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This is the sad story of my very wonderful Resident Evil OC, Shane Burns. His history is sad and very mysterious as is insane. After a serious accident, Shane was admitted to a mental hospital in which he has been there since he was 14, he is now 23 (year is 2009) His life is a blur and full of mystery as is chaos. He was 12 years old when the outbreak in Raccoon City hit, he was living there with his mom when it happened. That was the original story but I'm getting a change of heart and might re-write his story, this is the beginning of it. Notes: Shane forgets how old he is because of the intention of the staff in the asylum.

Older chapters are being edited and re-written to have more details and such. Takes place during the outbreak in Raccoon City (flashbacks), so his time in the outbreak starts whenever he sees a zombie for the first time. There are Part(s) of his story which means they are 'book 2 or 3' of his story, hence why it's labled Part 2. There is a total (thus far) of three parts. Artworks are uploaded with permissions of the artists and are of R.E.S.S. on my order/request. I will come back from time to time and edit posts for I've been working on improving my writing skill and do apologize if older chapters seem so bland.

Shane's story is very old and from the early 2000's era, I honestly forget the exact year but it is pretty old. Artworks are done by friends and you can see their deviantART pages under the images, links are provided as well as permission given. Shane's story takes place from 1980's - 2021. It does not interfere with the main timelines of the series, when main characters are being used, it is during the times they aren't seen in the game series. Remember, Resident Evil is R and M rated. (MORE NOTES COMING SOON)

If you have questions about the story, feel free to leave a message and I'll try and answer if for you. I'm doing my best to keep true to Resident Evil survival horror as well as not interfering with the main timeline (plot) of the series, thus majority of this takes place before, during or after but will not mess with the line. Be something if Capcom notices this story and takes great interest in it, maybe make a new RE game with it or even CG movie. :P ENJOY THE READ!

Shane’s Story

Darkness. It was an old friend, always there, always waiting. Sounds filled into the darkness, a loud sounding horn shot through the darkness startling him awake, a terrible dream that would never end. Light blinded his eyes forcing him to shut them slightly, his body was stiff, he couldn't move. The nightmare was real once again; trapped in a world of chaos.

He could hear beeping, air compressions, sounds heard in hospitals; a place he hated the most in his young life. His eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light above him; there he could see it was a hospital light used in various operations on willing and unwilling patients. Slowly he turned his head toward the left and could see a mirror on the wall, nothing else was there to be revealed; for it only showed him this room and whatever could be behind it could be watching his every waking moment being trapped upon this table.

Turning his head to look to his right, he discovered an IV attached to his arm. There were fresh bandages wrapped around his arm as he gazed down his body, ignoring what was on the right for now. He was strapped down firmly to prevent struggle, the only garment they allowed him to wear was black boxer shorts and they were of St. Jeremy's Hospital, a mental asylum. He remembered the attempted escape but all that failed and now he was trapped here once again after awakening from that empty darkness. It was a plan that would have worked as well but things turned sour when he slipped on the floor.

His thoughts were interrupted and his eyes fell to the door before him, cold metal doors with small window. This was the private room where patients were taken for testing, operations, the nightmare room he heard many scream about. Once again he looked around as best as possible, the machines were all making sounds to hide away anything else the facility would offer him. He took a breath and left it out slowly, he was still in the asylum right?


Art by MadiBlitz

He was positive he was in the asylum, where else would he be? The doors opened and alerted him of the four men who entered the room, each wearing a white mask and lab gowns and eye protection. A terrifying reminder of doctors who could be crazed out of their minds with an exposed patient resting upon the table, hungry to cut him open and see what was inside. Their gazes were passing through him, he could feel the pressure leading his heart to race; one of the men looked at the young man and then those to his right. This one was holding a hypodermic needle filled with a clear fluid of sorts, clearly the lead doctor in this foul practice.

“What are you doing?" He asked finally looking at the other three standing next to him, unmoved by his questioning. "Where am I?" They wouldn’t say a word to the helpless man, this caused great fear to flood his system instantly and the result of it caused him to struggle in vain against the restraints that bound him.

“Blood pressure is rising slightly." Spoke the one as he was working with the machines, monitoring every bit of data passing before his eyes. Clipboard in hand, he took notes involving the situation. "Brain waves are normal, no change."

"Where am I?" The young man asked again raising his voice to attempt to draw their attention. "What are you doing?" This mantra repeated once more till he noticed in the corner of his eyes the lead man was holding up a needle and flicked at the contents within it. They were going to inject him and only the heaves knew what they would do if he went unconscious. Desperation plagued his voice; he shouted at them to not do it and to set him free in his futile efforts to get off the table, the end result was two men forcing him to be still long enough for the injection to be completed.

“Keep him down." One of the voices sounded, louder than the man’s shouts, louder than the blaring machines recording the panic flooding the body. "Hurry up and give it to him!"

The young man fought harder feeling all of them pinning him down but one, it was clear he was straining the old restraints to their breaking point. This distraction he did to himself lead the sole man not holding him to give the shot quickly into the young man’s right arm. He could feel the liquid coursing through his body, the sensation was strange and numbing, a sedative. His body would soon relax fully and put him into the rest they needed in order to work fully.

"No…" He said in a soft tone, a soft haze floating over his mind. The darkness calling to him to return to it, to enter the sleep so the men could do whatever they pleased with him. Those blue eyes closed finally and he was lost in the darkness.

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Very interesting opening chapter......I look forward to Chapter 2


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-Chapter 2

‘Is he part of the program?’ A voice echoed in the darkness surrounding the mind in a hazy fog, alertness toned down to the dullest level. Such awareness could only be gained in a dreamlike state offered by the darkness in events of panic.

‘Yes. He won’t remember anything after we’re done. He won’t remember this procedure.’ Spoke another voice in the distance. ‘He is the only one left that was there.’ The statement clearly a mystery, a mystery with no name and no setting; was this the reason this was remembered?

‘What happened to the others?’ Asked the first voice from earlier, familiar from the operation and yet it was terrifying understanding that dread would follow if the mind would allow it. However, this wasn’t the case for the young man who slept away and was lost in his own mind.

‘Terminated.’ This voice was cold and heartless, stating the most obvious without the need of explanation, was this man the leader of the group?

‘Make sure he is strapped down tightly.’ A new voice and it had a Russian. ‘This will hurt.’


1998 - Raccoon City

Apartment Heights - Room #109

“Shane! Don’t forget your lunch!” A woman shouted with a southern accent while shutting the apartment door behind her, the sound of it closing also alerted the occupants of the tiny place. Setting aside her shoes, she headed to the kitchen with the trashcan.


A young boy stared at himself in the mirror fixing his short cut dirty blonde hair; he smiled before brushing his teeth while looking at his ice blue eyes. He was always in awe looking at how beautiful they were, he had to wonder if it was the reason he was complimented by girls. Once done he left the bathroom to see his mom standing in the kitchen preparing food for later in the day.

“You look so handsome.” She said making him smile lightly, her skin was a very beautiful color for she was a Native American. “Officer Ryman is outside waiting for you.” She stated with a gesture to the window before grabbing her hot cup of coffee sitting on the counter.

“Again?” Shane asked looking out the window down at the streets to see a tall police officer smoking a cigarette while leaning against a light pole. “I hope he’s not going to bust me for something I didn’t do.”

His mother laughed and patted him on the head seeing Kevin down there looking up at their window before getting rid of his cigarette. She smiled and nudge Shane to get ready, it took him a moment and he soon left the apartment and was on the street in two minutes. Course, he had used the apartment railing on the stairs to cheat getting downstairs.

“Hey, Shane.” Kevin said smiling at the young kid. “What took you so long?”

“Mom.” Shane said smiling back. “What’s up?” Adjusting his backpack, he was ready for the walk to school with the officer he trusted greatly, even if he liked being silly when it comes to the man being an officer and thinking he was going to arrest the youth.

“Another day, another dollar.” Kevin joked as they started to walk, he soon yawned and stretched. “You’re fortunate that I’m up at this hour.” He told causing Shane look up at him. “I work night shift but I owe your mom.”

“Free drinks?” Shane asked as they crossed the street as Kevin nodded, the boy chuckled as he found it amusing that his mom and Kevin could end up dating at some point in time, he wanted that to happen since he wanted a father in his life and so far Kevin was his father figure. He wanted to be a cop like him when he was older, defending the streets like Kevin.

“Best there is.” He said with a grin as they walked down the street. Kevin was fond of the Shane and his mom and he never considered he’d be this close a friend to a kid but in the end he found himself liking the boy. In a way, Shane reminded Kevin of himself when he was a kid.



Sounds flooded his ears as he took a quick breath, he slowly opening his eyes so see that everything was fuzzy and out of place. Just the movement alone brought forth a burning pain deep within his chest, he groaned rolling onto his side to attempt to find comfort only to end up slipping off his head onto the cold floor.


A curse escaped his lips and his mind was screaming from his annoyance of all of this. He moved to sit up and gave in to the anger and shouted out, his chest ached and now his entire body. He wanted to cry but he was hurting too much to waste his energy in doing such any annoying uncontrolled emotion. Ever since being trapped here with the insane, his mind was slowly snapping through emotions that he once had full control over. Tears flowed easily and his anger peaked so quickly, mixing the two lead him to having headaches.


A guard tapped on the glass to draw his attention away from it all for a second, it was feeding time and the food was slid into the room from a small slot at the bottom of the glass. At first his eyes registered the food being nothing more than slop until he actually studied the contents seeing he was blessed with fresh fruit, for so long he craved to have these wonderful sweet treats.

With feral instinct he snatched the apple slices eating them greedily trying hard to savor the sweet taste as the guard walked away with a twisted smile. Shane coughed from the haste and patted his chest getting a drink from the small bottle of water, it was perfect as he sighed ignoring the camera in the room. The food clearly made him forget about his pains a moment earlier and here he was acting like a starving animal that discovered the motherlode of food.


He wanted to enjoy it before they took it away from him, with haste he stuffed a few slices into his socks just as the guard came back using a hook pulling the tray back out. Shane was furious for having lost a chance to grab the perfect orange he had seen in a long time; however that was how this place operated against him.


His body was weak when he tried to rise to his feet; every part of him felt as if he did a strenuous exercise he had taken gone too far. He honestly felt like crap once he was able to stand and soon used the toilet before lying back down. For the most part, his chest felt as if it was on fire and no matter how hard he tried to get comfortable, it never happened. It felt as if there was a fifteen pound weight on his chest, pushing down by invisible hands to make it difficult to catch a calming breath, a quick stab of pain in his side making him cringe instantly. That kind of pain felt normal from a workout but this clearly was unnatural to him and he begged for relief from anyone watching him.

He got nothing.

The silence was the greatest of annoyances and he groaned, his stomach rolled so badly he ended staying next to the toilet most of the night nibbling on the fruit in his socks to try and ease his stomach. He never felt this sick before, not since he got the stomach flu when he was a kid in Raccoon City those many years ago….


1998 - Raccoon City

Apartment Heights - Room #109

“You’re burning up baby.” His mother said dabbing a wet washcloth over his head as he held his stomach. It was clear he had gotten sick at school and with the stomach flu. “You’ll be okay, just need some sleep.” It was the first time in Shane’s young life did he catch any sort of sickness. She was so careful in making sure he stayed healthy and strong, till she learned how sick her baby boy was getting.

“It hurts mom.” Shane stated cringing in pain before hurrying to lean over his bed vomiting. It was getting worse and would last for hours. “It came out of my nose!” He exclaimed blowing his nose with a tissue she handed him. “Mom, make it stop.” He begged her, his eyes pleading with her to make the terrible pain to cease. The buzzer for their apartment sounded forcing her to leave her son’s side to see who was calling.

Moving swiftly to the intercom, she pressed the button hearing Shane whine in the other room, “Hello?” She said rubbing her face tiredly. “It’s Kevin.” Replied the voice of Kevin Ryman, “I got the stuff you needed.” He said ruffling the bag he carried to prove to her he hadn’t failed in his retrieval.

“Come on up.” She replied pressing another button and opened the door of their apartment, it was easier for Kevin to enter without the issues of knocking. Returning to Shane, she found him vomiting again. “Kevin’s brought your medicine.” She said sitting down on the bed to rub her son’s back, he wasn’t too happy about having to take medicine. “It’ll help you feel better.”

“But mom...” He started, ready to protest with every pout and plea he could till she got up and closed the door partway before heading into the kitchen where Kevin was setting down a few paper bags. He had gone through the effort to get them groceries as well. He was a gentleman when he wanted to be and she was thankful for his kindness. Seeing the medicine on the countertop, she collected it and read the instructions, “Thank you.” She praised him before grabbing her purse only to feel Kevin place his hand on hers telling her she didn’t have to pay him. This kindness made her want to repay him and he only wanted to help make sure the young boy would become healthy. Retreating from her purse, she began to prepare the medicine and a bowl of soup for Shane to suckle on.

“How’s he doing?” Kevin asked collecting a small bag of photo chips off the counter; he knew his stay would be for an hour so he thought it wise to snack on something for that very reason. He may be a guest in their house but he was also their current helper. He was thankful he had today off, he wasn’t going to leave Shane alone to suffer.

“I believe it to be the stomach flu. He keeps vomiting every few minutes, hopefully this will help calm his stomach down some and make him sleep.” Sighing, she really felt terrible her baby wasn’t doing well. If she was able to get him to sleep and monitor him, perhaps he will be better in a few hours. The medicine was special order from the Umbrella Corporation to help Shane recover.

“Are you going to keep him from school for the next few days?” Kevin asked grabbing a glass out of one of the cupboards to get himself a glass of milk, normally he would grab a beer from their fridge but he needed to be sober tonight.

“Unless it goes away in the morning, I can’t stand him suffering.” She said soon heating the soup up and looked at Kevin while leaning against the counter. “I don’t think anyone else at the school has this sickness, I’m wondering if someone slipped him something during lunch.”

“Like a drug or spoiled food?” Kevin asked taking another drink; afterwards he shook his head in disappointment. “Kids these days. They are always trying to take out the nice kid.” He said. “Sofia, you don’t mind if I crash here tonight would you? I’m supposed to patrol this area anyway, tomorrow.”

“You know you’re always welcomed here Kevin.” She said smiling at him, collecting the hot bowl carefully from the microwave, she placed it on a plate, “I need to give this to Shane, I’ll be right back.”


Inside the asylum security room, the guards were observing the monitors till one stopped the one on Shane’s and leaned forward looking closer at it. He rubbed his nose for a second before pointing to Shane’s hands and looked at the other who was on the radio quickly. They had spotted he had stolen food to eat for later from the meal that had been brought to him, this was against regulations.

Back at Shane’s cell, his stiffened in great fear noticing four guards standing outside of his cell; this surprising effect caused him stand up quickly. The sudden movement caused him fumble against his bed while the glass rolled into the wall; the men were inside quickly and he shouted in pain when one twisted Shane’s arms behind his back. They knew what to do and started to pat him down finding the rest of the fruit slices in his socks, he was punished hard with a swift hit with a wooden baton. Shane lost his breath and when he regained it did he curse at them and felt his legs giving out from under him. They still held onto him and shifted the young man to the bed; he would be left there in agony. Tears had slipped down his cheeks because of this; it was bad enough that he wanted to spew the contents from his stomach.

A man stood outside of the cell having watched the whole ordeal occur, his black trench coat kept most of his figure hidden while he watched Shane behind high grade sunglasses. The man was silent watching the young man recovering in the cold cell, a smiled crept along the side of his face watching Shane force himself onto his fee, frustration was clearly shown on his face and the way he held his head indicated he was losing himself to this place; the expressions he displayed afterwards was shouting and assaulting the wall his bed hung from.


Shane’s body shook and he rested his head against the wall fighting his damnedest to not cry but the rolling wave of broken emotions and reasoning escaped, he even scold himself for being weak but he couldn’t help it. Being trapped in this place for nine years would do that to a being. “I will get out of here…” Shane told himself rubbing his face with a free hand, his nerves were shaken but his spirit was still strong. “I will get out of here…” Hitting the wall once more, his blood stained the surface. He was alive and he wasn’t going to let this place win against his sanity.

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Chapter 3


Next Day…


“Get off me!” Shane shouted struggling as the guards pinned him to the floor of his cell trying to get his cuffs on. “I’m not going back into that room!” He shouted kicking wildly at the guards trying harder to get the one off his back.

“We’re going to the open room you idiot.” Said the guard on his back. “You need to walk around in there.”


Shane cursed at the guard and struggled even more, he wanted to be left alone, he wanted to sleep. Most of the night he couldn’t sleep cause of the pain he was suffering. The guard holding him down soon pressed his knee against the back of Shane’s head making him nearly stop his struggling knowing well enough to stop when that was there. The cuffs were slipped on and tightened around his wrists as well as around his ankles, he was thankful that he wasn’t getting the jacket this time. Silently he cursed feeling them pull him onto his feet.


“Correction.” Said one of the guards as Shane looked at him. “We’re going to the visitor room, you have someone who wants to talk to you.” Hearing that Shane instantly thought it was Kevin Ryman, but he knew that Kevin was in Florida and nowhere near this place, it had been nearly two years since Kevin last visited him. Shane missed him greatly now, wishing more that it was him since he needed someone to talk to.


But then a thought crossed Shane’s mind as they pulled him out of his cell, why weren’t they opening the door in his cell next to his bed to let him into that room? Was he going to the other visitor room? Why? Why were they taking him there? That was a partial open room where a patient could interact with his visitor physically.


This didn’t sound good at all.


The walk bothered Shane more than the thought of the visitor, he wanted to run, run back to his cell. A guard pushed him nearly making him fall onto the floor but was caught by another before doing so catching sight of window revealing outside, he saw green trees and flowers. Even in that second, his heart felt elated, just enough to boost his spirit as he looked forward walking now, carefully and slowly so not to trip over his chains. Soon the door came into view, the visitor door was on the other side of a strong metal gate making his heartbeat faster now, he was scared to think who it was but had to force himself to be strong as they took off his chains and cuffs, the door opened and he was pushed inside nearly falling to the floor when one of the guards tried to trip him but he had learned from past experiences to expect it and caught himself before even touching the floor flipping the birdy to the guards as the door closed leaving him in the bright white room as he looked around some rubbing his arms.


No one was there.


He looked at the large mirror in the room, he only saw his own reflection and he looked terrible. His left arm’s bandages were bloodied from him cutting his knuckles. He rubbed them gently with his other hand feeling they were still tender making him scoff at having been such an idiot last night in having hit the wall, but that was the only way to get his point across that he was sick and tired of all of this. He kicked the ground with his bare feet, they had dragged him out of his cell before he could even put his shoes on making him cruse some before looking at the mirror again and titled his head slightly seeing two red glowing dots on it. Something was there or was at least reflecting making him look around the room again before looking at the mirror again. Slowly he approached it and touched it before cupping his hands around his eyes to try and see if he could see inside.


On the other side, Albert Wesker stood looking right at Shane trying to see through the glass. He smirked some as a light came on in the room he was in making the mirror see through, Shane gasped and jumped back some in surprised seeing Wesker, but he said nothing nor did Shane.


Questions filled Shane’s mind all at one time giving him a headache, he never saw this man before and slowed his startled breathing looking at Wesker, who had his hands behind his back, trying to take note of his being but failed to do so. Nothing made sense to him.


“Hello, Shane.” Wesker said calmly seeing Shane looked at him startled and confused making him smile some before raising a questionable hand gesture. “Do you remember me?” He asked as Shane just stared at him.


“How the hell do you know my name?” Shane asked, Wesker took note of the defensive stance Shane was in and wondered about it but looked at him sternly behind his sunglasses. “Who the fuck are you?” Shane asked making a fist wondering how this stranger knew his name.


“I’m Albert Wesker.” He replied back lowering his hand. “You don’t remember me?” He asked.


(Artwork done by )

“Should I?” Shane snapped looking away some closing his eyes. “Calm down.” He whispered to himself, he was puzzled as to why he was so aggressive, he usually wasn’t. His attention was drawn quickly toward the door the mirror window had making him back up some seeing Wesker enter the room, he was going to keep his distance, a good distance. “Stay away from me.” He said backing up some as Wesker took another step toward him before raising his hands some.


“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said as Shane just stared at him like a startled wild animal, nine years of pain, terror, sadness, everything he has gone through were showing on those blue eyes of his. He took another step and Shane was against the wall feeling around for a door or anything from what Wesker was getting but the boy never took his eyes off him making him smirk some watching Shane try desperate to find the door but it was right behind Wesker. “Where do you intend to run?” Wekser asked looking at Shane.


“Anywhere but here.” Shane said making a break for the door and when he reached it he couldn’t find anyway of opening it. “Get me out of here!” He shouted hitting the door before turning around to be face to face with Wesker who soon had his arm against Shane’s throat keeping him there.


“I just want to talk to you.” He said calmly as Shane tried to get the arm off his neck. “Why don’t you remember me?” He asked again as Shane kicked him but he was unfazed making Shane look at him startled. “Answer me.” He said pushing some cutting off the air to Shane making him struggle more before nodding as Wesker pulled back some.


“I just don’t know who you are.” Shane said coughing looking at Wesker. “Should I?” He asked as Wesker stepped away some leaving Shane rubbing his throat and cough some while Wesker observed him some.


“I’m the one that saved you from drowning.” Wesker said finally making Shane stop and stare at him. “I’ve looked at your file, and that from Raccoon City.” He said calmly. “Shane, do you know anything about your father?”


“My dad…?” Shane asked remember asking about him before…




1998 - Raccoon City


Apartment Heights - Room #109


‘Another body was discovered in the woods outside of Raccoon City.’ The news anchor said on the TV as Shane watched it before working more on his homework. ‘But there are reports of people going missing in Raccoon City, the latest percentage has rose to 14%.’


Sofia was looking outside at the lit streets of Raccoon City, she was drinking some tea before looking at Shane doing his homework smiling some before looking at their family photos. A small frowned appeared on her soft face before looking at Shane soon finishing his math homework.


“Mom.” He started putting the paper in his book. “Was dad really good with math?” He asked looking at her some.


“He worked for Umbrella.” She said smiling lightly. “He used to live here in Raccoon, he was killed on the job. They didn’t tell me what happened.”


“When did he die?” Shane asked grabbing his English book.


“He died this year.” She said finally hearing nothing and looked at Shane looking at her a bit startled. “He left us before you were born, I couldn’t find him or get in contact with him. I just got a letter from Umbrella a few weeks ago about his death.”


“Wh-why didn’t you tell me?” Shane asked looking at her soon hearing a gunshot making them both jump as Sofia hurried to the door and opened it as another gunshot sounded in the hall making her look down seeing a body on the floor.


“What’s going on.” She said as her neighbor came out holding a pistol, he was covered in blood, bleeding from a bite wound on his arm. “Mr. Stevens?” She asked as he looked at her.


“He just attacked me!” He said looking at the corpse on the floor before coughing. “He bit me!” He shouted firing off another shot at the corpse as Sofia retreated back inside and locked the door.


“What’s going on mom?” Shane asked looking at her sitting backwards on his chair as she rushed into her bedroom. “Mom?”


“Mr. Stevens just killed his grandson.” She said as Shane heard some things being moved in the room. “Keep the door closed and locked, don’t answer it either.” She said as he got off the chair and walked toward the door pulling up a chair to peek out through the eye hole to see someone shuffling by.


“Mom, Mr. Stevens looks sick.” He said watching Mr. Stevens stop and turn looking at the door. “He looks very sick.” He said as Mr. Stevens shuffled to the door and started hitting it making Shane get down. “What’s wrong with him?” He asked turning around seeing Sofia holding a gun making him look at her a bit stunned. “I didn’t know we had a gun!” He exclaimed.


“I bought it a long time ago.” She said looking through the hole before aiming the gun at the door and fired a few shots hitting Mr. Stevens on the other side, the gun shots made Shane cover his ears staring at the holes in the door and soon looked at Sofia, stunned she shot Mr. Stevens. “Something wasn’t right.” She said looking at him. “Your father warned me about this.” She said.


“Who was he?” Shane asked hugging her, he was afraid now. “What was his name?”


“I can’t tell you now baby.” She said patting his head. “Maybe later.” A smile came on Shane’s face making her kiss the top of his head. “Finish your homework.” She said nudging him along before walking into the kitchen dialing a number. “Come on Kevin, pick up.” She said tapping the gun against the counter before hanging up. “Shit.” She mumbled looking out into the dining room seeing Shane looking at her some before she headed toward a window looking out at the streets seeing a few people walking down below. “Something’s not right…” She whispered watching them seeing a car crash up the road drawing her attention quickly.




Shane leaned against the wall some now remembering that night, it was a nightmare, how his mother shouted at him to get pack as the news announce a pandemic of violent outbreaks within the city. Wesker watched him, puzzled as to what the boy was remembering before hearing a sigh escape Shane.


“I never got my answer to who he was…” Shane finally said rubbing his face. “…she never told me who he was, not even when she was murdered…” He said remembering that day but his mind didn’t wander there, it drifted to Raccoon City, when he was only twelve years old when the outbreak hit. When he and his mother desperately tried to escape Raccoon alive….

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-Chapter 4


1998 - Raccoon City - Outbreak


Shane ran down the alleyway as fast as he could carrying his backpack on his back as two zombies chased after him, he panted and kept running, fear marking his eyes as he looked for an exit. He called out for help stumbling some but regained his footing till he rounded the next corner finding more zombies there.


“Mom!” He shouted looking back at the two coming after him and then those before him. “How did we get separated?” He asked himself backing up trying to keep his distance from them before tripping over something landing hard onto his back, but the backpack caught most of his fall, he gasped seeing a dead cop and nearly screamed but caught himself realizing it wasn’t Kevin. He quickly looked up seeing the zombies coming and loud growling seeing two dogs coming down one of the alleyways making him frantically search for something as his hand grasp something metallic, he pulled it up quickly and held it in front of him as the first Cerberus jumped at him, its bloody half jaw biting into the shotgun trying to get to Shane who pushed forward as hard as he could trying to keep the dog off himself as he screamed again trying to stay alive. “Someone help me!” He shouted now using his feet to push against the dog soon realizing about the second, he saw it coming up next to him and then a gunshot. The dog yelped falling back as strong kick was landed on the head of the one biting into the shotgun, the upper jaw was severed from its head as it fell limp on Shane making him shout at the blood falling onto him.


A strong hand pulled him out from under the dog, he fumbled back some as he was able to stand watching the tall man firing at the zombies and at the second dog getting up. It was a total stranger and Shane was thankful he helped but he didn’t like the fact he was covered in blood that carried the infection, the virus. The man started backing up now making Shane do the same, there was a door behind them that was open, Shane smiled and ran to it as the man grabbed the shotgun and did the same before slamming the door behind him and blocked it with a chair.


“We can’t stay here.” He said looking at Shane sitting on the steps leading to the landing. “You okay kid?” He asked as Shane looked at him nodding some, from just looking at him, Shane knew the man had some military background. “Why are you out here alone?” He asked reloading the pistol before looking the shotgun over as Shane frowned lightly.


“I got separated from my mom.” Shane answered taking his backpack off and opened it pulling a photo out of the front zipper holding it out to the man. “A car and some zombies made us go our separate ways.” He told as the older man took the photo and looked at it.


“I’ve seen her before, she works at one of the reception desks at one of the Umbrella pharmacies.” He said handing it back as Shane smiled lightly and nodded. “You’re her kid? I never knew, I’m Andrew.”


“Shane.” He replied back looking at the photo before putting it back into his bag. “I don’t know where I’m at in Raccoon, everything is so confusing and frightening.” He said as the shotgun was set in his lap making him look up at Andrew.


“Ever fired a gun?” He asked as Shane shook his head. “Well you’ll need to now, you should be able to handle the shotgun if you keep it pressed against your shoulder.” He said patting Shane’s shoulder. “Will hurt like hell but it’s better than being torn apart.” He said smiling. “Oh, where’s your father?” He asked as Shane looked away. “He’s dead isn’t he?”


“Died in a experimental test.” He told remembering what Sofia told him as they left the apartment. “Something went wrong and he was killed. I hate Umbrella, too many people end up dying there.”


“I agree with you on that.” Andrew replied walking past Shane and looked out a window. “Shit, looks like the infection has gotten to the zoo animals.” He said seeing a lioness chasing after a survivor. “Let’s move.” He said as Shane got up holding the shotgun and sighed drawing Andrew’s attention. “It’s pump action.” He said walking over taking the shotgun, you pull this down to load another round in the chamber, but make sure you press this little button to make it go down.” He said showing Shane as he nodded. “Hopefully we’ll find a gun that suits your small size. The shotgun might harm you since you’re still growing.”


“I’ll handle it.” Shane told him wiping his nose, the blood really smelled and it burned his nose smelling it. “I’m tough.” He said nodding as Andrew smiled at him patting him on the head as Shane took the shotgun back. “We’ll need to find ammo.”


“And medical supplies.” Andrew added as they moved toward another door, Shane mimicked Andrews movements and pressed himself against the other side of the door as Andrew opened it and went out.


Out into the streets and alleyways of Raccoon City, into the chaos and nightmare. Where a single bite dooms you…




Shane rubbed his right shoulder, it still hurt now and then from having to use that shotgun, it wasn’t any wonder most of the guards would pin him down using his right arm. He leaned his head against the wall trying hard to not cry let alone show his weakness, but Wesker knew more about him than he thought.


“Still hurts doesn’t it?” Wesker asked with a gesture as Shane looked at him and soon held his arm turning the other way to keep it from him.


“Just leave me alone old man.” He said moving along the wall some, but he couldn’t help but remember that night in Raccoon City. How a twelve year old boy survived…




1998 - Raccoon City - Outbreak Time 4 Hours After First Infection


Shane coughed from the smoke as they passed a burning car, his small body demanding him to stop and rest, he was exhausted, he wanted to badly lay down but Andrew kept him going. Now and then sounds of a scream or a loud explosion would stop them but they grew use to it over time and kept going killing zombies as they tried to find their way toward the highway or the woods, which ever got closest they were going to take it.


“How much farther?” Shane finally asked breaking their long silence rubbing his right shoulder some. He had used the shotgun earlier and it really knocked him hard to the ground, dislocating his shoulder, Andrew had to reset it course he also had to muffle Shane’s scream. “I’m tired…” He said as Andrew looked at him.


“We should be close to the highway.” He said pulling out a map before looking around before seeing a lioness. “We got a lion.” He whispered crouching down watching her sniffing her surroundings. “We need to make a break for it.” He said as Shane looked as Andrew pointed toward the bus station. “If we follow the yellow line marked on the road, we’ll be able to reach the highway.” He said as Shane nodded. “We need to sprint.” He told as Shane swallowed some. “Don’t worry, I’ll cover you. Get ready..” He said watching the lioness look back down the street. “Go.” He said as Shane hesitated. “Now!” He snapped as Shane ran for it, the lioness perked instantly and whipped around seeing him roaring in response as she took off after the boy.


“She’s after me!” Shane shouted ducking behind a car hearing her claws digging into the pavement as he ran to another car that had the door open, he jumped in and slammed the door shut as the lioness rammed into the car clawing at the door till the window busted open making him scream, he was panicking, his mind and body shouted him to run but the passenger door was blocked by a bus. “Help me!” He screamed loudly as the lioness was starting to tear the door off.


The lioness growled and started biting the door before feeling something hit her from behind making her turn snarling seeing Andrew throwing bricks at her, she growled at him not wanting to chase after something so far away before hearing the car start making her look inside seeing Shane. Instantly she reached inside grabbing his clothes, he shouted again hitting the gas pedal making the car launch forward, with her claws in the car and on Shane’s clothes, she was dragged roughly before hitting a light pole as the car hit another car.


“Shane!” Andrew shouted running over as the lioness growled trying to recover from the blow to the light pole, Shane was in the car all the way on the floor as Andrew reached him. “Shane, come on!” He said reaching inside, just before Shane could grab hold of Andrew’s hand the man shouted out in pain gripping the window frame struggling to keep himself there before being pulled down. “Ah! No!” He shouted as Shane heard the lioness snarling and growling loudly along with the sounds of ripping flesh and snapping of bones, he had to cover his ears to try and keep the sounds out but screamed once more seeing the lioness’s head at the window holding Andrew’s left arm in her mouth, the fingers were still moving some.


Shane was filled with so much fear that he nearly fainted, he tried to get up, his hands slipping on the shotgun under his body, he grabbed it and slid it out as the lioness lowered her head as he got up on the seat aiming it at the window, he was scared, his arms were shaking, he just lost his only friend left in the city. He was ready to cry, he was wishing his mother was with him, he pressed the shotgun against his shoulder, finger on the trigger as the lioness popped her head up once again, he pulled the trigger. The round blew through her skull killing her, the force knocked Shane back hitting his head off the window as the world was encased in darkness…

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-Chapter 5




Shane was already on his knees crying some, he couldn’t stop the image in his mind, seeing Andrew reaching in for him and then the pain and fear expression. Wesker only watched shaking his head in disappointment.


“Look at you, still weeping over those long dead. You’re mourning dust, boy. That’s what they are Shane, dust, phantoms, whispers in the wind long since gone in a flash of heat and light. You should be forged into steel from a fire that burns that hot and instead you sit here crying like weakling. Don’t you see that you’re stronger than they are? Don’t you understand that you survived a hell that a precious few could hope to live through? You’re made of sterner stuff than this boy, it’s time you started to act like it!” Wesker lectured him making Shane look at him quickly before getting up fast.


“How the hell would you know?! You weren’t even there you fucking codger!” He snapped hitting the wall. “You have no fucking idea what hell I went through!” He growled.


“Don't I?” Wekser asked calmly as Shane made a fist.


“You weren’t even there! Look at yourself, you were probably somewhere else watching the whole damn thing on the television or some fucking thing!” Shane snapped, his anger rising more toward Wesker, no one ever questioned about that day he suffered in Raccoon City. No one.


“Oh, I was there, but I was there from the beginning Shane. You see, before you were even born, I lived in Raccoon City. I worked there, was a trusted member of the community and respected by my peers. But even before that I was in the mountains, in the labs working for Umbrella. What you saw as nightmares come to life, I saw as some of my greatest experiments come to fruition.” Wesker said smiling lightly raising a hand proudly.


“Fuck off old man.” Shane said flipping him off, Wesker soon streaked across the room, grabbing Shane’s middle finger and twisted Shane's arm behind his back pushing him against the wall making him shout in surprise and in pain.


“I wasn't finished boy!” Wekser snapped at him pushing some, Shane struggled trying to get off the wall and get Wekser off his sore arm but it was pointless. “Now keep a civil tongue in your head or else I'll rip it out.”


Shane grunted some trying to get off the wall again, his arm was hurting more now. “What do you want from me?” He asked calmly trying to hide the pain in his voice.


“I want you to hear my story so that maybe you will begin to understand.” Wesker told, keeping Shane against the wall, it wasn’t much of a struggle for him.


“Then let go of my arm.” He said trying to make it stop hurting. “Please!” Shane begged feeling a sharp pain shoot through his body from his arm ready to break. Wesker calmly released Shane and backed away watching Shane hold his arm before continuing to tell his story. Shane looked at him and shook his head before leaning against the wall trying to keep his distance. “So, what? The whole thing was an accident or an experiment?” He asked rotating his arm some flinching as it hit a nerve making him curse lowly holding it again.


“Because of outside forces, incompetence or both, the experiments got loose, hikers were attacked in the mountains and I knew it was only a matter of time before they reached the city. I lead an elite unit that had no idea of my connection with Umbrella. I sent half of them into a meat grinder to gather data on what was set loose. I soon followed the other half of the team after injecting myself with another experimental virus and survived the same trials I had put them through. But with any experiment there are X factors, variables even the most educated scientists can’t predict. I was killed by one of my greatest creations.” He said as his mind recalled that night. “Only to be reborn, stronger than ever. The virus saved me, made me into something more than human and I escaped, just like you escaped.” Wesker told finishing seeing Shane looking at him oddly taking in every single bit of information.


“Why are you telling me all this? I mean, why me? I’m just some freak.” He said shaking his head, he was always called a freak since he was the second kid to survive Raccoon City, every new school he would end up going to, he would be called a freak since he survived, that he was probably a freak of Umbrella, which wasn’t true to him, he was just a kid with luck.


“A freak? Is that what you think this is all about? You’re not a freak boy, you’re an heir, a prince, a king in the making! Your mother, your true mother was a woman you never met Shane. The woman who raised you was only a surrogate.” Wesker told seeing Shane look at him oddly. “Your real mother was a girl named Alexia Ashford. Her genetics were of superior stock and they were mixed with another to produce a truly unique being. One genetically bred to withstand the creations of Umbrella. Didn’t you ever wonder why the virus never affected you in Raccoon City when everyone else around you succumbed?” Wesker asked looking at him sharply.


Shane just looked at him speechless he had to look away to try and think, his mother, Sofia, was a surrogate? That he couldn’t believe but that didn’t stop him from looking at his hands, he always thought he didn’t look like her and now the fact he never got infected or even sick left him shaking and he stumbled some making Wesker take a small step toward him before stopping seeing Shane catching himself from falling. “No…that can’t be true.” He said looking at Wesker. “No way…” He said shaking his head. “I’m not some experiment, hell no! If I was I would have known!” He snapped trying to keep calm.


“No, we’re not freaks. We’re not just experiments, we are the last of the Prydwen Project. We were made not only to resist the viruses but to absorb and manipulate them without becoming some kind of freakish monster. We are the next step in genetic evolution!” Wesker said smiling more as Shane looked at him, Wesker couldn’t help but chuckle some.


“What the hell do you mean ‘we’?” He asked angrily. “Who the fuck are you?” He asked touching the wall some trying to keep his cool and to find a door, Wesker noted Shane’s legs, he was going to try and run again but he knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere.


“You haven’t put it together yet? Shane, the other genetic material that was mixed with Alexia was mine! The surrogate told you that your father had died and in a way she was right. But I was reborn; Shane and now I’ve found you and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are a genetic match. Now we can finally stand together as father and son.” Wesker said laughing some looking at him with a smile.


“You’re my…you’re my…?” Shane stammered fumbling backwards some before hitting the wall. “No, no fucking way. What proof do you have?!” He snapped, boy this kid was hard to get through to. Wesker produced a sheet of paper out of one of his pockets and approached him before handing it towards him.


“Take it, read the results.” Wesker said taking a step back after Shane snatched it from him and scanned the paper some. “The numbers don’t lie. We’re almost a perfect genetic match. And if that doesn’t convince you, look into a mirror.” Wesker said as he removed his glasses and looked at Shane. “Haven’t you noticed how much we resemble one another? What more proof do you need?” He asked.


Shane couldn’t believe what he was reading and when he looked up at Wesker he fell to the floor shocked but couldn’t stop staring at him even when he knelt down, Shane shook his head some as he shook lightly, he couldn’t believe any of this.


“Why?” He asked. “Why now?”


Wesker soon put his sunglasses back on. “Because you’re a lion that thinks he’s a lamb and right now I need a lion at my side. I want someone fierce and loyal and above all worthy of being my son.” He said soothingly but there was also power behind those words.


Shane reached up and took the sunglasses back off Wesker, at first Wesker was ready to smack his hands but he saw Shane was curious to meet the man that was his father. A light smiled appeared on his face as Shane looked at him more, he soon chuckled seeing Shane tilt his head some.


“What’s up with your eyes?” Shane asked looking at the strange orange and red catlike eyes, they reminded him of a tiger or a dragon he once saw in a book while at school in Raccoon City.


“What is up with my eyes” is the virus inside me. Other than my eyes there are no physical tells to give away that I’m something…more than human. It’s a small sacrifice for perfection.” He answered as Shane handed the sunglasses back.


“Cool.” Shane said nodding some. “Just a curious thought, will that happen to me?”


“It’s very likely. There may be some additional… side effects but once your body adjusts and you’re able to control them, you will be as you were before, just much better suited to the rigors of the world to come. Nothing that attacked you in Raccoon City could ever even come close to harming you again.” Wesker told him as Shane smiled some thinking about it…


- 1998 - Raccoon City - Five Hours After First Infection


Shane slowly opened his blue eyes before rubbing his them, withdrawing his hand he saw some blood making him rub his head flinching touching a cut; his gaze soon fell to the shotgun laying on his lap as a cold realization flowed through his body as he leaned up before crawling slowly toward the driver side window before looking out seeing the dead lioness with a massive hole on the side of her head and that’s when he saw Andrew there, his guts torn out, his left arm laying not far off, deep claw marks over his face and his clothes torn beyond any reason.


Shaking Shane pulled back and rested against the passenger door holding his knees close to his chest before looking at the window again, his chin was showing signs of his body wanting to cry, his eyes showing it as well before he buried his head behind his legs as he cried. The crying didn’t last long as he loaded a new shell in the chamber of the shotgun and moved back to the door before climbing out of the window slipping some on the blood, his hand touched the blood as he tried to keep his balance making him wipe it on his pants in response before looking at Andrew again.


“Goodbye Andrew…” He whispered looking at the bus station, he took a breath and walked toward it, alone again, alone with the chaos around him. A helicopter flew overhead making him watch it against the dark sky before looking at the bus station, there were bodies strewn about, a few whole while most were torn to bits making him shake entering it more looking around frantically. “I wish mom was here…” He whispered looking at the ticket booth seeing blood splattered over the window, the door ajar making him peek inside seeing no one but shotgun ammo on the floor. “Great.” He said smiling pushing the door inward but it didn’t move, he pushed again and still nothing. “I bet I can reach it.” He told himself keeping himself calm as he set the shotgun down and took off his backpack before sitting down slipping his left arm inside and reached pushing more against the door. “Come on…” He whispered looking around some feeling the ammo case brushing against his finger tips making him smile more as he wiggled his fingers over it pulling it closer before grabbing it. “Yes!” He said withdrawing his arm soon feeling a tight hand clasping around his arm making him shout in surprise hearing a moan. “No!” He screamed grabbing the shotgun and jerked to try and get his arm free feeling the zombie inside pulling him against the door, sticky salvia falling on his arm making him panic more as the shotgun went off hitting the door while the gun jerked out of Shane‘s hand, the grip lessened making him pull out fast and rush to the shotgun. “Bring it.” Shane growled picking the shotgun up before looking at the saliva over his left arm making him wipe it over his shirt and pants trying to get it off as the zombie banged against the door. “I bet you’re stuck in there, good thing to or I’ll be kicking your…” He soon looked around and then back at the door. “…ass!” He smiled proudly saying that reloading the shotgun, with haste he grabbed the ammo he pulled out and his backpack before running up the bus route following the yellow line hearing crows cawing around him.


More into the chaos, the road leading to freedom, a lone child seeking life…




A buzzer sounded in the room making Shane stiffen as Wesker looked over his shoulder seeing the door open and four guards filed into the room before looking at Shane, he was already up and standing. A smile crossed Wesker’s face seeing the aggression Shane was showing as the guards drew closer.


“Time’s up Shane, time to go.” Said one as electricity crackled as one turned on the stun rod making Shane take a step back. “Sorry sir, but he needs to get his shots before going to bed.”


“Like hell I am!” Shane snapped as the other two guards got closer to him making him jump some when they tried to grab him but he didn’t count on the third that rushed up behind him wrapping his arms around Shane’s chest keeping his arms down. “Get off me!” Shane shouted trying to get free before head butting the one holding him breaking his nose making him let go, Shane then threw a punch at the next closest guard hitting him in the face before ducking avoiding the stun rod, he tackled that man to the floor and started beating the living shit out of him as the stun rod rolled away from him.


Wesker only watched, impressed and in awe seeing Shane’s aggression, he read about this in some of the reports the guards gave him, even the one about the arm break, but seeing it in person, he could only smile and think of Shane proudly before hearing the stun rod come to life as Shane was hit by it making him shout before falling off the man he was beating, groaning in pain as they rolled him onto his stomach forcing his arms behind his back putting his restraints on.


“Sorry you had to see that sir.” Said the guard with the broken nose looking at the blood on his fingers and hand. “He’s been more unstable recently.”


“Go fuck yourselves….” Shane said lowly soon seeing the fourth guard drawing out a needle making Shane struggle instantly. “No!” He snapped as the man knelt.


“No apology necessary. If the patient resists you have no choice.” Wesker then directed his attention to Shane. “Remember our talk boy. You need your shots if you want to become ‘healthy’ again. Be a good patient and take your medicine, hmm?”


Shane stopped and looked away cringing some as the needle was pushed into his skin, he felt it entering him, his arm started to tingle as he struggled to stay awake but what he was given made him limp allowing the guards to pick him up and drug him out of the room.


“Here’s the latest lab test.” The fourth guard said pulling it out of his large pocket on his coat as Wesker took it. “He’ll be in his room, he’ll be awake in a few hours.” He added.


Wesker studied the report. “Excellent. If there are any changes you know how to reach me.”


“Yes, sir.” The guard said soon leaving as Wesker looked at the report again, things were going just as he thought they would.

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-Chapter 6


Five Hours Later…

Shane sat on his bed staring at the floor, his hands resting on his legs as his mind wander to what Wesker had told him. He was still trying to accept it, accept the fact he was engineered, the fact that he just met his blood father. He smiled lightly soon sighing before looking at the glass door hoping to see Wesker there but it was empty, he coughed and rubbed his left arm feeling the bandages. He slowly unraveled them revealing scabs, multiple scabs, long cuts from a surgical knife. Slowly he touched them with his finger tips, feeling them gently as he frown some feeling a few were still tender. He soon reached under his pillow pulling out a roll of fresh white bandages, he stole that off a guard while he was fighting a week before.

"Should be healed by next week." He said to himself wrapping his arm up but paused, slowly he looked up seeing Wesker standing there, a small smirk appeared on the side of his face. "Sir." He said going back to wrapping his arm back up.

(done by MadiBlitz, )

"How's the arm? Still healing? Very soon you won't need to bother with those bandages anymore." Wesker said looking at him.

"It hurts but I'll live.." Shane replied finishing before looking at him. "What do you mean by that last bit?"

Wesker smirked slightly and zipped open his jumpsuit down to his navel and opened it showing his stomach. " Do you see any scars? No? What would you say if I told you that something once punched claws the size of your arms through my abdomen and out my back and then tossed my twitching corpse to the ground after it broke my spine?"

Shane made a painful expression and rubbed his arms some getting the feel of it before looking at him. "Ouch…was a Tyrant wasn't it?" He asked, how did Shane know what a Tyrant was made it puzzling then again Shane survived Raccoon City, he must have saw one there.

Wesker smiled as he zipped his suit back up. "Very good, yes, it was a Tyrant. Ironically one I had helped create. But it murdering me was necessary. The severe trauma was the only thing that could activate the virus in my system. Once it healed me I awoke renewed, better than I had ever been in my previous life. This is what you can look forward to Shane. The last pain you will ever need to feel will come from your rebirth."

"Rebirth…" Shane repeated resting his head in a hand before shaking his head, pain for a new life, that's what he has been going through for nine years, nine years to get out to start a new life but now he wasn't sure. The headache was back and he soon coughed as blood hit his pants, Wesker saw it clearly. "Shit.." Shane grumbled wiping it off and looked at it on his hand, just staring at it.

Wesker was puzzled and concerned. "What's wrong?" Wesker soon shouted down the hall, "Doctor! Get in here!" He then turned back to Shane, studying him as the doctor and a nurse rushed in.

Shane just stared at the blood on his hand, as if he was mesmerized by seeing it. The door opened and the two entered, the nurse lifted Shane's head some as she checked his eyes as the doctor checked Shane over, Shane didn't bother to fight which was really off for Wesker since he was known to fight back even against the doctors and nurses.

Wesker's face became stern, " Was he injured by the orderlies?"

"He shows no signs of it." The doctor said looking at Shane. "What's wrong?"

"I…I don't know…" Shane answered holding his head again. "My chest and head hurt…" He told as the nurse left the room quickly. "They did something…in that room…"

Wesker was clearly becoming irritated, "Room, what room? Were there tests done that I wasn't informed of?"

Shane just looked at him bitterly. "Clearly." He said pushing the doctor away hard before getting up coughing some holding his chest. "Damn…" He said trying to stay standing. "I don't know where it is, but one of them was some fucking Russian!" He snapped collapsing to the floor. "Make it stop!" He begged.

Wesker thought, "Sergei? No, it couldn't have been him… Nicholai… could he have done something to the boy? He vanished after Raccoon City, could he have survived? Only one person would know. Luckily I have easy access to her." He said soon looking at the doctor. "See to him, run more tests, find out what is wrong with him and don't fail me!" Saying that he stormed off as Shane shouted out his name but Shane knew Wesker wasn't coming back and cringed more in pain before his mind forced him to slip into the darkness…


1998 - Raccoon City - Five and Half Hours After First Infection

Shane coughed smelling smoke again and moved away from it trying to keep as low as possible between the mass car pile up on the bus route, he couldn't help but stare at a massive figure to his left, tall and muscular with a huge clawed hand. He had heard gunfire earlier but knew better than to stick around since it seemed to draw the monsters attention, he was fortunate to not have encountered any more zombies or monster, he was scared out of his mind and he still couldn't find his mother. He frowned some thinking she was dead or hurt, or even a zombie, that was the worst.

A sound made him duck down quickly pressing himself against a car waiting for it to stop before looking around hearing nothing, he smiled and got back up smelling something rancid now and he turned around raising a brow seeing a zombie coming up the road. He titled his head slightly and raised the shotgun, he smiled taking aim but stopped from firing seeing it was Andrew.

"What…the hell…" He said watching him before backing up some. "Shoot him...shoot him." He told himself. "He's another zombie." He said as Andrew drew closer. "Sorry." He said pulling the trigger but nothing happened. "What!?" Shane snapped looking at the shotgun seeing it was jammed. "No!" He screamed soon throwing it at Andrew making him stumble allowing him a chance to run, a dumb mistake but Shane knew better than to stick around.


Walking through the halls Wesker was suddenly joined by Excella Gionne. Despite her expensive Italian high heels she kept pace with his stride, "Albert darling, what's the matter?"

Wesker didn't even glance toward her as he spoke and kept walking, "There's been a complication with the boy. I need to speak to my pet project to be certain of something before I can proceed with my plans."

Excella narrowed her eyes toward him, "Don't you mean "our" plans darling?"

Wesker glanced at her, grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently, "Of course. Slip of the tongue, nothing more. Now please make sure everything on Irving's end is being handled. I'll meet with you later." With that Wesker let go of her hand and entered an elevator.

Excella pouted slightly but she knew questioning Albert's plans just wasn't done. She spoke to him as the elevator doors closed, "As you wish dear Albert. Till later!"

Wesker entered the special lab where Jill Valentine was being kept. She slept on a bunk, her chest jewel glowing slightly as it kept her sedated. Wesker smiled slightly at the sight of one of his most hated enemies naked, enslaved and at his mercy.

"Wake up Jill." And with that Jill's eyes snapped open and she sat up in the bunk facing him, her blonde hair falling down around her shoulders.

"Yes?" she spoke, her voice soft and robotic sounding like someone in a trance.

Wesker spoke in even measured tones, "You were in Raccoon City when the outbreak hit. You escaped with an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service member. Who was he?"

"Carlos Oliveira" she said in a dreamy monotone.

"Was he the only UBCS member you met?" Wesker asked looking at her some before fixing his sunglasses.

"No." Jill replied shaking her head some.

"Who else did you meet?" Wesker asked staring at her.

"Russians… Mikhail… Nicholai…"

Wesker's eyes flashed, "Nicholai. Tell me about Nicholai."

Jill stared blankly, "Nicholai Ginovaef. He's a traitor. Killed his own men… tried to kill me…"

Wesker became impatient, "What happened to him?"

Jill paused for a minute, "He stole the last rescue chopper. Tried to kill me one last time but left when I returned fire."

Wesker became visibly irritated and clenched his fists. "Incompetent cow…you should have killed him! Punch yourself in the face, hard!" Jill clenched her fist and punched herself in the mouth, splitting her lip slightly. A small trickle of blood dripped down her chin. Wesker felt a little better. "Good girl. Now go back to sleep Jill." Jill laid back down in the bunk; closed her eyes and the slave jewel in her chest resumed its soft glow as Wesker left heading back to check on Shane.

- Meanwhile…

Shane woke up covering his eyes some from the bright light before looking to his right seeing an x-ray hanging there, he just stared at it some before sitting up quickly seeing something was wrong with it, there was something else there in his chest. He got off the table and walked over to it putting his hand over where it was at, right where his heart was.

"You have a plaga inside you." The doctor from before said walking over as Shane looked at him. "It seems that night you vanished from your cell was the night you where implanted, that explains why your chest was hurting badly that day and just a while ago."

"Why would someone put it inside me?" He asked looking back at the x-ray. "The thing is big…" He said rubbing his chest. "And…it's inside me.." He said shaking his head. "I don't even feel it."

"That's because you don't, plagas are not often felt once they fuse with their host." The doctor said pointing at the x-ray. "It's right next to or right on your heart for all we know."

Shane coughed and soon sat on the table again looking at the x-ray while rubbing his chest through his shirt, he didn't think that was what they were doing, he could remember them giving him the drugs and their voices but not remembering the implant made him hit the table some.

"Can you get this thing out?" He asked as the doctor shook his head. "Why not?!"

"Where it is positioned, it would kill you if we tired." The doctor replied looking at him while fixing his glasses. "You'll have to live with it inside you."

"That's fucking outrageous!" Shane snapped hitting the table again. "This damn thing is a bug, a parasite, can't you give me pills or something?"

"Nothing is working." The doctor said shaking his head as Shane got off the table. "I'm sorry but we can't fix it." He said back up as Shane pressed his arm against his throat.

"You better find a way!" Shane snapped. "I don't want this thing taking over me!" He growled pushing some as the doctor tried to get his breath.

Wesker soon entered the room seeing Shane choking the doctor, "Shane! Release him!" Before anyone can blink Wesker had grabbed Shane and pulled him off the doctor and restrained him fairly easily. The doctor gasped for air as he slumped against an examination table. Annoyed, Wesker turned his attention to the doctor, "What happened in here?"

The doctor rubbed his throat some looking at Shane trying to get free before pointing at the x-ray. "It's what we were fearing Mr. Wesker." He said as Wesker looked at the x-ray. "He was implanted."

"Implanted? With what?" Wesker asked as Shane wiggled making Wesker keep a tight grip on him.

"A plaga, it's right where his heart is." The doctor said walking to the x-ray pointing it out. "It's big."

Wesker soon spoke into Shane's ear," Calm down, we can help you." Shane relaxed somewhat and Wesker released his grip and studied the x-ray.

The doctor spoke more clearly, "It's bigger than the ones we've seen previously, but I think we can remove it."

Wesker looked back to the doctor, "It's very close to the heart. This will need a more delicate hand than previous ones you've done. Are you absolutely sure you can remove it safely?"

Shane listened to them and rubbed his chest again before hopping onto the table making Wesker look at him. "After all this…I was looking forward to serving you… to be like you." Shane said looking at the floor. "Now, I got some bug inside me…I lost my grace…bound to the ashes…" He said shaking his head. "Lost of perfection. Loss of a prince…" He said. "You'll want the plaga more than me." He said looking at Wesker. "Just make it quick." He said pointing at his chest. "Right here when you want it."

Wesker walked over to Shane and put his hand on his shoulder, "Don't be a fool and don't martyr yourself yet boy. There is a way we can eject it from your system. There is a treatment that can kill it. I won't lie to you, it's going to be a painful process but it will cure you of this parasite."

Shane sighed. "Better than having this thing take over me…" He said shaking his head. "I just don't understand why you didn't know about it, why none of the guards informed you."

Wesker spoke matter of fact, "Because the last thing we thought to look for was a Plaga parasite. You were exposed to many things in Raccoon City but the Plaga was never a part of what happened there. They were isolated to an incident that happened in Spain years later." Then he looked puzzled, " What would the guards know about this?"

Shane looked at him. "I remember that night, two of the guards came in and did something, I couldn't see but found myself in that room, after they were done, I was spitting and coughing up slime and blood, one of those guards brought me fruit and water, I thought it was nice that the head decided to give it to me, but once I got started that guard took it from me." He said shaking his head. "He had a tattoo on his neck.." She said closing his eyes trying to remember. "A symbol or something…"

Wesker's eyes narrowed, "What did it look like? Describe it."

"I think it was a Russian letter or something, like two capital R's facing backwards and forwards…" Shane said holding his head some, the memory of the man playing like an old video.

Wesker's eyes narrowed some. "So you can recognize them fairly easily then if you were to see them again?"

Shane nodded some and smirked. "I think I know how you can catch him too." He said looking at him. "The open room."

Wesker raised an eye brow, intrigued, "Do tell."

"For one thing, this thing…" He said patting his chest some. "…will need to be checked on, plus the health of its host, so I see it that this guy would come calling, like a moth lured into the fire."

Wesker nodded, "We'll play it your way then."

"Good, cause I can't see how you'll be able to get him, boss." He said with a light chuckle getting off the table. "I guess we can get started now. You'll have to take me to the open room…"

Wesker opened the door and followed Shane as they made their way towards the Open Room. Shane was rubbing his arms now feeling really out of place, he wasn't in any chains or restrains, not even the jacket. The elevator made him stop as Wesker went in.

"Um…can we take the stairs?" He asked.

Wesker looked puzzled, "Is there a problem?"

"You can say that…." Shane said taking a small step back while tapping his other foot on the cold floor. "I'm…not fond of elevators." He admitted.

Wesker thought for a second and then decided not to press the issue, "Fine, we'll use the stairs. When we're all done with this trap of yours, I want to know how you got this elevator phobia."

Shane smiled lightly and followed Wesker toward the stairs. "Yes, sir." He said as they made their way to the first floor, course, there was a lot of stairs but neither showed signs of tiring. Shane coughed once they were out in the hallway before spitting at the floor. "I'm going to hit that guy so hard…" He grumbled seeing the blood and soon wiped it up with his shirt.

Wesker kept pace, "Once we ferret him out and I've gotten some answers from him, you can hit him all you want."

"Really?" Shane asked looking at him excited. "No interference or anything?"

Wesker smirked slightly, "Absolutely. Once we get the information from him you can do what you please with him."

Shane smiled a little and pounded a fist in his other hand as they neared the open room, Wesker soon filled out the paper work and the door opened. It took Shane a moment to enter, he was excited but knew he needed to keep calm if this plan was going to work.

He entered the open room taking a slow deep breath before noticing that only the middle of the room was lit. 'There's nothing to worry about.' he thought. It was late and he knew Wesker was somewhere up in the darkness of the balcony watching his every move. The fist sign of trouble and dear old Dad would swoop down on the assailant like a hawk attacking a wounded rabbit.

It was a strange sensation considering what they were attempting to do, but for the first time in a long time Shane felt safe. Shane stretched and did some warm up exercises before he sat down in the light to do his normal workout, it was going to be a while till that man was going to show and in order for time to fly, Shane thought it wise to spend as much time as he could doing his exercises.

Wesker stood in the shadows patiently. He studied his watch and saw an hour had already passed. When he looked up Shane was stretching out on a floor mat. Laying down, his eyes stared up at the ceiling and then closed after a few minutes. As Wesker scanned the room, Shane thought of how tired he felt after that workout. It was an ache that reminded him of that night in Raccoon City, his mind slipping off into a light sleep….


(Part 2 below)

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(Part 2 of Chapter 6)

1998 - Raccoon City - Six Hours After First Infection


Tiredness, Shane hated it and had to stop, the route to the highway was blocked by a fire and going around it was impossible. He had to return to the streets and follow under it and he hated it greatly since he had to weapon besides his wit. Whatever scraps of pipes he found and cables, he had taken a battery and made himself a stun rod, even though it would work for a moment, it was just enough for him to run but he was exhausted, he wanted to lay down and sleep. Every time he would stop to rest, he would catch himself nodding off, he wished someone was with him to carry him along.


"Mom…" He whispered rubbing his eyes hearing a scream up ahead of him making him run toward it even though he knew better, but his mind was screaming at him for company. He had to stop finding the waterway, he looked at the water and then the other side seeing a man fighting some froglike creature. "What the hell is that?" He asked watching the man trying to get away as it grabbed him making Shane stiffen seeing it putting the man in its mouth. "Holy shit!" Shane gasped watching the man struggled to try and cut the frog creature but it was too late, it started to swallow him making him drop the knife. Shane looked away fast but looked back regardless seeing the man inside the creature struggling, he even saw the man pushing inside but the screams he was hearing were terrifying as he watched the struggle slowed as the belly of the frog went flat. "Oh…God…." Shane said fumbling back some as the creature jumped back into the water. "It just ate him and digested him…" He said. "Holy crap…" He continued to mumbled before smacking himself. "Get away from here…" He whispered looking for a way to cross the waterway in hopes that the creature won't come after him, which would be the last thing he was wanting right now but he smiled turning the stun rod on as it snapped with life, ready to shock anything that would make contact on the end of it.


'Recon One what is your status? Over.' Came a voice making Shane look around quickly hearing it again making him approach a dumpster, but he was cautious and glad he was too when crows flew away when he got close revealing a dead Umbrella personal, once more the voice came from the man's chest making Shane kneel to see a radio as a smile crept along his tiny face as he grabbed it. He had to cut it off the dead man's uniform with a knife that laid in his hand before wiping the blood off.


"Hello?" Shane asked standing up, his voice squeaked when he spoke.


'Who is this? Where's Recon One?' The voice replied making Shane smile even more, it was indeed working and he felt happy hearing another voice.


"Recon One is dead, I just found the body…" He said looking at the man. "I'm a kid, a student, Shane, I want to get out of here."


'Hold still kid. What is your current position?' The voice asked, Shane didn't realize that he hadn't looked at any street signs or anything that would give clue to where he was, his mind was too focused on following the highway.


"I'm not sure, I'm under the highway near a waterway, there's a monster here in the water, it ate someone." He told looking at the buildings. "I see a restaurant, it's um…" Shane moved some squinting his eyes at the writing in the window across of the waterway. "Joe's Bar and Grill." He said holding the radio close hearing water sloshing, this caused him to back away from the waterway fast. "Please help, I lost my gun."


'Don't worry kid, I'm sending two out to get you. Try and keep your position as long as possible, if you have no choice, continue to follow the highway till you find a Catholic church, when you get there go inside.' The man on the other end told, Shane could hear gunfire.


"Got it." Shane replied taking off his backpack and slipped the radio into a pouch on the side of it before holding his stun rod and the knife he just acquired close, he frowned some hearing an explosion in the distance, he didn't understand how this was happening…






A blunt kick to his side startled Shane awake and he cursed out loud grabbing his side automatically. He blinked the sleep away from his eyes as the glare from the bright light above him made it hard to focus on the man standing over him. He couldn't tell if it was a guard or an orderly but it was definitely someone who needed to work on their bedside manor.


Shane winced as he sat up, "What the fuck did you do that for, man?" The man said nothing and shook a paper cup full of pills at Shane. Shane took the cup and realized the man was an orderly as he handed him another paper cup of water. The pills were dreadful tasting for the second they rested on his tongue but he took them anyway, gagging slightly on the after taste before the man left. It definitely wasn't the Russian and Shane sighed with frustration, "This is harder than I thought it would be…" he said under his breath. But Shane knew he had to wait no matter how long it took.


Shane sighed again and looked up at Wesker, even though he wasn't able to see him he knew Wesker could hear him, "You should talk to the head asshole in charge about getting me off those goddamn pills." Shane held a hand above his brow trying to shield his eyes from the harsh light trying to see Wesker as he spoke to him, "They make me feel sleepy and like crap…"


Wesker smiled in the darkness of the balcony. He refused to answer Shane back knowing that the Russian they were looking for could arrive any moment. Shane was prone to outbursts and talking to himself so it wouldn't be unusual to see him talking to an empty room.


Wesker took a small amount of glee in the fact that Shane didn't know he was in charge of the asylum. There would come a time to tell Shane the truth but that was a long way away at this juncture. Wesker couldn't help but think of Ozwell Spencer when Shane complained about his pills.


Ozwell was an ambitious genius but terribly behind the times. The shots he had made that sow Sofia give Shane his whole young life were easily synthesized into pill form once Wesker had obtained Ozwell's notes. The boy required them for his well being and continued development. Why stop at a single shot yearly that would wear off before the next shot could be given?


Now they could be taken weekly and maintain a steady strong presence in his bloodstream year round rather than in a single yearly booster shot. Shane's already shown improvement since taking this pill regiment and he will continue to grow stronger. Had that senile fool Spencer done his due diligence Shane wouldn't have developed his phobia of needles from the painful "booster shots".


Shane coughed a bit and rubbed his chest. It felt picky and tingled a little. He knew it was from the plaga inside him and sometimes when he moved he could swear he could feel that thing inside him moving around.


The muffled clacking of shoes on the tiles outside door drew Shane's attention away from his chest. A man came into the room, his lab coat was briefly outlined by the light from the hallway before the door shut again and he started walking towards him. Shane let out an annoyed sigh as he stood up on the mat not looking directly at the man as he approached.


The man reached the edge of the wide circle of light surrounding Shane when he noticed the man was a doctor and that he was much taller and somewhat bulkier up close. The doctor seemed to be in way better shape than the other doctors he had seen before. The doctor checked a clipboard he was holding and said gruffly, "Need to check on you." in a Russian accent. Shane's neck lifted up quickly to meet the man's gaze. The voice quickly which drew Wesker's attention as well when the Russian accent hit his ears. The doctor seemed to study the clipboard again and said, "I need to examine your chest and check your eyes."


Shane's eyes narrowed as he asked, "Why?"


The doctor walked further into the light taking a stethoscope from around his neck and held it tightly in his thick hands as he spoke again, "To make sure you have no fluid in your lungs and to see if your eyes are fine."


Shane glared at the doctor and studied the man's features. He didn't seem familiar but the voice nagged at him. He tried but it was hard to see any tattoo with the man's shirt collar buttoned up. Shane knew he needed to be closer so he relented to letting the doctor examine him. Shane raised his arms in mock surrender and said, "Okay doc, check me out, I'm not going to give you any problems."


The doctor grunted and nodded as he approached Shane. Cautiously the doctor slipped the stethoscope on, lifted Shane's shirt and pressed it against his chest making him jerk away slightly.


Shane growled, "You could have made it warm, you ass."


The doctor ignored the insult and simply said, "Take a few deep breath, then exhale. Good, repeat, breathe in…exhale..." The doctor listened intently as Shane slowly did so.


The doctor pulled Shane's shirt back down and spoke, "Hmm, everything sounds good." Looking back down at the clipboard the doctor began writing. Wesker stood at the ready in the shadows of the balcony. He could see Shane was ready to do something. The doctor set the clipboard down again and pulled out a small pen light, "Now to look at your eyes."


Shane shifted uncomfortably and rubbed his foot on the mat, "Hey doc, what's wrong with my foot?" Shane asked. The Doctor looked down just as Shane's foot connected with the doctor's crotch making him curse in what Shane assumed to be Russian.


As the doctor hunched over in pain Shane punched him in the face. He then grabbed the doctor's back collar yanking him down on the mat before tearing the collar wide open and saw the double R tattoo he knew just had to be there. Before he could react, Shane yelped when something hit his leg causing his calf to cramp up making him let go and fall backwards half out of the circle of light. When he looked down he saw a hypodermic needle sticking out of his calf.


"You damn American!" The doctor snapped holding his nose while looking at Shane.


"It's him!" Shane shouted pulling the needle out of his leg. He scurried backwards when he saw the Russian doctor coming toward him, blood trickling out of his nose while he drew a pistol out of his coat pocket.


As the Russian leveled the gun towards Shane the lights in the room snapped on and a black blur seemed to appear out of nowhere and ripped the gun out of the Russian's hand. Before he could react Wesker tossed the startled man as if he was a rag doll against the far wall of the room. Had it not been padded the fake doctor would have broken his spine from the impact instead of having the wind knocked out of him. Shane watched in awe as Wesker raced over to the man before he even had a chance to slump to the floor and grabbed him by the neck and hoisted him up getting ready to work the Russian over for information.


"Who sent you?" Wesker said as the Russian gasped for air. He released his grip slightly to allow him to talk.


The Russian coughed and cursed at Wesker in Russian, Shane knew that the man wasn't going to talk, as did Wesker.


"You should toss him about a bit." Shane said rubbing his leg some before looking at the needle on the floor, he picked it up looking at it. "What the hell is this?" He asked lightly.


Wesker talked over his shoulder to Shane never taking his eyes off the Russian, "No, tossing him around wouldn't yield anything, but when you do something like this..." Wesker took the man's thumb in his free hand and broke it off with an effortless jerk as the man howled in pain, "…then people tend to loosen their tongues. Now who sent you? Tell me while you still have all your fingers and toes!"


The Russian just stared at him and growled. "I'll never tell a filthy American." He said. "Even if you break me." He told.


"That'll hurt you ass." Shane said looking at him. "Just answer the question and he might actually let you live." He told looking at the stuff inside the needle before looking at his leg poking it with a finger not able to feel it. "That damn fucker numbed my leg!" He snapped.


The man struggled in Wesker's grip to no avail. Wesker smiled, "Let me explain how this works. I only want a name. One name and if there are others here helping you I want their names too. If you give me these names or even one name I will let you live. I will even have the surgeons reattach your thumb before I send you back to your masters… but if you want to do this the hard way, I will continue removing fingers, and then toes and then hands and then arms and then feet and then legs and then whatever else I feel like pulling off of you until your nothing but a head on a pike outside of my office. Do we have an understanding?"


The Russian soon spat at him making Shane stiffen seeing that. "Go to hell." He said as Shane looked on, he wasn't sure if Wesker would kill him or tear more limbs off, he looked away not wanting to watch.


Wesker chuckled and wiped the spit off his face, "Remember this Shane, no matter how nice you try to be to some people they simply aren't smart enough to accept your charity." With that Wesker wrenched the man's arm out of its socket. Shane clasped his hands over his ears as the man's screams echoed into the night.


For a long time Shane kept his eyes and ears shut, he didn't know how long it was, when he felt a hand touch him he cringed instantly and also tried to hit whoever touched him but he felt the grip on his wrist and knew it was Wesker. It was silent and Shane didn't open his eyes as he spoke. "You done?"


Wesker spoke in a chilling tone, "Yes, we're done here. How's your leg?"


"Still can't move it." Shane replied opening his eyes some seeing some blood and shook lightly before pulling Wesker into a hug which startled him. "I'm sorry…" He whispered. "I'm not as strong as you…"


Wesker tensed and froze for a second before hesitantly patting Shane on the back, "You are as strong as me Shane. You may not believe it right now, but you are. You've survived Raccoon City, you share my blood, you can withstand anything." Wesker let his embrace slacken slightly as Shane sensed Wesker was uneasy with this show of affection and let him go.


"You're right." Shane replied with a simple nod before taking a breath and looked at the room. "Damn, you painted the room." He said shaking his head before coughing some and spat at the floor. "Since this is done…I better get some sleep, to be ready for the procedure. Is there something I got to do for this?" He asked looking at Wesker some.


Wesker patted him on the shoulder, "No, just rest get your strength up. I told you, the procedure will be painful but it will be relatively quick. Once we're done the plaga will be nothing more than harmless particles in your blood stream."


Shane smiled some before frowning lightly. "Then I'll be back in action sitting in my cell and enjoying the world passing me by." He said soon rolling his eyes running a hand through his hair. "I'll never be able to leave here." He grumbled. "But I ain't going to die here without hurting them first."


Wesker became serious again, "Shane, you're not a prisoner here and once your training with me is complete not only will you be able to leave here whenever you want, you'll be able to do whatever you want. Nobody will be able to stop you."


"I find that hard to believe you know." Shane said looking at him seriously before coughing again and tried to hold his coughs. "And what training are you talking about? Did you talk to the head about letting me out or something?"


Wesker smiled, "Something like that. I know I'm being vague now but trust me it will all make sense once the procedure is done and you've recovered. I promise you, you'll never need to feel fear again." With that Wesker extended his hand which like the rest of his outfit was miraculously clean despite the carnage around them.


Shane looked at it for a moment and then shook Wesker's hand. With that they left the room.

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(Chapters are getting longer and this has limited posting, I want feedback right now, so please share and bare with me trying to post on here.)


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George Trevor
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I found this promising work, to be one of the most original fan-fictions I have read, with a protagonist that has a very intriguing background. I do hope you have more in store OracleDragon ? 

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TheOracleDragon at May 19, 2011 at 6:10 PM

(Chapters are getting longer and this has limited posting, I want feedback right now, so please share and bare with me trying to post on here.)

I whole-heartedly agree with the comments of Mr Trevor.

Will you be posting anymore chapters from this story OracleDragon ?

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James Marcus at September 29, 2011 at 3:59 PM

TheOracleDragon at May 19, 2011 at 6:10 PM

(Chapters are getting longer and this has limited posting, I want feedback right now, so please share and bare with me trying to post on here.)

I whole-heartedly agree with the comments of Mr Trevor.

Will you be posting anymore chapters from this story OracleDragon ?

I will be once I edit some of the content in a few of the chapters. 


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-Chapter 7

The next day…

Shane slept longer than he should have but it wasn’t as if he didn’t earn it considering what he had gone through the previous night. A hard smack against the glass startled him out of a dead sleep making him fall off the bed and onto the floor. The guard outside the door laughed after watching the young man flail off the mattress.

“Asshole!” Shane snapped holding his head as pain pounded like a drum in his skull.

“Good afternoon ass-wipe.” The guard said as he pushed Shane’s food through the slot in the glass door. “Eat up!” The guard was laughing when turned to see Wesker stone faced less than a foot from him. He was startled considering he hadn’t heard Wesker walk up to him. The guard stammered, “Oh…sir…I-I-I was…”

Wesker leaned in closer reading the guard’s name tag, “You were what Hendricks, harassing a patient…again? I had heard complaints about you from the staff so I had to see it for myself.”

Hendricks, the guard, started to sweat, “Nuh…No sir, I...I just thought…”

Wesker took a step forward making Hendricks take a step back and started shouting, “You thought?!? Understand this you stammering buffoon, you have no brain. No judgment calls are necessary or required. What you think means nothing. What you feel means nothing. You are here to work for me. You are here to help the sick and to serve the needs of these patients.” Hendricks face was beet red with embarrassment. He went to say something to defend himself but Wesker cut him off and continued to speak, “But since you are clearly incapable of this I want you to repeat this back to me: “Would you like fries with that?”

Hendricks stammered, “W…would you like fries with that?”

Wesker smiled, “Excellent! Now memorize it, because starting tomorrow, the only job that you're going to be able to get is selling hamburgers at a fast food joint! Your fired Hendricks, clean out your locker and get out!”

Shane heard the yelling outside in the hall but didn’t really catch most of the conversation. The rooms were somewhat sound proofed and he could only make out a word here or there between crunches of the fresh juicy apple that was included with his meal today. You would think an apple would be a common thing with most any institutional meal but the food in this place had been lacking fresh fruit and vegetables, two things he desperately craved.

He bit into the apple again, sucking the juices from it and savoring every drop. It was amazing what something as simple as an apple could accomplish. Shane sighed and felt content, tearing another piece off with his teeth and munching on it softly. When he looked up he saw Wesker was now standing in front of the glass door watching him. Shane gave him a quick wave and pointed at the apple smiling and relaxing against his bed. Wesker nodded and smiled tightly and then walked away. Shane smiled and bit into the apple again.

The taste of the apple juice reminded Shane of when he was a kid. He could still clearly remember Sofia bringing home fresh apples to make a fruit salad or homemade apple pie. The pies were the greatest treat he could ever have and he often got one all to himself every February around his birthday.

Shane snapped out of his memory when he realized his birthday had already passed and that it would have been his 25th. It was hard to tell which month it was since all the periodicals and magazines in the asylum were out of date and nobody there would give you an answer when you asked them what day, month or even year it was.

Sliding the tray onto his bed, Shane peeked outside using a handheld mirror he had hidden under his sink. Seeing nobody was around he put the mirror back, got on the floor and slid under his bed. There in the metal he had tally marks he had been using in secret to keep track of the years but because of recent events he hadn’t been able to update his tally.

Shane slid out from under the bed and sat up, coughing. He swallowed hard, gagging in the process before another coughing fit hit him again. “I hate this…” He grumbled reaching to the tray to grab another piece of turkey, he hated the taste of it but he had to eat it, he saw someone walk by but ignored it till he coughed again covering his mouth before looking at his hand seeing chunks of what he hoped were food and some blood. “Shit…”

Shane started coughing again but more violently and the more he coughed the harder it was for him to catch his breath. His body temperature rose making sweat pour off his skin as he continued to cough. He was struggling to catch his breath between coughs. He started holding his chest with his hands, gripping and tearing at his shirt trying to get it off his body so he could breathe easier but it was pointless. His arms were weakened from spasms and tears started to stream down his face uncontrollably as he continued to cough violently. His face was blood red and his eyes became bloodshot as he gasped for breath only to start gagging and retching. He desperately wanted to breathe and he suddenly felt an intense fear when he thought of his lungs collapsing from this fit. He tried to move towards the door but his body rebelled. He grabbed the nurses button from the side of his bed as he coughed and slid down the side and hit the floor gasping for air with the button in a death grip in his fist.

The alarm in the monitor room buzzed loudly as a male nurse looked up and saw the monitor for cell 280. Shane was on the floor convulsing and pressing the call button the men inside all switched seeing Shane on the floor.

“Shit!” The one nurse snapped as he quickly pressed the intercom button which made the speakers in the hallways buzz to life, “Code Blue! Cell 280! I repeat Code Blue Cell 280!”

Wesker heard the announcement right as he was heading towards the exit. When he heard the man say ‘Cell 280’ Wesker was in full run towards Shane’s room and he arrived just as the medical staff ran in with a crash cart.

The doctor was hovering over Shane instantly as two orderlies picked him up and moved him onto the bed and helped restrain his convulsing limbs the doctor injected Shane with a sedative that immediately stopped him from convulsing and made his body relax. The doctor yelled out, “His lungs aren‘t functioning and mouth to mouth isn’t working! Get me the oxygen mask STAT!” A nurse gently asked Wesker to leave so they would have more room to work. A flash of anger played across his face for a moment before he realized she was right and he stepped outside into the hallway and watched the medical team work on Shane.

Wesker knew it was the Plaga; it was working hard inside Shane’s body to overtake him. He had seen this before with the data and samples Ada Wong had collected from Spain. The fact Shane was able to last this long without it overtaking his body was a miracle. Wesker hadn’t realized it but he soon started pacing as he mulled over in his head that the last thing he needed was his son to die.

“Come on Shane, breath.” The doctor said which made Wesker snap out of his mental and physical pacing and he looked inside the doorway. He could hear some coughs but nothing as severe as before. He hadn’t noticed when they changed but now the nurse was using a nebulizer to help Shane breath in medicated mists directly into his lungs. Shane was holding his chest and the coughing was becoming more infrequent and until it all but stopped. The doctor looked him over and kept repeating, “Slow steady breaths...” He told as Shane laid his head down on the pillow. Some blood trickled out of his mouth as the doctor looked at Wesker. “We need to get it out of him right away, it’s getting worse.”

Wesker nodded and Shane looked at him through bloodshot eyes, almost pleading for him to help. Wesker wasn’t used to this… feeling he suddenly felt. He hadn’t realized it until this moment but he was starting to actually care for the boy.

Wesker said, “It will be okay, you have my word.” He then turned to the doctor, “We start immediately, I want the procedure room set up within the hour.” With that he turned back to Shane, “Rest, it will all be over soon.”

Shane nodded lightly before closing his eyes…

(Part 2)...


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(Part 2) Chapter 7


1998 - Raccoon City - Six Hours After First Infection - Catholic Church


There was no other choice, Shane had to run to the church after a monster showed up, he only managed to escape shocking the large creature with his stun rod which stunned it long enough for him to escape. Every time he had a chance to rest, he ended up having to flee but he was thankful for not finding another lioness or frog creature.



The church was barricaded when he arrived, the windows busted out with wooden planks blocking them, zombies and other creatures littered the ground as well as crows making him maneuver carefully toward the doors, he looked around quickly pausing for a moment thinking he saw something only to smile realizing it was an illusion caused by the rising smoke across the street but everything went south when he heard a click, he turned back to the door seeing a gun muzzle aimed right at him and his reaction was fast as he ducked and a round was fired right over his head making him shout.


“Stop! I’m not a zombie!” He shouted hugging the ground trying hard to stay calm but a tear escaped his eyes.


“Josh! We got a survivor out here!” Someone shouted from inside making him look up slowly at the doors seeing the gun muzzle was gone and replaced with an eye. “It’s a kid.” At first Shane was too frightened to stand but he slowly did when he heard heavy things being move before a tall woman stood there looking at him, she looked like a foreigner.


“It is a kid.” She said with an Italian accent before bending down. “You okay little boy?” She asked as he nodded lightly. “I must apologize for Luke, his ‘gun-ho’ attitude has kept us alive, where did you come from?”


“D-d-d-down the street.” Shane answer stammering while pointing where he had come from just as she pulled him inside and the doors closed behind them. “I was told to come here, someone coming for me.”


“You? Why the hell not us?!” Luke snapped blocking the door and turned quickly looking down at Shane, he was gruff and covered in blood, the only part of his clothing that wasn’t was a tiny spot under his left arm. “We’re more damn important than you!” He growled pointing at Shane.


“That’s enough Luke!” A voice snapped making Shane look up the aisle seeing a man standing at the altar looking at the Bible, he had red hair which really made Shane stare as the woman lead him up there. “We’re all going to escape, so shut up and get back to watching the door!” He said looking up. “I’m Josh, what is thy name little man?” He asked leaning against the altar.


“Shane.” Came the reply. “I’m following the highway to get out, my…my friend Andrew said we could escape if we follow it…” He said frowning. “He…he…he was killed by a lion…”


“Oh my…” The woman said pulling Shane close comforting him. “I’m so sorry for you.” She said as he looked at her.


“What’s worse is I got separated from my mom…” He said soon looking at the floor. “I’m not even sure if she’s alive…”


“She’s another zombie or dead.” Luke said making Shane look at him roughly. “If I’ll see her I’ll put her down for yo--- ow! What the fuck!?” He said rubbing his head when he was hit with something hard, he turned around quickly seeing Shane picking up a rock that was on the floor. “You little prick! You’ll pay for that!” He snapped running over as Shane quickly ran up to the altar as Josh got between them.


“Stand down Luke!” He snapped aiming a pistol at Luke’s head. “You should hold your tongue when it comes to talking about others families, you are fortunate I haven’t killed you yet! Now get back to that fucking door and wait for those people before I shoot you!” He threatened as Luke looked at Shane before flipping him off and marched back to the doors. “Sorry Shane, but some folks can’t handle some charity when it’s given.” He said putting the gun back on the altar. “Hopefully things will calm down once we get out of here.” He said as Shane nodded looking at the woman who was just watching unfazed by all this.


“I want to leave soon…” Shane whispered sitting down pulling out the radio. “Hey, you there?” He asked pressing the call button.


‘Still here, what’s your current position Shane?’ The same voice replied making him smile.


“I had to go to the church, I was attacked and ran. There’s…” He said pausing for a moment seeing how many was with him, which was only the three. “There’s three people here with me. How are we leaving?”


‘A helicopter is coming, it will be there in a few minutes up the street to a square, you’ll be extracted there.’ The man replied making Shane smile as did Josh and that woman.



“We’ll be waiting, hey…did you come across anyone named Sofia Burns?” He asked turning to try and keep this private. “She’s my mom..”


‘Sorry. I haven’t heard or seen anything.’ The man replied. ‘I’m Kristoff, don’t worry Shane, everything going to be okay."


“I hope so…”


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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Part 3 Chapter 7)




Shane woke up slowly from the sedative. He was watching the hall lights passing above his head as he heard the gentle clacking sound the wheels of the gurney made on the tiled hallway. He felt a cool, steady breeze on his face which made him reach and touch the plastic mask on the lower half of his face that he hadn’t realized was there. He tried sitting up but only managed to get his shoulders off the cushion before he was firmly pushed back down and held there. Blinking weakly and looking up he saw it was Wesker who was making sure he stayed put. Giving off a cough Shane asked “What’s going on?”


Whatever they gave Shane to calm him down was working too well, he could only remember the pain of the needle piercing his skin as he shook on his bed and everything seemed to be a hazy blur in his mind when he tried to think. Wesker spoke but it seemed like it was in slow motion and he couldn’t make out the words.


Shane tried to understand but the more he tried the more he realized it wasn’t working and he sighed disgusted with himself and gave up. He could feel a tinge of pain in his chest which made his skin itch which he rubbed as he saw two doors move in his peripheral vision making him look around dazed at the new room they were in. Other than some wires and tubes leading to and from the chair and a divider wall with a large glass window all he could see was a big chair with some equipment scattered around it.


A lab technician spoke to Wesker, “Everything’s ready sir.” And Wesker nodded his approval as he motioned towards Shane who let out a raspy, weak cough.


Realization broke through the haze of the sedation he was under when Shane figured out what was going on, they were going to get the plaga out of him but how exactly they were going to do it was troubling him.


As soon as they sat him up, his chest burned and something inside twitched making him cough a few times, he took several deep, slow breaths before they took the oxygen mask off and helped him down off the gurney. Shane was lead slowly by two orderlies over to the chair and sat him down. Despite the strain of moving his head, Shane couldn’t help but look around as he kept his hands in his lap before resting them on the arm rests.


As soon as his skin touched the arm rests hidden clamps suddenly snapped closed around his wrists startling him greatly, making him try to jerk his arms loose. He pushed his legs against the chair attempting to get leverage and as soon as he did he felt two more clamps snap closed around his ankles. He was in a full panic since it reminded him of that room. Not being able to move, trapped in one position, unable to escape. As hard as he tried, fear filled his mind as he struggled. That room played in his mind over and over again. Shane grunted and coughed as he struggled in vain to get free.


One of the technicians looked at the monitors seeing one of the clamps was blinking red, which meant it was damaged somehow by Shane’s wild movements and failed to lock down tight.


“He’s gotten stronger since the last time.” Said the technician as Wesker looked curiously at the blinking red light taking a mental note to have the chair’s restraints strengthened. The technician pushed the intercom button and spoke in calm, reassuring tones, “Calm down Shane, this will be over very quickly but you need to stay calm.”


Wesker could see and not hear Shane shouting ‘Fuck you’, at the men behind the glass. Wesker had figured Shane would remember the room he talked about before where the Russian had abducted him to and helped infect him with the plaga parasite that was currently killing him.


Shane looked up at the arms lowering closer to his chest making him breath rapidly. He could feel the static and smell the burning of ozone as an unearthly glow came to life from the arms and shot through him. Every muscle in his body had locked down automatically as if he were being tasered; his hands clasped tightly on the arm rests, his eyes shut tightly as tears streamed down his cheeks while he clenched his teeth. He was trying hard to fight off the pain setting his insides on fire but it wasn’t working. Shane could feel the plaga inside him fighting, struggling, resisting its elimination. He tried to let out a scream but his jaw remained clenched as the muffled yell issued from them.


The technician studied the readings on the display and spoke to Wesker who was standing over his shoulder, “We’re almost done sir.” Wesker glanced at the readings and then into the chamber. The technician spoke again, “A few more seconds…”


A warning light flashed to life quickly drawing the technician and Wesker’s attention to it. The damaged clamp broke open freeing Shane’s right arm. His arm flailed up slightly and then his hand latched onto the arm rest of the chair like a vice grip.


Shane shouted as the veins in his neck and head bulged out from the strain as the glow suddenly faded away. The inside of his chest was burning as he felt the plaga disintegrating into particles and he could feel it protesting its fate as it faded into nothingness. Shane’s scream died out into a rasping breath as his body slumped in the chair. His chest heaved as he suddenly sucked in a large gulp of air and panted heavily for a moment and then he was still. The sensors read everything was normal but Shane was not moving.


“Shane?” The technician’s voice echoed in the chamber over the intercom. All was silent and Shane wasn’t responding. He spoke again, “Shane? If you can hear me, move your fingers.” There was a moment of stillness and then slowly Shane’s left hand moved. The remaining three clamps opened automatically and Shane slumped more in the chair, almost sliding off completely. His left arm fell limp to the side as the doctor and two orderlies rushed into the room to check on him.


Within moments they confirmed he was alive but half conscious. This wasn’t unexpected though since the plaga that was inside him was rather large and it was reaching a critical point of its gestation when it was discovered and removed. Had Shane not been made of sterner stuff the end result might have been death instead of exhaustion. The last thing Shane saw as he slipped back into darkness were dancing blue dots on the dark ceiling.


“He’s going to be okay, he’s just lost consciousness.” Said the doctor as the orderlies carried Shane out of the room on a gurney.


The technician sighed in relief hearing that the young man was going to be okay. Wesker watched them as they wheeled Shane past him and out of the room to recovery. Wesker took satisfaction in seeing how strong the boy was. Once he recovered it was time to move forward with his plans for Shane. The prince was strong and with Wesker’s training he would walk the path to being king in great strides.


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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- Chapter 8


A day after the procedure…



Shane’s mouth was dry, like cotton and he couldn’t seem to get any moisture from his tongue to wet it. His nose twitched, smelling something strange, like fresh baked earth and dust before feeling warmth washing over his body. Groggy, Shane forced open his sleepy eyes and tried to blink the haze from them as the drugs given to him finally started to wear off. When his eyes focused he saw he was in a room he had never saw before.

Turning his head to the side, Shane saw a table was set against the wall lined with bottles of water, juice and fancy glasses. There was some food cooking on silver heating dishes he had only seen in movies that showed how rich people ate in fancy restaurants. When he finally sat up he breathed in deep through his nose and could see chicken, potatoes and vegetables simmering inside the silver dishes in front of plates with silverware arranged on either side.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Shane slowly looked up the wall seeing a round window, sunlight shined in hitting him directly on the face and chest, which he now realized was the cause of his warmth. He smiled lightly, it had been nine years since he felt the sun on his skin but this was startling, how was he feeling it and where was he? “Where am I?” he whispered in a raspy whisper.

“You’re in Africa, son.” Wesker’s voice broke the silence from across the room, making Shane look at the end of a plush couch to see him sitting there nonchalantly browsing through some papers.

“Africa?” Shane repeated as he slumped backwards onto the bed rolling onto his back flinching slightly as his chest ached from his movement. “Ah, shit…”

Still studying the papers Wesker spoke in stern tone,” Don’t move too much and don’t jostle your chest too much yet, you’re still recovering. Lucky for you, you awoke near lunch time. You should be ravenous after fasting for the procedure.”

Shane focused on Wesker as he lay on his back massaging his aching chest. “Is it dead?” He asked watching Wesker.


Wesker looked up from the papers and soon set them down before walking over to Shane sitting beside him, “According to the tests it appears the parasite has been eradicated but because of its size and the amount of material that disintegrated into your system, you will feel out of sorts for a few days and you will most definitely be sore.” Shane nodded as Wesker got up and walked over to the table, poured a glass of ice water into a glass and walked back over to Shane and handed it to him. Shane reached for the drink and the cold sweat from the glass felt good as he sat up slightly and drank the crystal clear water, finally bringing moisture back into his mouth.


A satisfied sigh escaped Shane’s mouth as he set down the now empty glass leaving a contented smile on his face. Wesker lightly patted him on the head and felt Shane’s forehead, “You’re running a slight temperature but that’s normal for the recovery process. Just relax and save your strength.” Wesker then grabbed the glass and put it back onto the table before returning to his papers.


Silently Shane observed the nicely furnished room more. He couldn’t remember the last time he has been in something this elegant looking. As he slowly scanned his surroundings he found his eyes drawn to a large bookshelf packed with hardcover books behind a large wooden desk that had tablets and other office supplies on top of it as well as a laptop computer. Off to the side in one corner was a huge white dry erase board next what he could tell were complex mathematics and formulas written on it.

Still his attention was drawn back to the bookshelf. For years he had wanted to pick up a nice, thick book and read it. In all of his years in the asylum Shane was only able to steal one book he had found laying in a garbage can near the cafeteria when the orderlies were occupied with another patient.


It was a ratty looking romance novel with the cover’s top half torn off. All he could see of the wrinkled image was a shirtless muscular man embracing a woman in a torn dress with her breasts practically bursting out of the top of it. It wasn’t the sort of thing Shane was into, in fact he hated how simple the story was written and how it mostly seemed to focus on this rich woman and her carnal urges for a handsome stable boy in the employ of her rich, old husband whom she despised. It was tripe but he cherished it as one of his sole means of escape.


Shane snapped out of his memory and a single question kept nagging at him, “Why are we in Africa?” He asked in a whisper as his eyes wandered around the room some more trying to take in as much as possible at one time.


Wesker never looked up from his papers, “We’re here because it is the next step in my plan. Don’t worry though, you’ll know everything soon enough. Just rest, you need your strength.” He repeated to him.


Shane grumbled as he was laying back down and laid his hands on his chest sighing. A big grin played across his face when he realized he was out of the asylum at long last and he chuckled.


Wesker heard the giggle and only glanced up long enough to see Shane clenching his hands in excitement before chuckling again to himself even though he was trying to keep as silent as possible. Wesker knew why the boy was giddy and he allowed him his joy. The asylum was a harsh place but it was a necessity for Shane after the trauma he experienced. Wesker had wanted him out of there three years ago but because of certain…delays, he had to put off his plans for Shane up until now. But finally, after so long in the waiting everything had finally come together.


Shane smiled before sitting up slowly coughing once before finally sitting up in a straight position on the soft bed. His stomach grumbled and he rubbed it saying, “I think I should eat something considering the fact I have no clue how long I was asleep and my stomach hurts.”


Wesker nodded towards the table of food, “Help yourself but start slow. If you rush too much solid food into your system after that procedure you’ll make yourself sick.”


Before Shane could get up there was a rapid knock at the large oak door making him tilt his head a little at it and wince slightly. Wesker looked at the door knowing it was Excella, “Just a moment.” He said in a curt tone of voice. Wesker knew Excella was impatient and could be tedious with her constant affection but she was as much a part of his plans as Shane so he couldn’t dismiss her like he wanted to.


Excella had been coming to him more often now to talk of their plans and to try and get more intimate with him. It was painfully obvious she was motivated, ambitious and lusted for more power in this world and she knew Albert was the one who could give it to her.


When he informed her of Shane, all Excella could do was ask questions about the boy and she absolutely insisted on meeting his only son once the boy was recovered enough for visitors.


Wesker heard Shane grumble again and when he looked over to him, he saw Shane had laid back down and wrapped the thick pillow over his head. “Tell them to go away.” He said in a loud muffled voice beneath the pillow. “I don’t want any damn pills and I sure as hell don’t want any shots!”


Wesker shook his head lightly in mild disgust. The boy was tough but when he acted like a petulant child it irritated Wesker to no end. It was a habit he was determined to break the boy of. Wesker poured a glass of ice water, grabbed the small bottle of pills next to the food off of the table and approached Shane with them.


“Leave me alone..” Shane grumbled as the pillow was pulled off. “Oh…I thought you were one of them…” He said seeing the pill bottle making him groan.


Wesker sighed, “Stop being a baby. You just had a major operation done on you. Did you really think you wouldn’t have to take anything after it was done? You need these to help your immune system to rebuild.”


“You’d understand if you were in my shoes.” Shane said sitting up holding his hand out as Wesker tapped a few into his hand. “These are the pills I take weekly...” He said looking at Wesker confused. “Why you giving me these?”


Wesker handed him the glass of water, “For what I just said, to boost your immune system and get your body back to full strength. Think of these pills as vitamins and antibiotics all rolled into one. When you take them on a regular basis you stay healthy and vital and they will help shorten the recovery process.”


Shane chuckled lightly. “Like a miracle pill?” He joked taking a breath popping the nasty pills into his mouth and downed them quickly with the water shivering and gave a cough. “Still taste awful…” He said looking at the door. “Who’s out there?” He asked setting the glass on the nearby night stand.


Wesker smirked slightly, “I’ll introduce you to her.” With that Wesker walked to the door and opened it. “Enter.” He said coolly as Excella Gionne walked into the room. Shane’s eyes grew somewhat wider when he looked her over. Excella embraced Wesker who seemed somewhat uncomfortable with it but returned the hug nonetheless.


Her gold high heels made Excella almost Albert’s height thought the tightly wound bun of jet black hair atop her head made her appear slightly taller than him. She gave Albert a peck on each cheek leaving lipstick marks on each side. As she turned towards Shane he could see Albert pull a napkin off the table, and rub his face clean.


Her shimmering gold silk dress was impossibly tight on her body. She looked over towards Shane and smiled, “So this is Shane.” she said in a thick Italian accent. She leaned down letting her ample cleavage push forward from the top of the dress and presented her hand to Shane as if to shake his, “Pleasure to meet you darling boy.”


As soon as he heard that accent Shane’s blood boiled and he scrambled off the bed fast grabbing a lamp off a nearby end table and wielding it like a club, “Stay back, I mean it!” he shouted nervously, his eyes wild with fear.


Shane’s insane reaction startled both Excella and Wesker. Excella turned towards Wesker and asked confused, “Albert darling what is wrong with him?” He didn’t take his eyes off Shane and gently pushed Excella behind him as Shane huddled in the corner with the lamp shaking visibly as if he were scared out of his mind.


Wesker put out his hands to show he wasn’t a threat, “Shane what’s wrong? Excella’s not going to hurt you, we’re your friends. Stay calm and put down the lamp.”


Shane was only half hearing Wesker at this point. Shane’s mind was racing and even though he knew it was impossible he felt like he was back in Raccoon City during the outbreak. And that woman, that goddamn woman with the Italian accent was trying to get him killed again.


Shane’s eyes were glassy like he was in a far away daydream as he screamed, “No! I won’t let you do this to me again! NOT AGAIN!” With that Shane leapt from the bed only to have Wesker slap the lamp from the boys hand, spun him around and put him into a sleeper hold before Shane could react.


Wesker held Shane like that until his body went limp and he passed out. Wesker placed him back on the bed as Excella said sarcastically, “What a charming boy you raised Albert.”


Wesker turned towards her, “He was clearly having a flashback to something… I’ve seen that sort of behavior in war veterans suffering from shell shock.”


Excella seemed unfamiliar with the term and looked at him puzzled, “Shell shock?”


Wesker sighed, “I forgot, they keep changing the term. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His mind has been traumatized from his time in Raccoon City and something about you triggered an episode. I need to find out what it is. Until then I need you to leave us and do not come back here until I have this all sorted out. Am I making myself clear?”


Excella nodded, “Yes Albert darling. If you need anything you know where to find me.” With that Excella looked at Shane sadly and then left the room. “It’s a shame,” she thought to herself, “a boy that young and handsome with so many demons.”


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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(Part 2 - Chapter 8 - )


1998 - Raccoon City - Six and a Half Hours after First Infection

“Run!” Josh shouted over his shoulder at the small band of survivors as they ran up the street following the low flying helicopter that they were hoping was going to land. Shane was keeping up good until he tripped landing in a hard skid on the ground hurting his right arm in the process. Josh saw Shane tripped but he needed to keep running to keep the helicopter in sight. Josh yelled, “Natasha! Help Shane!” and the woman complied and ran back for the child.

She grabbed Shane under the arm pits and lifted him up, “Come on.” She said with her thick Italian accent as Shane scrambled to his feet. Just as they turned to run toward the others a pack of five dogs burst forth from a nearby alleyway and started chasing after Luke and Josh. Natasha screamed, “God no!” as she saw Luke being taken down by one of the vicious animals. He was screaming and struggling to crawl as the pack surrounded him. There were several gunshots and dog yelps but soon the shots stopped, his screams became wet bubbling gurgles and then silence as the wild animals ripped him to shreds.

Natasha was frozen in terror. She couldn’t see where Josh had gone as smoke and wreckage obscured the view ahead of the pack’s feeding frenzy.

“This way” Shane said quietly so as not to alert the dogs. He was pulling her with his good arm. “We can cut through this other alleyway around them!” He yanked at her arm again as he whispered at her trying to get her to move. Blinking tears from her eyes Natasha looked down at Shane and nodded. He pulled her arm again and this time she moved, following after him as fast as the boy could run.

“We need a weapon, quickly or we’ll never make it.” She said quietly as they climbed over a rotten smelling dumpster and ran through a garbage strewn alleyway. “I know that there’s a weapon shop just up the street.” She said as Shane nodded. They sprinted through alley approaching a nearby square. Shane slowed down to a creeping walk and held out his hand to Natasha to make her slow down. They peered out from behind a wrecked metal Raccoon City Police barrier and paused. The chopper wasn’t there like they had hoped but something else was.

Shane whispered “It’s those jumping lizard things…” He whispered watching as the reptilian Hunter loped about the area looking for prey. Its yellow snake eyes glinted in the light. An explosion went off in the distance and the Hunter seemed to hone in on the sound, screeched at it and it seemed to wander towards it, stop and then walk back to where it was standing.

Natasha’s eyes lit up, “Look there.” She said pointing toward an RPD squad car. Shane could see a disemboweled police officer lay across the car hood holding a riot shotgun. Shane smiled slightly knowing the weapon would help them immensely until they looked back at the Hunter. It didn’t seem to want to leave the general area around the police car and they couldn’t just sit here in an alley hope someone would rescue them with that thing waiting to pounce on whatever moved.

Suddenly they heard the chopper, it was hovering somewhere above them. The Hunter looked around and seemed visibly agitated by the whirring noise. Natasha grabbed Shane by the shoulders and turned him toward her and whispered, “Shane I have a plan.” She looked around and picked up a broken piece of metal pipe. “You’re a faster runner than me…” she continued. “While I distract that thing I want you to circle around whichever way it runs and go for that shotgun.” She whispered this to Shane who looked at her knowing he had to do this if they were going to live. He wasn’t going to let Natasha down like he let Andrew down. “Trust me.” She said smiling which made Shane somewhat uneasy but he couldn’t understand why. Shane knew he had to be brave or else they wouldn’t make it out alive. Uneasy but determined Shane nodded in agreement with Natasha. She patted him on the head and said in a low whisper, “Okay, get ready…”

When the Hunter looked away from them Natasha stood up and hurled the broken pipe and ducked back down behind the barricade. The pipe spun in a high arch and smashed into the rear window of a car that was up until that point miraculously untouched by the chaos around it. A car alarm started to beep in steady irritating pitches as the Hunter ran towards the bleating noise and attacked the car smashing its clawed fists into the hood.

Shane was off and running before its second fist smash which made the alarm horn screech and then go silent. Shane was halfway towards the police car when a rock slammed into his back involuntarily making him yelp.

The Hunter swiftly turned towards the noise and saw Shane, screeched and started bounding full speed at him, its right arm stretched out with its clawed hand open wide. Shane ran as fast as he could towards the cop car snatching the shotgun off the corpse as he ran by. The dead cop’s weight on the gun made Shane’s arm jerk the heavy weapon which fired the gun. The loud noise was only rivaled by the howl of the Hunter as buckshot tore into its legs sending it into a trip that planted it head first into the squad car’s passenger side door, denting it in.

Shane leapt to his feet with the gun and ran in the wide open square as he heard the chopper getting lower and the Hunter screeching in protest as it got to its feet and ran in an awkward hobble towards Shane. Seeing no alternative Shane ran towards big rig truck that had somehow gotten flipped onto its side.

Running through the huge busted out wind shield, Shane felt the air from the Hunter’s hand swipe nick the bottom of his sneakers as he dove in between the seats into the sleeper cab that was thankfully empty of zombies or anything else. The Hunter was too bulky to fit all the way into the wind shield hole and started slashing at the seats trying to get at Shane. He couldn’t afford to look up to aim so he held the gun up and fired blindly, the recoil pushing him backwards against the wall of the cab. The Hunter screeched and then when the ringing in his ears stopped all he heard were the helicopters rotors and felt the wind whipping into the truck cab.

Climbing out of the wrecked truck, Shane stepped over the Hunter, blood pouring out of a gaping wound in its chest. His sneakers squished into the gore and then he hopped off and away from the monster in three ginger steps. Looking down across the giant square Shane saw the helicopter had landed and Natasha was already aboard as the helicopter started to lift off. He noticed that only she was looking towards where he was standing while the crew tended to her with their backs to the door. She mouthed the words, “Thanks kid!”

Shane stood there stunned. He realized to his horror that Natasha threw a rock at him to make him scream and get the Hunter to attack him. Before he could run three knives sliced down his back, shredding his backpack and snapping the straps off his shoulders.

Shane screamed but the helicopter was already above the roof tops and heading out of sight. He stumbled forward trying to grab his own back to make the burning of his open wounds stop. His vision darkened around the edges and his knees and then his body hit the grimy street as he blacked out face first. He suddenly heard the Hunter growling over him followed by a shout that seemed so far away.

“Shane!” A voice shouted in a German accent that seemed familiar as the boy struggled to stay awake. He tried to push off the ground but his limbs wouldn’t respond. “Kill it!” yelled the voice as multiple shots were heard ripping through the Hunter’s flesh, its final scream a cut short in a death rattle as it fell backwards away from the Shane.


“Shane!” The voice shouted again as the boy weakly tried to pull himself to his feet but failed, slamming backwards into the over turned truck just missing the dead body of the Hunter. Two strong gloved hands grabbed him and lifted him off the ground. “Shit, Shane, you okay? Hold on…” Kristoff said picking him up cradling him against his chest as he took off in a run. “Fall back! We need to get out of the city!” He snapped at the other members of his team as Shane cried out in pain. Kristoff looked down at the boy as the radioman called in their waiting helicopter. Kristoff shouted to another man, “Medic! Tend to the boy, the rest of you watch the perimeter, we’re not safe yet!”

As the medic examined the boy’s badly clawed back, he sprayed something cool on it from a can that seemed to make the burning stop. Shane said weakly, “…she left…she just left me… why? I…thought we… were friends.” As his vision blurred and darkness overtook him Shane’s last thoughts were Natasha, sitting in the chopper coldly smiling at him as she escaped and left him to die.


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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(Part 3 - Chapter 8 -)




Shane’s eyes snapped open. It took him second to realize he was dreaming and he wasn’t still in Raccoon City. His breathing was starting to calm down as he rubbed the soreness from his arms and neck. He was covered in a sheet of cold sweat that made his clothes stick to him in a way he had always hated after one of these nightmares.

They always seemed to make him aware of his wounds. Just when he would forget about them his nightmares would remind him he didn’t make it out of that godforsaken city without a scratch and without sacrifice. Sometimes late at night when he had one of these episodes Shane could swear he still felt that Hunter slicing into his back. The room was partly dark now and he almost mistaken it as his cell before he saw that it was still the nicely furnished room he had been in before his episode. All he remembered was that woman speaking to him and then his vision went red and then nothingness until the nightmare.

He was alone and the only sound in the room was the gentle hum of an air conditioner pumping cool air from a vent above his bed. Shane sat up slowly and put on a new lamp that was sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. Wiping his hair back with his hand Shane stood up and took off his sweat drenched white tank top and looked across to room and saw the full length wall mirror he barely took notice of before when he was awake. Shane stood in front of the mirror and then turned around and twisted his head around to see the wide scars that ran the length of his back in a diagonal. Shane still couldn’t believe it didn’t kill him or paralyze him considering all three claws raked directly across his spine. So damn lucky he wasn’t infected but he smiled to himself remembering what Wesker had told him but then Natasha’s face flashed inside his mind and he instantly became angry again.

“Damn woman...” He said in a low growl rubbing one of the scars. “I should have known better…I just should have known…” He said scolding himself. Shane walked away from the mirror still tracing part of the scars with his finger. “I won’t make that mistake again.” He whispered as he walked towards a door marked as a bathroom.

As Shane got into the bathroom Wesker hit a button on the wall that made the mirrors in both rooms opaque. He had the special soundproof room specially built as an add-on to Shane’s bunk room so he could record and personally monitor him without his knowledge. Wesker turned towards Excella who had been sitting in a comfortable chair in the small soundproof room.


“Well, what do you think?” he said to her.

Excella sighed, “I think you’re extremely lucky he rambles in his sleep.”

Wesker smiled, “Luck has nothing to do with it my dear. One of my pet projects at the asylum was the use of hypnosis. Once a patient was in a deep enough trance or in Shane’s case, the proper sleep state, we could trigger them into speaking using subliminal audio queues through a hidden speaker in the room.”

Excella seemed to understand now, “Oh, so that is what you were whispering into that microphone. So now we know I remind him of that Natasha woman. What can you do to fix it?”

Wesker smiled, “Now that I know what it is, I can add in a subliminal routine into the white noise recording I have pumped into his room and it will eventually make him trust you or at the very least not try to attack you.”

Excella seemed happy with this, “I think I can win him over as long as he doesn’t become violent darling. I won you over after all, didn’t I?”

Wesker smiled tightly, “That you did, my dear that you did. Let’s get to sleep we have a much to do tomorrow.”

With that the pair exited the hidden room and retired for the night.


-Fifteen minutes later…

Shane came out of the bathroom feeling better after having a quick hot shower. When he walked into his room he was toweling off his hair. When he pulled the towel from his face he was surprised to see fresh clothes neatly laid out on his bed which had been made.

Shane felt weird knowing someone had been in his room while he was naked in the shower. Feeling self conscience he wrapped the towel around his naked waist and walked over to the clothing. All of them seemed to be designer label and everything from the tank top to the fancy boxer shorts were black. The only exceptions were the pair of white athletic socks.

Shane was amused by this since he had planned to wear this exact outfit once morning came. He smiled and thought to himself, “It’s like they read my mind.” Shane was thrilled knowing he finally got some real clothes for a change instead of those uncomfortable institution clothes from the asylum.

He took a deep breath and stretched his arms above his head, flinching slightly from a sharp pain in his right shoulder, when Wesker had twisted it behind his back that day at the asylum, he definitely pinched a nerve but it would be fine once he worked his arm around for a while. Slipping on his boxers Shane was impressed with how comfortable they were, almost like silk.

Walking around in the boxer shorts to ‘test them out‘, Shane walked in a circle and then toward the desk and the bookshelf at the far end of the room. He noticed the laptop was still there and noticed it was still on. When he opened it, the screen lit up and a window asked for User Name and Password. Behind the open window was the famous TriCell logo.

Shane wondered aloud, “TriCell? Is that who they work for?” He stared at the screen for a moment, shrugged and closed the laptop. He knew without the name and password it would have been futile to sit there and try to do anything with it.

Looking at the bookshelf, Shane licked his lips grabbing one of the thicker books off the highest shelf. Its green hardcover and gold lettering ‘The expanding world of Botany’ made it stand out to his eyes. Popping it open he read about various flowers and their uses making him remember his gifts his grandpa Ozwell always sent him.


Shane suddenly stopped reading as soon as the thought entered his head. Sofia wasn’t his real mother, and if she wasn’t his real mom, then who the hell was Ozwell? Could she have made him up to make him think he had relatives like a normal kid or was there something more to this? Shane shut the book and placed it back on the shelf.

He would have to go to the one man who might be able to shed some light on this but it would have to wait until morning when he was awake. Shane suddenly felt giddy again. He could actually go outside this room in the morning, and do whatever he wanted. He could go outside and not have to look over his shoulder and he could do whatever he wanted in his room and nobody could stop him. Shane ran over to the bed and started jumping on it like he used to do as a kid before belly flopping onto the mattress which seemed to let him sink into it like a giant mushy sponge.

Shane was ready to lie down and try to sleep some more before morning but then he saw a covered tray of food on a small trolley near the plush couch. Shane crawled off the bed towards the trolley and grabbed the covered plate. A small note that read ‘Take your pills’ was perched on top of it. He saw the tiny cup on the trolley next to a large bottle of water near where the plate was. Shane grabbed the cup and popped the pills in his mouth without hesitation before washing them down with the water.

He grabbed another book off the shelf, climbed back onto his bed and read it as he munched on the banana that was sitting next to a large sandwich on a roll and a cup of orange gelatin with fruit inside it. Shane smiled as he read since he felt like he was sixteen again, studying in secret to improve his mind and knowledge. He recalled how he often hid the books he had under his pillows or under the bed though when it came to the playboy magazines he had managed scavenge during those years, he hid them in a much better spot under a loose floorboard in his closet.

The food that was given to him was fresh and tasted so much better than the asylum food and he relished every bite of it. Shane smiled eating the sandwich while looking through the pages of the biology book he had picked out. He flipped towards the back of the book and looked at the back cover and saw a faded ‘Property of Umbrella Corp.’ stamp across the back.

“Umbrella…” He said in a whisper and without realizing it his back started to itch and he began rubbing it against the backboard of the bed to make it stop. Realizing he was being silly Shane flipped the book back over to the page he was reading before. “Doesn’t matter anymore…” He said to himself. “Umbrella is dead and anyone still left alive that knew of me from there is either dead or thinks I’m dead…”

Shane scanned through the book when he noticed there were handwritten notes on some of the pages and as he scrolled through there were more and more of them. Whoever wrote them obviously had some strange ideas about the things talked about on each page. Shane read the book in under an hour, including the notes and he seemed to absorb the information just as easily as he had in school.

Closing the book Shane’s mind started wondering where Wesker was and what he was doing before thinking of his girlfriend Excella, he growled to himself thinking of her face and voice but he realized he had to stop hating her. There was no way she was Natasha, she was not the woman that almost had him killed. She’d done nothing wrong except introduce herself and he reacted like a wild animal. He may not like her but Shane was determined he would have to be friendly towards her.


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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Part 4 - Chapter 8 -)



1998 - Raccoon City - Seven Hours after First Infection

“Where is that damn helicopter?!” Kristoff snapped looking at the radioman who shook his head unsure himself, they were told it would arrive in a few minutes, and that was twenty minutes ago. Kristoff and his men knew they needed to get out of the city now. The outbreak was spreading like wild fire through out the city. Already several units of UBCS had failed to report back in or simply couldn’t be raised on the radio as the night wore on into the morning.

Frustrated by Umbrella’s incompetence with this whole operation Kristoff cursed, “Das ganze Betrieb ist nur eine riesige Wichserei!” before kicking a chunk of wood away from his boot. Kristoff shook his head to shake his anger away. He needed to stay frosty for his men’s sake. Without a good leader they would lose cohesion as a unit and then they would be no better off than the poor bastard civilians trapped in this hell hole.

When he thought of survivors, Kristoff looked over at young Shane. The boy was barely in his teens and already he had survived in a place worse than any war zone a person could imagine. Shane was lying on his side as the medic was sowing the boy’s back shut as best he could with his field kit.

Kristoff was genuinely concerned for the boy, “You holding up okay?” He asked kneeling beside Shane. Shane took notice of the patch on Kristoff’s sleeve and seemed to get agitated. Kristoff looked at the patch and then at Shane, “I’m a UBCS Shane. It stands for Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. It sounds complicated but what that name means is when something like this happens we’re sent in to help civilians get out of there. You have my word I will do whatever I can to get you out of here safe.” With that said Kristoff extended his hand as Shane nodded lightly placed his trembling hand in Kristoff’s hand and shook it once.

“Thank you…” Shane said weakly before looking away. Everyone he had trusted to help him at this point had died or abandoned him. Shane felt hopeless and thought no matter what anyone said, he couldn’t trust them anymore.


Kristoff frowned and mumbled, “Was haben Dir die Hurensöhne angetan?” when he realized what the boy was mumbling about before. Someone he trusted had abandoned him to die.

Kristoff spoke sternly but softly in his thick German accent, “Listen to me Shane. We’re not leaving you behind. We’re leaving this city today and taking as many survivors as we can with us. Any man here will sacrifice himself to make sure you get out of here safe, right boys?” In unison the squad answered back,


“Yes, Captain Rohm, sir!”

The Captain smiled tightly and never broke eye contact with Shane. “I’m not going to lie to you. We can’t stay here much longer and we have no choice but to move on to another extraction point. We have to cover several blocks until we reach the main highway access. Once were on the overpass we can signal our chopper. If that fails we can hoof it from the overpass to the military roadblock outside of the city before anything bad happens.”

“I…I’m not sure….” Shane replied. “I mean, with all this going on in the city, there are things out there, x-factors you can’t imagine. If you come up against something you’re not prepared for then what?”

Kristoff smiled and pulled out an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attached to the bottom. “Do you see this? This is my X-factor solver. And if it doesn’t solve the problem I got six more around me that can.” He chuckled as Shane smiled slightly. “I’ll be carrying you myself, so don’t worry about anything, Sergeant Carmack here will be close by to make sure you don’t start bleeding again.” He told gesturing to the medic working on Shane’s back.


The medic continued to treat Shane’s wounds as he spoke to him, “Since we’re on a first name basis Shane you can call me Stan.” Said Sergeant Carmack in a British accent which seemed to comfort Shane a bit.

Kristoff nodded at Shane, “He’s one of the best medics I’ve served with Shane, so don’t worry, he’ll have you patched up and ready to move in no time.” Shane made a painful gasp as Kristoff looked at Carmack. “What’s the situation?”

Carmack sighed, “He’s sustained some very deep muscle and tissue wounds. It looks like the claws actually nicked some of his ribs but thankfully didn’t damage the spinal column.” Shane groaned feeling a needle being pushed into his back. Stan spoke apologetically, “Sorry Shane, you needed that to help stop the infection from spreading. This will be uncomfortable but you’ll live. I’m sorry I can’t do more until we get to a proper medical facility.” Sergeant Carmack wrapped bandages tightly around Shane’s torso. When he finished he took off his green medic’s jacket and put it around Shane. Carmack smiled, “Be a good chap and sit still and keep that jacket on, right? You’ll need to stay warm.”

With that Carmack walked a few yards away to where Kristoff was standing with a pair of binoculars. Pulling out a file from his medical bag he tapped Kristoff on the shoulder and with the file and then handed it to him, “You’ll want to see this old boy.” He said opening the folder showing Shane’s picture. “This was one of our objectives Mr. Spencer gave us personally.”


Kristoff swore in disbelief, “Scheißdreck…”

Both men looked back at Shane who had his eyes fixed on the other members of the team. They turned back around while Carmack continued to speak, “I thought that might perk you up. I heard the others say that if we did find him we should hold onto him for ransom or even sell him to the highest bidder. Someone who is supposed to be the perfect human might fetch a hefty sum.” Kristoff looked at him sharply and then back at Shane trying to sit up and wincing in pain.

Kristoff seemed unsure, “I don’t know…” He said in a whisper before looking at the file with their objectives again. ‘Extract the subject alive.’ His eyes fell back to Shane now sitting up watching the others patrolling the area before lowering his head. “Something wrong Shane?”

“I miss my mom…” he said, his voice cracking slightly. The simple response from the young boy seemed to affect a lot of the men. Some looked at each other or him for a second feeling sorry for him while others simply maintained their vigil watching for movement from any shadow. Shane slowly crossed his arms across his legs grimacing in pain, “Can we leave now?” He asked looking at Kristoff and Carmack. He could see they were studying a folder with some papers in it but right now he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out of there.

“Soon.” Said Kristoff as he handed the folder back to Carmack, who immediately stuffed the file into his bag. Kristoff smiled, “Very soon, I promise.”


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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Shane's days just get better and better !!! I love the role you have found for Albert Wesker here. This is a mamoth work, of great quality, and makes deeply intense reading. We are lucky here at Crimson Head Elder to be showcasing this exciting story. Thanks sir for posting this, and I look forward, as too do others, I am sure, to reading more from you. 


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