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Deer Rest FOA
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I've been a fan myself since the late 90's, or around 2000 at least.


I think RE 4 is what caused the major screwing up of the series, even though it improved the gameplay nonetheless.

I thought it was dumb how all the enemies dropped money and bullets, and it was too distant from how the franchise started out. It really made the whole arc with Umbrella from the prior games seem somewhat of a waste. Yeah, I get that action games incorporate stuff like picking up ammo and treasure, and whatnot, but I just thought it didn't suit the franchise to have things like that in it.

All the sequels have had their moments in terms of the plot and stuff, but they always really felt like annoying shoot and loot games to me, with a minimal amount of tension and nothing all that survival horror about them. Especially when they added in optional co-op features and campaigns that involved too much gunfire against a ridiculous amount of enemies, that I'll admit, didn't really feel like true staples of the series.


What bugs me though, is how Capcom rips off other companies and their games. Revelations 2 kind of copies The Last of Us (a lot) and 7: Biohazard rips off a lot of well-known movies, like Saw, Trancers, Evil Dead, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The game was decent, but I didn't like the fact that you never got to really see Ethan's face at all, and when Chris shows up, it doesn't resemble him anymore. And the fact that he works for the newly revived (blue) Umbrella also feels like a hard pill to swallow. The story also felt like Silent Hill 2, and hashtag, f*** Konami, by the way. With all their gambling machine BS, it's looking like we'll never get a real return to the scariest, fog shrouded town in gaming history.


The Molded also don't hold a candle to the likes of the Hunters and the Lickers. I thought the Resident Evil 2 remake was decent in how it sort of brought back the tension, but it didn't really feel like it stayed true to the original in certain other ways. I didn't like how they replaced the spiders in the sewers, and missed out the crows and the Plant 43 species, even though you do see one Plant 43 that is already dead, against a glass window in the lab. But hell. It was nothing like the first remake on the GameCube, and I reckon we'll never get a game close to that ever again, with how Capcom functions these days.


But... anyway. All of this is just my two cents, so it's fine whether you agree or not. Project Resistance looks like a heap of trash, though. I hope we can at least agree that Capcom is stupid to develop that over another Outbreak sequel.


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Deer Rest FOA
Posts: 5

Um, why is there no spacing? I had to just leave an emoji between each paragraph. :P

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