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Hello, I'm new..... as you can see.

So, I just found this site randomly, which is weird because I've searched for a nice Resident Evil centered site before and this one never came up. Though, I most likely wasn't looking hard enough. At the time, I was just kind of here and there about it.

Anyways, Resident Evil is pretty much my MOST FAVORITE video game series of all time!! I just can't get enough of It. I started off with RE2 on the N64 when I was very young and from then on I knew I just HAD to play the rest of them.

I'm horrible at introductions. Sorry about that heh.

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Welcome to Crimson Head Elder. You will find a lot of like-minded people here, lots of information and tons of scans and articles you won't find anywhere else on the net. See you round the forums!


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Welcome to the site, you'll have fun exploring and checking things out around here and with fellow RE fans, you will have many fun times talking about Resident Evil. A lot of information here that you will enjoy, we hope you stick around! Have fun! :D


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George Trevor
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Be most welcome Kogasu, and I think your introduction was just fine.... moreover, your premier Resident Evil experiance mirrors my own.

Not long after I put that brick sized & weighted cartridge into my green see-through N64, I found myself in one of the most iconic & mysterious buiIdings in video game history. I can still remember that imposing & haunting musical score that greeted me on my first arrival into the RPD grand entrance hall. I will never forget it, and as I furthered deeper into that eerie building, I knew immediatly I would be with this City for many years to come.


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Morning Son
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Welcome! Lots of old school RE (My personal favorite RE) fans here, as well as a ton of content that I've never been privy to before. Glad to have you here!

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