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Crimson Head Elder Podcast #8
Posted by George Trevor on October 31, 2016 at 5:52 PM

Halloween special with star guests Sally Cahill (Ada Wong), Leila Johnson (Alexia Ashford) & Gary Krawford (Brain Irons). This 'Villains' episode features live interviews with Capcom's official actors for these iconic antagonists and YOUR questions posted at our Survival Horror Forum have been put to them! Also presenting in-character readings of 3 Resident Evil game files, recorded for us exclusively by one of our star guests! Please subscribe & leave a review for more Survival Horror community features:

File #8 contents ~

1. Exclusive interview with Alexia Ashford actress Leila Johnson

2. Exclusive interview with Brian Irons & Robert Kendo actor Gary Krawford

3. Gary Krawford reads in-character as Brian Irons & Robert Kendo from Resident Evil game files Chief's Diary (Resident Evil 2), Brian Irons letter (Inserted Evil), Robert's Notes (Resident Evil 2)

4. Exclusive interview with Ada Wong actress Sally Cahill

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Reply TheOracleDragon
6:01 PM on March 29, 2017 
I love all the podcasts, and this is a great trio interview of beloved villains, maybe one day we'll have more come on and share their stories and experiences working with Capcom. File readings are highly enjoyable as well!
Reply JC Wesker
12:40 PM on March 8, 2017 
.... 3!!.... 3 Legends of Villainy!! It's almost as if the '8', in Podcast #8, was nothing more than the symbol of 'Uroboros ad Infinitum', infecting your ears w/ the dark side of Resident Evil.... forever!! Haha!!

So, whether you're listening to this 'on' Halloween, or at any other time of year, CHE has once again delivered yet another delicious slice of 'Survival Horror'.

Here, we have another delectable 'Trio Podcast', where you will be graced w/ a total of 3 fantastic VA's, each of whom has instilled within us such delightful memories.... Of course, such is the nature of the characters whom these VA's represent, that you may very well find such words as 'wonderful', & 'chilling', occupying the exact same breath.

These VA's very much embody some of the best 'Villains' in the series, or should I say 'Antagonists', as it could be argued that the characters whom they voice do in fact occupy that grey area between what is 'Just', and what is 'Necessary'.... or maybe it's just 'Psychotic'.... or 'Megalomaniacal'.... Haha!!

I think I'll let the audience make their own judgement as to where these 3 characters fall on the 'Villainy Scale'; after all, we have found ourselves in the company of some particularly 'colourful' personality traits.

Gary Krawford, [Brian Irons], Leila Johnson, [Alexia Ashford], & Sally Cahill, [Ada Wong], have each individually provided such levity 'and' gravitas to their respective characters, that we once again find ourselves overcome w/ a welcome feeling of '90's Nostalgia'; an anthology of treasured moments that these characters impressed upon us as far back as nearly 20 years ago.

&, No matter where your 'loyalties' fall, this Podcast will definitely have you thinking back, if not actually wanting to return to those beautifully bleak environments of both Raccoon City & that of Rockfort Island.... and whatever mystery may or may not still exist around these characters, it is the voices which gave them life, and it is the voices we will never forget....

Thank you for the memories!!
Reply Isles487
2:50 PM on December 11, 2016 
This was fantastic to listen to, a real treat. Once again guys, a great job. Thank you for presenting our questions to the guests. To the guests, we all appreciate your work and wish you much success in the future- thank you for stopping by!
Reply Yoke
7:16 AM on December 1, 2016 
Great podcast as always! Keep up the good work everyone!

I feel kind of bad that I asked dumb questions for Leila Johnson lol.