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This is a random observation that anyone can take notice of, some of them can be the spotting or reused concept artworks that aren't talked about that often, to that of random items.

For this post, I will say this is just a random observation so feel free to share your thoughts about it. It was something I noticed and thought it was interesting and wanted to see what others thought. We know Capcom likes to reuse old concept artworks, or ideas for later use.


I was looking at the old concept artworks from Resident Evil and looked at Gelzer and noticed something about him. Before we go into that, we know he was redesigned to become Barry and that was the end of him.

However, I noticed something interesting. When we look at his original concept artwork, do you see something familiar?

Doesn't he look like someone else we've seen before? In 2017, we got the release of Resident Evil: Vendetta and we meet this guy: 

Diego Gomez. He looks oddly similar to Gelzer but with a unique look about him.

Here we have them side by side, you can see why I thought it was interesting and wanted to share this with everyone. Gelzer was scrapped and redesigned to be Barry, but his original concept could have been repurposed to be Diego Gomez for Vendetta.

So, in the end, what are everyone's thoughts about it? I'm curious what everyone has to say and their thoughts on this.


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The texture for the Super Tyrant in RE2make reveals it has reptilian irises, like Wesker.
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@OD I personally don't think they used that old concept as inspiration but that is a great coincidence!

@ER Not sure if I like that or not. Same color and everything?


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This guy was basically a discount Bane from Batman.

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