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Well, it finally happened: RE8 did show up at the PS5 event and it's exactly like leaker Aesthetic Gamer (aka DuskGolem) and a couple of others said it would've been. 1st person. Snowy village. Occultism. A witch. Beast men. Chris killing Mia. It essentially looks like a cross between RE7 and 4 in a winter setting. While I am not a fan of first person, I am very intrigued. If it's going to be about a cult built around BOWs, I'll feel a tad vindicated: that's exactly what I thought RE4 was going to be about when they started showing Los Illuminados. I pictured a former Umbrella researcher hiding out in a small village and building a small kingdom for himself, Heart of Darkness-style, by posing as a demi-god. We'll see. 

Oh, yeah: leaks were right down to the title: "Village: Resident Evil VIII", with the "i" and the two "l" forming the Roman numeral "eight". I guess a small cult will be built around Aesthetic Gamer for the next few years - until something won't match his leaks for whatever reason and people will tear him a new one for it. 


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I've watched the trailer, sounds promising so far.

I kind of like the new path of the story and the connection to RE7. Now let's hope for a good plot and interesting characters. 

Speaking of characters, they have confirmed Chris Redfield in this game but, to be honest, I wouldn't mind if no other character from the old series shows up. I will cherish all the old characters in my memories but please, Capcom, be brave and give me some new people. I need a refreshing. 

Fingers crossed. 


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Not going to lie, I'm all in on this game so far. Expanding on the world and tone that RE7 brought? I'm down for that. RE7 seemed like quite a departure from the classic series feel when the first trailer dropped and I ended up loving that game, even if I was a little late to the party. Plus a darker Chris, having a character moment that isn't a boulder-punching-all-American-hero...? I'm in. They have me. Bring on Village. 


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The trailer was pretty interesting, that's for sure. Hopefully more will be told about it in August and to be honest, I would rather not have much info on it at all and learn from playing the game like it used to be. RE6 kinda spoiled the entire story about Jake in their trailer after all.

Also it being called Village kinda reminded me of the movie The Village, dunno why, guess it's cause of the werewolf-like monsters.


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