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2 Comments Chris's Report
Posted by George Trevor on March 13, 2015 at 1:24 PM

Resident Evil 2 Ex-file, Chris's Report, is read in character, by Capcom's official Chris Redfield voice actor, Joe Whyte, exclusively for Crimson Head Elder.

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14 Comments Crimson Head Elder Podcast #3
Posted by George Trevor on January 26, 2015 at 5:31 PM

Resident Evil HD REMASTER review & debate with star guest Joe Whyte the voice of Chris Redfield & iconic title announcer for Resident Evil. Joe joins our panel (George Trevor, Shimegee, AlbertWesker187, TheSelfishGene, Crimson Head Elder & TheOracleDragon) to discuss the current state & relevance of survival horror, the video game industry, his role as Chris Redfield and the Resident Evil series. Joe reads in character as Chris Redfield, two legendary files from Resident Evil 2 ~ Chris's Diary AND Chris's Report. Arriving from Japan, Universal Studios, TheSelfishGene brings a hands-on review, of Biohazard The Real 2. The Crimson Head Elder podcast file #3 concludes with our interview from Barry Burton actor Ed Smaron exclusively voicing in character, the iconic file 'Researcher's Will'.

File #3 contents ~

1. Joe Whyte live panel discussion & interview.

2. Chris's Diary file reading by Joe Whyte, in character as Chris Redfield.

3. Chris's Report file reading by Joe Whyte, in character as Chris Redfield.

4. Resident Evil HD REMASTER review.

5. Researcher's Will file reading by Ed Smaron, in character as Barry Burton.

6. TheSelfishGene's hands-on review of BIOHAZARD THE REAL 2.

7. Ed Smaron exclusive interview.

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5 Comments Resident Evil Dead Aim character readings
Posted by George Trevor on November 11, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Exclusive to Crimson Head Elder, the official actors from Resident Evil Dead Aim, Raj Ramayya as protagonist Bruce McGivern, and Angus Waycott as antagonist Morpheus D. Duvall, read in character, the iconic opening narration (Raj Ramayya), and the chilling mantra which defines the game's iconic enemy (Angus Waycott).

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4 Comments Jill's Diary
Posted by George Trevor on November 11, 2014 at 4:38 PM

Jill's Diary, a file from Resident Evil 3, obtained upon every game file being found in correct order & read through. Upon game completion a bonus file entitled 'Jill's Diary' will appear in the file inventory. Detailing the harrowing proceeding days, two weeks from the mansion incident, these diary entries depict a disturbing prequel to the events of Resident Evil 3, and are now exclusively for Crimson Head Elder residents, read beautifully in character, by her voice actress, Michelle Ruff.

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9 Comments Crimson Head Elder Podcast #2
Posted by George Trevor on October 31, 2014 at 9:04 PM

HALLOWEEN PODCAST hosted from the Overlook Hotel, premièring the unreleased original theme for Resident Evil Dead Aim, written & performed by Resident Evil composer & voice actor for Bruce McGivern, Raj Ramayya, who joins our panel for this official début. Speaking exclusively for the first time in interview, Angus Waycott, actor for Morpheus D. Duvall, also joins us, and Jill Valentine actress, Michelle Ruff returns, treating us to an in-character reading of Jill's Diary, from Resident Evil 3. Also look out for further Halloween treats in the form of site exclusives, bonus in-character file readings from Dead Aim by Raj Ramayya & Angus Waycott, and our man in Japan, on location inside Universal Studios, to review the screampark attraction Biohazard The Real 2.

File #2 contents ~

1. Angus Waycott interview & character reading of 'Thoughts On My Kingdom'

2. Raj Ramayya live panel discussion & debut official release of 'Heroes Never Die'

3. Michelle Ruff character reading of 'Jill's Diary'

4. On location review, live in Japan, by TheSelfishGene, of Biohazard The Real 2

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7 Comments Michelle Ruff Exclusive Interview
Posted by George Trevor on October 11, 2014 at 10:22 PM

Michelle Ruff, the American Animé Awards double nominated (Best Actress for Bleach & Lupin the 3rd, and Best Actress in a Comedy for Lupin the 3rd), and SPJA Industry Award winning Best Voice Actress (Rukia Kukichi in the Bleach movie Memories of Nobody), exclusively spoke to Crimson Head Elder, during recording of our début podcast, and it was an engaging experience we are privileged to share in our mansion.

Particularly for Michelle's vast global fan base, from outside the Resident Evil community, generated by her considerably broad & industry wide respected vast body of professional work, both in Animé and Manga genres, our podcast interview has been lifted from File #1 of the Crimson Head Elder podcast, and uploaded separately below. Residents can experience a charismatic insight, that could only have been articulated so engagingly, by a particularly sincere & generous approach to her podcast appearance.

Exclusively interviewed by George Trevor for the Crimson Head Elder:

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12 Comments Crimson Head Elder Podcast #1
Posted by George Trevor on October 5, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Special star guest Michelle Ruff, voice actress for Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Revelations, is in residence, with our panel - George Trevor, Neptune, TheBatman, TheOracleDragon, USS Command, Albert Wesker187, and Crimson Elder.

File #1 contents ~

1. Resident Evil global news

2. Resident Evil at The Tokyo Game Show

3. Michelle Ruff Interview

4. Resident Evil Revelations debate & review

5. Crimson Head Elder residents call-ins & questions

6. Resident Evil quiz 'The Right To Be A God'

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6 Comments Riva Di Paola Interview
Posted by George Trevor on June 15, 2014 at 5:04 AM

THE voice of Rebecca Chambers, Riva Di Paola is wonderfuly engaging, articulately insightful, and unselfishy gives our residents an interview she approached with particularily generous, considerable attention, and so gifts our community a very special connection with her accomplished portrayal of Rebecca Chambers.

Not content with affording us much of her own personal time, Riva was sincerely delighted to lend her professional talent as a voice actress, to an exclusive in-character reading from the Diary of Rebecca Chambers. This very privileged gift to Crimson Head Elder residents can be listened to in the feature entry below her interview.

Exclusively interviewed by George Trevor for Crimson Head Elder:

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8 Comments The Diary of Rebecca Chambers
Posted by George Trevor on June 14, 2014 at 4:41 PM

Rebecca Chambers voice actress, Riva Di Paola, has extremely generously gifted our residents, with a very special, exclusive in-character recording, of the Diary of Rebecca Chambers (written by Dan Birlew & published by Brady Games in Resident Evil Zero Official Strategy Guide).

During her harrowing, nightmarish journey through the Umbrella Management Training FacilIty, Rebecca diarizes some of her more disturbing & near fatal encounters. Residents of Crimson Head Elder have the exclusive opportunity to hear this exceptional recording of all diary entries, so very generously performed by an artist at the top of her game, and affording the narrative background of Rebecca's Resident Evil canon story, considerable further depth.


Designed presentation of Rebecca's Diary by George Trevor ~

Very special thanks to Rebecca Chambers voice actress, Riva Di Paola for the below audio recording of Rebecca's Diary:

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8 Comments Ed Smaron Interview
Posted by George Trevor on May 28, 2014 at 8:16 PM

Ed Smaron, THE voice of Barry Burton, conducts a particularily engaging interview, drawing us back into the Spencer Mansion, and evoking memories of his character's emotional turmoil, at the hands of antagonist Albert Wesker. Crimson Head Elder asked our residents who they would rather be interviewed, blackmailer Wesker, or his tragic victim Barry, and it was almost unanimous, so please enjoy the wonderfuly charasmatic, highly talented, and extremely likeable Ed Smaron, as he allows us this priveleged look into the engrossing experiance of the Resident Evil voice actor.

Exclusively interviewed by George Trevor for Crimson Head Elder:

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