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AND NOW ... for something completely different. Hi there everyone, this is sort of an invitation to have a look at my Resident Evil gallery on DeviantArt

It's not exactly art as you will find out; just a bunch of funny screenshots and stuff that I've been working on using Corel Photo Paint. Most of the time I'm taking the mickey out of Wesker and his (let's face it) stupid behavior in RE5.

Please forgive the bad jokes and my poor English in some of the pics. Just enjoy ...

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George Trevor
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Those were very funny fletcherc ..... I particularily loved the one with Wesker worrying about air travel with his new metal arm !

I'm pleased that you chose Resident Evil 5 for your deviations...... the screenshots from REmake are sacred ! RE5 could do with a make-over in my opinion.


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James Marcus
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I have to say I laughed my a**e off at some of those pictures. Very funny work fletcherc.


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Thanks everyone. But George I'm sorry to say that I used at least one or two REmake shots for my jokes. Although I agree with you when it comes to REmake: it's my favourite RE game. But hell, Wesker's my favourite character (besides HUNK) and I still love to make fun of him whenever I can! So please forgive me my blasphemy ...

This is "Lab Dogs" by the way. It's a silly little comic thing, so it's not to be taken too seriously.


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