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Crimson Head Elder Podcast #7
Posted by George Trevor on August 18, 2016 at 9:31 PM

Exclusive double interview, as Crimson Head Elder hosts THE Resident Evil 2 reunion of the decade, welcoming to our live podcast, Alyson Court AND Lisa Jai, the actresses for Claire Redfield & Sherry Birkin!

Our interview panel of TheOracleDragon & George Trevor put YOUR questions to our special star guests, as submitted at our  Survival Horror Community Forum

Celebrating 15 years as Claire Redfield, Alyson Court talks comprehensively with an electric frankness & passion about her work with Capcom on Resident Evil 2, Outbreak, Outbreak File #2Code: Veronica, Degeneration & The Darkside Chronicles. And talking exclusively to Crimson Head Elder, Alyson reveals how she was approached for role of Claire in the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2!

Lisa Jai, the youngest actress to have worked with Capcom brings a very personal focus on the plight and aspirations of artists with disabilities, talking candidly & passionately about her own struggle as an actress with disability, and how this has proved to be of immense challenge on both a professional & personal level. Lisa highlights the very personal touch she brought to the role of Sherry, drawing on her own childhood parental relationship for such an emotionally adult a role.

What better way to celebrate this 20th Anniversary, than with the first ladies of Resident Evil 2, Lisa Jai THE voice of Sherry Birkin, and Alsyon Court THE voice of Claire Redfield:

Lisa Jai news:

Alyson Court news:

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Reply osmar
11:32 AM on December 10, 2016 
my favorite part when was alyson answer my question!
Reply Isles487
1:04 PM on September 17, 2016 
This made a great Saturday morning listen and I greatly appreciate the podcast. Thanks to you guys for picking incisive questions and thanks to Alyson and Lisa for taking the time to answer them with candor and insight. I wonder whether it is accurate to say that Alyson was approached for the role of Claire in the RE2make, since she declined to explain the nature of the "contact" that Capcom Japan made with her. I hope she will have a role in the RE2make because it would not be right otherwise. Same goes for Lisa- what a shame if she doesn't even receive the benefit of some contact.

I really enjoyed hearing the actresses' thoughts on being replaced for their respective roles. It's clear that they appreciate all the support they receive from Resident Evil fans some two decades later. I wish nothing but success to the both of them.

I also was delighted to hear that Alyson considers Outbreak to be one of her favorite projects. Even more than Code Veronica, Outbreak didn't get the same level of exposure. Wonder how much additional material they recorded and worked on. From Alyson's description, the unused material is significant. I don't think Alyson mentioned this, but did she voice any of the characters?

I hope to see both of these actresses on future podcasts and I especially take note of the fact that Alyson is suggesting a future podcast to discuss Code Veronica. Please guys, arrange for that podcast because Alyson seemed eager to discuss her role in that game and explicitly suggested another podcast. Props to her for discussing the Dreamcast.

As always, thanks guys!
Reply JC Wesker
5:25 PM on September 16, 2016 
In the words of William Birkin: 'Sheer Perfection!!'....

I would say that the usual format takes something of a time-out in this iteration of the Podcast, as we settle in for a Podcast of G-Type proportions; a gift truly worthy of Biohazard's 20th Anniversary.

Alyson Court & Lisa Jai are both absolutely wonderful, and, since 2 is, & will always be, my favourite Resident Evil, this is a Podcast to be both remembered, &, forever cherished.

Firstly, I just want to whole-heartedly thank the CHE Team for selecting a great diversity of questions, which did indeed include some of my very own.... No Bristol bias at all, GT!! :-)

I've missed out on posting in questions b4, and so, I was truly honoured to hear my words delivered to these 2 ladies, and, of course, to receive such kind responses from both Alyson & Lisa themselves.

I was also undeniably stoked to hear my lengthy 'Pre-Question' spiel, to Alyson.... I have to say, I had to pause the Podcast and take a breath, I was that excited!! Haha!!

What's more, Alyson & Lisa obviously have something of a great friendship, &, after nearly 2 decades since Resident Evil 2 first graced our senses, it's incredibly sweet to hear from both Claire and Sherry, once again. :-)

Terrific stuff!! & as I've said to GT, it has to be said that all of these interviews are so masterfully done; it's a true testament to everyone at CHE's dedication to the franchise. Kudos!!
Reply Yoke
6:03 AM on September 11, 2016 
Great as always, I look forward to seeing (hearing? lol) them both again on a future podcast.
Reply Albert Wesker 187
6:01 AM on September 5, 2016 
Gracious my God Paul that was a mind blowing I am speechless I cannot clarify how great this podcast was everything was so immaculate on this podcast everything man your portrayal was unimaginable Alyson Court  has an amazing, unbelievable and beautiful voice. Lisa Jai is also a beautiful and alluring and she has such a unique voice I fell in love with both Alyson's and Lisa Jai personality. The portion of the music you put was so frightening and outstanding. I adored the principal podcast in particular yet this one is by a wide margin my most loved one I cannot  hold up to do different podcasts with all of you once more. I figure the way I can sum up my audit of this podcast in a couple words is it was sheer flawlessness in each way. I got a feeling of nostalgia mind blowing Paul you made a staggering choice this was one serious showing with regards to this is the beta rendition I cannot sit tight for the vanilla variant or last form of this podcast in the event that this is sheer flawlessness I cannot envision the last item man. I also love what you told Alyson Court and Lisa Jai about me it was really funny and I enjoyed that also. I love what they said about my questions also I am very humbled that both said my questions were really deep and I know I said this before but these voice actresses are really beautiful and ravishing. Looking forward to doing another podcast with my friends on the Crimson Head Elder website.
Reply SamuraiEdge
12:49 AM on September 2, 2016 
Writing and words just won't do this one justice. Despite my grim hope of seeing Claire and Sherry reprising their roles they were meant for in a future game or film, with this podcast I consider it a very special reunion and I'm completely content.

Loved the interactions between Alyson, Lisa, and the Crimson Head Elder Podcast members. Everything felt very natural and like stated, this really felt as if everyone was good friends and having fun as opposed to just an interview.

Loved both Alyson and Lisa sharing their life experiences and views on their characters. Both extremely talented and passionate individuals who brought life to these characters. It was truly a great privilege listening to them. Thank you to both Alyson, Lisa and everyone who made the effort to make this happen part of this fantastic site. I'm already eagerly awaiting for a future podcast with both.

Alyson's comments on sharing knowledge from both Code Veronica and the massive amount of missing content from Outbreak is already making me quiver with excitement.
Reply ResiEvilChic96
10:30 PM on August 25, 2016 
Was very thrilled to hear this podcast happened! Would of loved to have seen Claire and Sherry reunited in 6 but this makes up for it in a way. Both ladies sounded absolutely lovely and happy to be interviewed! I enjoyed Alyson's commentary on the business of voice acting. Wishing the best for both Lisa and Alyson in whatever endeavors they pursue. Both are extremely talented and deserve much more success!
I hope these ladies will be apart of RE2 Remake!
2:18 PM on August 25, 2016 
Podcast maravilhoso muito obrigado
Reply James Marcus
4:44 PM on August 23, 2016 
GT and Oracle youve outdone yourselves with this one - my favorite interview at CHE the queens of RE were kick ass awesome!
Reply WiskUK
5:43 PM on August 21, 2016 
I can only second everything B100dy3y3 has posted. The podcast was freakin awesome and my favorite interview here. Props to all CHE staff involved with this and big gratitude to Alyson and Lisa for connecting with fans so personally.
Reply TheOracleDragon
12:47 AM on August 21, 2016 
I had fun with this interview and talking to these fine laides, the podcast put together came out awesomely and is a great listen. I hope we'll have them back for another interview for more RE2 talk and RE2 Remake news (if we gather more intel about it). Fans will love and re-fall in love with these two, the best laides to speak to and great inspirations.
Reply Bl00dy3y3
2:49 PM on August 19, 2016 
A truly great Interview! It was illuminating on many levels. I was fascinated hearing behind the scenes on several projects that Alyson worked on and learned allot about the struggles that Lisa went through. My hat is off to her for helping pave a path for disabled Actors and Actresses. I'd like to than GT and Oracle for taking the time to do a through interview. I do not envy the task you guys had selecting which questions to use.

Finally I hope that Alyson will indeed be returning in RE2make as well as getting a groundswell of support to get Capcom to take notice of Lisa Jai once again in the hope of her reprising her role as Sherry Birkin. Keep up the good work GT! Hope to hear from Alyson and Lisa again soon!