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I got a message to join this site last year (I don't check my account too often, I guess!) and decided to give it a shot. I'm Emelie, but I prefer to go by the name Mlie, which is pretty much a lazy way of writing my name. I've been a fan of the Resident Evil-series basically my whole life, and I've grown up with the games. I began collecting RE-related things back in 2008, and I now have a cute "little" collection.

My first cosplay was Claire from RE Degenration in 2009, and I have since then made 3 more cosplays of her - RE2, RECVX and the Battle Game outfit from CVX. She's been somewhat of a role-model for me since I was a kid.

So... yeah, that's what I had to say about me! Looking forward to getting to know some of you here.


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Welcome to the site, we're glad you came to join us. :D


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George Trevor
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Interesting introduction, and great to see another cosplayer & collector become a resident here.

Feel free to make a thread relating to cosplay, and featuring your work there, and you may also like to post in our collection thread some of your Resident Evil gems ~

As someone who is clearly passionate about Clare, would you place Code:Veronica X as one of your favourite Resident Evil installments ? I can be heard singing its praises on episode #10 of the Project Umbrella podcast, but there was a stark contrast of opinion that night.

Look out for an overhaul of our Resident Evil Items section, as a considerable amount of new items from George Trevor's, William Birkin's, and C0llector's personal collections are added over the Xmas holiday.

It's a pleasure to see such a long serving, and dedicated fan of Resident Evil become resident here ~ I hope you find your stay at Crimson Head Elder an informative & intriguing one!


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Albert Wesker 187
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Welcome to the site Mlie I myself am a Wesker Cosplayer and I have been playing the Resident evil video games all my life. I Cosplay as him every halloween fo course I have yet to wear all his costumes Wesker is my role model and hero and too me I believe Wesker is still alive out their working from the shadows like he always his. There is a little bit about me I am looking forward to getting to know you also.


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