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Ah jeez, I can't believe I took this long to actually introduce myself after joining. Well I don't have too much to say. I'm a fairly recent-ish Bio fan. Got into the franchise about 5 years ago after purchasing a three pack of RE 0, REmake and 4, and I've been in love with the franchise ever since then. I've always been a fan of the depth of the Biohazard lore, and seeing fans so devoted to providing improved translations and new material which I had never been aware of just makes me excited when new things pop up for the franchise. It's good to be here, and it's a pleasure to meet you all! :>

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Welcome to the site and introducing yourself, you'll will find a whole ton of us RE die hards here. I'm Oracle, or A.R., author and creator of the R.E.S.S. series (Resident Evil: Shane's Story)

Have fun enjoying new updates, images and such, we're glad you introduced yourself too. You should also play the originals too, 1-3. A lil advice with the Wii games is that part of it is non-cannon so you shouldn't get confused if you can play the first 3 games of RE.


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George Trevor
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ALWAYS very heartening & interesting to hear from our residents, however belated their greeting. One of our first ever residents only just recently visited our Forum to say hello; it is never the time that matters, only the warmth of the greeting. 

Judging by your introduction to Resident Evil, and your particular passions for the series, this is the perfect place for you to visit on a regular basis.

Looking forward to bringing you more curious & insightful Resident Evil lore, be it media, or exclusive Crimson Head Elder translations. 


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Morning Son
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Nice to see you here!

I gotta say, I really envy you. I've played 1-3 so many times, that I'm  a lot like a zombie myself when I play through them. Just going through the motions, not surprised by any of the moments meant to surprise. I wish I could revisit that feeling of playing the games for the first time again, but regardless, I love them so, and I hope you do as well. Also, I may be alone in saying this, but if you've played REmake, don't bother with the original. It hasn't aged very well at all, hence the REmake. 2 and 3 are tremendous though.

Again, welcome!

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