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Freelance writer, photographer, part time voice actress, and written character designer. Author of R.E.S.S. (Resident Evil Shane's Story). I enjoy reading, writing and playing games, I help with the podcasts here on the site and share thoughts and ideas as well.

R.E.S.S. is my recent-in-the-works rewritten story of Shane Burns (original was 'Theory of a dead man' found on - it was taken down to be replaced with this new version. I still have the original on CD). 2000 - Onwards!

You will find artworks of the story and Shane on DeviantART and some here. Original and unique, as well as beloved by the fans. Artworks are done by respected artists with links to their dA profiles, make sure you check them out!

Open for commissions in stories, poems, written character designs and a few other things. Message me if interested! 

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Reply George Trevor
2:22 PM on June 17, 2018 
I want to go to the woods of Pennsylvania, but would I make it out alive?!
Reply CRvox
2:46 PM on December 9, 2014 
Hiya! Hey, I had a great talking with you all, and I would love to stay in touch and be a part of any future interviews. I've never actually met or talked with any of the other actors, and I would love to do that! - Cheers, Joe W.
Reply BSAArklay
8:51 PM on September 7, 2014 
I liked RE5 for what it was. I realise that I am in the minority but I really enjoyed the story and how they brought Chris, Jill and Wesker back for a final confrontation. Plus it game us LIN. If they had taken out the tentacle blob things and replaced those with a Tyrant that would have been amazing.

RE5 and 6 both had awesome trailers that got me really hyped for the games but they gave everything away and it ended up hurting both games, especially 6.

It is because of places like THIA, PU and CHE that I am so involved in the series. If there wasnt all this online information I probably wouldnt be such a fan of RE. I potentially wouldnt be into videogames as RE is the series that got me into games.

Yeah the ORC situation was a joke. The campaign that you had to pay for was actually better than the main game.....not by much and that isnt a difficult acomplishment but it was slighty better. This DLC nonsense is crap and its effecting alot of games now. Dead Space 3 you had to pay for the actual ending.

When you said you imagine Jake as Shane you meant The Walking Dead right?

Again if I can go back to Dead Space that is how you give awesome character death scenes. The first game was absolutley brutal for it. It made me not want to die because it was pretty disgusting lol.
Reply BSAArklay
9:20 PM on September 6, 2014 
Hi better move the convo here, I thought somebody might say something lol.

Revelations is set in 2005 but I dont know what date because none of the damn files have any dates on them believe it or not. I think Capcom are so scared that they are going to contradict themselfs that they are to scared to add any dates. There is so much backstory to take into account and with different developers taking over each game they cant keep up with it. Thats why I respect what RE5 did with the story because they actually did their research and got everything correct even tying up loose ends and making things from RE3 relevant.

I wouldnt worry about the next gen console just yet as I have had a PS4 since launch and honest to god I have barley turned it on. I have played 5 retail games which I sold after completing and a few crappy free games that I got with PSN. I spend more time on my PS3 easily hell I would argue that I have spent more time on my PS2. Maybe in another year or so the PS4 will be the console to own but right now its pretty boring.

I dont think anyone knows the whole in and outs of the series, so many games, files, comics, translations. Its damn near impossible to keep up. The average fan cant keep up and I dont think Capcom can either. People on these websites I think actually know more about the series than Capcom do. Half the staff there focus on graphics, sales and profit while about 2% of that company are actually in touch with the story and canonicity.

Classic games are just that they are classic. Movies are exactly the same. The longer the industry goes on the more they run out of ideas and become lazy and predictable. RE will NEVER be the series it was but I will settle for they trying to be that series and right now they arent trying. A classic example is putting half of the files in RE6. How lazy is that? Thats like buying a car with half a seat.

I am like you I will take story over graphics any day of the week however the majority now is the polar opposite. I would play with people online with games like RE5 and 6 and its their first time and they are telling me to skip the cutscene....I just found that really sad.

I got RE6 because the trailers actually fooled me into thinking there may be a decent story here however 95% of the story was in the trailers so when I played it I was dissapointed, I quickly platinumed it and its been on my shelf since. Im not in the habbit of selling my RE items. I am a collector to.

Im not going to get started on Capcom and their perverted ways but I have seen enough things to know that those Japs sure are a randy bunch. Just take a look at the female outfits and you can see that. The Chris gimp outfit in RE5 lol. Yeah not Resident Evils proudest moments.

Anyway yeah its been great talking to you, I was nervous about the cast as well but they dont expect anything from us other than showing our passion commitment to the series and I would say we are both pretty good at that. :-)
Reply The_Cat_and_Cardinal
10:53 PM on April 22, 2014 
Reply Albert Wesker 187
8:47 PM on January 28, 2012 
Hello Arin it is me David I told you I was on this website I joined the website a couple of months ago.
Reply Albert Wesker 187
4:56 AM on November 29, 2011 
Thanks for welcoming to the site I like this website as well it is very intriguing.