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Reply Survivalist
12:25 PM on July 2, 2015 
Same. I'm a primary school teacher, but in a couple of weeks I'll have six weeks of freedom. Perhaps we could have a bash at Dying Light on co-op then?
Reply TheOracleDragon
9:01 PM on September 7, 2014 
I know because of Capcom going with tentacles monsters, a ton of disgusting porn was made from it. I do enjoy the Nightmare game part of RE5 that gives us viewing of what happened before RE5 since seeing Jill had 'died' left us with a huge question mark as to what had happened.

Agree, too much reveal in trailers ruin the games, they should have made tidbits of what the game is involving, like showing zombies shuffling down the streets and men fighting for their lives, kinda like RE3's trailer. :)

I've been playing RE since it came out, it was one of our favorites to play and I still remember our reaction meeting the first zombie in the mansion, we even got our brother-in-law to watch and he freaked out from that.

I wish they would stop that crap and bring out full games instead of forcing you to pay extra for content that was supposed to be in the game that's sold at full price. Eventually we'll end up just paying for the title of the game and paying a ton of money for the game and levels plus other stuff. It's retarded.

Nope, I was referring to Shane of R.E.S.S..

I loved the death scenes, very detail and gory, RE5-6, they censored the gore detail and just tell you that you died, RE is known for gory death scenes, I want that back and full screen, not half screen gameplay/cutscenes.
Reply TheOracleDragon
10:26 PM on September 6, 2014 
I know in the original RE5 was going to have zombies and a Tyrant, Excella was Wesker assistant/secretary and love interest but they scrapped that idea and made the RE5 we know to this date, really wish they would stop screwing things up and making them change things that are canon to non cause the new game don't make sense to what happened in the past.

Really wish I had money to buy either new console, I'm missing out on the Silent Hills demo that everyone has played, I really want to experience it myself, so I don't watch any gameplay or stuff so I can see it for myself, that's why I try and avoid RE game trailers since they expose the entire story line in just a few minutes. That pissed me off with RE6's trailer when they exposed Jake was Wesker's son, I was like, 'Whelp, that just told the entire story of the game.'

That's what makes great RE based websites a good place to gather information, but half the time, like the RE wikis, someone changes information to have it suit their desires and many say to not trust that because of that reason. Then how will we get information when the games won't give it?

Agree with you there, do you recall that stunt they did with the REORC where they only gave you half the game and you had to buy the rest? That's another serious low blow Capcom did, when I got the game, I was hyped until I found out it was only half and each level for the other was $10 per level. I remember that so much that it still makes my blood boil, I never got to play that other half. They did a similar stunt when I think Outbreak or File #2 came out and there was a serious bug issue with Alessa's one level, instead of fixing it they released the game and players complained, so they released the fixed version and forced those that paid for the damage game to buy anew.

I know skipping cutscenes hurries the game but the story is important, you have to know what to expect and those kind of players just want to go go go. Ugh, that's why I like to play with friends only who really enjoy watching the cutscenes plus, if you already saw it before, gives you a chance to do something real quickly. Otherwise you'll end up being nagged to hurry along.

I've been playing RE6 to remember it from playing it with my brother, I need inspiration and it helps when playing Jake's level since I imagine him as Shane plus he has more interesting death scenes. I often say if it has a great story, it should have great death scenes, however I hate how they went soft on the gore details. 5 and 6 don't show like 4 did, with the beheading, you actually watch it happen, but it's a no no in 5 and 6 so they make you think their head is cut off by hiding it out of camera view, for pete's sake, it's M rated! We want to see it, and the wide screen for the games and cutscenes annoy me to hell and back, I want full screen so I can see everything instead of that tiny space.

I can still remember the heated rage of people finding Rebecca's nurse outfit insane and many of them screaming 'She's only 16! Put clothes on her!', wtfh, she's 18 years old and now older when she appeared in the first game, otherwise she wouldn't be in S.T.A.R.S., that's Wii for you. -_- The outfits in Revelation and that retarded character with the mass hair style was fully a moronic move Capcom did. And don't get me heated on their need to put all the women in heels or heeled boots. That puts me in a great rage seeing that in the series.

Totally, it's fun and we should so record our writings so we can talk about it back and forth in a podcast sort of thing George could possibly mesh together. We just did possibly a twenty minute cast!
Reply fletcherc
6:59 AM on April 23, 2012 
Hehe, WWE. That brings back memories. I've been a huge fan when it was still WWF. Been to two shows in Germany and in Canada. Ah, wonderful times ...