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USS Command
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So this is something I've been thinking about for a while and I've never really seen anyone talk about this so here we go. After Umbrella's downfall where would the USS go (besides going home and getting a new job).  Well I remember reading somewhere on Project Umbrella that Umbrella started packing up and heading to sea on ships like the ones from Dead Aim or Gaiden. That's when it hit me, Hunk is on a boat somewhere - I know the only evidence I have of this is from Mercenaries but the image that Jack gets has him up against a wall with that tower blowing up in the background, and sure enough when the PS2 version of RE4 came out he did survive but Ada killed him.

Now with Revelations Beta we see Hunk running around. Now I've seen people just say oh it was place holders for Veltro, but that can't be true - looking at the trailer should tell you that much. I also remember someone saying a story idea for a game Capcom didn't do was about Hunk on a ship, but I cant remember who. But what do you guys think?


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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USS agents by now would probably be working for sponsors of terrorism, like General Miguel Grande in Degeneration, Tricell, or joining the good guys in the BSAA. Or working for people like Javier Hidalgo in Darkside Chronicles.

If they joined the BSAA, then their expertise would come in handy. Their experience and training would be very valuable to anyone. However, they will need to deal with possible prosecution by the law. They could possibly be anywhere in the world right during Resident Evil 6.

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George Trevor
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The only named U.S.S. agents I can think of  that escaped their respective missions with their lives, is Hunk (last known mission - G virus seizure operation in September 98 ), and Rodriguez (mission unknown) who, like Hunk, escaped Raccoon City just prior to its destruction.

I am not aware of any file or other canon material that shed further light on the activities and whereabouts of current & ex U.S.S. members, but there cannot be many out there, considering that it was a much smaller group than the more visible U.B.C.S. and all those associated with the Ecliptic Express investigation & the G virus seizure operation (except for Hunk & Rodriguez) were wiped out.

The only other U.S.S. operation specifically referenced in the series is the clean-up mission of Umbrella Plant 57, in Africa, but I am unaware of any known survivors.


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Hunter Alpha
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I have wondered if the ones that carried the assassinations of the Umbrella executives with level 10 clearance could have been U.S.S. soldiers still working for Oswell E. Spencer.

Alex Wesker also has a group of soldiers working for her which are the ones that kidnap the members of Terrasave.

Then there's subject A-37 from Umbrella Corps, which by the end of The Experiment is hinted to be HUNK (the trophy you unlock for completing the final mission is called "return of the grim reaper") or to at least be a mercenary as skilled as him.

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