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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Hey guys! I just thought up a new topic when I was thinking about Lisa Trevor.

Was Alexia Ashford aware of the existance of Lisa Trevor? If so, did she manage to get any research off Lisa Trevor to incorporate it into her own research?

I am pretty sure that it was not mentioned anywhere in the lore or games that Alexia was aware of Lisa Trevor before Alexia sealed herself in cryo.


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I guess I have to read Wesker's reports again before I can say anything to this. I am pretty sure that it was only after Alexia sealed herself into that cryo chamber that Lisa Trevor changed into something more significant. Or came the order to destroy her after Alexia went off sleeping? I can't remember.


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George Trevor
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Interesting thought raised by our valued scholar short answer would be simply 'No' due to the secrecy surrounding the abduction, incarceration, and experimentation suffered by Lisa.

Alexia, being the daughter of the disgraced Alexander, isolated on a low-level facility, I cannot see how she would have been either privy, or able to acquire such information on a high-level Umbrella project, under the direct control of Spencer. The fact that Lisa was even forgotten about, and un-seen during almost the entirety of her loathsome roam of Spencer's estate, referenced in Wesker's Report II also lend credence to the suggestion that Alexia was not aware, and could not have known of such a high-level experiment.


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James Marcus
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I just found this old thread and wanted to add my own small observation that it would have been interesting to see how Lisa's mutations would be different if she had been a test subject for Alexia's Code Veronica research instead of Spencer's pet! I expect there would have been many wasted years because I dont think Lisa would have required the years in statis that Alexia would have wrongly done with her :lol:


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Alan Wenpei Mao
Posts: 113

Birkin was aware of Alexia's research according to Wesker's Report. So Birkin had incorporated her research afterwards then the basis of the G-virus appeared. Are Wesker's Reports canon?

Lisa's mutations would have been more focused on plant-like extra limbs and flaming blood. She probably still have the superhuman strength, but be able to throw flaming blood. Probably have harden caparace like Alexia.

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