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This is a thread for everyone who played the closed beta to share their thoughts, opinions, reviews, pros, cons, bugs and more. Even screenshots of things you have found or experienced while playing. The beta test lasted only for a few days, each player was given a chance to decide if they wanted to be a Survivor or Mastermind, the also had the option to choose Random in which they have a chance to let the system pick what the player will be doing. However the most common picked choice with Random is always playing as a survivor.

The survivors each have unique abilities which can turn the tide of the game if used properly. The Mastermind can counter this is he/she swarms the player with mass amounts of infected, releasing Mr. X if it is ready, or even control a zombie to constantly attack to prevent players from being able to interact with objects and the like. Mastermind is a unique class all himself, you play as Daniel, a lacky of Umbrella who is helping Dr. Alex Wesker in testing a virus on those that were kidnapped. This was possibly the early stages of her research before the events of Revelations 2.

Daniel is able to release Mr. X onto players once his ability bar is completely full, during this time the Mastermind has about 1 minute to inflict as much damage as possible to the Survivors or taunt them by forcing them to run away from places they are needed to go, however, some Masterminds will spam the attack button to knock down players or the entire team which can result in -30 seconds per death to the timer.

When the grapple is used on players, this is an instant death for them unless the other players are able to stun X with either grenades, flash grenade, or using Tyrone’s kick ability to force him to drop. At times these attacks don’t work on X, also to note while the Mastermind is using this kill attack through X, the timer for X’s deployment is paused till the player is killed or X is stunned out of his animation.

Survivor and Mastermind as a scoring system as well based on Time, Mission, and Technique which will then tally up at the end of the match to give you a ranking. The total best score is 5,000 points, S rank.

For the Closed Beta, the locations we are starting out is in Downtown, Raccoon City. We are in the warehouse district from the looks of things, we are in a barricaded area with fires rage around. The warehouse offices are a mess from what has occurred to those in the city as well. It is also here in the first room we find a photograph sitting on the counter that has the William Birkin family on it.


Players solve different puzzles in order to progress to the next level where we enter the warehouse, it is this level we find bodies in the one hallway,uncertain if they were infected or not, we do however discover a body in the manager’s office who closely resembles Chief Irons.

The final level is a full on Umbrella warehouse, everything is marked with the Umbrella logo. This level players must locate three different capsules with an unknown shape inside of them. Players can easily find where they were to go due to a game mechanic that highlights the capsule to go to, however a common issue for this level is that the capsules don’t open up resulting in players not able to win.

The final door only activates when the players destroy all the capsules and make a mad dash to the door to activate it. There is a timer on the door as it is unlocking, during this time the Mastermind will do anything to kill the players and keep them from escaping. However, if the doors are open, the player must go through the door, it is this moment they have a chance to leave on their own or wait for the rest of the team.

It is this time many players will escape on their own if they are unable to help the team or there isn’t enough time left for respawning.

Bugs seen from my experience:

-Warehouse level, capsules didn't spawn

-Second level, armored zombie didn't spawn

-Set up screen, no Survivors/Mastermind ready squares.

-Character faces backwards and moves forward and fires forward

-Large weapons shouldn't fire forward when pointing straight into the air

-Crawling zombies getting stuck in corners and constantly making sound that's fast glitchy growling.

-Players spawning outside of the map, or are glitched out of the map.

-Camera will be stuck in a position where player can not interact with anything or see where they are going. (This one happened to me due to lag, camera was stuck on safe room door and character was somewhere in the room)

-Leg traps on exit spots can glitch player from spawning into next level by spawning them outside of the map.

-Player character will run backwards away from the exit but will spawn in next room.

-Regen Zombie (I believe is what she is called, the one in a waitress outfit), when she is shot in the leg and forced to crawl, activating the jump claw attack puts her into an endless run animation. She can not attack, can not take damage whatsoever and is constantly running and will not stop for anything. -it is a hilarious bug since I ran around players while they waited for one to catch up,they caught on I couldn't do anything-

Things I liked:

Enjoyable with proper teammates and good Mastermind

Interesting environments

Nice visual effects

Clothing movements of the characters, facial expressions, blood and injuries appearing on characters.

Infection - character will speak about the infection and will display the various effects of the infection by coughing and losing health.

Interesting characters

Dialogue is unique to each one, even the Mastermind

Good tutorial for both Survivor and Mastermind.

Things I didn’t like:

Mastermind can be op when spamming BOWs in the same room or constantly attacking with Mr. X - some will say it's not too OP, it all depends on the Mastermind. - (You can find some really kind Mastermind players who will balance out the amount of infected to give players a chance to progress. This will also depend on how good your teammates are in supporting/helping the team through it.)

Rude players that will intentionally let themselves get killed, take key items needed to progress, leave an active match, or stay in another room and do nothing at all.

Wait time for match making, the longest I had was over 22 minutes.

Barely anyone on Xbox One, they should have promoted it with the PS4 announcement instead of having it in a separate section, since it was through the Xbox Insider App, not many paid attention to that.

Lag issues - can lead to camera breaking and no interactions with anything. (Caused by player or Mastermind internet connection. - Encountered this issue twice with having the same Mastermind player, the lag was so bad that players couldn’t hardly do anything, and led to me breaking the safe room. All other matches were perfectly smooth but the same Mastermind player I encounter had sever lag issues)

If Mastermind quits the game, Survivors lose instantly.

Can't stab zombies who grapple you or have a melee attack against them when grappled, yet has a knife on player.

Character draws out knife when you are attacking with firearm at the poorest of times. (game mechanic usually happens when close range to target)

My review:

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, I really enjoyed playing the beta, many did not but I did enjoy this as a mini game to like that of Mercenaries or Raid Mode. This was enjoyable when players have to work together to progress through the areas they are trapped in, finding puzzle pieces, hidden currency, working together to survive the nightmare the Mastermind will inflict, even finding little things like the Birkin family photo or examining the dead body of the man in the office looking like Chief Irons. It is certainly a good vibe for the Outbreak series that we all enjoy.

My experience with the Mastermind was highly enjoyable, having the ability to slow down players in their progress or be a total douchebag to them by massing infected in one room they needed to go into. However, I decided to not be that kind of Mastermind and would usually place one or two into a room and then lock the unlucky players in there.

I do enjoy the fact Daniel talks about the various things you use, infected he would say stuff about ‘General Munchy’ ‘The Poisonator’ ‘The Dripster’ and when you use Mr. X he says stuff about that. I do enjoy the fact he mentions about the ‘shady trader’ when using a certain skill card.

With Daniel talking to the survivors as they are making progress really sets the feeling and the option to actually interact with players with the Broadcast selection makes it an interesting play as player and Mastermind can interact with each other on various things. I had such a chance by listening to my teammates talk to the Mastermind about Resident Evil things (however this was the game that was so laggy it broke my ability to play when I enter a safe room and couldn’t do anything).

Each location is different and really nicely done with the setting of the time period and the amount of objects that can be observed and studied. Such as food, cds, books, files, etc. I do admire there is blood and dismay in various parts of the places and bodies on the second level plus a dead man in another room. We know that the assets from Resident Evil 2 Remake were uses for placeholders, it was still interesting finding the Birkin family photo in the first room and then Chief Irons in the manager’s office.

I really hope we can get more information and details about the game, I really enjoyed playing the beta and hoping to encounter familiar players along the way. If we get another beta testing, I would humbly play it! Will we get more characters, more Mastermind’s and the like? If so,I would like to know who, what, and why they are being used in this unless it was just for the fun mini game that this could possibly be part of the bigger game.

Random little CHE thing: I enjoyed the game and I will joke about this, since we're in Raccoon City and we see a little blonde hair boy running around, I'm screaming Shane! (R.E.S.S.)


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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I am curious about Mastermind in this one, so looking forward to seeing what happens when the game is finally released. 


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Unfortunatley for me the timing of this beta could not have been worse. I had some problems in my personal life (nothing bad) just everything seemed to go wrong at once. So I really only had the chance to play the game on two brief occasions. Now that’s out of the way.

OracleDragon left a fantastic in depth interview above so I will just work on that and elaborate on anything I can find that wasn’t mentioned or things from my perspective.

Here is the plot for the beta that appears before entering the main menu.

"Mastermind is a unique class all himself, you play as Daniel, a lacky of Umbrella who is helping Dr. Alex Wesker in testing a virus on those that were kidnapped. This was possibly the early stages of her research before the events of Revelations 2."

In the roughly 10 games that I did manage to play I originally selected "Survivor" on my first game but after 10 minutes of searching I backed out and selected "Random". Found a game almost instantly so from there on out I kept it on "Random". Out of those 10 games every single one I played as "Survivor" so I never got to experience the gameplay for "Mastermind". I will touch on the Alex Wesker stuff in a moment but yeah this game certainly seems to be focused on her early research into T-Phobos.

(Sorry all I never got the chance to select January when I took these screenshots as she had been selected already and when I took one later on I made the error of taking two of Valerie instead of January)

So regarding the gameplay and graphics I found them both to be identical to Remake 2. Even the textures from the game are straight up taken from Remake 2 and used for PR. The only textures that I felt were new was any ones that were relevant to PR. Things like bookcases, walls, floors, desks, even some wall decorations like newspapers etc were straight up taken from Remake 2.

Even the Blue Umbrella advert which was used for RE7's Tokyo Marui magazine and then again in Remake 2 and now again for PR. I realise that this is an early beta for a seemingly "unknown" project so it is possible that everything is likely to change and the whole beta is just a placeholder only to test out the games system before scrapping everything (possibly even the characters) and starting fresh. So it doesn't bother me in the slightest that Capcom would reuse the textures infact it makes sense and it is a wise decision on their part not to focus on creating new textures that could end up unused. I just hope this doesn't transfer to the final product because the Beta seems to have around 50% of reused Remake 2 textures.

However there was some new textures including regarding the environment so I would like to see more of these in the final product and less reused textures, especially ones concerning lore.

I found the experience as a "Survivor" to be totally dependant on how compatible your team is. Out of the 10 games I made it through to the end twice. On both occasions our team worked together as a team and supported one another. One game we had a guy on the microphone keeping the team as a unit, letting us know what he was doing and reminding us to stick together etc. When you do this the "Mastermind" didn't stand much of a chance unless he gets lucky. If however the team ignores one another and decides to do their own thing then the game became more difficult and each character begins dropping likes flies. At least half the games I had we never even made it out of stage one because everyone had died and our time was cut due to character deaths. I was usually the last man standing and with little experience of the game I found it impossible to revive 3 downed players all over the map while the "Mastermind" is focused on you alone. About all I could do was to keep moving and avoid death, if I tried to revive anyone I would become an easy target for a whole bunch of zombies and BOW's that had spawned.

The game is also susceptible to players who like to use "hacks/cheats" such as filling an entire room with zombies, bows and traps making it impossible to get a key item such as a keycard. So I can see players manipulating hacks like this and it does ruin the experience because there is really nothing you can do when you have 3 zombies, a licker, Mr X, a turrent, multiple traps and an armored zombie holding the keycard all inside one tiny room. As soon as I entered I was grabbed by a zombie and thrown into the chaos and got mauled in seconds. All three of the other players followed my lead at different times and the game was over. I also experienced some of the glitches than Oracle listed above and they were game ruining glitches, there is no way around them.This is the type of game that relies on the players behaving and not sabotaging the whole experience just for shit and giggles, if the game has an abundance of these players then it will become unplayable so Capcom need to be aware of this and put things in place to try and stop this sort of nonsense.

Finally circling back around to the Alex Wesker possibilites. The introduction to the game strongly suggets early research for T phobos. Even the players mention that "Doctor Wesker will not be happy with this." And finally each game begins with the player unconcious on the floor waking up after being knocked out, much like Claire in Revelations 2.

I think revisiting Raccoon and showing us what Alex had been doing is an excellent decision from Capcom to establish the villain for future storylines by explaining her past.

Finally this is theory territory now but what is Project Resistance? Well honestly it could be anything. Could be just what we are seeing, this type of game which is dependant upon 4 player co-op and the characters will remain throughout its production. Giving us a single player campaign which uses the online elements and gives us a single player experience sort of like an offline tutorial which is included in the beta.

Or it could be a trial from Capcom to test out a bonus mode for future games replacing the likes of Raid Mode and Mercenaries in all future titles. So the gameplay and story here could be irrelevant to the final product such as something like Revelations 3 which would make sense given the Alex Wesker subplots here. Dare I say it could even be for a bonus mode with Remake 3, although I doubt it because Capcom has already stated this is not Remake 3 or Outbreak. But if successful and popular I can easily see this mode becoming the new bonus game attatched with future titles. But the success and popularity of this all depends on how Capcom present it.

This type of game takes a lot of maintenance, Friday the 13th was evolving for well over a year before it became "stable" and it still suffers issues. Also it relies on the players behaving and not ruining the game with cheap hacks so Capcom need to stay on top of that as well patching any glitch hacks. After 10 games I did find myself wanting to play more but I would not say I was hooked by it unlike say Friday 13th where I just wanted to return to it continually. Of course this is a beta but I do believe to expand the games lifetime and to get players returning it would need more unlockables, maps and other variations or it will become pretty boring after a couple of months. 

But judging this game for what it is I would say it has greater potential than Raid Mode in terms of fun, replay value and I believe it would be more popular. When comparing to Mercenaries I think that Mercs was a more fun experience but it was limited in that there was one goal to survive and prolong the timer. Whereas this is similar but gives vaster options and includes 4 players so there is more interactions for the online capabilites.


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