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George Trevor
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Because of the passion and dedication to this series, of both Colvin and News Bot, we have been privilaged to release today an exclusive interview with 'the other' Godfather of Resident Evil, Kenichi Iwao, who contributed significantly to the conception, design, writing, and game mechanics of Resident Evil. From steering beta scenarios away from a science fiction influence, to writing the game's most celebrated files. Iwao-san can be credited with creating Resident Evil's famous logos, characters and cut-scenes, including the iconic 'zombie head turning' scene!

Residents can enjoy our Kenichi Iwao interview here, including never before seen, un-published concept art, and scenario designs, for the beta stages during Resident Evil's early development! To discuss this special community exclusive, residents are invited to post their thoughts & comments below:

SPECIAL THANKS: Welsh, News Bot, BSAArklay, USS Command, TheOracleDragon, George Trevor, Sonny Bauer, Yuan-The-11th.


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Phenomenal interview. It amazes me how so much of Wesker's story throughout the series was planned this early on (his hatred of humanity and desire to replace them, and another Iwao interview also confirms he was to return from the grave thanks to the t-Virus). Even the series' heavy attention to details with guns started back then. The original backstory for the Tyrant is especially interesting, and the name "Tyrant" makes so much more sense now. The fact Progenitor was involved in the development of life on Earth is probably the most important obscure detail in this series, as it is almost fundamental when it comes to understanding how the virus works.
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Absolutely incredible stuff! I've not had a chance to read it all yet but so much cool stuff in the first half alone. You guys really had a long and great list of questions and it's awesome that Iwao-san answered so much.

Can't wait to have some good free time to drink this in properly. Fantastic work!


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Fucking amazing! I'm happy I finally found out who the Queen fan was in the RE team lol.

 It's kind of shame that the Tyrant is so underpowered now compared to how it was original envisioned. Reminds me of the Supreme Hunter from the first Prototype game.

Now there just needs to be an interview with Mikami lol.


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Weskers Report
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This was truly a treat fellas. Outstanding work getting this out to the community. Best interview I ever read on Bio 1. Ever.
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This was pratically a feast of so much information on the title that started it all! Thank you to all those that were involved in getting this done and shared on here!
Wow from learning the scrapped content to how STARS was created, to the characters' names and how the production all went down!  This has been amazing! 


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