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A very, very late "hello" to the forum residents here. Sorry:)

I've been visiting and reading here in the forum for almost a whole year without posting myself. I think it's time for me to quit lurking in the shadow:P

I enjoy all the RE titles, and RE zero and RE2 are my favorite.

It's an amazing site full of excellent stuffs and enthusiastic residents, I like to be here and enjoy the time. I want to thank Mr. Trevor for bringing this wonderful place to everyone who love the Resident Evil series.

p.s.: Sorry if there're some spelling or grammar mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and I think my English is not good enough to express myself clearly...


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Welcome to CHE, Mr. 1035. You're probably the first RE fan I know who puts RE Zero among his favourite games of the series. I liked that game too, at least the part in the Training Facility.

So I hope you have a good time here. See you around the forum!


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George Trevor
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I have been waiting a long time for this extremely valued member of our little community, at Crimson Head Elder to appear.

Mr 1035 was one of our first residents here, accepting George Trevor's invitation to visit this site on our inaugural day, and I have been somewhat intrigued by his identity ever since...... it is very heartening to hear from a true supporter of the site, and one of our loyalist residents. 

What a breath of fresh air to see the much over-looked Resident Evil Zero get some respect. Yes it could have been so much more, but it can still be enjoyed for what it is..... which will see the player immersed in beautiful backgrounds, and soaked in a sinister atomosphere, realised in great depth by a sorrowful musical score, that is one of the best the series has to offer. Many of the files are fascinating, and depressing, with far more interest than many of the bland offerings of the later games. 

I would be interested to hear your thoughts Mr.1035 on Resident Evil Revelations ~


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