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Albert Wesker 187
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Good morning Crimson Head Elder residents I come to you all with some new Resident Evil news. Supposedly a new Resident Evil game is set to be announced on June 10th. Looking forward to hearing theories and discussions of what residents think the new resident evil announcement will be. Here is the link to the article.


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George Trevor
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Thanks for picking this story up Albert Wesker 187. Unfortunately, the news on the 10th will not be quite of the significance fans were hoping, although that's not to say, there is a Resident Evil 8 announcement simmering with a reveal likely after summner.

Rely on Horror update: Apparently, this was nothing at all. The “announcement” appears to relate to Gold members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program potentially being upgraded to the ‘Platinum’ rank. The “announcement coming June 10th” lacked that critical information (thus caused the giant stir we found ourselves in) and does not relate to any sort of reveal. The announcement will simply be whether or not you’ve been chosen to upgrade. So that’s a big shame. That said, RE8‘s reveal is probably still coming, just not on the 10th like this had made us hope. Thanks to the team over at Biohazard Declassified for helping us clear up this disappointment.


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Doom Keeper
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That is a huge disapointment but like the man said it wont be long till we get some key info on Resi 8. I'm not buying this warewolves crap and Ethan from Resi 7 would be a bad choice if that rumor is also true.


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