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Uroboros' design is interesting in of itself and it shares many unique qualities and appearances. With many different things out there that could be used, I'd like to point out a few that were brought to attention.


I wanted to post this interesting thing for a while but got distracted with events going on.


While watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, there was an episode called 'The Curse of the Spellstone' in which is a type of fungus. - episode if anyone wishes to see it.

‘The Creeping Horak is an aggressively fast-growing Eternian fungus. When released onto a structure, it will rapidly spread to cover it completely, sucking out the oxygen in the process as all doors and windows are covered. The Creeping Horak was used as a form of execution in a darker period of Eternia's history. Prisoners would be locked inside their homes as the Horak grew over them, allowing no escape. This is generally not done anymore as death by Creeping Horak is considered a horrible way to go, even for criminals.’ – From the He-Man wiki on The Creeping Horak.


The appearance of it is similar to that of another from the 1997 movie Princess Mononoke in which demons are ‘parasitic’ creature that look like worms or red/black maggot-like creatures. (Thanks to Kantokid - @KKid003 on twitter) pointing out another thing that was similar.


What other things has folks noticed that could have lead some inspiration to Uroboros? Be it from real life things to that of cartoons/movies.


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I don't have refs but RE has always been taking inspirations from movies and whatnot which I always think it's fun to find those in things. Like in "Tremors" the worm monsters in there remind me of the Gulp Worm from Code Veronica. The sharks in "Deep Blue Sea" remind me of the Neptunes in RE1. I'll definitely have to look around and see if I can find some inspo for Urobouros. The joys of being an RE nerd is finding RE in everything! :lol:


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As intereting an enemy/virus in RE5 Urobouros was, it still doesn't quite capture the same forboding feel that the Urobouros-like fog creature in the 3.5 trailer had... anyone else feel the same way?

Pretty cool to learn about the possible inspirations behind the final product, though.


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