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George Trevor
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True Capcom, survival horror royalty, SATOSHI NAKAI will be our very special star guest on the next Crimson Head Elder Podcast! During the golden age of Resident Evil, Nakai-san was Flahship's principle artist, creating the full cast of characters, and B.O.Ws for both Resident Evil Zero & Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

With fellow Capcom visionaries, Hirohisa Soda and Noboru Sugimura, Nakai-san is credited with some of the most iconic & recognisable enemies, now ingrained into the fabric of video game antagonists. Amongst the characters devised and realised by Satoshi Nakai are Alexia & Alfred Ashford, Nosferatu, Bandersnatch. He was also the man who created the cast of protagonists and B.OW.s for Resident Evil Zero, when first developed for the Nintendo 64, and developed a beta scenario & enemy concepts for Resident Evil 3!

Bringing fans closer to the visionaries who developed the most beloved, genre defining video games, Crimson Head Elder invites residents to submit questions, for this unforgettable community event. Survival horror fans wishing to support more developer exclusives like this one, and our interview with Resident Evil 3 Director, Kazuhiro Aoyama, please subscribe to our twitter & YouTube accounts.


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JC Wesker
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What an Honour & a Privilege !! This should be something very Special !!

01/ What Details are you able to reveal with regard to the Development of the Vers. of Resident Evil 3 which you worked on, while it was briefly in Development on the PlayStation 2??

Brief Ideas of HUNK acquiring a Sample of the G-Virus, while aboard a Cruise Ship, & Human/Plant Hybrid Enemy-Types, are about all that we know, & it would be fascinating to know more Information with respect to any potential Plot/Story Details, &, any other potential Character/Creature Designs which you had in mind....

02/ @ a Time when Resident Evil 0 was still in Development on the Nintendo 64, you produced Various Pieces of Concept Art, including many different Creature Designs....

Could you Talk a little About the Primate-Type Creature that's known as 'Wesker's Monster', & as to How this Creature would have been Utilised with regard to Albert Wesker's Involvement in this Vers. of the 0 Story??

&, What was the Origin behind such Creatures as the Spider/Octopus Hybrid, & the D.A.L.I. [D.N.A. Arranged Lack of Intelligence] Creature?

03/ @ a Time when Resident Evil Code: Veronica was still Early in Development, you, Once Again, produced Various Pieces of Concept Art, including 1 of Albert Wesker with the Letters, H.C.F., [Hive/Host Capture Force], Printed on the Back of his Outfit....

Could you Clarify as to whether H.C.F. was, in fact, intended to be the 'Name' of a Rival Company to Umbrella, OR, was it intended to be a 'Military Unit' that was 'Under the Control' of a Rival Company to Umbrella....

&, did you know that H.C.F. was actually, &, quite surprisingly, briefly Noted in a File in 2017's Resident Evil 7??

04/ Could you Please Share some of your Fondest Memories of working w/ FLAGSHIP &, of course, of working w/ the late, great Noboru Sugimura??

&, of course, Many Thanks to Nakai-San for simply giving his Time 4 this Interview!! :)


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Lunar Indie Studios
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In regards to the newly "resurrected" Albert Wesker and his role within the H.C.F militia during CODE: Veronica, the concept designs for his character has the H.C.F. insignia that could identified as either "HIVE" or "HOST" Capture Force. Looking back now, would you say H.C.F. stands for "Hive Capture Force", or "Host Capture Force"?
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1) In some concept art for Code Veronica we see Jill Valentine and Hideki Kamiya stated on Twitter that due to himelf adding a line to the Resident Evil 2 ending Noboru Sugimura was forced to change the protagonist from Jill to Claire Redfield. Do you remember any of this when working on Code Veronica and if so how did it impact the game’s story?

2) Why was it chosen that a German lineage was originally attached to the Ashford’s (Kruger’s)? And ultimately why was it removed?

3) Who was the scrapped Lieutenant character that you drew for Code Veronica concept art and what was his role in the game?

4) Nemesis appears in Gun Survivor 2 and its name is seen on a computer screen texture in Code Veronica. Was Nemesis planned to play a role in the game at all?

5) The Chameleon Man was supposedly a BOW to replace the Hunters/Lickers. Why was the idea scrapped and do you remember any specifics about this BOW?

6) When working on Resident Evil Zero do you recall the Bravo team ever playing a larger role in the game? In the game’s advertising the title was promoted as “Find out what happens to Bravo team”.

7) In some of the background storyboard concept art for Resident Evil Zero we see a lot more of Arklay and The Village (Billy’s flashback). Do you recall a larger setting for these areas?

8 Do you recall working on any of the Drama Album’s which were created by Flagship? Machova Village, Fate of Raccoon, The Female Spy and Little Runaway?

9) Can you tell us about Resident Evil Zero’s story when it was Annie as the protagonist? Was the plot largely the same minus the Bravo team? Was there anything additional to replace Rebecca and Bravo's storyline?

10) Was sort of role did the Tyrant Lady play and how was she different to the other Tyrants?


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USS Command
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1) do you know how different the N64 RE zero is to the final version?Was anything planned for the N64 version that you wish made it to the final version?

2) was there anything changed through code veronica's development that you was againts?

3) Have you read/seen the Chinese comics for RE0 and CV? if so what's your vies on them? Do you know how involved capcom was with them?

4) have you read Perry's adaptation on RE0 and CV? what's your thoughts on them?


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Weskers Report
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Sorry lol but my mouth is salivating over the thought of getting more information on this Wesker's monster. Ever since that RE 0 remaster production video came out and it showed a still of the concept for this creature I've been fascinated. From what I know this freak was to chase down each Bravo team member via Wesker's orders and take them out one by one - sounds like a classic 80s Slasher that would've taken place in a mansion. Really awesome stuff. Also how far along was the concept for this creature? Just wonder how close this concept was to being realized before it got cut. Thank you so much for your time Mr. Nakai!

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Negan's Bat
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1- Where did the idea come from for using German second world war and nazi symbolism in your sketches for code veronica and why were these ideas removed, was it cause they were too contreversial?

2- Did you plan to design more Umbrella BOWS with mechanical hearts or other mechanical upgrades?

3- Why did Capcom decide not to pursue your ideas for resident evil 3?

4- Can you speak about the comaradery between yourself and your co-workers Sugimura and Soda?


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1: Were there any monster or character designs that weren't used that you wished had been in the games?

2: Was any monster design ever rejected because it was too complicated for the game systems at the time?

3: Who are your favorite characters from the series?

4: Do you have a favorite creature from the series?

5: Do you think the series should include zombie children?

6: What was your favorite game to work on so far?

7: Do you listen to music when you draw? If so what are some of your favorite songs/bands?

8: What can you tell us about the original idea behind the story of Code Veronica?

9: What can you tell us about the two Kruegers that were later changed to be the Ashford twins?

10: What can you tell us about the original plans for Resident Evil 0 with the involvement of the girl named Annie?

11: Are you able to recall any memories of the female Tyrant design that was changed to become the Proto Tyrant in RE0? Did you have a name for her, or what she was supposed to do?

12: Can you tell us anything about your time working on Resident Evil 3 and the idea of it being on a cruise ship?

13: Are you upset that they killed Wesker off in RE5 after you put so much work into bringing him back for Code Veronica/Code Veronica X?


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I hate it when everyone asks all the important questions lmao!

1. The concept art for Rodrigo Juan Raval had a Umbrella logo with "AAT" on his pant leg. Can you remember what it stood for?

2. Do you keep up to date with the new releases of Resident Evil? If so what's your opinion on them?

3. What have you been up to? Hopefully you are in good health!

4. Billy has a tattoo on his arm that said "Mother Love". Which is a Queen reference. Other games have had similar references. Was the RE Team big fans of Queen back then?

5. With the RE2 remake. Some fans have hopes that CVX will be remade, also recently CVX has been added to backwards compatibility for XB1, and mix that in with Zero being remastered and put on pretty much every platform. How does it feel knowing that the games you worked on are still loved and played by people around the world?

6. On the topic of a CVX remake, as an artist, how would you feel knowing that someone else will alter your design choices?

7. Do you prefer drawing people or creatures?

8. Not sure how it is in Japan but how does it feel seeing people cosplay characters you help develop? To see your work given life (in a sense).

9. Nosferatu is so different from any creature in CVX. What was the mind set behind making it? Why all bound up?

10. Do you know anything about DIJ The Rat?

11. With Zero remastered and even with RE2make. Old desgins have been coming back (Rebecca's N64 outfit and Elza Walker for Claire). Do you like seeing them come back or do you feel like they shouldn't be used?

12. What was the most difficult to draw?

13. Got any stories about Shinji Mikami?


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Sonny Bauer
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1. In the concept art for RE0, a cable car similar to the one used in RE2 is used by the player to travel to what is called the laboratory area. In the retail version, we see that the Marshaling Yard and Birkin’s lab from RE2 was attached to this area, despite there being geographical discrepancies between them and Marcus’s Training Facility. There is also no concept art for either of those two RE2 locations. Were they originally intended to make an appearance from the beginning of development?

2. Why was it decided to make the BOWs based on such a wide variety of animals in RE0?

3. Did the character of James Marcus differ at all from the N64 version to the retail version?

4. How was Jill Valentine going to be portrayed in Code Veronica before the decision to change the character Claire was made?

5. Is there anything that you can recall about your experience working on Kamiya’s Resident Evil 3, involving Hunk on a cruise ship?

Thank you for your time, Nakai-san!

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Some more questions I've collected from friends:

1: Code Veronica has become one of the gold standards in horror video games for its complex character relationships and tragic story, taking both the genre and Resident Evil to a new level in gaming. What was most essential to you in terms of its creation?

2: Code Veronica also cemented Albert Wesker as an all-time great video game villain. How much influence did you have over his character direction and what about this game do you think made him take off.

3: It’s hinted in Code Veronica that Steve is still alive. Was it originally planned for him to return later in the series?

4: When are we getting a Code Veronica remake? The scene of her cradling and singing to her dying brother broke my heart and Darkside Chronicles shat all over it.

5: Yes, Alfred's obsession with Alexia was creepy, but I’m not talking incest. I believed they genuinely.... in possibly a very f-Ed up way, cared for each other and that was a key portion of the game. In a weird way, You could make the argument that CV is about the love of human relationships or lack-there-of for Wesker.

Chris- driven to save his sister.

Alfred- driven to protect his sister.

Claire- driven to save the man she’s come to love and reach her brother.

Alexia- driven to avenge her brother.

Steve- driven to save Claire.

Albert- only driven for his own motives


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1. You have quite a long list of credits within the development of Resident Evil; which game did you feel you contributed most towards the final product of? Which game are you most proud of your work on?

2. Can you recall any particular design or concept that you created that was eventually cut that you felt a strong connection to?

3. How do you feel about the differences between the original N64 version and the finished Gamecube version of Resident Evil Zero? Is there anything from the N64 version that you would've preferred to be in the final game?

4. It's often been said amongst Resident Evil fans that Steve Burnside's appearance is based on Leonardo DiCaprio. Do you know this to be true? Were any characters or creatures that you worked on inspired by pop culture at the time?

I would also echo JC Wesker's questions about the development of RE3 beta - any information there would be very exciting.


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George Trevor
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What was the thinking behind your plant-like zombies for a beta RE3 scenario? Were these linked to the Ivy creatures from RE2, and what virus did you have in mind for that mutation?


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AvP Ryu
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1 Can you talk about the scenario, from Biohazard 2 where, the Heroes returned to the ruins of the original Biohazard 1 mansion, where they faced plant-like monsters?

2 º The character Elza Walker has been the most loved, of the projects canceled. Is there a hypothesis of Capcom, put in the game, or does Capcom have a rulebook and only uses famous characters that give certainty of guaranteed money?

3rd Is there any reason why Sheriff Allen and Private Caporal Philippe of the drama albums had to die? Any rule of Capcom or was it just the way to give a dramatic touch to history?

4 Can you talk about some unused ideas from Biohazard-Executer 4d?

5 Can you tell us about the differences of history BH O of Nintendo 64 with the final game that we know?


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. Where was the player suppose to encounter Female Tyrant and what is her name? Is it where the player encounters the Proto Tyrant?

2. Where was the Wesker monster suppose to be encountered?:)

3. Was Nemesis cut from the game or was that a easter egg?


4. What is the capsule that was transported from Rockfort Island to the Arctic Research Center?:D

5. Was the Rockfort Island training facility originally suppose to have a separate important plot point? The training facility has appeared in Darkside Chronicles and mentioned in Operation Raccoon City as the training base of Wolf Pack, so did you have originally have a special plot that was cut?


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Thank you so much to SATOSHI NAKAI for coming onto CHE!
 I've always heard a rumor that Leon Kennedy was supposed to have been in Code Veronica to be killed off but was replaced by Steve Burnside instead. Is there any validity to that at all?


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Biohazard Valkryie
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Hello, and its truly an honor to have you on the show.

Thank you for creating one of my favorite games in the series.

1) Working on Code Veronica were there any deleted scenes that didn't make it into the game? Anything about The Ashford twins, Chris reunion Claire or another  Claire Wesker encounter?

2) I've always been curious about Claire breaking into the Paris Facility. Was there anything within the facility she seen or anyone that helped her inside that wasnt included. A manga with Claire revealed something later used in the series such as cloning. Hopefully if a remake occurs they explore that part of the game.

3) Now on to Steve Burdenside, why was he made? Also were his feelings one sided because Claire never seemed interested. (please be one sided)

4) Alexia captured both Claire and Steve during that Chris playthrough and we know Steve was infected. When Chris found Claire in a coocon, was there any plans on having Claire infected? REV2 is clearly using Code Veronica as a base and Claire was infected in that game.

Thank you 


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