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Well, how to introduce myself to you all? Hmmm. Ok, I'm 36 (yes, I'm ooooold *lol*), I'm from Germany, and I play RE since 1996. My very first time was pretty short. I choose Chris and ran right into Chomper (my nickname for the first zombie in the game) and even though I tried to slash him he did, what the nick says: he chomped Chris to death :(. As a reaction I put the controler down and thought: stupid game! I'll never play again! ... This "never again" took about 15 minutes before I started to think that there has got to be a way past that "damn creature". And so I played again and got infected with the T-Virus. *lol* Ever since I played what I could get my hands on (2, Nemesis, CV, Gun Survivor, 4, and 5) and I will be playing Revelations in January *yaaaaaaaaaaay* (can't wait).

Ok, so much about me and my RE-history. If anyone of you wants to know more: just ask ^_^

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Welcome to the site and oh jeez, when I and my bro first played RE we continued it to the end and did the same with the other games all the way to RE5. :D


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Yay, another resident from good old Germany! Herzlich willkommen! We kinda share that first RE experience, though I didn't start in 96. My first game was REmake and when I met Mr. Chomper with Jill I died right then and there. And on the next try, too. And on the next ... Until I realized that I could have Barry do the dirty job :-)


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James Marcus
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Welcome to the site and I would like to know if I could tempt you into a game of Resident Evil Zero as I noticed it was missing from your list!


I will have my revenge on Umbrella!

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George Trevor
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Greetings Serene, nice introduction. I love your moniker for the premier Zombie !

I hope you find Crimson Head Elder an interesting & intriguing place to visit, and we hope to have you stay for a long time.

Regarding Revelations, I have not looked forward to a Resident Evil installment this excitedly since REmake.


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Welcome to the site. If you like the older Resi games then you'll love it here !



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