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Captain Redfield
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Everything indicates at Alex's presence in the Estate. The Blobs are a whole different thing, they only became what they were after Patrick started to infect people with what I assume to be something related to the G-Virus or something retrieved from Lisa's blood as you just said.

Even if Alex started doing some sort of research there she wasn't responsible for the creation of Blobs. I'd say those early experiments used some sort of genuine Progenitor strain (primitive as you yourself just stated), that's why most subjects were found dead and tortured without any sign of mutations.

I don't get what's so complciated here, Alex is known to have been raised by Spencer himself, let alone spending a lot of time in the Estate. It makes perfect sense to have her conducting early experiments there.

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Evil Resident
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"Alex is known to have been raised by Spencer himself, let alone spending a lot of time in the Estate." Neither of those things have ever been said, as far as I'm aware. The only connection to Alex is torture, and Marcus did that too. But like I said, that's just my perception. If this explanation makes more sense to you guys, then by all means use it. By the way, here's what I said about Blobs in my Analysis, as it's relevant to LiN discusion: "The RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares features Blobs, creatures created by Spencer's butler Patrick while attempting to create an immortality virus in a desperate, last ditch attempt to avoid death after Alex betrayed him. Since Lisa was the earliest and one of the only successes in achieving immortality in virus hosts, and based on their appearance, it is my belief they were created using the prototype G discovered in Lisa. The further developed G-Virus could not be finished without Birkin, so Spencer "started from scratch" so to speak. This is supported by the fact LiN is based on RE3.5 content, which involved Spencer experimenting with the G-Virus at his castle. This would mean the prone zombie-like beings at the Spencer Estate might be primitive G-Zombies. Blobs have faces totally enveloped by a large Lamprey Eel mouth, like G-Birkin. They have an eye growth on the back, and while tempting to compare it to Lisa, it actually greatly resembles a G-Adult Organism due to the large growth it is located on. These growths can squirt acid. They carry around anchors as weapons, recovered from a nearby harbor, and either escaped on their own or were directly or indirectly freed by Wesker."
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I am glad you disagree ER because it made me think about this specific connection deeper than I would have intended to go. It's a theory thread so many opinions here and no right or wrong answers here. Would be a boring community if we all thought the same way.

Nice information on the Blobs. I checked the Bio5 Kaitai Revisited guide for more information on them but there was nothing new there unfortunately.


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