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USS Command
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I know everyone loves to over analyzing the environments so I figured we can start a thread to do the same for various areas of RE2make.

I'll start us off with the west wing.

Note: I’m ONY analyzing this as fare as RE2make is concerned. If anyone wants to take what I’m writing and reworking to fit outbreak, the original RE2 and anything else go for it! I’m just trying to start out with simple ideas.

The west wing is completely locked off when Leon/Claire first visit the station. The shutter for the Reception room is down with the ever to raise it tapped shut(cause no one can pull tape off in RE obviously), the shutter to the 2nd floor stairway is down, bended, in a way that seems like something tried to break through and random furniture is stacked in front of it. Doors to the library and offices are locked. It makes it quite clear that the west side was completely fucked.

Opening up the shutter and going into the reception room we see a blood trail. Following it, we’re lead to where the Licker would normally be seen in Outbreak File 2’s Desperate Times and the Original RE2. The wall here has some blood splatter and is covered in scratches. Going through the door into the dark hallway we see more blood splatter over the floor and wall but it abruptly stops.

Theory 1: The abrupt stop is the start. It’s where Marvin is hurt and he makes his way to the main hall and then shuts the shutter. The bloody footprints are his as he shambles around trying to find meds for his wound.

There’s a sign on the wall that points to the Operations Room by taking the first right. The way is heavily barricaded with a stack of furniture almost to the wall. No zombies is getting through that. Going down the hallway and looking out the windows we see what strikes me as odd. They’re not broken. Hell the first one you see isn’t even boarded up. Which easily allows us to see outside where we see that just outside the window is a stone and metal fence… How the zombies easily get past that?

Moving on towards the body who has the ONLY radio that can reach outside the RPD, I noticed something. There’s a vent cover on the floor. Above it, an open vent and a broken light. I’m guessing a licker came down here. It startled the two officers and in what I feel could be a reference to the Chinese comics, as I pointed out somewhere else on this site, flung one guy up to get impelled one a chunk of metal and gave the other poor cop some tongue.

Theory 1.5: Elliot says to “send reinforcements.” Meaning that he Marvin and David aren't the only cops left. What if Marvin was here when these two died and got hit just before he left the hallway? Now Marvin’s dialogue seems to indicate a fellow officer(Rita?) he was close to bit him really bad. I’d say that wound is way too bad for one zombie to do, but it only took ONE zombie to rip Elliot’s legs off(unless we go with the Japanese version where his legs DON’T get ripped off). So let’s look at the unused concept art for RE2make in the bonus section. It shows an idea for a zombie that’s half licker. Perhaps this is what happened, a former zombie cop busted out of the vent turning into a licker and did two cops in and then wounded Marvin as he tried to escape.

After looking at the aftermath of a licker French kiss, we hear a can drop and would investigate but I have to again point out the lack of windows being broken. We even have a 2nd window not boarded up. But if we have boards we can do it ourselves. It honestly doesn’t seem like anything tried to break through these windows. Also there’s a locked door to the confiscated items storage. Past that, right were that can was knocked over we see the first sign of something really wanting in, an opened metal door and a large 3 clawed gash in the door frame. The metal door(you call that a door right?) is bent all to hell. Something really wanted in and forced it open. My guess a licker.

Theory 1.5 MOD: there’s blood that starts not too far from that door, it’s possible the not quite zombie not quite Licker comes in through this way, attacked the cops, they fight back, leading the blood trail as they pull back, firing at it, get killed and then the rest happens. The “Zomlicker” then escapes into the vent that we find open.

Going through the metal doorway, we see the first broken window! Looks fairly recent too, however with all the water acuminated in the hallway it’s questionable. There’s boards on the floor and a sign that reads “stay back” written on blood stained paper. Perhaps someone didn’t read the sign and something came through due to it.

Walking down the hall full of water we see tons of boarded up windows with no damage until we get to the end where a zombie will break in should you not keep a spare set of boards. Looking outside the broken window, we see just how zombies are managing to get in, they [somehow] managed to bend open the fucking metal bars of the fence. How? Numbers? Mutations? Bad writing/poor planning? Who knows.

Past that window we get 3 more broken windows all at once and here’s the kicker, they was boarded up at some point AND they had metal bars on them! What kind of steroid filled zombies did we miss out on?

Well now where here at the door to the Operations room. The path leading past has been heavily fortified with one of the metal doors bent to hell closed with barbwire and a table on this side. The other looks to be a stack of various furniture. Inside the Operations Room we see 3 maps for the RPD. The two that’s hanging up are the same, they mark all the locations with barriers all throughout the first floor and ONLY the windows you can block yourself, which is a bit odd. But there’s one on the table that has some interesting details on it!

Looking at it, it seems the red area is the blocked off area surrounding the Safety Deposit Room plus the west office. Was this area lost and blocked off? Would seem that way. All ways leading there are blocked off by furniture or locked doors. The Records Room(called Confiscated Items Storage on the sign in the hall) door in the hallway is locked by the Club key. The storage room between that and the Operations Room has all three doors locked. One from the inside, one by chain, and one with the Heart key. They really didn’t want anything or anyone easily getting in or out of that part of the station. But then something is off. The window we climb up to hop into the blocked off area is broken into. So at some point someone or something broke in.

Once inside the whole situation is more confusing. This area doesn’t look like it was lost at all. We see one fat zombie cop banging on a vending machine. A dead cop on the floor missing an arm, who reanimates eventually, a dead civilian, and lots of blood.

But the kicker is, these barricades look like they was made from this side.

And the civilian looks like he was trying to get passed it when he died.

So let’s move into the west office. We see a dead guy at George Scott’s desk. Probably him. And a dead cop in the private office. Total of 4 dead cops and 1 civilian and besides the one who lost his arm, nothing seems to indicate how or why this area was blocked off.

Past the bodies and heading towards the Dark-room, we see a zombie banging on the window. It really seems the windows wasn’t being hit that hard until recent. Heading up stairs we see a dead cop and a zombie civilian. The cop seems like she was corned by something that really fucked her up. We also see the other side of the shutter from the main hall. This side is covered in bloo,d is bent like something wanted out, and has scratches on it and the wall near it. The same ones we saw in the reception room. Now moving on towards the STARS office we see it’s been blocked off too.

So going into the Men’s Locker Room we see the door was into the shower room is blocked by steam and one of the lockers has a dead cop in it. When we get the valve to stop the steam we notice 3 holes within it. They almost look like gun shots to me. Going pass that, we see a big hole in the wall that alows us to go into the Women's Locker room and shower.

But what made the hole? The popular theory online is Nemesis. But until RE3make comes and proves or disprove it, I’m going to assume a licker somehow managed it. Mr. X could’ve done it as well for all we know as we have no information on how he made it into the RPD or how long he has been there.

Theory 2: Something came through the wall and attacked the Locker cop. He gets wounded but get pass the water heater, shoots it 3 times causing the steam to cut off or sow down whatever is after him, and then hides in the locker where he bleeds out and dies.

Also of note, based on the position of the cop on the bench, it seems he passed just mere moments before we get to him. It looks like he was wounded set down to rest and died only to fall over after we get to him.

Going past him heading into the hallway in front of the STARS office, we see our first licker eating a civilian. There’s also 3 dead cops in this hallway. Obvious victims of the licker. Then going past that we see the where the licker came from, a vent cover lays on the floor and blood is covering the walls, furniture, and windows. There’s no bodies here so I assume the blood belongs to the dead cops, after all they’re missing limbs and there isn’t a lot of blood around them besides the one who died by the Women’s Locker Room sign. It’s possible the other two died and was thrown around a bit. Alternatively, the civilian could’ve been where all that blood came from as the licker tore him up before he died and got eaten. Doesn’t explain the lack of blood around the other two cops though so maybe not.

Besides some of the blinds, all the windows are fine minus one. The one broken has rain pouring in but it seems that it was broken outwards as there isn’t any glass on the floor. I can only assume a gun went off and shot the window’s glass out as the cops was killed by the licker. The hallway is also covered in the same scratches I talked about before. The door leading into the lounge is locked from this side. Which is a bit odd, again it goes back to the fact that the barricades on the first floor being made on the side that the map in the Operations room has marked red. There’s also not really anything to note in the Linen Room. I’d imagine it being locked was left over from before the outbreak.

There’s also nothing going on in the Lounge besides it being a shitty lounge. 3 chairs, a little table to display a fake plotted plant, and a unicorn statue. No TV? No couch? No place to eat a sandwich or anything? Garbage. About the only thing interesting you could’ve done is look down at people in reception and judge them.

Anyway going into the Library, you see two dead cops, one had a knife, a fat dead civilian who reanimates, a female civilian zombie wondering around, and a male civilian zombie eating the ass of a dead civilian. Not much to go on in here really, there’s books all over the damn place without much explanation. They all came from the upper selves from the look of it. Maybe the cops was looking for information on the secret tunnel with two civilians and died. One of the walk ways on the 2nd floor to the Library is broken. It’s not explained what did that but must’ve been something big. There’s also the area where you can fall through as we. Also the fact there’s a jack on one of the movable bookshelves makes no sense what so ever. There’s really no reason for anyone to have done that.

Heading back to the west stairway, on the 3rd floor we see another barricade and another hole in the wall where something came through.

Couple things to note, the barricade seems to have been built up from both sides of the hall. Which makes it an oddity. There’s also a zombie cop that is in this little office(?) that’s only in the 2nd run. Maybe Mr. X gave it to him? It looks like something came into the room, whom ever was there freaked out, jumped out of his chair, throw some books at it, and got slammed through the wall.

Going past that into the hall towards the West Storage room, we’ll see a gimps of a licker on the window and hear it break into the station from somewhere else. The rest of the way that would lead to the Clock Tower is blocked. However when looking at both sides it doesn’t seem to be a barricade. But just a pile of storage. If it is a barricade there’s noting there to really worry about as the Clock Tower seems untouched by this mess. That is until we break the bell. Though there is two zombies, a cop and civilian out in the main hall 3rd floor.

Going into the West Storage room we see a mess. Holes in the ceiling, a barricade set up with claw marks on the wall next to it, clothing, wood, plaster, plastic, and so on. Behind the barricade on the floor is a heavy duty flashlight. Next it we see a blood trail leading up and over a box and some furniture through a hole in the wall. If I had to guess, a Licker came by and drugged off whomever was standing there. Going forward, there’s another blood trail to where a body of a civilian is hanging down from the ceiling. Seems he was also killed by a Licker. There’s also a few blood spatters on the wall and a blood train leading way from the cage that ends at a hoe in the ceiling.

Now onto the cage itself.

Inside this cage is a total of 9 dead people. 3 are civilians, 3 are cops, and 3 could go either way as they’re top is a RPD uniform but their pants or shoes aren’t. However, file nearby seems to suggest they’re all cops as it says “I boarded up all those filthy pigs up in a steel pen” or he just calls everyone pigs. Regardless, it’s obvious that Irons has killed all these people but what I don’t get is how? He’s one guy vs 9 people! When would he even have the time to round all these people up?

So at this point everything is analyzes I can say this for certain, zombies breaking into the station wasn’t the problem the RPD faced, as fare as the West side was concerned. The problem seems to be lickers and Irons.

Let’s look at the Record of Events file, something I purposely didn’t mention until now. September 25th, they turn the station into a shelter. Later on in the middle of the night a refugee attacked and killed a cop and wounded 3 others. They say he was snapping under stress and I have no reason to believe otherwise. After all Marvin does talk about how zombies are all over the place. He could’ve been the guy locked in the Investigation room that wrote let me out in blood. If this was a zombie, I feel it’ll be noted on the report. On the 26th, a mob attacked and a few survivors made it behind the emergency shutter. I think this is talking about the one that leads into the East Wing, which I’ll cover sometime later, assuming someone else doesn’t get to it. On the 27th, a clash happened on the west side that resulted in the death of 12 people.

Doing a count of all the dead, we have 2 cops near the records room. One undead cop, one soon to be undead cop, and a dead civilian by the Safety Deposit room. Two soon to be undead cops in the West office. Dead soon to be undead cop with a zombie on the 2nd floor. 3 dead cops and a civilian in front of the STARS office. And 2 dead cops in the library two dead civilians, one which reanimates and two zombies. On the third floor we have one dead civilian in the storage room and there’s a zombie cop that’s only there on the 2nd run. Not including the cage and the dead guys in the locker/shower rooms, we have 13 dead cops, and 8 civilians. Now if we exclude the zombie cop only seen in the 2nd run, then we have 12 dead cop and this adds up with David’s report. Considering the windows are all undamaged besides 4 on the first floor and one on the 2nd floor, lickers are the cause of the clash. This also fits with the fact he mentions them in a memo and ends it with having to avenge a friend.

Now I didn’t include the locker cop as we discover him ourselves and then the guy setting on the bench also seems like a recent victim. So with that said, one of them may be David, perhaps the one on the bench? Maybe he tried at getting revenge for one of the cops that was killed, get seriously wounded, and died as we come by him.

Now one problem so fare is my theory 1.5 doesn’t work. Which is fine, I wrote this as I went. But we have the problem of David and Marvin being ask by Elliot to send reinforcements. So where are the reinforcements? We have to assume the 9 people Irons killed would’ve been them.

And that’s it, the take away is Lickers took out half the RPD.


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AvP Ryu
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Your article and theories, are really good, USS Command.


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USS Command
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So something that I forgot to mention. In the West Storage room, there’s big pile of brown substance that’s never identified. We see a lot of it here and more throughout the game here and there. I’ve notice that it’s in areas where Lickers are seen, unless I’m forgetting about an area. So could this be Licker poop? I know there’s big huge piles in the storage room, but we don’t know much about their biology and how often they have to go. I know there’s a possibility that it’s just meant to be old damage wall instillation, but a lot of those piles just don’t come from anywhere. Also when you shoot the piles of whatever it is, the splatter is an odd greenish color.

Also, in case anyone hasn’t unlocked it yet, here’s the unused Licker zombie thing I called “Zomlicker”.

Now I know a couple things I speculated about was related to this unused idea, but I think it should be noted that parts of the environment COULD have been made with them in mind and when they didn’t make it in, they didn’t change the environment. Such is the life of game design. And thanks AvP Ryu!


"I'll take my Survival Horror like I take my men" - George Trevor, September 3, 2017 at 6:10 PM
"I am so in love with CHE I almost put my willy in the USB port." George Trevor, September 20, 2018 at 12:53 PM
“Great love springs from great knowledge of the beloved object and if you know it but a little, you will be able to love it only a little or not at all.” - Leonardo da Vinci

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USS Command
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Dont know why or how this got locked but its unlocked now! Will TRY and have the east wing analyzed by the end of the coming week.


"I'll take my Survival Horror like I take my men" - George Trevor, September 3, 2017 at 6:10 PM
"I am so in love with CHE I almost put my willy in the USB port." George Trevor, September 20, 2018 at 12:53 PM
“Great love springs from great knowledge of the beloved object and if you know it but a little, you will be able to love it only a little or not at all.” - Leonardo da Vinci

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