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Crimson Head Elder Podcast #2
Posted by George Trevor on October 31, 2014 at 9:04 PM

HALLOWEEN PODCAST hosted from the Overlook Hotel, premièring the unreleased original theme for Resident Evil Dead Aim, written & performed by Resident Evil composer & voice actor for Bruce McGivern, Raj Ramayya, who joins our panel for this official début. Speaking exclusively for the first time in interview, Angus Waycott, actor for Morpheus D. Duvall, also joins us, and Jill Valentine actress, Michelle Ruff returns, treating us to an in-character reading of Jill's Diary, from Resident Evil 3. Also look out for further Halloween treats in the form of site exclusives, bonus in-character file readings from Dead Aim by Raj Ramayya & Angus Waycott, and our man in Japan, on location inside Universal Studios, to review the screampark attraction Biohazard The Real 2.

File #2 contents ~

1. Angus Waycott interview & character reading of 'Thoughts On My Kingdom'

2. Raj Ramayya live panel discussion & debut official release of 'Heroes Never Die'

3. Michelle Ruff character reading of 'Jill's Diary'

4. On location review, live in Japan, by TheSelfishGene, of Biohazard The Real 2

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Reply JC Wesker
3:50 PM on September 16, 2016 
Yet another great Podcast, and 1 brimming with VA goodness; I enjoyed making a return visit to the Spencer Rain, and it's always very insightful to hear some of the goings-on behind-the-scenes. I'm also a completionist of all things OST, & so, to hear the debut of Raj's 'Heroes Never Die' was such a lovely exclusive, while the in-character readings alone are more than enough to keep the excitement going, while waiting for the next strain of the Podcast to be released. :-)
Reply Survivalist
3:19 PM on June 9, 2015 
What a brilliantly conceived and executed podcast. These voice-actor interviews are wonderful. Their experiences and insights continue enrich my appreciation of Resident Evil, and it's so great to hear confirmation after confirmation that they would jump at the chance to be involved again. I would kill to see the return of Bruce and Fong; their was definite potential in that pairing; a nice foil to the Ada - Leon dichotmoy. And I could listen to Angus Waycott's voice all day long. What a class act! Michelle's reading, accompanied by the beautiful RE3 save room theme, truly transported me. And the icing on the cake, as a true obsessive fan and completist of the soundtracks, was the début of Raj's original piece. Absolutely brilliant. And I agree with James Marcus; the The Shining theme was a fantastic idea. That film has been, by far, my favourite film for many years. I've missed some incredible stuff here on CHE over the last few months... Please, please keep them coming!
Reply George Trevor
4:24 PM on November 11, 2014 
Thank you once again for all the support & feedback from the CHE community. We have come a long way since 2011.
Reply Albert Wesker 187
2:36 AM on November 4, 2014 
Oh my God Paul that was fucking incredible I am at loss for words I cannot even explain how fucking awesome this podcast was everything was so fucking perfect on this podcast everything man your narration was incredible Angus Wycott has an incredible and booming voice some of the music you put was so creepy the panel was incredible in everything we said the Reading of Jill Valentine's diary by Michelle Ruff was extraordinary I can go on. I loved the first podcast very much but this one is by far my favorite one I cannot wait to do other podcasts with you all again. I guess the way I can sum up my review of this podcast in a few words is it was sheer perfection in every way.The way you put the Room Of Angels Song during the interview was fucking unbelievable I swear I think I shed a tear because it fit so well with interview and the questions it was incredible and Nostalgic unbelievable Paul incredible and Exiquisite man you did a hell of a job and this is the beta version I cannot wait for the vanilla version or final version of this podcast if this is sheer perfection I cannot imagine the final product man.
Reply James Marcus
7:01 PM on November 3, 2014 
The Shining skin you covered your podcast in was the ideal way to present the perfect Halloween atmosphere. Another fantastic podcast - many thanks CHE you sent shivers down my spine all night.
1:28 PM on November 2, 2014 
These are the best Resident Evil podcasts available - I cant wait for File #3 podcast! Than you for producing Michelle Ruff's reading of Jill's Diary - that was an old school trip down memory lane I can take every day - more of the same please!
Reply USS Command
1:27 PM on November 2, 2014 
This podcast was great to record! Everything turned out WAY better then I could have dreamed! I only hope Angus and Raj can understand how greatful we and everyone who listened to this is!
Reply WiskUK
8:35 PM on November 1, 2014 
TheOracleDragon says...
I really enjoyed listening to it and how great it was hearing Angus talk about his experience. It was overly fun talking to Raj, even if I was nervous and a bit too happy, I do apologize if my voice was a bit too loud, uncertain why. All in all, it was a love and I hope we interview more voice actors soon!

I did not think your voice was loud, it was cool and clear to understand. Everything on the podcast did justice for my favorite RE game in the series after RE2.
Reply TheOracleDragon
3:26 AM on November 1, 2014 
I really enjoyed listening to it and how great it was hearing Angus talk about his experience. It was overly fun talking to Raj, even if I was nervous and a bit too happy, I do apologize if my voice was a bit too loud, uncertain why. All in all, it was a love and I hope we interview more voice actors soon!