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Crimson Head Elder Podcast #5
Posted by George Trevor on February 4, 2016 at 2:11 PM

Exclusive interview with Riva Di Paola, actress for Rebecca Chambers, joining our panel Neptune, CrimsonElderUSS CommandGeorge TrevorTheOracleDragon for a Resident Evil 0 Remaster review & to discuss her role as Rebecca Chambers. Riva reads in character as Rebecca Chambers from the Resident Evil 2 Ex-File 'Rebecca's Report' and from the official Resident Evil 0 strategy guide file 'Rebecca's Diary'.

File #5 contents ~

1. Resident Evil News covering Umbrella Corps, Biohazard Heavenly Island, Resident Evil 2 & 7 statements from series producer Kawata-san, & Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster press reviews.

2. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster panel debate and review including a retrospefctive look back covering the N64 beta, GameCube build & Wii port. We play the game live the night of release, comparing across the PS4 & XBOXONE versions.

3. Rebecca Chambers character analysis including news of her appearences in 3rd Resident Evil CGI feature, theatre production Biohazard The Stage, & S.D. Perry novels.

4. Riva Di Paola exclusive interview and panel debate covering her role as Rebecca Chambers & Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster discussion.

5. Rebecca's Report and Rebecca's Diary audio recordings by Riva Di Paola, in character as Rebecca Chambers, exclusive to the Crimson Head Elder Podcast.

Podcast theme (remix of Resident Evil 0 track 'Escape') by schadel
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Reply JC Wesker
5:00 PM on September 16, 2016 
I guess we may never know why Wesker had a photo of Rebecca in his desk in the S.T.A.R.S. Office, but it's another 'Slam Dunk' for the CHE Podcast; a focus on Zero was definitely well-anticipated, & all of you guys did such a great job.... as always!! :-)

Zero will always be one of my favourites; even if it does contradict its own geography, and the whole Enrico/Laboratory debacle will likely forever be a colossal headache. Either way, who better to relive such memories with, than by listening to Riva Di Paola.... the incredibly sweet & charismatic voice of RE's beloved Rebecca Chambers.

It was so lovely to hear Riva once again, and the file-reading of 'Rebecca's Diary & Report' was like listening to a long-lost audio file that Capcom had mysteriously taken out of the original game, back in 2002, & only now are we able to finally hear it.... Magnificent!!

I have to say that being able to engage w/ someone as amiable & delightful to listen to as Riva, both in and out of character, is a truly wonderful thing, and I'm once again very grateful to have had the opportunity to listen in. :-)
Reply Survivalist
8:58 AM on August 12, 2016 
Yet another excellent podcast. Really enjoyed the varied discussion on RE0 HD and the different perspectives. Gave me even more to consider and appreciate. And Riva was once again great; what a pleasant and enthusiastic person, who seems more invested than most in her role. And that reading really got my hairs on end. It is arranging that kind of thing where the value of what George Trevor and the rest responsible for CHE really shows.
Reply Yoke
6:59 AM on February 26, 2016 
Great podcast as always! I do hope she comes back!

I honestly like it when VAs say they still have a NDA or "they can't say anything" because to me that shows that "it" (whatever "it" is) is still happening.
Reply WiskUK
3:55 PM on February 10, 2016 
SkinniMini says...
Nice job CHE. The entire podcast was a great listen. I thought the Zero review was fair and everyone managed to get their thoughts on the game across in a meaningful way. Also, that podcast, made me want to go back and look at the scenery of the game again. I thought I acknowledged it up and down, but listening to you all made it realized I missed a bit. Of course I enjoyed the Riva interview too.

I agree with SkinniMini all the panel had a different view that made the discussion interesting to hear all the opinions. Thank you to the panel for asking my question. Riva always gives such great answers.
Reply SkinniMini1
2:29 PM on February 10, 2016 
Nice job CHE. The entire podcast was a great listen. I thought the Zero review was fair and everyone managed to get their thoughts on the game across in a meaningful way. Also, that podcast, made me want to go back and look at the scenery of the game again. I thought I acknowledged it up and down, but listening to you all made it realized I missed a bit. Of course I enjoyed the Riva interview too.

P.S, if you talk to her again, tell her she doesn't have to choose. I really liked the answer she gave regarding the differences yet similarities between the two.
5:06 PM on February 8, 2016 
Thank you CHE for another stacked podcast full of Resident Evil goodness. Riva has to be one of the most supportive voice artists in the series when it comes to connecting with the fans.
Reply BSAArklay
6:12 PM on February 6, 2016 
Such a great podcast, Riva was an awesome guest and can't wait to see those other games she has worked upon. Debating the game was fun as always and had a suprising amount of news to talk about. Also nice to speak with Neptune again.
Reply SamuraiEdge
12:59 AM on February 6, 2016 
I just got around to this. Absolutely astounding. Thanks again to the people responsible for this and to Riva for taking the time to do this and this amazing site. Perfectly timed also since I'm still very much enjoying the Zero Remaster (no surprises here).

I cannot get enough of listening to the voice actors/actresses reading from their characters diary/files. It's very unique and much appreciated. It's the passion the people from this site have and the amazing work the voice actors did in the game plus coming back years later to do these interviews which just brings a community to life despite all these years later. They should be very proud of their work and always remember just how influential they are to the fans and how essential they are to making a fictional, written character come to life. Beautiful job on this everyone.

I cannot wait until the Brian Irons interview. Keep up the great work.
Reply Isles487
11:26 PM on February 5, 2016 
Riva is exceedingly gracious and generous to participate in another interview after speaking with you guys at length in the last one. This interview and Riva make the release of the Remaster that much more exciting. Thanks to everyone for doing this.
Reply James Marcus
4:54 PM on February 5, 2016 
Big thanks this is my favorite game of the series and the podcast is everything any fan of the game would need to familiarize themselves with everything RE Zero has to offer and to find all the game's best features. Riva was even more into expressing her thoughts on the character of Rebecca than she was on your first interview. Another outstanding podcast, my favorite yet. - OK so it is RE Zero!!!
Reply ResiEvilChic96
8:57 PM on February 4, 2016 
Bravo Guys to another awesome podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast from everyone's reviews and P.O.V.s on Zero HD, the character Rebecca, and last but certainly not least, the interview with Riva Di Paola! She sounded so nice and really enthused to answer everyone's questions! Thanks for the shoutouts! I was thrilled to hear her answer my question about possible partners! I really hope to see her in more future installments of RE! Riva just gets Rebecca!
Reply Bl00dy3y3
8:40 PM on February 4, 2016 
Another great episode in the CHE podcast series. I enjoyed hearing everyone's thoughts and the ensuing debate. Also I very much enjoyed hearing Riva again. I like how she is still committed to the franchise and more specifically, the character of Rebecca Chambers all these years later. I'd love it if she got a chance to reprise her role as BSAA advisor Rebecca in the new cg movie.

Any ways, Great podcast by all. I look forward to the next installment!
Reply TheOracleDragon
7:18 PM on February 4, 2016 
We really had fun with this and talking to Riva, even if we got side tracked a handful of times. Love the editing and speaking to her, I hope she comes back if we learn more about Rebecca in future installments.
Reply USS Command
6:23 PM on February 4, 2016 
Great as always people. Next one can't be soon enough!