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Features, reviews, previews, and walkthroughs of survival horror classics, published in video game magazines, from waaaaay back, back in time when fixed camera angles were fashionable! Many of these pages may have larger albums featured in our 'Rarities & Curios' section, but this will be a great place to highlight the rarer, harder to find magazine scans, and Crimson Head Elder residents are also invited to post their own findings.

So I'll kick things off with these scans from Retro Gamer, a feature on a little known science-fiction survival horror classic, 'Project Firestart'. The gameplay takes place aboard the SSF Prometheus, a research ship stationed near Titan’s mines. Its scientists are working to produce a new breed of drone slave by combining human DNA with that of local fungi. As the vessel has failed to respond to all communications, the player's mission is to board the Prometheus, assess the situation, locate its science logs, and activate the station’s self-destruct system, within the two hour time limit, before the ship's destruction!

Very much a cross between Resident Evil and Alien in its themes, the overall pace and tone is in the survival horror mould, most associated with the much later released Alone in the Dark.

Below are reduced size copies, just to upload to this page, but residents here can download high resolution 600dpi scans from this link.


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