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George Trevor
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Another exclusive, in our series of Developer Podcast Interviews, Crimson Head Elder is proud to announce, our special guest on the next CHE Podcast! ERIC BAILEY has a distinguised list of video game credits, including Game Designer for survival horror classics Resident Evil 4, including Ada Wong installment 'Separate Ways', and Siren: Blood Curse, Game Writer for Siren: Blood Curse, and Localisation & Script Writer for Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 4, and Siren: Blood Curse.

Residents of Crimson Head Elder are now invited to post their questions below, and during our survival horror podcast next month, you can enjoy a privileged personal insight, with the opportunity to hear Eric Bailey talk candidly about his comprehensive development, design, script writing, and localisation work for Capcom, on a series of survival horror classics!

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Excellent news and great find here GT. Really looking forward to this one should be very interesting to say the least. Everyone knows how I feel about RE5 and if you don't well you will hear it on this podcast. Siren: Blood Curse is an insanely creepy game. I vividly remember playing it back when the PS3 was still in its infancy. The voice's and the way the eneimes moved really sent shivers down my spine. One of the last video games to actually scare me.

1) When Capcom wrote about Alex Wesker they apparently used a pronoun which is associated with Males. Which led the community to believe that Alex would have been a male, however as we know this is not the case. Do you recall translating the files from Lost in Nightmares regarding Alex Wesker and was the gender discussed at the time?

2) Recently on a Capcom Confidential podcast with Capcom’s localisation team Miguel Corti and David Cockman they discussed the translations and how some of the translations are changed to help make a more universal language. So for instance a sentence in Japanese might not make sense in English or French so they change some of the wording in order for the translation to make sense, of course this can then change the subject material.

3) On the same podcast they also state that the games are originally written in English and LATER translated to Japanese. Which seems to go against what the community had believed and that was Japanese first then translated to English and other languages later.

4) When translating a material and perhaps you have to change a line due to a language barrier, how does Capcom view this? For example in RE5 the English versions suggests that the number of test subjects for the Wesker Project were limited to 13 however the Japanese version suggest there could have been more. Or in Chronicles Wesker’s “Phoenix” line was added to the English version. Which one takes’ precedence in terms of being canon. Do Capcom even consider having a series canon?

5) Did you work with the Japanese writers when translating as say a team project or were you left to your own devices and it played out like more of a solo project?


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USS Command
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1) you was the Video/cinematics director for Onimusha 3: Demon Siege. Actor Jean Reno plays as a character but only during the parts where the game is in French while am English VA did the English parts. Reno has played in movies where he speaks English, was there a reason, to your knowledge, as to why he only speaks French in the game and not English?

2) In Dead Rising ending A red text appears that reads "and yet he complained his belly wasn't full..." This is an indirect quote from the poem "Robin the Bobbin". But the word "stomach" is what's used in the poem. I've always wondered, was the word belly purposely used or was that a mistake and it SHOULD be stomach?

3) Some in the RE community states the series is horribly translated. There's plenty of examples out there to be fair, but what's your feeling on that statement?

4) what's the hardest thing you had to translate to another language but keep the meaning?

5) have you ever regretted anything your worked on? 


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This is an awesome time to have a legend to come to the site and answer questions that everyone is curious about. A few of the questions I’m sharing is from a conversation I and another friend have about the Chronicle games that makes everyone curious.

1: Why were Sergei and Ivan involved in the remake levels of the Umbrella Chronicles when we never heard about them? It really confused a lot of people who played them and questioned it with the original scenarios.

2: In the original concept of Resident Evil 5, Wesker sends a train filled with zombies to crash and allows them to rampage the area and kill anyone in the zone. Why were zombies replaced with Majini?

3: You can tell us about the draft of the script for Resident Evil 5, and if you were able to go back and change anything in the game you worked on, what would they be and why?

4: When you were writing Resident Evil 5, what was the one thing you really wanted to be part of the game?

5: Do you recall anything interesting or funny while working with Capcom on the Resident Evil games?


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JC Wesker
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01/ w/ Separate Ways, (included with the PS2 Re-Release of RE4), are u able to finally clarify that the Giant Pharmaceutical Corporation, 'S', was in fact a Place-Holder, & is what would become 'SeaShell' in the RE5 'Kijuju Viral Marketing Campaign', & ultimately, 'Tricell', in RE5.... &, was there anything in the JP Script to suggest S's 'Full Name' at the Time of RE4's Release....

02/ How much of the Source Material were u familiar with b4 going into Umbrella Chronicles, since UC both Draws From & Re-Creates/Re-Imagines Story from various different Classic Titles....

03/ Were u ever shown or did u ever have access to anything of RE4.5, as there were significant Story differences between RE4.5 & the Final Product of RE5 itself....

04/ In terms of Narrative Progress, how did u feel that the Characters of Chris, Jill & Wesker had changed/developed between UC & 5, as, at the time, there was Nothing that existed between these Titles to 'Fill Out' the Time-Line, & by Extension, to Highlight what had happened to these Characters in between what was 2003, (Umbrella's End), & 2009, (RE5), In-Game....


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Negan's Bat
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- How did you approach the writing for Seperete Ways, and how much influence did Capcom Japan hold over you?

- What was your greatest challenge with the localization for all the Resident Evil 5 files.

- I gotta hand it to you, Siren Blood Curse is a perfect remastering of its original version. It had me tearing my eyes out in fear. What influences did you bring to that game, and what was your biggest contribution to that game?


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This is exciting news and very happy to hear Eric Bailey is going to be here!
1. Eric do you have any favorite characters in the series? 
2. If you were approached about writing for a reboot of the films, would you do it? Would you keep it more horror oriented since the last live action films were more action-oriented?


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Sonny Bauer
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Why was it ultimately decided to omit Barry from Umbrella Chronicles when he played such a big part of the Mansion Incident? Why was he ultimately omitted from RE5 as well?

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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. What do you think of the Resident Evil movies?

2. Did Capcom Japan have a huge influence while you were translating their games?

3. Were there important changes made in translating Umbrella Chronicles?

4. Are Sergei and Ivan canon?

Thanks, man!:D


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Doom Keeper
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Japanese survival horror is how I would describe Siren and it needs to get a release on current gen formats. Do you think Resident Evil 4 should have been more like Siren, and if so what elements from Siren Blood Curse would you like to see in the next Resident Evil game?


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-What where some of the elemtents of Siren: Blood Curse that you worked on/contributed to?

-Was any of the development more difficult than expected to make work?(IE the game having an unusual blend of Japanese culture and Western characters for example)

-Where you or are you familiar with the first 2 Siren games prior to Blood Curse, If so what do you think of them?

Thanks! :D

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1) How does translating a game like Siren, which has a lot of basis in Japanese mythology, compared to one that's got a most western setting and characters, like the bulk of the Resident Evil series?

2) How did Siren: Blood Curse's episodic release change how you did things with it?  Did you receive it in separate chapters to translate, or were you given the whole game in one lump?

3) Did you have to make any significant changes to something to make it work for Western audiences, as they simply wouldn't get the Japanese cultural reference?

4) Do you ever play the games you work on after release?  If so, have you ever gone 'whoops' at something that's been done?

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1. In UC, at the end of Death's Door, we see Sergei talking to an Old Man. Who is that supposed to be? Is that Spencer or some random Umbrella Executive?

2. In UC, at the start of Rebirth. We see that there is two AI's. Red and White Queen. Whatever happened to the White Queen? Also what was it's objectives in the company?

3. In UC, once again in Rebirth, we see that the Red Queen has three objectives in Umbrella.Its primary objective, is oversight and protection of Umbrella assets.Its secondary objective, is the protection of Umbrella officer lives but Wesker destroys the computer before the third is show. What was it?

4. About UC, it was discovered that Albert's scenarios were cut down. Can you remember what was changed? (Welsh posted about them a while back on PU) Also can you remember anything that was scrapped that never made it into the final version?

5. Do you have any insider info about if Capcom is interested in making another Chronicles game? I know he won't be able to answer but I have to try!

6. With how crazy God Hand is. Was it harder or easier to translate it?

7. Favorite english and japanese word?

8. Is there any word that you always try to put in a script?

9. What made you want to the things that you do?

10. Any tips for people wanting to follow your same career path?

11. What was the hardest thing you had to do?

12. With Re2make just released. Is there any game you would like to see remade that you would love to work on?

13. I want anything and everything he can give about UC lol

14 . Why was Separate Ways made? I have seen people suggest it was to make RE4 more relevant to the rest of the story in the series.

15. You were the Voice Over Team Director for Rumble Roses. What was that like?


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Hunter Alpha
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1- Was HUNK supposed to have a role aside from his cameo in Mercenaries mode? Either in the main scenario or in a mini game similar to Separate Ways? 2- In the end of Dark Legacy, Wesker checks the content of the data he stole from Red Queen and seems to find a map of SalazarĀ?s castle. Was this supposed to imply how he first found about Las Plagas, or perhaps was it left as a loose end to connect Umbrella (HUNK?) with Los Iluminados? 3- Any comment on what happened to the RE3 section of Umbrella Chronicles? It has little relationship to the original game and even skips some relevant sections (Jill getting infected, the other UBCS soldiers). 4- Any details you can give us about the virus used by Spencer in the Lost In Nightmares DLC, which produced the zombies and Blobs found in that mode? 5- Despite being a great game, RE4 does seem a bit out of place within the series, and I could easily imagine that Capcom could have changed the characters and made a different IP with it. If that had been the case, how would you have called RE4 if it was unrelated to the Resident Evil series? Long shot questions: 6- In some concept art of RE5 thereĀ?s a Bui Kichwa, spider-like Plaga, dragging a headless body, but in the game we donĀ?t see that type of Plaga coming out of Majini. However, in Umbrellas Corps I was surprised to see that the Majini with the exposed Plaga has none other than. The Bruin lichws comong our of it. Is this supposed to provide an implied explanation on how Las Plagas survived the carpet bombing of the BSAA? 7- Any details you may know of have heard about the scrapped versions of RE 3.5 (black fog version, Hookmam version or the rather unknown zombie version).
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Just finished listening to the interview. Great podcast as always. Very insightful.


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