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Resident Evil: Shane’s Story (Book 2) by TheOracleDragon

Chapter 13

“It’s still snowing outside.” Shane thought, rubbing his hands together while watching the dancing snow through the one window in the living room near the radio. Crackling wood in the fireplace was the only sounds Shane was hearing while observing his surroundings. Darkness was creeping upon the land and the heavens were spilling their chilly breaths upon the land. “I could be stuck here for weeks or even months.” That thought got to him badly, Nikolai was out there and was endangering the world.

“You should get some rest, son.”  John’s voice drew the young Wesker from his thoughts as he turned to look at him, “The winter here should be ending in a few more weeks, normally the snow will stop to fall after a few days of it but knowing this snow it’ll take a while for us to even get to town.” With that he shook his head before approaching him since he was holding a blanket and pillow under his one arm, “You’ll be sleeping on the couch, I don’t have a spare bed. If you feel you need to sleep on the bed, go ahead.”

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Shane asked confused collecting the items seeing the man shaking his head, “I don’t mean to be a burden on you.” The vet held up a hand to make him stop talking as he sighed, “Don’t worry too much about me, I have to go to my workshop and continue with my work. I’ll be going to bed after I’m content with how much I have done. Go to bed, you need it.” And without further questions, John walked away grabbing his coat and boots.

Moving to the couch, Shane made himself comfortable and watched the fire flickering and dancing on the burning wood. Were Sherry and Steve okay? He prayed in silence that they were for he was worrying so much about them since waking up. Did they think he was dead?

Meanwhile in Germany

“Sorry, still no word on him,” Steve told as Sherry was getting a bit annoyed with this, where was he? Still in Canada or somewhere else? There was no way to know, his phone wasn’t responding and there was certainly no signal. Even Black Queen couldn’t find him.

“He has to be out there somewhere,” Sherry told as her blue eyes looked over the map and the location of the hospital he had gone off too. If he was still there, he would be all right but did something go wrong? “We’ll continue with our objectives, Steve, you wouldn’t mind running into town and getting some items would you?” She asked seeing him smile, as he loved visiting town as it allowed him to explore and be free of the facilitym even if just for a few hours.

Outside in the fresh air and land, Steve hurried his way in a car toward Dunkelwald, he had been seen around a good few times since arriving for that allowed him to not be stared at a lot by the residents of this town. Reaching the market, he saw a few gossipers talking to each other which made him listen intently, they were speaking about people disappearing in around the area of the town and how the police were investigating it, the part that made him stop while collecting potatoes was the mentioning of the B.S.A.A. being in town. He wanted to know why but the women were soon saying their goodbyes and parted ways. Thinking it over, Steve knew he needed to get the local paper and hurried to do so after grabbing what he needed.

The town was on edge a bit since the disappearing of locals, even walking along the street Steve felt a bit uneasy to the situation around him, it was like he lived here his whole life and while he was lost in thought he didn’t realize he had walked into someone, he didn’t even stop when the red-haired woman called to him for having done that.

“Some hospitality.” She said moving a lock of her hair out of her slender face as her eyes watched him, “Claire, you’re here on vacation, enjoy yourself.” She reminded herself as she sighed, fixing her backpack and grabbing her suitcase on wheels, she headed up the street and then across to find her hotel and get settled in. “This place isn’t half bad, Chris would enjoy staying here a while to unwind from the B.S.A.A. a bit.” She noted to herself while walking along the dark street, at least the street lamps lit her way while she wished she had told the taxi driver to drop her off at the hotel first but she was famished from the long flight. Filled with food and tiredness falling over her, she was about to go to sleep on the streets if needed and she was glad she reached the hotel before she could collapse. And all the while, Steve had no idea whom he had bumped into, his angel.

Back in Canada...

Shane was restless while watching the burning fire, the flames dancing steadily on the charring wood; the same colors as his eyes for this made him sigh. Sitting up he felt within the need to plan, resting against his legs he continued to watch the fire when he felt a chill creeping up his spine for this very chill made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His eyes dilated for a brief second as he turned quickly to look behind himself in the dark house, only the fire illuminating the room. No one was there, no presence, no one. But why did he feel as if someone was?

Only a single word slipped from him, “Dad?”, as he stood up looking over the room carefully. Inhaling deeply, he nodded at his thoughts, “I will plan, I will return to them. Nikolai won’t know what hit him.” He said moving to the radio. Touching the fine wood he moved from it and looked outside the window once again at the darkness. Various thoughts and ideas began to move around in his mind of things he could and should do once he returned to Germany, so many things that needed to be done but he would in time.

He had time to plan and without issue, but this snow was a curse and a blessing. He would work his stay off for the old vet and return to his task of stopping Nikolai. Resting slowly his head against the glass and wood of the window, his mind was going back to his father. Albert Wesker was no fool and not a weakling, he did things that made the world question its very existence and Shane was just following in fading footsteps.

But that would change, looking at his reflection in the window, he could see his father looking back at him, “I will do you right.” He said with a nod before moving around the room planning things out that he would do to change the world. Three hours would pass when John returned to find his guest staring at the fire as he was sitting on the couch in a restless state which John knew all too well. The boy was still dealing with inner feelings and problems, but at this hour of the night, John knew it was best to rest and not ponder on these things since it would only cause the mind to be toyed with for many hours as it would cancel out all pleasing thoughts.

A restless mind tormenting the soul of the young man, hounding him to seek a way to defeat the man that hunts him like he was a prey; targeting him for capture or annihilation. If only the world would awaken and see that the world is in danger, a danger that was not from a Wesker. Not yet at least, that trouble Shane at the thought of possible others that would use the Wesker name for their own greed, to taint a name that was once great. “You should rest.” Came the veteran’s voice drawing the young man from his thoughts, turning he looked at him as the older man was removing his coat and hat, “Resting will continue to help you recover, but you appear troubled.”

“No, sir. I’m just trying to piece together things.” Shane admitted looking at the fire as his hands were soon rubbing his tired face; he was starting to worry for Sherry and Steve who were possibly in a mess wondering where he was at. “Do you have any way to contact anyone out here?” The thought of this was pointless, he had already looked for a phone and computer, there wasn’t a single one, he did wonder about this place and how it ran, he didn’t see power cables anywhere. Perhaps it was water powered, still, he would need to check for himself and make it back to any town. John explained that he didn’t and that the snow would be dangerous to track though without proper direction and guidance, a death trap ready to spring.

Shane was stuck here, for the time being, recovering and becoming stronger. The return to Europe was going to be strong for Nikolai would be caught off guard by the son of Wesker. Rest was for now and the next soon followed afterward. The day was long and slow as the snow fell from the heavens in gentle dances as they tangled with the wind. Those of strong will would endure such weather and those with warm hearts will melt the coldest winter nights; these things are what allowed many to survive.

Shane had always found himself loving winter; even now he was enjoying himself as the snow fell around him as he stood on the porch of John Joneson, the man who saved his life. A solitary man and from what Shane was able to gather from looking around whenever John was outside working; a widow.

The man lived by himself, there was no idea where the son would be, Shane knew that John talked to him through letters, and there weren’t any computers here but many outdated magazines and newspapers. Sighing, Shane hoped there was a way to get out this place and head into town to find his way to an airport; he had to get to Germany as fast as possible.

Nikolai was out there, who knows what that insane Russian was doing with the newly acquired virus from the hospital. "T-m." He whispered softly rubbing his arms through the old bomber pilot jacket John gave him; time wasn't on its side as the suede fur that was one on it was now falling out and becoming worn. "I have to get out of here..." But he had no idea where the town was, after that assault by Afanasii and having fallen down into that pit, there was no way he knew his directions. The weather was cruel to him, inside he knew that John would help him and in return, he would give him things to say thank you.

Moving to the right side of the porch, Shane looked at the shed in which John would go to do work on things. Often times he found himself wondering what he was doing, perhaps he could learn a trade or two for later usage in time. He was strong after all, coming back from daydreaming he growled at himself, "I have to get to Germany, find Nikolai and kill him before he does anything drastic."

Anger was burning inside him; it was that damn man’s fault things turned sour when the world believed it was Albert Wesker. Oh, how they were manipulated into thinking that; for the real one was Nikolai, he was pulling the cords to everything.  Those gold and crimson eyes glowed a hair brighter at how much Nikolai was in control, he had no fear whatsoever.

Snapping to attention from the sound of a door closing, Shane saw John fixing his coat before adjusting his hat. The winter cold wasn’t a good handmaiden as it was bitter against the flesh, “Ah, how are ya feeling?” He asked having taken noticed of Shane on his approach to the homestead, the young man was appearing more lively than before which became a blessing for John since he could have Shane assist him for many things. “I can see you are anxious to get away from here on any given time, but let me warn you,” He started while gripping the railing of the porch to climb the steps, doing so he was kicking the snow off his boots while he continued, “You’ll be here a while because the snow is too dangerous to venture through. Another storm coming our way.”

Chapter 14
A calm breeze blew through the forest of Dunkelwald, Germany. Despite the clear sky and cool breeze Sherry Birkin was still feeling an overwhelming sense of worry and dread. Shane still hadn’t returned from his mission in Canada and without a word from him in days; Sherry's feeling of dread only grew worse when even Black Queen couldn't contact him. The AI knew how to track down the young lord of the Wesker line but with the weather being brutal and cold in Canada; it would take time to see what had happened at the abandoned hospital.
But it was during this time that the town was filling with rumors about people who were disappearing from the area, a thought of who was doing it why was spreading as well. Some believed it to be work of cultists, others thought of serial killer striking at night. During the passing days, someone made a horrifying discovery by a farmer who was tracking his sheep into the woods discovered a mass grave, the news was spreading and being reported about the discovery of the bodies, all of which were shot through the head and partially consumed by quicklime. They had no idea those bodies had a dangerous but dormant virus within them, the BSAA was investigating it when the report came back that there was Uroboros inside of those said bodies. That instantly dispatched Chris Redfield to Germany from his station in the United States, removing him from his station of operations since he knew more about the virus called Uroboros.
The flight lasted for four hours and while Chris didn’t mind flying it did take a toll on him as he wanted to rest but the turbulence made it nearly impossible to nap. As the plane finally landed at the USAF Base in Germany, Chris looked outside his window at the sprawling airfield filled with military equipment and vehicles; a storm front was rolling in causing the dance of flurries to be seen all around. After the plane taxied to a stop a woodland camouflaged AFT Dingo 2 with a roof mounted gun turret rumbled to a stop a few yards from the plane. When the hatch opened on the side of the plane Chris saw there a man waiting next to the Dingo while the stairs were lowered down. Holding his duffel bag Chris slung it over his shoulder as he walked down the steps towards the BSAA Agent and thought, “This must be my new partner.” Stopping in front of the man Chris gave a salute with his free hand and said, “Captain Chris Redfield, BSAA North American Sector.”

The tall man gave a crisp salute back and said in a thick German accent, “Hauptman Heinz Schmidtstein, as you guessed.” Heinz then held out his black gloved hand and Chris shook it.  Heinz was a tall, solidly built man with spiky buzz cut blonde hair and piercing blue eyes who wore a winter camo suit and blue camo vest.
Chris had read reports about Heinz whose strong will to survive was somewhat legendary among the European branch of the BSAA. Heinz once handsome face had three large jagged scars that slashed across it diagonally in angry reddish purple divots that were a testament to his surviving something that should have killed him.

Chris tried not to be rude and stare. Being a veteran now of combat and biohazard outbreaks he had seen people become horribly scarred and mutilated but still, curiosity got the better of him and he couldn't stop himself from staring at them.
Heinz smirked and took notice immediately saying, “I take it you are pondering the origins of these ‘beauty marks’.” He chuckled making Chris smile sheepishly saying, "I hardly noticed them.", as they headed to the Dingo. Heinz smiled and patted Chris on the shoulder, “Don’t worry my friend, I take no offense. I’m used to it. When this mission is over maybe I will tell you how I got them.”
Chris put his duffle bag on the Dingo’s rear seat saying, “I look forward to it.” Getting seated in the passenger seat while Heinz joined him, "What is the current situation? Is there anything new to report?” It was strange riding on the other side of the car but Chris was, used to it since he had many trips to the European countries.
Heinz settled into his seat, “So far, we’ve collected the bodies and discover the dead virus in them, but nothing more to go on. We have a feeling it’s possible that someone bought it on the black market and used it. But fear of mass infection, they executed those people.” Heinz suggested starting the Dingo up, “I got my scars during a raid on an Umbrella facility located in France.” Chris could only guess what the creature was that attacked his partner, his feelings said either Crimson Head or a Hunter class BOW. It was a miracle he even survived, with the explanation of the antivirus having been given; Chris knew Heinz was T immune like Jill Valentine. Perhaps after the mission, Heinz will reveal more to what happened at that facility in France.
On the way to their base of operations, Chris was reading the information on the PDA that was collected for him to review. Every bit of detail was important for this operation and he wasn’t taking risks in missing out on anything. He thought for sure they had stopped Uroboros but like many things Albert Wesker had done; viruses were sold worldwide at a price. Rain and snow sprinkled against the windshield while he looked up for a moment, could that man be here that the agents in Africa encountered, the one calling himself the son of Wesker? He knew it couldn’t be a hoax, he had seen many things since 1998. “We’re here.” He heard and looked at Heinz who had stopped the Dingo at a building that he figured was a bar due to the neon lights shining from the sign outside. “We’re located under it, an old bunker from World War II.” Chris did have to admit it was a good location in Berlin to have their operation center and have a few drinks; he needed to know more of the location of those bodies and the town of Dunkelwald.
Inside, Chris saw a few others who were having a few pints while checking a large map display that was marked with marker points and notes on the whiteboard near it. Confessing to himself, Chris liked the way the men were handling the situation.  Heinz moved toward the old bar that was installed for private meetings and events here and grabbed a bottle of water as it was tossed to Chris, “We’ve been investigating the area and taking notes, we’re going to go there soon but we waited for you to arrive.” The rest of the men saluted Chris as he did back at them; setting his bag aside he moved to the map and checked the images that were provided as well of the mass grave and location in general. Dragging the photo to enlarge of a satellite shot he noticed that this area was perfect for a hidden facility.
“Are there any old buildings, factories or bases in this area? Many of which were abandoned or possibly recently used?” He questioned as the agents were speaking to each other, figuring out what was what before looking at Heinz to translate for them. “There are possible chances.” The man stated, “We haven’t checked, as stated before. We only collect the information and data from our agents in the field in that area. The two that discovered it was actually on their time off when it was reported.”
There was possibly a good few old factories from World War II that were still in ruins or were undamaged from the war that could have been restored in secret to be used as a secret base or lab. Chris wasn’t taking chances with missing anything, “We leave ASAP, we need to find out who is doing this and stop them from infecting more people.” Another Raccoon City outbreak wasn’t something he wished to endure again, he rather takes care of the problem right away than wait any longer.
Meanwhile in Canada...
Shane huffed stretching out in the living room while on the couch John’s cat watched him. He only discovered the cat not that long ago since it was outside for a while hunting for any little creature it could capture. There was more stress on Shane’s shoulders for he knew he had to get out of there and get back to Germany before it was too late; his gut was telling him something serious was going to happen and possibly soon. His body was still aching in various places but he was doing very well in his recovery, although he doubted himself a few times.

The cat meowed drawing his attention to the creature who was amused by the young man. “What are you looking at?” Shane asked raising a brow while noticing the feline flicking its tail back and forth. Perhaps rest was a better solution, even if he was like his father; he didn’t wish to push himself too much because he didn’t want to lose his mind to that of exhaustion. Collecting himself he looked away from the cat and moved to the couch and sat down to gaze at the fire that burned brightly in the hearth. No communications, no road, no way to town.

He thought of carrying John’s truck through the snow so he could be shown the way back, repay the man and take him back to the cabin. But even that would waste time if he was only given directions, where to go, would be perfect for him. This would be a chance he had to take since the snow was still horrible here, but was it right to leave John out here alone? Then again, the old veteran had been alone for who knows how long.
Sighing, Shane ran a hand over his face, toying with his beard that grew, restlessness was his mind. “Means someone’s dreaming about me.” He whispered as the cat soon jumped down onto the seat and then the floor stretching out and yawned. The two startled when the front door was opened and John was coming back inside to clean up.  John had been teaching him a few things on the guitar and about carpentry.  Skills he could use one day in the future, the thought of having kids really did make Shane miss Sherry. Was she still all right and was Steve behaving himself?
Dunkelwald, Germany.
 Claire huffed looking outside while rubbing her arms, from sunshine to rainfall, she found herself annoyed that the day wasn’t going to be a fun one. “There goes the fun of walk I had planned.” She rolled her eyes leaning against the window watching the few cars driving around while seeing a BSAA jeep driving past the place she was staying. “I should call Chris and see how he’s doing.” Slipping away with a push from the window, she nabbed her cell phone from the nightstand and took a seat on the flower patterned bed sheets.

Lying back, her red hair flowed around her while her fingers glided over the keys and the ringing sounded from her calling. The strong voice on the other end made her smile as her brother was there this time instead of voicemail. “How are you, Chris?” She asked playing with a strand of hair before laughing, “I’m on vacation in Germany, yourself? Oh, you’re here too? I didn’t see you, where are you currently at?” She leaned up a bit as she heard the name of the town she was in.
“That’s strange; I’m in Dunkelwald as well.” She told him as she could hear the stress in his voice at that revelation from her, she was in danger if something happened and they had no idea it was starting to begin. Infection was coming as more people were becoming sick. Many had believed it to be a cold going around, Nikolai had infected the town when he knew this was the area of operations for Shane. One way to lure him back out was to cause an infection in the area he was in and bring out the BSAA. After all, Nikolai needed to test his new virus T-m, so many people were going to be turning and many more were going to die. Claire and her brother had no idea what they have gotten themselves into.
Chris and the men he was with were still on the road, heading to Dunkelwald, the drive was going to be over two hours, they had no idea of the dangers they were driving into once they reached the town. “Claire, I want you to meet me at the BSAA base, I have a feeling something is going to happen and we need to be ready for it.” He informed her as she wasn’t liking it one bit, he was implying something dangerous was about to occur and she just arrived not that long ago. It appeared every time she had a vacation did something happen and it was for the worse.  Gut instinct was telling Chris there was possibly going to be a viral infection and that many were going to turn into zombies or BOWs. It was never a dull moment when memories of Umbrella unearth themselves in the most unlikely of places

Chapter 15

A day had passed but it didn’t stop the snow that was falling over the town of Dunkelwald, while in Canada it was still flurrying. Snow thick and heavy, trees and that of John’s house was groaning in agony from the harshness of bitter coldness. Hotness in the cup of freshly brewed coffee was the only cure for this bitterness smothered the forest, John watched it from a window in the living room; so warm was the fire and hot was the coffee he held in that mug. Turning he looked at Shane coming out of the bathroom, cleaned up and refreshed from the wonderful hot water warmed the soul in such coldness around them. “I take it yer thinking of heading out?” He asked seeing the uncertain expression Shane emitted when those words were asked, “Listen, boy, these woods are dangerous when winter is here, my truck will not be able to go.” The one thing he lacked was a snowmobile.

Such rugged terrain and lack of decent transport was a pain out here, with there being a boat in the back of the place meant there had to be a river or lake nearby. If this was the case, Shane needed a map and set his path toward the town, “John, do you have a map?” He asked with a simple glance at him catching those eyes narrowing for a moment and then relax into amusement.

The old man was searching his desk once he had reached it; the map was a bit worn from years of use. Marker and pen markings were displayed from areas John found to be of use; such as hunting posts and freshwater springs. The biggest circle in the forest was clearly John’s house as it had the words written ‘Home’ next to it. It was then Shane saw the lake was at least a mile away from the place, following the trail with a finger it soon lead to the town he met with Alex. Was the hospital on the map? Scanning every inch of it, there was no trace of it so it was clear that very few people knew about it and the location. Course it was all gone now; another dark mark in Umbrella's history wiped off the face of the earth.

Calculating the distance, the town was at least twenty-eight miles away. He would need to be swift and well prepared for it. Thoughts of using John’s truck being used was slowly failing since he doubted it would handle the mass. “How would I get to town? I certainly know John would want to get supplies, a snowmobile is what he needs.”

Ideas were popping like the wood within the calm burning flame in the hearth.  “A snowcat would work too; help him hauling wood and heavy supplies that a snowmobile won’t be able to handle.” He figured looking at the map, taking a deep breath he was ready to leave. All healed up, strength fully returned and his mind set on returning to Germany to ensure Sherry and Steve were well. “John, I think it’s time for me to take my leave. You have done so much for me and I have helped you thank you but I need to go before I’m far too missed.”

“Understanding, the walk to town will be a long one, you better be sure you have a way out of town since around here we don’t have taxis.” John amusingly joked allowing Shane to chuckle and rub his growing beard. “This would take a while to track, best to do it in the morning hours.” This would allow them time to rest and get prepared. “I need to pick some things anyway.”

For the rest of the day, Shane sat on the couch petting the cat; it really enjoyed the attention given. There were still hours to go till they left, before sunrise so it would allow John time to return back to his cabin unless someone was willing to take him back home. The night was brief and with a shake on the shoulder, Shane got up from the couch and dressed in the clothing John had to give him, it wasn’t much and the clothes had many patches on them from wear and tear.

Boots on and hats covering their heads from the cold, John smiled petting his cat and told him to behave as he stepped outside with a flashlight in hand and Shane followed behind. Each step through the snow crunched beneath them, this very cold made Shane remember that Tyrant that hunted him in the forest. A demon out of the flames of what was once the hospital, shivering he had to look over his shoulder a few times wondering if she was still out there hunting for him. Inhaling deeply his hands was rubbing together through the gloves to keep them from freezing from their long walk. The two men talked as they walked, taking their time to listen to their surroundings and that of the path they followed; course Shane was recalling landmarks they passed so he knew exactly how to find John again.

He would need to get hold of a phone so he could call for transport and catch up on the events that passed him a good time ago. Would it be possible to track Nikolai down again before he vanishes or was it far too late? Sherry and Steve needed to be contacted and have him updated on what was going on in Germany. “You doing all right, son?” John asked looking over at Shane seeing him rubbing his hands together to keep warm, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Replied the young man whose mind wandered around so many things at one time.

“How long has it been since you were last in town? I bet the folks get concerned for you during these hard winters, alone in the woods like that.” Shane stated hearing John grunt, stepping over a small downed tree, “Do you have friends in town who could help you out?”

“I could be asking you the same thing, boy.” The older said looking at him. “What about yourself? Family? You’re the kind of kid that has an interesting history, you don’t talk much about it but I can tell in those wild eyes of yours that you’ve been through hell like I have in ‘Nam.”

It was obvious with everything going on, there has been so much hell plaguing Shane since he was a boy who once lived in Raccoon City so long ago. After that was his time in the asylum, then his time of freedom, death and recent events with Nikolai. “You have no idea. It’s like a battle that constantly moves to different places and there is only one person behind all these nightmares. Even if he wasn’t the one that killed my father, he tried to by using me and trust me on this, John.” Sighing he shook his head. “Explaining that would be complicated but I will say it’s because of Umbrella Corp. that these nightmares never end.”

“I remember Umbrella and the reports of Raccoon City too. How Umbrella was blamed for it as well, but now I wish to know who killed your father? Whoever you're going after, you should know that constantly moving in the shadows won’t always work out.” The veteran told him being careful in moving around another downed tree. “I take it you’ll be heading off to your company, but will ya know what you’ll be doing once there? You need to plan ahead, son.”

It was honest truth, Shane really didn’t have much planned and thinking of what his father would do in this place was making him think hard. “My father would have planned ahead, like usual. I’ll have to call a few contacts to find out what I missed since what happened before you found me. I’ll deal with the BSAA at another time; I’m after a man named Nikolai Ginovaef.” Shane stated looking at John with a firm and yet concerned glance.

“That man can’t be trusted, he has caused so many things and is the one trying to kill me.” Inhaling deeply he chuckled, “A war of my own, and what about you John? Are you going to be more active with the town? I’ve seen how lonely you seem to get being a hermit in the woods. You should reconnect with old friends and talk to your kid.”

Chuckling, the man knew that the boy was right about this. He was getting older and one day will kick the bucket and what then? No one will know he died and his cat would be left alone, “You speak the truth kid and I’ll be wise to watch out for that man you mentioned. But you should do the same.” That raised a brow for Shane, “Go out and be more active, don’t end up being in silence cause of what your work does. You might make a few new allies if you actually do that; have their trust and their faith in you. Ya know, a better idea would be winning favor with the BSAA, they might come in handy one day.”

“Maybe, though it wouldn’t be that easy gaining their trust.” Looking up at the sky, Shane pondered on how he could use the BSAA. The many men and women who fought against global viral terrorism and more could prove to be handy to send them against rival companies and to protect his own. Would it be worth it though, the question burned him inside?

A risk he had to take at one point in time but how would he go about it? Expose a few secrets to help them track down companies buying viruses on the black market? But afterward, he would have to let them go for he needed to get things done in dealing with Nikolai and others targeting him. Escaping from his thoughts due to a sound of a car horn, Shane saw they had reached a road and the town.

They certainly made good time in their freezing walk. Certainly, their bodies were shaking from the cold and their feet were burning from the cold, “A cup of coffee would be a reward all in its own. Let’s go to the diner.” John said as he quickly added, “And a hot meal to go with it.” Such a reward for Shane to go with, perhaps he could use the diner’s phone and get a lift from his men.

The two relaxed in the warmth of the small diner which offered them great service, the waitress set down their coffee before leaving them be while collecting the other beverages they wanted. “Son, you have a lot of things to do and I know you will do’em.  Just make sure you do the right thing and not do something that will have a negative impact. Our world is already shitty and close to ruin, but you can always try and gain a good impact.”

“It’s never easy doing that when my last name is a curse,” Shane stated and inhaled deeply, he wanted to tell him about the hell he had been going through the past few months; even that of being reborn into a higher being. His father used to say it was the ‘god’ form, and wanting more. There was one time Shane actually came across a picture of his father with a woman wearing white, ‘Alex’ was written on the bottom of it. She was one of the few Wesker Children that lived and she disappeared from what he read. However, his father kept close tabs on his ‘sister’.

“You see John,” He continued leaning against the table while John was taking a sip of his hot coffee. “There are a lot of people who would kill the person with the last name I have, they see it as a threat to the world. I’m no threat to them, as of yet. But the BSAA would consider me one because of my father’s last name.” When the waitress returned, the two placed their order before returning to their fine conversation, “I’m doing my best to remain off the radar as much as possible from the world governments, BSAA and other corporations. Anyone having gained the vast files and data from Umbrella before the collapse, would possibly know about me. Even if I ‘dead’ when Raccoon City was obliterated….then again they did find me…”

He closed his eyes hating the memory of that day they came for him. “I have to be careful in my steps, so many enemies around the world; it spins around me a lot of times just to think I’m a high priced target if anyone got wind of it. Nikolai, that bastard nearly caught me if I hadn’t awakened in time.”

“Son, you have a lot of shit on your plate and yet you can always crack a smile. I’m impressed you are able to get your head around these things. I only knew a few men from Nam who were able to do that in the shit we had to deal with.” John stated holding his mug between his hands, “And once you head back to yer place of operations, do you even know what to do then?”

“Possibly the same thing I usually do, I need to know what I had missed and find out what’s going on with Nikolai. That Russian bastard is unpredictable.” Rubbing his face once more he would have to hurry this about, he couldn’t stay much longer. Their hot meals had arrived, the news played about on the TV about a few things happening around the world and BSAA work, not a single peep about what was really going on behind the curtain.

There are a lot of things not being reported, so many viruses being used and abused, studied in the dark and is used to discover the next ‘evolution’ of mankind. They wanted to find the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and the ‘Gift of the Gods’; that being immortality. Various things would come to be, he would do everything in his power to make cures for these viruses. After all, his father has a very strong business selling the anti-virus for the T-virus and the highest buyer was the BSAA thus far. No matter how hard the BSAA would check on the company’s front cover, they only found a good business working for them since the founding. Insiders always got the best payout after all.

One of many ways of funding that Albert Wesker had set up, selling the anti-viruses that he had made to other companies and organizations who knew they would need them, and in the end the payouts were always huge. Rubbing his nose, Shane looked to where the phone was and then at the waitress busy cleaning another table, when she finally approached he asked if he could use their phone. After a moment he was given the permission from the manager, leaving the table he called up one of his men who was stationed at the airport waiting for him to return. The man was relieved hearing from his boss again as they had been waiting ever since Shane came to that town; however Shane wasn’t going to have formalities, he had things needing to be done and orders were given quickly for transport and shipment of a snowcat. This would be a small thing for a thank you to the man who saved his life when he could have been left out in the winter snow to die.

Shane never wanted to speak too much about that feeling of being at death’s door; he could still feel the creeping hands against him, reminding him that even he could still die. Once the orders were fully done, he hung up and returned to eating his eggs and toast, the bacon was still crispy when he started eating it with the eggs.

“Did you call someone to pick you up?” John asked after having a drink from after eating a piece of his delicious French toast. The old man was enjoying himself since he hadn’t had such a delicious breakfast like this in a long time; not since his wife used to cook meals.

“I do, they’ll be arriving in a few hours. If they sooner, that would be a quick escape for me.” He chuckled at John before looking at the TV hearing more news and then politics. The stuff he wasn’t too fond in listening about; with the snow still falling outside the diner, time started to pass swiftly and before long an SUV parked outside.

It was time to move on and head back to the base in Germany before anything else happened without him, things needed to be taken care of and he had no idea of what awaited him on his arrival. However, he needed to make an important phone call to an old business partner of his father’s. It was time to take the heat to Nikolai and not be in hiding so much. “Thanks for everything, John. I hope we’ll run into each other again.” Shane said as he shook the old man’s hand as John nodded.

“I hear ya, son. Make sure you don’t end up in the water again.” He stated and got up, giving Shane a firm hug he soon left him to go. Returning to his seat he watched Shane head off allowing John to enjoy himself here in town; a few friends were going to be visited while he had the time.

Chapter 16

Germany is a land of people that are strong and fiercely proud of their heritage. Many can trace their bloodlines back for centuries. Shane often wondered about his father’s family heritage and where it all started. He knew they were of German descent but he often wondered what other bloodlines were mixed into the family.

Of course, Shane also wondered about the bloodline of his genetic mother Alexia Ashford as well. From the history, he had read of the Ashford family their shared ancestor Veronica was a beautiful woman and gifted genius in her own time much like Alexia was in hers. Alexander Ashford sired Alexia and her twin brother Alfred using modified DNA from Veronica to bring back the prestige and honor the Ashford name once had.

Looking out the window of the private jet he was currently the lone passenger in, Shane leaned back in his seat and reflected upon his family. Brilliance was in his family line, even though at times he didn’t feel like he could match up to the legacy of his parents he knew the potential was still there. The flight was a long one and Shane was lost in thought as he stared out the window ignoring the coffee that had been placed on the fold-out table that was in front of him along with the files he had requested.

Turbulence snapped him back to reality as the pilot apologized over the intercom for the rough weather they were encountering. He then informed Shane that the capitol was in range now and that they would be landing shortly. Shane took a sip of coffee and winced when he the now ice cold liquid touched his tongue. Shane summoned the stewardess to take it away and asked for bottled water instead.

After the stewardess gave him a small plastic bottle of water Shane sipped from it as he went over the files again. According to the files the woman was known as Ada Wong though there was speculation that this was a favorite alias of hers and that her real name remains unknown. According to Albert Wesker’s files, Ada Wong was a professional freelance spy and mercenary for hire who was only loyal to whoever paid her the most.

Shane was impressed that Ada was a survivor of Raccoon City like he and those rare few who managed to escape that hell on Earth before it was wiped off the map by nuclear fire. Shane shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Despite his wounds being healed for ages now, he could still feel the phantom pain of claw wounds he got on his back whenever he thought of Raccoon City.

After reading the files two more times Shane closed the file folder and tucked it into an attaché case stored under his seat. Shane knew what he had to do now and he needed to just focus on the mission at hand.

Shane had a feeling Ada would be wary of him considering who his father was and her working relationship with him. Shane was amused considering Ada herself wasn’t exactly someone to be trusted when she was left to her own devices. As thorough as Albert’s files were Ada was still much a mystery even to him.

Albert had suspected but he could never prove that Ada had a connection to Leon S. Kennedy, another Raccoon City survivor who seemed to keep crossing paths with her even after the incident including the Las Plagas affair in Spain.

Ada was hired by Albert Wesker to collect Dominant Plaga samples but she substituted Subordinate Plaga samples and gave the Dominant Plaga to a rival corporation she had been working for. Albert got Dominant Plaga samples from the dead body of Jack Krauser whom Ada had killed. Despite her betrayal, Albert still got what he wanted because of her actions and he highly valued her skills as a spy and later used her to ferret out Oswald E. Spencer after the old man had gone into hiding.

 Shane frowned as he thought about this rival organization Ada worked for.  Whoever they were and whatever their ultimate goals clearly make them serious players behind the scenes if Ada was willing to betray Albert knowing he wouldn’t have hesitated in killing her for it.

 Shane knew Ada was clever and he’d have to use all his charm, wits and possibly a hefty bribe to persuade her into giving him the information he needed. Shane hoped that maybe Ada could give him a clue about finding Nikolai Ginovaef and hopefully tell him where to find that twisted old bastard. Shane knew there was a chance that Nikolai may actually be working for the same company as Ada and that he could be heading into a trap but it was a risk he was willing to take.

After an uneventful landing at the Berlin Tegel Airport, the plane taxied to a stop inside a medium-sized private hanger. Once off the plane Shane was then ushered into a waiting BMW by his men and driven to Berlin. During the ride, Shane worried about his meeting with Ada but knew he would have to present himself to her as a calm and confident leader.  While his men were concerned with his rugged appearance from having nearly died in the frozen lands in Canada they didn’t show it and kept things professional. Shane was glad that at least now he finally had time to clean himself up properly at the upscale hotel he was booked in under an assumed name.

Shane looked at his reflection in the review mirror as they drove. Shane’s face scrunched up in annoyance, “I look like crap.” He thought finally seeing how much his face was covered in a thick bushy beard and shaggy hair that brushed against his eyes. The amount of time he was with John didn’t seem right with how he was looking currently. It was as if he was there longer unless this was a side effect of something. Looking over his shoulder out the rear window, Shane had the uneasy feeling he was being watched by something sinister. That bitch Tyrant wasn’t around anymore and with any luck, the mutation she had undergone during the destruction of the hospital wrecked Nikolai’s plans of using her to stalk him in public.

Arriving at a posh four-star hotel in the city Shane was checked in by his men and taken by private elevator to a penthouse suite. Shane told Franklin, the taller of the two men to stand guard outside and asked Phillip to follow him inside the suite.

Once inside the palatial suite, Shane asked Phillip to call down to the concierge and have him send up the hotel barber while he unpacked. While Phillip was on the phone Shane laid out a sharp tailor-made black suit with a dark blue shirt, black socks and a black silk tie on the bed. As Shane was placing his shiny black dress shoes on the floor Phillip went outside to tell Franklin to let the barber in.

After getting his hair cut short the way he used to have it and his beard shaved off Shane had Phillip tip the barber and escort him outside the suite. While Phillip and Franklin stood guard outside Shane went directly into the elegantly marble tiled bathroom, stripped off his clothes and got into the shower.

Finally feeling clean after all the time he spent in the mountains roughing it with John, Shane threw on a white cotton bathrobe, slipped into a pair of white slippers and sat at glass top dining table next to the large windows of the penthouse. Shane stared at the city for a moment enjoying the view before taking his phone out and contacted the Black Queen for an update on what had occurred while he was away.

Shane was surprised to learn from the Black Queen that BSAA activity in the area of Dunkenwald had picked up after reports of Uroboros infected corpses had been discovered in a mass grave.

After listening to the Black Queen’s reports Shane put his phone back in its case and started getting dressed. Decked out in his suit Shane put his phone in his pocket and adjusted his tie and gold mirrored sunglasses in the mirror before putting on a black pea coat and wrapping a dark blue scarf around his neck. Glancing in the mirror again Shane was satisfied with the coat and scarf that replaced the ones that bitch tyrant destroyed during his fight at the hospital in Canada. After combing his hair and taking a last look, Shane walked out the suite and motioned to Phillip and Franklin it was time to leave.

As the trio of men rode down in the private elevator Shane still couldn’t shake the feeling something was going on in Dunkelwald besides the BSAA being there to track things. The reports of the Uroboros being found in the bodies was really disturbing Shane and it made him wonder if it was all part of something larger that was about to happen. Shane thought, “Could it be some twisted plan of Nikolai, this mysterious company he works for or could it be someone else entirely who was experimenting with bioweapons? Whatever it is it’s not good, that’s for damn sure.”

The entire car ride to the meeting place Shane puzzled over the mass grave and what it could mean. Shortly the sleek BMW pulled near Neptunbrunnen, a historical fountain of the God Neptune surrounded by four women that represent the four main rivers of Prussia. Built-in 1891 that had become a major tourist attraction and it was the perfect public place for Shane and Ada to meet. According to his father’s lessons on Intelligence and Espionage, you have less chance of being killed in a public place. Despite the chill in the air and it only being partly sunny people were still milling about the fountain, tourists taking photos and vendors scattered here and there peddling mementos or hot food to visitors.

Shane got out of the BMW and told Franklin and Phillip to wait for him in the car around the corner and to keep the engine running in case things went sour. As the two men pulled away Shane grabbed his phone out of his pocket as per his instructions and made his way to one of the greenish weathered statues of the woman holding fruits and ears of corn who represented the Elbe. Shane then texted the number he had been given when the meeting place was agreed upon and waited.

According to the file Shane had read Ada usually dressed elegantly and had a thing for the colors red and black.  If her photos did her justice Ada was a beautiful Asian-American woman with short black hair. Shane stood in front of the fountain looking at the statues and then glancing around casually to see if he could spot Ada.

Shane didn’t see her as he looked around at the crowd and his thoughts turned dark like they did so many times before and he thought of what this city would look like had an outbreak like Raccoon City had occurred here. Shane thought, “All that death and destruction because of the warped ambitions of a handful of brilliant madmen…”

Shane shook away the negative thoughts, he needed to put on his game face and not worry about the past now. Besides, he smirked, he was created by Umbrella so they couldn’t have been all bad… and once again he felt that nagging tug at his brain that he still had to find those missing files about the Prydwen Program. So far he only knew he was a result of it but that’s all he knew. The files went missing after the events of Raccoon City and he had to wonder if the archives for it were stolen by someone who wanted to recreate it or if they were destroyed in the destruction of the city.

Suddenly a purring female voice pulled him back to reality when it said, “A penny for your thoughts, handsome?”

Turning Shane instantly recognized Ada Wong. The woman looked exactly like her photo and didn’t seem to have aged a day. She smiled at him as she held what looked like a silver dollar in her black leather gloved hand twirling it between her thumb and pointer finger so the sun glinted off its surface.

Ada was wearing a shiny burgundy patent leather jacket with a small golden butterfly pendant on the lapel, black designer jeans that hugged her thin toned legs and red patent leather boots with black fur lining the top. Around her neck was a thick red and black striped scarf the tasseled ends of which fluttered as a gust of wind hit them and she smiled.

Shane greeted her with a smile and said, “If the information is right, my thoughts could be worth way more than a penny to you.” Shane adjusted his scarf when another chilly gust of wind hit them and said, “Maybe we should have met in a coffee shop or someplace warm…”

Ada smiled, “I don’t mind the cold. I find it… invigorating, don’t you?”  Shane shrugged, “Invigorating isn’t a word I would use to describe it…”

Ada nodded and said, “Yes, I guess you had your fill of this sort of weather in Canada.”

Before Shane could respond Ada stared directly at his eyes and tilted her head almost studying him for a second before saying, “You look so much like your father.”

Shane’s eye’s widened behind his sunglasses before he said, “What?”

Ada smirked as she glanced at the fountain while still twirling the coin in her fingers, “Please, don’t act so shocked. Did you really think I didn’t know who your father was?  Or what happened to you in Canada? Why do you think I agreed to this meeting?”

Shane was taken aback and he struggled not to show it but Ada continued nonchalantly, “Now, that you’ve seen I have my resources I believe you have some questions for me, correct?”

Shane knew she was supposed to be some kind super spy but clearly his father Albert never detailed it in his files or knew exactly just how good she really is.

Shane stated matter of fact, “I need information on Nikolai Ginovaef.” Ada raised her left eyebrow and then looked away for a moment to watch the people around them.

Ada then met Shane’s gaze and said, “The Silver Wolf … he’s a ghost even in my circles. My organization had kept track of him but after Raccoon City he became increasingly hard to keep tabs on until he vanished in recent years. Until the incident in Canada we had assumed he was dead, so thank you for confirming he was alive.”

Shane smirked, “Yeah, you’re welcome. So you don’t have any information then?”

Ada smiled, “I didn’t say that. We knew someone had been making some power plays recently in the bioweapons black market but until now it had only been rumors about who it may have actually been. Amusingly enough some suggested it was your father trying to rebuild Umbrella after faking his death.”

Shane frowned and said, “We both know that’s impossible.”

Ada smiled, “True, but now that you’ve confirmed Nikolai is alive and clearly from the intel we gathered from that incident in Canada, he has access to a private army and bioweapons of his own; so it narrows down where he could be and what his next move is according to my sources.”

Coyly Ada stroked a gloved finger up Shane’s chest while purring, “So yes, I do have some information to share with you as long as my price is met.”

Shane nodded, “We have a deal.”  Pulling out his phone Shane quickly typed on its keys and put the phone away. Ada pulled out what looked like a small translucent glass cube from her jacket pocket, flipped it open and smiled when a beep confirmed the money Shane just transferred went into a Swiss bank account.

Putting the phone away Ada smiled and said, “Catch.” And flipped the silver dollar sized coin at Shane who caught it inhumanly fast.
Ada smiled, “So it’s true, you’re… special, just like your old man. I hope you put it to better use than Albert did. All the information you need is inside the drive hidden inside the coin. Good luck kid.”

Shane was about to say something when Ada looked behind him and waved to someone while speaking perfect German, "Nein, ist Schon gut Herr Polizist, wir wollten gerade gehen."

Shane turned to look and didn’t see whom Ada was talking to and when he turned back around she was gone. Scanning the crowd Shane couldn’t see any trace of Ada. He stood there for a moment scanning the crowd and said to himself, “Damn, she is good!”

Hurrying to the rendezvous point Shane got into the BMW and told Phillip and Franklin to take him back to the hotel. Shane studied the coin. The coin was smooth on one side while the other had an ornate butterfly engraved on it. Pulling out his phone Shane used the scanner hidden within the camera lens of the phone to check the coin.

According to his phone’s scanners, there were no bugs or tracking devices contained inside the large coin, just a compact thumb drive and a mechanism that should open it. Shane pressed his finger around the butterfly design until one of the circles on its wing depressed and USB Type A male Connector jutted out of a hidden door on the left side of the coin.

Shane smiled and plugged the coin into the USB port of his phone and accessed the coin. Swiping and scanning through the documents Shane smirked, “I got you now you twisted bastard…”

Upon the return to his room, Shane kicked off his shoes without the need of sitting. His goal being to lay upon the bed to read the information Ada had given him and in the process did his jacket leave his body to glide through the air onto a chair followed shortly behind the tie joined it. Flopping onto the bed like a child again, Shane relaxed with the comfort knowing he was close to getting back at that bastard.

Meanwhile, several miles from Dunkelwald.

A cool breeze glided through the crowd of people boarding the train heading to Dunkelwald for a break from the hustle and bustle of busy lives to enjoy the town of relaxation and farmers. According to the newspapers, it became suggestive that people be warned that there was a BSAA patrol within the town due to a mass grave being discovered. Even though people read the warnings, many were still curious to see this for themselves first hand and ignored the obvious military personnel inspecting the train.

Many of the youths were taking photos with their cell phones and selfies in order to brag to their friends and to the internet of their closeness to the military. Not everyone was happy with it, their only desire to ride the train to Dunkelwald and be on their vacation or with family and friends. Each person was checked over, their carryon as well. A businessman was certainly looking highly annoyed and checked his watch while being patted down, mumbling low curses in his native tongue about this indecency of a military operation. Just like the others, he was told the same thing; precaution for human safety.

His annoyance escalated when he heard young adults laughing about this event and he would snap at them for their rude behavior before fixing his suit, snatching his briefcase and newspaper from a Private.

Everyone had their own experience, just like him – some weren’t amused, while others were pleased to have the safety and know they were well cared for. Those remaining at the platform were waving goodbye to their loved ones, some wishing them luck and safety. Only one man sat at his window looking outside on the other side of the train, he knew these people wouldn’t see another sunset. Putting the suitcase next to him, it would only be a matter of time till things would come to pass. The young man was nervous, the kind of nervousness one would obtain from going to their first interview. He couldn’t help but huff hearing the teenagers and young adults gabbing away about things they saw online, only a few people near him was decent enough to actually keep themselves in soft conversations.

The hostess was kind to everyone, ensuring they were comfortable for the long trip and serving drinks and snacks in the process. The young man gladly took a glass of water to soothe himself for the trip and reaction from the moving train made him place a quick hand onto his briefcase, pleased it was still there while an open field came into view for both sides of the train. Paranoia was affecting him now and the briefcase found itself on the floor against the wall, staying next to his feet for the rest of the trip. The last thing he wanted was someone taking it or someone opening it as a joke.

There was only one time he had to hold his temper; it was when a rowdy teenager nearly spilled her beverage onto him and his suitcase. She even had the nerve to try and flirt with him before leaving while rolling her eyes at his empty attitude.

He was thinking of the briefing he had before arriving at the station in his black sporty hatchback. It wasn’t a serious thing till his boss told him that he was chosen for this task and his mind recalled it well. The base in the Swiss Alps was once a sky lodge having been converted into a base of operations, so they would be unknown to many to the true motives behind the guise of its former usage.

“Vitaly, you are going to Dunkelwald.” Spoke Gennedy to Vitaly, the young man was quickly greeting his commanding officer and Nikolai, his commander. Gennedy held a briefcase, “The mission is of importance and you will do it well, this is why you were chosen.” Gennedy stated and handed over the briefcase, “You are going to Dunkelwald to drop off this case there, you will leave with haste.” Nikolai watched Vitaly nod and saw an epi-pen being produced from a pocket, “This is an anti-virus if the briefcase were to leak the virus, and you know how to use it.” He continued and handed it to Vitaly as he was pleased with this. Nikolai continued to brief him on a few other minor details that the man needed to know.
It was a simple task and it was highly effective, a devious plan that Nikolai ensured would never fail. The youth never questioned his commander’s word. With a firm salute, he headed off from the old ski lodge to the train station; unaware that Nikolai and Gennedy would be following alongside it for a brief time in a helicopter.
Vitaly didn’t know about the actions of his superiors after he had left the lodge; he thought about the orders and sighed heavily. His eyes rested on the passing things outside the window, his leg brushing against the suitcase to ensure it was still there. The view was passing by, houses and farms.  He saw the waitressed and placed an order for a small meal and coffee, it was his first time doing a mission solo and he had to do his finest for his commander. Even if it meant to deal with rowdy youths and old men on the train, he was glad to be sitting by himself.

He did hear the young women across the aisle of him were rowdy with taking photos of themselves and being excited for their vacation to start. Vitaly mumbled to himself about this, he wanted to do more for his commanding officer but he wasn’t sure what it would be. The two women across of him were talking about the tourist chopper flying not far from the train; he had taken one of those rides himself a week ago to do recon for his commander.

Little did he know that chopper was being flown by Gennedy and Nikolai was in the back readying a high powered sniper rifle, the shot wasn’t directed to any passenger on board, but that of the driver who could hinder their operations if he wasn’t dealt with. No one would have heard the shot over the sound of the train and chopper. The briefcase had activated before all of this to prevent incoming and outgoing signals, allowing Nikolai to hijack the entire train with a foul smirk upon his face.
The train was in his control and he activated the briefcase with the activation by his phone. This would be the last time he would see Vitaly as a man, with a simple order, Gennedy directed the chopper back from the train to allow the plan to take its course. Vitaly wouldn’t realize what happened till he saw the blue mist rising from under his table, startling him to the point he gasped and escaped his seat. Those around him were confused to what was going on till they started falling prey to the virus within the mist.

Vitaly darted down through the cars, covering his face as he ran, holding his epi-pen tightly in the other hand. The screams sounded through the cars behind him as he ran, trying to escape the mist and soon found himself trapped in an empty car. The mist coming up behind him and that of the undead to tear his flesh and devour him whole; he was in terror seeing this unfold around him. Trapped like a rat, he quickly used the epi-pen, jabbing it into his right leg to give himself immunity from this virus.
The moment the injection entered his body, a searing pain erupted through his veins, this was betrayal done to him by his commander. He knew then that he was used; this mission was a farce the entire time he was being briefed. His body was beginning to change for the worse, he felt every bit of pain washing over him from the mutation the virus within his body, he didn’t take into account the blue mist around him took effect as well.

The combination of the two tore every fiber of his being, his body began to grow and change. His clothing began to tear from the muscle mass growing, discoloring his flesh, claws tore through the black gloves; rending them to shreds. The infected could smell the blood from his body rending itself into a new form; Vitaly bared his sharp teeth feeling his back bubbling in pain. The scent of blood hastening the infected toward him, craving his hot flesh and blood. Out from his back tore out four long limbs like of a spider, ending in a ball of spikes.

The tightness of the train car became highly uncomfortable with his growing form, his eyes were crazed for blood and the first zombie that shuffled towards him was impaled instantly. His roar vibrated through the train car, he attacked everything around him in order to escape this prison.
Everything was in place and would fall into action soon enough, the people on the train would become infected by Vitaly’s action and with the train under their control; no one was going to suspect it was them. All blame would head to another company or that of the black market, many would still blame Umbrella. “The train will arrive there in two hours,” Gennedy informed his commander, the information given was enough to have Nikolai chuckle mentally knowing well enough that none of the towns was prepared for a train derailment. The speed of the train, the infection that would happen, everything will play well into his hands. Every single soul on that train would into a zombie; Vitaly would turn a monster hell-bent on killing.

The fact Nikolai knew Shane had an operation going on there was startling, but the man knew exactly where to gather his information from. Closing the door, he watched the train heading further away from them and checked his watch, “It’s almost time,” Those three words made his comrade nod in agreement while the chopper flew off to regroup with the rest of the men.

The train would arrive long before Shane would get there, the passengers having no idea that the danger lurked in the one train car and changing in the process to spread the infection. The lives of many being tossed into the burning infection were not a loss for Nikolai; it only proved he was a sly wolf. The train rumbled along the tracks like a rampaging titan aiming to destroy everything in its assigned path.

The engineers of the train had no idea the work Gennedy had done, held the fate of everyone on the train and those waiting at the train station. The lives of the town would suffer the fate close to that of Raccoon City – if not the exact. The BSAA in the area would be put to the test once again against the outbreak and doing their duty to save survivors.

In two hours, the nightmare for Dunkelwald would happen, Claire wouldn’t realize what was about to happen since she was busy doing her own business in the town. She wanted to find Chris and see him before anything happened and so far everything was calm for the town. For the most part, Claire was doing her best to try and locate her brother so to talk to him about what was going on. TerraSave would have to know if this should be a growing concern and be alerted of it so they could be prepared to come in and help. She hated being behind Chris when it came to helping others, she could fight and protect others too, but she did it through TerraSave and not BSAA.

She had considered joining them because of the many events she kept getting into over the years. The young woman had figured that one of these events would break her into joining her brother and taking to the field in dealing with it. Helping others and treating them was a good cause, yet the reality was cruel and these outbreaks needed to stop. They are all over the world and that meant someone was reproducing them unless, in some small miracle – the Umbrella Corporation was still in operation.

Who in their right mind would want that company, “Everyone in the world,” She mumbled to herself walking down the street to a small store that offered take out during the afternoon hours. “It’s insane what Umbrella was doing, so many people that died because of their experiments and viruses…So many lives changed of those who survived.” It wasn’t hard to remember the faces she met of those who survived such outbreaks. The airport and then the facility, the G-virus, how much more of the insanity will she endure till it finally snaps her in half? It was these moments she thought of the young man she fell in love with at Rockfort Island. She thought she had seen him again only to shrug it off as a possible illusion of faces that she saw every day.

Chris and Heinz were at the scene where the bodies were discovered, Claire wouldn’t know where he was till later in the day. There were a few BSAA patrols driving through the large town in search of any possible infection among the community and so far the reports returned clear, Heinz was relieved hearing this when his men reported in. Turning he watched Chris study the bodies that were being collected for disposal – it was obvious the man was troubled about this. Moving closer to the American, the Hauptman spoke firmly.

“Reflecting on your last mission?” It was a simple question and the answer he heard was a faint inhale and crossed arms, “Your reports about Uroboros are valuable but it won’t stop this from being sold in various markets. Former corporations may crumble but their data, their research, can be found scattered throughout the world.”

It was a well-known fact that Umbrella’s influence still plagued the world. The company was gone but its spirit continued to fuel the masses. There were still slim chances that former employees of Umbrella were selling these things to the highest bidder, perhaps even some starting their own companies?

Chris considered these possibilities every second of the day, he knew this would never end and all they could do was to continue the fight to stop a biological war from happening. The process of making cures was ongoing. There was a possible chance that someone would release a deadly virus upon the entire world, snuffing out humanity in the process. That would end all this; end all the nightmares but those who could be immune.

It still puzzled him to this day about people who were immune to the viruses he had encountered. How did their genetics prevent this from happening? Returning from his thoughts, Chris looked at Heinz, “We can only do what we can, we’ve been busy wrapping up what occurred in Africa and this is only causing a slight slowdown in our work. Let’s return to the town and regroup. We need intelligence about who owned this farm or whoever rented it.”

Nods were exchanged with the men as they headed to the AFT Dingo 2; it was time to figure out what was going on in this town before anything else happened. If word got out that a zombie was spotted, chaos would ensue fast.
-Chapter 17

Shane had to admit that the ride to Dunkelwald was more enjoyable by car than it would have been using a helicopter. The disadvantages of being in a car were that he couldn’t study the things a helicopter would be able to see. Currently, it didn’t matter to him while watching the trees passing by him in the BMW. The information Ada Wong had provided him was highly useful, Black Queen had added it to the database as well. His archive was growing larger and all the data his father had collected before from one of Umbrella’s facilities was highly useful. However, there were still kinks in the system.

Scratching his nose, Shane would deal with that issue later once he was certain nothing was occurring in Dunkelwald. He was anxious to have a good meal of Sauerbraten and drink a glass of Bärenjäger. His diet was meant to keep him going strong and this time around, he wanted to eat and drink stuff he never had before. Already he was feeling hungry for the delicious food that awaited him.

“Germany, you will always be a favorite place of mine when it comes to hearty meals.” Chuckling he looked at his phone that rested in his hand for a majority of the ride, Sherry was calling him. Pressing a button he answered it to hear her saying that the BSAA was seen in town and were making patrols, “Is Steve keeping an eye out for things?” He wanted to know, he was already in his combat attire if things got heated with the BSAA.

Sherry sighed on her end, “For one thing, Steve seems to be acting strangely. He’s been like that for some time now and he won’t tell me what the issue is. Could it be possible the influence of the BSAA in the area?” Shane really wouldn’t know what would be making Steve so uneasy and displaying unusual character marks. The man did have dreams about a woman which happened to be documented as Claire Redfield, the little sister of Chris Redfield.

Rubbing his face, Shane took a moment to collect his thoughts, “Honestly, I have to gaze upon him myself to come to any theory to why he has been acting like what you had said. For all I know, he could be having an attachment to a woman in the village.”

The very thought of a relationship of Steve and a woman was one of outrageous thinking. Why would the man fall in love with someone that would be terrified learning that he was able to become a monster? Shaking his head, Shane inhaled deeply and added, “I will be there shortly, my dear. Make sure you are safe and warm, alright? Once I’m back, we don’t have to worry too much.”

Sherry did worry a lot when Shane wasn’t around, with him having disappeared for a great deal of time Shane was going to be scolded by her for that. However, he was more concerned about Steve’s wellbeing.

The man was unstable and issues arising from it could be devastating, considering he was highly monitored for any behavioral changes. The files spoke of how unstable Steve could become because of the T-Alexia that was inside of his body. A small thought did cross Shane’s mind that Claire could have possibly been in the community and Steve saw her, groaning softly he honestly felt things could become complicated with Steve if the man were to remember the past. To what happened to him several years ago in Antarctica. Reassuring Sherry once again, he bid his goodbyes before looking out the window once more. He would have to set up a way to get her away from the town if the BSAA became too hot, he wouldn’t think anything else would happen.

How wrong he was. A train was on a death course with the town and no one was going to be prepared with the aftermath. The station master was waiting patiently with others expecting the train to be arriving, according to the monitor inside the station; the train was traveling faster than it should have been when it was almost within reach of the town. Several radio calls were presented but no response ever returned. A biohazardous outbreak was charging at them and even the BSAA weren’t going to be prepared for this.

The thunderous roar of an engine raging hot, the soft cries within each individual car in tow. The station master was already blowing the whistle loudly seeing the train losing control on the smallest turn and started tipping, already a few cars disconnected from the mass. People started fleeing and many were screaming watching it collide into the surrounding buildings and stationary trains. Sounds of sickening metal tearing itself apart and roars of fire erupted in several places.

The accident could be felt throughout the entire town with the burning mass plowing to the center of town, buildings collapsing and set ablaze, fire alarms sounded firm and sirens blaring. Chris and Heinz were clear of the accident area that was slowly being contaminated with the corpses of those had perished within the burning wreckage. Both their radios echoed from an agent near the scene, reporting a severe train accident and was going to be assisting the civilians within the area. This was the first time a train accident had ever occurred in this community; Heinz looked toward the American Captain, “Are we going to continue our investigation or should we proceed to the site of the train accident?”

It was obvious Chris was debating the two; their mission was to help civilians if something were to occur but the threat of bio-weapons in the area was more important. Uroboros was still a grave threat to the world and if it was indeed here, they couldn’t waste time dealing with the train accident. Grabbing his radio, he ordered a few men to attend to the scene while the rest were with him and Heinz to head to the location of the Uroboros discovery.  “Our priority is to check the area where Uroboros was discovered, I know you have a small team there containing the area, we will continue our mission to investigate and neutralize the contamination.”

He wanted to return to the town with haste afterward to find his sister and help those who were in the train accident. Everyone was at danger of the burning blaze but many failed to realize the dead rising from the flames were highly infectious.

The town had plenty of things going on, even for those who had witnessed these similar events before. Steve had only seen the fire and heard the crash from the butcher shop he was at, everyone around him was terrified imagining what could have happened beyond the buildings before them. For the man, he felt a sense of dread knowing well that people died in that terrible accident that occurred; he wasn’t going to investigate the matter since he had seen the B.S.A.A. agents in the town.

It was time to head out and get back to the lab before anything else were to occur to draw unwanted attention. From what Sherry had told him, Shane was returning before long so they could get their operations back into action, however, would this cause more issue? Moving carefully, he left the area he was to try and get back to the lab but he couldn’t believe the aftermath’s effects upon the town when he discovered a body that had been thrown from the train crash. A small gathering of people was around the mutilated corpse while two people were calling for the ambulance and police. Inside his body, a reaction was happening; he sensed something wasn’t right about that body.

It was painfully obvious everyone wasn’t sure how to handle this sudden event, never once they had such an accident in their community. Steve could tell them of so many horrors he saw on Rockfort Island, that time he was a prisoner and met Claire Redfield – he could feel his heart fluttering remember their first meeting. A sound drew his attention thanks to his acute hearing and the origin of the sound was from the corpse on the ground. It was slowly reanimating. Thoughts were flooding his mind quickly, his eyes scanning the people around him and he knew they were in grave danger if they didn’t leave. He knew he couldn’t exactly kill the zombie or they’ll think he was insane. Steve couldn’t just blurt out anything about undead, viruses and Umbrella Corporation – the people would certainly see him mad. He soon figured he would distract them; it was the only way to get the body and kill it fully once again to keep it from waking into a zombie.

Steve was going to shout out a warning only to be interrupted by an explosion from the train yard. The crowd turned their attention to it and allowed Steve a chance to collect the body and disappear with it for a while. The disposal had to be quick and unseen; he ran with the corpse into an alleyway and snapped its neck. He dumped the body into a trash bin for safe measures. He had to get out of this place before it got worse; he hoped they had the vaccines for this back at the facility. Grabbing his phone he quickly called Sherry to confirm if they did. This wasn’t good at all if the BSAA were to get fully involved, napalm strikes could be the only solution if there was an outbreak, even though Steve wasn’t too sure how that man was infected with the T-virus? Was there a possibility someone on that train was infected with it or bought it off the black market?

All the while, fires were breaking out when the fueling station exploded from the train crash. People were in a mass panic and were fleeing their homes, the BSAA were doing what they could to assist and it came all too clear when the dead were rising and something big spotted in the area of the worst wreckage. Chris and Heinz’s radios were buzzing with great chatter from the unit dealing with the accident, things were going insane with infected and buildings were catching on fire. “Scheisse, seems we’re having a viral outbreak in the town,” Heinz reported to Chris as they were hurrying to where the infected were located, they had to support the unit and eliminate the threats before it became serious. “Do you believe that someone on the train was transporting vials from the black market?” He was curious to know what Chris thought of this situation, there were several possibilities flooding the man’s mind.

“Let’s deal with this for the time being and get the fires put out. If there’s only a handful of infected, we should eliminate them and head to our destination, your unit should be able to handle this. If there is a lab in this area, we’ll find it.”

He was hell-bent on stopping every single trace of the viruses Umbrella made and any that were forged by other companies as well in order to make millions or even to cause millions to die. Instead of helping the world, many accidentally destroy it in the process. There were even those who did it on foul intentions, to prove they were capable of anything. Those were the people Chris vowed to hunt down and finish them off if he could, sending them away in prison wouldn’t work on protecting humanity. Shaking his head, he had to focus, they needed to kill the infected and ensure none of the units was bitten – however, he couldn’t shake the feeling something was following them through the town.

Shane couldn’t believe what he was seen blocking the road in front of the car. A huge chunk of metal from the train had flown across town and landed on the road they were making their approach, and taking any side roads was problematic with people using them to flee.

“I’m heading out on foot.” He told the driver and exited the vehicle; he could make it back to the facility on foot easily. The driver would leave and returned to his post while his boss would handle this on his own, this reminded Shane of Raccoon City but on a small scale. The entire city was as if a war raged through it, fires, bodies, chaos.  This here was nothing more than people fleeing from the fires and the carnage of the train accident, it was obvious that was what happened and the people here weren’t going to be harmed from the fires that raged from the train station and various parts of the town inflicted by the flaming carnage. Grabbing his phone, he checked the map to ensure which direction the facility was. He hadn’t been here since he went off to Canada and that failed miserably due to Nikolai being there with that foul creature of a woman, Afanasii.

It was still a miracle that he even got out of that place alive and fully intact, considering how Nikolai managed to figure out how to bring him down to a helpless child. Shane wasn’t like his father, he may be unique in his own way but the pain of the rounds pelting his body still burned and ached, even causing his heart to stop with a perfect shot could knock him unconscious for a little while. He had to improve himself better, this insanity needed to stop and his body to remove the flaws. However, he was thankful he didn’t need to take the shots like his father had to. Was it because he was dead for a few days and revived? Was it because of the plaga altering it? Or was it because of his genetics, in which he had Alexia Ashford’s genes inside of him? Whatever the cause, he was glad for it and he would have the virus adapt to his will as it has already. He did miss his blue eyes, “Perhaps they’ll return.” He whispered to himself.

Returning to the situation around him, he could run around the town to get to the facility and be there in a moment’s notice. His consciousness wanted him to wonder about the town and see if anyone needed help; it was only in his nature to do so. He wasn’t cruel like many who were once part of the Umbrella Corporation and him being a byproduct of their many works. It was a loss that he couldn’t speak to the mastermind that created him; there were so many unanswered questions about why Shane was created. He had a feeling those documents were long gone or even hidden away from the world. Shane snapped to attention when he heard shouting and hurried down the street, passing a few stores in the process to see what was going on. A woman was staring at a corpse that was on fire and walking, shuffling blindly in her direction. From what he understood of her, she was screaming that it was a demon and he knew what it was: a zombie.

This wasn’t normal at all and his gut twisted from the one person who could have done this in order to ensure the work he was doing was destroyed. “Nikolai.” A bitter taste filled his mouth when he uttered that name, the man clearly up to something far more dangerous than anyone thought possible. The Russian cheated death more times than anyone wanted and he clearly was a mastermind behind many things, but this seemed impossible. How could Nikolai have known the facility in this place belonged to Shane? Was there still moles buried deep in the organization? Growling to himself, he focused on the woman in distress and that of the zombie shambling slowly towards her. It wouldn’t be the only gunshot sounding in the town.

The BSAA was dealing with their own issues at the wreckage site, no one would have expected a creature to be the cause of this outbreak, and those that did catch a glimpse of the agile creature could only swear it appeared like a spider. A massive spider-like creature moving through the wreckage and only one person saw it impale a body with one of its many legs and moments later the corpse would rise up.  However, the BSAA wasn’t paying attention to those things or that the people in the area were slowly being picked off by this creature. It only became a great alarm when one of the BSAA men had been suddenly yanked away by an unseen cord into the wreckage of the flaming train. The others were alarmed the moment he screamed, although they didn’t see anything at first, a figure beyond the flame was becoming more and more clear. Massive, mutated, a fiend; this thing was supposedly once a man and bore four long limbs from his back. The tattered clothing only covered so much of this former human, the long limbs covered in sharp spikes and blood.

Their minds buzzed quickly through the briefing and lessons on the viruses they knew of and had the record of, and thus far their minds showed no reason to what this thing mutated from and furthermore they weren’t caring who it was once. It was a monster, a B.O.W., and it killed their comrade. Opening fire, they aimed to slaughter this beast before it could infect others, it was their job to protect the lives of this town and so far it was a losing battle with those near the wreckage of the train crash. Infected that survived the impact were emerging in numbers, the townies weren’t in realization yet that these were no longer humans coming for vacation or visiting family. They were zombies aiming to feed on the living.

The people didn’t realize that their protectors were engaged with something else that was far more dangerous than a few flaming corpses shambling about with ill intent. They were engaged in a serious fight that they could lose to if they didn’t stay focused on the B.O.W., it was taking their shots as if they were pea shooters.

Chapter 18

“What the hell is this thing?” One of the men shouted out in German, the rounds of their rifles weren’t anything to the highly agile creature targeting them for its next kill. Civilians were screaming and fleeing in fright and that of the monstrous giant the BSAA were engaged with. The beast moved with unnatural speed, disappearing through smoke and ash like a hell-spawned demon. The priority of this unit was to keep the civilians alive; they weren’t going to run away from the B.O.W.; even if it tried snatching another one of them away with the grotesque spiderlike limbs. One dodged the attack, another recoiled backward – a fight they had been training for since joining the BSAA Germany branch.

“Keep tracking it!” Another barked before getting on the radio to his commander, “Sir, we’re dealing with a T-class B.O.W.! It emerged from the wreckage of the train; we’re engaging it with the minimal effect!” The agent shouted into the radio before running for cover, narrowly avoiding a metal beam from the train wreckage. “Requesting backup!” Units in the town weren’t able to respond to this request, having to deal with their own problem of undead humans attacking anything living and setting more buildings ablaze if they were on fire.

The town was in utter chaos, those that didn’t know what was going on were in the highest danger for the shambling dead tracked them through windows and doors, following the hot scent of living flesh to give them meals that wouldn’t satiate their unending hunger. Zombies that had been flung from the wreckage while ablaze rose from various places in the town, the flames lighting anything flammable. Firefighters were drawn to douse the train and fought against their urges to leave to deal with other fires. A few did head off to deal with the flames – only the end up in the flaming hands of a zombie.

Radio chatter was so terrible in the town; many were confused about where they were supposed to go and where the events were happening. Shane was hearing all of this from the police officers in the area he was currently standing. There were car accidents happening all over town and outside of town as well; it made him think of Raccoon City and more so when he heard a loud crash a few houses away from him. Ignoring the civilians running past him, he slipped into an alleyway to see if he was able to assist anyone within the accident. Locked gates were easily bypassed and any sort of barricade. The scent of death was all over the place, the further he approached the area where the crashed happened – he could hear a voice crying out for help.  

His view was blocked by a semi and its trailer, he had a feeling it was left here on delivery when the train crash occurred. Crouching down to move underneath the trailer, he saw a body lying under it with a trail of blood leading from the other side. The man clearly had dragged himself to this area and died, possibly from the car accident. Shane was highly wary of this and moved back slightly to observe if there were any moments. Shaking his head, he knew waiting would only put the one crying for help in more danger. Steeling himself, he proceeded to go under the trailer in hastened paced till he felt something gripping his ankle.

“Zombies…” He growled in distaste seeing the dead man was hanging on him and was even dragged out moaning all the way. This wasn’t the first time a zombie dug its nails into his boot, thankfully he would dispose of it properly, only after he secured the area. Turning his head, he could see all was clear of any other threat, apart from the fire creeping to the car. The hands around his boot tightened and his free foot came down hard onto the undead’s head. Gore splattered the ground and he walked quickly to the vehicle.

The fire was spreading and he could hear undead shuffling from other locations of the accident scene, he had no idea the tractor-trailer he had ducked under had crashed into a house and was the cause of this scene. The car was completely crushed on the driver’s side and the passenger door was damaged from being flipped over. Broken glass and gas marked the ground and the boy within the car was pleading for help, the fire burning quickly having finally reached the leakage on the ground, Shane’s eyes widen seeing that and he gripped the damaged door firmly.

The boy yelped seeing the door ripped off like a bandage and was hurled towards the undead approaching them. The man hurried in cutting the belt straps, the fire gaining entrance through the broken windows, setting ablaze the front seats. The boy would have burned alive if this man didn’t show up to save him. The youth couldn’t believe his uncle would abandon him like this, he barely remembered how this accident happen. The sounds of metal crunching and glass breaking still echoed in his young mind, following by mumbling voices and shouting.

Shane looked at the boy that was holding onto him, picking him up swiftly, he darted towards the semi-truck. The flames tore through the car, engulfing it in hellish fire and Shane slid under the trailer just before the car exploded. Sending metal flying and setting ablaze any infected within range. Panting, Shane sat on the ground and looked at the boy who was still shaken by the events, “You’re safe, for the time being.” Shane told him in German so to relax the child more, course, now Shane had to look after him till he could find someone that was safely leaving this area. He certainly had to find a BSAA agent escorting people from the town.

It was going to be unnerving thinking of him having to speak to the BSAA; he knew he had no choice. He had to deal with this situation before the BSAA discover his new facility. It was all Nikolai’s doing, and this made Shane growl mentally realizing that this was not only an attack on him but to also lure the BSAA into the area to target him as well if they got wind of him. Taking a breath, they two got up and started moving from the burning aftermath that was slowly creeping under the trailer to further burn the town to the ground.

Reaching the active roadway, Shane looked around and spotted a BSAA agent next to one of their vehicles, waving at the cars and directing them. It was perfect for Shane to allow the boy with the agent who could arrange safe passage. Approaching quickly, the agent looked at the two and whistled for a medic to come to assist the child. Shane pulled the agent aside to speak to him, informing him of the child’s situation and the agent understood. Turning around, he started shouting at the medic about it and when he turned around, Shane was already gone.

The man looked around quickly and then up at the sky seeing a news helicopter flying by, someone had called the press and told them what was happening. It would be another press conference for their commanding officer to deal with and possibly even the American; only if they all survived this outbreak and quell the raging fires which engulfed majority of the town already. The BSAA was told to also keep an eye out for TerraSave agent Claire Redfield – who was in the town somewhere and extract her immediately.

Claire was checking her phone having been called by a colleague, he told her that he was informed about the BSAA movements and was even watching a live feed from a news chopper that was in the area. She was told to check the newsfeed herself and bringing it up on her phone she saw more chaos than what she was seeing around her. “Oh, God…” She saw the camera zoom in on a hoard of zombies attacking a group of BSAA personnel, her worry grew greatly wondering where Chris at.

“This is why we need to stop all of this, too many people are dying.” She whispered and quickly called him while moving down the street. Steve was watching her from a distance; he wanted to understand her more and to why she was triggering strange memories inside of himself. He saw her sleeping next to him in a cold place, so calm and beautiful, he wanted to kiss her. However the memory doesn’t continue, she was part of a past that he didn’t remember and he knew it was taken away from him by that man he saw in his nightmares.

With the chaos going on, he didn’t think Sherry would want him to be at their residence with Shane taking far too long to arrive here. The accident in the town made Sherry worried and he promised her to investigate if Shane needed any help getting back; he had his own set of plans. Stopping in his tracks, he watched Claire speaking on her phone and was gesticulating with her free hand. Steve wondered so much about her and she was very expressive, forward even with this call. He knew she had no idea how much of a danger she was in for being here and not paying attention to her surroundings.

“I will play the part of her hero.” He thought to himself in an amusing way, recalling a memory of him saying ‘…your knight in shining armor is here!’ – This memory plagued him for the longest time when it came to surfaced hours before he came to town. A monster was attacking this woman, this angel, and he saved her from it.

His attention was turned from her, only for a moment hearing gunfire in the distance, it was faint and he knew the direction of it was at the wreckage site. Steve wondered what was over there that was causing the BSAA to shoot constantly and in an erratic fashion.

“Hello?” The voice startled him from his observations; he turned and saw Claire looking right at him. They were several feet from each other and were the only souls in the area, so it made her concerned seeing him following her. His eyes locked onto her beautiful eyes, and he looked away, she was still on her phone, “Give me a second.” She said to the other on the line and looked at Steve, asking him if he was all right in German and he nodded briskly. “Are you following me?” She asked, studying him over carefully. Part of her mind was click with how he looked familiar.

There was nothing around for Steve to claim about and this wasn’t a time to lie either. They were alone on the streets; many people have left the town while some locked themselves indoors. Searching his thoughts he sighed, “I’m protecting you.” It was said with a German accent, as best as he could do it so to have her not be suspicious he was American. There wasn’t much Steve could say that would draw strange suspicion towards himself. If she thought it was indeed suspicious, he could prove it to her that he was watching out for her. Considering infected people could be nearby and anywhere waiting for a fresh meal to walk by.

The thought of her being harmed frightened him; he could imagine what her scream and cries would sound like. She studied him and he became lost into her beautiful eyes, recalling memories of another time. Memories were slowly awakening inside of his mind from a day of his youth.

“If you wish to come with me, I’m heading to a BSAA checkpoint.” With a gesture, she showed him the direction. He nodded; a simple nod and she returned to her phone, “Sorry, what did you say?” She asked the other on the phone, he could see she was working herself to keep an eye on him if he tried anything harmful. Steve certainly liked that, she was on alert for anything to happen, he did see she was holding something firmly that was on her side. Steve knew he shouldn’t have left Sherry alone back at the base, but he was more worried about Claire than anything else.

The zombies or monsters weren’t concerning for him, he could change and butcher them all; all he wanted was Claire to survive. However, fear plagued him, what if she didn’t want him? Could she end up forgetting him after all of this? Would he reveal the memories he had about his Valkyrie to her? He would follow her to the safe zone and maybe disappear from view, into the shadows. Steve didn’t want to be taken away by force and yet he wanted to go with her.

He had no idea that Shane was in the town as well, working his way through the town. His goal was to get to the base and ensure everything was secured, and yet with his good nature, he was worried for any child that was trapped within the town. The other was to find out how this outbreak even occurred, he knew well enough that this wasn’t his men’s work, and the only one that would know his actions would be Nikolai. Whatever that man did, it was always a step ahead of Shane. To the point, it was pissing Shane off.

An explosion in the distance gained his thoughts for the moment, the BSAA stated there was a situation at the crash site of the train. Collecting his phone, he checked the map of the town and saw he was still a bit away from there; the places were marked in red where the wreckages were. The pulsing one indicated the zone where the BSAA was engaged the most.

“Near the fountain, partway to the center of town, near the train yard,” He whispered moving in the said direction, “Deal with the issue, if there is any that they can’t handle and get my butt to the mansion. I don’t need more attention to me. That damn Ruskie could be watching or worse, the BSAA could interfere with what I need to do. Fucking hell….”

The town was in shambles, all too familiar with him. There were times he wondered when all of this was going to end, all the insanity that started with Umbrella. Shane knew the dangers of the viruses and how helpful cures were for people, to grow their immunities and strengthen the next generation for a harsher world. But even with all the work that would be done, more viruses will emerge with the passing of time; from plants, animal or other kinds of origins.

Returning from his thoughts, Shane ducked down hearing movement nearby. Ducking behind a car, he peeked around and saw a zombie shuffling from a store, the tattered figure had a butcher knife sticking out of his skull and part of his jaw hung low. Whoever meddled with this infected fought hard to not be bitten. Moving back, Shane peeked around the other side to see it was a butcher shop, one of many the town held.

He was disappointed seeing it was one of the shops he wished to visit when he got here. Sadly, Nikolai wanted to ruin it for him. Part of him was confused seeing the infected shuffling away, ignoring the butcher coming out of the shop behind it. “This is…strange…” Shane whispered watching the man run away and then his eyes locked onto the zombie heading into the direction of the ruckus going on in the train yard.

His mind was racing to what could be the possibilities to this strange moment; he didn’t hear anything other than gunfire and grenades going off. There was a mixture of scents in the air, ranging from smoke, burning flesh and various fumes from burning buildings, cars and train cars. Cracking his neck, he followed the zombie for a while longer, studying its movements and he soon moved in front of it, it was there he saw it ignore him completely.

“This isn’t…right…” He watched it and noticed a few other zombies in the areas heading toward the train yard, some moving along quicker than others. The animals were doing the same but at hastened speeds, the undead beasts were quick on their move, “Something’s either calling them or they’re all interested in what the BSAA are doing… what the hell did Nikolai do there?”

Collecting his .45 from his left holster, he ensured it was ready for action and then checked the one on his right. The BSAA would have ammo in their vehicles and bodies he would be able to rummage through in hopes of securing enough if he needed, better yet, another firearm to assist him if there was something dangerous lurking in the train yard. Taking a breath, he moved quickly, hearing car horns and shouting within the town, high above a helicopter was flying around with its camera mount moving around recording the scene. Within was a reporter looking at another camera, speaking to her co-hosts back at the station of the situation happening within the town and the BSAA engaged with infected.

The reporter carefully gazed outside at the streets below, sadden by the things she was seeing and that the BSAA were engaged tooth and nail at the train yard and yet she noted mentally they were showing strange behaviors, “Jantis, fly closer to the train yard, we need to see what’s going on over there.” She said on the headset, “The BSAA in the town is handling things smoothly. The news seems to be calling at the site of the accident.”

“We should be wary of how close we come to the crash site.” Jantis said back to her, redirecting the helicopter in the direction they needed to proceed to, “Apart from that, we have no idea if there are those creepy monsters down there, the last thing we need is to end up crashing.” It was the truth, he didn’t trust flying around such areas, he knew too many helicopters could be easily downed by those creatures either leaping up at it or throwing debris. Furthermore, he wasn’t wanting to die today to the infected below. “What do you think, Jolan? Do you think this was an accident, a planned attack or something else entirely?”

“From what we’re able to see, this all started when the train crashed. Maybe someone bought samples off the black market and ended up damaging it on the way here. Which means someone in the town is getting that sample. There are many abandoned factories on the outside of the town, sawmills, old factory for shoemaking.” She pointed out watching the town and noticed the BSAA assisting firefighters in safe areas of the community. At this point, it looked like the living was going to make it through and this wouldn’t end up a forgotten town in the history books. She was glad it wasn’t as bad as it was before; there was fear it would be destroyed completely to prevent the infection from spreading to the rural areas.

Down below, Chris watched the helicopter flying overhead. He hadn’t been able to locate Claire, he knew she could handle herself but he felt that nagging fear inside of his mind. Telling him to locate her and get her to the safe zone, Heinz watched him while speaking on the radio. They were at one of the checkpoints that survivors were still coming through; the man clearly was distracted with his thoughts and only snapped out of it hearing someone speaking English. Moving from the truck, Chris saw Claire coming; talking to a man that accompanied her. She was talking about her brother and the USAA, her work with TerraSave – she stopped midsentence when she saw Chris and ran to him, only to be stopped by Heinz’s men, informing her they had to ensure she wasn’t infected.

“I wasn’t bitten or scratched, I encountered very little on my way here.” She said crossing her arms and smiled when Chris approached. “I’m glad you’re here, Chris. Are you going to find out who did this?” She asked him and Steve kept his distance. He knew it had to have been an accident or another planned attack against his friend Shane.

However, with his mind coming along in the memories that Wesker worked hard to make him forget, he was finding out he was used as nothing more than a tool by that dead man, manipulated to help his son, and that this woman was the girl he fell in love with a long time ago. His Valkyrie.  His thoughts were interrupted when Chris called to him; he didn’t answer the captain so one of Heinz’s men asked him in German what his name was. Course, he provided a fake name for them, he wasn’t ready to find out the truth of everything and for Claire to know who he was.

“Chris,” Heinz said drawing the captain’s attention and he hurried over to where the mapping of the town was being provided. “We need to move here, my men have spotted things at the train wreckage, according to what was reported, there might be possibly various large BOWs on the loose or one big one.”

“How are they uncertain of what they are seeing?” He asked and Heinz shook his head, Chris wondered if it was something emitting a poison that caused illusions. It reminded him of Nosferatu, emitting the plums of poison gas that Claire encountered when she fought it. Perhaps this BOW at the train yard caused paranoia or illusions to the mind.

“We better take serum with us, if this is something I encountered before, your men might have been poisoned.” Heinz nodded to him and he had his medic check to see if they had anything and to have the other medics ensure they have it. Chris nodded and moved to see Claire and her friend, “I need to go, Claire, stay here and get examined, and we’ve set up a recovery area not far from here for anyone that managed to get to the checkpoints. I need to do my job and find out where the infection is coming from and there is a chance it’s something big. Got it?”

“I’m not a little girl anymore, Chris. I’ll be fine; besides, I can handle myself with what you taught me.” She said smiling at him and he nodded to her, he was proud of his baby sister.  She had survived the horror of Raccoon City, Rockfort Island, Antarctica and Harvardville; she was a survivor like he was. Chris knew she would keep surviving till they were old and could no longer carry on the fight. He smiled turning away from her while she was escorted to the side so the medic could examine her while Steve was checked over as well, his eyes watching Chris and Heinz nod to each other and were hurrying off towards the train yard. He had a feeling Shane was going to be there as well.

Shane had arrived at the train yard, due to the fires he had to head towards the main building in order to reach the rear. The BSAA had gotten two of their Dingo vehicles within the yard before the fires had spread to envelop the wreckage zone. Looking up at the helicopter, Shane watched them flyby.

“The press certainly got here fast and he’s going to be watching, taking notes on this.” He said to himself with slight bitterness, “Sherry might be watching too with Steve…” That was another thing he remembered, they were at the facility waiting for him to return and he didn’t want to rush there with the helicopter overhead. It would give Nikolai a chance to find his new base and strike while this was going on, Shane told himself that eliminating this threat will be a fast option to get everyone away so he could dash home.

Moving up the steps, Shane was inside and looked around, it was clear that part of the building collapsed from the debris of the train wreck. He saw a few dead people under broken beams and furniture. His eyes watched them a while longer and knew fully they weren’t going to come back to life as a zombie. The grandfather clock chimed deeply, making the scene more uneasy while he moved through the debris toward the back, seeing BSAA agents fighting against the horde that arrived through the fires. Still, Shane saw nothing in the area that could be luring them here. Climbing down, he saw the BSAA vehicles parked nearby; scanning the area he rested his eyes on one of the train cars. His hearing picked up a banging sound within that one, even with the gunfire and shouts; he focused on that car and approached.

His muscles were tensing on the approach, there was dark mist rising out of the slashed up roof, from what he could tell it was from the inside. An unearthly growl sounded and another loud bang, there he saw sharp claw tear through the damaged metal roof. Tearing and pulling, peeling it apart in order for the beast within to emerge. Shane saw four limbs emerge first, spiked ends that ensured stable points on the twisted metal, pulling upward the being they were attached to. A Tyrant looking creature with torn up garments, his skin clearly was exposed muscle. Those red eyes it had were locked onto the only person daring to be close, Shane. This was something Shane never saw; green drool fell from the mouth of the creature when it roared at him, exposing razor sharp teeth.

“Oh, shit…” Shane whispered moving back watching it move and lunge right at him. Pushing backward, Shane missed the first attack and managed to stop one of the four appendages, the second one was easily stopped with his boot. “Not so fast, cutter.”
Vitaly snarled at the human in front of him, a strong human that looked familiar in the memories his former life had. Growling away, he sliced towards Shane with his right hand, feeling the man dodge backward and drew his firearms. Those little weapons wouldn’t do much against him, panting; Vitaly stood up fully and lunged at Shane again, watching him roll out of the way. Those sharp claws ripped through the metal container with ease, spewing forth gasoline onto the ground. Shane caught the scent and smirked instantly, he would have to get this brute soaked with it and set alight with the fire raging around them.

“Get down!” Shane heard from somewhere behind him, he moved the moment he heard the launch. A grenade hurled through the air and impacted Vitaly. The explosion triggered the gas container to explode as well, sending fire around it and debris flying. The explosion knocked Shane away, tumbling into rubbish and a burnt corpse. Ears ringing, lost in a temporary daze, he felt as if his life played out before him in that second. Two of the BSAA agents watched the smoke clear and saw nothing there anymore, they thought they had just killed the large BOW, they had no idea Vitaly was resilient. The explosion did hurt him and it forced him to retreat for a moment, emitting fumes from his four appendages as a result. Losing his target, he was moving after the agents moving in to find the survivor who was about to be attacked.

Leaping, Vitaly moved to a new location on top of a train car, where he spat out globs of his green spittle, hurling them towards the agents. One glob managed to make contact; the man was confused at first until he noticed it was eating away at his armor, “Acid!” He startled, his gun strap hastily removed while his partner tried aiding him in removing the armor vest. The acid was dissolving the material fast and sizzled the moment it hit the metal plates and magazines. The vest was removed and thrown to the ground.

Vitaly growled and continued to move, he could see the infected surrounding a few other BSAA agents on top of their vehicle, he snarled at that and turned towards the two nearby. He didn’t see Shane anywhere for the moment. Shane was recovering from what happened and weakly stood up from his area, he was glad he wasn’t injured too badly or his clothing shredded. It seemed the BOW took most of the blast and fire damage than he did.

“Shit…” He whispered harshly looking around for it, it was gone and he couldn’t see it anywhere. The wreckage and other train cars in the area could be hiding points for this monster as well as ambush points for infected within the zone. Movement drew his attention to his left seeing the monster and some short or smoke being emitted from the four appendages writhing on his back. It was unknown what that smoke material was for; Shane wouldn’t be able to inspect it from where he was anyway. He had to get to it in order to put it down before the BSAA got the idea to use high explosives to kill it.

Casting his gaze to the two BSAA agents nearby, he carefully backed away and took another way around them. The last thing Shane wanted was them trying to stop him from what he needed to do. Climbing over the coupling of two train cars next to him, he hurried in the direction Vitaly headed in. Vitaly had lost interest in the two BSAA agents the moment he saw the helicopter above him. Snarling, he jumped down on the opposite side of the car he perched on, he had more prey to deal with than those two annoying ones that decided to set him on fire.

His wounds did ache and bleed, his side bore metal shrapnel, and the jagged pieces absolutely drove his anger to greater degrees. Moving between the stationed boxcars and tank car, Vitaly paused and saw one of the boxcars was open and inside was a few remaining boxes of supplies and one barrel of oil. Leaning inside, he sniffed cautiously all the while Shane was moving into view. He saw Vitaly inspecting the inside of a boxcar, scanning around, he didn’t see anything useful to use on the BOW.

A train whistle echoed nearby startling him and Vitaly, forcing the monster to pull out of the boxcar growling darkly at the annoying sound. As a result of it, he noticed Shane having covered his ears. There were engineers still at work in this place, desperately moving train cars containing valuable resources from the spreading fires. This startled everyone in the area, even those in the helicopter high above the railyard. The reporter was startled seeing the large creature below and she hurried to have her cameraman move to record it, the pilot obviously constantly moving the helicopter around to avoid the dangers.

“At least he noticed me now,” Shane growled seeing Vitaly shout darkly at him and reached into the boxcar and pulled out the barrel of oil. In response, Shane drew one of this .45s and took aim. Shooting right at Vitaly, the BOW threw the barrel powerfully towards Shane. Watching the barrel, Shane moved forward kicking it back at Vitaly. Reacting in response, Vitaly slashed at it, forcing the contents to spew all over the place and onto himself. “Idiot,” Shane laughed shooting the boxcar this time. Sparks danced through the air, skimming past Vitaly whilst his powerful legs projected him forward toward Shane. Oil danced behind him like a sicken cape, the moment the sparks greeted the oil ignited it alight.

Fire danced instantly along with the trail Vitaly was making, catching up to him and set him alight. A massive flailing ball slashed where Shane was standing, thankfully, Shane dodged to the side and rolled to avoid the four appendages which sliced the air in hopes of snagging the quick human. The fumes of said appendages still lingered in the air, Shane had no idea that this would give him issues the moment he came into contact with it. The effects of the fumes were starting to show, his eyes were starting to become bloodshot. Moving back, Shane watched the flaming mass before him pulse and was instantly replaced with a figure standing there, Albert Wesker. Shane felt his body freeze up instantly, his hands nearly dropping his handgun seeing his father standing there.

“How…?” Shane gasped, his mind racing fast watching the powerful man approaching him, all of this was an illusion, Vitaly’s toxin causing the mind and eyes to see something else instead of the vicious figure. Only those within range of the smoky fumes would suffer the effects, and thus far only the ones affected by this were ones within the railyard. Chris and Heinz's arrival were spared of the effects, having arrived seconds before Vitaly was ignited into flames a second time. Their vehicle plowed through rubble and infected, making headway to the agents requiring assistance. Chris was up on the turret, opening fire upon the infected that trapped those on top of their vehicle. When the fire lit up Vitaly, Chris had noticed and informed Heinz to head in the said direction.

They arrived while Shane was trapped by the illusion of his father’s approach, for Chris, he was seeing the BOW putting the flames out upon itself while he moved towards a man stuck in a shocked stance.  Shane couldn’t see them behind Vitaly, the illusion only showing Wesker approaching him and nothing else. “If you have a shot, shoot it!” Heinz shouted back to Chris. Carefully aiming, the rounds pelted against Vitaly’s back, tearing into his flesh and bones.

Staggering forward, Vitaly snarled and turned around seeing who was inflicting such pain upon him; his eyes narrowed seeing the two humans in the vehicle. Infuriated, he took off into a powerful run, forcing Heinz to reverse and Chris opened fire to try in futile attempts to keep the BOW away from them. For Shane, he was seeing Wesker leaving him. “Keep going!” Chris shouted to Heinz, a few times looking back to ensure they weren’t going to collide with anytgung, “Turn right!” He barked, his hands gripping the turret seconds before the vehicle roughly turned and proceeded away from the area, Vitaly bounded quickly after, hurling debris and then himself, clipping the rear of the Dingo.

Shouting in fury, Vitaly continued after them in hopes to slaughter the fools for daring to attack him while he was after a prey. Heinz briskly looked into the side mirrors watching the monster trying to flip them or snatch at Chris, a train horn blared loudly next to them and he saw one of the freight trains moving to his left, hauling two hopper cars, a refrigerator unit, and one tanker car.

He knew that those tanker cars were still carrying fuel around, he managed to get his hands on the train schedule before they headed off here and on the list was a handful of those cars hauling petrol and two hauling oil. “Chris, shoot the coupling to the tanker!” He shouted and returned his attention to his driving, avoiding a rail switch. Driving over a few tracks jarred Chris and he was cursing up a storm missing several shots at Vitaly.

Seeing the tanker car, Chris knew what Heinz was thinking, looking at the BOW slashing at him again, he ducked and grabbed a flashbang from his belt. Pulling the pin, he hurled it at Vitaly who snatched it right out of the air, a regretful choice when it exploded in his hand.

“He’s stunned!” Chris barked watching Vitaly slash at the air and covered his face with his other hand, the appendages from his back flailed around him in dire attempts to snag anyone. Turning the turret, he fired at the coupling. Sparks danced in the air from each round till it finally came apart. Heinz drove the Dingo over from the parting cars.

“Chris, put a C4 on the tanker, blow that bastard to hell.” He ordered and Chris ducked back inside looking for the C4 in the bomb bag. All the while Vitaly was shaking his head and snarled darkly, he had been tricked by the humans and he felt his blood boil seeing the vehicle moving alongside the tanker car. Before he could even move towards them, a racking pain erupted from his back; blood flew into the air while another stab occurred. Shane had finally caught up after the effects of Vitaly’s toxins cleared from his eyes and he was able to see the monster.

He had taken a leap onto Vitaly’s back and started stabbing him with one of his kukris in order to by the BSAA agents time to get their plans into action.

“Hold still!” Shane snapped at Vitaly, holding onto one of the appendages with his other hand; he pushed the blade in deeper, watching the flesh regenerating and blood pouring from the nasty wound. Chris returned to the turret and looked back seeing the monster thrashing about with Shane on his back – and Chris had no idea who the man was that was buying him and Heinz time.

Turning away, he set up the remote charge hearing Vitaly shouting again and this time he managed to grab Shane. His claws stabbed deep into the squirming human and effortlessly hurled him through the air like a broken rag doll back into the wreckage and flames. Chris and Heinz looked on grimly knowing there was nothing they could do to help him now.

Flailing through the air, Shane could almost see the entire railyard, he was surprised by the creature’s strength and he tried to maintain himself to land. The ground and debris shot up fast at him, he tumbled helplessly till he felt his body impacted into a heap of twisted metal. Grunting, he looked down at the bloodstained metal sticking through his chest.

“Shit…” Taking several pained breaths, he pulled himself free. Collapsing onto the ground, he caught his breath for a moment in order to collect himself. His body started retching and he coughed, his body regenerating his lung and flesh. Shaking his head, he mentally reminded himself that he was glad to not be a normal human. Carefully he stood up and shook himself out hearing an explosion in the distance, followed by sounds of heavy machinery being shoved around by inhuman strength. He saw a train car soar through the air and then Vitaly leaping over the other train that was in operation.

“Bastard is running and he’s on fire…” This meant that Vitaly was retreating to tend to his wounds and that would be outside of this horrid place. There were two places Shane believed Vitaly was retreating to, either the station or train workshop.



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