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George Trevor
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The spectacular remake of Resident Evil 2 now commands an overwhelmingly positive critical response, with fan engagement & enthusiasm the series has not seen for over a decade! And now residents of Crimson Head Elder will have an exclusive evening with the outstanding actor and model, Jolene Andersen, actor & motion-capture for Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2, and motion-capture for the iconic spy, in Resident Evil Damnation.

An opportunity to put your questions to this truly striking, erudite performer, and actor now synonymous with one of the most epochal female characters, in the history of the video game genre! Residents are invited to post their questions below, and the Crimson Head Elder team will ask your questions, during our very special evening, with our very special star guest, on the next Crimson Head Elder podcast...


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Wow! That was quick! CHE Podcast always coming with those quality interviews. Questions for Jolene - 1. When were you made aware that you were to be voicing and doing motion capture for Ada Wong in RE2make? 2. What were the differences in the motion capture technology (if any) between Damnation and RE2make? Also the difference in VO direction? 3. Have you gotten the chance to play and/or see Ada in RE2make? 4. Were you familiar with the character of Ada Wong prior to RE Damnation? 5. Was there anything in your performance ( like a specific motion, tick or eunciation ) that you hoped fans would pick up on?
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Great job GT.

My question: Mo-cap is still quite a new thing for this franchise, and Ada Wong has been portayed briliantly in the past by Sally Cahill (even famously voicing her in the live action movie), were you concerned that when taking over the role, you were taking over some big shoes. 

Ada has a very specific, commanding role in RE2, she also has some distinctive poses, I was thinking with the gun as being one, did you recive any training for this to assist you with the performance?

Excellent job too.


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Hey guys,

1. Did Capcom have a specific direction they want you to portray Ada Wong?

2. What do you think about your performance? Did you see your performance in the game itself?

3. Would you do it again if Capcom asks you to?

4. Have you played the original Resident Evil 2?

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USS Command
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Leon falls in love with Ada in the original RE2. During your run portraying her in remake, did you feel his falling for her was justified? Some have noted that Ada seems to be using him more so in this game than the original. Do you think Ada has feelings for Leon based on your work with her character in RE2make? If you played the game, did you notice or recall anything that was cut from your performance? Was there any dialogue that was iffy when recording?


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Albert Wesker 187
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I want to start off by thanking the very beautiful and talented Jolene Anderson for taking time from her busy schedule to answer some questions from our resident members it is an honor, privilege, and a blessing for Jolene Anderson to be answering our questions. My interview question is as followed. 1. How has voice acting changed or enhanced your life as both an on-screen character and as an individual?

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JC Wesker
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1/ Having 'lived' the Script of the New 'Resident Evil 2 Re-Make', by providing both the Motion Capture & the Voice of Ada Wong, what is your interpretation of the the Relationship which develops between Leon & Ada, as this is a Story RE Fans have Known & have seen Develop over the last 20+ Years, & this Re-Imagining obviously goes back to the Origins of this Relationship..

2/ Though a VG Character, as opposed to a Live-Action Character, what is your Feeling towards providing a Voice 4 a Chinese-Amercian Character in something as High-Profile as Resident Evil, Especially in the Wake of where we all are Presently as a more 'Woke' Society, & where more & more People have higher Hopes & Expectations in terms of Diversity & Ethnic Opportunity..

3/ What were your feelings going from Mo-Capping Ada in Damnation, a Story that takes place quite far along in the Resident Evil Chronology, to then Reprise the Role as Ada in the 2 Re-Make, a Story that takes place over a Decade before the Events of Damnation, & obviously an 'Origin' Story for both Ada, & the Relationship that blossoms between Leon & Ada..

4/ The 'Red Dress' that Ada wears is particularly Iconic, & the 'Red Colour' in particular, is very much a 'Signature Colour' of Ada's that she maintains as we Progress through the Series.. What are your Feelings of Ada's 'Iconic Look', in Terms of Who Ada is as a Character, & Who Ada is as a Woman..


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1) In your personal opinion, did Ada not shoot Leon because she cared...or because it would send him and the G-Virus sample into the abyss below?

2) With voice acting, do you find it easier if you also do the mocap for the role,or does the physical aspect not affect things?

3) How do you think Ada survived her pit plunge?  

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Doom Keeper
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Since becoming Ada have friends shown you footage of Ada's scenes from the '98 original, or perhaps you had already seen the character before as she is such a well known figure in pop culture? What do you make of the original final scene between Ada and Leon on the gangway when compared to your updated version?

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George Trevor
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I cannot think of many strong female lead characters from the era of video games when Resident Evil 2 was first released, over 20 years ago. Lara Croft may be one, but unless mistaken, Ada Wong was one of very few roles in the genre that was not dependent on a man to save her, far from it, Leon would not have made it very far into the RPD without her specialist knowledge and combat training. How does it feel to reprise such a significant role with this legacy?


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This is an honor to have Jolene to join us in the mansion, or at the RPD to have this interview done. We are thankful for this and hope to learn more about your work.

(Apologies if there are repeated questions)

1. What was your take on performing Ada? Even though we’ve seen her personality from the previous RE games and movies, we don’t really “know” her. How did you take her on?

2. How familiar were you with the games and fandom before you got started on the project?

3: In the original Resident Evil 2 game, Ada was known as being a civilian looking for her boyfriend John that works with Umbrella, later into the game we learn Ada was actually a spy. When you were working on her in the Remake, do you feel she would have done better playing her role as a civilian looking for her boyfriend or her current role as playing an FBI agent would have better suited her spy work?

4. There’s a lot of tension around remakes, especially in fandoms. When you took it on, what made you feel that this was a solid take on a classic game?

5: With your work on Damnation, do you recall anything interesting or funny? Also, do you recall anything that Resident Evil fans would have like to have known of?

6: When you saw the final product, what was your first takeaway?

7: Did you do all the fight scenes in Damnation and if so, how many outtakes were there and did anything funny happen?

8: With being part of the Resident Evil series, how do you feel?

9: When you were hired to do the voice of Ada Wong in the Remake, did they provide with you information about her, recordings of Ada's original voice actress, or concept artworks to look at in order to get a feel for this woman in the red dress?


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Do you recall your interactions with the Capcom developers, did they give you any specific instructions on how to portray Ada? Perhaps a likeliness to a previous Ada performance.Also did Capcom show you any concept art of provide any character details to help you with your performance.

Do you recall when the recording sessions took place? It must have been very difficult for you and everyone involved in the project to not announce anything. One look at Capcom's social media pages would have told you how badly people were anticipating this game.

How important was it to Capcom to recreate the original and pay homage, do you remember any specific conversations regarding this.


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Every other question I wanted to ask is covered so I'll ask this:

There's a scene where Ada is talking to someone by radio. Did Capcom ever tell you who it was?

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Thank you for taking the time to answer our inquiries, Agent Wong!

  • In your opinion, is BIO RE:2 (Resident Evil 2 remake) superior to the original or is the original superior to the remake of the game? Why?

  • How many, if any, games in the BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil series have you played? Did you do so for the first time before or after you began acting for the series? Do you have a favorite?

  • How many, if any, films in the BIO/RE series have you watched? This includes both the Canon CGI trilogy that Damnation is part of and other films such as the live action series or fan films.

  • How many, if any, books in the BIO/RE series have you read? This includes Canon material such as scripts and files both in-game and separate, manga, etc. and other materials such as Comics and novels both fanmade and official.

  • Do you have a favorite scene with Ada that you did? Was it a scene from Damnation or BIO RE:2? Which scene? What is your favorite scene with Ada individually in both of these times playing the role?

  • Do you have a favorite actress who portrayed Ada other than you in the character's long history? Who and why? Did you first discover her through the series or from work she has done elsewhere?

  • Do you have a favorite character besides Ada Wong?

  • Do you consider Ada Wong to be good, evil, or neither?

  • It has been confirmed that Ada Wong is not this character's true name, but an alias. What do you think her true name would be? Do you think her true name should ever be revealed or should this mystery be left to Agent Wong's knowledge alone?

  • Have you done any work in Horror besides your generous contributions to BIOHAZARD? Is Horror your favorite genre in entertainment? If not, what is?

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The resident evil series has many great female characters. Who, besides Ada, do you think is your favourite? Claire, Annette, Alexia, Jill etc ..
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1. Some (Krauser) would consider her a "bitch in a red dress". Do you feel that Ada is evil or is trying to do the right thing?

2. Would you be a spy for a day?

3. I'm sure each has their own challenges but what is harder. Acting for a show/movie or mo-cap?


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Muhammad L4M
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How much of your real personality can relate to Ada's ?
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Negan's Bat
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Your mo-cap performance screamed Ada Wong, with that ever so confident walk - Ada strutted about as if she owned every space she occupied! Can you speak on the differences and similarities between that performance and your mo-cap for Damnation? How did you prepare for the added vocal performance required for RE2?


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George Trevor
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Our Podcast Archives section has now been updated to include our Jolene Andersen interview


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George Trevor
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MANY THANKS to all the residents who posted questions & helped support this exclusive interview! With over 12,000 views already, our latest podcast is proving popular with the fans:

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