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Resident Evil: Shane’s Story by TheOracleDragon
Chapter 1

It was an old friend, always there, always waiting. Sounds filled into the darkness, a loud sounding horn shot through the darkness startling him awake, a terrible dream that would never end. The light blinded his eyes forcing him to shut them slightly, his body was stiff, he couldn't move. The nightmare was real once again; trapped in a world of chaos

He could hear the beeping, air compressions, sounds heard in hospitals; a place he hated the most in his young life. His eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light above him; there he could see it was a hospital light, used in various operations, on willing and also unwilling patients. Slowly he turned his head toward the left and could see a mirror on the wall, nothing else was there to be revealed; for it only showed him this room and whatever could be behind it could be watching his every waking moment being trapped upon this table

Turning his head to look to his right, he discovered an IV attached to his arm. There were fresh bandages wrapped around his arm as he gazed down his body, ignoring what was on the right for now. He was strapped down firmly to prevent struggle, the only garment they allowed him to wear was black boxer shorts and they were of St. Jeremy's Hospital, a mental asylum.
He remembered the attempted escape but all that failed and now he was trapped here once again after awakening from that empty darkness. It was a plan that would have worked as well but things turned sour when he slipped on the floor.
His thoughts were interrupted and his eyes fell on the door before him, cold metal doors with a small window. This was the private room where patients were taken for testing, operations, the nightmare room he heard many screamed about. Once again he looked around as best as possible, the machines were all making sounds to hide away anything else the facility would offer him. He took a breath and left it out slowly, he was still in the asylum right?
He was positive he was in the asylum, where else would he be? The doors opened and alerted him of the four men who entered the room, each wearing a white mask and lab gowns and eye protection. A terrifying reminder of doctors who could be crazed out of their minds with an exposed patient resting upon the table, hungry to cut him open and see what was inside. Their gazes were passing through him, he could feel the pressure leading his heart to race; one of the men looked at the young man and then those to his right. This one was holding a hypodermic needle filled with a clear fluid of sorts, clearly the lead doctor in this foul practice.
“What are you doing?" He asked finally looking at the other three standing next to him, unmoved by his questioning. "Where am I?" They wouldn’t say a word to the helpless man, this caused great fear to flood his system instantly and the result of it caused him to struggle in vain against the restraints that bound him.
“Blood pressure is rising slightly." Spoke the one as he was working with the machines, monitoring every bit of data passing before his eyes. Clipboard in hand, he took notes involving the situation. "Brain waves are normal, no change."
"Where am I?" The young man asked again raising his voice to attempt to draw their attention. "What are you doing?" This mantra repeated once more till he noticed in the corner of his eyes the lead man was holding up a needle and flicked at the contents within. They were going to inject him and only the heaves knew what they would do if he went unconscious. Desperation plagued his voice; he shouted at them to not do it and to set him free in his futile efforts to get off the table, the end result was two men forcing him to be still long enough for the injection to be completed.
“Keep him down." One of the voices sounded, louder than the man’s shouts, louder than the blaring machines recording the panic flooding the body. "Hurry up and give it to him!"
The young man fought harder feeling all of them pinning him down but one, it was clear he was straining the old restraints to their breaking point. This distraction he did to himself lead the sole man not holding him to give the shot quickly into the young man’s right arm. He could feel the liquid coursing through his body, the sensation was strange and numbing, a sedative. His body would soon relax fully and put him into the rest they needed in order to work fully.
"No…" He said in a soft tone, a soft haze floating over his mind. The darkness calling to him to return to it, to enter the sleep so the men could do whatever they pleased with him. Those blue eyes closed finally and he was lost in the darkness.

Chapter 2
‘Is he part of the program?’ A voice echoed in the darkness surrounding the mind in a hazy fog, alertness toned down to the lowest level. Such awareness could only be gained in a dreamlike state offered by the darkness in events of panic.
‘Yes. He won’t remember anything after we’re done. He won’t remember this procedure.’ Spoke another voice in the distance. ‘He is the only one left that was there.’ The statement clearly a mystery, a mystery with no name and no setting; was this the reason this was remembered?
‘What happened to the others?’ Asked the first voice from earlier, familiar from the operation and yet it was terrifying understanding that dread would follow if the mind would allow it. However, this wasn’t the case for the young man who slept away and was lost in his own mind.
‘Terminated.’ This voice was cold and heartless, stating the most obvious without the need for explanation, was this man the leader of the group?
‘Make sure he is strapped down tightly.’ A new voice and it had a Russian. ‘This will hurt.’
1998 - Raccoon City
Apartment Heights - Room #109
“Shane! Don’t forget your lunch!” A woman shouted with a southern accent while shutting the apartment door behind her, the sound of it closing also alerted the occupants of the tiny place. Setting aside her shoes, she headed to the kitchen with the trashcan.
A young boy stared at himself in the mirror fixing his shortcut dirty blonde hair; he smiled before brushing his teeth while looking at his ice blue eyes. He was always in awe looking at how beautiful they were; he had to wonder if it was the reason he was complimented by girls. Once done he left the bathroom to see his mom standing in the kitchen preparing food for later in the day.
“You look so handsome.” She said making him smile lightly, her skin was a very beautiful color for she was a Native American. “Officer Ryman is outside waiting for you.” She stated with a gesture to the window before grabbing her hot cup of coffee sitting on the counter.
“Again?” Shane asked looking out the window down on the streets to see a tall police officer smoking a cigarette while leaning against a light pole. “I hope he’s not going to bust me for something I didn’t do.”
His mother laughed and patted him on the head seeing Kevin down there looking up at their window before getting rid of his cigarette. She smiled and nudge Shane to get ready, it took him a moment and he soon left the apartment and was on the street in two minutes. Course, he had used the apartment railing on the stairs to cheat getting downstairs.
“Hey, Shane,” Kevin said smiling at the young kid. “What took you so long?”
“Mom,” Shane said smiling back. “What’s up?” Adjusting his backpack, he was ready for the walk to school with the officer he trusted greatly, even if he liked being silly when it comes to the man being an officer and thinking he was going to arrest the youth.
“Another day, another dollar.” Kevin joked as they started to walk, he soon yawned and stretched. “You’re fortunate that I’m up at this hour.” He told causing Shane to look up at him. “I work night shift but I owe your mom.”
“Free drinks?” Shane asked as they crossed the street as Kevin nodded, the boy chuckled as he found it amusing that his mom and Kevin could end up dating at some point in time, he wanted that to happen since he wanted a father in his life and so far Kevin was his father figure. He wanted to be a cop like him when he was older, defending the streets like Kevin.
“Best there is.” He said with a grin as they walked down the street. Kevin was fond of the Shane and his mom and he never considered he’d be this close a friend to a kid but in the end, he found himself liking the boy. In a way, Shane reminded Kevin of himself when he was a kid.


Sounds flooded his ears as he took a quick breath, he slowly opened his eyes to see that everything was fuzzy and out of place. Just the movement alone brought forth a burning pain deep within his chest; he groaned rolling onto his side to attempt to find comfort only to end up slipping off his head onto the cold floor.
A curse escaped his lips and his mind was screaming from his annoyance of all of this. He moved to sit up and gave in to the anger and shouted out, his chest ached and now his entire body. He wanted to cry but he was hurting too much to waste his energy in doing such any annoying uncontrolled emotion. Ever since being trapped here with the insane, his mind was slowly snapping through emotions that he once had full control over. Tears flowed easily and his anger peaked so quickly, mixing the two lead him to headaches.
 A guard tapped on the glass to draw his attention away from it all for a second, it was feeding time and the food was slid into the room from a small slot at the bottom of the glass. At first, his eyes registered the food being nothing more than slop until he actually studied the contents seeing he was blessed with fresh fruit, for so long he craved to have these wonderful sweet treats.
With feral instinct he snatched the apple slices eating them greedily trying hard to savor the sweet taste as the guard walked away with a twisted smile. Shane coughed from the haste and patted his chest getting a drink from the small bottle of water, it was perfect as he sighed ignoring the camera in the room. The food clearly made him forget about his pains a moment earlier and here he was acting like a starving animal that discovered the motherlode of food.
He wanted to enjoy it before they took it away from him, with haste he stuffed a few slices into his socks just as the guard came back using a hook pulling the tray back out. Shane was furious for having lost a chance to grab the perfect orange he had seen in a long time; however that was how this place operated against him.
His body was weak when he tried to rise to his feet; every part of him felt as if he did a strenuous exercise he had taken gone too far. He honestly felt like crap once he was able to stand and soon used the toilet before lying back down. For the most part, his chest felt as if it was on fire and no matter how hard he tried to get comfortable, it never happened. It felt as if there was a fifteen-pound weight on his chest, pushing down by invisible hands to make it difficult to catch a calming breath, a quick stab of pain in his side making him cringe instantly. That kind of pain felt normal from a workout but this clearly was unnatural to him and he begged for relief from anyone watching him.
He got nothing.
The silence was the greatest of annoyances and he groaned, his stomach rolled so badly he ended staying next to the toilet most of the night nibbling on the fruit in his socks to try and ease his stomach. He never felt this sick before, not since he got the stomach flu when he was a kid in Raccoon City those many years ago...
1998 - Raccoon City
 Apartment Heights - Room #109
“You’re burning up baby.” His mother said dabbing a wet washcloth over his head as he held his stomach. It was clear he had gotten sick at school and with the stomach flu. “You’ll be okay, just need some sleep.” It was the first time in Shane’s young life did he catch any sort of sickness. She was so careful in making sure he stayed healthy and strong until she learned how sick her baby boy was getting.
“It hurts mom,” Shane stated cringing in pain before hurrying to lean over his bed vomiting. It was getting worse and would last for hours. “It came out of my nose!” He exclaimed blowing his nose with a tissue she handed him. “Mom, make it stop.” He begged her, his eyes pleading with her to make the terrible pain to cease. The buzzer for their apartment sounded forcing her to leave her son’s side to see who was calling.
Moving swiftly to the intercom, she pressed the button hearing Shane whine in the other room, “Hello?” She said rubbing her face tiredly. “It’s Kevin.”  Replied the voice of Kevin Ryman, “I got the stuff you needed.” He said ruffling the bag he carried to prove to her he hadn’t failed in his retrieval.
“Come on up.” She replied pressing another button and opened the door of their apartment, it was easier for Kevin to enter without the issues of knocking. Returning to Shane, she found him vomiting again. “Kevin’s brought your medicine.” She said sitting down on the bed to rub her son’s back, he wasn’t too happy about having to take medicine. “It’ll help you feel better.”
“But mom...” He started, ready to protest with every pout and plea he could till she got up and closed the door partway before heading into the kitchen where Kevin was setting down a few paper bags. He had gone through the effort to get the groceries as well. He was a gentleman when he wanted to be and she was thankful for his kindness.

Seeing the medicine on the countertop, she collected it and read the instructions, “Thank you.” She praised him before grabbing her purse only to feel Kevin place his hand on hers telling her she didn’t have to pay him. This kindness made her want to repay him and he only wanted to help make sure the young boy would become healthy. Retreating from her purse, she began to prepare the medicine and a bowl of soup for Shane to suckle on.
“How’s he doing?” Kevin asked collecting a small bag of photo chips off the counter; he knew his stay would be for an hour so he thought it wise to snack on something for that very reason. He may be a guest in their house but he was also their current helper. He was thankful he had today off; he wasn’t going to leave Shane alone to suffer.
“I believe it to be the stomach flu. He keeps vomiting every few minutes, hopefully, this will help calm his stomach down some and make him sleep.” Sighing, she really felt terrible her baby wasn’t doing well. If she was able to get him to sleep and monitor him, perhaps he will be better in a few hours. The medicine was a special order from the Umbrella Corporation to help Shane recover.
“Are you going to keep him from school for the next few days?” Kevin asked grabbing a glass out of one of the cupboards to get himself a glass of milk, normally he would grab a beer from their fridge but he needed to be sober tonight.
“Unless it goes away in the morning, I can’t stand him suffering.” She said soon heating the soup up and looked at Kevin while leaning against the counter. “I don’t think anyone else at the school has this sickness, I’m wondering if someone slipped him something during lunch.”
“Like a drug or spoiled food?” Kevin asked taking another drink; afterward, he shook his head in disappointment. “Kids these days. They are always trying to take out the nice kid.” He said. “Sofia, you don’t mind if I crash here tonight, would you? I’m supposed to patrol this area anyway, tomorrow.”
“You know, you’re always welcomed here, Kevin.” She said smiling at him, collecting the hot bowl carefully from the microwave, she placed it on a plate, “I need to give this to Shane, and I’ll be right back.”
Inside the asylum security room, the guards were observing the monitors, with one taking particular notice of Shane’s, leaning forward to take a closer look. He rubbed his nose for a second before pointing to Shane’s hands and looked at the other who was on the radio quickly. They had spotted he had stolen food for later, from the previous meal that had been brought to him, contrary to the strict regulations.

Back at Shane’s cell, he stiffened in great fear. noticing four guards standing outside; the surprising effect caused him to stand quickly. The sudden movement caused him to fumble against his bed while the glass rolled into the wall; the men were inside quickly and he shouted in pain when one twisted Shane’s arms behind his back. They knew what to do and started to pat him down finding the rest of the fruit slices in his socks, and he was punished hard with a swift hit with a wooden baton. Shane lost his breath and when he regained it cursed at them and felt his legs giving out from under him. They still held onto him and shifted the young man to the bed; he would be left there in agony. Tears had slipped down his cheeks because of this; it was bad enough that he wanted to spew the contents from his stomach.

A mysterious man stood outside Shane's cell, having watched the whole ordeal occur, his black trench coat kept most of his figure hidden, while he watched Shane behind high-grade sunglasses. The man was silent, watching the young man recovering in the cold cell, a smiled crept along the side of his face watching Shane force himself onto his feet, the frustration clearly shown on his face, and the way he held his head indicated he was losing himself to this place; the expressions he displayed afterward gave way to shouting and assaulting the cell walls.

Shane’s body shook and he rested his head against the wall fighting his damnedest to not cry but the rolling wave of broken emotions and reasoning escaped, he even scolded himself for being weak but he couldn’t help it. Being trapped in this place for nine years would do that to a being. “I will get out of here…” Shane told himself rubbing his face with a free hand, his nerves were shaken but his spirit was still strong. “I will get out of here…” Hitting the wall once more, his blood stained the surface. He was alive and he wasn’t going to let this place win against his sanity.

Chapter 3

Next Day

“Get off me!” Shane shouted struggling as the guards pinned him to the floor of his cell trying to get his cuffs on. “I’m not going back into that room!” He shouted kicking wildly at the guards trying harder to get the one off his back.
“We’re going to the open room, you idiot.” Said the guard on his back. “You need to walk around in there.”
Shane cursed at the guard and struggled, even more, he wanted to be left alone, and he wanted to sleep. Most of the night he couldn’t sleep, because of the pain, he was suffering. The guard holding him down soon pressed his knee against the back of Shane’s head making him nearly stop his struggling knowing well enough to stop when that was there. The cuffs were slipped on and tightened around his wrists as well as around his ankles, he was thankful that he wasn’t getting the jacket this time. Silently he cursed feeling them pull him to his feet.

“Correction,” Said one of the guards as Shane looked at him. “We’re going to the visitor room; you have someone who wants to talk to you.” Hearing that Shane instantly thought it was Kevin Ryman, but he knew that Kevin was in Florida and nowhere near this place, it had been nearly two years since Kevin last visited him. Shane missed him greatly now, wishing more that it was him since he needed someone to talk to.
But then a thought crossed Shane’s mind as they pulled him out of his cell, why weren’t they opening the door in his cell next to his bed to let him into that room? Was he going to the other visitor room? Why? Why were they taking him there? That was a partial open room where a patient could interact with his visitor physically.
This didn’t sound good at all.

The walk bothered Shane more than the thought of the visitor, he wanted to run, run back to his cell. A guard pushed him nearly making him fall onto the floor but was caught by another before doing so catching sight of window revealing outside, he saw green trees and flowers. Even in that second, his heart became elated, just enough to boost his spirit as he looked forward walking now, carefully and slowly so as not to trip over his chains.

Soon the door came into view, the visitor door was on the other side of a strong metal gate making his heart beat faster now, he was scared to think who it was but had to force himself to be strong as they took off his chains and cuffs, the door opened and he was pushed inside nearly falling to the floor when one of the guards tried to trip him but he had learned from past experiences to expect it and caught himself before even touching the floor flipping the birdy to the guards as the door closed leaving him in the bright white room as he looked around rubbing his arms.
No one was there.
He looked at the large mirror in the room, he only saw his own reflection and he looked terrible. His left arm’s bandages were bloodied from him cutting his knuckles. He rubbed them gently with his other hand feeling they were still tender making him scoff at having been such an idiot last night in having hit the wall, but that was the only way to get his point across that he was sick and tired of all of this.

He kicked the ground with his bare feet; they had dragged him out of his cell before he could even put his shoes on making him cruse before looking at the mirror again and tilted his head slightly seeing two red glowing dots on it. Something was there or was at least reflecting making him look around the room before looking in the mirror again. Slowly he approached and touched it before cupping his hands around his eyes to try and see if he could see inside.

On the other side, Albert Wesker stood looking right at Shane trying to see through the glass. He smirked as a light came on in the room he was in making the mirror see through, Shane gasped and jumped back in surprised seeing Wesker, but he said nothing nor did Shane.
Questions filled Shane’s mind all at one time giving him a headache, he never saw this man before and slowed his startled breathing looking at Wesker, who had his hands behind his back, trying to take note of his being but failed to do so. Nothing made sense to him.
“Hello, Shane,” Wesker said calmly seeing Shane looked at him startled and confused making him smile before raising a questionable hand gesture. “Do you remember me?” He asked as Shane just stared at him.
“How the hell do you know my name?” Shane asked Wesker took note of the defensive stance Shane was in and wondered about it but looked at him sternly behind his sunglasses. “Who the fuck are you?” Shane asked making a fist wondering how this stranger knew his name.
“I’m Albert Wesker.” He replied back lowering his hand. “You don’t remember me?” He asked.
“Should I?” Shane snapped looking away closing his eyes. “Calm down.” He whispered to himself, he was puzzled as to why he was so aggressive, he usually wasn’t. His attention was drawn quickly toward the door the mirror window had making him back up seeing Wesker enter the room, he was going to keep his distance, a good distance. “Stay away from me.” He said backing up as Wesker took another step toward him before raising his hands.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said as Shane just stared at him like a startled wild animal, nine years of pain, terror, sadness, everything he has gone through was showing on those blue eyes of his. He took another step and Shane was against the wall feeling around for a door or anything from what Wesker was getting but the boy never took his eyes off him making him smirk watching Shane try desperately to find the door but it was right behind Wesker. “Where do you intend to run?” Wekser asked looking at Shane.
“Anywhere but here,” Shane said making a break for the door and when he reached it he couldn’t find any way of opening it. “Get me out of here!” He shouted hitting the door before turning around to be face to face with Wesker who soon had his arm against Shane’s throat keeping him there.
“I just want to talk to you.” He said calmly as Shane tried to get the arm off his neck. “Why don’t you remember me?” He asked again as Shane kicked him but he was unfazed making Shane look at him startled. “Answer me.” He said pushing cutting off the air to Shane making him struggle more before nodding as Wesker pulled back.
“I just don’t know who you are,” Shane said coughing looking at Wesker. “Should I?” He asked as Wesker stepped away leaving Shane rubbing his throat and cough while Wesker observed him.
“I’m the one that saved you from drowning,” Wesker said finally making Shane stop and stare at him. “I’ve looked at your file and that from Raccoon City.” He said calmly. “Shane, do you know anything about your father?”
“My dad…?” Shane asked, recalling a time he asked about him before…
1998 - Raccoon City
Apartment Heights - Room #109

‘Another body was discovered in the woods outside of Raccoon City.’ The news anchor said on the TV as Shane watched it before working more on his homework. ‘But there are reports of people going missing in Raccoon City; the latest percentage has risen to 14%.’
Sofia was looking outside at the lit streets of Raccoon City; she was drinking some tea before looking at Shane doing his homework smiling before looking at their family photos. A small frown appeared on her soft face before looking at Shane soon finishing his math homework.
“Mom.” He started putting the paper in his book. “Was dad really good at math?” He asked looking at her.
“He worked for Umbrella.” She said smiling lightly. “He used to live here in Raccoon; he was killed on the job. They didn’t tell me what happened.”
“When did he die?” Shane asked grabbing his English book.
“He died this year.” She said finally hearing nothing and looked at Shane looking at her a bit startled. “He left us before you were born, I couldn’t find him or get in contact with him. I just got a letter from Umbrella a few weeks ago about his death.”
“Wh-why didn’t you tell me?” Shane asked looking at her soon hearing a gunshot making them both jump. Sofia hurried to the door and opened it as another gunshot sounded in the hall making her look down seeing a body on the floor.
“What’s going on?” She asked as her neighbor came out holding a pistol, he was covered in blood, bleeding from a bite wound on his arm. “Mr. Stevens?” She asked as he looked at her.
“He just attacked me!” He said looking at the corpse on the floor before coughing. “He bit me!” He shouted firing off another shot at the corpse as Sofia retreated back inside and locked the door.
“What’s going on mom?” Shane asked looking at her sitting backward in his chair as she rushed into her bedroom. “Mom?”
“Mr. Stevens just killed his grandson.” She said as Shane heard some things being moved in the room. “Keep the door closed and locked, don’t answer it either.” She said as he got off the chair and walked toward the door pulling up a chair to peek out through the eye hole to see someone shuffling by.
“Mom, Mr. Stevens looks sick.” He said watching Mr. Stevens stop and turn looking at the door. “He looks very sick.” He said as Mr. Stevens shuffled to the door and started hitting it making Shane get down. “What’s wrong with him?” He asked turning around seeing Sofia holding a gun making him look at her a bit stunned. “I didn’t know we had a gun!” He exclaimed.
“I bought it a long time ago.” She said looking through the hole before aiming the gun at the door and fired a few shots hitting Mr. Stevens on the other side, the gunshots made Shane cover his ears staring at the holes in the door and soon looked at Sofia, stunned she shot Mr. Stevens. “Something wasn’t right.” She said looking at him. “Your father warned me about this.” She said.
“Who was he?” Shane asked hugging her, he was afraid now. Fear plagued his mind that someone would come here and hurt them even more with the actions she had taken. “What was his name?”
“I can’t tell you now baby.” She said patting his head. “Maybe, later.” A smile came on Shane’s face making her kiss the top of his head. “Finish your homework.” She said nudging him along before walking into the kitchen dialing a number.

“Come on Kevin, pick up.” She said tapping the gun against the counter before hanging up. “Shit.” She mumbled looking out into the dining room seeing Shane looking at her before she headed toward a window looking out at the streets seeing a few people walking down below.

“Something’s not right…” She whispered watching them seeing a car crash up the road drawing her attention quickly. Shane wasn’t sure why she was acting like this and his gaze returned to the door and the blood seeping under the door.

Shane leaned against the wall now remembering that night, it was a nightmare, how his mother shouted at him to get packed while the news announced a pandemic of violent outbreaks within the city, all originating at the stadium. Wesker watched him, puzzled as to what the boy was remembering before hearing a sigh escape from her son.
“I never got my answer to who he was…” Shane finally said rubbing his face. “…she never told me who he was, not even when she was murdered…” He said remembering that day but his mind didn’t wander there, it drifted to Raccoon City when he was only twelve years old when the outbreak hit. When he and his mother desperately tried to escape Raccoon alive...

Chapter 4
1998 - Raccoon City - Outbreak.

Shane ran down the alleyway as fast as he could carrying his backpack on his back as two zombies chased after him, he panted and kept running, fear filled his eyes as he looked for an exit. He called out for help stumbling but regained his footing till he rounded the next corner finding more zombies there.
“Mom!” He shouted looking back at the two coming after him and then those before him. “How did we get separated?” He asked himself backing up trying to keep his distance from them before tripping over something landing hard onto his back, but the backpack caught most of his fall, he gasped seeing a dead cop and nearly screamed but caught himself realizing it wasn’t Kevin.He quickly looked up seeing the zombies coming and loud growling seeing two dogs coming down one of the alleyways making him frantically search for something as his hand grasp something metallic, he pulled it up quickly and held it in front of him as the first zombie dog jumped at him, its bloody half jaw biting into the shotgun trying to get to Shane who pushed forward as hard as he could trying to keep the dog off himself. He screamed again trying to stay alive.

“Someone help me!” He shouted now using his feet to push against the dog now realizing the second hound; he saw it coming up next to him and then a gunshot. The dog yelped falling back as a strong kick was landed on the head of the one biting into the shotgun; the upper jaw was severed from its head as it fell limp on Shane making him shout at the blood falling onto him.
A strong hand pulled him out from under the dog; he fumbled back as he was able to stand watching the tall man firing at the zombies and at the second dog getting up. It was a total stranger and Shane was thankful he helped but he didn’t like the fact he was covered in blood that carried the infection, the virus. The man started backing up, making Shane do the same; there was a door behind them that was open. Shane smiled running to it as the man grabbed the shotgun and did the same before slamming the door behind him and blocked it with a chair.
“We can’t stay here.” He said looking at Shane sitting on the steps leading to the landing. “You okay kid?” He asked watching Shane nod. From just looking at the older man, Shane knew the man had a military background. “Why are you out here alone?” He asked reloading the pistol before looking the shotgun over while Shane frowned.
“I got separated from my mom,” Shane answered taking his backpack off and opened it pulling a photo out of the front zipper holding it out to the man. “A car and some zombies made us go our separate ways.” He told as the older man took the photo and looked at it.
“I’ve seen her before, she works at one of the reception desks at one of the Umbrella pharmacies.” He said handing it back as Shane smiled lightly and nodded. “I would get my medicine there, she was always very helpful.” He smiled, “You’re her kid? I never knew, and I’m Andrew.”
“Shane.” He replied back looking at the photo before putting it back into his bag. “I don’t know where I’m at in Raccoon; everything is so confusing and frightening.” He said as the shotgun was set in his lap making him look up at Andrew.
“Ever fired a shotgun?” He asked as Shane shook his head. “Well you’ll need to now; you should be able to handle the shotgun if you keep it pressed against your shoulder.” He said patting Shane’s shoulder. “Will hurt like hell but it’s better than being torn apart.” He said smiling. “Oh, where’s your father?” He asked as Shane looked away. “He’s dead isn’t he?”
“Died in an experimental test.” He told remembering what Sofia told him as they left the apartment. “Something went wrong and he was killed. I hate Umbrella; too many people end up dying there.”
“I agree with you on that,” Andrew replied walking past Shane and looked out a window. “Shit looks like the infection has gotten to the zoo animals.” He said seeing a lioness chasing after a survivor.

“Let’s move.” He said. Shane stood up holding the shotgun and sighed drawing Andrew’s attention. “It’s pump action.” He said walking over taking the shotgun, “You pull this down to load another round in the chamber, but make sure you press this little button to make it go down.” He said showing Shane as he nodded. “Hopefully we’ll find a gun that suits your small size. The shotgun might harm you since you’re still growing.”
“I’ll handle it,” Shane told him wiping his nose, the blood really smelled and it burned his nose smelling it. “I’m tough.” He said nodding and Andrew smiled at him patting him on the head as Shane took the shotgun back. “We’ll need to find ammo.”
“And medical supplies,” Andrew added as they moved toward another door, Shane mimicked Andrew’s movements and pressed himself against the other side of the door as Andrew opened it and went out. Out into the streets and alleyways of Raccoon City, into the chaos and nightmare. Where a single bite determined one's fate.


Shane rubbed his right shoulder, it still hurt now and then from having to use that shotgun, it wasn’t any wonder most of the guards would pin him down using his right arm. He leaned his head against the wall trying hard to not cry let alone show his weakness, but Wesker knew more about him than he thought.

“Still hurts doesn’t it?” Wesker asked with a gesture as Shane looked at him and soon held his arm turning the other way to keep it from him.

“Just leave me alone old man.” He said moving along the wall, but he couldn’t help but remember that night in Raccoon City. How a twelve-year-old boy survived…

1998 - Raccoon City - Outbreak Time 4 Hours after First Witnessed Infection by Shane

Shane coughed from the smoke as they passed a burning car, his small body demanding him to stop and rest, he was exhausted, he wanted to badly lie down but Andrew kept him going. Now and then sounds of a scream or a loud explosion would stop them but they grew used to it over time and kept going killing zombies as they tried to find their way toward the highway or the woods, whichever got closest they were going to take it.

“How much farther?” Shane finally asked breaking their long silence rubbing his right shoulder. He had used the shotgun earlier and it really knocked him hard to the ground, dislocating his shoulder, Andrew had to reset it and he also had to muffle Shane’s scream. “I’m tired…” He stated and Andrew looked at him.

“We should be close to the highway.” He said pulling out a map before looking around before seeing a lioness. “We got a lion.” He whispered crouching down watching her sniffing her surroundings. “We need to make a break for it.” He said as Shane looked as Andrew pointed toward the bus station. “If we follow the yellow line marked on the road, we’ll be able to reach the highway.” He said and Shane nodded.

“We need to sprint.” He told as Shane swallowed. “Don’t worry, I’ll cover you. Get ready...” He whispered watching the lioness look back down the street. “Go.” He said as Shane hesitated. “Now!” He snapped as Shane ran for it, the lioness perked instantly and whipped around seeing him, she snarled in response as she took off after the boy.

“She’s after me!” Shane shouted ducking behind a car hearing her claws digging into the pavement. He ran to another car that had the door open, he jumped inside and slammed the door shut just moments before the lioness rammed into the car clawing at the door till the window busted open making him scream. He was panicking, his mind and body shouted him to run but the passenger door was blocked by a bus. “Help me!” He screamed loudly as the lioness was starting to tear the door off.

The lioness growled and started biting the door before feeling something hit her from behind making her turn snarling seeing Andrew throwing bricks at her, she growled at him not wanting to chase after something so far away before hearing the car start making her look inside seeing Shane. Instantly she reached inside grabbing his clothes, he shouted again hitting the gas pedal making the car launch forward, with her claws in the car and on Shane’s clothes; she was dragged roughly before hitting a light pole and the car hit another car.

“Shane!” Andrew shouted running over as the lioness growled trying to recover from the blow to the light pole; Shane was in the car all the way on the floor as Andrew reached him. “Shane, come on!” He said reaching inside, just before Shane could grab hold of Andrew’s hand the man shouted out in pain gripping the window frame struggling to keep himself there before being pulled down. “Ah! No!” He shouted as Shane heard the lioness snarling and growling loudly along with the sounds of ripping flesh and snapping of bones, he had to cover his ears to try and keep the sounds out but screamed once more seeing the lioness’s head at the window holding Andrew’s left arm in her mouth, the fingers were still moving.

Shane was filled with so much fear that he nearly fainted, he tried to get up, his hands slipping on the shotgun under his body. Grabbing it, he freed it to get it ready for defense while the lioness lowered her head. He got up on the seat aiming it at the window, he was scared, and arms were shaking. Shane just lost his only friend left in the city. He was ready to cry, he was wishing his mother was with him, he pressed the shotgun against his shoulder, finger on the trigger. When the lioness popped her head up, he pulled the trigger. The round blew through her skull killing her; the force knocked Shane back hitting his head off the window as the world was encased in darkness...

Chapter 5


Shane was already on his knees crying, he couldn’t stop the image in his mind, seeing Andrew reaching in for him and then the pain and fear expression. Wesker only watched shaking his head in disappointment.

“Look at you, still weeping over those long dead. You’re mourning dust, boy. That’s what they are Shane, dust, phantoms, whispers in the wind long since gone in a flash of heat and light. You should be forged into steel from a fire that burns that hot and instead you sit here crying like a weakling. Don’t you see that you’re stronger than they are? Don’t you understand that you survived a hell that a precious few could hope to live through? You’re made of sterner stuff than this boy; it’s time you started to act like it!” Wesker lectured him making Shane look at him quickly before getting up fast.

“How the hell would you know?! You weren’t even there, you fucking codger!” He snapped hitting the wall. “You have no fucking idea what hell I went through!” He growled.

“Don't I?” Wekser asked calmly as Shane made a fist.

“You weren’t even there! Look at yourself; you were probably somewhere else watching the whole damn thing on the television or some fucking thing!” Shane snapped, his anger raising more toward Wesker, no one ever questioned about that day he suffered in Raccoon City, no one.

“Oh, I was there, but I was there from the beginning Shane. You see, before you were even born, I lived in Raccoon City. I worked there, was a trusted member of the community and respected by my peers. But even before that, I was in the mountains, in the labs working for Umbrella. What you saw as nightmares come to life, I saw as some of my greatest experiments come to fruition.” Wesker said smiling lightly raising a hand proudly.

“Fuck off, old man,” Shane said flipping him off, Wesker soon streaked across the room, grabbing Shane’s middle finger and twisted Shane's arm behind his back pushing him against the wall making him shout in surprise and in pain.

 “I wasn't finished, boy!” Wekser snapped at him pushing, Shane struggled to get off the wall and get Wekser off his sore arm but it was pointless. “Now keep a civil tongue in your head or else I'll rip it out.”

Shane grunted trying to get off the wall again; his arm was hurting more now. “What do you want from me?” He asked calmly trying to hide the pain in his voice.

 “I want you to hear my story so that maybe you will begin to understand,” Wesker told, keeping Shane against the wall, it wasn’t much of a struggle for him.

“Then let go of my arm.” He said trying to make it stop hurting. “Please!” Shane begged to feel a sharp pain shoot through his body from his arm ready to break. Wesker calmly released Shane and backed away watching Shane hold his arm before continuing to tell his story. Shane looked at him and shook his head before leaning against the wall trying to keep his distance.

“So… what? The whole thing was an accident or an experiment?” He asked rotating his arm some flinching as it hit a nerve making him curse lowly holding it again.

“Because of outside forces, incompetence or both, the experiments got loose, hikers were attacked in the mountains and I knew it was only a matter of time before they reached the city. I lead an elite unit that had no idea of my connection with Umbrella. I sent half of them into a meat grinder to gather data on what was set loose. I soon followed the other half of the team after injecting myself with another experimental virus and survived the same trials I had put them through. But with any experiment, there are X-factors, variables even the most educated scientists can’t predict. I was killed by one of my greatest creations.” He said as his mind recalled that night.

“Only to be reborn, stronger than ever. The virus saved me, made me into something more than human and I escaped, just like you escaped.” Wesker told finishing seeing Shane looking at him oddly taking in every single bit of information.

“Why are you telling me all this? I mean, why me? I’m just some freak.” He said shaking his head, he was always called a freak since he was the second kid to survive the events of Raccoon City, every new school he would end up going to, he would be called a freak since he survived, that he was probably a freak of Umbrella, which wasn’t true to him, and he was just a kid with luck.

“A freak? Is that what you think this is all about? You’re not a freak boy; you’re an heir, a prince, a king in the making! Your mother, your true mother was a woman you never met Shane. The woman who raised you was only a surrogate.” Wesker told seeing Shane look at him oddly.

“Your real mother was a girl named Alexia Ashford. Her genetics were of superior stock and they were mixed with another to produce a truly unique being. One genetically bred to withstand the creations of Umbrella. Didn’t you ever wonder why the virus never affected you in Raccoon City when everyone else around you succumbed?” Wesker asked looking at him sharply.

Shane just looked at him speechless he had to look away to try and think, his mother, Sofia, was a surrogate? That he couldn’t believe but that didn’t stop him from looking at his hands, he always thought he didn’t look like her and now the fact he never got infected or even sick left him shaking and he stumbled making Wesker take a small step toward him before stopping seeing Shane catching himself from falling. “No…that can’t be true.” He said looking at Wesker. “No way…” Shaking his head, “I’m not some experiment, hell no! If I was I would have known!” He snapped trying to keep calm.

“No, we’re not freaks. We’re not just experiments; we are the last of the Prydwen Project. We were made not only to resist the viruses but to absorb and manipulate them without becoming some kind of freakish monster. We are the next step in genetic evolution!” Wesker said smiling more as Shane looked at him, Wesker couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What the hell do you mean ‘we’?” He asked angrily. “Who the fuck, are you?” He asked touching the wall trying to keep his cool and to find a door, Wesker noted Shane’s legs, he was going to try and run again but he knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere.

“You haven’t put it together yet? Shane, the other genetic material that was mixed with Alexia was mine! The surrogate told you that your father had died and in a way she was right. But I was reborn, Shane, and now I’ve found you and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are a genetic match. Now we can finally stand together as father and son.” Wesker said laughing as he looked at him with a smile.

“You’re my…you’re my…?” Shane stammered fumbling backward before hitting the wall. “No, no fucking way. What proof do you have?!” He snapped; this kid was hard to get through to. The time here in the asylum certainly tortured the youth’s mind and weakened his emotional state. Wesker produced a sheet of paper out of one of his pockets and approached him before handing it towards him.

“Take it, read the results,” Wesker said taking a step back after Shane snatched it from him and scanned the paper. “The numbers don’t lie. We’re almost a perfect genetic match. And if that doesn’t convince you, look into a mirror.” Wesker said as he removed his glasses and looked at Shane. “Haven’t you noticed how much we resemble one another? What more proof do you need?” He asked.

Shane couldn’t believe what he was reading and when he looked up at Wesker he fell to the floor shocked but couldn’t stop staring at him even when he knelt down, Shane shook his head as his body shook lightly, he couldn’t believe any of this.

“Why?” He asked. “Why now?”

Wesker soon placed his sunglasses back on. “Because you’re a lion that thinks he’s a lamb and right now I need a lion at my side. I want someone fierce and loyal and above all worthy of being my son.” He said soothingly but there was also the power behind those words.

Shane reached up and took the sunglasses back off Wesker, at first Wesker was ready to smack his hands but he saw Shane was curious to meet the man that was his father. A light smiled appeared on his face as Shane looked at him more, he soon chuckled seeing Shane tilt his head.

“What’s up with your eyes?” Shane asked looking at the strange gold and red catlike eyes, they reminded him of a tiger or a dragon he once saw in a book while at school in Raccoon City.

“What is up with my eyes’ is the virus inside me. Other than my eyes there are no physical tells to give away that I’m something…more than human. It’s a small sacrifice for perfection.” He answered as Shane handed the sunglasses back.

“Cool,” Shane said nodding. “Just a curious thought, will that happen to me?”

“It’s very likely. There may be some additional… side effects but once your body adjusts and you’re able to control them, you will be as you were before, just much better suited to the rigors of the world to come. Nothing that attacked you in Raccoon City could ever even come close to harming you again.” Wesker told him as Shane smiled thinking about it…

1998 - Raccoon City - Five Hours after Shane’s First Witnessed Infection

Shane slowly opened his blue eyes before rubbing them, withdrawing his hand he saw some blood causing him rub his head flinching touching a cut; his gaze soon fell to the shotgun laying on his lap as a cold realization flowed through his body as he leaned up before crawling slowly toward the driver side window before looking out seeing the dead lioness with a massive hole in the side of her head and that’s when he saw Andrew there, his guts torn out, his left arm laying not far off, deep claw marks on his face and his clothes torn beyond any reason.

Shaking Shane pulled back and rested against the passenger door holding his knees close to his chest before looking at the window again, his chin was showing signs of his body wanting to cry, his eyes showing it as well before he buried his head behind his legs as he cried. The crying didn’t last long as he loaded a new shell in the chamber of the shotgun and moved back to the door before climbing out of the window slipping slightly on the blood, his hand touched the blood as he tried to keep his balance making him wipe it on his pants in response to looking at Andrew again.

“Goodbye, Andrew…” He whispered looking at the bus station, he took a breath and walked toward it, alone in the chaos around him. A helicopter flew overhead making him watch it against the dark sky before looking at the bus station, there were bodies strewn about, a few whole while most were torn to bits making him shake entering it more looking around frantically.

“I wish mom was here…” He whispered looking at the ticket booth seeing blood splattered over the window, the door ajar making him peek inside seeing no one but shotgun ammo on the floor. “Great.” He said smiling pushing the door inward but it didn’t move, he pushed again and still nothing.

“I bet I can reach it.” He told himself keeping himself calm as he set the shotgun down and took off his backpack before sitting down slipping his left arm inside and reached pushing more against the door.

“Come on…” He whispered looking around some feeling the ammo case brushing against his fingertips making him smile more as he wiggled his fingers over it pulling it closer before grabbing it.

“Yes!” He said withdrawing his arm soon feeling a tight hand clasping around his arm making him shout in a surprise hearing a moan.

“No!” He screamed grabbing the shotgun and jerked to try and get his arm free feeling the zombie inside pulling him against the door, sticky salvia falling on his arm making him panic more as the shotgun went off hitting the door while the gun jerked out of Shane‘s hand, the grip lessened making him pull out fast and rush to the shotgun.

“Bring it,” Shane growled picking the shotgun up before looking at the saliva over his left arm making him wipe it over his shirt and pants trying to get it off as the zombie banged against the door.

“I bet you’re stuck in there, a good thing too or I’ll be kicking your…” He soon looked around and then back at the door. “…ass!” He smiled proudly saying that reloading the shotgun, with haste he grabbed the ammo he pulled out and his backpack before running up the bus route following the yellow line hearing crows cawing around him.

More into the chaos, the road leading to freedom, a lone child seeking life…


A buzzer sounded in the room making Shane stiffen as Wesker looked over his shoulder seeing the door open and four guards filed into the room before looking at Shane, he was already up and standing. A smile crossed Wesker’s face seeing the aggression Shane was showing as the guards drew closer.

“Time’s up Shane, time to go.” Said one as electricity crackled as one turned on the stun rod making Shane take a step back. “Sorry sir, but he needs to get his shots before going to bed.”

“Like hell I am!” Shane snapped as the other two guards got closer to him making him jump some when they tried to grab him but he didn’t count on the third that rushed up behind him wrapping his arms around Shane’s chest keeping his arms down.

“Get off me!” Shane shouted trying to get free before headbutting the one holding him breaking his nose making him let go, Shane then threw a punch at the next closest guard hitting him in the face before ducking avoiding the stun rod, he tackled that man to the floor and started beating the living shit out of him as the stun rod rolled away from him.

Wesker only watched, impressed and in awe of seeing Shane’s aggression, he read about this in some of the reports the guards gave him, even the one about the arm break, but seeing it in person, he could only smile and think of Shane proudly, how much potential the boy held, and before long he heard the stun rod come to life as Shane was hit by it making him shout before falling off the man he was beating, groaning in pain as they rolled him onto his stomach forcing his arms behind his back putting his restraints on.

“Sorry, you had to see that sir.” Said the guard with the broken nose looking at the blood on his fingers and hand. “He’s been more unstable recently.”

“Go fuck yourselves….” Shane said lowly soon seeing the fourth guard drawing out a needle making Shane struggle instantly. “No!” He snapped as the man knelt.

“No apology necessary. If the patient resists you have no choice.” Wesker then directed his attention to Shane. “Remember our talk boy. You need your shots if you want to become ‘healthy’ again. Be a good patient and take your medicine, hmm?”

Shane stopped and looked away cringing as the needle was pushed into his skin, he felt it entering him, his arm started to tingle as he struggled to stay awake but what he was given made him limp allowing the guards to pick him up and drag him out of the room.

“Here’s the latest lab test.” The fourth guard said pulling it out of his large pocket on his coat as Wesker took it. “He’ll be in his room, he’ll be awake in a few hours.” He added.

Wesker studied the report. “Excellent. If there are any changes you know how to reach me.”

“Yes, sir.” The guard said soon leaving as Wesker looked at the report again; things were going just as he thought they would…



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