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My review of the R3make demo.


With the demo out for people to play, I find the demo overly exciting and fun. The characters look good, the environment and lighting, the zombies are good and could use more different appearances, and we have the music and ambiance.


I just adore the ambiance that we have, when I started the demo up I turned the music off and listened to the background. You hear so many things, even shuffling of the zombies or the clicking of the bobble head nearby.


The dodge is very useful and if done right with the gun and knife, you have an interesting outcome against your target. Capcom added a nice touch with that. I still don’t like how you can’t kill laying zombies by stomping their heads or kicking them off. It irritates me that you still can’t get the satisfying kill as I groan when a zombie grabs Jill and practically pull itself up her figure to munch on her.


With Nemesis’ encounter as soon as you get the hose and the shotgun and go through Moon’s Donuts was amazing. I like to point out you can’t go the other direction due to a zombie blocking the door on the other side. Seeing Nemesis changing the zombie into a creature that we never seen before is amazing. The creature is almost like a crab/spider with a suction cuplike mouth and tentacles. These tentacles can reach a great distance from their host.


Nemesis is dangerous on his own and you can dodge his attacks if you time it carefully, its great fun being able to dodge a three-point attack makes you fee satisfied. He is a powerhouse and can scare the living daylights out of you the moment you hear him. The scream attack he has been unexpected, and I chuckled thinking ‘That’s an ORC Nemesis scream.


Seeing him using the tentacle to get around and attack made me smile, however his ‘escape’ is to be Spider-Man, it’s funny watching him fly into the air. I love the damage that starts showing on his attire and body from you hurting him. Shooting him, blowing him up with a grenade, or even shocking him. I was amused to see him getting shocked and then shake it off afterwards.


The first time I saw him I was giggling and was saying ‘Nope’ moving back into the donut shop knowing well enough I was going to have an interesting time dealing with him and experience what he is able to do. You can dodge him through doorways; I never ran into any issues doing that to get passed him. He is fast and certainly a great threat to deal with if you are trying to get places.


The bobble heads are placed around and a few having to be carefully figured out. For a while I thought getting one of the ones in the cop car next to the toy shop was only opened by having Nemesis jump at you and his impact caused the door to open. I give kudos to the makers for being creative in the tricky bobble head ones. Having you face Nemesis and not be afraid to fight him, to have you practice and skill yourself into dodging. While the magnum ammo one was something of curious thing on how that played out.


Since the demo really made us have an interesting time and fun as well, I hope R3make will not disappoint us. What do you all have to say about it? I saw a few didn’t like the demo, it’s only a demo, its just to give you a preview of what you can expect and to have fun.



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Sonny Bauer
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Nice review, Oracle!

Reading this makes me want to take off the music in my next playthrough. I didn't even think to do that! I do also quite enjoy the background noise of others struggling in different parts of the city. Quite the contrast to the very quiet "dead" city we get the next day in RE2 REimagined.

I can't wait for release!

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