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S.T.A.R.S. Profiles

Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, S.T.A.R.S. Profile, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers and Albert Wesker.

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S.T.A.R.S. Report on the Mansion

The beautifully built hall is divided by many rooms, and most of the 'doors are strictly locked. The expensive furniture and paintings themselves are often clever traps. At first we will investigate carefully in order to secure an escape route.

A forest area that blends in with the dark of the jet black night and a garden that is surrounded by various flowers. After finally getting out of the oppressive mansion and making it to the open air, a new fear opens up. I have released the water from a dam and secured a route to the dormitory.

A place where remains of life show through, such as entertainment facilities and bathrooms. It used to be a lodging for researchers working at the facility. You can see the downfall of the place in their notes and academic books. There was also a huge shark tank, a guard room, and a mystery area hidden in the underground.

When returning to the mansion new doors opened up, and the number of traps is reduced. However, most of the traps are deeply related to the incident, and there are many that with a single mistake would lead to immediate death. We need to be more careful than ever before.

Upon our second return to the courtyard, we found an underground cavern. A dim and dark underpass, a space that felt uncomfortable. We navigated through various traps and continued onward. And in a room where someone seems to have been imprisoned, you should see a sad history behind this incident.

We made it to a laboratory where various experimental instruments were left unmonitored. A place with a chemical odor. A place where the human corpse was treated as a mere experimental body. And in my heart, I feel the remorse of the incident. I want to get rid through this final trap and aim for an escape with my friends.



Zombie, Crimson Head, Cerebus, Crow, Monster & Adder.

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Wasp is a common name for wasps of the wasp family and the anemone family, but judging from its shape, it can be said that this wasp is abnormally large due to a reaction of the t-virus. Most of the animals are carnivorous and, presumably, they were infected because they are insects that ate the pollen of plants infected with the virus. If so, you can imagine that the spread of the virus is going beyond the imagination. And considering their fertility, the pollution should spread further, they have big, sharp poisonous stingers, and they are used to attacking prey in groups. They seem to have become more violent, especially around the nest, and it is impossible to approach unless a special protective suit is worn.


Web Spinner

The appearance and ecology of this B.O.W. is produced by experimental administration and genetic manipulation of the t-virus which seems to be based on one kind of tarantula that widely inhabit Central America to South America. This spider, named the Web Spinner, clings to walls and ceilings and crawls around the facility in multiple dimensions. They poison the prey and take it where they can entangle them within their sticky web. However, these tarantulas have not conformed to their natural behavior and their form of breeding has changed, raising small spiders in the womb and breaking their parent's belly open where countless small spiders crawl out.



Based on humans, this B.O.W. is produced by combining gene structure changes by mixing the t-virus and gene information of other organisms. Their appearance is so as bad as to curse the researchers who made this creature. It deserves the name of chimera (a lion's head, a goat's torso, a monster with a tail) that appears in Greek mythology. Because of the large number of legs, it seems that genetic information from insects is the key, but in any case, their agile movements and claws developed like knives are amazing. They prefer dimly lit places, so they move into vents and often attack prey with stealth. When it finds a prey, it attacks with a huge claw.



Similar to chimeras, B.O.W., which is based on human beings and mixed with changes in gene structure by t-virus and gene information of other organisms. As you can imagine from the appearance, it seems that genetic information of reptiles or amphibians is combined. It has a thick crust like armor, huge claws and ugly fangs. Their movement is quick and they have excellent jumping power. When they find their prey, they jump high, and at the same time land upon it with their claws and slice at the neck. In addition to singular attacks, they also specialize in coordinated attacks with peers. The hunter's name comes from this trait. Hunters have superior attack and defense capabilities and can be expected to be seen as a very powerful weapon among the B.O.W.’s produced in the facility. Sometimes they even show behavior that makes you think that they have high intelligence, so when confronted, great care is advised.


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