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Hey everyone! I'm a huge fan of the official board game for Resident Evil 2 (I own all of the expansions :-D ). I was wondering if anyone else owns it or has played it? What are your impressions? What did you like/dislike?

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George Trevor
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I dont yet, and just yesterday went into my local Forbiden Planet with the visiting Neptune & JC Wesker, to see how bloddy expensive the main game and the numerous expansions are. It all looked very nice, as a painter of Citdeel Miniatures from Warhammer 40k, I was pleased to see the detail in the RE figures was good, and as a collector of Resident Evil chase cards, I was even more keen on the cards that come with the game.


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Negan's Bat
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Well I'd recommend the game although can also get the price issue for some. George Trevor the cards are indeed terrific, it would be an expensive method to aquire them, no doubt ebay will be seeing some sold out the game.


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