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So, Umbrella Corps and HCF share quite a lot of similarities, that I think Umbrella Corps might be a newly reformed HCF

- Firstly, HCF was working for the rival organisation of Umbrella (or might have been the rival organization itself according to some people). Meanwhile, Umbrella Corps is a mercenary group working for many different pharamaceutical companies, possibly rivals of Umbrella or they could be branches/subsidiaries of The Connections, which is also thought to be the main rival company of Umbrella.

-Secondly, Albert Wesker was a high-ranking member or the commander of HCF in Code Veronica. Now, DC Douglas, well known for his voice of Albert Wesker, voiced a character called "The Executive" who is a high-ranking member of Umbrella Corps. People have said that The Executive shares similarities to Albert Wesker, so maybe The Executive could be an Albert Wesker-like figure.

Now, these are some similarities I noticed from both HCF and Umbrella Corps. It's possible that after HCF was defunct, the remaining members might have created a new company bearing the Umbrella name in order to hide its tracks and it's possible that Umbrella Corps is working for what might now be the rival organization/organizations of Umbrella, possibly the Connections.

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