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Crimson Head Elder Podcast #9
Posted by George Trevor on February 21, 2017 at 5:09 PM

Sara Coates, star of Z Nation and actor for the matriach from hell Marguerite Baker in Resident Evil 7, live group interview. Exclusively for the Crimson Head Elder Podcast, Sara performs in-character readings from the hard hitting Resident Evil 7 files 'Marguerite's Notebook' & 'Marguerite's Warning'. Plus extensive Resident Evil 7 review & debate with a panel of residents from our Survival Horror community forum featuring Yoke, Albert Wesker 187, CC, The Loving Zombie, Ray Redfield, Jill Sandwich, CrimsonElder & George Trevor.

File #9 contents ~

1. Sara Coates live interview with George Trevor & TheOracleDragon

2. Sara Coates reads in-character as Marguerite Baker from the Resident Evil 7 files 'Marguerite's Notebook' & 'Marguerite's Warning'.

3. Resident Evil 7 review & debate with our panel of residents from the CHE Forum.

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Reply TheOracleDragon
5:59 PM on March 29, 2017 
Sara was an awesome woman to talk to and I love it when everyone we've talked to would laugh and share stories with us when we talk to them. She certainly filled in much unknowns for us and curious wonder from this interview.
Reply JC Wesker
12:58 PM on March 8, 2017 
Today, we are keeping everything up-to-date, and we are bringing everything full-circle, as we will be focusing on what is the most recent installment of the Resident Evil series....

VII has brought many things 'back' to what is now a 20+ year old franchise.... Nevertheless, debating aside, the multitude of characters, and the VA's who have bought them to life, have always provided an emotion & a depth which resonates with so many fans across the world, and if ever there was a constant that we could all stand behind, it is the voice talent.

& Capcom have obviously, once again, made some terrific choices in their VA selections, as we are joined by, arguably, one of the most disturbing antagonists in the series to date, and it is the wonderful Sara Coates, who somehow manages to inject a level of talent that leaves us with a feeling of both repulsion & revulsion, but, above all, a sense of primal terror.

We are therefore instantly brought back to the Nightmare that both befalls, and is then facilitated by the Baker Family, and it is in Marguerite, the Matriarch of the household, that we experience a slice of horror that we'll surely never forget.

Sara is a truly wonderful guest, and, luckily for us, is nothing like Marguerite.... Haha!!

Nevertheless, it's through Sara, & her very up-beat & positive approach to both work & life, that we do, in fact, have an honest glimpse into what is the fractured personality of a benevolent, Louisiana house-wife, both before Eveline arrived, and then in the aftermath of when that 'gift' was given.

It is a delight to hear the voice behind a character who exists in such contrast to, and in such conflict with their true self....

The Bakers didn't deserve this, but this horror must be survived, & as fate would have it, Marguerite is 'Not a Hero'.... but that doesn't mean that she'll be disappearing from anyone's memory any time soon.... 'It's time for supper!!'
Reply George Trevor
2:21 PM on February 26, 2017 
An amazing interview experience with a wonderfully talented actor who shared her talents so generously and anyone who listens to Sara Coates file readings will hear just how very much she threw herself back into the role of Marguerite Baker, masterfully.
Reply Albert Wesker 187
6:12 PM on February 25, 2017 
This podcast was really fun and enjoyed every single moment of it although it was our biggest panel to date on any podcast everything flowed so well. The opinions everybody had was amazing there was a lot of funny moments also. I loved how excited Sara Coates was and she loved every single question the members asked. A big thank you to George Trevor And Crimson Elder for setting this up, but en even bigger thank you to the Gorgeous and Talented Sara Coates.
4:49 PM on February 24, 2017 
Well done to all involved - another awesome interview and good views across your panel, it was fair and all made interesting views, not all I agreed with! Sara Coates is such a beautiful guest I cant believe you booked her already, she must be hot property after ZNation and now her role as Marguerite. And as for those file readings, both are my favorites recorded by the guests as Sara put amazing emotion into them and I always have to listen to them now every time they appear in my game!
Reply ResiEvilChic96
1:12 AM on February 24, 2017 
Thank you very much to the brilliant and talented Sara Coates for taking the time to talk to CHE! Great job to George Trevor and TheOracleDragon for conducting that interview! I enjoyed Sara's enthusiam of working with RE and providing a wonderful performance as Margeurite Baker! I also loved her reading the files as Margeurite!
I also enjoyed the reviews of 7 from the CHE members! I felt the reviews were genuine and fair. I enjoyed everybody's different take and experience with RE7.
Kudos to another fantastic podcast!