh out loud from the great feeling of feeling the salty water against his skin.

Wesker looked at his watch seeing that seven minutes had past before looking at Shane sitting at the edge where the water would rush up against his feet before taking off his own shoes and socks joining the boy as they watched the last specks of the sun fading away leaving behind an aura of colors in the sky allowing Shane to take off his sunglasses and rub his eyes.

“I can’t wait till I can see without having to go blind from bright lights.” He said clipping them to his shirt before looking at Wesker. “Why do you always were yours? How can you even see at night?” He asked.

Wesker chuckled and rubbed Shane’s head before getting up as he spoke, “You’ll see one day.” before helping Shane up onto his feet. “It’s time to head back.” He said with a gesture as they walked picking up their shoes and socks and climbed back up the path before looking at the darkening road before them, with their feet wet, it would be a bad idea to put their shoes on so they walked the road barefoot for a while.

Shane listened carefully to the sounds around them before looking at the road, the almost full moon aiding in their walk feeling the cool air hugging them, after a while they stopped putting their socks and shoes back on continuing till the dry grass started to come up around them, a lion sounded in the distance making Shane get closer to Wesker while looking around carefully and even behind them as Wesker looked at him sensing he was getting frightened.

He sighed and looked at Shane, “Do not worry about that Shane, the lions out here are not going to eat you as long as I’m around.” He told having Shane nod and relax slightly, the fear of lions was all thanks to the outbreak in Raccoon City, so many damn fears the boy had all from Raccoon City. Wesker was determined to get those fears controlled for him, he was not going to have him living in constant fear of every single thing that reminded the boy of Raccoon City.

Their walk was enjoyable as they stopped under a large old tree along the road, Shane sat down leaning against it as Wesker checked his watch again and looked down the road before seeing headlights weaving through the flowing blades of dried grass, he soon looked at Shane who was nodding off already making him chuckle while nudging him with his foot, Shane took a deep breath in response and covered his eyes from the blinding headlights as it pulled up, the driver got out opening the back door for Shane and hurried to the passenger door for Wesker.

Once everyone was back in the Humvee it was turned around and heading back down the road, Shane looked at the nice interior of this Humvee finding it was slightly different from the one Craig was working on but he didn’t mind that and rested his arm on the open window and laid his head there watching the waves of dried grass in the pale moonlight, letting the rushing air hit his face and weave through his hair as he slowly closed his eyes.
Wesker sighed in content with today’s job, surprised how well Shane kept going considering they were running all day, he even surprised himself how far he went. A yawn soon escaped him, a hand forced to cover his mouth as he stretched in his seat, he needed this. He looked back at Shane sleeping against the window and smiled lightly before chuckling seeing the boy content with sleep if they were able to return quickly Wesker was going to run the subliminal audio again for that room. He soon returned to looking at the road sighing before yawning again, he laid his head back against the seat and door closing his eyes in the process and soon he faded off into sleep.

Neither of them awoke when they finally entered the compound, Excella giggled and took a picture with her phone after the driver got out leaving his door open allowing her to see the two sleeping Wesker’s. She was going to keep that photo and decided to put it in Wesker’s phone just for the fun of it if he never noticed, it wasn’t going to kill her at all plus having a copy of it for Shane was going to be a good thing too. They were so close, father and son, she had to wipe a tear from her one eye seeing how happy those two were for having each other, even if Wesker didn’t want to show it publicly. He was indeed a father and a father that cared for his only son, his only child.

Chapter 18

Next day, afternoon

Shane smiled munching on a sandwich while sitting under a tree. After swallowing the mouthful of food he sighed in content at the freshness of it as he looked at Wesker sitting under a nearby eating a sandwich too. They had started their morning jog around sunrise and was now enjoying the afternoon hanging out under a few trees near the pond allowing the cool breeze that danced off its surface to hit their hot bodies keeping them cool.

Wesker’s eyes methodically studied Shane as he ate. The boy was unaware he was being watched thanks to Wesker’s mirrored sunglasses and even though it seemed like he wasn’t looking at him Wesker had been keeping observing him all day. Wesker had sensed something since he visited Shane during the night giving him a new shot. The boy seemed to be acting differently in slight ways but nothing that seemed too serious. Still, Wesker had this uneasy feeling and he couldn’t put his finger on why. Shane had finished his sandwich and belched and then sat for a moment patting his stomach. He then looked at Wesker and then at the sandwich that Wesker was eating and looked up at him again.

Shane nodded motioning towards the sandwich, “Are you going to finish that?” Wesker raised an eyebrow at the request, Shane’s hunger had increased substantially this morning as well and Wesker didn’t understand why. Could the shot have really affected him this much?

Wesker spoke coolly, “Of course I am, it’s my sandwich. By my count, you’ve already had three. How can you possibly still feel hungry?” Wesker said coolly taking another bite of his sandwich as he watched Shane sigh and lean against the tree he was next to. After he swallowed, Wesker asked Shane point blank, “How are you feeling? Do you feel any different today?”

Shane stared up at the leaves in the tree for a moment and then sighed, “Yeah… I’m still hungry and I feel weird…” He said looking at Wesker again. “You think it’s because I’m exhausted from yesterday?”

Wesker seemed concerned, “Define weird.”

Shane shrugged, “I don’t know, it’s not so much a bad feeling just… I feel different is all and I sort of feeling anxious and I really don’t know why.”

Wesker’s eyes narrowed slightly as he studied the Shane, “It may be a reaction to the new shot I gave you last night while you were asleep.” Wesker drank a sip of water as Shane looked at him more intently. “Don’t worry it’s nothing to be concerned about. You may start to feel somewhat different as it incorporates itself into your system. Once it’s done I think you will enjoy… the boost gives you.”

Shane growled, “Pfft, as long as I don’t get sick I’m fine with it asshole.” And he quickly turned away from Wesker who seemed genuinely surprised by the hostile response.

Wesker frowned, “Asshole?”

Shane’s look suddenly changed to surprise when he realized what he had said, “I-I-I didn’t mean to call you that.” He said rubbing his head while his face turned red with embarrassment. “I’m sorry I really am. I don’t know why I feel so irritated and annoyed today.”

Wesker noticed that all morning Shane had seemed to vacillate between being his usual self and then acting annoyed and gruff. Still, it may be something in the shot causing it. After all, Wesker had felt differently after William Birkin had given him his shot. Still, he didn’t remember being so mercurial in his emotional state afterward.

The matter needed further study but it would have to wait. Wesker shook his head and got up brushing himself off before walking over to Shane with a tight smile on his face and patted him on the head. “It’s okay, you probably need to rest. I’m sorry but I have to go, Shane, I need to check on some things today in private.” Shane looked up at him trying to read his expression. It was almost like Wesker wasn’t used to smiling so when he did do it, it still took Shane a second to adjust to seeing the man look happy. “Don’t worry, I won’t be gone long and if you need anything call my cell phone or Excella’s.”

Shane said gave a thumbs up, “Got it.” Wesker gave him a tight nod before walking off.  As Shane watched him go Shane got up and stretched before scratching his chest feeling a quick prick inside, “Oh, what the hell?” He said in surprise as his breathing suddenly made his sides hurt, “Ugh, not again.” Taking small breaths while walking slowly trying to fight back the pain suddenly he belched loudly and the pain seemed to go away instantly.

With the small crisis averted, Shane smiled and entered the training building seeing JJ once again in the fighting ring. The lumbering giant walked over to him talking to him; course Shane had no idea what he was saying, “Yeah, good afternoon to you too.” He said and JJ chuckled patting him on the shoulder which made Shane tense slightly. JJ looked at him carefully not sure why the boy did that, Shane surely didn’t understand; it wasn’t like the man was going to hit him when greeting him.

“Must be tense about something.” He said lowly before walking toward the fighting circle and soon stood in it rotating his shoulders before grabbing some white bandages on a nearby bench.

“Got to remember to get more fighting tape.” He said to himself wrapping his left arm up. “Just like at the asylum…” He growled gritting his teeth before looking at the guard that entered the ring and soon the crowd gathered rooting them on, course he could see a few bets being placed, he moved carefully to his right watching the guard and he moved in a way to taunt him and Shane just stared at him from behind his sunglasses studying the guard. Quickly planning, Shane lunged swinging a left fist and the guard dodged but didn’t expect the right coming in hard, nailing him on the chest. Shane jumped back readying his fists once more. There was so much anger inside him now and he wanted to vent it on someone…

A few hours earlier

“S.T.A.R.S,” Shane said looking at Wesker’s shirt looking at the faded logo before looking at his back and smiled. “Kevin wanted in S.T.A.R.S. so badly… I used to look up to you guys.” They rested under the roof of the shooting range. “Besides being the boss of S.T.A.R.S., why didn’t you visit me when I was a kid? I mean, you were in Raccoon City after all.” He said looking at him carefully for any give in the man’s single tight-lipped expression.

“I had my reasons but rest assured I was keeping my eyes on you,” Wesker said finally making Shane smile slightly. “Unfortunately I couldn’t contact you because of Umbrella and their spies. Had I tried they might have sensed I was up to something and possibly removed me or you from Raccoon City. Still, I had made a plan to come to get you once I finished my last mission with S.T.A.R.S.” He said as they started to walk. “Once again fate dealt me a cruel hand. My own team betrayed me on that mission and left me for dead. When I tried to get…help from my former employers at Umbrella they too turned their backs on me. I was persona non grata, a dead man with no friends or allies left in the world.”

Shane was searching Wesker’s face for any trace of emotion but the man seemed to only radiate calm, “Why would they do that to you?” he asked in disbelief. “Didn’t they realize how much I needed you to be with me? I was a kid and I never knew you were alive. What would have happened to me if mom died? If you were there, I didn’t have to worry. And then the outbreak…you could have saved me…” He said lowering his head clenching his fists. “Damn them… damn them all.” He said as Wesker placed his hands on Shane’s shoulders making him look at him.

Wesker spoke calmly and matter of fact, “Had I returned to Raccoon City after the Arklay Mountains incident the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members would have shot me on sight. The police chief and many other officials in the government worked for Umbrella and they always had spies watching you and your family Shane, always. Had I even attempted to contact you they would have slaughtered you rather than let you fall into my hands. I stayed away because it was the only thing to keep both of us safe.”

Shane’s anger started to well up until Wesker took his sunglasses off and looked Shane in the face, “You have every right to feel angry and betrayed by them but you can take solace in knowing this: We’re together now and no force on earth will pull this family apart ever again. Umbrella is dead, the S.T.A.R.S. have long since stopped looking for me and nothing is left to stop us.”

Shane smiled as he felt his eyes well up, “You promise?”

Wesker smiled a genuinely warm smile, “I promise. This is our destiny, Shane. Together we will be like the wrath of God made flesh and anyone who dares stop us will fall like the wheat before the scythe.”


The guard laid on the ground trying his best to block Shane’s onslaught of punches but the young man would not stop attacking him and already blood was splattering on the floor; JJ had to yank Shane off him in order to stop the fighting which left Shane struggling to continue swinging but he was stopped short by the sharp pain in his chest returning. He couldn’t understand why he was feeling so angry and why was he taking his anger out on them. They all were his friends. He shook his head and backed away from all of them once JJ sat him down and quickly said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me…” before leaving in a hurry.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” He asked looking back at the building as he nearly tripped over a rock before ducking behind a tree to look at his bloodied hands. “I really don’t feel like myself…” He said rubbing his chest as he soon belched. “Excuse me, man I got gas…” He grumbled hurrying to the pond to wash his hands and bandages. “I really need to see the doctor, that new shot might be affecting me…” He whispered to himself crouching down looking at his reflection on the clear water as he slowly skimmed his one hand over the surface leaving a trail of blood in its wake before hitting the water disrupting his image.

Dunking his arms into the water he started washing them as hard as he could to get the blood off, he felt like he just committed murdered and part of him was screaming to get clean. Within the water, the bandages glided off causing him to react and grab them, to scrub them hard in the staining water; trying so hard to get all the blood off his hands and arms, to leave no trace of his violent outburst.

After a long while, Shane rose up on shaky legs twisting the bandages, allowing the water to fall from them before wrapping them up once again on his arm. He twisted his leather glove, flung it around, and squeezed it in an effort to remove as much water off as possible. Content with the work, he slipped it back on hearing it squeak in the process. His body suddenly staggered backward from lightheadedness, startling him, he figured it was low blood sugar but he had eaten a while back. Regardless he left heading inside and went into his room to lie down for a while.

He couldn’t understand if this shot Wesker gave him was doing this or if it was just his nerves from being so angry with those surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. but whatever the case was he took off his sunglasses and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling trying to understand. He felt his body wash over with tiredness, his eyes became heavy and before he knew it he had fallen asleep.

His dreams were frightening to him, much like those of Raccoon City but instead of the past, it was here in the facility. He was alone, those he cared for were either dead or zombies, he didn’t want to fight them and so much he tried he couldn’t escape the place and he felt as if something was on him the entire time. But the dreams were stopped as his alarm clocked beeped loudly startling into the present before looking at it and groaned crawling over shutting it off before looking up at the window seeing it was dark outside before getting up fumbling toward the door.

Day Unknown - St. Jeremy’s Hospital

Shane laid on his stomach, he was older and was taller now and he laid there on his bed trying to get to sleep but he couldn’t stop hearing the loud screams coming from the hallway sneaking in through the slot on the door, like a snake slithering through and up to his ears, teasing him with its forked tongue. But they would not be silent, echoing in his mind causing him to pull the pillow over his head tightly trying to make it silent. The only sounds were that of the air circulation and that of his beating heart.

How many times did he miss hearing the radio or that of a television set, that of people talking and laughing, the sounds of cars or birds, he missed so many sounds and the only ones that were comforting for him was that of the orderlies grumbling about patients and his own heart beating. Finally, he closed his eyes; their straining to stay open was failing him as he finally gave into sleep.

But the nightmares there were not over…


Shane sat waiting for Wesker after having called him; he had felt odd all day and couldn’t quite understand why. His chest had felt tight like he had gas trapped there but no matter how many times he made himself burp it didn’t seem to relieve the pressure.
Shane burped and felt something coppery and wet come up his throat. Not wanting to spit on the floor he grabbed a rag off a nearby crate and spit into it and was horrified to see it was blood. A coughing fit began, forcing him to lean against the crate feeling his chest start to tighten. His mind started to race and he clutched his chest where he felt a burning sensation. Shane grabbed onto the crate and noticed the veins in his arms were bulging out of his skin like angry purple lightning, he even felt a strange tingling in his spine. Shane buckled to the dirty floor gripping the crate and he tried to scream but nothing but a muffled grunt escaped his throat.
Shane’s vision went red with haze and as much as he ordered his limbs to respond they simply would not listen. For what seemed like an eternity Shane struggled to make himself stand up and when his body finally responded he was relieved until his legs started walking and towards another crate where he had set down the bowie knife Craig gave him to practice knife fighting and throwing, he picked it up. Shane’s brain kept screaming to make himself stop but his body simply would not listen. Slowly he stroked the blade, rubbing the sharp edges with his thumb drawing a small bead of blood and Shane felt it all but couldn’t scream. He heard his voice let out a low chuckle.
Shane had been standing immobile near the crate with the knife at his side for twenty minutes before he heard someone call his name.
“Shane,” Wesker said walking up behind Shane who didn’t react. Wesker smirked slightly, “I see you’re not getting startled anymore when someone sneaks up behind you.” He said walking past him as Shane smiled.
Inside his head, Shane was screaming for help but his voice said, “I guess I have grown used to your sneaky ways.” He remained still while Wesker fixed his sunglasses. Shane spoke calmly, “Where are we going?”
Wesker adjusted his gloves as he talked, “We’re going to another facility. After that, we’re going on a little cruise. I’ll tell you more when we’re on our way.”
Wesker’s eyes looked down and saw the large knife in Shane’s grip making him raise an eyebrow seeing the blade and Shane‘s fingers stained with dry blood. It was then Wesker also noticed the dark reddish purple veins creeping down Shane’s arms. He looked into Shane’s eyes and saw they were no longer blue but a deep burgundy red. Shane smiled, “Something wrong old man?” Wesker was taken back for a split second as Shane lunged at him with the knife. Despite his split second of shock Wesker blurred to one side avoiding the blade and Shane cursed, “Die you fuck!”
Wesker’s voice cracked in disbelief, “The plaga…” He watched Shane turned around to face him and raised the blade up again. He growled in frustration and lunged at Wesker again who easily dodged the attack and moved a yard away from Shane in a split second. Wesker studied the boy as he stalked towards him. “Shane! You can fight this thing! Keep fighting it!” Wesker repeated this several times as dodging Shane’s knife attacks over and over again for a while as Shane continued his attack and seeing he wasn’t stopping Wesker backhanded him on the side of the head spinning the possessed young man to the floor with a loud thud. The large knife he had been holding slipped from his grip and skidded across the dusty concrete floor.
Shane was bleeding from the side of his head where Wesker had hit him and he laid on the floor for a second panting before he started crawling across the floor towards the knife.
Wesker followed after him gripping his fists. “Shane!” He snapped making the boy halt his crawl. Shane’s body vibrated as his head twitched and slowly looked over his shoulder at Wesker. His face was a mask of fear and his eyes were blue again. Shane opened his mouth trying to talk but nothing came out, he gritted his teeth and shut his eyes tightly and the veins in his forehead raised out as sweat started to bead on his skin. Shane’s eyes snapped open and the dark red hate-filled eyes glared at Wesker before he turned back around and scurried across the ground trying to get to the knife.
dit text

As hisAs his hand touched the handle Shane felt a sharp pain erupt in his side as Wesker kicked him onto his back making Shane yelp in pain. Shane kicked his boot at Wesker in an attempt to smash him in the groin but Wesker moved quickly to the side and kicked Shane in the stomach. Shane gasped and growled, “K…Kill you! Kill you all! For Nikolai!” Shane sprang to his feet and tried to grab Wesker who dodged easily and grabbed Shane by the throat and holding him at arm's length. Shane’s eyes were bloodshot, red and the red and purple veins were now covering his body. Wesker studied him for a moment the way a scientist would look at a specimen while Shane continued to claw and kick at him.
After a moment Wesker frowned angrily and effortlessly picked Shane up with his left hand while it was still around the young man’s throat squeezing it tightly. Shane struggled to breathe, desperately struggling for the precious breath. He could feel his legs kicking and his vision becoming blurry. Inside his mind, Shane was screaming for Wesker to stop, that he couldn’t breathe but another voice, not his own, seemed to only repeat the same mantra over and over again in his head, “Kill them all for Nikolai!” Shane screamed in his head at the repeating animalistic voice but it ignored him and its voice had started to drown his own out the more it repeated. Shane could feel his identity starting to slip away as he raged against whatever was causing this nightmare.
As Shane struggled within and without, Wesker pulled back his right hand and made it into a fist. He whispered, “You’ve left me no choice…”
Faster than the eye could follow Wesker’s left hand slipped behind Shane’s neck in a single motion pulling his body down and forward while Wesker’s right fist punched through Shane’s chest splitting his sternum in half. Shane screamed an inhuman squeal like a pig as Wesker’s hand opened up inside him and grabbed the writhing plaga that had attached itself to his nervous system. Shane felt and heard the hellish mantra in his head turn into a high pitch whine that sounded like a language he had never heard in mere seconds before Wesker ripped it and most of his heart out of the gaping hole in his chest.
Wesker said nothing as he squeezed the wiggling plaga in his right fist while releasing Shane with his left hand. The bulging veins immediately disappeared from Shane’s body, his eyes returned to normal and rolled up into his head as he fell backward. Blood had already started to pour from his nose and the corners of his mouth as he seemed to crumple to the floor like a rag doll.
Wesker stood there watching his body twitch as blood began to pool around Shane’s body. Shane closed his eyes and his mouth opened and in a whispering gasp, “Dad…” escaped his blood soaked lips before his jaw went slack and he laid still. For a moment the only sound that could be heard was Wesker’s breathing as his eyes went wide with shock and a red glow glinted from behind his sunglasses.
Wesker suddenly felt the weight of what he just did hit him. He had killed his own son because he thought the plaga had overtaken him completely. There was no cure for the final stage of the parasite's infection. The only cure was a quick death, something he did readily base on what he observed but could he have been wrong? Shane was fighting it but the plaga had overtaken him and his body showed all the signs of someone who was beyond the point of helping.
Wesker stood there looking at his own flesh and blood, dead. All his hopes and dreams for the boy gone because Wesker had convinced himself the boy was beyond all hope. But now after hearing his final word, he had the heavyweight of doubt pushing down on his shoulders.
Wesker shook off his feelings of regret. He felt angry for his mistake but now he felt even angrier letting his emotions momentarily cloud his thinking. The virus Shane had been injected with was the same as the one Wesker had in him when the Tyrant impaled him and ended his former life. Shane’s genetics were the same as his, and if his calculations were correct, Shane would immediately start to regenerate the damaged tissue, muscles, organs and bone within minutes.
Wesker studied the plaga while he waited. It was dead now; the separation from its host had obviously been mutated to survive the original removal process. An outer shell perhaps or maybe it regenerated. Wesker was impressed by the size of the plaga, it was as big as his hand if he didn’t include the tentacles it was almost as long as his forearm. How they modified it to resist the scanning processes, tests, and medical exams was baffling. He knew this was too important a sample to simply toss out. Running over to a first aid kit on the wall, Wesker dumped the contents of the plastic container out. He put the dead specimen in the plastic case and closed it returning to Shane.
Wesker studied the boy and his wound didn’t seem to have closed at all. It had been nearly a half hour when he checked his watch. He didn’t realize how lost he had gotten in studying the dead plaga, his mind had a sudden urgent thought, “What if the virus failed in the boy’s system? What if it was too late?” Wesker shook his head, “No. I just have to wait, give him more time.”
Albert wasn’t sure how long he sat was there next to Shane just staring at him, at the hole, the boy’s chest and then his face. There was nothing. No change at all, just a congealed, a drying puddle of blood soaking into his clothing and staining the concrete floor. Flies had started to gather around the open wound and Wesker waved them away and checked his watch. It had been over an hour, way past the amount of time it should have taken Shane to recover and revive from the wound.
Wesker frowned and his jaw tightened when he realized this was it. Shane was dead and there was nothing he could do about it. The virus had failed him just as much as Wesker had failed him. He stood up and couldn’t believe his calculations could be this far off. They had run multiple tests, all positive, all telling him that Shane’s body accepted the virus with no resistance. Could the plaga have done something to him to make it fail?
It was over, Shane’s life was over and there was nothing he was able to do. Slowly Wesker slipped his arms under Shane’s legs and head and he lifted the limp form of Shane into his arms and held him close to his chest. His head lolled to the right smearing dried blood on Wesker’s suit.
Wesker had always prided himself on being cold, aloof and efficient. He had experimented on live test subjects who cried for their families and an uncaring God to help them in their final moments of agony and not once was he touched by it. They meant nothing to him. The men who looked up to him on the S.T.A.R.S. team that he knowing lead to their deaths, William Birkin, a man he considered his one true friend throughout most of his time with Umbrella didn’t even cause him to shed a tear when he found out he had been turned into a monster and killed. All of the people who he worked with and lived within Raccoon City, all of them meant nothing when all was said and done. He never felt a thing.
Wesker cradled Shane lightly and propped the boy’s head up and looked at him and finally felt something he had long since thought was gone. Wesker hugged Shane close and felt a stinging in his nose feeling a single hot tear escape his right eye and rolled down his cheek to land on Shane’s face. The realization hit him over and over again that he just lost his only son, the one person that he truly developed any real affection for and now because of him the boy was gone, never to return. Wesker gripped Shane tight and felt the cold liquid, once his blood, seep out onto him as he hugged Shane tighter.
Albert Wesker tried his hardest to beat these emotions back down inside but all the years of suppressing them made them explode when he saw his son dead. He sobbed openly for the first time since childhood and all he could do as the tears came was stand there and say in a cracked whisper, “I’m so sorry my son…”
It had been over 24 hours since Shane died. Wesker took his body to the medical lab after he managed to get his composure. He made the medical staff study the boy while he was out of the room for any more traces of the plaga but they were under strict orders not to perform an autopsy.
While they examined the body, Wesker called Excella who immediately started sobbing. Wesker didn’t react to it and simply informed her to tell some of the men on the compound to get digging equipment and for her to send a transport truck over to the med labs. Wesker checked his watch. Time was running out quickly but he felt the need to do this one last thing for Shane. Going back into the warehouse Wesker picked up a large rectangular wooden crate, dumped out its contents and carried it back to the med labs before anyone realized he was gone.
After the examination, Wesker ordered the doctors to put Shane in a body bag and place it in the crate which was then loaded onto the back of the transport truck. As he was leaving the compound, Excella met him at the gate and insisted she come along for support. Wesker nodded and they both left the compound together. Wesker made the driver pull into an abandoned cemetery not far from the town closest to the compound. Old monuments and tombstones sat silently in the unkempt grass with worn names carved into some, others simply cross with no inscriptions or small rectangles and squares with a single name and date on them.
Wesker walked into the graveyard ahead of the men and on top of a hill near some gnarled trees, he ordered the men to dig into an empty spot. Excella followed Albert trying to console him and he merely walked in silence towards a small concrete building at the edge of the property. Inside the abandoned building was a shop where half made coffins and blank monuments sat in disuse, covered in thick layers of dirt, dust, and cobwebs.
Albert searched through them until he found an undamaged one with a rounded top. He dusted it off and laid it on a large work table as Excella stood in awe of his strength. Wesker walked over to a small bag of tools and pulled out a chisel which he simply pushed into the granite headstone and started carving words into it. Excella approached him and Wesker just looked up at her his eyes momentarily flashing red, “Go outside and make sure they keep digging. If it isn’t 6 feet deep by the time I get out there they’re going in the hole head first.”
Excella nodded too scared to talk as she backed out of the shop and went outside to supervise the men. Wesker bent back down and kept carving. After a while, Wesker emerged from the shop and looked down into the hole. The men were just climbing out and Greg said, “Six feet just like you ordered sir.”
Wesker nodded, “Good. Go get the body out of the crate and load it into the coffin I placed next to it. I want it sealed shut and then brought over here.”
The men nodded and plodded down the path to the road where the truck sat. Wesker vanished in a blur of dark movement when he was standing next to the grave again he held the tombstone he had been carving next to the hole. Using the heel of his boot Wesker carved up a section of the ground in front of the open grave and planted the tombstone into the freshly gouged rut. He pushed it down and it sank deep into the ground. Excella gasped when she read the inscription and tears started to streak her mascara as she turned away before Wesker noticed her.
The men clambered up the hill with the coffin, stood on either side of the grave and lowered it gently down. Excella walked over to Albert and hugged him. Wesker unmoved told the men “Fill it in.”
As they shoveled dirt onto the coffin Excella whispered a prayer in Italian as the hole was quickly filled in.
After the dirt was smoothed out Wesker kneeled down and ran his fingers over the inscription that he had engraved moments ago:
Shane Wesker
Beloved Son
Excella was trying her best to not cry but she couldn’t keep her composure. All he told her during the ride to the graveyard was Shane died in a training accident but refused to go into detail. Craig remained tight-lipped as he overheard Wesker say this since he knew the truth. The boy was flat out murdered by Wesker and Greg glanced nervously at Wesker as he stood there soon looking at the fresh earth he helped shovel. Greg knew they had orders to leave the compound and he was fast preparing when Excella called them in to do this duty. He had overheard that, thanks to that idiot Irving, the BSAA was now planning a raid on the compound in order to get at him.
Craig looked at stone again and the fresh earth and he sighed. It was a waste, that’s all, a goddamn waste. Shane had become like a young brother to him. Sure he was obnoxious little shit but he liked him just the same and he considered the boy a good friend but now he was gone and he knew Wesker did it. His gaze soon fell to Wesker who was doing his best to keep his composure as Excella plucked a wildflower from a nearby bush and laid it on the mound of dirt in front of the tombstone. She started sobbing and ordered the men to follow her back to the truck, leaving Craig and Wesker alone.
Craig stood for a moment making sure everyone was away and he said in a low voice, “Why did you do it?”
Wesker remained still, his arms folded behind his back, “You wouldn’t understand Greg.”
Craig was insulted, “‘Wouldn’t understand?’ Hell, I’ve been with you how long now and you still think I wouldn’t understand? Shit Albert, sir, you were there when my family was killed, I understand a loss like this, but why sir? Why did you kill him?”
Wesker simply turned and looked at Craig emotionless, “Shane was no longer himself. The mutated plaga inside him took him over. You know that once its past a certain…stage, that person is for all intents and purposes are dead.” Wesker walked over to the tombstone and ran his finger over the top of it before turning back to Greg and looking at him intensely. “What would you have me do for the boy, Greg? Let him live with that homicidal parasite inside him? If it had taken over with you there instead of me, you would have been dead and he would have killed anyone else there that got in his way.”
Greg swallowed hard looking down at his feet, “I’m sorry sir, I really am, but I didn’t know about the plaga. I thought it was killed before you brought him out here.” He said looking up at Wesker again. “It doesn’t make sense, the procedure was supposed to have killed it… but how it lived through it…it…it just doesn’t make sense.”
Wesker calmly spoke, “From what I was able to gather, this was a new type of parasite, something we’ve tried doing to with our specimens but we’ve only met with… mixed results at best.” Wesker checked his watch and then looked at Craig. “Time grows short. We have to get back to the facility and finish evacuations.” He said as Craig nodded before whispering something as he left. Wesker turned back around facing Shane’s headstone once more.
There was so much he had wanted to tell him, so much he needed to say but he simply pulled a flower off the nearby bush and placed it on top of Excella’s flower before laying his hands on the stone kissing it quickly.
“Rest well my son. You’ve earned it.”
With that Wesker walked to the waiting truck, got inside and they drove off as the sun began to set in the distance. His mind focusing on the tasks ahead.

Chapter 19

Days after the death of Wesker

Thunder rumbled across the night sky in a violent wave of sound and fury. As the cool winds of the storm picked up, the rain fell like warm tears at first and then turned into heavy sheets turning the once fine reddish brown dirt and dust into orange-brown mud. Where there were once dry, cracked beds of earth revealed small streams springing up from the dried earth and flowed into the wild grass and foliage of the plains. Lightning crackled across the sky illuminating the darkness momentarily and reflecting off the glistening water that suddenly drenched every inch of land.

The abandoned graveyard was silent save for the beating of the rain on the ground and long forgotten monuments that have been faded and worn from time and storms such as this. A rumble of thunder and crack of lightning seemed to announce the death of a cracked and battered stone monument falling over and snapped in two in the untended grass while more thunder sounded not far off in the distance. Lightning flashed illuminating the graveyard while the torrential rain sank down through the only fresh grave in the cemetery. The engraving above the muddy pile of earth and freshly carved stone glistened in the flashes of light briefly illuminating the legend Shane Wesker before the thunder bellowed and echoed throughout the land.

The storm had been raging intensely for an hour and was drowning the land with its life’s blood as the facility formerly occupied by Albert Wesker and his crew had been taken over by the BSAA shortly after the bioterrorist left. Those that were left behind didn’t stand a chance against better trained BSAA agents and were quickly captured or killed in the brief firefight that took place before the storm had hit.

The whole compound was turned upside down, agents looking for every single bit of information and data they could gather. When part of the team came to Shane’s room their initial thoughts were experimentation since they found the mirror room, but it was unlike any other experiment they had seen so far in their operations. Special agents trained in forensics gathered biological samples from the room for testing and hopefully identification.

The training facility was stained with blood and clear signs of a struggle and fight. A badly beaten and disfigured dead man was being carried out from the medical labs in a body bag, the only thing that identified him as a doctor or lab worker was the torn and bloody lab coat he was wearing. He had once been Shane’s doctor, but that wouldn’t be discovered until much later after a tech expert breaks into an encrypted laptop that managed to survive the facility-wide purging Wesker had done to the computers. The BSAA was thorough and would eventually uncover everything that was being done at the facility.

A BSAA officer radioed into the African branch’s headquarters speaking matter of fact as he motioned one of his men to hand him a clipboard, “Nothing here so far, just a few corpses. They knew we were coming.”

After a brief pause, he started speaking again, “We did find a few things which we will be sending to you shortly. All the computers here have been wiped clean, no traces.” He continued as the rain fell harder on the metal roof of the garage as the thunder and lightning rumbled and cracked outside.

“No sir but we are certain that this place was fully operational, we have found a few labs and a few observation rooms but so far nothing else. I’ll update you as soon as possible.” He said letting go of the radio before looking to the radio man who handed him the clipboard, “Make sure security at the gates stays on alert, I want a Humvee with a turret at each gate. I wouldn’t put it past the animal that ran this place to leave some surprises for us. We’re going to be here for a while until HQ gives us the all clear.” He said as he turned to his second in command and pointed outside towards the other buildings, “Make sure every single inch of this place is checked out by the teams, leave nothing unturned.” He said as the man saluted and hurried off to meet with the other BSAA team members.

The guards at the gates wore rain ponchos that barely stopped the driving rain from drenching them. The men who were outside the small guard booth which only had enough room for one guard so the rest had to stand outside in the rain and those on the gun turrets on the Humvees weren’t enjoying it either.

One of the guards was holding a shotgun with his left hand while wiping the water off his face with his right. As he kept watch in the limited visibility he spoke to the guard inside the booth, “That doctor they found inside… The medical guys said he was still human and uninfected. What do you think he did to end up beaten to death like that?”

“Hell if I know.” Said the booth guard. “Might have pissed off the wrong guy.” He said shaking his head before sighing. “Whatever happened here, let’s be thankful we didn’t find Uroboros infected asses.” The guard in the rain nodded in agreement when a gust of wind blew more rain into his eyes, he grumbled sighing looking around. “This sucks balls.”

Sometime previous

‘Have you confirmed this?’ A voice said on the other end of the phone as Shane’s doctor started to pace in the medical room, his one frail demeanor was now gruff as he smoked on a cigarette.

“Да.” The doctor said speaking Russian. “Yes.” He repeated in English taking a long drag on his cigarette before letting it out slowly before speaking again before tapping it letting the ashes to fall to the floor. “The plaga survived the initial removal process, which is a success on our part since it wasn’t discovered till they did a thorough exam of his chest with x-rays that it then showed up comrade.” He told looking at Shane’s file on the counter. “Everything went perfectly, no signs of being taking over until the virus was administrated to him, increased appetite and aggression.” He said taking another drag before sitting down looking at the pistol next to his papers.

‘What about the boy?’ The other voice on the end asked as the doctor looked at the file again.

“Terminated.” He answered calmly before picking the file up dropping it into the waste can while using his lighter to set it on fire. “Nikolai, I did not kill him, after our plaga took over, he found out and killed him. We lost both subjects.”

‘As long as we know our new plagas can survive is all that matters but losing the boy breaks my heart. Where is he now Pietro?’ Nikolai asked as Pietro watched the files burn away before finally answering with a sigh.

“Six feet under comrade. He took the boy from here to some graveyard that’s not far off; you’ll be able to find the site with ease and the grave. You’ll get his body, they didn’t do an autopsy.” He said and continued before Nikolai could ask why. “I think it is to honor his son comrade, after all, the two got really close as you predicted but I also saw that Shane was breaking him for us so he would be distracted with ease so he can be killed and harvested.”

‘Transfer the coordinates to me; I’ll come with a few men to collect the boy. You get out of there Pietro; make sure you send me your report.’ Nikolai ordered as Pietro looked at his laptop on the other side of the room before getting up walking over to it before pressing a few keys. ‘Got it.’

“Get out here comrade,” Pietro said hanging up before pulling out a USB from his coat and inserted it as the laptop soon started to flash warning of internal deletion of all files as Pietro watched carefully before smiling seeing it was done before destroying the USB and moved back to his chair finishing his cigarette while looking at his pistol.

“So, it has come to this…” He said picking it up looking at it carefully before cocking it ready to aim it at himself before the door opened as the soldiers filed into the room making him stand up seeing they had blood staining the edges of their mouths, he knew instantly they were infected with the new plagas Wesker had engineered. Five men total all came in, the last closing the door making Pietro take a breath as they cracked their knuckles and necks as he set the pistol down before closing his eyes praying softly before looking at the men, he was going to die but not without fighting as a man.

But he didn’t stand a chance against five of them, one had already grabbed hold of him while the rest punched him in the gut and face, he blacked out after being hit on the head and never woke again as they broke his bones.


Lightning peeled across the sky in blue/white flashes lighting up the abandoned graveyard which had bubbling streams of red and brown mud rolling off the hill in bloody rivulets.

The rain pelted the ground in wet thuds. If a human being were present in the graveyard they might have thought they heard a barely audible scream briefly emanating from the ground followed by a muffled crack. The mud on top of the fresh grave sank and bubbles of air escaped the depression popping violently the second they reached the downpour from clouds.

The rhythm of the rain was soon joined by a panicked thumping that seemed to make the depression rise and undulate until a single mud caked hand broke the surface, the rain cleaned the pale hand partially followed by a second hand and both gripped and clawed at the mud as a muddy head and shoulders erupted from the ground. A gasp of air was sucked inside his mouth before Shane raised his fists to the sky and a hoarse scream issued from his throat as lightning split the sky, his naked eyes glowing red in the darkness.

Struggling to escape the suction of the mud filling his former coffin Shane scrambled out of his grave and stood hunched over gripping his tombstone. His memories were a blur of images replaying the last moments of his life and when he felt the fist go through his chest. Shane’s hand spasm on the tombstone crushing and splitting the granite in his grip.

Startled by what he did, Shane looked at the chunk of stone in his hand and dropped it into the mud. Quickly he felt his chest with both hands and realized his wound was gone. The only evidence of it was the ripped, bloodstained shirt he still wore. Shane looked down at the tombstone he just broke and when the lightning flashed again he was startled when he saw his name on the grave marker and stumbled backward, “What the fuck? What the fuck is happening?” he stammered as he realized he was inside a graveyard.

He didn’t understand how he ended up out here and looked around carefully soon spotting lights in the distance, the facility was not that far off and he moved down the hill trying to keep himself from falling and when he was on stable ground he fumbled slightly from not having walked for a while, his muscles were not used to his moving as he disappeared outside of the graveyard entering the darkness, he needed to hurry along and in the process he staggered slightly to his right before coughing again, trying harder to clear out his lungs and mouth of mud and dirt.

He could finally see the facility fully, he was home. There were men at the gate as well as a Humvee, he was certain that the guards would recognize him but the closer he got, the more he soon questioned if these were the same guards he knew until they aimed their pistols at him when he was ten feet away from them, they were not the guards he knew, that was clear when lighting flashed exposing a large BSAA emblem on the side of the Humvee.

“Looks like we found ourselves a straggler.” Said one of the guards making Shane look at him before looking at the others. “Sir.” The guard said getting on the radio. “We found a survivor, we’re engaging.” He said as Shane looked at them more before tensing hearing them readied their pistols and opened fire. Shane saw the rounds and moved to his right and then to his left when they opened fire again, the bullets seemed to be going slow to him for some reason as he ducked and jerked to his left again.

“What the fuck! He’s dodging bullets.” The guard snapped as the guard on the Humvee aimed and opened fire as Shane moved left and right, ducking and twisting to avoid being hit. “Oh God, it’s Wesker!” The same guard said getting on the radio. “Sir! Wesker is still alive!” He shouted into the radio as Shane stood back up coughing as he tried so hard to talk but he couldn’t and only gurgling sounds came out hearing the other man on the end of the radio yelling them to kill him.

Instantly the Humvee was started as one of the guards jumped into it making Shane back up holding his hands up slightly as they opened fire again forcing him to dodge left and right before taking off in a run away from them, stumbling in the process. He didn’t understand what was going on and ran as fast as he could hear the engine of the Humvee roaring behind him and the whizzing sounds of bullets being shot past his head and body, his new heart was racing fast as he ducked covering his head as a few rounds went over him before he stumbled losing his footing and tumbled across the ground rolling hard before finally stopping after grabbing hold onto a stone.

He panted for breath looking around the road before seeing the Humvee coming as its bright lights shined on his face reflecting in his eyes temporally blinding him as the floodlights flickered to life revealing him more as he got up running again fighting the pain spreading through his body before looking to his right seeing the Humvee up next to him and a shotgun aimed at his head, he duck just seconds before the gun was fired, the blast echoing inside his head as he turned sharply trying to hit the driver only to hit the metal door of the Humvee sending it flying sideways as it tumbled over and over as Shane slowed his run stopping watching it hit a tree before backing up looking at his hands, he couldn’t believe he did that but his shock was interrupted hearing another Humvee coming up the road forcing him to run again before sliding off the road down the embankment next to the river as he peeked over slowly seeing not one but two Humvees stopping to check on the first, he blinked a few times and vanished when lightning flashed.

He moved down to the water hearing Wesker’s voice repeating in his mind to follow the river, find the harbor, ask for Babu. He coughed again before holding his chest with his right arm as he jogged along the river holding himself as his ripped shirt moved against his soaked skin before he wiped his face trying to get the mud and blood off before stopping to catch his breath and soon made himself vomit as mud and stomach bile came out. Coughing he made himself vomit again getting rid what was trapped inside his stomach before panting and wiping his mouth clean before looking at his hand carefully, he couldn’t believe he was able to hit that Humvee that hard but he didn’t believe it was that virus Wesker injected him with. He shook his head and moved on down the river rubbing his chest slightly before looking down at it pulling his torn shirt out to the sides before tracing where Wesker had punched right through him, the virus did work but how long did it take? That was bothering him now since he was buried six feet under, they thought he was dead. But why?

“Keep moving...” Shane whispered to himself holding his chest again as he started moving quickly before crawling up the embankment slightly to see if anyone was out there, nothing was seen as he fixed his new glowing eyes on the road sign on the other side of the road, old and worn as a smile lightly appeared on his face reading it before looking up the road, he was close and took off in a run following the muddy road before slowing down to a jog nearing the shanty town looking around as the rain nearly had him clean of the mud.

“Harbor...” He whispered moving toward the river looking around carefully before moving along the edge of the shanty town following the river and spotted where it curved before hurrying along hearing dogs barking in the town as lighting flashed revealing the small harbor not far off. With ease on the footbridge his muddy boots leaving tracks as he crossed it slowly keeping on his toes as he looked around.

“I hope he’s okay…” Shane whispered thinking of Wesker as he walked over to the small harbor looking at the single building there, he took a breath walking down to it and knocked on the door as a man answered it shortly, he was scruffy looking and a native of the land. “Babu.” He said as the man nodded walking out leading Shane to his boat as Shane climbed on as well sitting down on a crate listening to the boat motor coming to life as it blended in with the sounds of the thunder and howling of the winds, the pelting of rain on deck. He felt the boat moving and rested his arms on his legs looking at the deck before looking at his hands still in disbelief of what he was able to do, bash a Humvee out of the way and clawing his way out of his coffin…

Moments ago

The virus started to work quickly now reviving the blood allowing it to be smooth again before working on reconstructing Shane’s torn heart while growing back the bones of his rib cage, at the same time reviving his brain cells. The skin over his chest growing close as a faint beat sounded in the stillness followed by another and another, the new heart pumping for the first time, the revived blood flowing once again as the other organs began to awaken and soon Shane gasped as air rushed into his lungs as he slowly opened his gold and crimson eyes for the first time as they glowed gently illuminating the darkness as he soon coughed catching his breath before trying to move, his hands brushing against the plastic body bag making him blink a few times moving his hands up to his chest and pressed against the bag gasping at being trapped in a bag. He took hold firmly and pulled ripping the plastic open as he felt more air coming inside before trying to sit up but hit his head on something, he looked feeling with his hands to find wood and he felt around more and more as fear filled him.

He was trapped in a box and he soon was overwhelmed with panic as he screamed clawing at the wood trying to get out desperately as his new heart thundered inside his chest, he clawed at the wood so much that he tore away parts of it as dirt fell inside making him gasp and move slightly seeing he had been buried alive! He panicked and started clawing and pushing himself up with every scope of dirt and soon mud, kicking it down into the box. He held his breath as much as he could as he clawed at the shifting earth and mud till one arm broke through to the surface…


He was shivering already rubbing his arms before sighing, why would they bury him? Why did they think he was dead? He didn’t understand and turned slightly to look at the water and soon stared at his reflection having not noticed the glow from his eyes, he closed his eyes tightly for a moment thinking it was from the lights the Humvee shined on him but when he looked back it was still there. Babu drew his attention and gestured to a few stairs leading down to a room; he made haste over to it, down the stairs and entered the small dry room that Wesker was once in. Shane looked around spotting a mirror and walked over to it before looking at himself to be shocked. His once blue eyes were now gold and crimson and glowing faintly now since he was calming down, he leaned forward looking at the slits in each eye before blinking watching them react like normal pupils do.

He was dumbfounded and could only mutter, “Holy fuck..” as he continued to stare at his eyes before looking down at his chest, the lighting showing clearly where Wesker’s fist tore through at before ripping outward, he slowly rubbed the spot before laying a hand there feeling his new heart beating inside his chest. It was a miracle he was alive and looked back in the mirror looking at his eyes. He looked like Wesker now besides being younger and a little bit shorter than Wesker.

“I’m now like him.” He whispered before looking at himself firmly before clenching his fists as his eyes glowed more. “That fucking Nikolai is so going to pay for making that damn plaga.” He growled before punching the wall leaving a dent which startled him. Pulling his hand out he looked at it in amazement and then at the metal. “Holy shit…” He moved back and sat down on the bed looking his hand over. “I can’t believe I did that…”

At the same time, the graveyard

A man in black military-style fatigues and body armor shined his flashlight on Shane’s grave and yelled over his shoulder, “Sir we found it!” the other troops ran over and pointed their lights on the cracked gravestone. A tall, imposing man wearing a black leather safari style jacket, over a green turtleneck, black camouflage pants and thigh-high leather jack boots walked over as the troops parted to give him easy access to the stone. The man held an umbrella over his head as he walked slowly in the breezy storm. His thick white short cropped hair barely moved in the cool breeze as he made his way to the grave marker. They stopped in front of the grave and his icy blue eyes scanned the name etched in the stone. The soldier who found it spoke again, “This is it, sir.” And the man in the leather jacket nodded.

“Get digging.” Nikolai Ginovaef ordered in his low growl of a Russian accent. With the worst of the storm over the rain drizzled lazily as a small backhoe rumbled up over a fence and smashed across several graves towards Shane’s tomb and started digging.

Nikolai slowly walked to the other side of the graveyard and looked at the lights of the facility in the distance shimmering in the rain. The backhoe and two men dug away the heavy muddy earth of mud out of the grave until a shovel hit something solid and the man holding it whistled and waved the backhoe away. They quickly uncovered the wooden coffin getting wet and stained with mud. The upper part of the lid had a gaping hole in it. Uncovering enough of the slop in the grave hole to open the coffin lid completely the men were surprised to see the coffin had nothing but mud inside it.

Nikolai Ginovaef smirked and let out a dark laugh which made his men look at him confused. “He still lives. We’re going to proceed to faze Two.” He said calmly before ordering his men to get out of the hole. As they exited the graveyard towards the transport trucks down the hill Nikolai smiled to himself.

With Shane

Rain pelted the outside of the small cabin and Shane huffed standing up again. He was restless and moved toward the door but paused for a moment before leaving. He looked back at the bed and smiled to himself wondering how often Wesker might have slept here. He felt a strange sort of comfort knowing this when headed back onto the deck of the boat. Shane liked the jungle and the fresh smell of the earth and water around him. Still, it was very dense foliage on both sides of the river. Wherever he was being taken was way off the beaten path but he felt ready for anything that could be thrown at him.
Shane scanned the jungle carefully, his eyes glowing slightly as he looked at Babu in the small booth driving without a hint of an expression on his face. The man must have been mute as well since he never spoke a single word to him. This was the first time Shane could clearly see the scar on the man’s throat now that his collar was unbuttoned. He was curious what had happened to him and who could have caused such an injury. After a minute or two of wondering all Shane could do was shake his head and walk to the front of the boat. He knew asking him would be rude and it didn’t seem like something he should try to pry out of someone.
Taking a hold of the railing as the rain pelted against his body, Shane blinked the water from his eyes looking at the dark river and jungle before the droplets made him squint to see. Suddenly the boat’s lights flickered on making him wince from the glare and curse lowly. After blinking away the dots he smiled able to see where they were going.
The dark water taunted him and he gripped the railing more not wanting to fall into its depths, he was holding so hard he was already bending the metal in his hands. He sighed looking up at the bending river curious what Wesker had hidden so deep in the jungle, a secret that Shane will uncover alone. Shane was hoping Wesker would be there to greet him. This and other thoughts danced through his mind when the boat started to slow down. Shane got his bearings and looked out to see Babu was slowing down next to a small dock and stairs leading up a hill filled with trees and a small pathway leading up over it.
After Babu tied the boat to the dock he motioned for Shane to leave the boat. Shane pointed to the path and the man nodded before handing him a black and white striped umbrella and then gave him a thumb’s up gesture.
Slowly Shane looked up the wet concrete steps; a railing with sparsely lit lights illuminated the pathway leading up the hill. Several of them flickered in and out as the wind whipped through them making a strange whistling noise. This sound combined with the flickering lights gave the whole area an eerie look and feel, like something out of an old horror movie. Shane steeled himself as he placed his free hand on the railing. For a second he absentmindedly rubbed his chest with the curved handle of the umbrella wondering what Wesker would say seeing him alive and whole again.
Whatever the case Shane started to climb the stairs, the wind and rain pelting against him as he continued to climb into the jungle, not caring what was waiting for him. Soon Shane reached the top and looked back down one last time at the boat which was all but shrouded in the pouring rain and cropping of vegetation that covered the path. Sighing Shane turned around looking at the building before him.

The concrete landing had a perfect view of the river which snaked off into the foliage on either side of it. Shane liked that he could see this much up here. The jungle looked beautiful, almost peaceful from this height. Turning around Shane walked towards the large steel door set in the front of the weather-beaten building. If it weren’t for the lighted path he could swear the place looked abandoned ages ago.
Walking under a moldy concrete awning Shane didn’t notice the black plastic half bubble that was nestled above the doorway. Inside the plastic bubble was a cutting-edge security camera, its blood red eye glowed and zoomed in on Shane, reading his facial features before scanning him with an invisible beam.
A panel flipped open on the side of the door startling Shane. A blank screen soon glowed to life as a file popped up with his name and photo on it. Green text blinked the words “clearance approved” as the door made a loud snapping noise and opened with a hydraulic hiss. Cool air and the bright light hit him in the face making Shane blink and then look at the opening before looking at the camera again. He was curious about it but said nothing before he walked through the open door.
Unlike the outside, the inside of the building was spotless, almost like a hospital. The smell of strong cleaners and filtered air filled his nostrils as the door sealed shut behind him. Shane blinked and folded down the umbrella he was holding. He looked around and saw he was in a small white-walled lobby. Looking down he could see the old Umbrella corporation logo was on the floor made out of dozens of black, red and white tiles.
Shane felt somewhat uneasy by this but thought, “If this is where the old man has been held up, it has to be safe, right?” Walking over to a small bench Shane put the wet umbrella inside an ornate umbrella holder next to it on the floor. It too had the Umbrella symbol etched on it.
Looking around he noticed there was another camera in the far right corner that was locked on him making him raise a brow slightly before looking at the hallway before him. He soon cleared his throat and called out. “Hello, Wesker?” His voice seemed to echo through the sterile hall as he called again. “C’mon, Wesker stop fucking around! Are you here or not?” Shane waited a few moments but there was nothing but silence. Attached to the foyer was a hallway which had two doors on either side and one down at the very end facing him.
Shane heard something clicking from the hallway making him look at the doors to his left and right before hearing the clicking was coming from the last door at the end of the hallway. A yellow sign with the words “CAUTION: Authorized Personnel Only” written on it. Above the sign was a small black bubble like the one outside. Despite the warning, he was drawn to the door with the sound.

As he approached the door, it opened. Shane walked in and was disappointed to see it was an empty control room. He sighed and looked at the large monitor surrounded by several smaller ones that seemed to show security camera footage from around the building, inside and out. The large middle monitor was blinking but not showing anything except a screensaver of the Umbrella Inc logo. Shane frowned in frustration and spoke aloud, “Where are you..?”
Suddenly a woman’s voice spoke from all around him, “Welcome Shane.” Shane looked around trying to see who was speaking but saw nobody as the voice continued to talk. “I’ve been expecting you. Please take a seat.” Shane clenched his fists looking for the source of the voice which spoke in a soothing monotone, “Please calm down Shane, I mean you no harm. Please sit and all will be explained.”
Shane growled, “Who the hell are you? Where are you?”

The voice calmly answered, “I’m called the Black Queen and advanced artificial intelligence based on the inferior Red Queen developed by Umbrella Incorporated. I was created by Albert Wesker to maintain this facility, serve his needs and the needs of any who share his genetics. The answer to your second query is I am all around you. Please, sit.”
Shane relaxed slightly and hesitantly sat in the comfortable office chair in front of the monitor. As soon as he did Shane noticed the small black bubble hidden among the monitors. Looking up he saw another larger bubble in the ceiling and another on the closed door behind him.
The Black Queen spoke in a soothing almost British sounding voice, “As I said I am all around you. If it makes you more comfortable to see a face, then please look at the large monitor.” As he did a super realistic image of a woman appeared on the screen. Her pale white skin was a shocking contrast to the long black hair that was neatly combed on her head and draped to her shoulders. Her eyes were emerald and unblinking and she seemed to look like someone famous but Shane couldn’t quite place the face. The Black Queen continued to speak, “I am pleased you survived and were able to find your way to this facility. When my monitors at the compound recorded your fight with the guards…”
Shane couldn’t believe how real she looked but his amazement at the CGI marvel on the screen was soon swept aside when his urgency to find Wesker made him cut her off mid-sentence, “Where’s Albert Wesker? Where is he?” He asked again looking at her a bit worried.

She fixed her gaze on Shane and spoke matter of fact, “Albert Wesker is dead.” Shane was stunned as she kept reciting a casualty list, “As well as Excella Gionne, Ricardo Irving and all staff present at the following locations...”
Shane interrupted her again as shock made his voice tremble, “What do you mean dead? What happened to them?”
The Black Queen’s face vanished from the screen as news reports played across the main monitor as well as the other smaller ones. Newspaper headlines, as well as Cable News,  anchors from different countries, read aloud, in turn, things that made Shane’s heart sink.
One woman grimly reported, “Albert Wesker the notorious bioterrorist is dead.” A headline from a sleazy tabloid newspaper reads, “Bioterrorist Finally Tasting His Own Medicine”
An anchorman with a British accent speaks, “Excella Gionne, head of TriCell Incorporated was revealed to have been murdered by infamous bioterrorist Albert Wesker who was also killed during a classified BSAA mission off the coast of Africa details are sketchy but it has been confirmed that Albert Wesker and Excella Gionne died somewhere at sea off the African coast.” A woman said. “We come to you live from an impromptu press conference with BSAA Agent Chris Redfield already in progress.” The images all went mute except for the press conference which took up the large screen.
Chris Redfield stood at a podium surrounded by other BSAA agents, “…I can only confirm that at long last, Albert Wesker is dead after years of escaping justice…” He said looking at the crowd. “I can not go into details, except to tell you that an operation with the North American and African branches of the BSAA spearheaded by myself and agent Sheva Alomar stopped a terrorist plot being perpetrated by Albert Wesker which resulted in his death off of the African coast.”
Shane rested his hands on to control panel shaking his head. “He…he can’t be dead…” He said closing his eyes. “He can’t be, we weren’t done with training, and we were starting to be more of a family...” He said a few tears escaped him before he wiped his face with his right hand. “He can’t be...”
The news feeds stopped and the Black Queen appeared again on screen. For a long time, Shane held his head in his hands until a familiar voice spoke his name, “Shane.” Looking up at the monitor Shane saw Albert Wesker staring back at him from the screen.
Wesker sighed and adjusted his sunglasses, “Shane if you’re seeing this recording then I’m dead. If you revived as I’d hoped you would Babu and the Black Queen were instructed to take you to my secret facility where you would hear my last will and testament.”
Shane buckled to his knees as he slid off the chair. His body went slack upon hearing his own father confirm his own death. The video stopped and the Black Queen reappeared on screen, “Do you require medical assistance?”
Shane sobbed hard wiped his eyes off with his palms, “No, no… this is just… a lot to take in… I’m sorry just give me a minute.” Shane wept hard for several minutes until he finally got angry at himself for being weak. Punching his leg he grunted and cleared his throat before forcing himself to sit back in the chair. Sniffling hard he spoke in a raspy voice, “Continue the video please.”
The video came back on and Wesker’s face looked at Shane icily and continued speaking, “If I am dead I want you to know that the only organization that could possibly be responsible for it is the BSAA and more than likely my most hated enemy Chris Redfield had something to do with it. Over and over again he has sought to stop me and he’s an opponent not to be taken lightly despite his… human weaknesses.”

Wesker’s eyes glowed red behind his sunglasses, “Those weak minded fools… none of them could comprehend my vision and thought I was trying to destroy the world… but you know I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it. This is why I had to work in secret with Excella Gionne on the Uroboros virus. It took me years to develop this pathogen which will bond only with those who are genetically fit enough to host it. Once inside their bodies, it will make the worthy into a superior race while destroying every genetically inferior human being across the planet. With mankind cut down to only the best of the best genetic stock our race would be ushered into a new golden age of prosperity with you as their leader.”
Shane was choked up by the amount of faith Wesker had in him. He hadn’t realized how much Wesker thought of him until now.
Wesker continued, “Shane, the virus I introduced into your system has cost you your humanity but it has given you so much more in return. As you have no doubt seen your strength, speed, agility and healing factor have all been enhanced well beyond anything human. You are for all intents and purposes a God among men.”

Wesker sighed and then continued, “I can’t lie to you boy, there will be others besides Chris Redfield out there trying to stop you.” As he said this, an image on one of the side screens showed file footage and still frames of Nikolai Ginovaef.

Wesker continued, “This man is Nikolai Ginovaef. He’s dangerous and will stop at nothing to gain the power I have given you. It was this man who set into motion the plot to kill you back at the hospital and it was this man who has been trying to steal Umbrella and my research for years. Unlike me, his only goals are wealth and power. He could care less if this world goes down the toilet as long as he gets to push the handle. He must be destroyed just as Chris Redfield must be destroyed.”
With that said a small metal drawer clicked open in front of Shane. A sleek, black cell phone and a new pair of gold sunglasses sat inside. Shane looked at them and back up at the monitor as Wesker paused for a moment and then a voice is heard speaking to him faintly off camera. Shane immediately recognized it as Excella’s haughty tones but couldn’t make out what she was saying.
Wesker nodded and said, “I’ll be there in a moment, shut the door behind you.” Once the door clicked off-screen Wesker turned back towards the camera, sighed again and removed his sunglasses. His cat-like eyes were inhuman but seemed almost weary as he spoke once again.
“I’ve done everything I could to help you in the event of my death. I’ve programmed the Black Queen to provide you with all you could need to carry on for me and accomplish our dream.” Shane’s eyes began to well with tears as Wesker paused and said, “Every father hopes his son will do better than him… I know you’ll make me proud… I love you son. Goodbye.”
Shane looked at the monitor as he stood up and touched the still image of Wesker, he was fighting hard to not let his emotions loose as he said, “I love you too Dad, rest in peace.”
After a few moments, the Black Queen’s image replaced Wesker’s on-screen making Shane clear his throat and sniff hard through his nose trying to gain his composure. On the right side of the room, a hidden door slid upward revealing a large sterile laboratory room behind it. Shane snatched up the glasses and put them on before pocketing the cell phone in his shorts. Looking through the door he saw two white metal pods inside suspended on large metal arms.
Shane entered the room and the Black Queen appeared on a monitor on a stand between the pods and spoke to Shane, “Please lean towards the bubble for a retina scan.”

Shane shrugged, pulled up his glasses and said softly, “Never done this before...” as it scanned his right eye. A soft hum, a click and then a beep followed by a green light blinking to life on the pod to his left made Shane stand up and position himself in front of it.
Various equipment around the room seemed to be monitoring whatever was inside the pods and Shane could see that the heartbeats on them both were increased slightly to a normal rate. The two pods were connected to a series of tubes that seemed to be aerating the bluish liquid bubbling inside them. Shane walked up to the pod on the left and wiped the condensation off the glass and was startled to see a pale girl’s face behind it.
She looked like she was maybe in her 20s as far as age goes. She looked peaceful as her long blonde hair flowed gently in the current of the liquid inside the pod. Peering over the edge of the window in the pod Shane saw she was completely naked before a pinging sound emanated from the nearby computer. An LED on the pod itself lit up and the name Sherry Birkin blinked to life.

“Sherry...” Shane said softly before looking back up at her face. Suddenly Sherry’s eyes snapped open, their blue hue matching the color of the fluid inside the pod that started to drain. Shane backed up as the pod opened Sherry’s body was released from it. Unsteady she stumbled on wobbly wet legs as the contents of the pod spilled into a large steel grate set into the floor. Sherry coughed fluid from her lungs and fell forward as Shane caught her.
After coughing the last of the briny liquid out of her lungs Shane slowly wiped her face clearing away the fluids that were on her as she breathed in the cool air of the room. She squinted and blinked away the moisture as her eyes seemed to sparkle in the harsh light of the laboratory. She smiled at him as he gently did the same and said “Hi.” in a soft whisper.
Sherry smiled weakly and said “Hi…” in a hushed tone. Their eyes stayed locked on each other as Shane wondered why Wesker had been keeping her a secret. Slowly he stood up holding her in his arms feeling her nuzzling against his chest as she shivered.

Shane picked her up and started to carry her as the Black Queen stated, “Please take her through this door.”
With that said a door at the other end of the room opened leading into the hallway where another door snapped open. Shane hurried through the door into the room seeing a few lockers, a small kitchen, a bed, a single plush couch and a TV on the wall. He walked over to the bed laying Sherry down on it. Finding she was already sleeping Shane covered her with a sheet and left the room.
When he got back to the pod room he spoke to the Black Queen, “Who is she, why was she in that pod?”
The Black Queen stated matter of fact, “Sherry Birkin, born January 1st, 1986 only offspring of Umbrella scientists Annette and William Birkin. Lived in Raccoon City until the outbreak of T and G virus and escaped the city shortly before its destruction October 1st, 1998. Became a ward of Albert Wesker shortly thereafter…” The Black Queen stopped and then addressed Shane again, “Second Pod has begun revival process, Please return to the pod room.”
Shane hurried to the pod room and wiped the glass on the pod seeing a male inside it with reddish brown hair; he studied the man’s face before looking at the projection. The pod name Steve Burnside flashed to life.
Shane seemed just as confused by this as he was about Sherry. “Who is this guy?”
“Steven Burnside, formerly Rockfort Island prisoner 267. The subject was extracted from Umbrella Antarctic Facility shortly before its destruction in December 1998 after being mutated by the T-Veronica Virus. The Mutation caused the subject to revert to human form and fall into a death-like coma while body continued to mutate on a cellular level accepting and incubating the virus much like subject Alexia Ashford did previously.”

Shane seemed startled by the prisoner thing the Black Queen mentioned but he said nothing as the computer kept speaking, “Revived January 4th, 1999 but with a severe case of amnesia brought on by the trauma of mutation. Re-educated and trained by Albert Wesker February 1st, 1999 until January 28th, 2000. Placed back in storage for further testing…”
The Black Queen stopped talking as the familiar pinging noise sounded and the pod opened. Shane quickly caught Steve hearing him coughing and groaning. He mumbled what Shane thought was a name but he passed out in Shane’s arms before he could ask him what he said.
Once again Shane repeated the task of carrying an unconscious test subject to another similarly furnished room and placed him in a bed. The Black Queen spoke to Shane as he covered Steve up, “The subjects will sleep for roughly 8 hours before their bodies readjust to breathing oxygen instead of liquid. Please walk back to the hallway.”
Shane shrugged and walked back into the hallway looking at the other door that opened as white light emanated from it. The Black Queen’s voice echoed in the empty hallway, “Please enter the door.”

Shane took a deep breath and walked through the brightly illuminated doorway as he sighed, “I guess I can’t keep destiny waiting."



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