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It's nice to meet you there my fellow survivor. My name is Christoper "Redfield96" around these virtual halls of the Internet. You may call me "Chris" or "Christopher" if you wish for short. Now let's see here. I'm a longtime gamer of many years, fan & collector of videogame music, movie watcher, book reader, story teller, amature ghost hunter, & all around Resident Evil/Biohazard fan since all the way back in good old 1996.

Since this is a Resident Evil fansite, one of the best on the net I might add so please do tell others about this amazing place, I might as well talk of my undying love for all things Resident Evil. I've been a HUGE Resident Evil fan since the very original game on the Playstation 1 all the way up to the most recent addition to this amazing series that being Revelations 2. My all time favorite games in the series are the original trilogy that got this whole thing started in the the first place, thanks Umbrella, gotta love viral outbreaks.

If I had to pick a favorite Resident Evil game it would most definitely be Resident Evil 2, with the Resident Evil 1 Remake being a close second, but Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is another great one as well. Over the many years of me playing, enjoying, and screaming my head off in fear playing these awesome games I've come to love & respect what each game has done for this series. It doesn't matter if it's the absolute start of the series with Resident Evil 0 or the latest addition being Revleations 2. Fixed camera angles or over the sholder style. Chris Or Leon. Jill or Claire. Wesker or Hunk. I LOVE it all ladies and gents. If you see me on the website making a post or engaging in a discussion with the other survivors, please feel free to say hello, and always remember to save your progress with that old type writer.


The sounds you hear coming from outside your door that sound like moaning, roaring, and clawing at your door very well could be a Crimson Head Zombie. After all now. This is the home of the Crimson Head Elder. Fight your fears and survive everyone! ;-)

-Christopher "Redfield96"-

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