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Albert Wesker 187
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Good evening all resident evil crimson head members it has been a long time since I have posted anything my apologies fortunately or unfortunately for those who like or do not like the live action films like myself I do not like them. In addition, apparently they are remaking the Resident Evil film series again the screenwriter whose name is Greg Russo is taking inspiration from Resident Evil.

I am just theorizing but I believe he played Resident Evil 7 and he wrote a script and gave it to James Wan. Furthermore, apparently they have began parts of the film the only thing they are missing is the screewriting. This article has some information; looking forward to the crimson head elder residents opinions on this article I for one have some hope especially with James Wan as the director that the resident evil films might be a hell of a lot better than the originals by Paul W.S. Anderson disasterpieces.

Looking forward to hearing the opinions of the residents have a great night or morning and have a wonderful week.


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There are a few things I hope they stick to apart from lore: a good story, plot, tension, suspense, horror, puzzles, the jumpscares, and not going too over the top in things that didn't make sense. 

Hopefully, they will release more information about this to everyone so we can get a general idea what they are going to have.


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Evil Resident
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Turns out James Wan isn't a part of the new movies after all. Still, the fact it's based on RE7 has me interested. Of all the games to base the reboot on, 7 would be the hardest to turn into an action movie.
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George Trevor
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Ever the optamist, I am quietly confident whoever this project ends up in the hands of, because whoever the writer/director/producer, there is no conceivable way it can be any worse than the car crash that was Paul W Anderson.


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