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Crimson Head Elder Podcast #3
Posted by George Trevor on January 26, 2015 at 5:31 PM

Resident Evil HD REMASTER review & debate with star guest Joe Whyte the voice of Chris Redfield. Joe joins our panel (George Trevor, Shimegee, AlbertWesker187, TheSelfishGene, BSAArklay & TheOracleDragon) to discuss the current state of survival horror, the video game industry, his role as Chris Redfield and the Resident Evil series.

Joe reads in character as Chris Redfield, two legendary files from Resident Evil 2, 'Chris's Diary' & 'Chris's Report'. Arriving from Japan, Universal Studios, TheSelfishGene brings a hands-on review, of Biohazard The Real 2. The Crimson Head Elder podcast file #3 concludes with our interview from Barry Burton actor Ed Smaron exclusively voicing in-character, the iconic file 'Researcher's Will'.

File #3 contents ~

1. Joe Whyte live panel discussion & interview.

2. Chris's Diary file reading by Joe Whyte, in character as Chris Redfield.

3. Chris's Report file reading by Joe Whyte, in character as Chris Redfield.

4. Resident Evil HD REMASTER review.

5. Researcher's Will file reading by Ed Smaron, in character as Barry Burton.

6. TheSelfishGene's hands-on review of BIOHAZARD THE REAL 2.

7. Ed Smaron exclusive interview.

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Reply Cialis prices
12:24 AM on March 26, 2018 
I have read so many articles or reviews about the blogger lovers but this paragraph is in fact a pleasant post, keep it up.
Reply JC Wesker
4:08 PM on September 16, 2016 
To put it simply, listening to this was such a treat; to listen to not just 1, but 2 voices from ReMake, a title which is undoubtedly up there as one of the very best, if not the best, in the pantheon of Resident Evil.

It was so very humbling to hear both Joe and Ed talk of their own 'RE Origins', & the experiences that they had during the recording process, and, maybe it's just my fond memories of ReMake talking here, but listening to these two gentlemen immediately took me back to that Mansion in a way I couldn't have ever imagined. It was a real privilege to listen to everything they had to say, and I tip my hat to CHE for setting up such wonderful interviews.... & don't get me started on the in-character readings.... You could have these guys narrate absolutely anything, & I'd have a smile on my face.
Reply Survivalist
1:26 PM on June 8, 2015 
Fantastic podcast! Joe Whyte gives a terrific insight into his experience, and the overall process. After hearing these interviews, it's interesting, and sobering, to hear how low their level of involvement with the series needs to be to to do the job. He's really funny too. Genuinely funny. "Yes, I have plans. Unfortunately Capcom is not aware of my plans". Incredible. I also appreciate his awareness of other RE games and his clear-sightedness of the series' development. What a wonderful guy. Great exclusive RE2 file reading too; gave me the shivers. I'd been curious about the live action RE2 attraction too, that was very interesting. Great to hear Ed's interview again too. Also, the podcast was very nicely underscored with the corresponding music tracks. Thanks to George Trevor, and everyone involved in this, a true joy to listen to!
Reply George Trevor
3:15 PM on May 20, 2015 
I'm very grateful to all residents who leave such positive comments for these interviews, podcasts & in-character file readings. All involved in the production including of course the voice actors themselves very much appreciate these kind sentiments; thank you so much.
Reply USS Command
7:50 AM on February 13, 2015 
I honestly can't believe I had to miss out on such a great podcast. Y'all done a fabulous job wish I could've been there!
Reply Albert Wesker 187
12:37 AM on February 4, 2015 
This podcast was outstanding I really enjoyed every single moment of it Joe Whyte is a really nice guy and it was an honor and privilege to meet such an incredible yet humble and outstanding voice actor. Ed Smaron interview was incredible and you are right about one thing George he is the voice of Barry and he also an incredible and humble voice actor. The panel review was outstanding everybody's idea flowed very well with the topic and the questions that were asked by our panel were incredible and the members from the website asked some fantastic questions. To sum it all up, this podcast was extraordinary and very well done looking forward to the next one. To Ed Smaron and Joe Whyte from all of us on this website we are all very grateful that you all took time from your busy schedules to speak with and gives us your insight. To George Trevor another amazing podcast and thank you for making this happen for all of us looking forward to making another podcast with you all again.
Reply Ray Redfield
12:27 PM on February 3, 2015 
The podcast panels have made it worthwhile to listen to. I enjoyed listening to this like the whole recording. Joe Whyte is such a brilliant voice actor and going from a Disney voice actor to Resident Evil was such an amazing thing to know. And he truly has such a nice voice and is very skilld in changing his voice tone. I still can't believe that Richard and Chris was voiced by him solely.

To George Trevor, you have done a marvelous job on this. And to the podcast panels you guys have made a brilliant appearance and remarkable participation. Well done!
Reply CRvox
6:50 PM on February 2, 2015 
Thanks so much to CHE again for having me on for the podcast. I really enjoyed talking with everyone and it's really got me inspired again! I just finished playing the game again (after about 10 years!) and I'd forgotten so much of it - it was amazing to relive the experience once again. Thank you all so much for caring about the game, and for your very cool compliments. I look forward to doing this again - and to perhaps a special (secret) event at some point in CHE's future!!! Ciao!
Reply Bl00dy3y3
5:02 PM on January 31, 2015 
I really enjoyed this podcast from Joe Whyte's interview too the Remake review all the way through to the review of BIOHAZARD THE REAL 2. Also it was very enjoyable to hear Ed Smaron read the Martin Crackhorn suicide journal entry in character as Barry. Same goes for Joe, taking the time to read in character as Chris for those two files.

All in all I think that George Trevor, Shimegee, AlbertWesker187, TheSelfishGene, Crimson Head Elder and TheOracleDragon
did an excellent job in this podcast and brought up things regarding the REmake: Remaster that I noticed as well. including many I didn't.

I very much enjoyed listening to everyone, including Joe Whyte, weighing in on the current state of survival horror games ( RE Included) that I generally agree with. Including how the voice work has changed so drastically from a style standpoint.

Thanks too everyone for taking the time to do these podcasts. I know I look forward to them, not just for the trivia brought up, but also for the personal insight everyone brings.

Keep up the Great Work!!!
Reply Naveed
11:01 AM on January 31, 2015 
Loved the new podcast.... Joe Whyte interview was great....It is great to hear that Joe has also played resident evil games and understands what gamers want in videogames and what games lack these days....Games have become less and less difficult and more about just run and gun filled with cutscenes....Thanks GT and everyone for this great podcast...
Reply BSAArklay
6:04 PM on January 28, 2015 
The Joe Whyte interview was outstanding. I have listened to that several times he is a really cool guy and I agreed with everything he said especially concerning celebrity voice actors and the fall of video games. Tell tale games did take a risk and it took alot of balls from them and I m glad it paid off.

Ed Smaron was awesome as well, I had alot of laughs with both interviews and they both seem like really down to earth nice people.

Was great to hear us talking Remake HD and looking back I may have been a tad bit harsh on the game. However I still stand by my reasons and dont think it was a great port. It is abit rough in places and they did very little for the hardcore fans other than adding HD. Those controls though.....waste of time.

Gene is a very lucky guy getting to visit the Biohazard Real all I have ever wanted to do is visit such a place. Its definatley on my bucket list.

Loved the readings of the files in character by both VA's. Like I said very cool guys to take the time to do that for us fans.
Reply James Marcus
1:35 PM on January 28, 2015 
Thank you CHE for old skool Resident Evil goodness and Chris Redfield in person reading his diary blew me away. This podcast was another trip down memory lane to survival horror heaven!
11:48 AM on January 27, 2015 
Awesome podcast! Joe Whyte is a legend, it was great to hear that he plays RE games and even better to hear he dislikes RE5 and RE6! Joe reading Chris's Diary brought back the atmosphere of the S.T.A.R.S office - both recordings were awesome to hear.
Reply TheOracleDragon
2:03 AM on January 27, 2015 
I really enjoyed listening to this and it was a great pleasure having taken part in the recording and I laugh still at the jokes and acting I did a few times. I like to joke about and such so forgive me on those parts.