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Doom Keeper
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Long time lurker, now thinking of setting aside a little time to post my opinions on the series we all come here to worship. I go by the name of Kai to my freinds. Best moment in the REverse was the coming of age of the franchise with re5 and utalizing co-op for the first time. Favorite character A.Wesker of course, and I'm expecting a return for him real soon in this age of the REmake. Glad to eventually say hi to y'all


Those that behold my image will crumble, for I am the keeper of doom.

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Welcome to CHE Lonewolf Kai! Any RE fan is welcome here no matter if you prefer the newer titles or classics or even both! We're always glad to have more join here to share our love for this series! 
I'd say my favorite overall character is Jill Valentine, obviously with my avatar and all.
Wesker is definitely one of my favorite villains and he still has a large presence on this series and fandom to this very day!


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